Resisting Roots (2022) Movie Script

Not happening, Ro.
Sis, please.
I said no, and I meant it.
I'm 16, not five.
I don't know these kids.
And I need you to take Mary
to dance class on Friday.
I've got two clients
for a color and cut.
Yeah, you always have clients.
How do you think I pay
for your baseball equipment?
Okay, do you think money
grows on trees?
That's fine. I'll just be
the laughing stock
of all the juniors.
I'm sorry, Ro.
We need the money.
I'm two years behind
on property taxes.
The bills keep coming in.
Maybe we should start thinking
about selling Dad's Mustang.
It would solve
a lot of problems.
We're not selling Dad's car,
all right?
I won't go to the stupid party.
It's no biggie, really.
It's not stupid to want
to hang out with your friends.
Hey, maybe I can move
my appointments?
No, I mean, I've already started
looking at other jobs, so...
Your job is to keep
a grade-A average
and to get into a good college
on scholarship.
You can't keep working
yourself to the bone.
I'm fine.
We've been going
strong for three years now.
Why change it?
Maybe it's because you haven't
been with a friend
or on a date since...
I can't even remember the last
time I've seen you with a guy.
I see guys all the time.
Yeah, your yoga class?
It doesn't count.
Take care of yourself out there.
You can count on it.
- Bye.
- Oh, wait, wait.
Mary, come here.
Your shirt's on backwards.
Arms up.
Good morning, San Francisco.
Let's talk baseball,
specifically Trent Fox.
It's been a few weeks since
the bad boy hitter
from the Ports
tore his hamstring
in the last game of the season.
The injury doesn't
seem to have stopped him.
Well, Gerry,
there are those who say
Trent Fox hasn't peaked.
Wake up, you piece of shit.
What are you doing here?
Six weeks of
recuperation, Trent,
and this is what you have
to show for it?
You living in filth, man.
Drinking? Smoking?
Have you even gone
to therapy yet?
Ross, of course I have.
Three days a week.
Three other days
I lift weights with Clay.
Are you supposed
to be lifting weights. Huh?
What about strengthening,
flexibility, stretching?
Doc recommended daily
yoga classes for you, Trent.
You have got to
snap out of it, kid.
I mean, is this what
you do with your time?
Hell, I'm surprised
you have one of your little
girlfriends up in here warming
your bed right now.
It's always the talented
ones, too.
Pills, liquor
and endless fucking women.
What else, Trent?
What the hell else?
I don't owe you
any explanations.
I'm on medical leave.
The hell you don't!
The way I see it,
you got one of two choices.
Either get your shit together
or lose your contract.
And with the way
that you've been hitting,
you're looking at an offer
of 100 mil for five years.
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
Look, man.
Coach wants you ready
by spring training.
I'll lay off the booze
and the late nights.
And you'll go to the therapy
and the yoga.
Yoga? Come on.
Trent, you will go to a class
or I swear by everything holy,
I will drag you there
my damn self.
Fine. I'll go.
I'll go tomorrow.
A man of my word.
Prove it.
Hi, Audrey.
So good to see you.
Oh, hi.
Um... feel free to
get into a child's pose
and begin your deep breathing.
Hi. I'm Genevieve or Viv.
Is this your first class?
Trent Fox.
I'm here for rehabilitation.
Pulled hamstring, right?
How did you know that?
My brother is a huge Ports fan.
I can't believe you're here.
Rowan is going to flip.
Who's Rowan?
My brother, the Ports fan.
Anyway, I have an extended
mat for you here
because you're so hard.
I mean big.
You're tall.
Follow along as best as you can
and back off if anything puts
too much pressure
on the hamstring.
And we can talk after class,
if you like.
I think I'd like that
very much, Gumdrop.
Your lips are pretty in pink.
Reminds me of a sugar coated
cherry gumdrop.
Hello, class.
Please sit on your bottoms.
Press your seat into the mats.
Bring your hands
to heart center.
Let's close our eyes and begin
by setting our intentions
for today's yoga class.
What is it that you want
out of today's practice?
Come up.
Breathing as you rise.
Warrior Two.
Arms straight.
Look at the wall.
Windmill your arms
into downward dog.
Feet shoulder-width apart.
There you go.
Just going to grab your hips.
That feels like heaven.
Got a long way to go,
but we'll get you there.
The light in me bows
to the light in you.
Thank you, everyone.
That was fine.
Could we do that again,
Private classes?
Whenever you're available,
I'm down.
Oh, well, if you can pay,
I'm available after this class
every weekday.
There's a room
open from 10:30 to noon.
Which day would you like?
All of them.
Could you be more specific?
I would like all of your
time from 10:30 to noon,
every day of the week
until the end of the month.
Every weekday?
Doc says I need to do yoga
five times a week.
For once, I'm
feeling cooperative.
Did that fine man hit on you?
Kind of.
Well, he's beautiful.
And you've been alone
far too long.
Oh, really?
