Residents of Arcadia (2021) Movie Script

The immutable
sense of despair is only
due to your mind's work.
It's the way our brains process
time and space. You see, now,
we could be in
our childhood home
with our grandmother
baking a cake.
A moment later, we could be
experiencing a sense of failure
an exam, perhaps, that we
fear we're not going to pass.
And all of this is
happening right here,
right now, in the present.
Where nothing is
really transpiring.
Meanwhile, your body
experiences all the nostalgia
and all the fears
germinating from
thoughts of past and future.
Hi, ladies. Beautiful day today.
And the guys at the
office just send me over
the first batch of our awesome
Silkderm Hydration Cream.
SPF 50 plus.
Today's the perfect
day to try it on.
I've just put them on my chest.
It's so smooth and refreshing.
Don't forget the launch is
in less than two weeks, so
get your preorders in now.
No Ma, tonight we have
people over, okay.
You can swing by before seven.
Otherwise, let's do
something tomorrow.
Yeah, and
tell Pa not to be lazy, okay?
No, let me, yeah
Let me talk to him. Put him on
Hey, Pa.
[In Italian] Come va?
[In Italian] Passato el mal
di.. Ehm... di, di tes...
We're doing brunch
tomorrow morning, okay?
I forgot we're having
Andrew over tonight.
Yeah. Mm hmm.
Yeah, sure.. I'll ask her, but
dinner shouldn't be a problem.
Mm hmm.
no worries at all. Cool.
Hey, Daanis,
did you find that lamb shank?
I was thinking maybe
we can do that,
that recipe he told
me about last time.
You know, the lamb tagine
or whatever the fuck.
Andrew would love it.
Something exotic, you
know, Mediterranean.
- Sure.
- Not too much animal, please.
Caroline and I are doing
that challenge, remember?
Let's do salad for you to then.
So you're going
to have lamb shank
and some other refined
dishes while we have salad.
Good. Can we talk?
Your mother dropped this off.
What's this?
Bhindi Masala
She never disappoints.
You can have that
instead of the salad.
Come with me.
Let's go.
[Watch beeps]
[Watch beeps]
Can you tell me
why you called her?
Ahm... who?
Her. It's Andrew and
Caroline, for God's sake.
We're not hosting
a Christmas dinner.
It's casual, and we can't
afford to hire a maid
every time we have people over.
Last time we had them over
here was six months ago.
And you know what
they're like, okay?
The lifestyle and all.
We got to keep up.
Of course I do.
That's why we stopped
hanging out with them.
When I have to trade hiring
a new PR for a bottle
of whoever-the-fuck-cares.
That's when I go for coffee.
She offered
Ani, and we haven't hired
her in over three weeks.
Come on.
So we're doing charity now.
I've been waiting for
philanthropists to come along.
I didn't know I had
one in the house.
No, look, listen,
it will be fine, okay?
Of course it will be fine.
Don't go inspirational on
me over a fucking dinner.
Leave it to your crowd, tribe.
Whatever you call it.
I mean, your sunscreen launch.
Look, you put a lot
of work into this,
and it's gonna be great.
You're gonna be great.
I don't snap about the maid
because of other reasons,
but because of the maid herself.
I know we need to
keep up this facade,
this lifestyle in the eyes
of the guests and residents,
but can we at least try
to do it on the cheap?
That's all I'm asking.
Now, please get out of my face.
I need to call my mom.
Thank you, Daanis.
Okay, so what's a good
substitute for eggs then?
How about disappointment?
It's a challenge.
And just for a month.
To be honest, I already
feel better, right?
Oh, I feel great. Meat always...
- makes me feel so bloated.
- Andrew, how the wine?
Oh, excellent, my friend!
- Great?
- Great choice.
Bordeaux. 2018.
- It's a classic.
- [Anika] Nobody cares.
- You know summer extended way into...
- Poor guy.
September that year giving
us this excellent vintage.
This man, always so
obsessed with his wine.
Yes, I am. Just look at the
color. It's fucking beautiful.
You know, we implemented a plant
based diet for our employees.
We tried to encourage the use of
standing desks. Gym breaks.
We built a fucking
pool for these guys.
But you know programmers, they
are in Arcadia 18 hours a day.
- I don't know programmers.
- Stop it.
When they disconnect, they
barely remember their names.
I can't even sit still for
more than 30 minutes straight.
You know, in the end, diet
is the secret to a long
and healthy life.
Oh, Jesus Christ. My Nonno,
would smoke like a chimney
And he ate chicken,
like, every day.
And he lived till like,
what? 104, I think.
You... you want to know why?
Olive oil.
- That's the secret.
- Again with your nonno
and his olive oil.
He's Italian.
Being obsessed with food
comes with the territory.
Thank you, Caroline.
If I were Swiss, I'd eat
chocolate and check the time.
Daanis, the lamb was
excellent, by the way.
- Thank you.
- Did you guys hear
the story about cadavers
not decomposing as quickly
because of all the
preservatives we take in?
- Jesus Christ, Caroline!
- Oh, baby!
I wouldn't trade mac and cheese
for fast decay on my deathbed.
You know, if we can afford
a healthy plant based diet,
we should go that route.
