Renegades (2017) Movie Script

- What's happening?
- Go.
Mom! Who are they?
I don't have time to explain it
to you now. You have to go.
Mom will come after you.
- Mama
- Go. You have to go.
Anybody here?
Would you mind?
For sure.
- Is everything ready?
- Yes.
- Did you have any problems?
- No.
Hello. Your documents.
Out! Out!
Hands above your head! Move!
Your hand!
- Hey, take it easy!
- Clothes off.
- Like a start.
- We've had worse.
Yeah I, I probably should have worn
a different underwear huh?
Get dressed.
Future access to the general will depend
on your handling of this interview.
We expect his words to
be heard unedited.
The world must see this a man
of humanity and integrity.
We are here to report what
he has to say. Word for word.
- Shit!
- What's the odd, JP?
These things always get wet.
Let's go old school.
Go on, we gotta move.
All right, general, could I just
get your sound level please?
Just speak normally.
I might have you all skinned alive
once all of this is done.
Sounds good to me.
- Hear what he just said?
- Loud and clear, it is gonna be fun.
Clear right.
Clear left.
Right here.
General Milic,
how do you respond to the
international community,
who say that your troops have
committed these untold atrocities?
Very simply.
The people of the world
had been fed lies..
They fail to understand the consequences
of Croatia's separation...
I am sorry, uh... General.
We lost sound.
If I may, I just need to
Uh.. Change up the battery.
Won't take too long.
Okay, great, okay.
How's that?
Good to go.
Stand by.
Three, two, one, execute!
Corning steel!
- How was interview, boys?
- Pretty boring.
Yeah the sound was great!
Let's go.
Down, down.
Alright, we got a Serb boat out there.
Three, two, one, go!
All right, get the general.
Get the bags.
Stanton, clear those stairs for us.
Stairs clear.
Contact left!
Stanton, get up here!
Last man!
You sure?
- Where did you learn to drive a tank?
- Ah, it's first time, how am I doing?
2-2 SAS, this is Formula 150.
2-2 SAS, do you read?
- Yes, Formula 150, we read.
- Finally!
So, we have got the package.
We're moving due east.
Modify Exfil plan.
What do you think, Formula 150?
We will have to check with command. Over.
- JP, did you ever shot one of those?
- You got a trigger, I can shoot it.
Use the trigger.
Here we go!
Round one, ready a sec!
Shoot! Shoot!
Shit, diesel reserves.
The aim's too high.
- Hit him, JP!
- Got it. I got it.
Fuel for the fire.
I think you hit 'em.
2-2 SAS!
What's the new extraction point?
Hold on, 150.
Still waiting on command for authorization.
Alright, we got company.
Authorize yourself to
land that chopper,
we need it. Now!
Negative, 150.
You are now in unsupported airspace.
- Stick to the plan.
- What?
I ain't got time for this shit!
- So where are we going?
- We're taking the scenic route.
- JP, you see the comms tower?
- Yeah.
Bring it down!
Go! Go! Go!
Got him, got him!
Yes! Yes!
All clear.
Boys, I got a tank in front of us.
I got one behind this too.
- JP?
- Chief?
Turn the gun at ten o'clock.
- Hit it.
- Copy that.
We're going for a swim, boys.
- There you go.
- Shoot them!
So, when do you wanna go?
When it stops raining.
Alert the patrol boat.
I want you to stop them.
Formula 150, we have clearance
for the alternative extraction.
- Formula 150, we have clearance...
- Chief?
I repeat, we now have clearance
for alternative extraction, over.
Are you kidding me?
You're little late, boys.
Do you have any idea the
shit storm you've created.
The people I have had to explain this to.
- I believe I do, Sir.
- Who asked you?
And no, you do not, Barnes!
Because you don't have two
ounces of gray matter
bouncing around inside that
hollow metal on top of your shoulder.
Okay, sir.
Your orders, were to get in,
secure the package, deliver
it without a footprint,
like we were never there!
And what we get?
