Replace (2017) Movie Script

I never wanna grow old.
I don't wanna die.
I'm too young to die.
I cannot watch my body grow old,
lose control over it,
watch it crumble
away before my eyes.
I can't stop.
I need more.
Truth is, older
men are more interesting
because they have enough money
not to have to wait around
all night for a bus.
Truth is older men are
simply better in bed.
And who are all
these older men?
Thank you, mate.
Nice Neighborhood.
Right next to the express way.
Seriously, I mean who
names their child Light?
Well, I like the name Kira.
You'd say anything
to get me into your apartment.
Hey, not true.
No, it is true.
But you have to admit
Kira Mabon does
sound pretty cool.
It does,
but it's Mabon.
Not nearly as
distinguished as Mabon.
Okay, we will
see what we can do
with that last name
of yours, shall we?
Wait, wait, wait.
Let me turn on the lights.
Scare away the rats.
Great, great.
You know, I thought
after three years
the landlord would have
managed to fix the switch.
I got this.
You're not gonna...
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Took me
like six months
to figure out that
trick with the fuse.
So, where do we go from here?
Well, if you know
how to turn on the lights,
then the rest of the place
should be a piece of cake.
Okay, and now...
To your left,
The kitchen.
Beginner's luck.
And here we have
your favorite picture,
despite the tear on the
lower left hand corner.
To my right, shithouse.
Wow, nice.
Where are you?
You men have it so easy.
Men get cooler, more
interesting as they age
and women just
start to look old.
Oh, the world's so unfair.
I mean, it was our
fifth date, already!
And here I was, thinking
he was unique, you know?
I'm on my way home now.
Of course I spent the
night at his place.
Why wouldn't I?
No, really, he was.
Why would I make up
something like that?
Wait until you meet him.
He's a really, hello, Martha?
She hung up on me.
How did I get back here?
Nice neighborhood.
Right next to the express way.
You'd say anything to get
me into your apartment.
Let me
turn on the lights.
Scare away the rats.
You know, I thought
after three years
the landlord would have
managed to fix the switch.
Your favorite picture,
despite the tear on the
lower left hand corner.
Kira Mabon
does sound pretty cool.
It does but it's Mabon.
have reached a number
that has been
disconnected or is no...
You've reached the home of K...
You've reached the
home of Kira Mabon.
Please leave a message
and I shall call you back.
Just go away.
Martha: Kira?
Hello, is anyone home?
Everything okay?
Yeah, I...
Do I know you?
I'm Sophia.
Some tea?
have you lived here long?
About half a year.
It was a bitch getting
my stuff up those stairs.
You okay?
We don't clean
up the fridge, do we?
I'll just throw it away, okay?
Did I uh,
bump my head when I fell?
I was there.
Caught you.
I was amazing.
You're kind of...
Dizzy, strange,
tired, thirsty,
Useless knowledge fact,
most people, when they wake
up from fainting or whatever,
are aroused.
It's like boys and
their morning wood.
I'm so glad
to finally meet you.
I always wondered who
was living next door.
Green tea, right?
How did you know?
How did I know?
How did I know?
Truth is,
I'm psychic.
Come on, test me.
What is my favorite color?
My favorite
musical instrument?
The piano.
How did you know?
I'm sorry.
No honestly, I'm sorry.
But you should have seen
the look on your face.
It's standing over there.
Right, I play professionally.
One can live off of that?
And yourself?
I'm studying Chinese
linguistics and literature.
To be an interpreter, or...
No, no, interpreting
is way too stressful.
I'd rather be a cultural
attache or something.
You know, big villa in Beijing
and tons of cute little
Chinese servant girls.
With martinis.
Ideally, yes.
May I
ask you something?
Fire away.
Do you know Jonas?
The man who lives here.
But you live here?
Excuse me.
Are you
feeling all right?
I mean, seriously.
You've been living
here like forever.
seen him before.
Your boyfriend?
