Resolution Song (2018) Movie Script

Levi Lewis! Now I know
who's been doing this.
You're gonna hear
about this from your father!
Mother! Time for supper.
I've been waiting
for this moment
All of my life
I've been
reinventing myself
Lucia Marie, take those out![MUSIC
Girl, don't you
make me have to...
Now, Mama.
You know where
that's gonna lead.
You know it's in
my nature, child.
You are so irritating.
MARGARET: Marcus, I asked you
to please not slam the door.
Bow your heads.
Father God, thank you
for this family,
this food and your
many blessings.
Bless this food that will nourish
our bodies in your name,
Jesus, as we all say... As we all say...
ALL: Amen.
Levi, really?
Slow moving. So annoying.
You know why I'm late, Levi?
Because I had a call
from Mr. Thompson. Dad!
I have enough stress,
with you once more
running over his leaves
is the last thing I need.
Dad, I said I'm sorry. That's what you said
the last time, Levi!
I was sorry last time, too.
Don't you mock me, boy!
Marcus, please.
You got something to say?
Dad, truly,
Pick that up! I'm getting it.
You gonna go in the morning
and you gonna rake
his leaves for him.
But I have practice in
the morning and...
You should've thought
of that before.
You love your neighbor as you love
yourself, Levi. You got that, boy?
Yes, sir. Huh?
Yes, sir.
STEVE: You were
quiet last night.
A woman cannot survive on
peanut butter spoon alone.
Not much else to survive on.
Out of milk again?
My bad. Milk bad.
If you can't beat 'em...
Uh, you need to be
dropped off at work?
Um, yeah.
Please do. I'll be ready in ten.
Bri! Dad! Dad, you okay?
Dad, it's okay, I'm okay.
Do you need to go back
and get your meds, or...
No! No!
No, I'm fine.
It's okay. I'll be fine.
Just go ahead.
All good here, Bri? Yeah.
My hand just slipped.
You working on what
we talked about?
It's not that easy.
It's up to you.
LUCIA: Baby don't want that booty
Girl don't want
that delicious flavor
Drink that love from my...
What, what, what
Booty, booty, booty booty,
booty, booty bootylicious
Girl, don't you
make me have to...
You got a lot of learning to do.
Mmm, mmm, take that,
take that, take that
Mama, please!
Don't please me,
please yourself.
Girl, you're like water
been on too long,
you're 'bout to boil off.
Get up off that table.
Booty, booty, booty, booty
Take that, take that
Miss me, now you gotta kiss me.
Oh, girl.
You gone be the death of me.
Mother, I asked you
not to hide the remotes.
You know how Marcus
feels about it.
Well, when he get to the
point where he wants 'em,
Marcus know where to
find 'em, now don't he?
All righty.
You sure you don't have something
else to do until I finish?
I mean, I'm gonna
be here for a while.
I think this about as far as
Mama wanna go for a while.
[WHISPERING] Point to point.
Mother, why don't you just
let me help you with that?
Well, who taught you?
Well, then, that answers
that then, don't it?
That'll be the number one prodigal
returning safe and sound.
I guess I will
go on to the bathroom
before dinner.
Everything's moving,
and Mama grooving.
MARCUS: In Jesus' name,
let the good children say...
ALL: Amen!
Janay's having a sleepover
tonight and she invited me.
Is her parents
going to be there?
Her mom will be.
Not her father?
I'm sure, Mama, if she knew who her
father was she would let you know.
It's "Mother."
I'm sure, Mother, if she knew...
Girl, is the light bulb over
your head burnt out?
Let me help you
with that, Mother.
MAMA: I got it. Well, all right.
You can go, baby girl.
Thanks, Daddy.
I promise I'll clean up my room and
do my homework in the morning.
Hey, Marg, I got to go into the
office tomorrow for a while.
Here we go.
I thought you said that you were
done with Saturdays and
that that project was over.
I guess this is a new one.
This is a new project.
Well, this is the sacrifice
you gotta make.
You want food on the table?
It's either this or Sunday. No!
I understand.
Well, if, if I was gone...
LUCIA: Will water help?
Come on. Lift 'em up!
Woman, if you didn't
take such big bites...
Marcus, not now!
Don't disrespect me in my house.
Lean back.
Work is calling.
LUCIA: Okay, gross. I'm going.
