Residue (2015) Movie Script

Come on, man,
it's New Year's Eve.
Aren't cops allowed to have
a good time too, Maurice?
Wouldn't it be easier
to just get the operation?
Enjoy the fireworks, mate.
I gotta account for those,
you know.
Gonna make me
come up short. Again.
( fireworks whistle
and explode )
( no audio )
( camera shutters click )
Give me home office.
Respectability. Punctuality.
JONAS: Punctuality, okay.
JENNIFER: Punctuality.
Give me being on time.
( camera shutters click )
Uh, yeah, is the...
( laughs )
That's the one, yeah.
What do you do again,
for a living?
Photographer, yeah.
( techno music plays )
( woman screams excitedly )
All right, then.
( phone rings )
MAN ( over answering machine ):
It's Mathis. Leave a message.
LOUISE ( over phone ):
Dad, where are you?
I snuck out.
Mom will kill me, but so what?
It's New Year's Eve.
I thought we were
gonna celebrate together.
Anyway, call me.
I wanna see you.
( laughing )
( crowd shouting )
( fireworks whistling )
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Dad. Happy New Year.
Where are you?
I'm at this horrible club.
Music sucks.
( explosion )
( car alarm blaring distantly )
( dramatic theme playing )
It's been one month
since 236 people were killed
in the New Year's Eve explosion
at the Nightshade nightclub.
Authorities still can't
say for sure
how far toxic contamination
from an abandoned
weapons facility
several stories underground
has spread beyond
the blast site.
Over 5 square miles
of the city
is now a quarantine zone.
Everyone still living
within the area
has been forcibly evacuated.
We are continuing
to get reports
that more and more people
are leaving.
MAN 1 ( over radio ):
They can't tell us who did it.
They can't tell us why.
WOMAN 1 ( over radio ):
I've got friends and neighbors
who've already left, and I'm
thinking we should do the same.
MAN 2: Something is
being kept from us.
MAN 3:
Who was responsible?
( dramatic theme playing )
You left me behind
Lost inside the enemy
In our hands
And overnight
I changed my shape
To fit with something
You won't let me out
Keep pulling me down
You kept me afraid
Until now
With your head
Full of lies
Head full of lies
Stay with me
Head full of lies
Stay with me
Head full of lies
When you come to mind
My love is blind
Because of you
I am unkind
With my head full of lies
Head full of lies
( sniffles )
Couldn't sleep.
I think I'm gonna go
for a walk.
Get some dawn shots.
It's 5 in the morning.
At least have some coffee
before you go.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Go back to bed.
Get your beauty sleep.
Hey, hey. No pictures.
I used to know this city.
Its people.
I've spent my whole life
photographing them.
The government keeps telling us
the city's safe.
That no contamination
has spread
from the Quarantine Zone.
But it doesn't matter.
So many people have left.
Fleeing from something
they can't see.
I wanted to document what's
happening to the people here.
But since the explosion,
since the construction
of the Quarantine Zone,
my photographs are different.
We're different.
Is it despair?
Everything's changed.
Maybe forever.
It's his eyes.
They look right through you.
See you later.
( baby crying )
( techno music throbbing
through walls )
( shushing )
Don't he do nothing
but scream and shit?
He's got a cold, Benny.
( buzzing )
MARIA: Benny, it's Mom.
Can you let her in?
Benny, she's gonna get soaked.
Let her in.
( breathing heavily )
( door buzzing )
( glass shatters )
( Maria screams )
( shrieks )
( dramatic theme playing )
Jesus, you look
like shit, mate.
Got a little job
for you, Willy.
New Year's Eve.
I wanna know what went down.
Can't get shit from my end.
Station's in lockdown.
Let me see what I can do.
Hey, Willy.
This isn't some low-level,
punk-ass street hustle.
These people are serious.
You watch your back,
do you hear me?
I'll see you around, Mathis.
Well, well, Boy Wonder.
Crawling out
from under a rock.
Lovely morning, eh, Freddy?
PIERCE: Little off your
patch, aren't you, mate?
Put that shit out.
The cap thinks the building
might be dirty.
Possible distribution depot.
Sorry. No drugs.
Place is clean.
Bloke just went crazy.
Threw his wife out of
the window, strangled the kid.
Techs say it's some kind
of burn or residue.