Oh, don't you have a
class to teach, Luna?
Don't you have a
man to hunt down?
Actually, I don't have
to hunt him down
because we have private lessons
every weekday
for the next month.
He wants you!
To help him recuperate.
Oh. Mm-Hmm.
Yeah, sure.
Bye, silly.
Well, I'm recovering
from my first yoga class.
Will miracles never cease.
I booked private sessions
10:30 to noon every morning.
Don't book a meeting.
Roger that.
Roger that. Hey, don't dip out.
Oh, I wont.
Don't fuck your yoga instructor.
- No promises.
- You need her.
- I do.
- To teach you.
- And maybe more.
- Trent, come on, man.
There's just something
about this one.
I don't give a damn.
I don't want to hear
all of that.
Trent, just keep going.
Okay. Okay. I know I got
this one on lock.
Trent, don't fuck her, man.
Goodbye, Ross.
Guy's a fucking rabbit.
Hi, Trent.
What can I get for you?
Just finished class?
- Yes.
- Was it Mila or Genevieve?
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- She's pretty, huh?
- She is.
Well, I'm Dara.
I teach meditation
every morning at 7 a.m.
If you ever want to connect
to your higher self.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So, what are you doing
working here?
My parents own the bakery.
Everyone has to make a living.
And I love it here. So..
I'll take two of
the cinnamon rolls
and three of those baby milks.
I think they should come
in adult sizes.
I know.
Are you having it
for here or to go?
I'll stay here.
Oh, thanks.
I'll bring it to your table.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, it's Trent Fox.
Thank you.
Keep it real.
Hey, Gumdrop.
I was worried
you might be into chicks.
I worked them out like a
mad man in spring training,
and you didn't even
bat an eyelash.
So your pride got hurt a little?
My pride. Nah.
Well, perhaps you just
caught me off guard.
It's not every day a man
undresses in front of me.
Today we're going to work
on range of motion.
See where you're at
now and determine
a routine that will help
loosen your limbs, okay?
All right.
Push it in as far as...
Now, I want you to take your
right thumb
and put it on left nostril
and inhale. Okay.
Okay, let's stretch.
Other side.
Come over and open your legs
as wide as you can.
You know how ridiculously
beautiful you are?
Other side.
Right here.
- Oh, much better.
- Good.
Whatever it is you do,
you gotta keep doing it.
Like a Voodoo healer.
I don't practice magic
or voodoo of and kind.
Okay, um...
Now you...
Are you going to tell me
about the hotshot
baseball player?
He's nicer than I thought
he would be
for someone who has websites
dedicated to his body.
I mean, most women
think he's hot.
But what do you think?
Every time I'm around him,
I turn into a lust driven teen.
There are worse things.
I'm supposed to be helping
him recover through yoga.
And half the time
I'm checking him out.
So what are you going
to do about it?
He's a client.
Vivy, you know, you really...
No, no, listen,
it's not going to work
unless I just want
to have casual sex,
which, incidentally,
is what Luna suggested.
Well, it's been three years
since the breakup,
so maybe you should.
This coming from the girl
who's all study, no dating.
Does it feel right to you?
It feels like something
I just don't know what.
- Trent Fox.
- Trent Fox.
Trent Fox? Are you guys
talking about Trent Fox?
That's my freaking idol.
Go back inside.
I'll be in there soon. Okay.
Why? Ambers here.
Hey, Row, Trent's your sister's
new private client.
- Amber.
- What?
Vivy, you have got to
introduce me to him.
Please. I'll do anything.
I'll even mow the lawn.
You already mow the lawn.
Come on, please.
Okay. Maybe after a lesson,
we can invite him for
a treat on us at the bakery.
No promises.
- And you need a haircut.
- I don't.
But you're the best sister ever.
I got to make dinner.
Something special for
my awesome sister.
See ya, Amber.
You know, it's
his night to cook.
- Oh, of course.
- Yeah.
Um. Okay.
Hold that pose until I tell you
to go into child's pose, okay?
Viv, what's the matter?
Child's pose.
You're acting weird.
Did I do something to offend?
No, not at all.
You've been more focused today
than you have been all week.
I was just wondering...
Go ahead.
Well, you can totally say no,
but I was wondering
if I could take you for coffee.
Genevieve, are you
asking me out on a date?
You're asking me out.
Oh, no, no, not exactly.
Come here.
I've been busting my brain
trying to think of a way
to ask you out,
and here you are,
looking all cute
and nervous about asking me.
That should not have happened.
It definitely should
have happened.
No, no, no,
you don't understand.
I am not asking you on a date.
But I want to take
you out on a date.
After this week's
sessions and the kiss and...
You just hit on me and
I'm the pig?
All right. I was wondering
if after one of our sessions,
you would want to meet
my brother?
Your brother?
You have no interest
in going out with me?
Well, I wouldn't say that.
I will meet with you
and your brother
tomorrow after our session.
Then tomorrow evening,
I take you out on a real date.
I can't.
Why not?