I'm going to get dressed.
Thank you, Jesus.
I thought I was
gonna meet Jesus.
But at least it was nice to know it would
have been over some fine home cooking.
Saturday's all set, baby.
Be available for you
all day Sunday.
Not a problem.
Mmm. This is the best salad.
I have hurt
I have sinned
I have idols
I have scars and addictions
But by your love, God
You called my name
And I am saved
I am saved
That was good.
It started good.
That's all.
I was working on the
ending when I got home.
I like your bridge, though.
It's what's been missing.
You're too quick to keep the G.
It shouldn't resolve so easily.
That's what I was thinking, too.
Maybe not the way
people think it should.
I can go get
my guitar and show you.
you're probably right.
I'm right a lot.
Not that it matters.
What's wrong?
Levi Lewis.
Get over here!
Bye, Daddy, see you tomorrow.
LUCIA: Hey, ya'll.
Turn up.
Hi, Ms. Thompson. How you doin'?
MR. NORDOFF: That was good,
guys. See you later.
Brianna, you ready?
Why not?
Can we talk in private?
Come in my office.
Everything okay?
Look, I'm trying here.
I'm not trying to be
BFFs or anything.
It's personal.
You wouldn't want
to be involved.
Rock the boat.
Boat's already rocking.
Is it the same thing?
You know?
I've always known.
You haven't fixed it?
Too many things to fix.
Low priority.
We haven't been talking,
but it's got to start somewhere.
I could help you, you know.
We could help each other.
Then you won't feel indebted.
Good job.
Thanks Mr. N.Yeah.
We'll talk again soon, Brianna.
Don't forget what I said.
You really would help me?
I said I would.
You said a lot of things.
Double driven. You know?
I'm not hopeful.
Hope is all we have right now.
Like I said,
I think this could be
the start of something
new, a fresh beginning.
For everyone.
I don't know.
I got a lot going on. Yeah, right.
You don't know me!
Enough to know you have time.
It's been long enough.
Meet me here.
Safety zone!
I guess we can try.
Okay, then.
Step one.
MAMA: Lord have mercy.
I am about to stick my
foot all up in this.
I have to work again
tomorrow. Boy.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm!
Ain't nothing like the good cooking
of a woman who loves Jesus.
We're studying the dynamic of
family in sociology, Mama.
Oh, really, is that right?
Well, tell me.
What does the school book say
that the good book can't?
Well, we're talking
about family and
the connection of roles
and how the lack
of socialization within a unit.
American studies
show that American families
are just not happening anymore.
Any, more.
Roll those eyes again.
It's very interesting.
Do you know that out of
eight of my homegirls,
only two of them have parents
that are still together?
That's because they
don't value the home.
Do not value the importance of
sitting down together each evening
and reconnecting.
Well, back in my day,
it was a given.
You'll get whooped silly
if you missed supper time.
Oh, that's right! You would get whooped
for disrespecting the family that way.
What do you know
about respect, Levi?
Oh, he knows, son. He knows.
I'm asking Levi!
Here's your pills, Mama.
Go on, pass those
to your grandma.
Dressing it up don't make
it a thing you, know?
Anyways, um,
I asked my friends if they all sit
and have dinner with their families.
And they had some
interesting stories.
You know, this gathering
is a bit archaic.
You know, a TV dinner in front
of a box don't make a family.
Silent gatherings don't either.
Are you okay, Levi?
Yes, ma'am. I'm fine.
Got anything else you
like to say there, Levi?
LEVI: No, sir. Huh?
No, sir. What's that?
No, sir.
I'm proud to announce that
this Saturday, I'm sorry, this Sunday,
I'll be serving for the pastor.
Seem to me it ain't the
pastor who needs protecting.
I think it's actually
a great thing.
And I can assure you
that me and the family
will make sure that
we're there on time
ready to support you.
It's the least we can do.
Go on and take
your pills, Mother.
Mama is fine.
No, no need to fuss.
Everything's perfect.
Search me
Oh, God
Know my heart
Trust me
I am trying!
This is trying?
Get over yourself.
See the chord in your
hand, an open chord.
These are the
corresponding notes.
This sucks.
But you gotta get this right or
Nordoff is going to kick you out,
so it has to sink in.
No, stop.
That's not right.
