Requiem (2006) Movie Script

Papa, it's coming!
It's the certification of university.
I can go to the Tubingen State on 4th.
- We have to wait.
- Why? The certificate is right here.
Well, Michaela, You know why.
yeah, I've been short of one year study.
now I will go to the university.
we might need to slow down.
maybe you can experience it for one day.
be rational, we've discussed it for many times.
how you deal with...your things?
Mama, those drugs are not useless.
and I've quit it for half a year.
what the doc said?
- Marianne, watch out your tone.
- what the doc said?
- the doc said, it'll relapse
- well
so if you were in Tubingen...
we should have to cancel the dorm?
- what dorm?
- that's it, I think...
if she went to the university,
she had to find somewhere to live.
- you helped her rent a dorm?
- Mama, don't be, I am 21 years old.
- hello
- my name is Kramer
- Michaela Klingler
- nice to meet you, your room is downstair
here it is.
look, it's your new home.
- so large a place!
- Mhm.
and so quiet.
and, there are more than 100 girls here.
in this wonderful night,
they all went out.
say hello for me, okay?
well, I have to go now.
oh, papa!
it's nothing.
as a freshman, you need a typewriter
be careful by yourself.
thanks, papa, for all you've done.
good morning!
maybe you can stand there for a while.
social pedagogy is related to the value's spread.
should find this value on yourselves at first.
otherwise, how could you spread it to others?
do you believe in pedagogy,
the effection of examples?
- me?
- yes, you.
- Ah, I don't know.
- so what you believe in?
I believe in God.
you think it's funny?
please allow me to ask, what's your belief?
yeah, you see, and that's the problem.
we were in one class during high school
I'm Michaela
- what are you doing here?
- what am I doing here?
- Pedagogy is easy to get score.
- this is my major.
- where do you live?
- the dormitory in the south quarter.
- me too.
- that's nice.
it's great, right?
Pedagogy is easy to get score, right?
where have you been?
when I was in 11 grade, you were still in the Parallel class.
- And then, disappeared.
- I left study for a year.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm not taking my swimsuit.
- so what? me neither.
come on! it's not cold.
Man, you think I'm cheating you?
come on!
now it's time for your shower!
- Amen.
- Amen.
take it out again.
- I want this too.
- here is the place to play music.
the first week is wonderful.
we got a test.
I think I'm pretty good.
- And I met Hanna
- Oh, She's a student too?
- father...
- it's not because of Hanna.
That's why you came late.
so we shouldn't...
bring you to Tubingen.
I wanna go there.
- can't you have a dinner quietly?
- obviously not
foreknowable saint...
the Virgin Mary, we are calling you.
wisdoms sit up there...
the Virgin Mary, we are calling you.
Mother of God, we are calling you.
look, the trees are totally different.
so green.
And tall, got some branches.
it's great that
you can come to have pilgrimage.
- have i missed once?
- no, no!
upside, you wanna go in?
you can pray now.
- some one stole things, look here.
- yeah.
- it's all ancient here.
- yeah.
Luigan... Luigina.
lilttle angels and roses.
she is so sad... this garland...
what you prayed for to the saint
when you were in the church?
- only Holy will know that.
- did she answer you?
Mhm. you should listen carefully.
when you pay attention, you will feel her.
still not mention?
I pray to the God for you.
hope that he could watch you.
that's so good, thank you.
I won't make you disappointed....
I don't wanna hear it! - let's talk.
- stop it!
look, a necklace of roses garland.
Michaela! Michaela!
what...are you doing here?
- don't know...there just now...
- what?
- I heard some noise at first, then there...
- sit up.
it's fine that I wake up first, not your Mama.
otherwise it'll be worse now.
come on, let's get upside.
while others are still sleeping.
I feel pain.
- So, I will cut.
- you sure?
worse than ever.
won't be worse, right?
but it's hard to say, right?
hello, one person.
have fun.
beer, soda, cola?
- you wanna beers?
- thank you!
I...I think soda is ok, thank you.
- all right, cheers!
- cheers!
- how long have you been in Tubingen?
- this is my first semester.
- what's your major?