- Clients.
- Clients?
I cut hair on the weekends.
So when are you free?
I'll have to check my schedule?
Kiss me.
You'll get back to me
on that date.
I can hear you
thinking over there.
What's got you so twisted up,
I am so sorry for bothering you
in whatever it is...
That you are doing.
You're putting off
some tumultuous vibes.
How do you expect
to teach a class like this? Sit.
So why are you
sitting on a desk?
Getting perspective.
You know, accounting
is not my strong suit.
And you have to sit on
a desk to get perspective?
To fully understand the problem,
it is best to give
all of yourself.
So I inserted myself
into the chaos
in the hopes that I find
a fix to my numbers issue.
And did you get an answer?
I did.
To ward off negativity.
It's beautiful.
What was the answer,
if you don't mind me asking?
To hire an accountant.
In the end, I realized I was
not needed in the equation.
Is the center doing okay?
Better than ever.
Speaking of...
I heard you had a
private lesson all week.
Oh, whatever's going on
in that head of yours
is torturous to watch.
Please share with me.
Your mama's not here.
God bless her beautiful
young soul.
You've got to work
with what you have.
My private client is
professional baseball player
Trent Fox.
And yesterday
I kissed him right here.
I mean, not right
here in Studio B,
but now he wants to date me,
and I'm going to
introduce him to Row, and...
I shouldn't have kissed him.
Why not?
Because he's a player
and a client.
We do not place
rules on sexual attraction.
We have tantric workshops here.
Still, it's not professional.
Love, sex, and passion
usually aren't.
But if this man gets your heart
and root chakra humming,
why not enjoy yourself?
And what if I fall
in love with him?
Worse things have happened
to you, my dear.
And what if he just wants sex
and not a relationship?
Did he tell you that?
Not exactly.
He wants to take me on a date.
And other things.
And do you want
these other things to?
Oh, yeah.
Well, looks like
you have your answer.
No, I don't.
I'm more confused than ever.
If you want to spend time
with him, casual or otherwise,
go ahead.
You're a grown woman.
Now, let's do a
quick chakra readjust.
Can't have you spreading
this bad juju.
I was trying meditation.
Think I might take that hot
chick's class this weekend.
Hot chick?
Works in the bakery.
Then, you know she's hot.
We will begin today
with sun salutation.
What did I do now?
If you think
my friends are so hot,
why don't you ask them out?
You're jealous.
You can date whoever you want.
There are some lovely ladies
in and out of here.
What am I going to do?
Okay, boss, put me
through the paces.
I got a hot date
that I don't want to miss.
Mary, what are you doing here?
Are you feeling okay?
Totally fine.
Minimum day.
Can I have a donut?
Yeah, sure.
Rowan, I'm sorry. I should
have checked the schedule.
Don't worry about it.
I don't mind taking home
little my sister.
Yeah, but still...
Rowan, this is my client.
- Trent Fox.
- Client?
- What's up, buddy?
- Oh my God.
Rowan Harper.
You're, like, the best center
in baseball history.
You play?
Yeah, well, high school.
Got the record for
most hits on my team.
Any scouts at the games?
Perhaps, but
I don't really care.
According to his coach, he's got
the best batting average
in the state of California.
That's how I got my start.
Well, I'm going
to Berkeley, so...
That's not the plan, bro.
You're going to take
the best package
for your baseball career
and your education.
Can we talk about this later?
It's better financially
for us to stay local.
Plus I already told coach
to talk to scouts.
You mean scouts are
already asking about you?
Yeah. All right.
Can we get treats now?
Trent's waiting.
Trent will wait.
Right, Trent?
Yeah, babe.
Do what you gotta do.
Wait, are y'all dating?
- Yes.
- No.
Don't put thoughts in his head.
I can't believe this.
After all they've done for you?
You are going
to set up a meeting
with your coach and me,
and we're going
to discuss your options.
How about we order some treats
and we can chat about this?
You can tell me
what you've been told,
and hopefully I can offer
you some advice.
I know what he's doing.
And what's that?
He thinks he's doing me a favor.
Giving up his dream
to stay here and help.
Where are your parents
in all of this?
Our parents died in a car
accident three years ago,
and I've been taking care
of them alone ever since.
And now he's going
to throw away his dreams
to stay here and help me.
Babe, I'm...
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Let's just go.
- There you go, sweetie.
- Thank you.
You're welcome, babe.
Hey, Rowan.
Hey, look at me.
I know you want
to help this family
and you do so much.
A man takes care of his family.
It's what Dad would have wanted.
Yeah. And you want to be
a pro baseball player,
and you are so close.
What about you?
You were almost done with school
when you had to
help me and Mary.
I'll still get
my cosmetology license, okay?
I'll open my own salon one day.
My dream is not dead.
Every baseball game
that you play just proves
that even though Mom
and Dad are gone too soon,
we're still alive.
And we're fighting.
And you know what?
- I'm happy.
- I'm happy, Vivy.