I mean, our parents didn't
have the options we have today.
You know what? I agree.
My father had steaks
when he moved here.
Before that, it was only
noodles and cabbage.
There's no point discussing
serious topics with you guys.
[Loud thud]
What the hell was that sound?
Must be that coyote again?
You guys have coyotes here.
could you please check outside?
I will.
Thank you.
We haven't had a coyote here...
So what was it?
Must have been that coyote.
- It's fine.
- Alright.
I added a little something extra
for the cab and the late night.
Thank you again for
dinner. It was fantastic.
Oh, no, thank you.
Let me know if you
need anything else.
I sure will.
- You have a good night, okay?
- Good night.
[Anika] Bye!
Bye Anika.
You know, I didn't
like Andrew's joke
I didn't like Andrew's joke
about his father eating steak.
It was just a joke to tease you.
It's not like my parents
became carnivores
once they moved
to North America.
They were vegetarian in Mumbai,
and they still are in Vancouver.
Is that another glass?
I'm finishing the bottle.
Yeah, the one you just opened.
The level of energy you have.
What energy? I'm going
to bed. You coming?
Forbes just released
an interview
with Goren Minami.
This year is the year.
He'll sign with Eltron.
Probably end up
first on the list
of greatest influencers
of the 21st century.
That guy is practically...
I think there's someone outside.
[ominous music]
He isn't moving.
What should we do?
Let's wait and see.
Do we have any
valuables outside?
Only the prototype
to my sunscreen.
Worst case scenario,
he'll steal the formula
and become a
millionaire before I do.
Let's see what happens
if we pretend we
didn't notice him.
After staring at him
for 5 minutes straight?
Yeah, like...
"Oh, sorry. It must
have been a shadow."
"I must have got confused."
Just see what he does.
See what he does.
Let's pretend I'm
brushing my hair,
and we're having a
smart conversation.
A smart conversation.
That's a staple in this house.
Shit. He's gone.
[ominous music continues]
I'll make sure the
alarm is on, okay?
Check the doors and windows.
We need to send a warning
out to the police station.
Hi. We just saw someone
trespassing on our property.
No. He disappeared right after.
Are any of you patrolling
Eagle Heights tonight?
Just want to give
you a heads-up.
We're at 4624 Carmine Street.
[leaves rustling]
[sirens approaching]
It's happened before.
You know, ex residents
that just can't afford
this kind of lifestyle anymore
and I guess they miss it.
I don't know.
Hi, ma'am.
I was just telling your husband
that that man there was
circling your house,
intending on breaking in.
You know, sometimes they
just want to get back in with
the rich and the famous
[ominous music]
[latch rattling]
Oh, my God.
That gate
is a piece of shit.
How did he do it?
Anybody can force open that
little wooden gate, Anika,
we need to reinforce it.
Maybe add a lock
instead of a latch?
How did he find this house?
The agents were very clear,
ex-residents wouldn't have
a way back to the property.
It was in our contract.
It's their fault this happened.
You know what, he
might be an old tenant
from a different house.
Go figure.
[watch beeps]
[watch beeps]
[continuous beeping]
What the fuck is that?
It won't stop.
Is this some new
app you installed?
Why is it on the TV?
I have no idea, Anika.
[continuous beeping]
There's one in the
bathroom as well.
Anything reflective?
It's not on the wall.
It's, it's on the mirror.
The mirror. You
know, the mirror.
The mirror that reflects
your fucking image.
You know, the...
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to swear. Okay.
Yes, I apologize. I...
He hung up on me
just because I swore.
Can you believe these people?
What do you think an electrician
would know about a
count down on a mirror?
You know, who am I
supposed to call here?
- A watchmaker.
- The agent.
And what would the agent know?
It's happening in the house,
and you have to call them anyway
- about the break in.
- Attempted break in.
- Attempted break in.
- Whatever.
They should know
what's going on.
Hi. My name is Steve Loreto.
Account number 768542.
I'm calling regarding
a couple of issues
we had recently,
one of which we're
still experiencing.
I'm on hold
All of them.
From the bathrooms
to my wife's vanity.
It's everywhere.
Okay, so we wait and see.
Can we schedule an
inspection anyway?
Just in case some
problem emerges?
What did they say?
To wait until the
end of the countdown
and see if something
happens? I don't know.
Do they know what it could be?
No. He said it might be an
issue with how the mainframe
how it connects to the lenses.
- The reflection.
- Basically tech lingo
you didn't understand.
Not a fucking word.
Okay, let's wait and
see what happens.
[Intense Music]
[beeping continues]
Why am I so sleepy?
Me too.
What the hell is
going on, Steve?
I don't know.
But I feel like taking a nap.
It's the middle of the day.
It's a perfect time for a nap.
What about,
what about the countdown?
What if something happen
while we're asleep?
I'll try to stay awake.
Okay? I'll wake you,
if something happens,
It's almost over.
I think I can do it.

[machines beeping]
Mr. Rossetti.
Miss. Patel, welcome
to the center.
Please deposit your pod and
lenses over there and follow me.
Dr. Lin is waiting for you.
Please take a seat.
When did we, as a species,
inherit this nomadic feature?
