Replicas (2018) Movie Script

Arecibo, Puerto Rico
From Zoe for Daddy
Bionyne industrial facilities
Experimental research
The helicopter has come down
The donor is outside I
repeat, donors are outside
The donor is safe? I Already
Pay attention, donors travel to the lab
All employees are
expected to report
I repeat, everything The
staff is expected to report it
The time since his death?
7 hours and 15 minutes
Neural network intact. Looks good
Good cortex
All done
This man is dead
No logical death, but still accessible
We will take the
biological brain
print it to the synthetic brain
that, imitating the human mind
Ed, start the process
straight away
Goal obtained / direction completed
Get ready to start
Start transfer
Already on
Mapping confirmed
Away with his body
Prepare to start
with nerve printing
Get started
Scott, try the Alpha-9 protocol
Everything looks good
The front brain looks good
Start protocol 345
Start the application
Perform main tasks
Give exceptions and translate
All good forms
All functions are good
Printing is complete
Margaret, give energy
Sergeant Kelly
Do you hear me?
Who am I
Sergeant, you already
switch to a synthetic body
Try to be calm. You are online
Will need some time
Who am I Sergeant Try to calm you down
Who am I?
Sergeant! Sergeant Kelly!
Who am I?! Sergeant Kelly!
Disable Printing failed
Command rejected
Who am I?
He talked / they
ever do it before
Not for them sounds Make a sound
This one is talking
I And I can not say
how wonderful it will
be that was 8 months ago
Today is only voice
I this is progress
Progress that can not be denied / Du my world,
progress is measured on the basis of the results
What we do not have
Actually not sure
how much longer
I can defend this
Apparently the failure continues
make shareholders
annoyed Who knows?
This is a job in my life
I have moved my family
here, make sacrifices
I promise you, I'm so close
It is only that it is
not close enough, Will
But do not let that happen
ruining your weekend event
Oh shit
Sorry, I'm late. It is well
How are you darling? Children are
already packing and enthusiastic
How are you? How
was your day / Matt!
Not in the house
He does not stop spying
It is called
spy-drone (spy drone)
Do not grab in
Damaged furniture now
Hello, the Foster family? I Ed!
Hey, small / give
him eat once a day,
but not too much / Okay
Have you talked to Jones?
I Those kind of things
Okay, what did he say? Are you fired?
What is "fired"? I I have not been fired
Who has been fired? I Father / what?
Nobody has been fired
I thought you were in
trouble / Wait what happened?
Our test subjects shredded
he was rather brutal
Is that "brutal"?
He spoke, Mona 345 The subject of the test
He really talks / He talks?
If he can talk, he can feel
We switch it off immediately
You can not continue to revive
people come back from the dead
until you do this
How many times have you been
let a patient die in First Aid,
and you turn it on again?
My patient does not
break he is right, Will
Maybe I should do
that for this fish
William, darling, I believe in you
But I do not like where to go
People can suffer
Heart transplant patients
first survived for 18 days
He suffered. Is that wrong? I No
Everyone is scared, Mona
Soldiers, victims, parents
This can be done
But something prevents synthetic
substances from false consciousness
Maybe what makes someone
become more human than this
Just like soul
This is about what happened to us
and how we process it
That makes sense
Everything is about compatibility
I Do you really believe that?
Is that all for me? Your children
Only the road, the signal and the race?
You have children who love you,
and your adoring wife
And we have scientists
Do you think I should stop?
Hello Hello
I just worry that you are
lost in what is good and bad
I will not believe me
Lots of fun
I will reward you
What is that name?
Father! I Children
already in a big box
I'm joking / daddy!
I'm going to see
you soon, Ed / Okay
Use a seat belt
Everything is waiting for us
Nice is not it?
I look with something in my eyes
Bored Is there anything else?
That's me
Father, if you are there,
can we fish on the boat?
Are we almost there?
We can wait for the ship to float
You know what they say
If you do not like it
again, just wait 5 minutes
I can not see anything
Can you see something?
I feel that we have to stop
Is it going well? I My God
That was almost
Mother! I Mona!
Sophie? Matt? Zoe?