- I wanna be a teacher.
how about you? - chemic.
- is it cool?
so so, my father got a company
making food ingredient
I'll inherit it.
- I need go to bar there get some bread.
- ok.
let me?
I wanna dance now.
wake up, we are late.
oh, my godness.
Michaela? Michaela!
shit, get up!
Michaela. Hey.
hey, come on.
come right here.
- here.
- thanks.
how could you say nothing?
because of this you quit study for a year?
- I'm painful, Hanna.
- Have you seen doctors?
oh, forget it, you know
how many docs I've been checked?
at last
none of them know how to heal me.
the final diagnose result.
they tried some ways
then, they gave you some pills
and then...
have new side effect.
must use new ones to control it.
maybe you should accept this reality.
you are sick, Michaela!
your life is in danger!
no excuse to keep it in closet.
- but i feel so ashamed.
- but you'd have told me first.
swear to me, you won't let others know.
if my parents find out, I will faint.
that's over.
if you want me to keep this secret.
all right, you promise me to see the doc.
why you are here?
you have time?
no speaking?
you must think I'm crazy, but I don't know
who else can understand me.
if you need my understanding,
you should talk.
in St. Carlo...
I...woke up at night.
then...I couldn't catch that necklace.
I tried hard to get it, but there always
some strength pulled me backward, just like...
...I was not myself.
then, it happened again.
this morning.
appeared with ghosts' faces and sounds, screams
I was shiting on them.
you don't know what I have experienced!
they came out all of a sudden,
then spread everywhere... I...
wanna close my eyes or, hide somewhere,
but it's no use.
- they kept yelling.
- what they yelled out?
that you shit on them?
or you can't get the necklace?
- please don't.
- you bring it here?
- it's a souvenir of a store.
- why won't you believe me?
you hear what you are talking about?
ghost face, sounds.
what are you talking about?
we sure believe there are devils on earth.
but we believe in God too.
it's just a metaphor,
we should keep to them.
but you can't keep to each word.
- but, Father...
- ah, so terrible.
illusion! you should talk to your psychologist.
you are so angry, because you are afraid too.
you know I won't lie to you.
and I can't imagin all of this.
you just begin your study,
birds just fly out of the nest.
what's wrong with you?
watch out your own way!
how this way looks like?
where it'll lead me to?
I thought you could help me.
many things happened recently.
I don't know...
you need more time?
I feel special during the first weeks
when I left home.
I understand.
- promise, you'll be with me.
- sure.
kiss me.
- you wanna write it down?
- don't be. - don't.
clinch, you can try with Stefan.
- do we need to study?
- today is almost passed.
I won't pursue those.
- I'll read about one more semester.
- how could you know you can do this?
from logic, I could.
this one, you don't need to read.
but you might learn something in highscool.
it's Holy Katharina.
- she's only 33.
- so what?
Hanna, when she was as old as you,
have done many good things
I think, it's not because she is a sister.
she came from a poor place with her illed body
but she stopped a war,
- when she was 33.
- oh, here it writes, she wrote the god's decision.
she fought against devils...
...and released the life when she died.
bla, bla, bla.
You don't want to understand me, do you?
I have missed for a year.
Hanna, the time, that you possess of
is a gift.
all right, it's the time for next date.
you need come to have x ray next Tuesday.
feel cold?
please close your eyes.
Michaela! we are in the town.
I wonder if we could meet
ah, so coincident.
I'm thinking of the story you told me.
I told it to the Father Borchert.
he is the parochial assistant Father.
how are you?
- your not believing me hurts me so much.
- I just wanna help you,
When I said you should see doctor.
so, satisfied?
dated with doc three times, enough?
you also wanna tell me that
I'm a psycho?
I think, everyone should have a soulmate.
- Father Landauer wouldn't make people
feel like that.
- I'm familar with your parish
yes, I remember
you are a good missionary
once I should give a cow a peace.
so, you did it?
it's Gerhards' job.
kind of simple belief.
in hard time, God is like an insurance company.
- good havest, means this company is good.
- yes, people would think of that.