A soviet era tank running roughshod
over half the goddamn city of Sarajevo,
Dead Serbs in its wake.
And a highly uncomfortable conversation
between myself...
and the Under Secretary of the
Joint Chief of staff.
Sir, we were compromised.
So, in order to protect my team and
complete the op, we had to adapt.
And you thought driving a goddamn tank
over half of Sarajevo was the answer?
Yes, sir, I did.
You're all on leave.
Three days.
During which time command will decide
whether to flay your asses in public,
for all the world to see,
or maybe just do it here,
so only we get to enjoy it.
Almost forgot.
There's four more.
FYI, I will be having quite the
turse conversation with 22 SAS.
Enjoy that with utmost discretion.
Goddamn tank!
Anyone for another drink?
Cause I...
Buy it.
Well, this round's on me.
Cause I wanna say something.
You are not gonna hear a word I'm saying.
Cause I can't hear myself.
Shut up!
Now you shut up?
JP, privacy.
After that trick,
I got to say...
Boys, here is to the
success of that mission.
And here's to the success
of many more.
I couldn't ask for more
from any of you boys.
To The team!
Gentlemen, start your livers.
Already done.
Oh, oh, Nine o' clock,
nine o' clock.
Ah... Lara!
Lara, Lara, Lara!
I got a question for you, Lara.
Of all the guys sitting here,
and I am including myself in these...
Which one of us seems most
likely to succeed... with you?
How do you say "not you"?
- Shot down.
- Ice cold!
And how do I say "she's perfect"?
There you go, guys.
This one is on me.
Hey Peter, listen, your waitress, Lara.
What's the deal with her?
She's beautiful, no?
Yes, she is beautiful, but she's
unreceptive to my charms.
Well, she's real deal.
A local girl with morals.
Oh, morals. Well, that will put
her way out of your league.
And now I wanna know, why you are
laughing. Cause you're not even trying.
Ben, that's because I don't try.
You should try it.
Which way are we going?
Getting a kebab?
- No, I'm full.
- Really?
Yeah, I might take a walk.
Keep your eye out for Petrovich's guys.
He is sore a loser.
See you bud.
My most likely to succeed.
Is my man hungry?
No, your man is
happy right where he is.
I've been thinking...
I want you to come home
with me when we are done here.
Why do you want me to
bring me to your home?
Because I love you.
And because...
You've changed me.
My future is here.
- I can not leave my country.
- Now, Lara, it's a mess out there.
Would you run away these terrible things
were happening in Bakers town?
No. No, I wouldn't.
Some weeks ago I
started a foundation.
And yesterday, I got official papers.
Now I can raise money
for what my country needs.
It's an opportunity.
- You want to know the name?
- Sure.
It's the Lara Civic Foundation
for rebuilt and better Bosnia Herzegovina.
That's a long title.
- I deserved that.
- Hmm, you do.
You really are soft.
Yes, I am.
- What is this?
- Smells good.
Get out now.
Yes, we will be leaving.
As soon as you give us the bar.
Give it up, Lara.
I will not ask for it again.
You went too far Milenko.
Bringing these animals into my house.
- Give it to us or we'll find it!
- Go to hell!
Get out! Out!
Hey... What's going on here?
Don't mess with us, American.
We don't fight nice here.
That's okay.
Neither do I.
Look at this fool...
Now she gives us
what we came for,
or your brain makes a pretty
picture right here on the floor.
- Don't say anything, Lara.
- It's not here.
I'll show you where it is.
Just don't hurt him.
He knows nothing about it.
That's my girl.
Told you you should have gone
get a kebab.
They are really good.
This one is mine.
- How long have you known?
- What? About you two?
All time.
You have not been very subtle.
So, Lara...
Who are these guys?
Well, this one is my brother.
The other ones I don't know.
You... Might wanna start
using this head.
Trying to work out
what that's all about.
.999 percent pure.
12.4 Kilograms.
Worth about 150,000
in your American dollars.
- Where did you get this?