Forgive father, son
What happened What is going on
I already said that you have no questions
Where is the article? I Everything behind
Oh shit
What happened
I need you to do
something for me, Ed
No I can not
They are not going to die yet
We have to call the police
William, what does it matter?
I Run the assignment string
We can not do this
Run the assignment string, Ed
Edward Whittle Access is given
Only because I think it can,
That does not mean I can do it, okay?
There is a reason why
cloning people is forbidden
And only because it's hard to do,
that is only half of the
problem I just help me with this
I know you've experienced
problems, but you have to
understand something here
Of the most cloned,
the output is not good
Their skulls are deformed.
They are no longer inside
That's the bet here
If we make a mistake, I need to know that
Are you ready to turn it off?
Do not make mistakes
it is easy
Can I clone people? Technically,
yes, that is possible
But listen, William
If this works,
their brains will come out as a baby
It is really a blank slate
Not meant to damage
your hope tonight,
but you have not yet
succeeded in moving your mind
Do I have to remember what
happens every time you try?
We go between biology in
the cloning of animals, Ed
Mice, monkeys / But no people
You've seen it We can do it
What if something
terrible happened there?
That happened
And no one can
know what happened
I want you to get rid of the body
William, I do not
know if / I thank you
I can not do it
I will meet you at home
What is the contents of the barrel?
Amino acids, fructose and others
All ingredients
Everything you need
to make yourself
There are only 3 tubes
I need 4 tubes / Yes, I know.
But there is no 4
I need 4 tubes, Ed /
Maybe I can ask for it
in the next quarter
You do not tell me that
there are no 4 pieces
What do you want me to do here?
Each tube costs 7 million
I am not a spirit here
I can not just get out
of another tube like that
Are you OK?
Choose name
No no
It will not be made
Choose name / You do not choose
Select / No!
Choose name / This is your company
If you want to do this, you choose
You choose the name
You have to look at the
level Level is everything
I fill the tube with their DNA, but you
have to keep an eye on it all the time
Never leave them
If the chemical balance is
unattended, the cloning will die,
and we can not start again
You should therefore pay
attention to the level / OK
And they will end at
the same time, right?
Damn, this is much more difficult
Tell me you can do that
Yes, you just have to balance
it with something / Ed?
Yes, yes, yes I can do that
Where is your backup generator?
Be careful when you lose power
I I do not have a generator, Ed
All right. Is there
anything I need to know?
Yes, the tube can lose power
Just say, if one is 7
seconds power outage,
it will ruin the level
I just told you that's
the most important thing,
so yes, we need a generator
This is 2 hours. No one is open / I
do not know what you want from me?
I can not continue
giving everything
My mind is very chaotic
at this point, too
Do you know?
Is there anything else?
I do not think that's it
that is him
They will be out in 17 days
You have time until that time
to find ways to move
their consciousness
If we are miraculously, we
have succeeded in doing this
What about Zoe?
All of them have
their memory here
I will remove him
I will erase the memory of him
Can you do that?
People lose memory all the time
Whatever it is, it can be erased
I will corrupt the memory
Remove it from their assignment
They will never remember him again
We are going straight to hell
Thank you / Good luck
Search parameters: Zoe
Delete the path and its association?
Mr. Foster, this is the police
Good morning, officer
Do you speak Spanish? I No sorry
Forgive my English
I am Officer Perez, this is Odelius
We follow a case of theft of waste
Someone has stolen
garbage from every block
How strange
Do you take it too? I No
No, you're lucky
Nothing weird?
If you see something,
or suspect everyone,
tell us / I will do it
Have a nice day
Okay okay
Has that happened?
I feel compelled to respond
on Will's lack of presence here
You know nothing about that, right?
Will just said that he had pneumonia
Really? I Yes
Can you send me a message?
I'm talking to the municipality today
Unless 345 works, we will
stop at the end of the quarter
Do you want a better reference?
Yes, I'm sure he will get better soon
William has a system
of very strong immunity
Test topics 221 Update
Consciousness of the original
subject for cloning was successful
And consciousness can be moved
Why not for people?
What have I missed?
