Resiklo (2007) Movie Script

In the not too distant future.
Hey, this is already recording, Patricia.
Let's go! Let's go! Ready? Smile.
Yehey! Happy birthday!
Thank you mommy! Thank you daddy!
I love you, dear.
Patricia... come here, dear.
Melissa, get your daughter
away from here.
Come, quick.
What's this?
Don't worry. I'll come back for you.
Be careful.
I'll come back for you.
Daddy will come back.
I'll come back, dear.
December 8, 2021.
Christmas was fast approaching.
But it's been years
since Christmas felt real to us...
ever since they came here.
We didn't know then
if they were our friends or enemies.
But it didn't take long for us
to find out the answer.
Is everything too late now?
Here in Paraiso
we call them Balang...
because they're like pests
who attacked us.
Slowly they ate away the land
and plagued the people's souls.
I'm glad that you all want
to become a Mutano.
In exchange for your loyalty...
you will receive privileges
and security in life...
plus weapons from our Balang friends.
We're tired of being poor.
We're going to join you!
- We're going to join you!
- We're not going to join you!
A lot of us were captured
to be turned into monsters like you!
- Set us free!
- That's right! Set us free!
You know where to take
those who do not want to join us.
It will be done, boss.
Doc Miles?
Jilla! Why? Is there a problem?
No, Doc.
I was just looking for Arkin and Kiara.
They're not here.
I'm sure they're following around
either Dens or Angelo.
I'm worried, Doc.
They must have wandered
outside the compound.
And it's almost dark.
It's the time of the year
when the sun sets early.
Come, let's look for them.
Wow! That looks nice!
Is that a new toy?
You're going to be in trouble, Arkin.
We should be looking for food
or things that can be useful to us.
We're not supposed to look for toys.
You're just envious
because you didn't get any.
Arkin, toys are not important
in this time.
Fine, let's just go look for food
and objects we can recycle.
Mayor will surely scold us
if we don't find any.
He's really going to scold us
because we escaped again.
But we just want to help, right?
Don't worry. I've got your back.
Just be cool.
I think we better come back.
It's starting to get late.
Let's go.
Simeon, Stella, are you sure
you want to leave the Paraiso?
Yes, Mayor.
We're going to move to the compound
of Stella's sibling.
Take care, okay?
- Thanks, Mayor.
- Yes, Mayor.
- When are you leaving?
- The next day, sir.
Where are we going?
We're going to see Dens.
Maybe he knows where the kids are.
There he is.
Dens... Dens...
Hey... Wake up, Gaudencio!
What's wrong with you, guys?
- Can't you see I'm-
- I really didn't see them.
I'm sorry I fell asleep, Doc Miles.
I was up late last night
working at the shop.
What can I do to help?
Have you seen Arkin and Kiara?
I don't know.
I was just in the motor shop.
But I'm sure Angelo would know
where those kids are.
Start biking, Timong.
- But I'm tired, Ice.
- Come on.
He doesn't want to do it, Strike.
You lost the bet
so you have to do it, Timong.
Keep in mind...
that we won't have electricity
if you don't do that.
And no electricity
also means no business, Timong.
- Fine, I'll do it.
- See, you'll do it after all.
- Go, Timong, faster! Light! Light!
- Electricity!
You can do it! More! There!
It's going to light up.
Electricity! Electricity!
Where are we, Arkin?
You're lost, aren't you?
Of course not.
I know my way back to the compound.
- We're just a little lost.
- I knew it!
Arkin, it's already dark.
They're about to come out.
Here they come!
Hurry up!
Don't be scared! We're friends.
Go! Beat him up!
Where's Angelo?
Dude, Miles is here.
It's the first time
I've seen you here, Doc.
Were you looking for me?
Please, Jerson.
I'm here to see Angelo.
Arkin and Kiara are missing.
I think they went out of the compound.
Can you look for them?
It's already late.
And the doors that lead outside
the compound are closed now.