This itinerant behavior.
You must admit, is
utterly suspicious
that individuals,
regardless of race, nurture
or location would at
one point or another
question their own milieu,
wondering about an outer
world where they could thrive,
despite the disadvantage,
this new habitat
would certainly present.
To this day it's still a
fascinating mystery to me.
Don't you agree?
I'm sorry but I have no clue
what you're talking about.
You've been expelled
from the platform.
What platform?
You see that little
wristband there?
It's rebuilding your memory
structure as we speak.
In the next 4 to 8 hours,
you will slowly
start recollecting
the past year of your life.
The feeling would
be one of a dream.
A fairly detailed
and a very long one.
A year?
That's how long you've
been in the vacuum,
since your Arcadia
permit got accepted.
But, unfortunately,
the system has rejected
your synaptic linkage.
Consequently evicting
you from the platform.
So my job, here today,
is to assess your memory,
to ensure that
nothing has been
compromised by the ejection.
It says...
Remo. Remo Rossetti.
It's Mira Patel.
Who's Anika?
Anika's the name of your avatar.
I just remember a pool. I
was talking to a camera.
And I was in a bikini, all the
time, for no reason at all.
Their features, whether you're
pleased with them or not,
are a consequence of
your initial request.
Motivational speaker.
Wine lover.
Italian heritage, but
no Italian accent.
That's very specific.
Anika, successful
lifestyle entrepreneur.
Internet prime influencer.
Changing the world
for the better.
It's a classic.
I was about to launch my
sunscreen. I remember.
Yeah. I just hit two
million followers.
This is good. This is progress.
Let's expand on the
bakery and the aromatherapy
store, shall we?
The pre-Arcadia time frame.
Bakery? Uh.
That was a very long time ago.
Yes. Right before
Arcadia, just over a year.
I moved to Canada.
I was working at a
pizzeria, then a winery.
The winery where we met!
Oh yeah, yeah, you
ordered a Pinot Grigio
and you were wearing the
dress with the little...
Okay, uh, let's not dwell
on irrelevant minutiae.
Let's continue with
the big milestones.
How I end up working
at the bakery?
It's not for me to tell.
And why was I working at
the aromatherapy store?
What about the other places?
The mining office? The tech lab?
The work permit.
Yes! The work permit.
It was expiring. We had
to leave the country.
And leave each other.
Going back home.
So we decided to...
Sign up to...
- Arcadia!
- Arcadia!
Excellent, excellent!
Well done.
But, but, why?
Well, the immigration office
considers your
application to Arcadia
as an extension of your
ordinary work permit
as to allow to stay...
No, but why did we
get disconnected?
We signed, uh...
Yeah, yeah we signed for the
platform two years. I remember.
Yours is a unique case.
Which explains my presence here.
Nobody connects to Arcadia
Canada from Canada.
We were willing to undertake
your experiment, but
as we have discussed
during your profiling,
the procedure is highly unstable
Arcadia is meant
to be experienced
solely by individuals
living abroad.
It's a way for
suitable immigrants
to indulge in the
ideal life they'd have,
if they'd eventually
decide to move here.
Millions of people
from around the world
connect to Arcadia as we speak.
And how many people are being
disconnected as we speak?
Unlike you two,
all of our residents
live outside of Canada.
If you're already here,
why would you want to live
your ideal life in Canada
via a virtual platform when you
can live it in the real world?
What? You mean, just working
10 hours every single
day at a bakery?
And there's no pool in
my aromatherapy memories.
Certain things take
time and character.
A tadpole has to grow
legs to become a frog.
Okay. So how do
we get back in?
If that is your ambition,
you're more than
welcome to submit
a second set of paperwork
together with the fee.
Perhaps on the second attempt
your stay in the vacuum
would last longer.
We can't guarantee, but
we are open to
explore that option.
This is no way to
run a business.
And what are we supposed to do?
Pay another submission
fee and what was that?
Ten thousand dollars?
It's just another
day at the bakery.
Your work permit extension
has been reactivated
effective immediately.
You will be able to
work in the country
for a total of 21 days.
After which you will be
expected to leave Canada.
Unless of course,
a new work permit or an
Arcadia permit is issued.
No. This is bullshit!
What are we supposed to do?
Find a new job,
and earn ten thousand
dollars in three weeks?
I'm sorry if this is not
to your satisfaction,
but there's nothing we can do.
Nurse Mary will take
you to the property room
where you can retrieve
your belongings.
A driver will take you home.
Good luck and thank you
for choosing Arcadia.
[thunder rumbling]
[Computer ringing]
Hey Mira, finally!
You know, they opened up
new headquarters in the
city center here in Delhi.
You know
And they also wanted me to
be an eye surgeon, Karan.
But Mira, you're still not
livin in the real world.
And can become a Landlord once
you reach a certain level.
You become conscious
of your avatar status
and can disconnect anytime.
It seems a bit
far-fetched to me, I mean.
You were so young.
When was this?
Before I moved here.
Back when the channel
was still making money.
Do you remember this?
One of your prototypes.
Yeah. Nail polish for pets.
And what's the difference with,
uh, nail polish for people?
Exactly the customer's point.