Or ex?
That doesn't look
like a recent photo.
You've never seen him?
Not in
the last few months.
What about me?
Hey, maybe you
did hit your head back there
and I didn't see it.
Or did it happen before I came?
What was going on?
What's up with your hand?
that looks shitty.
Hey, hey.
Hey, come here, come here.
You need to relax,
maybe take a bath.
I'll come by tonight, okay?
I never wanna be like that,
abandoned or so old
that I have to live
in a retirement home.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but you're having blackouts
and the feeling that
time is rushing by
and your finger,
your fingers really
don't look good.
You don't have to see a shrink,
but a doctor might
be a good idea.
I did find a doctor's note.
But I can't remember
making the appointment.
That might be a
good place to start.
Maybe it's just a nervous
reaction or an allergy.
Those go away after
a while, right?
How many days has
it been like this?
I don't know.
Do you think it'll spread?
I don't know.
That's what a doctor's for, no?
You know, you've
been so good to me.
Oh shit.
Ah, my foot!
Don't be, don't be.
Just a piece of glass
It was an accident.
Some skin.
Are you okay?
Do you need a band
aid or something?
Do you think you might be
able to stay here tonight?
I really don't want
to be left alone.
I'm in here.
Wow, I
slept like a rock.
Mornin', sunshine.
Good morning.
You all right?
That doesn't look
all right to me.
It looks worse than it is.
I just put some cream on it.
Can I take a shower here?
They still haven't
fixed my drain.
Yeah, sure.
Be my guest.
The towels are over there.
Don't forget to
call the doctor.
Thanks again for staying here.
Yes, hello, I had an
appointment three days ago,
but I'm afraid
that I missed the...
Kira Mabon.
I was?
Ms. Mabon?
We're pleased that you
could come immediately.
I know this probably
sounds extremely strange,
but have we met before?
short-term memory loss?
I wouldn't worry
about that right now.
The analysis of the
skin on your hand
shows there is an
atypical deterioration
of the cell structure.
I'm sorry, what does
that mean exactly?
You see,
each cell of the human body
renews itself again and again.
Old cells are discarded.
Dandruff on your scalp
is a good example.
As the body ages, the
cellular structure breaks down
and the ability to
build new cells lessens.
But I only have
this on my hand?
Aside from which you are
far too young.
The outer layer of
your skin is aging
and dying at an extreme rate.
The underlining layer however
is still perfectly healthy.
Can't skin be transplanted?
Of course.
But first we have to understand
the reason for the aging.
If we were to
perform a transplant,
the body might
reject the new skin.
Yes, but in my case...
Or, in your case, the new skin
might undergo the same decline,
unless we understand the
mechanism for the deterioration.
Either that or the
underlining layer is incapable
of accepting the new
tissue because...
Well, that...
It's adhering that quickly.
That shouldn't...
I don't think you
should do that anymore.
Why don't we wait for the
test results to come back.
That should be in
about 48 hours.
In 48 hours, it could have
spread up my entire arm,
or worse.
I don't think that this dryness
will spread that rapidly.
And what about the pain?
How do I deal with that?
I can give you
something for that.
You can take this up
to three times a day,
but it's very strong,
so no alcohol.
Perhaps some of the
symptoms you describing
are part of the healing process.
We'll know soon enough.
Have I been here before?
Ms. Mabon, please,
I have to prepare your tissue
and blood samples for the lab.
But don't worry.
We'll take care of this.
Is this for you?
Pardon me for saying,
but with all the products
for cell rejuvenation
out on the market,
you look like the last
person who would need them.
Cell rejuvenation?
I thought it was
just a pain killer?
Kira Mabon?
Ah Mabon, Mabon.
It's a bit crazy tonight.
Like every night, really.
You probably don't
really care, huh?
Could you look at this for me?
Can you sit over there?
when I woke up it was just here.
It was a tiny speck
Could a skin
transplant fix this?