Right, I'm gonna get back.
Might wanna take another hit
on that mouthwash
before your breath ignites.
Hey, some kind of voyeur thing
going on here?
No, I knew those people.
Sort of.
I took their picture
for a show coming up.
News said that he murdered
his wife, his baby?
Yeah. Just another day
in paradise.
( camera shutters clicking )
I think they're wonderful,
This could be
your best show yet.
Those poor people.
I had a feeling something
wasn't right with him.
I never imagined how bad.
EVANGELINE: Everyone's
life has changed, darling.
Your job is to photograph,
not psychoanalyze.
We're different.
The city's different.
And you're surprised by this?
After everything
that's happened?
No, it's more than that.
Look at him.
There's something going on
beneath these expressions.
Something's happening to us,
Evangeline. Something...
Something raw.
( cell phone rings )
It's your phone, darling.
Your parents called again.
I meant to call them.
Wouldn't it be easier
just to answer?
What did you tell them?
What you told me to.
You're hibernating,
getting ready for a new show.
The truth, in fact.
They understand.
Don't we all.
So you coming?
I've gotta meet that street
dodger I told you about.
You can't work 24/7, Jen.
Girl's gotta have a little
release every now and then.
He's got me into an underground
club I wanna photograph.
I won't get another chance.
Again, the camera comes first.
See you later.
Okay, bye.
The emergency services
are still finding toxins
as far away as a quarter
of a mile from the blast site.
Until they can assure
the Home Office
there is no more
Are we in danger?
Quarantine must remain
in effect.
MAN 1: Does that mean the
contamination could spread?
MAN 2: Why is it taking so long?
MAN 3: Are there more survivors?
MAN 4:
Are they finding more bodies?
There are no more victims
or survivors.
The evacuation
was effective and complete.
And the focus
of our efforts now
is to make the area safe
for people to return.
But then why all this military?
Why are all these
heavily armed soldiers around?
Thank you, everybody.
Busy day ahead.
Thank you very much.
More information to follow.
Thank you.
Minister, to be honest,
I'm starting to run out
of justification
for our evasiveness.
Well, we haven't been able
to settle
on the official narrative yet,
have we?
It sounds like we don't have
the situation under control.
HOME SECRETARY: What kind of spin do
you think will work for the moment?
JONAS: Maybe if I could see
what's going on in there,
I could come up
with something.
The only people
allowed in or out
are emergency services, Jonas,
you know that.
It's still contaminated.
JONAS ( over phone ): Hey.
What time will you be home?
Late. Don't wait up, please.
So where is this place?
I'm not exactly sure.
Willy's gonna show me.
Are you sure this guy's okay?
Yeah, he's harmless.
Okay. Just be careful,
all right?
I will.
Okay, bye.
You do like poking around
dark corners, don't you?
Can't help myself, Willy.
I hear these things
can get a little bit, uh, dodgy.
Never been?
No, not my scene.
This is her.
Have fun.
Do you want me
to get someone?
Can you look at me?
I watch people.
I watch what they do.
And now...
I'm afraid.
There are places everywhere
in this city
where hostility is gathering.
Fear is feeding on it.
Anxiety is breeding in it.
Are we all wearing masks now?
Are we using them
to hide from the truth?
Are we pretending
these plastic expressions
will protect us from things
we don't want to see?
Or are we too scared
to show our real face?
Trying to hide something
we don't want others to see.
Right, I'm back
in the office.
We have another situation
in the Quarantine Zone.
Troops are on the way.
Thought we had things
under control in there.
The press will have questions.
So get your people briefed.
We'll be in touch.
What's it like in there?
Request permission
to enter Quarantine Zone.
MAN 2:
Permission granted.
You cover the first floor.
I'll take the rookie
and sweep down here.
Sir, where are you?
Control, I've lost
my team leader.
Control, can you hear me?
Ambulance chasing again?
I saw a woman
cut herself last night.
Just another night
out looking for trouble, eh?
I don't think
it was suicide.
I think she was...
driven to it.
By what?
Yeah, your mates
didn't believe me either.
I'll walk you out.
So, what's your story?
The limp.
Memento. The war.
Must have been young.
Enlisted when I was 15.
Lied about my age.
That explains the booze.
Pills too, I bet.
I'm observant for a living.