- It's a long story.
From... A long time ago.
It is my grandfather's story.
One that hunted him most of his life.
Anybody here?
He did everything he could
to fight trouble.
And when he couldn't find it,
trouble found him.
Drop it, please.
Get that rascal,
he's got my gold!
Calm down, calm down!
I will help you.
No! I'm not a Nazi!
Just calm down... Come on.
Come, come.
I'm your friend.
Will you trust me?
Would you come with me?
Come on.
Let's go. You first.
- Everything is ready?
- All ready.
- Did you have any problems?
- No.
Hit it.
It was as if GRAHOVO
never existed.
In time it was forgotten.
But my grandfather...
he never forgot.
CASA ROBLES, Vault & Safe,
Lorca SPAIN, CR 100007
People of my
town laughed at him.
They said that he was just a crazy
old man telling made up stories.
But to me there was always something
different about this story.
There was pain in it.
A sadness he held inside him
the rest of his life.
And the gold bar?
It was exactly where he
told me it would be.
At the base of that statue.
Can you imagine what that gold
could do to help my people?
Will you help me get it?
You are saying that
this is Nazi gold?
French gold, stolen by the Nazis.
And there's more these at the bottom of
this lake? And nobody knows it's there?
- How many of these are down there?
- Trucks full.
Two thousand bars, maybe more.
- How much, Ben?
- This is about 150,000 dollars.
Times 2 thousand bars,
300 million dollars.
- You realize what we're talking about here?
- Recovering more than 300 million dollars
in gold bars that nobody
seen in 50 years.
Under 150 feet of water.
Right in the middle of enemy territory.
Not to mention the logistics
for an operation like that.
How did you even
find out about this?
- Hello Love.
- Honey.
You remember Lara, right?
- The other night.
- From the bar.
I remember what happened.
Who wants wine?
These villages here...
Wiped out. Gone.
Those who managed to escape
live worse than animals.
Scraps of food, contaminated
water, no medical help...
My lady, that's
why NATO is here.
- Put an end to all that.
- What happens when we all leave?
They will have to
rebuild their lives again.
That gold... It can build
schools, hospitals, roads.
It will change the lives of
people who have no future.
Let's say we're able to get the gold.
How do I know you're
not gonna take your share,
pack your things
and to Switzerland?
You're asking me to
put my men at risk.
And potentially get them killed for what?
What guarantee do we have
that you'll do what you say?
You're correct.
If you do this, I can not
tell you the future.
But I can tell you
that I do not lie.
My heart is with my country.
In this gold I see hope.
And hope is the only
thing we have left.
Three hundred million.
- Splits 6 ways.
- Two ways.
- Excuse me?
- Split two ways.
One half to you, the
other half to my people.
You take it or leave it.
We'll be risking everything.
- Our careers...
- How about our lives?
You know, I like my life.
Right Stakes, when you ask navy Seal,
it's wrong to even be talking about it.
We are talking about
a major operation.
In a hot zone in which
we have no authority.
It's just, it's crazy.
It's too goddamn crazy to
even be considering it.
- What if we could?
- You want to try? Be my guest.
Stanton's right.
What if we could?
We've been here six months.
What have we done?
Now this isn't a military operation,
it's a covert mop up drill.
This is a chance to
do something extraordinary.
To help these people.
It's once in a lifetime
opportunity, boys.
It's once in a million.
So what do you say boys?
Let me ask you something.
You and me, all this time...
Was it only to get the gold?
I did choose you because
I know you can help me.
But then... I fall for you.
You can believe me.
I love you.
We are in.
All of us.
Keep looking.
According to Lara's grandfather,
the Germans were loading the gold into
the bank before the dam blew.
Inside the bank is a vault made in
Lorca, Spain, crafted in the 30s.
That's the serial number.
Find out the kind of the steel,
thickness, lock mechanism,
anything that's
gonna help us bust that thing open.
That's the base's supply inventory.
Identify the gear we'll need.
- Figure how to borrow it.
