Resistance (2011) Movie Script

The boys in "The Court" too?
The men all left Olchon.
Just the dogs.
So, what are we going to do then?
Wait for them to come back.
From where?
Do we even know where they've gone?
And the sad thing is...
...there must be a reason.
So, what are you saying Maggie?
They wouldn't be so stupid.
They're farmers!
Maggie's right. We should wait.
Got them all?
What is it, George?
My father.
It won't be just him.
You'll be doing more here, then
you ever could at the front.
How long before they get here?
A week...
...maybe two.
We won't be meeting like this again.
From now on, everything goes
to the drop point.
This is it, George.
You're on your own now.
Did you hear Will leave?
What if they're not back today?
Then he'll be back tomorrow.
Radio: "The German invasion continues
to advance north and west.
"Reinforcements are being mobilized
across the country.
"Reports indicate Swindon, Oxford, and
Bristol are all occupied by enemy forces.
"The Allied armies are counter-attacking.
"Stand fast, and on no account,
leave your homes."
Jesus, George... Stop bloody creeping
around, will you?
Sorry, Dad.
"And the counter offensives in Coventry,
and Leicester is already underway.
One thousand...
Two thousand...
Three thousand...
(Baby crying)
I know, Clare.
Mommy's coming... mommy's coming.
(Explosions in the distance)
It's coming closer.
If they're not back by tomorrow,
I'm going into town.
The Fisher Market. We're going then.
Writing: "20th of October...
"Why didn't any of you say something?
"You should have talked to me."
You're Sarah Lewis?
Sit down.
My name is Capt. Wolfram.
We have established an observation
post in this valley...
I... ah, take it you weren't aware that
this area is under military control.
From now on, no one is to leave
or enter this valley.
We'll be here for a week, perhaps two.
Is your husband at home, Mrs. Lewis?
He's up on the hill.
One of the sheep sick.
I see.
If you would tell him of my visit and
instructions, I would be eternally grateful.
Evening, Mrs. Lewis.
(A gun cocks)
Is there a problem?
Can't give you anything.
"The civilian must do nothing...
which would be of the slightest
help to the enemy."
I ah... appreciate your concerns.
I would however, like to
remind you that...
whether your government forbids your
cooperation or not, is entirely irrelevant.
This valley is now under German control.
We must get on with our work.
Do you think it is any easier for me?
I've got a flock to look after. The pigs.
The slats on the barn to fix.
And you've got Bethan to help you.
Oh, she's inside the house.
I'll help you with the barn.
No, you've got enough, as it is.
Bethan isn't going anywhere.
I have anxieties about the man.
He knows...
We don't even know where they are.
(Hears noise from outside)
(Knocking on a door)
I'm sorry.
It was prodded when I found him.
It was his idea to come.
My men have gone to
the other farms too.
I wrote notes for them to
give to the women.
This will make it hard for you.
Are you cold?
When did they leave you?
Your husband, and the others?
You can go now.
Mrs. Jones?
They didn't tell you of their
plans, did they?
I... ah, have no interest in
bringing your husbands
absence to the attention
of my superiors.
I know what they will do.
Neither of us want the
Gestapo in this valley.
The Gestapo isn't all we
have to worry about.
Without the men it was much improved
to our happiness, that is.
We've come to talk to you.
You know what happens to
collaborators, Maggie, do you?
They'd be helping us, Ruth.
What if they're waiting for the
Germans to leave?
We'd be asking them to stay for longer.
With this weather?
They're stuck here whatever.
You do what you have to, Maggie.
I don't want their help.
"December 5th...
"Your all I've got, Tom.
"Let me know you're still here."
(Dogs barking)
Bless thee, oh Lord, for these,
they gifts...
...for which we are about to receive.
And look after our loved ones...
...Wherever they may be.
In Christ, our Lord. Amen.
(No audible dialog)
(Multiple gunfire all around)
(Men screaming in agony)
Mrs. Lewis!
wanted to apologize.
The day of the snow skirmish, I shouldn't
have asked about your husband like that.
It wasn't my intention to upset you.
I'm sorry.
Good day, Mrs. Lewis.
I never thanked you...
...for helping me.
You shouldn't thank me.
You should hate me, I understand this.
What are you doing here?
Delivering messages to the valley.
I help out sometimes.
There's a backlog after winter.
The usual postman is not here anymore.
The letters.
There's no one in the in that valley now.
I thought about what you asked.
No one's to go into town.
It would be too dangerous.
We're done here, then?
our uniforms are wearing out.
There was a floordrobe left
at The Court, and...
Do what you like.
They're only clothes and things.
"March, 10th...
"I'll only be 27 when this is done.
"And you aren't here.
"It's weeks now since the thaw.
"No one has come into the valley.
"I had to moan about bales of precious
crops I manage to leave."
(Knock on door)
(Dog barking wildly)
Good morning.
May I come in?
I wanted to bring you this.
For your birthday.
When I was here before, I read
the date in your Bible.
You have no music here. I thought
you might like some.