I missed your face.
I missed your face too.
I didn't miss this.
A basement filled with nostalgia
of a past I don't
want to remember.
They're looking for
an assistant motivator
in a company downtown.
Do they offer sponsorships
for a work permit?
I don't know, uh.
I hope so.
I found a networking
event for Friday night.
I can meet some
companies face to face
and see if they're
looking for someone.
That's good.
Help me with these boxes.
Let's clean up this place.
I can't concentrate
in this mess.
Remo. How do you pronounce it?
It's Remo, in Italian.
But you can call
me Reemo, like, uh,
many people.
Right. So Mr Rossini.
You're already aware
of our services.
We're helping people to
achieve their best selves
through the power of words.
And what power that is!
When a child gets hurt and
cries, where does he go?
He runs to his mother.
Is he looking for a hug? Sure.
Is he looking for someone
to wipe away his tears?
Most certainly.
But the thing he craves to get,
what he needs more
than anything else
in the whole world.
Are words of consolation.
And that's what we do! We
give words of consolation.
To children?
Why children?
Like in your example.
We're helping people
when they're at the
bottom rung, Mr Rossini.
When they've gone
off the deep end.
At their nadir.
Ah! Of course. Their
nadir. Of course.
What's a good Italian example?
Before they get...
[Mocks Italian accent] 'the
last offer they can't refuse'.
[Mocks Italian accent] 'The last
pasta before they go mamma mia!'
- So good. So good.
- That's a good one, right?
Well, I...
I can see from your
resume that you were
a motivational speaker in Italy.
- That was an Italian, right?
- Yes.
Common internet I suppose?
Uh, I had enough of a fan base
to sign for the Internet Prime,
but then you know the economy
went down, the euro failing,
the views went down.
Lots of people trading in their
Ferraris for Vespas, I guess?
So, uh, my only option was
to move away. Try some...
Hey, do you know the
Italian who went to Malta?
The meme.
[Mocks Italian accent] So I
go into my room in a hotel.
There's no sheets on my bed.
So I call the manager, and I say
"I need a sheet." He
says "Go to the toilet".
And I say "I need
a sheet on my bed."
He says "You better
not sheet on my bed,
you son of a bitch!" Haha!
That was a good one right?
So good. So good.
[rain pattering]
[door closing]
How did it go?
Same old, same old?
The networking event has a
hundred dollar entry fee.
Fifty if you knew
someone to refer you,
and unless you're in
management and I don't know it,
I'm not going anywhere.
So we're left with
only one option then?
Being deported is another.
Sounds better than
what you have in mind.
[ old Italian song ]
Nothing has changed
since you left.
Only orders got bigger
and labor is a real
pain to find these days.
Look, look, look at
this. Look at this.
You see, it's too demanding.
People leave after two days.
So I spoke with the
immigration officer.
If you guys are
committed to the job,
can handle the work,
I can talk to my manager
and we can start on
those papers right away.
What do you think?
Gino, that would
be really helpful.
Our permit expires
in three weeks. So...
so we can start any time,
If your manager's
okay with this.
I'm the chef here. I
decide when you guys start,
and when you guys start
is whenever you want.
[ Italian song ]
[ old Italian song ]
Isn't today a great day?
I got my espresso,
the first batch is in the oven,
and look at this. Look at this.
A new order came in.
Two thousand cakes by
the end of the month.
Isn't that exciting?
Isn't that exciting?
I don't think I can do this.
We have no choice.
I'm going to call the
aromatherapy store.
I trade inhaling patchouli
then kneading dough
any day of the week.
[phone vibrates]
Gino, ciao!
So I have great news
for you guys today.
I know I said two
to three weeks,
but I spoke to my manager
and because of the
fairly urgent situation
and the order that
came in two days ago,
he said to go ahead
with your contracts.
Yay! Exciting right?
That's, that's good!
Okay, so only caveat,
a small proviso really,
is that we cannot
really hire you guys
both full time right away.
We have to go for a
part-time agreement,
which I guess will leave you
time for other activities, right
Okay, I need your signature here
[rustling paper]
[pen writing]
Fourteen dollars an hour?
What the fuck are we gonna do
with fourteen dollars an hour?
And part time?
My brain is fried. And
those Italian songs?
Jesus Christ. Ten
hours of that crap.
No, you just don't
understand the lyrics.
They're actually very beautiful.
Are we really talking
about the songs right now?
I don't care about the songs.
Can you imagine
yourself doing this shit
every single day?
Until when? Two years
of minimum wage.
No. We just work until we save
enough to join back Arcadia.
Maybe six, seven months.
With fourteen dollars an hour?
we just need to,
look at what you call it,
the uh, the golden line.
The silver lining.
Thanks to Gino, we have a
way to renew our work permit,
Stay in the country.
And to answer your question, no,
I don't see myself filling
pastries for two years.
I see myself making videos.
Helping people with their lives.
[Jazz music ]
What don't you do it then?
Do what?
We spent a year
in the simulation
doing what we always wanted.
Why can't we just
make it happen here?
Didn't we try that before
signing to Arcadia?
Yes, but now it's different.
We lived our vision.
We know what it looks
like and how to reach it.