And I get to go
to dance classes.
And you are a beautiful dancer.
And maybe you'll go pro
one day, too.
And I want to see
you out on the field
giving Trent Fox
a run for his money.
You dream pretty big, Vivy.
And so should you.
You don't need to
get a job right now.
I told Coach, I'm looking to
play at Berkeley and UC Davis.
Mary will be 10.
She'll need her big brother.
Thank you, Rowan.
You're early.
Can you hold this pose?
Well, that's good.
Because we're going to
test that right now.
Oh. Yeah. Oh.
That was...
Holy moly.
We should try
some other positions.
My buddy Dash teaches
a tantric class.
Well, sign us up.
You okay?
What is it?
I don't know what it is
about you.
You bring out
something wild in me.
Something wild and
wildly unprofessional.
Next time, we'll
be more private.
Next time?
Oh, yeah.
You and me Friday night.
Plan to stay over.
I can't.
Why not?
Two kids under my care.
I'm not one of your baggage
free floozies, okay?
Babe. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have assumed.
How about I take you out
tomorrow like we planned?
Hey, Viv.
What are you doing standing out
here looking all sexified?
I'm waiting for my date.
Would he happen to be tall?
And could he possibly be
the sexiest baseball
player alive?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, you suck.
I was so going to hit on him.
He is scrum-diddly-umptious.
I know.
- Gumdrop.
- Hi.
How you doing, beautiful?
Not as good as you guys.
You aura is just so red
and shining so bright.
It's blinding me.
Wow. Well...
You two have fun with that.
Catch you next week for
a couple of pastries, yeah?
Sure thing, handsome.
- See ya, Viv.
- Bye, love.
What does a red
aura mean, anyway?
It means love, passion,
hunger, charged energy.
- Hmm.
- Stuff like that.
She has a gift.
You ever been here before?
I spend almost all
my time in Berkeley.
So no baseball games?
I've haven't been to a
professional game in years.
We'll have to see about
getting you into the stands
for one of my games, won't we?
Don't say things you don't mean.
Oh, this is a nice place.
Yeah. Got to feed my woman.
Your woman?
Tonight you are.
Two of the usual?
Thank you.
You look beautiful.
Oh, like Dara?
You're jealous?
Just when a guy
you're on a date with
calls you beautiful
right after saying the same
thing to your friend,
it kind of waters
down the impact.
Duly noted.
Now, what's up
with the siblings.
I mean, why are they
your responsibility?
Well, my grandparents are dead.
Both my parents
were only children.
I have my next door
neighbor, Amber,
who's also my best friend
and her grandma.
They help when they can.
- And you stopped school?
- Yeah.
I was three months shy of
getting my cosmetology license
when the accident happened.
And I have to take
the last semester,
and it's expensive.
Your parents didn't
leave you any money?
Most of it went to the house.
Property tax, the upkeep takes
most of what I can make.
Then you have utilities.
Three mouths to feed,
baseball gear, dance class.
That takes the rest.
So... thank you.
I teach yoga and cut hair
in my garage.
Do people with money
make you uncomfortable?
What would make you say that?
No reason.
I know money is money.
My parents were
doing financially well
before they died.
My dad was a big time lawyer,
but they were only 40.
- You parents were only 40?
- Yeah.
They had me
when they were young.
So what about you, any siblings?
My parents wanted a full house,
but they just had me.
My mom wanted more,
but she couldn't.
Tell me about your parents.
My parents are great.
Dad owns Fox Mechanics,
which was my grandfather's,
and Gramps still
works there every day.
And what's your mom like?
Ma's the shit.
She's crazy in her own way.
But she worked for the Oakland
school district for 30 years,
and now she just loves
cooking, painting,
gardening and riling up my dad.
You are lucky.
I am.
And, you know, they take
every opportunity
to boast about their son.
They worked their butts off
to put me into every baseball
clinic under the sun.
See, that's
what I want for Owen.
He thinks this family
is his responsibility,
and it's not.
And I can talk to him for you.
Man to man.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You would do that.
Oh, you really are a nice guy.
A nice guy?
You know what else is nice?
I only live two floors up.
Hmm. Well, I take
it all back.
Maybe you're not
really a nice guy.
How long have you lived here?
Five years.
Pretty empty for five years.
I haven't spent too much
time in any place.
You don't have any roots,
do you?
I'll give you a tour.
That's a beautiful picture.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
- Local artist.
- Yes. Me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, that's something unique.
- Do you like?
- Yeah.
- What was that?
- My phone.
Vivy, I heard a noise.
Lots of them.
I think someone's
trying to break in.
- Should I call the cops?
- Is the alarm on?
Yeah, but the light in
the yard hasn't gone off.
Okay, we'll be right there
and call the cops
if anything happens.
Okay, turn right here.
Yeah, right here.
Rowan? Mary!
- Someone's here.
- Get out of here!
Get out of here!
They're gone now.
The cops will be
here any second.
All right, I'll go talk to them.