I ask myself.
does it mean God's exist if there's a good havest?
or someone is illed?
people must distinguish which are real pains
which are mess in mind, and superstition.
what I suffered are all real.
so did the necklace.
I don't know, if the new pills would work.
sometimes I got this feeling.
we try to use science to explain the nature.
these things don't need explaination.
if someone is really painful
what science should do?
don't we pray for the God to help us?
yes, I'm not understand of this.
I can only say...
- What I felt, What I experienced.
- yes, why, I wanna listen?
how about things happen to you, Michaela?
because it maybe so crazy for my illness.
the world make our souls sick.
I almost doubt about it.
you know, I don't wanna ask more.
I wanna stay her, have my life.
but sometimes,
I feel I can't stop, then...
my belief gave me so much power.
you also have you belief.
this belief is more powerful than the dark things
- but I'm scraed
- hands of God are strong enough,
to protect us.
while praying, he's by our sides. - right.
let's pray?
Holy Spirit,
come into my heart.
short our distance with your power.
give me the kindness
and fearness of God.
Christ, protect me from hurt
warm me with your love.
make me get rid of the burden.
help me fullfill all my tasks.
beloved Christ,
beloved Christ,
so someone insane, is just like this.
stop it.
these are your pills, so small?
they said, each pill everyday
no paroxysm for a year.
"Grandmaux Epilepsie"
sounds like french cheese,right?
shut up
I think what you wrote is hard to recognise.
well, I think it's good, so great!
- all right, if you think it's ok,
it's enough to the teacher.
- that's right.
and one title, called: grasp the fate.
- I'm applying the internship in Hamburg.
- how it's going?
- They hire me!
- no way! - it's true.
in a kindergarten, leading them to travel.
setting out after Christmas.
- what? so fast.
- ah, only four weeks, it's short.
besides you got yours to be with you.
where is he?
ha, maybe he still his mother's babe.
- oh, do I enter the wrong door?
- no, you don't...
- oh, why are you here?
- you've been so long not contacting to me.
- celebrating what?
- oh, Michaela is tutoring my works.
- Hanna.
- yes
- Hello
- I know your father.
- I'm leaving, bye.
- bye, Hanna, see you later.
come on in.
you lost weight.
maybe grew a little taller.
I didn't tell your mama I came here.
now she must be disburdened
There, came at the beginning of the week.
you use my medicare...
God, Michaela, it said...
but it's not suprising, no matter what,
I need a doctor too in Tubingen.
but it's not the same thing.
it's worse than that.
it said... should visit a psychiatrist,
to heal your pyschological illness.
please don't be like that.
- you got pyschological problem?
- no, not yet.
Michaela, please understand me.
you stayed in hospital for years
because of Epilepsy
- what else could I think?
- so, what do you think of?
I saw, you turned better, but...
do you remember, you have said,
when you go to see the doc, you will lost.
- we're all in the hands of God, Papa.
- yes, my child.
it's nice that you are here.
Merry Christmas.
ah, moreover
for the student who wanna be teachers.
there's a tiny homework to do.
hang on before 15th Jan.
you will know, while others are celebrating,
the feelings that you are still working.
make some effort.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- bye.
- bye.
you already come there
- Michaela!
- hello.
ah, be careful,
you make yourself dirty.
you think it's fit for you?
meal is ready, pack your luggage.
this is from me.
I drew it for you.
Oh, my Helga! it's beautiful.
- "you think it's fit for you?"
- "you think it's fit for you?"
- hey, don't be so nauty!
- don't be so nauty! - you!
you a little pumpkin.
- what you bought for your boyfriend?
- who said to you I have boyfriend?
who said?
you got a boyfriend, admit it, ok?
hide it under the bed.
that's what I've done.
- what can you hide?
- girls, meal's ready.
your boyfriend, right?
silent night.
holy night.
Everything sleeps,
only one is awake.
a flute, thank you!
- it's so beautiful.
- you made by you own?
- what's this?
- razor, so fashionable.
- bought in Tubingen
- oh,
Genuine leather?
thank you.
what's this?
postman sent it.
- what thing?
- from Santa.
what is it?
- a goat.
- oh, it's so cute.
- ah, are you crazy?