Let's just make it happen again.
What? You think we should just
just do what we used
to do in Arcadia?
Yes! And I'll make a product
and market the shit out of it.
I have...
half the eloquence and ten
times the accent of my avatar.
Maybe there are other
Italians like you,
stuck in shitty
situations, trying to
find some consolation,
some motivation.
Here it is: Remo and his
daily inspiration pills.
You feel you've been abandoned.
Or you feel you've
been left alone
Uh, no. Abandon is too dramatic.
Leaving the place you call
home, can be a grudging...
Uh, drudging...
Leaving the place
Leaving the place you
call home can be a...
a dressing feeling...
One, you're loud.
Two, you sound like a
pharmaceutical commercial.
Three, the word you're
looking for is distressing.
And why does this uh...
No. How. How. How
does it feel to...
Where is this feeling come from?
Coming from. Where?
Maybe you just...
Feel lonely.
Maybe you, you just feel lonely.
Maybe you'll just feel lonely...
[Jazz music ]
[pen writing]
[typing on keyboard]
[notification bleeps]
[touchpad clicking]
[touchpad clicking]
Hey girls. This is a short
video to thank you all
for the overwhelming support
for my Silkderm Hydration
Cream SPF 50 plus.
I can't believe I finally did it
and I'm so happy that
I can share this
moment with all of you.
As you know I've
been struggling...
So you don't remember
posting a video like this?
No. Never. And she's talking
about feedback, comments.
Look, here.
'Oh my god. This cream
is so phenomenal.
Makes my skin so smooth.'
It's a fake comment.
"I can spend as much time
as I want under the sun
thanks to Silkderm
Hydration Cream."
It's a fake comment too.
Who cares? That's not
the point. The point is,
that's me! That's Anika.
Who sent you this video?
What, you mean Andrew's wife?
Yes, but again, aren't they
supposed to be avatars?
This... this is strange.
Thank you for
finally catching on.
Videos like this
shouldn't be able to
leave Internet Prime.
You try and reply
the sender, Caroline?
No. I just received it.
If they have videos of Anika,
maybe they have
videos of Steve too.
Okay. Maybe.
[phone vibrates]
[upbeat music ]
Hi, this is Mira.
Look at you. Aren't
you a darling?
I'm Karim, but you
can call me Caroline.
Nice to meet you.
Yes I know. Let's go.
It is all a big bag of BS.
Like my mother used to say.
Bullshit with a capital B.
Arcadia has been
experiencing glitches
even before we signed up.
And every time it happens,
they come up with some excuse.
Oh, you were a resident before.
Oh, your work permit
is in conflict
with some clause
up my father's ass.
They're just experiencing
an overload of users
and their servers they
can't keep up. That's all.
Eight months we spent inside.
Eight glorious months.
And then... Boom!
Back to reality.
An issue with Jing's
name on the passport.
Do you miss it? The vacuum?
I was having a blast as Caroline
Always dressed to impress.
Prima Donna to the bone.
I own three thousand
dollar pajamas
and slippers that
could pay for my rent.
And now.
I work at the retail store.
Can you believe it?
Me. Caroline La Belle.
Stylist. Trendsetter.
Reduced to a mere clerk.
Disgracefully replaceable.
What about Andrew?
How's he holding up?
He got the job as a programmer.
We got our work permit
through him this time.
He wants to open his
own company one day
just like he did in Arcadia.
But, the transfer back to
this, hit him pretty hard.
The result is the
video I sent you.
He hacked into Arcadia servers
in search for the
life we used to live.
Did he find more
videos of Anika?
What about Steve?
The video I sent you
is one of nine others
that we dug up from your page.
Anika's page.
She's been posting
for the last two weeks
as if nothing has ever happened.
And Steve, that
tall drink of water?
He's still going strong as well.
Did he find more videos of him?
[train passes]
The tepid response
to your actions
is only the surface
of a conversation
you're having with
yourself first.
And you're quick, to
cast judgment on others
before digging
inside the dynamics,
your ego is conceiving.
You see, all too often...
This guy is good.
He's good. But he's not you.
[laptop cover slams]
You sure these aren't...
pieces that got lost when they
reconstructed our memories?
No. This video is
from two days ago.
Look. Everything I found is
content produced by your avatar
after you left Arcadia.
Did you try to
communicate with them?
With whom?
The avatars. Did you DM them?
Have you ever responded
to a single message
your fans sent you?
But we're not fans. We're...
Okay. I can see your point.
So, who's behind this?
Who's impersonating us?
There's no us
We are not them anymore.
Arcadia uses avatars as
characters in a video game.
Once you're out another
person takes over.
Which makes total sense.
Why waste all of the progress
the character has
made in Arcadia?
Just put someone else in
and see how they perform.
What, you're saying there's
just some new person
just living Steve's life?
Consider Steve like a horse.
I'm not a horse.
You're not Steve!
Look, once a rider is
replaced, another person
takes over and they see
how far this one goes.
Okay. But this guy is
starting better off.
I've already built
everything for him.
And what about my followers?
How we know this new Steve
is giving good advice?
How, how we know
he's a good person?
What makes you think you
didn't start better off either?