It's better,
but it's not what's on the page.
Are you making it up?
Sounds better, anyway.
Not the point.
You have to read the notes.
Good. Now, play it.
You need to feel it more though.
Thank you, child.
You welcome, Mama. Oh, thank you, child.
Whoo, Lord, yes.
Ain't nothing 'bout the good
book say anything about smoking.
let me indulge
in my prevention from
insanity in peace.
It's enough judgment
going on around here.
Like the pastor said to me once,
it ain't a sin,
you just get to heaven faster.
Lord knows that's gonna
happen soon enough.
Not like this family
needs some more drama.
I think she's got it.
Thank you is always nice.
So, um,
show me what you been playing.
No, no, no, that's not right.
You gotta break the chords up.
At times I get discouraged
Thinking God forgot my name
And I wonder
what's my purpose
But doubt brings
so much shame
Could I part the
seas like Moses?
Or conquer giants
with just a stone
Am I worthy of his grace?
Will he ever call me home?
Then I heard my
Jesus sing out
He's the way
the truth and the light
My God can do all things
For he made the sacrifice
I am Elijah
I am a fighter
I'll go to heaven on
the chariots of fire
'Cause my God is power
My God is ours
He'll break the idols
and the chains
And take me higher
'Cause I have heard God
And I have sinned
Yes, I have idols
I have scars
And addictions
But by your love, God
You called my name
And I am saved
I am saved
I am Elijah
I am a fighter
I'll go to heaven on
the chariots of fire
'Cause my God is power
My God is ours
He'll break the idols
And the chains
and take me higher
I am Elijah
I am a fighter
I'll go to heaven on
the chariots of fire
'Cause my God is power
My God is ours
He'll break the idols
and the chains
And take me higher
You are Elijah
You are a fighter
He'll break the idols
and the chains
And take you higher
You two really have
something here.
Thanks, Mr. Nordoff.Yeah.
Enough to keep you in the group.
For now.
Keep it up.
How about that thank you?
Good job, Bri.
Hey, you guys,
that song is amazing.
Definitely keep on
working on that.
The other song,
it's going to be amazing.
It's gotta be big for
the showcase. So,
we got to come clean
about what we're doing.
Everyone's gonna freak.
Uh, not that I care.
I just have to worry
about my dad.
He's fragile.
Oh, yeah?
It's been hard on him.
Can I ask?
If it's cool and all.
There can be things that we don't
have to talk about, you know.
That's cool, too.
Man, Bri, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
That's just it.
No one ever talks about it.
It's like,
time stopped and I, you,
everyone kept going forward,
but life, you know.
I get it. Do you?
I mean,
of course you do.
You lost so much.
How can you even look at me?
Help me do what we're doing?
God driven.
Forgiveness has
to start with me.
For him. Not the same.
Look at me.
None of this is your fault.
None of this is my fault.
Been locked into that day.
But it doesn't have
to define today.
Not anymore.
This has to stop.
It's not healthy for anyone.
It's the only way to
move forward.
It's like I keep
hearing at church.
If you don't forgive,
it's just going to eat
you up inside.
This thing just keeps growing.
It's like a cancer.
And it's killing everyone.
You checked out!
I've had no one to talk to.
Everybody checked out.
I lost.
I even lost you.
Come here.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
He would have wanted it.
Just let it out.
Just let it go.
LUCIA: Mama, what's up?
Devil got a foothold, child.
One drop gonna ruin us all.
What are you talking about?
Where's Mama?
Whatever. Where's my mother?
Guess the Lord getting
ready to do something.
Because he's been so
faithful until now?
Girl, you don't know
until you know.
You think the good Lord gonna
let us just sit here and die?
He loves you too much, child.
Yeah, whatever.
Now, that may work on your
mama but it don't work on me,
and if I was quick enough...
Yeah, I heard it before.
Well, you gonna hear it again
unless you get it twisted.
It ain't me twisted. You sure about that?
Lost your mind, haven't you?
Ow, Mama, okay.
Stupid is the
devil's playground.
What's that boy thinking?
Boys think?
Extra cheese?
Don't put none of that
pineapple on there.
Lord knows if God
wanted fruit on a pizza
he'd have dropped
it from a tree.
Okay, Mama.
Hi, I'd like to order
the extra-large.
Oh, the trip was crazy.