But it's pretty obvious,
You lost someone,
didn't you?
New Year's Eve.
The memory band.
I'm sorry.
Try and stay
out of trouble, eh?
People want to know
what the weapons facility
was doing there, Minister.
Well, now we don't want
to rush to judgment here.
No one was supposed to know
that weapons facility
ever existed.
Records were classified.
It was ten floors down
for chrissake.
Right. And cleaned up
70 years ago, supposedly.
I think you'll just wanna stick
with accident, Jonas.
Oops, sorry.
Didn't realize
you were living on top
of a chemical weapons dump
until someone,
and we still
don't know who, blew it up.
There's a dead zone
in the heart of our city.
How much longer
do you think people
are gonna be
satisfied with that?
And I'm afraid
that's checkmate.
Yes. Yes.
Tell the fellas that we're
having steak tonight, mate.
Willy G.
Oh, Mathis.
Why am I
not surprised?
What have
we got here?
Earned this
shining shoes, did we?
Delivering groceries?
Some other honest enterprise?
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.
You got some skills
of your own, eh?
Where's the rest?
Good day.
So are we gonna stand around
moralizing all day,
or are you interested
in a trade?
Might have some
of that information
about New Year's Eve
you were after.
I'm listening.
You know
the Silver Street boys?
Word is, Dickie Prince was
shooting his mouth off
about the bombings
a couple nights ago.
All nudge and wink
kind of stuff, of course.
But it's like he knows
more than he's saying.
But saying just enough
to keep you listening.
And you've seen
this nudging and winking?
a couple of my crew.
We do odd bits for the Silver
Streets from time to time.
Dickie thinks
my lads are too stupid
to know what
he's talking about.
Okay. This one's a pass.
But next time.
What about my stash?
Go get Dickie.
Yeah, well, the bugs
Want the floor-wearin' shoes
Yeah, they're stompin'
On your feet and makin'...
You some kind
of comedian?
Come on, Dickie.
I mean, we all know you're not
the tightest knot on the docks,
but a grungy nightclub?
New Year's Eve,
I mean, that's low, man,
even for a piece of shit
like you.
Now, do you think
I'm stupid, boy?
Just keep this
between me and him.
Leave it.
I said leave it!
You are stupid, Dickie.
Stupid and slow.
I'm gonna give you a couple
of days to think things over,
and then
I'm gonna come back.
You're gonna have the
information about that night.
Ain't that right,
Say yes, Dickie.
I don't know shit!
You fucking will
when I come back, won't you?
I'd get a Band-Aid
for that if I were you.
What's the plan?
redevelopment speech
at the Omni tonight,
remember? Black tie.
So, what do you think
he should say when they ask?
When they ask what?
The usual.
"When are we going
to lift the quarantine?"
A little hope would go
a long way, you know.
I don't put much stock
in the bullshit
of hope these days.
I need to take this.
In private, Jonas.
I saw
the press conference.
It's getting harder.
Is it?
There's a lot of pressure.
People's expectations.
Even my right-hand man
is proving difficult to manage.
You said
he was pliable.
You told us
he would follow your lead.
He's not a puppet, sir.
I have to show there's
progress going on in there.
Have we made a mistake?
I'm sorry?
No, I--
I just need
to know what's going on.
I need to know what to say.
There are very few people
we can trust,
but I thought
you were one of them.
So I'll ask you again.
Have we made a mistake?
No, sir.
You can trust me.
I'll manage it.
I think you should see this.
Blood toxicology
shows abnormally
elevated levels
of norepinephrine.
And we found
significant levels
of neuro-modulators
in the spinal fluid.
Manner of death is consistent
with all the others.
Was he given the antidote?
Made no difference
as far as we can see.
The tissue results
will confirm that.
How soon will you have those?
Within a few hours.
Call me, immediately
you get the results.
Another speech by the minister.
Attendance required.
What about you?
I'm headed towards
the theater district.
Well, wake me up
when you come in later.
I'll see you soon.
Love you.
No. No, no, wait!
You didn't come to bed.
Something happened
last night, Jonas.
I saw something
that made me question
everything that's going on.
Looks like you had
a productive night.
All of this
is happening
on the perimeter
of the Quarantine Zone.
Can you tell me
what that is?
And that? That?
And that?
A bad chip.