I just got here
with the owner of the house.
Anyone else in the house?
One female adult, two children.
I haven't checked
the place out yet,
but there's two guys
I saw run out the back door.
All right, wait here, sir.
We'll check it out.
Anything I can do?
Yeah. We've got to secure
this window for the night.
Got tools and wood in the shed.
Lead the way.
And when they got
back from vacation...
Everything was safe and sound
and they lived happily
ever after.
It's a great story.
- All right, bedtime.
- Okay.
Love you.
Let's get you tucked in.
Sweet dreams, baby girl.
Hey, Rowan.
I just wanted to say thank you
for being here tonight
and taking care of your sister.
Anytime, Vivy.
Just because I'm 16 doesn't
mean that I'm not capable.
Thank you, Rowan.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Pancakes tomorrow?
- Sure.
- Sweet.
- Good night.
- Good night.
And where's your room?
Oh, you're not staying
here tonight.
Excuse me?
The kids will hear you.
They already know I'm here.
Look, the house is not secure.
I'm not going anywhere
until it is.
And I don't think you
want me to go either.
Just go to sleep.
You're the boss, babe.
Just sleep.
Kiss me, woman so I can sleep.
I want my goodnight kiss.
- Are you serious?
- As a heart attack.
Okay, stop. Seriously.
Not tonight, okay?
Well, then hold my hand.
I want to feel you close.
Hiya, sport.
Hiya, ma.
I was thinking of coming over
for dinner tomorrow.
- Really?
- Really.
I want to get your advice
on something.
Everything alright with the leg?
- Yeah.
- Jobs okay?
Jobs fine. Doing yoga,
if you can believe it.
So. Is it a woman?
Yes, ma.
It's a woman.
Come on.
Ready for this?
- Cool.
- Do it again.
It's so cool.
Thank you, milady.
Can you do it with eggs?
Of course.
Will you teach me?
Yes. And the ladies love
a guy that can cook.
Okay, don't teach him
your player moves.
He's a good boy.
Don't knock my moves, Gumdrop.
Besides, a man should know
how to feed himself.
- Not here.
- Ugh.
Coffee kisses.
Uh, we're starving.
Can Trent stay over
every Saturday
so we can make his pancakes?
I just might do that.
Uh, Trent, can I talk
to you for a second?
Yeah, always.
Please don't confuse them.
Genevieve, I don't know
what this is between us,
but it seems like all
the rules have changed
when it comes to you.
Can we just see where this goes?
Take this one day at a time?
- All right.
- Go ahead, eat up.
So good.
All, right.
Pancake syrup for the lady.
You got to try it with syrup.
Right, from there...
Clean it off and put it back.
I brought
sandwiches and lemonade.
You're dirty.
You're beautiful.
Ugh, get a room.
You know, you guys really
don't have to fix the car.
Nothing beats
working with a bro.
Right, Ro-man?
Yeah. We're doing man's work.
Leave us be, woman.
Mmm. Delicious.
And tonight's the night.
No more waiting.
You're on.
The kids are staying
at John and Kerry's.
I can't believe
you did all this.
Well, my goal was to
get in your panties.
Is it working?
Oh, yeah, it's working.
Eat first.
Sexy time later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What should we drink to?
To fucking you silly.
Works for me.
You strip everything
away, Genevieve.
Let me.
Hiya, Ma.
This looks good.
I told you I'd hire a gardener.
I have a system.
Let me get a look at my sport.
You look happy today.
Maybe that has something to
do with your new lady friend?
I think I'm happy.
You think?
I mean, Genevieve
is different, Ma.
She's not the type
of woman that you spend an
evening with
and never see again.
And so far, you've only dated
women for a single evening.
Pretty much.
Are you going to see this
one again?
You could technically
say I'm dating her.
So what's the problem?
I don't know how to date her.
I mean, you know,
the women I'm around
aren't exactly the type
that you bring home
to meet the parents.
Oh, my God.
You're falling in love with her.
It's too early
and it's complicated.
You know,
I see her every day at Yoga.
Last night,
we took the next step.
You're not used to wanting
to continue to see a woman
after you've taken
that physical step.
Have you asked her out again?
Not exactly, but I'm gonna
see her tomorrow at yoga.
She's making such a
difference with my leg.
Tomorrow you ask her out again.
Oh, it's not that easy.
I mean, she's...
- It is.
- She's got obligations.
Warrior two.
Down into triangle pose.
Swing the arms down
into lunge...
right foot back into
downward dog
with your feet
shoulder width apart.
Forward into plank.
- Oh.
- Are you hurting?
Gumdrop, you keep touching
that spot on my hips,
I'm not going to be
responsible for my actions.
It's better that way.
Frankly, I'm relieved.
Child's pose.
What do you mean
you're relieved?
You've been tense
and acting weird.
I just thought maybe you were...
ready to move on.
Genevieve, this is
more than one night.
You know it.
I know it.
Hell, my mom knows it.
Your mom?