Because I built it.
Do you, uh...
remember Steve's penis?
What does that have
to do with this?
It's a legit question.
Do you remember going
to the washroom?
Or the first script
you ever wrote?
Or the first video
you ever recorded?
The first comments
your fans sent you?
You don't.
Like a role-playing game,
they gave you a backstory.
You just customized
the features.
Steve was me.
Certain things he said.
His love of good
wine, soccer, it's me.
Sure. I mean you were
in the driver's seat.
But everything else was already
created for your own pleasure.
You weren't a successful
motivator, Remo.
You were just impersonating one.
[melancholic piano music]
like a chimney every day,
you want to know why?
Fucking olive oil.
- That's the secret.
- Again with your nonno
and his olive oil...
[melancholic piano music]
He's Italian.
Being obsessed with food
comes with the territory.
[waves crashing]
[seagulls calling]
[melancholic piano
music continues]
The day my father passed,
my mother made sure
no one saw her crying.
She bathed him, clothed him,
and performed the
funeral service
without a hint of
sadness on her face.
The week afterwards, she
refused to get up from bed.
I'd seen her tired before
but this was different.
This was the agony
of losing the man
she spent 45 years with.
she'd regain her sharpness
and think of a future for me
of a lawyer, of an eye surgeon.
she just stared at an
empty corner for hours.
Despite her presence,
she died of loneliness.
I fled India to flee this pain.
To find a new family
and a new community.
But the only family
I have is you.
Are we...
Are we setting ourselves up
to walk the same path, Remo?
[seagulls calling]
You know, my brother was right.
India is my Arcadia.
I know its customs. Its needs.
And it'll be easier for me, just
like Italy would be for you.
Nothing is left in Italy for me.
And even if we go back to our
countries, that would mean,
living apart. What? Forever?
We thought we could
change the world,
that we were gonna do something.
But we can't. We won't!
We spent one year
in a video game.
A video game that we thought
would lead to a better life.
They fooled us.
And I'm not going
anywhere without answers.
[cars passing]
Mr Rossetti. Miss Patel.
My name is Eleanor.
I was in charge of your file
when you were in the vacuum.
Please walk with me.
So let me rephrase your
concern, Mr Rossetti.
Just to make sure I understand,
you say you've received links to
new videos of your Arcadia
character and that,
you never made these
videos, is that correct?
Yes. Why is he still
active if I'm here?
Steve's my character.
And the penis thing.
Yes. The penis thing.
The penis thing?
Why don't I remember
Steve's penis, huh?
And other times I
showered, or peed or...
I see.
It's called induced amnesia.
When your memory
is reconstructed,
the algorithm in your bracelet
chooses certain
memories over others.
If it were to flood your brain
with the entire repertoire of,
all the thoughts
and recollections
of the entire year of life,
you'd be sent into an
instant case of shock.
And in some cases,
extreme cases,
people have been known to
experience irreversible coma.
A rare but possible outcome.
we use an algorithm
to infuse only those
memories that will
help you make sense of
your time in Arcadia.
Leaving behind all the
meaningless activities such as,
showering and brushing
your teeth and,
yes, even sex.
Okay, but why is
he still active?
Those videos whether
new or old are
simply those memories
your bracelet did not,
retrieve for you to remember.
So I did launch
my sunscreen then?
Will I ever be able to
access those memories?
Oh, if you ever want
to return to Arcadia,
your account will
be fully reinstated
and you will be Steve again.
Complete with the entire
repertoire of your memories.
But until then,
tell your friend,
or whoever it was that
gave you those videos.
To stop hacking into the system.
There's only one way to
be a part of Arcadia.
And that is to be worthy of it.
Good day Mr. Rossetti,
Miss Patel.
[suspenseful music]
It's her. A hundred percent.
So, why does she
look like Daanis?
Maybe they used her as a
model for the virtual Daanis?
Maybe she was in Arcadia too.
An extra resident like us.
Why look like yourself in a
virtual world and be what?
- A maid?
- [phone vibrates]
Who's that?
Mira. Guys. They found us.
They caught Jing.
We we got tracked. We're, we're.
We're getting deported.
We have to leave the
country by midnight tonight.
I don't know what's going to
happen but I just wanted to say,
take care out there.
It was lovely knowing you.
I knew we had to be
careful with those people.
What, which people? Why
would we be careful about?
Are you clueless?
You ratted them out.
Ratted, ratted them
out? What this mean?
You told the lady from Arcadia
about Jing and his hacking.
Hey, but, but... someone like
Jing would be careful to, to...
to hide his... what
you call it? Uh...
I, I-P, GPS whatever...
[suspenseful music]
What you doing?
Oh shit...
Oh, they'll know
if you break it.
Hey, don't use too
much olive oil.
[percussive music]
Hi, how much to get
to waterfront station?
Around twenty five, mam.
Sorry. We don't have
that kind of money.
Now it's time to rent a car.
We can't take a cab
to chase Daanis.
[percussive music continues]
How much longer we're
going to wait? Why?
Ah, we'll wait for her...
- I just had a thought.
- What's that?
What if, somebody, we've
been here for two hours.
- Yeah.
- What if somebody
is watching us...
watching her?