It's a pretty long
and difficult procedure,
if it works at all.
Wow, have you seen a
specialist about this?
I talked to a Doctor Crober.
She took samples of my skin
and I have an
appointment with her
the day after tomorrow.
Then they can decide if
a transplant makes sense
and what sort of tissue would
be accepted by your body.
God forbid they
do the transplant,
then two weeks later
it all falls off.
Very unpleasant.
But it keeps getting larger.
I'm really no specialist,
but it all seems
pretty much localized.
Plus it's just two days.
You won't be looking
like the mummy by then.
What the fuck?
Holy mother.
That's just nasty.
Oh man.
Is anyone back there?
Hey you, stop!
I said...
Dispatch, send someone
to the service elevator
at radiology.
I said stop right fucking now!
Ah, fuck!
You have
reached the office
of Doctor Crober.
We are currently closed.
Please, leave your
name and number.
Hi, this is Kira Mabon.
I was in earlier today.
I really need to
talk to Dr. Crober.
We are closing now.
Ms. Mabon?
It's Doctor Crober.
How can I help you?
I'm in pain, Doctor Crober.
You need to have a little
respect for yourself, eh?
I don't
know what to do.
It won't go away
and the dryness keeps
spreading rapidly.
You must remain calm
and try not to stress
yourself too much.
The medication will take
some time to take effect.
But you don't understand.
I suggest you relax
and try to get some rest.
I'll see you in the morning.
That's the best I
can do right now.
Do you think you can do that?
Come on, you
can't be down here.
If you wait upstairs,
I'll call you a cab.
Don't try my patience.
What the fu...
Drugs, so
early in the morning?
Doctor's orders.
It's great to see you smile.
And your hand is
doing way better.
It's freaking amazing.
What did the doctor give you?
Or was she a voodoo priest?
A little bit of both, I guess.
So what was it?
Tell me if I'm being too nosy.
So, what was it?
She doesn't know.
She doesn't know?
Did your voodoo priest
conduct her ritual in the tub?
Did it involve live chickens?
I was only kidding, okay?
So, what
about the lab tests?
Sensitive here?
No, not at all.
I've ordered a new series.
You can get dressed.
You should continue taking
the meds until they run out.
And I can write you
another prescription
that should aid with
your current condition.
Well, unfortunately
there's never
100% guarantee
with these things.
That's why I want you in for
check-ups every other day.
It's imperative that we
continue observations.
I can have someone call you
prior to each appointment.
Excuse me?
The last time you were
here we talked about you
experiencing some memory loss?
We did?
And you should be careful.
We should keep an eye on this.
You'll definitely have
to come back tomorrow.
Of course.
What if the dry spots
turn out to be a new one?
Do you think it's
spreading again?
Learning all the characters
in the Chinese alphabet
is completely impossible.
There's like 3,000 of them...
That's exactly how I felt
when I started reading music.
Are there actually 250.000
different notes on your piano?
I told you I was super smart.
And now you have proof.
Bring it on.
I meant more tomato?
Oh, I see.
Fuck if I care.
Everything good?
Just about ready.
You never really told me
how the doc fixed your hand.
It's not a secret, really.
She gave me drugs.
Can I get an appointment?
Seriously, she prescribed
something and it worked.
It's gone entirely.
What will you do
if it comes back?
Could we talk
about something else?
I'm just worried.
It's just,
it's all you've been
talking about all evening.
If it disgusts you,
or I disgust you, then
what are you doing here?
And if you've got something
to say, then just say it,
because this
beating-around-the-bush thing
is pretty much unbearable.
Jonas, take your
girlfriend and get out.
No, not again, please.
Are you lost, honey?
Hey, you.
What are you doing out so late?
Are you following me?
Don't be silly.
I just saw you.
Thought maybe you
could use a ride home.
Thanks, but I'll be okay.
Listen, I'm really
sorry about last night.
I didn't mean to pry, but...