She wanted to invite you
for dinner Sunday.
But I just didn't know
how to ask you.
Wow, Trent. Sorry.
I just... I thought...
You're you, and I'm me.
Please come and meet my mom.
Let's move on.
Stand up.
Ma. We're here.
All right. Come this way.
We're here!
Hello, dears.
Oh, look at all of you beauties.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm Rowan Harper.
This is my sister, Mary and
this is my elder sister,
Thank you so much for having us.
You have no idea how long
I've waited to meet you.
It is so nice to
meet you, Mrs. Fox.
Ma, relax.
Everyone, this
is my mother, Joan,
and my dad, Richard.
- Hi. Welcome.
- You can call him Rich.
Smells amazing, Miss Fox.
We have a coloring book
and markers for Mary.
Miss Mary, I love fairies.
You do?
I love when they have
purple and blue wings.
Totally. I'll color
you a picture.
Oh, what a lovely idea.
And when you're done,
I'll put it on the fridge.
Babe, do you want
a glass of wine or a beer?
- Oh, no, I don't.
- It's okay, Gumdrop.
Ma's going to have some wine.
Right, Mom?
You betcha, Sport.
Sport. I like that.
It suits you.
Always has.
My big jock.
Miss Mary, this is stunning.
You are an artist, for sure.
Thank you, Miss Fox.
How about you
call me Grandma Fox, huh?
I'm old enough
to be your grandma.
Do you have
any grandparents, honey?
Well, now you do.
How does that sound?
- Sounds awesome, right, Ro?
- Of course, Mary.
Is there a restroom I could use?
Right this way.
What happened?
Is she feeling ill?
I don't know.
Everything seemed fine.
And then after he asked
Mary to call you Grandma,
her face turned white.
Oh, shoot. It was me.
- What do you mean?
- Too much. Too soon.
- I'll handle this.
- Okay.
Genevieve. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to come on
so strong
with your brother and sister.
It's okay. It's just...
Everything's so
confusing right now.
And here you are
being so nice and...
It just reminds me of
a time with our own parents.
Sweetheart. That's why we need
to spend some quality time
getting to know one another.
How does that sound?
Sounds lovely.
But I don't want Mary
getting too attached.
Mrs. Fox, I...
like your son.
More than I should, and, um...
He's admitted he's not really
the settling down type.
In the past.
Not right now.
What do you mean not right now?
All I know is, dear,
you are the first woman
he's brought home to meet
his parents in a decade.
That's enough for me.
I have pork chops prepared.
Do you like pork?
Then prepare to be wowed.
I already am.
I'm going to run that bath
in a minute.
Okay, fine.
What's this?
Uh, property taxes.
It's addressed to you.
I know.
I'm ready.
Me, too.
From now on,
we look after each other.
It's all going to be okay.
I can feel it.
Thank you, Dash.
I'm so happy
you found someone to help
you unlock that root chakra.
We were thinking
about taking your tantric class,
but I'm not sure
we're ready for that.
I understand
and I'm happy for you both.
It's a wonderful time
for discovery.
Let me know when you're ready.
Keep your hands off her.
- What are you doing?
- That hurt?
Seriously what were
you thinking?
I was thinking this joker
better keep his hands
off my girlfriend.
Dash, I am so sorry.
You're apologizing to him?
Yeah, he's my friend
and you just hurt him.
I thought we were exclusive.
That does not mean you
get to go gorilla crazy
on every guy that comes near me.
- Seriously?
- Viv, Honey, it's okay.
No. This is ridiculous.
You need to apologize.
You know what?
I've got a class to teach.
Trent, I meant no harm.
You two can spend some
time together.
I can teach your class.
Best fucking offer
I've heard all day.
No, I need the money.
I'll teach.
You'll get paid.
Go. Go.
Genevieve, hold up.
What you did back there was
completely unacceptable.
Any man would have
responded that way.
It was a friendly peck.
I can't believe you're
turning this around on me.
You're in there kissing
Mr. Tantric,
and I'm the bad guy?
He has been really supportive
during a very
difficult situation.
What situation?
The bills are piling up.
I'm behind on utilities
and the property tax.
The state is sending
threatening messages.
I can't lose the house.
It is all we have left.
Rowan and I have made a
decision to sell Dad's car.
But you guys love that car.
And my brother and sister
need a place
to lay their head at night.
And hot water and electricity.
Something you'd
never understand.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means you take
everything for granted.
There are a total of what,
like two pictures in your house
and you've lived there
for years.
I'm on the go.
It means you don't settle down.
And I'll tell you
what's going to happen
- after you go back on the road.
- Enlighten me.
You're going to find
the next sweet thing
and drop me like a hot rock.
But you know me.
The me I want to be.
The me that shows up
every day for yoga.
I'm doing everything that I can
to be the kind of man
that you'd fall for.
But why?
Isn't it obvious?
You could have anyone.
Why would you ever want
to deal with all this?
None of those women are you.
They don't make me want
to work to be whole.