Uh, a printing error.
A flaw in your lens.
I've checked it a million times.
There's nothing wrong
with my camera.
Fuck's sake, Jonas,
why do you always
have to do this?
Do what?
Try to spin things.
Make everything sound
Well, you know what?
It's not reasonable.
Those things are real.
Do you realize
how crazy that sounds?
I've seen them.
I felt them.
Jen, listen to me.
You're not eating,
you're not sleeping.
You're out day and night
looking for trouble.
Okay, why don't you come up
with a better explanation?
Make it sound plausible.
Isn't that what you're supposed
to be fucking good at?
Good one, Jen.
Things are being kept
from us, Jonas.
Wake the fuck up!
Oh, I'm awake, all right.
And frankly, wasting time
with fantasists
and their fucking cameras
making up shit
about mutant monsters
from the Quarantine Zone,
that's way below my--
I can't believe
I just did that.
Excuse me, sir.
Jonas Flack.
Home Office.
Doing a little recce
for the minister.
Wanted a first-hand look,
make sure we've got
our facts straight.
Sorry, sir.
I was thinking,
maybe I could do
a ride-along.
Get a little perspective
I could share with everyone.
I'm afraid
we can't accommodate, sir.
You understand that I represent
the Home Secretary here?
Well, maybe you should
take this up with him, sir.
Seems my Quarantine Zone
clearance means nothing.
Care to tell me why?
I'm late, Jonas.
I'll see you tomorrow.
So they're still
bringing out bodies.
I stopped by
the Quarantine Perimeter.
What the fuck is going on?
Can I give you
some advice?
Always welcome.
Leave it alone.
Just stick
to what you do best.
And as for the rest
of it, leave it alone.
Should I be angry,
Should I be thinking
about consequences?
That little scene
at your bar last night.
Mr. B.
I don't know
what you've been hearing,
but I ain't said nothing.
No one could make nothing
of it by me. Nothing.
I've known you since you were
a little boy, Dickie.
You like the spotlights.
You like the attention.
Wanna be the big fish eating all
the little fish, am I right?
Sure, Mr. B.
Don't everyone?
But you see, Dickie,
you're a small man.
A man without
proper wisdom to rise.
Oh, you can be useful.
You have been useful.
Real power, Dickie.
Real power,
it camouflages itself.
It's anonymous.
Mr. B, please.
One must know one's place
in the firmament, Dickie.
It's the spouting whale
that gets harpooned.
I won't tell you again.
Jonas, it's Jen.
I'm guessing
you're still pissed off at me.
I just wanna say I'm sorry.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I'm too wound up.
I'm really sorry
about the things I said.
Really sorry
about throwing the coffee.
Wasn't even
a fresh pot either.
Pathetic. Um...
Please give me a call when
you get this, Jonas, please.
I know
what I'm seeing is real.
I can't be the only one
who's seeing this.
Can I?
I'm not crazy.
My friend says you can get
from one side of this city
to the other
without coming up for air.
She talks too much.
Am I losing control?
Am I getting carried away
with my obsessions?
Wouldn't bother
with your phone.
They're jamming
all signals up there.
Jonas, listen.
If you wanna be a dick
about this, that's fine.
I deserve it,
but the least you can do
is text me,
or send me a message, anything.
Please, I just wanna know
that you're okay.
is happening to us.
Last chance
to change your mind.
Too late for that,
I think.
Well, this is
as far as I go, so...
I think something is coming
from inside
the Quarantine Zone.
And whatever
the government tell us...
I think we need to get
as far away
from here as we can.
Before it's too late.
The man works for the
Home Office and he's missing.
Are you going to do your job or
just stuff your fucking face?
Sure he's not
just winding you up?
Maybe you two
had a little... spat
or something?
Here, let me take this one
off your hands, Freddy.
Be my guest.
Seems like
your kind of girl.
You're a fucking
charmer, aren't you?
One of our
city's finest, yeah?
Okay, look,
we did have a fight.
I was an asshole and left,
but he would never
just vanish like this.
Okay, look--
He hasn't been to work.
He's not picking up his phone.
There could be many reasons.
Where do you suggest I start?
All right, look, let me do
some checking around.
Hear anything in the meantime,
you give me a call.
Take it from there.
See if we can figure it out.