You already prayed?
I don't get it. Why now?
Something must have set her off.
She was finally getting
back to herself.
Sure she was, darling.
You know what?
Unfortunately, I have
a work emergency.
So I'm gone head
back to the office.
You sure you don't want
to check up on her, Dad?
You trying to start
something with me, boy?
No, sir.
I'll get a tray.
You bring it upstairs to Mom.
Boys are dumb.
Keep the faith, darling.
Good Lord sees it all
and he loves us just the same.
Dang it. I said no pineapple.
That's not pineapple, Mama.
That's artichokes.
It's good for you.
Well, where in the blazes
kind of place
did you order something
like this from
that they would put
something like this on here?
Next you'll have
mayonnaise to dip it in.
Maybe ketchup, but not mayo.
Let's not get crazy.
Already there, baby doll,
already there.
You know, Levi?
The elevator may not always
go to the top floor,
but you got the goings on of
what make a fine man.
I'll take it to her, but you
know she's not going to eat it.
Well, baby, it's just the
thought that counts.
Giving her some love,
that's all.
Back in my day,
I could have been
a master pastor.
But I didn't have all the right
body parts to fit the bill.
Whole new world, Mama.
Aw, not my world.
I'm ol' school, baby.
You know, if the pipes a-knocking,
don't bother rocking.
Something like that.
You got some lyrics
in you, Mama.
Oh, I got a whole
lot in me, child.
That's where all this
noise coming from.
Hurry up, boy. Get me outside
because I'm about to blow up.
Yes, ma'am. I'm gonna explode.
Don't let the lady gas
upset you.
Girl, don't pretend
you don't see me.
And I won't pretend you
didn't see me smoking.
Little girl, I've known you
since the day you were born.
Then why wouldn't you have been
talking to me this whole time?
Now, see, you got
something there.
Yeah, blood is thicker
than water.
Blood spilling gets thicker
than water, too.
Meaning, it gets tangled with
the water and it can't flow.
Nothing to do with you and me.
When you were a little baby,
you would fall down and not cry.
Then jump back up again.
I'm not a baby anymore.
You sure ain't.
Look at you. All grown.
But you still sucking on
that stick like a little baby.
You the pot or the kettle?
Oh, see, there you go.
There you go. [LAUGHS]
Spunky baby B. I missed that.
What you doing with a mouth
full of peanut butter anyway?
Ain't no cooking going on over
there since your mama left?
Nothing to cook.
Ain't nothing much going
on over here, either.
Somebody dropped artichokes on my
pizza today, ungodly decision.
Artichokes are good for you.
Everybody keep telling me that.
Those aren't so good.
Everybody keep telling
me that, too.
But what they don't know is crying
about it ain't good for they health.
You're so tough.
Take one to know one.
You think I'm tough?
One drop toughens up your skin.
You've been telling
me that for a while.
Get your math right, though.
Some of the blood
left you when she left.
But don't listen to the rants
of an old woman.
I just call it like I see it.
Life too short to play
make believe.
I missed you, Mama.
Private party?
No, just keeping me company.
Giving me wisdom, you know?
I sure do.
This poor girl wasting away on
PB and J without the J.
Why don't you take her on inside and
get her some of that gas pizza?
Lord knows I'm done with it.
No, that's fine.
Now, shut now, you already
said you like it.
We gonna put your money where
your mouth is, huh?
Thanks, Mama.
Oh, I can hold my own.
Most of the time.
Oh, Lord.
How's ya...
Ya pa, child?
Okay. Don't lie.
We all lie.
Isn't that what we do now?
From your mouth to God's ears.
He's fragile.
So are we all.
He just wears his
on the outside.
The meds help.
They make him tired.
He had to take a different job.
The partial disability helps.
We get by.
At least the house is paid for.
But that's probably TMI.
He got that TMI? That's one
of them new diseases?
It means too much
information, Mama.
Both of y'all.
Didn't say anything.
Since when anybody gotta speak
to say anything around here?
But it is nice to see you two
back together again.
Glad you're happy about it.
Lincoln is rejoicing, too,
with Jesus.
Yeah, that's right, I said
his name out loud.
'Bout time somebody started to.
Not healthy, all this
silence around here.
Oh, Lord.
Both ends starting
to reject it now.
I should've stuck with
that fruit pizza.