- Done.
There is a long wooden dock about
300 yards from our dive point.
We'll launch from there.
We'll dive in three teams of two.
Right. We're gonna need magnesium, burning
bars and pure O2 to cut though this steel.
And also a generator.
- And ten air tanks each night.
- You got 'em.
- How many nights you're talking?
- Oh, I figure five.
We take turns dive in 10 minute intervals
to avoid decompression sickness.
Supply cloaks are tight asses
when it comes to air tanks.
But you know what's funny, SAS just happen
to have whole bunch of that lying around.
Assholes messed up the extract
in our last op.
They should be more than
happy to help us out.
If they don't, we help ourselves.
Anybody except me
wanna know how we're gonna
get 2,000 gold bars up out of that lake?
What do we need?
Batteries, thermal
lenses, burn bars...
- Ask him for burning bars.
- Electrode.
They are here to help us, Mr. Kurjak.
I'll take that as a yes.
Yeah, awesome. Alright,
so, we need twenty of them.
Twenty pieces.
What's so funny?
He asked if you Americans
plan to rob a bank.
So, the vault was
sophisticated for a height.
4 inches of tempered steel over
half a meter of concrete.
JP, that'll take us
days to burn through.
But to save money, vault
manufactures made the
side walls that lie next to interior walls
half that thickness.
And the vault is against
the wall of the church next door.
So we're going that way.
I swear to God, if we...
We get this gold out,
I'm going to put this on humanitarian use.
- What? So are you on brewery?
- Duffy's ale House, yeah.
- I see a Nobel Prize.
- Thank you.
- Cheers to that.
- I am not to piss on your parade...
but if we can't find a way to get
several tons of gold out of that lake,
- You ain't brewing shit.
- Good point.
What the hell you
doing in here, Duffy?!
- I just wanted to stop by for a chat, Walt.
- No, no, no.
- You don't chat.
- Well, the shopping then.
- Dimitri?
- My name is Sergei.
Ah... Sergei, good!
You're familiar with the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization's operation,
Joint endeavor?
- I know nothing...
- Well I do.
More important
than your knowledge
is your willingness
to assist the joint task force
- in this urgent, secret mission.
- Top secret.
Top secret?
How can I help?
Oh, we need a company vehicle
just for a few days.
I would need to ask permission...
Sergei, which part of top secret
did you fail understand?
I mean lives are at stake.
You would be doing people of
your country a huge service.
I wouldn't be surprise if
you are held as a hero.
Maybe even a medal.
Thank you, Sergei.
And from this point forth, you
have to deny everything.
If anyone asks where
that vehicle is,
Then you don't know because...?
- I don't know.
- Exactly, exactly. Thank you sir.
All right, Bob.
Nice and steady, huh?
OK, you can come, you can come.
- Triple 70 equipment supply company?
- Yeah that's it.
Altoona, Pennsylvania, delighting
the customers since 1971.
That's one.
- Alright! Don't stay out too late, ladies.
- No we won't. Thank you.
I'll grab what's left
That's a good little base, bud.
Got any family, Mr. Matt?
Back home?
- No, I don't.
- You look like a family man.
I'm not.
And now is not the time for
little talk or therapy sessions.
Stay quite, don't
make a sound, okay?
Stay down.
Let's go, guys!
You are okay? C'mon.
- It's alright, you okay?
- Yeah.
Thanks, Matt.
- What's that?
- You know very well, old man.
Do you know that this can buy
your shitty dump a hundred times?
So what?
What am I going to do with that?
I need cash!
Like this...
So, thing about gold is it's heavy.
Each gold bar, weighs about 27 pounds.
If there is really 2000 bars
then they're gonna weigh
27 tonnes.
Alright, that means we're
gonna have to make
multiple runs to get
her all up out of there.
- So how long's that gonna take?
- No, I can get it out in one shot.
- Hey, how did it go yesterday?
- Not good.
Patrol boats, every 35
minutes on that lake.