Besides, do you think Mayor
will allow me to go out?
Mayor? He's your father, Angelo.
Really? For me he's a Mayor,
not a father.
Besides, Arkin and Kiara are smart kids.
They'll be able to hide if they're out.
I'm sure they'll be back
in the morning.
Don't worry.
Tomorrow I will look for them, and
I'll take Ice and Strike with me. Okay?
Don't you have any companions?
No, ma'am. We don't know you.
Aren't you from here?
We have come from a faraway place.
My name is Bianca
and this is my sister Bambam.
What are you doing here?
My name is Arkin and she's Kiara.
We're from Paraiso.
Paraiso? That's the place
we've been looking for.
Here they come!
- Balangs! Let's Go!
- Run!
Hurry! Quick!
Where would we hide?
Hide, quick!
Run! Hurry!
Go ahead and come near me!
Hey, Drool Boy!
Don't feast on those kids!
You're tough.
Let's go!
- You're really good, Crisval!
- Were you hurt?
Arkin, why did you go out of Paraiso?
It's a good thing nothing bad
happened to you.
Don't scold us now, Crisval.
I'm sorry, sir.
We just wanted to help.
Who is this kid?
Hey, let go of my sister!
You're a Mutano!
You're so arrogant! Let her go!
Let her go!
I'm not a Mutano!
who is she?
Her name's Bianca, sir.
Bambam is her sister.
They're strangers.
Bianca, his name is Crisval.
He's the head of our army in Paraiso.
Ouch! That hurt! You're so brutal!
Hey, miss.
First, I saved your sister.
Second, be careful
whom you call a Mutano.
Actually, you're the one
who smells like a Mutano.
You're not just brutal,
you're rude as well!
You don't just stink-
you're also cranky!
Hey, I heard that!
If you must know we've been walking
under the sun for two weeks straight...
so please excuse our smell!
And you!
You talk as if you're so handsome!
Look at you! You look so weird!
And you're arrogant too!
And... you have a wound.
You're very brave to travel
with just a kid for company.
I have to.
Nobody else wants to go with me
to look for Paraiso.
You know, Kiara, we can easily
get to Paraiso if you use-
Ssshh! Quiet. Let's not talk about this
in front of other people.
They said that place is not real.
Paraiso is real.
But don't expect it to be like heaven.
It's named Paraiso
but it's just a simple place.
Simple is okay.
I'm still sure that we would have
better lives there...
than what we left behind.
Is you sister mute?
She only stopped talking...
when she saw our mother and siblings
killed in front of her.
She got traumatized.
Eat that, okay?
Good morning, Mayor.
- Is that almost done?
- Yes, sir.
Just go ahead and eat up.
Let me help you, Doc.
What a miracle. It's the first time
I've seen you help around here.
He's just trying to impress you, Doc.
Your hair must feel so long, doesn't it?
Every man is captivated by you.
Like Angelo and that jerk.
I must be the only one left who's not-
See? He's very violent.
He'll also hurt you
if you become a couple.
- Jilla? Jilla, what happened to you?
- Jilla, are you okay?
- Jilla?
- Why are you so pale?
Dens, Arkin and the others
are in danger!
Stay here, Bambam!
Looks like I'm going to have
a good day today.
I think I'll be over my quota.
Don't you dare touch them.
Just take me instead.
It's too late.
Where did you all come from
and where are you going?
Crisval! Don't hurt him!
- We're from Paraiso!
- Kiara!
I've heard of that place but I thought
it was just a myth. So it's true.
I'm sure Father will be very happy.
Seize them all! And the kids too.
You, come with me.
- It's a good thing you came.
- We've been looking for Arkin and Kiara.
They're here with me.
Boss, help is on the way
to free the hostages! Be careful!
Crisval, they were able
to call back-up!
Okay, I'll leave you in charge here.
I'll just run after Bianca.
Okay. Bianca?
Who's Bianca?