Come on, Levi, get me on inside before
I explode out here on this porch.
Yes, ma'am. Lord have mercy.
I'm telling you.
Child, back in 1960...
No, no, that's all good.
No need to share.
That's TMI, right?
Come on. You can bring
my walker in behind me.
Yes, ma'am.Okay.
There is a slight chill in the air
as you heard from Raindrop Bob
in his report.
So get ready, looks like
there is a storm coming.
In other news, two youth
in North Carolina
are brought to trial for pushing
a young girl down a storm drain.
Authorities are calling it
a hate crime.
Bri, whatever is said right
now, just stay out of it, okay?
What the hell is going on here?
Dad! Get in the car.
No, Dad. Get in the car!
Dad, wait!
So this is what got
your mother upset?
I don't know is it? What are
you doing on a Saturday night?
This ain't over.
This part is.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Had to happen eventually.
I'm so sorry, Levi.
It's all good.
No, it's not.
There's no excuse for that.
Not that.
But the rest.
Just feels good to be free.
Enough to write a song about it.
Let's do it.
Hey, Dad!
Hey, Bri.
Wow, you sound happy.
You know what? I think I am.
Nice change, huh?
Very nice. Say, can you
help me with this?
Wonder Girl.
Wonder Woman, Dad.
Not 14 anymore.
Oh, yeah?
Uh, we're good
on milk and stuff.
I went to the store and...
Sometimes I just wish
she were here, you know?
She could talk to you
about things I...
I don't know how
to talk to you about.
She sucked at it anyway.
You're doing great.
In fact, uh,
you're doing so great
I want to talk to you
about something.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I don't know about that,
but what's up?
You know I'm here for you.
And I'm here for you.
How would you feel about
going to a counselor?
Well, uh...
Look, I mean, I know
they're nice, but you know,
I'm already taking
too many pills and
I'm shaky, I need to
focus at work.
I was thinking maybe
not that kind of counselor.
Just someone you can
talk to one on one
without having to be
prescribed something.
I was talking to Levi and...
You mean you were
talking to Levi?
When? No, Dad, it's okay.
He talked to me first.
We sort of came to
an understanding.
We've even been
writing music together.
And he's been teaching me
to read music.
It's pretty cool.
To have someone to talk to.
he told me about
this gal at his church.
She's a pastor but also
a licensed counselor.
He said she helped
him through a lot.
And I met with her too,
and she's pretty cool.
Did you tell her about me?
About what happened?
It's not her place to judge.
It would really
help you, you know?
Talk to someone.
Don't I have to go
to church there?
No. It's totally for
anyone who needs help.
Three or four on that day.
Three, Dad.
Oh, yeah.
Anyway, um,
I spoke with her and she's totally
open to meeting with you.
I even made you an appointment.
I can cancel it
at any time or you can,
but I hope,
I pray you'll consider it.
I haven't been to church
in a long time, Bri.
Doesn't mean you don't believe.
You have her wit. I missed that.
Please, Dad, talk to someone.
Please, Dad.
It'll help. I'm tired, Bri.
Okay, um...
I will seriously think about it.
Thanks for thinking of me.
I'm always thinking of you, Dad.
Singing about me?
Everything seems to come up
in a song one way or another.
I'll get it, Mom.
Do we have to wait for
Daddy or can we go ahead?
I think you know this stranger.
Aren't you gonna welcome baby B into
your house like you would any guest?
It took a lot for her to trust
to come through this door.
let me go and, uh,
set another place
setting for you.
She can sit next to me.
Come here, Bri.
Follow me.
It's not you, B.
She just waiting on Daddy
to show up and pray.
Every night we wait seven minutes or
at least until the food gets cold
in hopes that he
is going to show up.
Every night, every day.
Tick. Tock.Lucia.
The truth hurts, Mother.
Go ahead.
LEVI: Father God,
thank you for your grace,
your mercy and your hope.
Thank you for our
guest today, Lord.
Bless the food to
nourish our bodies.
In Jesus' name...
ALL: Amen.
Mama. I'm a growing woman.Mmm-hmm.
You practicing at being grown. Now,
I don't know about the rest of it.
Ha, ha. Mama got jokes.
Anyway, what did you learn
in school today, child?
That Suzanna Moore is a liar
and a boyfriend stealer.