William / Yes?
Hey, I just talked to Jones,
and he said if we were not done,
he will stop us
Yes, and there is valuable equipment
millions of dollars in your basement
If he stops us, they
will look forward to it
And you want to know
scientific term for that?
Very in trouble
So what are we going to do?
Do it? Okay, come here
What? What are you waiting for?
There? I Yes, come here
Why? I I have to go to work, you
have to keep an eye on the tube
Okay, you do not have to scream / I do not
Okay, sorry, I screamed
I Just hurry up here
And you have pneumonia / what?
Dr. William Foster The access is given
Apparently you're there Hello, Will
You look messy
Can I get something?
Maybe something spices?
What are you sick of?
Pneumonia / How annoying
You are here
I want you to view the data
345 for the next experiment
Yes No now / Jones
is chasing us all
William, we are waiting for your
approval for sulphur replacement
Queue / Okay
Are you OK?
It goes well with me Why?
I There is no reason
Hey? I I'm sorry about Matt
Do not you remember me? I'm
Matt's teacher, Mrs. Florents
I can explain /
Your cousin told me
Sorry I came without notice,
but Matt did not go
to school a few days,
and I can not call
your wife's mobile
And I know that I do not,
it should be a favorite, but
I hope that explains everything
Happy Holidays
Did he leave? I What happened?
He said he had to go to the bathroom
He knocked on the door for 5 minutes,
as a psychopath, I do not
know, what should I do?
What did you say? I I said
Matt is sick of chickenpox,
and he wants to stay
with his grandparents
His grandparents are dead,
Ed How shall I explain that?
I do not know, William
Do not drag me in your
gigantic sinkhole, okay?
Do not you call to school?
Think of something?
What about What clinic
has Mona accepted?
These are your 5
days nobody thinks
will you realize that
your whole family is gone?
I have a lot of thoughts, Ed / Yes Sorry
You have to turn it
on / How are they?
They are 0.3 meters bigger
From: Mona Foster For: Principal Luna
Subject: Concerning Sophie and Matt
Are we still friends?
Sorry that I can not go online, my
father the stupid took my laptop
Everything hurts, must go
Do not be friends with Julie
He is crazy
What did he do?
He teased your girlfriend!
My boyfriend?
Juan: Hello darling!
Hello, Juan
My parents are out of town
Do you want to come?
I do not think so
I am being punished
How long?
Until I was 18 years old
You think they are
real will stop us?
What I know is that we
have to prepare this robot
for the next quarter
Where is William?
Test Nerve prints: perform simulation
Printing failed
No, I do not want to hear your reasons
What have I missed?
You look messy
That is not the way to do
it makes you look normal
I'm not ready / I do not say 17 days
This is 17 days no there
is "I'm not ready" here
Damn / Ed
Did you see that?
I still do not know why that happened
If I do not know the cause,
how can I be sure
they will not happen?
You have to think about
it that was 17 days ago
Acceleration follows
DNA profile correctly
You keep them in the tank,
they continue to grow older
your wife, 2 weeks from
now, cancer, maybe?
The transition of your daughter.
Your son is not sure
So if an old man is
the essence of my words
in a few days,
however, you know,
they age age when they died
How are you going to explain that?
How can you not panic
at the moment, William?
I'm trying to think / Okay Good
Of course you think
I will think too
I will think about
how it feels in prison
Or when Bionyne asks, we
have $ 30 billion for it
What are you doing
Their cubs will become comatose
This ensures the mind
they remain empty
Until I find out
What if you do not know?
You can not keep on pushing
them for up to 72 hours
After that you have to make
a very difficult decision
Dry the tube
Pod Seal Penetrated Open Palka
Okay, this has to be
careful his body for a while
I still can not do it
What? I Will, what are
you avoiding my call?
Will? I What?
You realize how much money has
already been invested in this project?
People trust you I count on you
And we have almost no time left
What did you say?
Do you hear me?
Will, are you still there?
We look in the wrong place
You are very close to me
Not bad, not the brain, Ed
But his body / body?
That is very clear
elegant Very simple
Hey, let's stop this, okay?