Has that prick of
a cop been back?
What will you do
when he does, Dickie?
Mr. B!
You should've let me know
you was gonna visit.
Well, it wouldn't have been much
of a surprise then, would it?
I see you're drinking the
Chateauneuf Du Pape.
I keep bottles of this fine
vintage around just for you.
The regulars, they just get
that cheap Bulgarian crap. Ha.
Appreciate the gesture, although
I don't suspect your boys
go much for wine anyway,
do they?
This lot? Hell, no.
They're just chicken-in-
a-basket and dumb lager boys.
So, what will
you do, Dickie? Eh?
What's the plan when this prick
of a cop comes back?
Aye, well, what I'd like to do
is drop him in the nearest canal
and let him get
the answers he wants
from the slugs at
the bottom.
I thought that might
be your instinct, Dickie.
But, but--
I mean, I've been
remembering what you said
to me the other day,
Mr. B.
the spouting whales.
It's the one
that swims low and silent.
He's the one
that rules the seas.
Low and
silent, Mr. B.
I'm practicing
what you preach.
You were a good boy,
I know you boys
Come on, move it!
These are ready
for the disposal unit.
Orders are to divert to Ops Labs
for examination first.
You next.
Move your men out!
Meet up with the next team!
Move it out!
You have reached
the voicemail of...
Jonas Flack.
Please leave your message
after the tone.
Hi. Not sure why I keep calling.
Miss the sound
of your voice, I suppose.
We need to talk
about your boyfriend.
I know where Jonas is.
In the Quarantine Zone.
This dodger I know,
he took Jonas there.
Says you know him.
Willy G?
Okay, okay. So...
Willy slips your
boyfriend into the QZ
where no one's
supposed to go.
Why would he
wanna go there?
It's my fault.
I think I got under his skin
about what really happened
in the Quarantine Zone.
Not buying the official
explanations, then?
Are you?
You ever hear of a gangster
named Emeril Benedict?
Small potatoes mook
named Dickie Prince.
Runs a gang
over on Silver Street.
Dickie does the odd job
for Mr. Benedict.
Like planting bombs in grungy
nightclubs on New Year's Eve.
I can think of
the usual reasons.
Someone didn't make
the proper pay-offs.
Someone had a score
to settle or maybe
a contract job to collect
insurance on the building.
What does this have
to do with Jonas?
Because something truly
fucked is going on here!
And my daughter
died because of it.
If your boyfriend's sneaking
into the Quarantine Zone,
he knows something.
Government weapons dumps and
barrel boys like Benedict
do not sit together.
Do you want to find out
why your daughter was killed?
Come with me.
The Quarantine Zone.
It all leads
back there, Mathis.
That's where the answers are
for both of us.
Let's find out together.
You need to go.
Just listen to me. Just do what
I fucking tell you for once.
Take this. Go.
Go! Go!
Didn't you just eat,
like, an hour ago?
Get up.
Excuse me?
I said
get up, Mathis.
I'm arresting you for
the murder of Dickie Prince.
How'd he die, Freddy?
Had your prints on it.
You really think
I fucking care?
Yeah, I think
you really do.
I nearly killed
someone last night.
I nearly became just like
the people in my photographs.
I have to show you
what I've seen.
What I know is happening.
It's all here on my website,
in my photos.
Look closely.
You'll see it.
I'm going to find Jonas.
I'm going to find answers.
Just make sure
we remain clear of it.
Benedict, our local man,
said he had a problem
with a copper.
Freelancing by himself about
the New Year's Eve bombing.
He says he had to
put him out of commission.
Frame him for a murder.
He did what?
He reassures me this'll
take care of the problem.
He's always been a reliable
asset in the past.
An asset...
fast becoming
a liability.
I'll deal with him.
Yeah, all in
due course.
get me Angela.
You told me
you could manage him.
We need to get
him out of there.
There's a team on its way.
We're going to
have to fix this, Angela.
One way or another.
Have to do
everything myself.
This is a very bad idea.
You know that, right?
Like, very bad.
It's not your
problem, is it?
you'd be talking yourself
out of a very nice payday.
Yeah. Well, there is that.
Are you sure I can't
talk you out of this?
I've already got your boyfriend
on my conscience, and I--
I've been in scarier situations
than abandoned streets
with a bunch of
Hazmats lurking around.