Well, it is kind of strange
doing what? Just sitting
waiting in the car...
People are like 'oh why are
these people still in the car?'
So just be normal now, okay?
They probably think we're going
to what, steal something...
Hey! There she is. Okay. Okay.
Okay, what we do? If what,
we wait for her to...
Uh, wait for her to, to..
Get around so she doesn't see us
and then we uh...
We go no. Wait,
wait for her to...
- Okay go! Here, here we are.
- Okay, alright. Uh!
Ah.. Here we are. Here we are.
Today is the day we find
you. Oh, careful! Yeah, yeah!
[percussive music continues]
Why is she going so slow?
- Look at this!
- I know.
Going at the slowest
speed possible, this girl.
Yeah, but why? It's strange.
Maybe she wants
us to follow her.
Maybe this is part of her game.
You don't think she will...
get suspicious if we
follow this close?
Just be cool, okay?
She's not going to find
us. We just follow...
Can you stop with
the commentary?
It's making me nervous.
This is kind of
a lame car chase.
Couldn't she have turned
there like four times?
What is this?
She's acting very
strange, you know...
Did you signal?
Uh no.
Can you stop? I told you...
- stop with the commentary.
- She's not gonna get suspicious
if you don't...
That's her...
I have to stop if
there's a red light.
Of course. I'm saying don't get
too close cause she can see us.
Look we can see her!
She doesn't...
I am being careful!
Okay. But now you're
kind of far...
What if someone hops
and we lose her?
Okay, she's turning.
She's turning. You see?
Okay, yes, I know.
You have to signal.
- No, she's not going.
- Well, she was going.
- I can see that.
- Yeah, but...
You told me to leave space.
I can't see the light.
Hello... Hello stranger...
We are just normal people...
Oh my God.
Okay, okay. She's
turning, you see?
- Did you signal, yeah?
- Yes.
- Oh my god.
- Okay.
She... go, go, go.
Ok. Kay. Kay. Kay.
I'm coming. I'm going.
[ominous music]
Is that...?
It's our house.
How's that possible?
Maybe it's just a model or...
It's identical.
Should we knock at the door?
Let's go from the back.
I don't want them to
see us whoever they are.
[ominous music continues]
Can you open the latch?
Someone put a lock on it.
A lock?
Who in their right mind
puts a lock on a...
[golf club whacks]
[water flowing]
[wind blowing]
What the hell...?
Where are we?
They're waking up.
Don't get too close, okay?
You guys okay?
What the hell is going on here?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing
here? Who are you?
You're me. You're Anika.
How do you know my name?
How does she know my name?
Were you guys
trying to break in?
What's happening right now?
It's our house.
You put a lock on the gate.
I had to, man, that
latch was shit.
- Stop being so polite with them!
- I'm not.
Were you trying to hurt us?
Hurting you? Your psycho
maid knocked us out.
Yeah yeah. She assaulted us.
Whoa! It was personal defense.
She thought you were
thieves. Look at you!
Who fucking cares? Why does
this bitch know my name?
- Why are you asking me?
- Don't call me bitch.
We know both your names.
You're Steve the
motivational guy,
and you're Anika,
the sunscreen seller.
Sunscreen seller,
that's very diminishing.
They're fans, Ani.
We are you. You are us.
You're... we're supposed
to be in Arcadia right now.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Oh! I see...
They are...
This house has more
comings and goings
than a goddamn brothel!
We have double copies of
all our residences' keys,
In case something
like this happens.
Something like what
happens doctor?
Did you have anything
to do with this?
Are we inside Arcadia right now?
There's a lot of questions
to answer, Doctor.
We have an agreement.
We're not supposed to
meet our residents.
Three hundred Spartans
weren't supposed to win
at Thermopylae either.
Oh Jesus!
You're correct Mr. Loreto.
The contract you signed
with one of our agents,
specifically stated that
we will put every effort
into ensuring no contact between
you and your ex-residents.
these two are of
a different kind.
- We are of a different kind.
- Ok. Relax.
The kind that built an
empire from nothing.
I own this house, right, Doctor?
That's my fucking
shawl by the way!
Calm down, alright?
Who do you think it's
the brain that created...
-We're all civilized people,
alright - the Silkderm products?
This girl right here!
What are you talking about?
Could write those
speeches by himself...
I do, I actually
do. I've been...
started this company
from scratch...
- three years I've built this company.
- No, no, no.
Who are you, man? Rolling
up here like you fucking...
for three months, three...
- First I'm gonna take my fucking shawl!
- Get off of me!
[upbeat music]
Get off of me! Get off of me!
- I'm good, I'm good.
- You a punch in the face!
Look what you did to my face.
I'm going to sue your
ass you little bitch!
Keep calling me
bitch, and you'll...
Mr Rossetti, Miss Patel.
I understand your
confusion and I apologize,
if the ambiguity of the situation
has led to any hardship.
I will try my utmost to be
clear with you from now on.
You have never
lived in this house.
We get thousands of
requests every year
from foreigners who wish
to sign up to Arcadia.
Africans, Americans,
all connect to Arcadia
from their own country,
to get a taste of what it
would be like to live here.