Our chances are slim!
They use gas,
and we only have our bike!
Don't let them scare you.
It's just a matter of outwitting them.
Here they come!
- Arkin, you know how to drive, don't you?
- Yes, sir!
You drive. Kiara, hold this gun.
Crisval! Hold on tight!
Bad boys!
Who's your daddy?
We're going to crash, Crisval!
I was so brilliant earlier!
I lost both my bike and skateboard.
Bad boys rule, dude!
Bad boys rule! Yes!
Check out our new toys, Angelo.
Stop being so arrogant.
There are still engines inside
that you can recycle.
Where are you going, Gelo?
I'm going to go back to Arkin
and the others.
- Were you hurt?
- No.
Oh no... Kiara,
I think we lost our brakes.
What? Arkin...
Arkin! Kiara!
- Arkin! Kiara!
- Angelo!
- Weren't you inside that earlier?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- How did you escape?
We also have a lot of plants here.
- Really? You also have a garden?
- Yes, over there.
Crisval... what happened
has been reported to me.
First, shouldn't we be avoiding
the Mutanos?
What did Kiara say about Paraiso?
I'm sure we're in danger now.
Those Balang monsters and the Mutanos
must be on their way here!
We need to prepare for their attack.
You're just scaring the people.
They don't know where Paraiso is
so there's nothing to worry about.
But they've killed so many Mutanos.
I'm sure they will take revenge on us.
Well, what did you want us to do?
Befriend the Mutanos and ask them
to have coffee with us here?
There's no place here in Paraiso
for that kind of insolence.
Oh, that's right.
You're really like that, aren't you?
In your eyes I'm always wrong.
You side with Jerson more
than you side with your own son.
You're father and son?
Anyway, something good came out
of our encounter, Mayor.
Correct. There are less Mutanos now.
And not just that...
We also brought two of them home!
I can use them for my secret project.
Project? What project?
It's a secret, remember?
You broke another rule.
You brought two strangers here.
We're near our headquarters.
Tell Dos to meet me
as soon as I arrive.
We don't allow strangers
to come in here, remember?
Our rations of water, medicine,
and food are running out, Mayor.
They will just be a burden to us.
You talk as if we're not beside you.
But I couldn't just leave them there.
She's with a child.
Isn't it our law to protect children?
- Because they're our future.
- Exactly! The children are our future.
That's right.
We must teach them well
and let them lead the way.
- All together now.
- Yes.
- "The greatest-"
- Shut up!
Do you want me to send you
to the isolation room?
We're not going to be a burden here.
I'll be able to help Doc Miles
in her clinic.
I've been needing help in the clinic
for so long.
Especially someone who knows
about medicine.
You don't understand!
Our situation won't change
if they stay here.
And we'll run out of rations.
That's not a problem.
I'll share my rations with them.
Me too. I'll share mine with them.
And the Bad Boys too, right?
- What? Ah...
- Yes. Yes.
Fine, even if it's against our will
and our stomach.
- We'll share ours too!
- Me too!
Then, you can stay here in Paraiso.
Who will tell them about Abu?
You do it.
You were closer to Abu.
I already inspected the other side.
There's nothing to worry about.
But I'm still nervous.
I know the Mutanos
are going to take revenge.
They don't know where we are anyway.
There's no secret
that will not be revealed in time.
They will find out where we are.
The only question is when.
Well, I just came
from the operation center.
I saw in the radar that we're safe.
No one's coming.
But I don't know.
Seems like the radar isn't working.
It's ancient.
So how's our project?
After a long time it's finally ready.
When are we going to take it out
for a test drive?
I'm sure Mayor and the council
will object to that project again.
It's better to be ready.
- Master...
- Master...
Dos, how's your quota?
A bit slow. People are hard to come by
unlike before.
You're so inefficient.
I went to the West and
it's almost been wiped out of people.
My mission was successful.
What happened?
Where is Abu?