Can't steal what ain't
available to you, honey.
I didn't know. Nobody told me.
Everybody knows that, Lucia.
Doesn't matter. She had a nice
little surprise in her locker today.
Oh, my. LUCIA: Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, she was crying
and fussing on.
Kicking and screaming.
They had to escort her out.
MAMA: Well, serves her right.
If she not guilty.
Oh, she's guilty.
Right, Bri?
Uh, I mean,
kind of obvious,
but I'm not sure.
What are you talking about?
She made out with half
the football team.
Ooh, child.
Just half.
The other half is
the basketball team.
MAMA: Oh, no, child.
Now that's what you call, back in
my day, a lady of many colors.
Is that why they called you
colorful back in the day, Mama?
MAMA: Oh, you stop that, girl.
Hush now.
Don't be spreading
that rumor around.
Back in my day, now, I was...
Bootylicious! LUCIA: Bootylicious!
What the hell is
going on in here?
Shut up, Margaret.
Dad. You shut up, too.
Someone tell me why
she at my dinner table.
Marcus. I said shut it up.
LEVI: Dad, stop.
Someone better tell me
why she's at my dinner table.
Maybe I should go. No!
You're not going anywhere.
It's always like you, Levi.
Getting in business that
don't belong to you.
Stirring things up.
This is my house.
And this is my table.
Woman? Mama?
It's mother.
It's your table?
Hmm? It's your table?
Look at you.
You disgust me.
I'll do what I have to do.
But no more.
No more!
No more dealing with
this false pretending!
False pretending.
Don't you freaking even fix
your mouth to Margaret me.
You dirty, slimy dog.
I had enough!
I gotta,
I gotta, I gotta,
I gotta stand here
and watch her sit in
my dead son's chair.
He ain't sitting here
smiling. She is!
Get up!
And you.
Just say whatever you want out of
your mouth like it doesn't affect me.
And then you.
I'm talking to you, Levi.
Yeah, you're not going
to get off easy either.
Golden boy.
I got to watch you giggle it up.
Like it's a joke.
And bringing her here.
And Mama, you go ahead and
you look off into the sunset.
The first time in how many years
that your mouth is finally quiet?
But you know what? Most
of all I'm tired of you.
You disgust me in so many ways.
You know why?
'Cause you left me here
to grieve
the death
of my son
all by myself,
while you went out there and
entertained every woman you could.
You're disgusting.
You're not a man!
I can't take it anymore.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Mama, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean it.
I'm sorry. I love you.
I love you, Mommy.
LUCIA: I'm so sorry.
MARGARET: Oh God, please.
I just want my baby back.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
Who the hell do you
think you are
bringing her up
in here like that?
Whatever it is
it's ten times more than
the man you'll ever be.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I'm going to get her
out of here right now!
Stop! Somebody stop them.
Somebody stop them.
BRI: Dad!
Don't you come back
in here again.
Don't you come back.
Get your hands off of her.
Come back here. Huh? Huh?
Go! Get out of here.
LEVI: Are you okay? Dad!
No, stay back.
BRI: No, stop!
You want some of me, Steve?
You're killing him!
Stop! Please!
Let him go. You want to know what's
wrong with me?
You got the nerve to ask
what's wrong with me?
You know darn well what's
wrong with me.
You killed my boy.
LUCIA: Let him go! You killed the one that
carried this family.
You killed the one
that was good.
Then you sitting there like you
all good and you're sorry.
But sorry doesn't
bring him back!
I'm going to break
your neck, Steve!
LEVI: Let him, let him go.
You're killing him!
You want to try
your father, huh?
Stop! You're a big man now?
You want to come at
your father like that?
I never did like you.
LUCIA: Daddy, stop.
No, Dad.
I'm going to take your head off!
Dad, stop!
You need to get
control of yourself.
I wish it was you that day
that got hit with that car.
Oh, my God. You should have been the one.
I wish
you were dead!
No, no!
Oh my God. Levi.
Daddy why? Oh, my God.
Mama, what did I do?
What did I do, Mama?
Well, Mother, when you done cutting
up out here with the youngins,
come on in, 'cause
dinner's almost ready.
All righty.
All right.
And, Bri, of course you
know you're welcome to stay.
Yeah, baby.Thanks.
Now, where was I?