Petrovic hit on a convoy this morning,
it's a hot zone out there.
Boys, if we get compromised,
we do not engage,
withdraw, operation over.
Alright, so what do you guys got?
Einstein here was about
to tell us how we're
gonna get all the gold
out of lake at one shot.
- Really?
- Yep.
So, we need something
that can displace water,
but still bear the weight of the gold
when it's at the surface.
An cargo net,
spread out on the floor of the lake.
So what we'll do is,
we'll have the gold right on top,
then we take four small lifting
bags on each corner,
raise them till we gather to a point
where we can add a
very large lifting bag,
but it's not enough.
We'll have to do, straight over the top,
a cargo parachute, the more volume.
Add a little bit of air and...
- Straight up to the surface.
- Strong enough?
Yeah, it's a Kevlar weave,
yeah, plenty of strong.
It's brilliant.
- Almost. Still a problem.
- I knew he wasn't that smart.
That's how we get to the surface,
but how did we get on land?
Oh... You know I got that.
- Whoa.
- Tickle his balls.
He calls it tickling his
balls, isn't that right, D?
Ever consider the nuisances down there?
Like a surface-to-air missiles?
No, shit like that
just bums him out.
See that wooden dock 200 meters out?
That's where our drop position.
What's down there that requires
you're off the books mission?
Gold. Nazi gold.
As much as one million
for you two to split.
Well, that's the magic number.
Next to flying, Detroit here simply
loves money, ain't that right, D?
- What's the object?
- Well, you drop us here.
Then you pick us and the gold
drop at the agreed upon time.
We split it up and
go on merry ways.
Sounds like good plan.
The cargo's gonna be heavy.
Gonna be a problem?
Not if you're sending
a super sea stallion.
Well, you can fly one of those?
The man can fly everything.
Stallions, Dragons, Apache...
You fit a tail rotor
on Pamela Anderson,
- he's gonna fly her too.
- Is that right?
- 3 days notice is all we need.
- Good.
Boys, we are in enemy territory.
Shit could get real hot out here.
Where did he go?
How about you take me home?
That's what they gave me.
- Have you ever seen them before?
- Them? Never.
Just some punks...
Those are their plates.
What you did is very patriotic..
A very unusual and valuable item.
Where's it from?
I found it.
From now on, I'll
only speak to you...
Now you'll tell me everything.
What about decompression?
That depth is gonna be an issue.
- We might control the sense.
- There you are.
Levin wants you and your
team in his office, on the double.
Do you ladies have any idea
why you're standing here before me?
- I have an idea, sir.
- You do not have a clue, Barnes.
- That's what I meant to say, sir.
- Yours truly...
and General Tobias himself
met with SAS command yesterday.
We conducted an evaluation
of your recent operation,
which I supervised with my
customary intelligence and thoroughness.
This investigation led to the
determination of what many had
come to suspect about 2-2 SAS team.
Do you know what that would be, Lieutenant?
That we are a bunch of
crumpled munching pussies sir?
Correcte mundo.
Furthermore, during
the course of said review,
the resourceful tactics and heroic
actions of this team came to light.
General Tobias was
particularly impressed.
Please do not start waving
your tiny little penises around.
Which reminds me,
my arrogant little prick
of a brother-in-law
sent me a box of this 50 dollar cigars
to commemorate the
occasion of my birth.
Now, personally, I'd assume
grind one out in his eye,
since he only does this
to flaunt his wealth,
thereby fueling his erroneous assertion
of his own superiority.
Classic Napoleon complex.
But I digress.
It seems... That a significant
number of Serb head hunters
are actively searching to
kill you knuckleheads.
Well sir, we welcome them to try.
I am sure you would.
Fortunately for them, that
opportunity will not arrive.
Joint command wants this
whole mess to go away.
And by this whole mess I do mean
specifically the five of you.
- Really, Sir?
- You are being redeployed.
As far away from here
as humanely possible.
In the meantime, you
are shipping home.