(Song Without Words, Op19 No. 6 in
G Minor, by Felix Mendelssohn)
What are you doing here?
You've won this war, you can just leave.
I read you now.
I know what you did.
Don't come here and cover yourself
with your music, because I see.
I see you.
You really think they'll
come back if we go?
You think he's dead, don't you?
Maybe not.
If Tom was dead, I'd know.
Why did you come here?
To look for them?
No, we were looking for
something quite different.
Did you find it?
Will you let me show you?
What is it?
The World.
One idea of it.
It would had have more color, originally.
The rivers were blue. The seas, green.
It must have been beautiful.
Why is it here?
It's been hidden.
From you?
Well, at least, from the SS, Himmler.
Why do they want it?
They use artifacts like this
to justify what they do.
What are these?
These letters?
"M, O, R, S."
They represent "death."
Which dwells outside God's creation.
How do you know all of this?
It's what I studied before the war.
Medieval History.
What if Tom came here?
This map, what it represents...'s more important then any of us.
I haven't told my men.
You're the only other person
who knows it's here.
Brawkk... brawk, brawk... brawkk-AWK!
Hello, there!
I have to go.
Look, I don't know what I've...
...disturbed here, but...
Why are you not wearing uniforms?
(Gunshots fired)
What will you do,...
...when it is over?
Stay here.
You going home?
I have no home.
It was destroyed in an air raid.
The same one that took my wife.
I'm sorry.
Do you kill people?
You wouldn't think it.
What are you doing?
I'm not in uniform.
Did you see anyone?
Everyone will be at the show.
Anyone who knows about Tom will
know about it.
He won't let us go.
The captain.
He will.
He'll have to.
I'll run the colt.
It's what Will would have wanted.
Isn't it better we leave the valley
before someone comes in?
Somebody is bound to, soon enough.
Why not wait?
A couple of weeks and it
will maybe over.
We've got no milk.
On top of that, the cows are sick.
We'll be out of oil soon.
And then the heating coal.
The slaughtering, the sheering,
the hay.
We can manage.
No we can't.
There is no need for you both to go.
Gernot can go with you instead.
He handles the horses well, doesn't he?
Yes, but he doesn't speak English.
Have you ever seen a man
go mute with shell shock?
Say he is a cousin, from the front.
Capt. Tooley for the 2 year old colt class.
Margaret Jones.
Fine, that will be "124" then. Good luck.
Thank you.
Oh! I'm so pleased to see you.
Is Willis here?
No, he stayed on the farm.
Lots to catch up on after last winter.
Oh Maggie, you have no idea how
pleased I'm to hear that.
We don't know what to
believe these days.
They've got some of them on
the railway, see?
Just outside the depot.
Well, I feel silly saying this now,
but ah, someone said, one
of them was Will.
Felt ridiculous.
I said as much to my John.
"There is no way William Jones is mixed
up in all that."
I don't know why they're carrying on.
They earned their troubles.
You know Vera's youngest was
in that lot they took
away after the bridge was blown.
Hung them all, they did.
Oh Maggie, it's so good to see you again.
How have you been keeping?
Oh, you know, managing.
And Ruth? Reg, and the boys?
Doing fine.
Ah... Glad to hear it.
And do come around when you're
next in town, won't you?
Cut himself on the way down.
Got a medal.
Played well.
Judges brought him in third.
What happened, Maggie?
Nothing different, really.
There was some soldiers there, but
other than that, it doesn't matter.
More or less.
Think most folk thought we'd
copped it over the winter.
We'll talk in the morning, eh?
Then stay, Maggie.
There's something else
you might have to do.
Something you will find difficult.
Because collaboration...
...cannot be tolerated.
One thousand, two thousand,
three thousand...
There will come a time, when people
will just want this to stop.
And more than anything...
they'll just want to survive.
But, what we have to ask ourselves is...
"How do we want to survive?"
"What... is worth surviving for?"
These are questions that cannot
be answered in words.
We'll need choices.
It is the choices that we make...
that will decide the nature
of our resistance.
The nature of our survival.
Our choices...
will be the mark...
of who we are.
Understand what I'm saying, George?
Sarah, we must leave.
Steiner has taken the radio. He
will contact local command.
Do you understand what that means?
Did they find out who shot the colt?
He'll report me, defense soldiers, and
staff will come with him.
You know I can't leave.
Would you really rather
stay here and die?
Who are you making this sacrifice for?
This, will all stop one day.
And when it does, then you can
live as you wish.
Maybe even come back to the valley.
But if you stay now...
...then you die.
Where would we go?
West, to the coast, And then to Ireland.
And then if we need, to America.
What about the other women?
It's too late.
I'm sorry.
We don't have much time.
It is the right thing to do.
We must leave, now.
Maybe we'll need some clothes.
I'll get you some of Tom's.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
They'll come for you first.
It won't take long.
- But I can't...
- Please.
Thank you, Sarah.
I know how hard this is.
Where should I met you?
Behind Landor's ruin.
Wait for me there.
"I can't stay here.
"I have to come, and look for you.
"Whatever that might mean.
"I hope you understand."