Master, Dos wants to say
something to you.
Why? What happened to my son?
Who killed my son?
According to Abu's companions
before they died...
the name of the person
who killed them is Crisval.
We think he was also the one
who killed some of our lot.
He can kill a Balang?
Yes, Master.
And he's knowledgeable in combat.
And he's not alone.
He also has other companions.
Who are these people?
And where do they reside?
In a place called Paraiso.
Good morning.
Thank you for letting us
squeeze into your room.
And I'm sorry about my sister.
I think she wants to sleep beside you
that's why she's there.
She's been longing for a father.
By the way, where are your parents?
Our mother is already dead.
And we don't know
where our father is.
That's why we went here,
to find out if he's in Paraiso.
Because the last we've heard is that
he lived here before the invasion.
Don't worry. I'll tell Mayor about it.
Maybe he knows your father.
Actually, we're illegitimate children
so we don't know if he'll accept us.
That's why this is so embarrassing-
You don't have to explain.
I understand. Don't worry.
After all of this
your family will be reunited again.
- Let me go!
- You're all evil!
I just want to know where Paraiso is.
Paraiso? We don't know where that is!
- Let us go!
- Don't!
- Don't!
- Don't!
You can still save her
if you tell me where Paraiso is.
You're a brute!
We're running out of oil
for the generators...
as well as our reserved energy.
That's why Angelo and the others
have to go look for gasoline...
and things that can be recycled.
Mayor, I know a place.
There's a gasoline station
in the farthest town...
and there's a lot of oil left.
The Mutanos don't know about it yet.
In the farthest town?
By the way...
we need to get medicine...
and other medical supplies
in Dr. Miles's clinic.
Oh, come on!
You're just out to impress her!
Why don't you come along
and help us search?
You know, Jerson, if you really
want to impress Doc Miles...
then you should actually work
instead of just talking.
That's enough, Angelo.
You really don't have manners!
Crisval, it would be dangerous
for Angelo to venture out of Paraiso.
Can you go with them?
You can count on me on that, Mayor.
Master, this is Jerson.
He says he's from Paraiso.
He has been looking for the Mutanos
for reasons I don't know.
I'm glad that you went out of your way
to find out about us Mutanos.
Does that mean
you're going to join our clan?
I just want to find a Mutano
I can hire...
because there are people
I want abducted.
I have no plans
of turning into a monster like you.
Pay respect to our master!
And who are these people
you want my men to abduct?
Their names are Crisval Sarmiento
and Angelo Arcega.
They will leave Paraiso tonight
and I will tell you where to find them.
But I will only tell you
what you need to know...
if you promise
to leave Paraiso in peace.
What an obnoxious leech!
And who told you
that you can dictate our master?
You're sharp, friend.
I give you my word.
I will leave Paraiso alone.
But, Master!
Adora, Master knows what he is doing.
Hello, Crisval!
If you can hear me then...
that means you should have left earlier
and that you're late. Hurry.
You still have to get up early tomorrow.
Go! Hurry!
Answer me, Crisval!
Crisval! Hey!
Dens, stop badgering me.
This truck's engine is defective!
Take care, Crisval.
Patricia... Daddy's all sweaty
so don't disturb me. Please?
Get in the front, quick.
How's it looking, Timong?
Looks like
there are no enemies, Crisval.
It's just full of mosquitoes
but there are no Balangs.
- Strike, you know what to do.
- Copy, bro.
Ice, Angelo,
start pumping the gasoline.
It's so beautiful here.
It still feels like morning
because of the lights.
It makes me miss
seeing trees and plants.
That's why I really insisted
on a garden inside the compound.
Aside from the fact that
it helps increase our food supply...
Thank you.
Harvesting fruits and vegetables actually
have therapeutic benefits for everyone.
Doc! Doc, I can see something!
Doc, Jilla can see now?
That's not what she meant.
She's seeing something in her mind.
Doc, I don't understand you.