What the hell is
going on back there?
Must have been a
fight or something.
Look, I just really need
to be alone right now, okay?
You sure you don't
want that ride?
Call me, all right?
You should have
seen what happened
when my father left my
mum for a younger woman.
It destroyed us and
my mother was so devastated.
One day she told us she
had wasted her youth,
broke off contact,
decided to live her life now.
Did you see the cops down there?
I ran into them on my way in.
Missed you.
Feel like making
me a cup of tea?
So many great vinyls.
I'm sorry.
What's that?
Badly quoted Camus?
I guess.
It's kind of cheesy though.
I like cheesy.
You know, soap
supposedly works.
Do you think you could
take a look at it for me?
Yeah, for sure.
You have
another dry spot.
Like you had on your hand.
It's fine.
It's really big.
You're going to have to go
back and see the doc again.
I'm sorry about the day before.
It was really stupid.
Me too.
Too fast.
Too fast.
I'm sorry.
You're right, Sophia.
I have to go to the
doctor right away,
to see Crober.
Do you
want me to come?
That's kind of you, but
I'd rather go by myself.
See you this evening?
I hope so.
There is
no cause for despair.
You don't have to face
watching your body decay.
I wanted to wait
for the test results
to come back before I told you.
You recall that a transplant
is just one of several options?
Did we talk
about a transplant?
I believe we did, yes.
The last time you were here.
It's all in the file.
We are going to continue
to address this problem
on a cellular level.
Not just by cutting it away.
And I believe we found a cure.
We will introduce cells
that have been reprogrammed
in vitro, to induced
plural-ponent stem cells.
They will rejuvenate the
afflicted cell structures
in your body.
It will greatly reduce
the epidermal decay
and eventually, turn
it around completely.
That's amazing.
When can we begin?
I need a few more days for
more thorough investigation,
before we start in
a new treatment.
I don't have a few more days.
I need help now.
Is everything okay?
Is everything
okay with you?
Do you
have bigger plans
or was it just shitty wine?
Your place.
There's something
I have to tell you.
I can't remember
anything that happened
more than a week ago.
Nothing at all?
vague impressions, ghosts.
I found these.
Crober knows a lot
more than she's saying.
did you get these?
took them from the office.
You took them?
Okay, I broke
in and I took them
and I know what you must think,
but I need answers.
I think it's awesome.
Could you play this for me?
I don't know how to use it.
I just
can't go on like this.
I know.
Maximum of
education, experience
and wisdom,
who are lost to society.
The potential that can be found
in an artificially extended
life span goes well beyond...
Top menu, I guess?
Try test subjects.
so many of them.
I just saw my name.
Are you really sure
you want to do this?
I have to know.
Why should I do this now?
I just wanna get started.
I've been told that this
recording serves as proof
that I was not forced
to do any of this,
no handcuffs, as you can see,
and there is no one here
who has threatened me
or is threatening me.
I am here of my own free will.
I will take part in an
experimental procedure today,
this afternoon, voluntarily,
that hopefully will
transform my wreck of a body,
which used to be
a different body
into the body I know,
the body I remember.
We should
just stop here.
The doctor said the pain
I feel from time to time
under my skin, comes from
the tendons and muscles.
It needs time to rejuvenate.
Kira, please
look at the camera.
Yes, of course.
I can
understand your excitement.
It's not me.
I find that hard to believe.
That's some kind of nightmare.
Do we begin again?
My name is Kira Mabon. It
was my birthday yesterday,
my 64th birthday.
I must remind
you that the process
is not yet complete.
Kira, I don't
care about all that.
It will
still be a few more days
before we can evaluate
the final results.
I love you.
I love you, really.
I keep
forgetting things.
- Is that normal?
- Close your eyes
It seems to be a
side effect of the treatment.
I can't predict as to how...
But will I still be
able to play the piano?
We don't
know, not yet.
How can you want me?
I'm just an old woman.
Aren't you disgusted?