Oh, yeah, skating. That's
easy, even a girl can do it.
Hey! Bri, I guess I'll show...
That girl
shouldn't be on that board though,
should she? She gone kill herself.
She can handle her own, Mama.
All righty.
Look, I can't take this anymore.
You can't take it? Where are you going?
You going to see her?
I can't take you anymore, Sara.
Now just stop it and let me go.
Daddy, where you going?
I gotta get away for a while,
Bri, I'll be back.
Run away, Steve.
Just run away from
your responsibilities
just like you always do.
Oh, fine. Run away,
you son of a bitch!
I can't take it, all right?
Go! Bri, watch out!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Somebody had to release the
devil's foothold around here.
Lord, hear my prayer
And your righteousness
Listen to my cry for mercy
Bring me belief
And answer my grief
Savior come quickly to me
Do not bring me
To your judgment seat
For no one is
righteous before you
All my hope
Is in you
You know, it's about
time I quit you.
I'm gonna miss you a little.
Time to put you down.
What? Nothing.
Just time you stop wallowing.
Started acting neighborly again.
Been a long time since
I sat on this swing.
Feels good. Yes, it does. Mmm-hmm.
Mama always know better.
You know, baby, it was time.
Doesn't make it all better.
Hasn't that poor child
been in pain long enough?
And haven't you?
So why don't you go on over there and
make amends, 'cause it sound like
what was said needed
to be said a long time ago.
Go on over there
and make amends, child.
Don't let that devil get
all up in here no more.
I love you, Ma.
Hi, Brianna.
I brought something to eat
for you and your father.
It's not much and
I know it doesn't make up for
what happened, but I just figured
you know, maybe you guys would
want something warm to eat.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
I offended you,
and you ask me if I'm okay.
I... I didn't mean those things
I said about you, Brianna.
That was hate talking.
Not God.
For three years I sat there and I
set a place setting for Lincoln.
In my mind, he was coming back.
I thought I would see him
running through the door,
telling me a funny joke.
He always does.
Then sit down and take his
place next to his brother.
But last night, when I saw
you sitting in his setting...
Lincoln saved you, Brianna.
He saved you.
My boy is a hero.
He's a hero.
And I can't be
a happier mother.
I want you to know that.
And I'm sorry.
I'm just, I'm so, so sorry.
I just need you to forgive me.
I just need you to forgive me.
I forgave you a long time ago.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna miss you.
maybe just one more.
LEVI: It isn't a hit.
But you may get it in a catalog.
I knew you missed me.
Ow! I'm sorry. Too soon?
No, just giving you a bad time.
How are you?
I'm good.
Teachers let me make up all my
school work, so that's good.
Dang, should've thought of
this a long time ago.
He's got jokes now?
What else is going on?
Well, Dad's out of jail, but Mama
won't let him back in the house.
If she ever does.
Skirting around a lot
as Mama puts it.
That's a deep wound to heal.
So, how are the songs coming?
Is that all you can think about?
but I been sitting in the past
for way too long.
Lucia's thinking about
joining the dance squad.
I think she has a good chance.
I know she does.
Your mom's been
bringing us meals every day.
I heard that rumor. Got broken
bones, not a broken brain.
Not any more broken
than it was before.
How are the songs coming?
Jeez, one track mind.
I haven't written anything.
You stopped writing?
That's dumb.
Not as dumb as you inviting
me to dinner that night.
Not to sound like a jerk,
but I didn't invite you.
I mean, I would have.
But it wasn't me
that invited you.
But I got the note.
I saw it underneath my door when
I came home from the store.
It said, "Come to dinner.
All clear."
It wasn't me.
Then who?
Dang it, Mama. She's such a...
Takes one to know one.
So, what about the music?
Yeah, what about it?
Welcome back, Levi.
You ready to get to it?
I am so ready, sir.
You think it's a good idea?
I think it's the best
timing ever.
Mama, Lucia, and even Mama
is going to be there.
It's going to be so much fun.
I hope my dad can come.
How's he holding up?
He took a real hit.
He's been out of work
for two weeks.
His nerves are shot.
The meds don't help.
Just... I know.
Dads are the biggest struggle.
Lord, I hope I don't
end up like that.
That's where free will
comes in, boy.
Too good of an imitation.
Kind of spooky.