Jilla may be blind,
but she has a unique ability.
She knows when someone
from Paraiso is in danger.
It's Crisval and the others!
They're in danger.
Be careful, Timong.
There's a traitor!
Let's go, Molet!
Ice, why do you keep on leaving
white handprints everywhere?
This is the symbol of human beings.
So that the Balangs will know
that we're still here...
and that we won't concede
defeat to them.
Tell Crisval we're nearly done here.
We're ready to pull out.
Molet, call Strike and Timong now.
Get going, Angelo!
Get the truck away from here!
What about you?
I'm not going to leave you!
I'll take care of this! Go!
Hurry up!
Who is he?
He is Crisval.
So you're awake now, friend.
You're not my friend.
I don't have a friend who's a monster.
I'm impressed.
You still remain brave even if
you know that you've already lost.
My name is Hades,
leader of the Mutanos in this region.
You killed my son Abu!
Quick death
would be an easy payment...
so I'm still thinking
of the punishment you deserve!
I will transfuse Balang blood in you...
so that poison will run through
your veins and kill you eventually.
But before you die
I want you to know...
that we're already aware of the location
of your beloved Paraiso.
And we're already preparing to attack
the place you consider your home.
You promised me.
Jerson, friend, why don't you say hello
to the comrade you betrayed?
What is the meaning of this, Jerson?
What are you doing here?
You promised me that you'll leave
Paraiso in peace if I help you out.
You helped them, Jerson?
You did that?
You don't understand, Crisval!
Why didn't you kill Angelo?
Is this because of your jealousy?
And the fact that you can't rule Paraiso
if Angelo and I are there?
You promised me, Hades!
You're a fool if you think
I'll fulfill my promise to you.
Dos, turn this traitor into a Mutano!
I'll take care of him.
Hades! You're a traitor, Hades!
The venom, Adora.
Better pray to the god you believe in.
You're on your way to hell.
So you don't know
if Crisval is already dead.
You left him all alone there.
He wants to be left behind.
That's his last request to me.
Last request?
So you're really expecting
Crisval to die?
Calm down, everyone.
We're not sure of anything.
All I'm sure of is that
they're preparing to attack us...
and that they already know
where to find us.
Jilla, you said something
about betrayal.
Yes, but I don't know who.
Aren't we going to rescue Crisval?
Angelo, can we help him?
Are you scared?
If Crisval is still alive
he must have become a Mutano by now.
The Balangs have already gotten hold
of his mind and senses.
Master, are you sure you're going
to send out such a small army to Paraiso?
The people in that region
have no military power.
I'm sure that it will be easy
to bring that Paraiso down.
Dos, you can attack
as soon as the sun rises.
It will be done, Master.
They're going to attack.
We need to be ready!
Crisval! Let's flee quickly!
Let's escape!
Crisval, let's escape!
Timong was killed because of you.
Because of you
there's Balang blood in my veins.
Crisval... I will make it up
to you and Paraiso.
You think
I'll still trust you after this?
And you included this Mutano too.
I may be a Mutano
but only in external appearance.
It is still human blood
flowing through my veins.
They just forced me
to become a Mutano.
I felt how they slowly
took over my being.
At first
I lost everything human in me...
but my former sense of self
eventually returned.
The Balang lost their control
on my mind and my conscience.
Something changed in my blood
because of this miracle.
I know God has another plan for me.
That's why I know I should help you.
Believe that.
Crisval, there's a secret
you must know about the Balangs...
and Deacon knows all the information
so that you can defeat them.
You're trying to trick me.
This might be a trap.
I'm not trying to trick you, Crisval.
Paraiso is important to me too.
I also have my family there.
If we don't leave now
we will never be able to escape...
and Paraiso will be put in danger.
Let's escape now. Please!
This secret I'm about to show you...
will prove
why I'm siding with human beings.
This is the quota
Abu was talking about.
Quota of human beings.
Human beings?
Why? What for?