Follow me, Edward
That is flat. Look at this
His spirit is white Comma
He has never experienced a conscious moment
But he breathes, his heart beats
But that is not a sign of consciousness.
That is a function without being aware
All controls are located in the brain
His brain knew it had a body
This specific body is what I have missed
That's why 345 did not work
His mind is connected
to steel and titanium
We print biological
brains to synthetic spirit
But it is wrong
His brains were searching for
his body, his heart, his lungs,
but could not find it
So his brain teasers,
so it reacts like that,
and never had a chance
calm his consciousness
Oh, shit, yes
It is like a graft rejection
We just have to cheat
synthetic spirit
believe that he has a body,
blood and flesh, original organic
That is the solution /
that is solution 345,
but what is the connection
with your family?
They are not robots
related to my family
I will print my thoughts
he was in his own body
I know this will work / are you sure?
We have only one
opportunity in this matter
Prepare to start with nerve printing
Ready? I Is that important?
Start with nerve printing
Start protocol
Subject: Mona Foster
Keep a close eye on the cortex
Vital? I Vital is good
Everything is good
Start with nerve printing
Printing is complete
What happened Nothing happened
Can you hear me, Mona?
Damn, he refused it.
Damn, what shall we do?
What are you doing / Put him to sleep
I can not get him and the children
with a house like this
I Yes, think carefully
Do you know what we just did?
This is the best thing that has ever been.
I do it in my life
What you and someone have ever done
We can not tell anyone
about this, however
We are talking about the Nobel Prize
I hope everything will be alright
We succeed / Yes
I see you at work
Good morning, William / Good morning
How is everything? I I'm hungry
Hunger / I feel great
I am going to run
Outside? I You look
tired Is your sleep good?
Have fun / father!
Can I eat pancakes? I Yes
You can eat pancakes, Matthew
Sophie, do you also want pancakes? I Yes
This is the pancake
Can I eat toast?
Yes, toast France for this miss
Available soon
Mom, this is stale Do
not you go shopping?
I just bought yesterday
Has expired
I will be careful
My job must be
Yes? I Hey, it's me
There will be a donor in 37 minutes
You have to go to the lab immediately
My family has just woken up
Congratulations, but it will
be his very short reunion
unless we complete 345
When we are stopped,
we can be found
Matt, be careful / do you hear me?
William, do you hear me?
Hey? I Yes Okay, I'm going there
Son, is it going?
Yes it's going well
Are you OK?
You do not look
like yourself today
I have to go to the
lab / Go, we're fine
I hate to leave you on Saturday
We will still be
here when you go home
Intact neural network 60% start status
Only that way?
But the cortex is still alive, right?
Too corrupt
What happened The donor is good
I can not do it
I can not tell other
people through it
You choose a bad time
to develop a conscience
I hope you're ready to go
to jail, with your family
Because that will happen if
we do not make 345, it works
So, you better think
of something right away
Are you in there, Will?
Yes, I'm / Everything
okay inside?
Good / too bad about
donors today, huh?
We will succeed in the next one
I hope there is something, Will
my God
Mom, are you seeing my mobile? /
No I am also looking for my mobile
Your social life is
not dependent on it
But mine is okay, okay,
where has been the last time?
I do not know
Hey, do you see my mobile? I No
my God
Gee, are you crying?
William, you do not
Yes / for yourself?
Are you crazy?
Consider possible circumstances
will be very bad and Crazy?
You can kill that
Ed, I have to do it. Listen
I will upload my
neural mapping to 345
I'll be there / Certainly
That makes me calm /
Ed William / Hello man
We start scanning my body
I took the data, made an algorithm
to print off my nerves go in 345
Okay, so you've made it
a misleading algorithm
synthetic brain to think
is the original body there?
And with my mind inside,
we will know for sure
synthetic brain has consciousness,
because I will do it
ask myself
I am the bottom line,
Ed I am the control
It's gonna be Me
I will start by making
the algorithm is tonight
Okay, we'll still be
shopping tomorrow for trees?
Something went wrong / What is going on?