- what's wrong?
- release me, I've done nothing!
- where is my stuff?
- I've done nothing, release me!
- it's silent night, stop quarreling.
- I wanna know where my stuff is.
- what stuff? Are you still normal?
put them where they should be.
- why you are doing this?
- get your clothes on.
- in the garbage can!
- you are a thief. you'd better remember it.
- do I have anything to do with it?
- don't be like an orphen stroll around.
are you all crazy?
let's go!
- Have you ever thought what I want?
- be rational!
how long we left?
(anthem) a rose.
growing from the earth.
just like us singing.
Christ was born...
with a little flower.
let me...
let me go!
merciful goddess....
- papa!
- Michaela!
my God!
- get the pills!
- I can not pray anymore.
I can not pray anymore.
- hello.
- Michaela!
- really sorry. bother you
just one day after Christmas.
- come on in.
it's so quiet here.
just like the chapel last night
- but I pray for you.
- seemed useless.
what I did is not important.
I did wrong.
I try my best ... to pray.
I try my best to be a good student.
but they always exceeded me.
I almost broke my mother's necklace.
little by little I understand the pain that
Holy Katharina metioned is like
in the hell...
Holy Katharina, yeah, she must
experienced many tests.
but as far as died, she connected to the God
because of the pain she endured
maks her to be the one God selected.
may be god forgot me,
I mean nothing to him.
he burden the cross for us.
he burden the pain and sacrifice for each.
you are no exception.
but now, the devil is powerful.
I try hard, to conquer it.
but why me?
I did nothing.
I go to the university.
wanna my life in perfect order.
- but God send the devil to me!
- that's because you are special.
you are sensitive to this crazy world.
let's pray.
last time you did well.
no, I don't wanna pray!
praying is no use.
when I wanna pray, you came.
I've experienced this.
why God can't bring me luck?
Am I punished?
God doesn't punish
he is trying out those of his favorites
you knew it.
I can only think it as a God's test
otherwise we will be desperate.
you can only sit in this unenlightened
devious place, spread yourself.
then complain
that God is so far away from us.
this world is falling
if your praying is useful.
why you just sit and complain?
why you do nothing about this?!
you at least let me know
who is this?
why you bring us here
the first day of new year?
- stop, papa.
- what else you ask for us?
- can we let you go back to school?
- I forgot to take the pill.
I won't do this.
I have no power.
do you know,
how hard to fully support you?
you mama sank me into the hell.
she is angry everytime.
she knew what God did to you.
- bye, my darling.
- bye - you take care of yourself - ok
- bye
- bye
oh,my God.
- my father was drunk again.
- can I look?
- I wanna beer now.
- ah, nonsense.
furthermore, it's Christmas
stores are all closed.
I'm so happy, it's all passed away.
take the train tomorrow morning.
8 hours late, I will be in Hamburg.
I should have forgotten these stuff.
can you put off to go?
you also said, I should grasp my fate.
I can't tell myself
what's hell the life means.
I hear some voice, Hanna.
you can't imagine.
I can't control anymore.
I have a feeling.
everything got in my hands will disappear.
take away my last energy.
- Michaela, what are you talking about?
- you can't go now.
I don't know what'll happen next.
I'm so scared.
you shouldn't drink so much.
Michaela, maybe you should
visit your psychologist.
Michaela, wait!
God, you can't leave me along
with those crap.
I need go to Hamburg!
I believ what you said, but you must
believe me...
don't say that. go to Hamburg
with your theory as a psychologist.
how you are coming! so suprised!
I miss you.
- you drunk.
- don't bother.
come on.
come on.
I have to go.
let's stay for a while,
we could drive out.
when new semester starts,
we both have no time.
I have to write my thesis,
it's a very important test.
- it's Christmas now,
so how about new year's eve?
- I don't know.
at least let me finish my damn thesis!
- hello?
- Stefan?
you got color tape of typewriter?
- yes
- where?
I speak, you type, ok?
- if you can't go on your thesis
maybe abandon next semester.
- no.
- it's normal in university.
- have nothing to do with this.
come on, I'm ready, ok?
we'd better start from beginning.