Transport plane to Mannheim
departs in 36 hours.
And your supremely lucky
asses will be on it.
Until then you are
remanded to base.
With all due respect, Sir,
we don't believe that our work here
has been fully accomplished.
Appreciate that sentiment.
Unfortunately, this is
above my pay grade.
Chief, so what do you wanna to?
What do you mean, what do I wanna do?
You heard the man.
We're shipping out.
We're done.
Pack your things.
Let's get drunk.
I'm sorry, Stanton.
I know you really wanted to
do this for her.
You love her, don't you?
It's a stupid question.
- You want me to tell her?
- What? That I love her?
No, you can tell her now, himself.
See you two together...
makes me happy, Stanton.
You shouldn't have, Giacomo.
Looks like we got
a go on away party.
- SAS, right?
- That's right, mate.
What can I do you for?
There is absolutely nothing
that you guys can do for us,
but we dragged the fat
fish and ship eating asses out
- of a world war.
- Two of them.
Two. Two world wars.
And you ladies can not run a
simple extract op out of Bosnia.
- You're drunk, mate.
- No... Not drunk enough.
How you doing, Porter?
- Clear left.
- Clear right.
Pays to be a winner.
My dad, he was a
career naval officer.
So is my grand dad.
They both fought in a war.
Who do we fighting in?
A stupid peacekeeping mission.
You lost.
- What?
- What you been doing?
You been fighting?
So you didn't run
into any of the SAS?
It's funny. Those things in your
faces seem like you did.
- Cheers to that.
- We'll make you proud chief.
- Oh you do.
- Cheers... To your next battle.
Yes sir.
What? You couldn't
do it. You lost.
- Rack him up again?
- What?
- I got something.
- Oh yeah, a full glass.
No, no, listen.
Follow me, follow me.
- What do you got?
- So.
Reason it's gonna take us a week
to get into that vault is
- we can only do an one hour dive, right?
- Yeah.
But if we build a operation base somewhere
down there,
an air pocket we can work out...
We can work non stop and
decompressing right at the end.
Yeah, a airtight area
we can pump air into.
Smart man,
get Stanton on the phone.
Yeah, altar is on the main level.
Above that's the choir gallery.
The steeple made out of stone.
- Is there a bell inside the steeple?
- Solid bronze.
Well then, we start by
pumping air out of the bell.
And then we'll load in the generator
and we pump up the choir floor.
That will be our operation's base.
- How long do you think this op will take?
- Eight hours tops.
We could be back before sun rise.
Get the gear down to the dock
as fast as you can.
The operation we talked about...
We're going tonight.
What did I tell you all?
In three days notice.
Can't requisition a
helicopter just like that.
What about pickup?
Sun up.
Can you do it?
- Same coordinates?
- 0-44-9 on the bun.
You might wanna lay off that shit
a few hours in advance.
Hey, do you know where we can find
another aircraft flying around?
Pilot included?
Hey Porter! Give me something good man.
We need bird.
There is a C-160 in the north hangar.
It's just got back from the refueling run.
- Subtle.
- Yeah, that's my middle name.
Alright, Ben, take it down.
- Let's go! Orders just come in.
- What orders?
We didn't get any authorization for any...
Emergency operation in
under five minutes to go.
- Thought SAS would seal transport
- Yeah, they were.
But command decided we needed
real men flying us on this mission.
That's you guys.
So, load her up.
Load her up, boys.
Two minutes!
Hey chief, I think this crazy
idea might just work.
Nice plan...
Nice plan.
- You okay?
- Yeah, no problems.
Is that her?
She won't get far.
Stay with him.
Two, three!
Here you go.
All right, boys.
Time to drill through a stone wall.
Say your prayers.
We break the wall,
break the vault...
Gold deluxe.
Mortar around the stone
is starting to oxidize.
- From the air we're pumping in.
- How long it is gonna hold?
Not long. This place has not
seen oxygen for 50 years.
- Sir?
- Yeah?
I saw Porter with Rainey
and Detroit the other day.