And they sure as hell...
don't make my heart squeeze
tighter when I see
a tiny glimpse of their smile
across the room.
Hey, look at me.
I can't, I'm too embarrassed.
Look, I know that you're sad
about your dad's car, but
there's another solution.
Let me pay the taxes.
Thank you for the offer.
But I am not
your responsibility.
What if I want you to be?
Neither of us is ready for that.
Well, guess what?
We just made up
after our first fight.
You know what that means?
- Are the kids home?
- No.
Get in the car.
Turn around.
- Shit.
- What was that?
I don't know. I'm sorry.
Okay, listen.
I have never done that
before, but it'll be okay.
I'm not on the pill, Trent.
- Open the door.
- Go away, Trent.
The hell I will.
You open this door right now
or I will break it down.
You wouldn't.
- I can't afford to fix my door.
- I'm so sorry.
No stop.
- Just sit.
- Get off of me, Trent.
- God.
- I'm sorry.
I'll admit
I got lost in the moment.
I fucked up.
I mean, how often
does this happen?
Do I need to get tested?
Are you implying that
I'm a man whore?
Are you admitting
that you're not?
I've had my fair share of
women, but no.
This has never happened before.
If I'm lying, may
I never be able to
hit another baseball?
I don't think I can
handle one more
life-changing mistake, Trent.
We'll figure it out.
You know, whatever happens,
we'll deal with it.
And if I'm knocked up
and you're out on the road?
Well, if you're pregnant,
then we're parents.
End of story.
Like, I'll take care of you.
No, not this again.
I don't want your money.
Second round make-up sex?
Is it going to be like
this every time we fight?
God willing.
Just a few more seconds.
You can do it.
All right, big guy.
Relax your belly on to the mat.
Think Christ.
Turn over.
Just let everything go,
you've worked hard today.
Breathe into that pride.
Now I want you to imagine you're
looking down on yourself.
The space around you
fills with the color.
What color is it?
That's your root
chakra guiding you.
Now I'm going to count
down from five.
When I get to one,
you'll be awake and ready.
Five, four,
three, two...
feel your body getting lighter.
The light in me
bows to the light in you.
I'm in love with you.
I love you.
I do.
It's too soon.
I was in deep savasana
and I realized something.
That you love me?
You asked me to imagine a color,
and it became clear.
The color was red.
I've known since the moment
I met you
that your root
chakra was blocked.
- Why?
- You're always on the go.
You haven't had a committed
relationship since college.
Now I have you.
So what does that mean?
It means wherever you are
is where...
I want to lay down my roots.
I love you, too.
I can't believe you did this.
You like it?
You paid off my student loans
and enrolled me
in my last semester.
I thought you wanted to finish.
Now you can.
Don't you want to open
your own salon one day?
Shut up and accept the present.
Can we show Trent our gift now?
We all worked on it together.
Let's do it.
Oh, wow.
You want to help me open it?
All right.
What could it be?
This is amazing.
This is one of the best
presents I've ever received.
I knew you would love it.
And I love my new jazz shoes.
Okay. There's
still a bunch of presents
left under the tree,
but I really want to
give Rowan his gift,
and I am going to
be deeply offended
if you don't let him accept it.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Now it's Christmas and birthday.
I don't want your sister
killing me for going overboard.
Let's go outside.
All right.
Holy shit.
Dad's 'stain?
No way.
Yes, way.
Right, Mr. Harper?
- Whoa!
- Merry Christmas, sweetheart!
Look at you, Mary!
We have tons of presents
for you.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Hey, son.
- Merry Christmas.
Did I do okay?
You did more than okay.
You gave us back Christmas.
And you gave me back my life.
- Come on.
- Okay.
All right.
Well, it's the end of January.
You know what that
means for baseball?
Not that much.
Well, it's a month
away from spring training.
Could someone tell me
where is Trent Fox?
You can normally
find him on Instagram
with a lovely lady
on his arm, Gerry.
But no one's seen him.
What is going on?
Something definitely different
about you, man.
- An extra 10 pounds?
- No, something else.
You look good, dude.
Skin looks good.
You don't got those bags
under your eyes.
You don't got that
signature scowl.
And the leg, man, looks good.
I am shocked.
Everything's good, man.
New chick every night, huh?
Dating just one woman, actually.
Wait, wait, wait.
Stop. You?
In a relationship.
What's it to you?
- She pregnant?
- No.
- What? Yeah.
- Okay. What's going on?
She's beautiful.
Yoga teacher.
She works hard,
takes care of her family.
For some crazy reason,
she loves me.
Good for you, man.
Are you sure one woman's
really going to be enough?
Genevieve is more than enough.
I figured that
when you said yoga teacher
that you actually
went to the classes.
Every last one.
That shit is no joke.
It's much easier to lift weights
and run on the treadmill.
Yoga's not for the weak.
Now you sound like
your old self.
Hell, yeah.
My life is fucking amazing.