There are worse things
to be afraid of.
You've seen them,
haven't you?
Those things.
Yeah, I seen 'em.
Second team moving in.
Anyone here?
My name is Jonas Flack.
I'm with the Home Office.
I can hear you back there.
I just want to talk.
Where do they come from?
What are they?
You ever read
that story,
Peter Pan?
Do you remember
his shadow?
No! Hold your fire!
It's not safe here.
Who are you?
You don't need that,
you know.
There's nothing wrong
with the air.
Let's go.
They'll be coming.
You're not sick.
Do I look sick?
But what are
you doing here?
There isn't supposed
to be anyone left.
We hid. Thought we'd be safe.
But then they
started coming for us.
There are others?
Like you?
Ones that
didn't leave?
I was-- I was so scared.
I am so...
I'm so sorry.
I looked everywhere.
I was so scared.
All the things
I said, I'm so sorry.
No, you were right.
About all of it, you were--
You were right.
I've seen them.
Oh God. What's
happened to you?
The government men.
They shot him.
It's all been a lie.
New Year's Eve.
The whole
Quarantine Zone.
It's all been
a colossal fraud.
That plastic on the buildings is
to hide what they're doing.
I should have
listened to you.
They're hiding
something, Jens.
Something to do
with those things.
There is
no contamination.
Not the way they've
been telling us.
And now they're coming after
anyone who won't leave.
Getting rid of them so no--
We need to get
him to hospital.
And how are you
gonna do that?
We're going...
to cross the border.
We can't.
We're going to come out
and make them see.
This is crazy.
It will never work!
Sooner or later they'll come,
and then it will be too late.
You're the only proof
of what's been going on here.
We need to get across
the perimeter
and everyone'll see
and they'll know.
All call signs, updating your...
They've found us.
Shit. Go.
Go, go, go.
Contact! Contact!
Target down!
This way, this way.
Alert. Contamination risk.
Alert. Contamination risk.
Keep those people back.
Stand down!
I said stand down!
As you are aware, we have
experienced a very serious
and very unexpected breach
of one of our primary
Quarantine Zone checkpoints.
These people were not
residents of the area.
They never owned
a house there.
They didn't work there.
These scavengers
and petty thieves
snuck into
the Quarantine Zone
to take advantage of
the city's vulnerability.
They are seeking medical
treatment at a secure facility
as tests have since confirmed
they are suffering from
high levels of contamination.
Furthermore, acting on
his own initiative
and without
the Minister's knowledge
my colleague, and my good
friend, Jonas Flack,
his security clearance
and entered into
the Quarantine Zone
to pursue reports
of vandalism and looting.
He was attacked
and wounded,
and is also suffering from
high levels of contamination.
Hello, Jennifer.
Who are you?
Hollings Keller. I'm with
the Ministry of Defence.
What is this place?
Somewhere safe.
I'm sorry about this.
It's for your own good.
Where's Jonas?
Where have you taken him?
Jonas is fine.
His injuries weren't serious.
He's recovering.
at least.
We've had to move him to one
of our psychiatric facilities.
What? Why?
are the others?
The little girl?
Her name was Charlotte.
I'm sorry.
They were exposed to
high levels of contamination.
We couldn't save them.
There is
no contamination.
You're fucking lying!
I want to see
I need you to calm down.
I want to see
Jennifer, you
need to calm down.
Don't tell me...
Calm down.
Calm down
and listen to me.
We need to know more about
those things that you've seen.
The things
you write about.
Your blog.
We know you've
encountered them.
We need to know how
you survived those encounters.
I've no idea what
you're talking about.
I need to
get out of these.
You have no right
to detain me here.
Of course we have.
You were trespassing
in the national security
Quarantine Zone.
you can help us.
I'm not feeling very
charitable at the moment.
I understand.
You will give me
what I need.
Whatever it takes.
After all, I'm not entirely sure
anyone knows that you're here.
The incident the other night
was indeed unfortunate.
And as a result of the breach,
the MOD has reinforced security
at every perimeter checkpoint
and significantly increased
within the Quarantine Zone
to reassure people
this will not happen again.
We cannot stress
highly enough
how dangerous
the Quarantine Zone is
and how hard
our armed forces are working.
The public have every right
to know its government
have this situation
under control.