I do not know, Will, but
there's something wrong with me
I do not remember what I
should eat our night yesterday
I can not remember that I left
clinic for Christmas holidays
I can not remember the boat trip
I do not even remember that we were
leaving for boat trips, William
Something is wrong with me / Oh honey
Where are children? I Sleep
Sophie is rather unwell,
but he is doing well
Maybe you're sick like Sophie
Why do not you lie down,
and see how you feel
tomorrow morning? I Yes
I'm tired
Print biologically to
synthetic Algorithm
Supports command 345
Press command
Arrange algorithms
Save algorithm
Father! I Sophie?
Are you dead? I What?
I see it, father / no,
it's just a nightmare
I am fine / I saw
mother being killed
No. Everything will be fine
Come back to sleep
feels very real
It is only a nightmare. It is well
Are you sure? I Yes it's OK
It is only a nightmare
Okay / everything is good
Everything will be better
It is as if nothing ever happened
William What happened?
Mona, can we go upstairs? /
What did you do to Sophie?
I give him a little Calm
I What are you doing?
He's okay / what?
Mona, please, let's
talk up / no William
Tell me the truth
There was an accident
You and the children have died
I'll turn you back
You are replicas
Remove the object from his head
I'm dead?
You are still alive, you are real
Matt is still alive above
Sophie and
And no one else needs to know
How can you do this?
I saw our children being killed
I hold your body in
my arm, and I think
I can bring you back to life
What are you going to do?
How are you?
Good morning
Hello, Ed. How are you? I Well done?
Matt, stay with mom
I But I like this
No, I hate that Die is fake
I think they are good
Come and see here
So you get them back
Okay, let's buy your tree
Honey, maybe we should go home
What? I We have just settled here
Are you serious, Dad?
Matt, you missed your plate
Father, who is Zoe?
Someone has written Zoe my
cupboard with colored pencils
There was a bed level
at room / bed level?
Are you sure? I I'm not crazy
I remember the photo in the hallway on
the floor, dear, things have happened
maybe there are a number of things
I remember looking at what
it looks like when lying
Merry Christmas, Will
Good smell
I interfere with dinner, right?
Mona, you look great
I I miss you, Jones
You are a happy man
This surprised Mau come to us?
Beautiful and generous
I love women like you. Thanks
But I do not want to interfere
William, can you talk to me?
I promise I will come
back he is in 5 minutes
We are not done yet
What brings you here? /
Let me ask you something
Have you ever thought is
this all a bit too easy?
I do not know what you're talking about
Let me help
Subject 346, 347, 348 owned by Bionyne
Despair desperately to
many wonderful people
to reach the impossible
Destiny caused the car to crash
I just let everything work
I am impressed now
that I have a problem
3 problems actually
You know what will happen
if it is distributed?
Nobody needs to know
No one will ever know that.
Mona knew it
How long until Sophie
and Matt begin to ask?
Maybe friends they will ask
Lies are a mess
I do not do business
That mess is risky
Simple is safe
3 free topics are something
that I can not tolerate
I know how 345 has
been made successful
That is worth something
Bionyne will become a company the most
successful biomedical in the world
William Ask the
question for yourself
Who will spend so
much money there
to save the wounded soldier?
Gee, man, come on
War is not like that
We are a biomedical company
I My name is not even Jones
Now you find out how to move
human consciousness in the machine
Imagine that the best pilot is delivered
in thousands of individual drones
The hacker's spirit has been
introduced into the virus
Do you know how
much is worth it?
Will, is not that nice?
What about my family?
Your family has died
in a car accident, Will
Give me the algorithm
End the dinner. Kiss a
good night for children
Have the love with your
wife like the first time
Opportunity to say goodbye
That is my gift for you
I take the algorithm
Wait until my order is finished outside
I know you are smart enough
to do the right thing
This makes me angry, right?
William, you scare children
Where is Mr. Jones? I Mother father
Do you want to be more bad?
I maybe / no
Go to your room
Where is aluminum foil?
I In the upper drawer
William, I must
know what happened
And who is Zoe?
Zoe is our daughter
I can not turn it
on you are all back
I can not save you all
There are not enough tubes
I have removed it from your memory
Did you clear my son's memory for me?