Going to hit the Albatross pub
with my buddy Clay to
catch up and have a few brews.
Don't hold dinner.
See you tonight.
Dude, thank you.
Hey, Foxy.
It's been a while since
I've seen you out and about.
Hey, Dawn Marie.
Would you mind moving that hand?
Now, why would I do a silly
thing like that?
I remember you liked
what this hand could do.
I'm sorry, darling,
but I'm a one woman man now.
Betcha I can make that
one woman at a time.
One woman at a time?
Oh, no. Oh.
I can't believe you.
I have been up all night
needing to talk to you.
And here you are with
your mouth on that bimbo.
This is... this is
not what...
This is not what it looks like.
Okay? Gumdrop.
Don't call me that.
I am nothing to you.
Just the person who's
carrying your baby.
Oh, shit.
I'm going to throw up.
Dawn Marie was
just joking, Gumdrop.
She can have him.
You don't take a hint.
I need to talk to Genevieve.
She's got absolutely
nothing to say to you.
I need to talk to her.
Look, I didn't cheat.
Kissing some bimbo
in a public bar
while your girlfriend
frets at home
waiting to tell you that she's
having your baby
may not seem like
cheating to you,
but to the rest of the world,
I assure you, it is cheating.
- Whoa. Look, lady.
- Amber.
- Amber.
- Yeah.
The best friend.
I need to talk to her.
I'm afraid that's not going
to happen any time soon.
Vivy needs some time.
I suggest you give her that.
Just please.
Please, just tell her that
I stopped by and to call me.
She's not talking to you.
I need to talk to your sister.
To make her cry some more.
That's all
she does is cry and vomit.
You broke her heart.
And usually when a guy
breaks the girl's heart,
it's because he cheated on her.
So did you?
It wasn't like that.
I used to think
you were the best thing
that ever happened to me.
The great Trent Fox.
Now you're just a prick
that ruined my sister.
Leave us alone.
Better yet, take him.
I want anything
from someone who hurt my
sister to get into her pants.
Hope the next girl you bang
gives you an STD.
Oh my God.
Babe? Babe? Babe?
What did you do?
Nothing. I found her like this.
My God, she's really sick.
She's burning up.
Okay. Watch your sister.
I'm going to take her
to the emergency room.
She's not dressed.
Grab the blanket right there.
Come on, baby.
Call my mom.
Get her to come here
and watch Mary.
I'm taking her
to Summit Medical.
Okay. Okay. I'll say
it one more time.
I did not cheat.
That broad is a groupie.
All right, look, I was drunk.
- She was all over me.
- Convenient excuse.
Amber, I would never
cheat on Genevieve.
You say that now.
But what about when she gets
all big with her pregnancy?
More of her to love.
What about
when you're on the road?
I don't know, I'll
hang out with the wags.
- The wags?
- Guys with wives
and girlfriends,.
And if she'll have me back
I'll stay
far away from any groupies.
Does anyone want to hear
what I think?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You had me so scared.
What happened?
You were dehydrated.
The baby's fine.
The heartbeat's still strong.
Oh, Gumdrop.
Thank you for being here, Amber.
There's no place I'd rather be.
Can you give Trent
and I a few minutes?
You're right outside
if you need me to come in,
kick some butt.
I think we'll be fine.
Please, Genevieve,
I will do anything
to make this right.
I love you.
I love this baby.
I want to build
our life together.
You, me.
The baby, Rowan and Mary.
I believe you.
And, um...
I love you, too.
Oh, thank God.
Come here.
Oh, careful.
Are you okay?
I'm coming in.
Ports in Vegas this weekend.
What a season
Trent Fox is having.
Well, I'm a Trent Fox
believer now.
Should have tore his
hamstring years ago.
Are you guys having
fun in Vegas?
Vivy, you have no idea.
Tomorrow I'm going to go work
out with the team
and Trent got me a jersey
for every game
that they played a match.
Did you thank Trent
for bringing you along?
More times than I can count.
He's more excited about the
trips coming up
later this summer, huh?
Why don't you go hit the pool?
I'll talk to your sister.
There's some serious
babes here in Vegas.
- Behave.
- Always.
Hey, love you, Vivy.
Get on out of here.
Have fun.
Sorry. Just with Ross
nailing down my new contract.
But how about you?
You know what I want to see.
Do I have to?
Come on.
I mean, it's been a whole day.
God. You are stunning, baby.
You say that every day.
How about this?
Marry me.
Same as yesterday.
Any time.
Time for what?
I just don't want it to be
about me being knocked up.
Let's just talk about it
after he's born.
Is it he?
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry.
I got the ultrasound yesterday
and I asked the technician
what it was between his
legs, and she laughed.
And I'm so sorry.
I ruined the surprise.
Are you mad?
Am I mad that I'm having a son?
No, I'm fucking stoked.
Are you still seeing that
root chakra red
when you meditate
like I taught to you?
From here on out.
When I'm with you, I'm home.
I am going to go.
Okay? Bye.