"improve the education of orphanage
with direct vivid ways.
End home careness, comma.
marriage, motherhood comma,
help comma.
must need..."
show me.
was I wrong?
nothing wrong, you did all great
who can get the high score?
if I knew early, I chose education too.
we need celebrating it.
I take you out.
we have sit here for two whole days.
I'm so tired.
- you got sleep a little.
- yes I did.
- you look not like this.
- I go showering.
come right now.
you can't just leave!
the live like those two days before
I can't bear it any more.
but the thesis is finished. it's a symbol.
- that I could finish my school.
- it's just beginning.
you know what? if you were just as what you're
what you should do in high grade?
maybe the burden is to much
just like what you'd said.
tell me, what's happening?
I can't.
I go back.
- Michaela
- ah...
- Michaela, we have talked.
- yes.
we have different opinion and attitude.
maybe we should chat in your room
it's better.
why? we could talk here.
I don't know, something happened.
looks so formal.
I think we should pray together.
the most important
we saw you better day after day.
- yes, I return good.
- even you don't want, we should pray too.
what, are you the Father?
"we don't need pray"!
why your attitude is changing?
it's Tubingen
- it's not yourparish.
- all right, stop!
- here, I'm making my thesis, should hang on.
- watch out your behavior.
I passed the test.
I look for shelter for you.
don't make me disappointed.
help me with your power.
-listen to me...
- be calm down, quiet!
you should let me finish the thesis
you all leave here.
she won't pray.
Karl, what did he say?
- sorry I don't wanna scare her.
- give her some peace!
don't use your theory drive her crazy!
we should've done something to help her.
this girl needs our help.
- not the psychologist to help
- you control yourself, don't be possessed.
you know what's this called?
how many proofs you need?
- bishop got my resolution.
- what?
Michaela, Father Borchert said...
ok, ok, it's all over here.
the tricks of kindergarten will end up!
- Michaela.
- yes?
- Michaela, say it.
- say what?
say your condition is changing good.
say you learnt alot, say you got lots works to do.
say you took the pills
say those people are talking shit.
say you just tired.
say you need sleep.
- right, things like what you said.
- is so.
- yes, papa, you are right. papa
- well, my child.
ok, we don't stay here anymore.
Michaela, I don't want use the praying
make you angry
we will help you.
I promise.
Hello, Hanna.
oh, you already here. - hey, hi!
- how are you?
- super.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- why you don't meet me?
- you don't drink.
you wanna drink some?
I bring you something.
really? ok
how is it?
okay, tell what's the hell with Michaela?
something happened?
- what's up?
- you check!
she lost weight.
follow me.
I don't know what' wrong with her.
I think that thing has gone.
- I can't go on.
- we don't discuss you, we discuss other things!
- so what's that?
- the things from the university
to the clinic of psychologist.
she didn't mention to you?
- you are not visit the doc, aren't you?
- so what?
if you don't wanna go along.
I'll be with you, I'd love to.
I wanna go to San Carlo
where Holy Katharina lived.
- I wanna pray for others.
- God, stop it.
and your weird holy sister!
you wanna end like this?
- Michaela, I don't wanna wait you back
- yes, I know.
Stefan, do we plan to go out together?
you always want to.
- why need Hanna tell me, what happened?
- stop it.
you promised to be with me.
you will go with me to Italy,right? this
I don't think it's a good idea.
- you said you'll be with me, did you?
- Michaela, come over, calm down.
- you promised to keep the secret,
what did you say to him?
- nothing
- I ask you, what you talk about me?
- Michaela, enough!
I call the hospital right now, you stay here?
- what's wrong?
- you need eat something, a little.
I don't wanna go to the hospital.
you should promise me...
- you won't send me to the hospital.
- docs will help you.
how? I can't even hold the cross
do you understand?
I can't even move, look.
see? like that.
- hello. - hi.
- take this ok?
Michaela, come over.
-I can't send her to there.
- Stefan.
Mr. Klingler?
you gotta help me
Michaela, she is sleeping. - what?
she made trouble all night.
and will be awake soon.
- is it Michaela?