Very animated conversation.
Get Rainey and Detroit
into my office ASAP.
Yes, sir!
- Time check, boys?
- We are four hours.
- How much air we got left?
- Two hours at the most.
- Get back!
- Go, go, go, go!
Move it!
Go! Get down!
Where's the crowbar?
Give me that.
It's gonna jam up here.
Well, you two, were seen
with them recently.
And I wanna know,
what they are up to.
Sir... We are super friendly individuals.
We talk to just about anybody.
It is harder to remember
one from another.
Lieutenant, if you withhold
information from me,
I will see to it that this man straps
his ass into a cockpit ever again.
Sir, with all due respect...
Stop right there, Lieutenant.
In my experience, when a man rephrase a
statement with the phrase with all respect,
he is about to say something
disrespectful and quite possibly stupid.
Are you certain you wish to continue.
- Sir, yes.
- Be my guest.
This man received 14 medals for
heroic and meritorious acts.
Once flew an FA-18 in battle
one of his engines blown off,
he refueled mid-flight,
because he knew if he returned to the
base, he would be grounded.
The point is Detroit Turner
is the best pilot the Navy has.
Well I believe you might
be right, Lieutenant.
I need you.
I do not need you, however.
- Petty officer Clearwater?
- Sir?
Prepare discharge papers
for Lieutenant Rainey.
Yes, sir!
You are suddenly uncharacteristic
quite Lieutenant.
You sure there is not something
you'd like to share with me?
Keep going.
So, me and Porter are gonna go down first.
Alright? Then you two.
- You are friends for a long time?
- Can't remember the time we weren't.
I see sadness in him.
- Yeah, well, we all got our troubles, Lara.
- His is at home.
His wife.
He does not talk about it anymore.
Not even to me.
What happened?
Two years ago his wife
got into a car accident.
She survived.
Their little girl, Billie...
She didn't.
She was three.
Went home to bury her. And after
that nothing was same between them.
Matt just...
Matt just can't forgive her.
So, now she done nothing to say, huh?
And what about you,
lover boy? No comment?
JP, enough!
What? It was a waste of time.
There's nothing down there.
- I don't understand.
- Let me explain to you.
- There was no gold!
- Alright, cut it out, boys.
- Lara, it's not your fault.
- What?
- It is her fault.
- JP, It's not her fault.
It was a story told to a kid.
To any kid that would
look like a lot of gold.
Village must have flooded
before they got it out of the trucks.
The gold must be scattered
all over the valley.
It's another story, Stanton?
At least we got ourselves
10 bars of Gold!
Alright? That is a hell
of a lot money for me.
And for us.
- And for you.
- Good point Duffy.
- Great, great. I'm getting out of it.
- You're getting us all out of here.
Super C-8, this is F-150.
What is your status?
We're about lift off, brother.
See you all soon.
- What's going on, chief?
- The wall down there with Latin words...
It's wrong.
The stone is upside down.
Grab that.
Let's smash away through that wall
and see what's behind.
Gear up!
Throw the explosives.
- Everybody all right?
- You are okay?
- No way to tell, how many are up there.
- Does not matter.
- Let's finish the job we're doing, alright?
- All right, let's move.
Lower, lower!
So, remind me again,
who did the math?
And how much air do
we need down here huh?
- Oh yeah, the Math genius.
- I'm sorry, I didn't count enough.
With some crazy Serbs
shoving grenades at us, OK?
It's called a contingency plan.
Prepare for the worst. There are boy
scouts who know this, for crying out loud.
You're breathing air, right?
That's because of this Math genius.
So, why don't you just shut your mouth
and stop hogging my half of the air?
I'm gonna buy you a
calculator for your next
birthday, you know that, Ben?
A nice big calc...
- Hey, Lara.
- Hey.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
- And you too, Ben? You alright?
- I'm fine.
- Good.
- I'm fine.
We'll need little more air to
get to the surface.
- There is a couple of tanks in the trash.
- Great.