I do not blame you if
you want to hate me
for the rest of my life,
but now we have to go
Bionyne is not a medical company
I do not even know
what company they are
But they will kill
you and children,
unless we leave now
And I am not against a law of nature
only to lose you again
We have to go
Children, we're leaving!
Come on!
What happened
Matt, Sophie, there are people
who are trying to hurt us
Just hold it and
that's how it works
We go to the ship
Ed, and leave here
I was disappointed, Will
was very disappointed
Sir, they are moving
Do not shoot them in the head
Everything is your
fault / do me nothing
How did they find us?
I'm sure they
follow us on mobile
Be silent
Maybe the car might be the GPS
No car, no mobile
Bionyne puts the tracker on
every subject of his experiment
In you
In front! Beware!
It is going well, it is good
Are you OK? I We are doing well
How do you delete the tracker?
They are in your wrist
They are in the nervous
system They do not come out
What are you talking about?
Go to the clinic / We can not
Go to the clinic
Sophie, Mom needs you lying
down / What do you mean?
Dad why? I No, just go upstairs
What is going on?
The tracker is in the system
nerves, so we burn them
Red, white, black / tracker?
What are you talking about?
It's okay, Sophie /
Mam, what happened?
Someone puts things badly in us
Mother will kill her
Mom knows you are afraid
But you just have to try
and calm down and trust me
Everything will be fine
What happened
It is close to the heart
What? mother
This should be in the hospital
Shit, let's go
It's okay, Matt. Not so bad
One more missing / They must be upstairs
What are you doing here?
Papa, hurry up
Honey, try to calm you down
Up here? Left hand side
Someone is coming
They were here earlier
The target is lost
fire the tracker
We lost them
This is Jones. I have a question for you
You and the children stay in the car
I want to know for sure that it is safe
I will see what I am
capable of taking the ship
When will Dad come back? I Honey, be quiet
The key
Mom! No! Let me go!
Let go of my children!
Let them go!
Dad, look out!
We have his wife and
children What about Foster?
He will come to us
Good decision, Eddy,
this locks your ship
Motherfucker / Mona, listen
Everything will be fine
if William works together
Okay? You foolish
They will kill us, Ed / Mam?
What are you talking about?
I have a snack in my office
Take the kids there
Mother! Move us!
Fellow here, sir
Mona, we have stolen material worth
millions of dollars to make you
You make? I Yes, you make it
To bring you back to life
you are dead, remember?
I would have to eliminate
the body of your body
I can not do it, and Jones knows
Listen as we follow them,
we can get out of here
Get rid of my wife!
Where are the children, honey?
Okay, they're there
William, I'm sorry
it should not happen
The situation is not under
control / it is good, Ed
Everything will be fine
I destroy the algorithm
I I realized that
The only place where
the algorithm is
is in my head
You want it, we're leaving here,
You will never see us again
My family and I disappeared /
William, are you negotiating?
Do you need me? Really?
I do not need him / Jones, wait!
Or him
Wait a second! I will do it!
I will give you the algorithm
I know
If you trust him,
he will kill us
I love you
pressing it
Give strength
The algorithm / everything there?
Everything is there
Leave my family now
Why are you adhering to that?
This being is a copy
Do you really not understand?
Your experiment has ended, Will
No, it is not over yet
I am here for my family
Children! Come on pick up kids!
The road
Mom, what is she doing?
Where are you going
Father went for something, honey
William! That's enough
How does it feel?
This sounds strange
But it feels like me
They will send people
differently after I leave
Sooner or later
they will find you
Not if we are together in this matter
Will, are you negotiating?
What if I say it is there
another way for you, Jones?
Give us what we want,
and you can live again
as a very rich man
What do you think?
Do we agree with you?
Goodbye, Will
I'll handle it from here,
William / are you sure?
You must stay here /
There is no other way
You take care of our family
It's okay with us
17 days later
I'm sorry, Mom
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mr. Kisam, I'm very
glad you could come
Trust me, you will not regret it
Because I ask you,
which price can
give to your second life?
Will, it's time to work
Start allocation procedure