I'm a military man.
I knew when they arrived
that they would not stay long...
because they're ruining
our environment.
Now I know their sole purpose
here in our planet:
to collect food.
The Mutanos and Balangs
will attack when you flee.
Let's stay here.
Go ahead. Be careful!
What about you?
I'm staying behind.
I still have a debt to repay.
Just tell my parents about it, okay?
Get out of here now! Go! Go!
You'll regret what you've done!
I no longer have to regret anything.
I've already paid for my sins.
Dens... Dens... Wake up, Dens!
What's wrong, love?
I told you let's go back to sleep.
What's the matter with you, Gaudencio?
Ouch! Jilla?
Hey, I didn't know you're a wild girl.
You're taking advantage of me.
You're nuts!
You were just dreaming.
Anyone approaching the compound?
Can you see anything in your radar?
Oh, you're just as paranoid
as they are.
See? Nothing. Just one. Two.
Angelo! Balang!
My God! Oh my!
Let's go, Jilla!
We're being attacked! Get in!
Fight it, Crisval!
We're near Paraiso now!
There it is!
Paraiso is being attacked!
Where are the children?
Where are the children?
Get out of here now! Go!
Let's go!
- Where are we going?
- In my motorshop.
- What are we doing here?
- We're going to hide.
Dens, open the gate
of your motorshop.
What? Have you gone crazy?
Help is on the way.
Crisval is coming! Hurry, Dens!
All right, all right!
Who's coming?
It's Crisval!
Don't worry, Dens.
I know he's a friend.
Crisval, what happened to you?
It's time, Dens.
The Mutanos are here!
The Balangs!
- Get the people away from here!
- Let's go!
- Hurry up! Hurry! Quick!
- Bambam!
Bambam! Bambam!
- Shut up!
- Bambam!
Shut up!
- Bambam!
- Bambam?
Where's Bambam?
- Where's Bambam?
- I don't know!
Hey, where are you going?
I'm going to look for Bambam!
I'll go back for her.
You can't go up.
Bambam is missing.
Okay, let's go.
Hey, where are you going?
Hey, just stay here!
Look, Mayor!
You'll have to get past me
before you get to the children.
Ice, Strike, get Bambam.
Let's get Bambam.
We underestimated
the people from Paraiso.
Let's retreat.
It's a good thing you're safe.
What's happening to him?
A Mutano!
- Mutano!
- Wait!
He's a friend.
Wait a minute.
Crisval's very sick.
- Miles, it's Crisval! Hurry!
- Crisval!
What's with you?
It's like you're not a Mutano!
It hurts!
Robots that were made
of recycled objects.
Yes, Master.
They possess certain strength
and resilience.
Their weapons can match ours.
Master, send me to Paraiso instead.
Are you implying that I'm useless?
Now that you only have one hand...
I'll go back to Paraiso, Master.
There's someone
I need to talk to and crush.
Neither one of you
is going back to Paraiso.
We underestimated them before...
and you know our real condition here.
I need to ask
the Head Balang for a lift.
The syrup injected to him
won't turn him into a Mutano...
but to poison him with Balang blood.
Slow death is Hades's
punishment for him.
I don't know how to save him.
According to my research...
only the fresh blood of a Balang
can save him.
Balang's blood?
You and Dens kept this information
from the council...
and the whole community of Paraiso?
How many resources
did you waste on this robot?
We didn't waste any.
All the materials were recycled.
Crisval believed...
that our enemies
won't stop until they find us.
And now, you're just blinded
by the belief that...
since we're able
to hide and evade them...
it means we're off the hook
and that we will survive.
But he's a soldier
and we agree with him.
So it's not going to happen.
It's impossible.
Are you dizzy?
Not really.
Doc Miles... you called us?
We're here,
along with Kiara and the others.
What's up?
Crisval needs
the fresh blood of a Balang...
to balance out the human blood
and Balang blood in him.
But where are you going to get that?