- I'll go with you.
- No, stay here.
Alright? Stay here.
- Hey dude?
- Yes?
We need way more air.
Hey, Porter,
do not even start with that OK?
- Nice!
- You ready?
Alright, we got enemies on the surface
and no primary...
- So what? We use the secondary.
- All right.
Here we go.
Watch for signs of
decompression sickness.
We're good, we're good
We got this.
Straight ahead!
Give it to me.
I always said I
will go out with a bang.
Time to feed the
fishes, assholes.
Nice shot!
Heads up!
You degenerates do realize,
as you would be dead
if I had not sent Detroit to the rescue.
- Thank you sir.
- I am not interested in a "Thank you".
But I want you to present
a goddamn explanation.
And I tell you what you
can start with this...
Since when the US Navy SEALs
bring a civilian female
along on a mission?
Shut up! Finish the decomp
and get your butts up to my office!
Yes, sir.
Is that what goes on around this
base on a day to day basis?
Taking civilian female
out for a little troll?
Little spin in our humvee
and in our chopper?
Jesus Christ! This Navy is
not what it used to be!
Not by a goddamn country mile.
So you thought, you could just steal
all that gold and get away with it?
On my watch?
No, sir. We were gonna
give you a full report, sir.
- Were you now?
- Yes, sir.
As soon as the gold was secured.
- Do I look like a moron to you, Barnes?
- Yes... No, sir.
No, I'm sorry sir.
Let me ask you simple to this.
What did you plan to do
with 27 tons of gold bars?
- Put it in your socks?
- Sir, turn over it to the people of Bosnia.
As a way helping rebuild
their country. Sir.
OK, hold on.
Just... Just a second.
I might cry.
No, I don't think I will.
You realize you broke damn
near every oath you took
when you decided to embark
on this little escapade?
Yes, sir.
Now, I suppose I can spin
this in a positive light,
emphasize that the operation
lead us Petrovic,
one of the biggest
stones in NATO's side.
How much are we talking about
here? I mean in US dollars?
Sir as of yesterday's exchange rate
24 tons of gold bars will be
302 million dollars.
302 million dollars.
That's a lot of money, isn't it?
In the midst all the chaos
we are facing in this conflict,
this operation clearly
demonstrated what can be accomplished
through the carefully planned and
executed efforts of the US military.
Thanks to the heroic and
selfless acts of this team of US NAVY SEALs
and their local contacts,
I can now announce that this gold,
stolen by the Nazi
regime 50 years ago,
and valued at 150
million US dollars,
will soon be returned to
its rightful place in France.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
the Prime Minister of France
will present Lara Simic
with the Legion d'Honneur.
Well this is your lucky day, ladies.
And actual lady.
- Do you know why it's your lucky day?
- No, sir.
Because my despicable brother-in-law,
who also happens to be my
financial adviser and broker,
was able to unload
those gold bars
that somehow did not find
their way back to France.
I'll now distribute...
your shares of this
momentous heist.
- Moran.
- Thank you, sir.
- Duffy.
- Thank you very much, sir.
- Porter.
- Thank you, sir.
- Barnes.
- Thank you, sir.
Ms. Simic.
Sorry, but don't these
make your lucky day?
So, we do all the work,
he gets the spoils.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Do I look like I'm kidding?
Have I ever looked
like I was kidding?
You're lucky you get that,
not a court Marshall.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well, that's what you
philanthropists wanted, isn't that right?
- Yes, sir.
- Excellent.
Then we should all be happy
as clams at high tide.
- Dismissed.
- Thank you, sir.
This belongs to you too.
This also belongs to you.
If I could just get like a flat
or something with my name on it,
or like a bronze bust,
even a bowling alley or something,
it would be great, thanks.
There you go. It's yours.
We did it.
You are okay there, sir?
Your eyes seem to be watering.
Come on, cowboys.
I am buying.
- Oh yes.
- Yes ma'am!
Alright, enough,
Off to the bar.
Previo NOS