- go back to your room.
do you hear it?
you must know some doc could cure her.
- we don't wanna send her to the hosptal
like this.
- let doc check her, that's right.
here is writtern, she maybe has
psycho problem.
should send to the hospital.
what's this?
I should have done something first.
a good clinic will be helpful.
no one is good.
Michaela knows it deeply.
useless at last.
but now she must visit some doc.
- why you don't mention a word?
- I wanna give her a chance.
- I won't go to the hospital.
- sit down.
they won't find anything.
my problem, can't be found
even under x ray.
you always knew, you saw it.
how did I break that necklace.
you got one in San Carlo.
admit it!
- now you go upstair, sleep!
- is it ok?
- come on.
- don't touch me, I can stand.
so go.
Michaela, you go up along.
open the door.
now make me some food!
don't think this shit could treat me well.
oh, my God.
open, open the door!
you all go to hell!
if you all wanna send me to the hospital!
- you understand?
- God, she'll suicide.
- you should go to the hospital.
- yeah.
pray with her, maybe have some effect.
my Lord...
show your body, your will, your name...
just like in heaven, in the human world...
ok, still send me to the hospital?
you got only these things in your box?
ah, now you are coming.
all right, clean up your pig cote.
you pig cote!
I don't wanna send you to the hospital
you stay at home.
don't cheat on me.
those pills, and others, no help.
no use from beginning.
I see a different you.
you are such a liar.
don't touch me, leave me along.
give me some peace.
shut up
fuck off with your prays.
you are not like that, Michaela
you can't control yourself.
your parents are outside.
how much pain you wanna they bear?
do you remember what you said to me?
this is a test, we all will help you...
- yeah...pass through the difficulty
- yes
Michaela, come on.
please come to help me.
for this girl come on.
don't touch me.
- leave me along.
- Michaela.
I don't wanna...
fuck off.
- you are not like this, Michaela.
- no.
I wanna all of us pray, please come over.
Holy Spirit...
Holy Spirit, please come into my mind...
give me power.
please, god bless me.
Christ, release me.
we got released.
Holy Child and Holy Father.
beloved Christ, please solve my hardship.
- Mama, I'm so painful.
- me either.
please, you leave, please.
I beg God forgive you.
in the trial court.
in the human world,
got the power of God.
- say, who take your spirit away?
- no, I won't tell.
- for the God's sake.
- no!
- say, say!
- no!
for the God's sake, who take you away, say!
- no!!!
- say!
all right.
I'm so sad, mama
I make you suffer so much.
- sleep.
- yes.
it'll be fine soon, yes
can you send greets to Hanna?
don't make her worry. - ok.
you won't leave me along.
- the devils will leave, won't they?
- yes.
if it doesn't work
we go to pilgrimage, to where
Holy Katharina lived.
think of her.
she has endured this huge pain.
but the devils never stop.
Katharina, it's only the expiation.
she endured the pain for the greater
- a Martyr
- yes, but you shouldn't think of that.
- I will come 5 mins later.
- I said, she is sleep.
if you won't let me in,
I will ask all the people in town coming out.
let her in.
Father said, now she is in danger.
sometimes she cursed.
means she is possessed.
if lucky enough, she will wake up
Father come at 4:30.
how did you come?
how things going on in Tubingen?
you're not there, no fun.
what time is it?
if Father would come?
I just wanna go with you.
only two of us.
we breathe some fresh air ok?
what's the matter?
where are you going?
we jus hang around.
drive the car.
not so long.
- you have been here?
- never, it's so beautiful.
look, the fields look like table cloth.
- ok?
- yeah.
I always came here
you don't like me to bring you out?
Tubingen. us.
you are insane.
- what will it be in the future?
- until it leave us.
ah, no, it won't leave you along.
because it's never leave your body.
your body only has yourself, yourself.
if they wanna exorcise for you
when will it finish?
- bring me back.
- no.
it;s all have reasons of these things.
I suffer this pain for some better things.
- just like Holy Katharina, you remember?
- what this means?
Michaela, wath out what you said?
it's not like your words.
it's the tasks of God, I have no choice.
I must follow my way, can you bring me home?