We have a secret to tell you.
I hope it won't scare you.
We all know that Jilla
has a special ability.
That is because she's among
the children here in Paraiso...
who have Balang blood.
- Balang?
- When I was a kid...
I was abducted along
with the others by the Balangs...
and they kept us in their custody.
They did all sorts
of medical experiments on us.
Then when we were rescued
by the army led by Crisval...
we discovered that we already
possess unique abilities.
Who are the other kids
you're talking about?
Kiara is one of the kids
Crisval rescued.
Show them your ability, Kiara!
You can teleport?
So that's why you and Arkin
escaped from that truck!
Dens, are you okay?
Miles, it's Crisval!
Crisval needs us. Let's go.
I apologize for disturbing
your sleep, my Lord.
I need your guidance and help...
because the people
are getting stronger...
and they're also starting to fight us.
The Balangs are in danger.
They're starting to get weak.
They've lost battles in America,
Europe, and China.
Only a few countries
have been left under their control.
They need to create more Mutanos...
because they only have limited weapons,
energy, and manpower.
So that's why there were only a few
of them who attacked us.
They're getting weak.
This is our chance
to attack them, Mayor.
Are you crazy?
What are you going to use
against them?
Your sole robot?
And who told you
we've only got one robot?
Wow! Cool!
Those are nice robots, Angelo.
We've prepared for this
for about five years.
And as you can see...
Angelo has already trained our youth
to control the robots.
I can't believe you've kept this
information from the Council.
There's one more thing
you have to know.
They're leaving.
What do you mean?
They plan to leave Earth soon
because they're getting defeated.
Is that so?
Then there's nothing more for us to do.
This is good news.
We're just going to let them leave?
That cannot be.
Dens, get all the information
on Balangs from Deacon.
What are you planning?
We need to bring them down
and blow up their headquarters.
Come here.
You're really cute.
Why do you seem so serious?
I'm just happy
that you've become close to Bambam.
Wait, who's Patricia?
You called Bambam Patricia once.
Patricia is the name of my daughter.
She's about Bambam's age
when she died.
How did she die?
It was my fault.
I needed to fulfill my duty...
...when the Balangs
started to attack.
As a soldier
I didn't have a choice...
but to leave my wife and daughter.
And when the battle
was drawing to a close...
...and we've already lost
I came back for them.
But I was too late.
They were dead.
Daddy, where are you?
Daddy, where are you?
- Daddy, where are you?
- Patricia... Patricia...
Where are you, Daddy?
Hi, Daddy.
Daddy, where are you?
Daddy, I already miss you.
When are you coming back?
I love you daddy. I miss you.
I tried to distance myself from Bambam
because I remember my daughter.
And I didn't want to get close
to a kid like Bambam.
I mean, I was just trying
to avoid getting hurt again.
You're trying to keep yourself
from loving again?
I'm glad that you've let
Bambam get close to you...
and that you're a family man.
So that's why you understand if a person
has to do something for his family.
Hey! Dens said the new robot is ready.
- What new robot?
- The new robot.
- You're a pain in the neck!
- Pain in the neck, huh?
Hey, stay there.
Get away from there.
Stay there.
Don't be naughty.
I know I have a lot of shortcomings
as your father.
I've been too busy
being the leader of Paraiso...
that I forgot...
that my first responsibility
is to be a father to my son.
Forgive me.
But of course, Father.
Crisval has something to say.
a lot of us
have sacrificed their blood...
lost their loved ones...
their parents, siblings...
spouses, and children.
But with the sunrise
comes a hew morning...
and we'll recover our dignity!
We'll recover our freedom!
We'll give hope
to the new generation.
We will fight for freedom...
for the whole world!
We will all fight!
Why did you bring me here, Angelo?
I still need to prepare the clinic...
Just to make it clear how
I really feel about you.
I know you just see me as a friend.
Just promise me
that you'll come back, best friend.
Welcome me back
with an embrace, okay?