What about Jonas?
You and Jonas
divorced almost 20 years ago.
And my daughter?
We can contact
them for you if you like,
but at this point...
My daughter.
I had a daughter?
I don't even remember her.
Don't think about it.
Not now.
Maybe there's,
I can contact her somehow, or...
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Why not?
Because she wouldn't
even recognize you.
Oh my God.
I can't take this.
It's all going to start again,
the pain and the dry spots.
I can't take any more.
It will be okay.
Crober will figure
something out.
No, you don't understand.
It's okay.
We'll face this thing together.
Why don't we just go
someplace they'll never find us,
Crober, everyone,
pack our bags and leave.
not the only one
who's been trough this.
What about the
other test objects?
I don't want to go in there.
What are you frightened of?
Maybe they're just memories
of your earlier life.
Hey, you've got
to face all that.
I'll try to help you through it
in any way I can.
You know I will.
There's something
I have to tell you.
No, you don't.
Pack your things
and wait downstairs.
I'll be five minutes.
I promise.
Honey, I'm on the phone.
Honey, I'm on the phone.
Hello, is anyone there?
I'm sorry.
You have your own daughter now,
your own life.
Let me have mine.
It's time to move on.
Everything okay?
Let's get out of here.
Do you think, the others are
going through the same thing?
Have they also
forgotten everything?
is only one way to find out.
Nobody, again.
So who's next?
Margaret Jondra.
Maybe she's still alive.
What'd she have to say?
She hasn't seen
her for a few weeks.
Said she had some sort of
allergies, some skin thing.
She had about a month
worth mail on her porch
and these.
Jesus, what a horror show.
fine line reducers,
exfoliating creams,
beauty products.
Maybe they got her too.
There's something I need to do.
Will you
get that, honey?
Are you here for the party?
It's my birthday!
And how old are you?
I'm six.
You look older than six.
How old are you?
Hon, everything okay?
Who's here?
Let's get out of here.
It'll never stop.
There has
to be a solution.
You have to go back to Crober.
I don't want to die
as someone's guinea pig.
You can't go on like this.
Promise me.
Promise me you'll try.
Crober can help you.
Right now she's
your only chance.
I can't.
You must hate the way I look.
I never wanted to lie to you.
I majored in biochemistry,
not in Chinese linguistics.
Crober asked me to
keep an eye on you.
You knew all along?
You were our greatest success,
our star patient.
Crober paid me a shit load
of money to look after you.
Wouldn't have had to though.
The water.
I put something in it.
You would never have gone
back there on your own.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry,
but that sort of thing
needs to be done quickly.
I see you've met Miss Jondra.
It's a shame.
She was so promising.
Unfortunately she won't last
much longer, I'm afraid.
But you're here now.
I should never have
allowed the test subjects
out of the lab.
Letting you live at home,
even under supervision,
was a terrible mistake.
Sooner or later, the police
would have followed
your trail back to me.
And it's far too soon
for any public disclosure
of our procedures.
Well, Ms. Mabon,
you begged me.
You spent years going to
every medical conference
and research
institute you could,
searching for
something or someone
to make you young again.
Why can't I remember anything?
Yeah, it's a side effect
of the regeneration process.
But in your case, not
necessarily an unfortunate one.
You weren't very happy.
But, what about Jonas?
And my little girl?
I can't even remember her name.
The cellular
rejuvenation was designed
to only regenerate those areas
most strongly affected
by the aging process.
But you suffered a reset
of the memory center.
Otherwise, I'd say the
experiment was a successful one.
And the others?
But why does your body
accept foreign
skin so perfectly?
We'll know soon enough.
Not so
hot now, is she.
Don't be frightened.
So near.
Not good at all,
not for you
and certainly not for me.
Although the effect that your
body does accept foreign skin
so well,
opens new pathways.
Your current condition reveals
that this project is
nowhere near its goals.
We will be testing a number
of new theories on you.