Our mission, in truth,
is to motivate them,
to reach for a better life.
To see what this
world has to offer,
and strive to achieve it.
Outside of the platform.
Possibly in their own country.
To inspire them
to see the beauty,
despite the challenges.
We were here, I...
sat on these chairs, I...
swam in this pool.
It's lens technology.
Mr. and Mrs. Loreto
have contact lenses
permanently implanted
in their eyes.
You had lenses too during
your stay in the vacuum.
Mr. and Mrs. Loreto are
what we call Landlords,
who rent out their lens
spaces to individuals,
who wish to experience
what it feels like to live
this lifestyle.
if you recall,
during your profiling
with us, you spoke of...
cultural differences.
You said people here
thought you were too
aggressive in your approach
and that your personality
doesn't suit this country.
You felt alone,
and misunderstood.
So you wanted to join Arcadia
to be someone who didn't
have these obstacles.
Someone with the trusted
network of people around her.
And most importantly,
a family,
that supported her.
And Remo,
you wanted to be a
motivational speaker,
an inspiration for others.
But how could you succeed
in a country where you don't
even speak the language.
To succeed in the
art of the rhetoric,
constructing grammar
in a language,
so different,
than the one that
you grew up with.
How could you be an
inspiration to others,
when they make fun of your
gestures and the way you speak.
So we ran our program,
through the pool of Landlords
subscribed to Arcadia,
and we found the perfect couple.
First generation Canadians.
With only the
immigrant background
inherited from their families
and none of the disadvantages.
So what you're saying is...
I never created Silkderm?
You were virtually
connected to Anika.
Seeing her life
through her lenses.
A connection which she
could stop at any time,
by pressing a
button on her watch.
She could share with you
the most glamorous moments,
and none of the fights,
and the financial stress.
I don't remember fights.
Believe me my dear,
fights in this house are
- as common as cheese and wine.
- Ah, don't inflate
the situation to make
it more dramatic.
He almost bankrupted us twice.
We're still recovering
from it, but who cares?
Let's just have
another drink, right?
You know what, I don't
hear you complaining
about the pool though, right?
That's okay.
Arcadia paid for
half our mortgage.
If it was up to you, we'd
be living under a bridge
with no money, but still
a maid to serve you.
What about the two business
loans you took out?
That didn't impact
our finances, alright?
- We're not gonna get into...
- Not a teeny tiny bit. Right?
- Okay?
- Right.
- Look at my face.
- When it serves you...
- it's okay. When it serves
- to talk about this right...
You bought a bottle of
Chateau le Pin once.
That bottle was two
thousand dollars.
That was an excellent wine.
I remember that. It
was a French wine.
I know I should be a
little more generous
towards our Italian
heritage, but...
my friends have quite
the delicate palate.
You gotta respect that.
Your friends have a
delicate palate...
My friends don't have
a delicate palate.
The few I have would be
horrified at me
drinking a two
thousand dollar wine.
Because here,
a bottle of Chateau le Pin is...
is two months of rent,
if you live with your partner.
If you... if you live in a...
Two thousand dollars is...
is a month's stipend for...
a baker, a pizza maker,
or any other job you get
if you come to this country
thinking you're
going to make it.
Now what's the point?
Even if I show to the people
who were born here that I,
a little bit of that spotlight,
they still don't trust
me like their friends.
The people who speak
their language, who...
watch the same tv shows
when they were kids, who...
Who have dads who go
golfing together, who...
Who went to the same
high school and...
ate the same brand of ice cream.
Who had all the options,
since they were teenagers.
Who can...
travel to the country
of their parents.
But call the place they live...
So when you talk about
your 'Italian heritage',
Watch your mouth.
Because you're
about as 'Italiano'.
As I am...
We're going to hire a lawyer,
and we're going to reveal
what Arcadia is doing
if it's the last thing we
do in this country, okay?
You are of a different
kind, Mr. Rossetti.
Both of you.
You came to this country
with nothing but hope,
and you're still here,
fighting, hustling.
You are a successful and
beautiful couple already.
You have wealth you can't show.
But you can share.
Share it with those
less fortunate.
Ciao guys.
Today I've had this wine
breathing for a little while.
Because I want to share
with you something...
that is very special to me.
This is an Amarone 2013.
From Valpolicella.
I first tried this wine
when I was with my father.
He used to drink
wine only casually,
when it came to
special occasions,
he wanted to treat his
guests to something truly
[melancholic music]
When I sip this wine,
it's... it's not the cherry,
the black fig,
or the carob that I focused on.
It's the smell,
of my mother's
tortiglioni with rag.
That smell would stay in the
kitchen for an entire afternoon.
[melancholic music continues]
It's the memories of my father
telling me stories
from his childhood.
When he...
proposed to my mother on a
rainy night in the olive grove.
It's the invisible beauty
things we don't notice,
but persist beyond
our base senses.
"For in the dew of little things
the heart finds its morning"
wrote the poet Kahlil Gibran.
Sharing a glass of wine
with those you love.
Hearing an old
story from a friend.
Realizing for a moment
how special this all is.
And that there's nothing
you would cherish more
than that ephemeral instant.
[melancholic music increases]