I need to go now.
The Balangs' headquarters will explode.
Then just use this remote program
when you're ready...
and it will go off in five minutes.
Okay. Where's Angelo?
Hey, cartoons!
Angelo, I'll go ahead
to the headquarters of the Balangs.
Lead the attack of the Paraiso army.
I have complete faith in you.
Be careful.
You can count on that, Crisval.
Be careful too.
Who is she?
A human being
who came here willingly.
What's your purpose
and where are you from?
I came from Paraiso and I want to talk
to your leader Hades.
I have information
that he needs to know.
Dos, where is Hades?
He's at the General Headquarters.
Bambam has been looking
for her older sister.
Where is Bianca?
I don't know.
But I have a bad hunch...
What do you mean?
Don't worry. We'll find your sister.
Are you sure
about what we're going to do?
But you have to concentrate
on our destination first.
And then everything's up to me.
Are you ready?
You did great, Kiara.
Go back to Paraiso now.
I'll take care of this.
Be careful, Crisval.
- Goodbye.
- Okay.
There seems to be a lot of them.
They're also prepared.
They're on the way!
I can't see anything.
Jilla, are you sure?
I wish I'm mistaken.
Because if I'm not then
there will be bloodshed on this day.
Get ready!
Angelo, there are so many of them.
Let's just attack
when there's fewer of them.
Don't let them scare you!
Don't let them scare you!
Nobody will retreat!
Just me!
We're going to fight!
You're going to fight!
You're going to fight!
Let's go back to the robot.
- Why?
- Let's go.
We need to prepare!
You know the plan!
Move now!
Close the door
and put the barricades up!
Bad boys, pull out!
Let's retreat! Quick!
Quick! Retreat!
Have mercy on us! Don't hurt us.
Kill her!
Their army is too strong, Angelo.
Let's go home.
I don't want to fight anymore!
What's with you, Dens?
Don't surrender! Let's fight!
Run! Hurry!
Let's not end this fight
hiding inside these machines, Angelo.
Let's finish this combat manually!
Get down from there!
Hurry up! Quick! Hurry up!
Quick! Hurry up!
Quick! Okay, hold on to me!
- Why?
- Just hold on to me! Hold on!
Kiara... Kiara...
There, eat that!
Crisval, you have powers now!
Just believe in yourself!
You have the power
of the Balang's venom!
What kind of combat is this?
Stop dancing, Angelo.
Let's end this once and for all!
Now what?
You've been reduced to zero.
Don't kill him!
Bianca, what are you doing here?
She came here to look for her father.
I saw a list of the captives
and the Mutanos.
One of them is my father.
My father is alive, Crisval!
He's still alive!
Hades is my father!
- Come with us.
- Crisval!
What took you so long, Angelo?
There were so many enemies.
But we're here as you ordered.
Have you planted the bombs?
I already planted them.
We just need to detonate them.
Come on, let's get out of here.
No. Hades has got Bianca.
Bianca? What is Bianca doing here?
Long story. Where's my robot?
It's there.
We came in here without it.
You better go ahead.
I'll finish this.
Let's go.
Something bad
might happen to Crisval!
Forget about Crisval, dear.
We need to go.
Come on!
Don't forget to detonate
the bombs, Crisval!
Be careful!
This is for Melissa!
For Patricia!
And for everyone you orphaned.
You've already overstayed.
It's time to deport you.
Happy New Year.
What's with you?
Do you also want to get charred?
Long live freedom!
Long live freedom!
Long live the Philippines!
Long live the Philippines!
Long live the Philippines!
December 25, 2021.
We truly felt the spirit of Christmas
at the defeat of the Balangs.
We've lost a lot during the war...
but we also found out as much
in return.
Like freedom, hope,
and light for the future.
But there were questions
left unanswered...
and there were things stolen
that have not been returned.
This is just the first day
of the battle...
and you have to prepare
for the next cycle.
You're alive?