Completely painless, so
there's no cause for concern.
Be reasonable.
You must realize, at
least on some level,
that you acted irresponsibly.
You recklessly endangered
decades of work.
The first time was
But after that, I,
I don't know how you justify it.
And all
Your cellular structure
seems to be overwhelmed
by the extreme demands
of the regeneration.
The good news is we have
perhaps found an approach
to keep you in a more
stable condition.
Hopefully, we'll be able to
duplicate your body's readiness
to accept new skin,
the cause for the very unfortunate
decay of your own skin,
but of similar origins.
You should begin to get your
voice back later this evening.
Please don't make
a scene this time.
You've only been
here a few days.
The new skin is taking root
really fast.
Come on.
It's time to go.
You have to hurry.
I'm trying.
pull out your hand.
You can do it.
Ignore the pain.
Jesus, what the fuck
did you do to her?
You promised me you were
taking good care of her.
She did that to herself.
Well, get a nurse.
Do something, for God's sake.
Kira, Kira.
I'm going to get you out.
Yeah. Really.
Not really.
You're out of control, Crober.
What you're doing is...
Please, human kind has been
fighting the aging process
for thousands of years.
Who's going to worry
about a few test subjects
once people get to live to
a 150, 300, 600 years old?
This is insanity.
She willingly
volunteered, didn't she?
She knew the risks.
She doesn't even remember.
She obviously
remembers something.
She was calling your name.
God, you're really
losing it, Crober.
You need help.
If they trace those killings
back to the institute,
back to us, then you'll
be just as culpable.
She was in your care, after all.
I'm willing to take that risk.
I may have been of this
once, but not anymore.
Oh, Kira.
She promised to help.
She said that there was a cure,
that you only had
to come back here.
I'm so fucking stupid
to believe that.
I'm so sorry.
wasting your breath.
She's just going to
forget you again,
like she always does.
I'm taking
her out of here, Crober.
Somebody out there has
to be able to help her.
I'll take this to the
media if I have to.
You okay?
What did she give you?
Succs probably.
Let's just go.
The irony would be priceless.
You've gotta be out
of your fucking mind.
I know.
going to lose yourself.
You cant keep doing this.
Promise me, no more.
Let's try the emergency exit.
Kira, please.
We need
something for that Succs.
GenRes Laboratories
are now under complete lockdown.
All personnel, please check in
with your designated
security areas.
A level two warning
is in effect.
Please be advised that
lethal force may be used
against potential intruders.
Julie, are you okay?
The police
are on their way.
It's a lockdown?
Fuck, what happened?
I don't
know what happened.
Don't panic.
all the doors are locked.
We cannot get out.
GenRes Laboratories
are now under complete lockdown.
Please, be careful, Julie.
I'll keep my
eyes open, don't worry.
it's them, I need
to call security.
Julie, are you there?
Kira, no.
GenRes Laboratories
is now under complete lockdown.
What did
she give you again?
It probably won't kill
me, but I feel cold.
seems to be a security breach
on level two.
Roger that.
Could you check that?
Please be alert.
The subject is very dangerous.
keep your cool, everybody.
Word has it that Doctor
Crober has been killed.
The patient, Kira Mabon,
a former GenRes employee,
Sophia Demeraux, both
need to be detained.
Notify us
immediately if you see her,
the little fuckin' bitch.
Copy that.
Are on their way.
I repeat, at this time,
subject is an emergency.
I won't have
to go out there, will I?
We're just
gonna get your stuff
and then it'll be all
right, you'll see.
I need an antidote.
What for?
Succs, Succinylcholine.
There is no antidote.
I'm sorry.
I don't believe you.
It's true.
It's a muscle
relaxant, short acting.
There is no antidote,
not that I know of,
but it's not lethal.
The uniforms will
get us out of here.
That will never work.
You broke your promise.
I'm sorry.
So what now?
I want to live with you.
That's all.
I love you too much.