MAN: All right, so what do you
guys call a bagel that can fly?
A plane bagel.
MC: That was great.
That was great.
That was great. Thank you.
Thank you, guys, for coming
out to this showcase of some
of our best talent.
We would like to conclude the
evening with one final song.
This song is special.
It's been a rough few years.
But with our faith in God, we've
learned that all things are possible.
We never knew we would
be up here playing together.
You see, we've been neighbors
since we were born.
Yeah, he's been bugging
me for years.
But it's hard to be
bugged by somebody that's
as beautiful as this lady
has become right here.
ALL: Aw!
But seriously, this
is for our friend.
Our brother, Linc.
He's no longer with us.
But we know where he is.
We miss him.
But we also know that we
will see him again.
This is for you, Linc.
Your sacrifice paid the price
For all of me
Your sacrifice paid
STEVE: I tried.
For all of me
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I need
I need
Oh, yes, I do
I need
I need you, Jesus
I need you, Jesus
Your sacrifice
paid the price for
All of me
All of me
All of me
Your sacrifice paid the price
For all of me
Paid the price
All of me
So show me your face, God
Give me your grace, God
Show me your face, God
Show me your face
Give me your grace, God
Give me your grace, God
Show me your face
Show me your face
Give me your grace, God
Your sacrifice paid the price
For all of me
You paid the price
All of me
Yes, he did yes, he did
Your sacrifice paid the price
For all of me
All of me
All of me
Show me your face, God
Show me your face, God
Give me your grace, God
Show me your face, God
Show me your face, God
Give me your praise, God
I need
I need
Show me your face, God
Give me your grace, God
Dad, what's wrong?
Do you need to sit?
No, I'm fine.
Bri, I haven't been fine
in a long time.
It's like God reached down and
pulled a mask off my face.
Sweetheart, I was
just about to...
Jesus, please forgive me!
I was so caught up in my guilt.
If I hadn't cheated
on your mother...
If I kept my composure, then
Lincoln would still be here.
It's okay, Dad.
He saved you from me
and my selfishness.
He stepped out when
I was about to...
How can I ever repay him?
Lincoln saved you.
Oh God, please help me.
I'm so sorry.
BRI: You can't repay him.
But you can thank him someday.
In the meantime, you can honor
him by how you move forward.
Mom's gone, Dad.
You are stronger than you think.
You stayed.
You have so much strength.
You just need to activate it.
You are so strong, Bri.
That's just it. I'm not.
It's who is in me that is.
In my own strength, I'm so
weak I can't handle anything.
God saved me that day
because he wasn't done with me.
He's not done with you, either.
I need you!
I need you.
Let's both get on with life.
No, no minor chords.
Don't be so major about it.
You're so pun-y!
That was so lame.
I know. My brain's fried
from all these chords.
You want to take a break?
Not what I meant,
but I'll take it.
Hold this.
Don't start something you
can't finish, little sister!
Hold your water, child.
Looking all fine for his woman.
Mama, trust me.
That's what you said 22 years ago when
he walked up here the first time.
Well what's up, man child?
Hi, Mama.
Hello, Margaret.
I think I'm just gonna go inside,
see what's shaking on the wheel.
Look like God not done
with you yet, my son.
I'm not done with
him yet either, Mama.
Oh, that's a good answer.
Good answer, boy.
Good, good answer.
Oh, God is good all the time.
Yes, ma'am. All the time, God is good.
Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed.
I gotta go practice
for my Vegas bus trip.
You know, on the wheel,
big money, big money.
Gloria be in the bathroom
all the time,
so I can't be doing that.
You know? Y'all go on.
Mama, Mama. This is for you.
All right, now.
Mind if I have a seat?
Oh, I didn't say you
could have a seat.
You can have a seat.
Yeah, it seems like I forgot
a lot of things.
I been working with
a counselor at church.
But all I'm asking for now,
Margaret, is for you
to give me a chance to
show you I've changed.
You know, Levi has been
pleading your case, too.
I don't know why.
I know it's hard to go
back to that night.
It was pain that led me down that rabbit
hole that I thought I couldn't get out of.
All the extra I tried
to fill it with didn't
heal the hurt
that was within me.
Like Levi said,
we've been working
out him and I.
He says, "Pop, you gotta
let the pain go"
"if you going to move forward."
And now I...
When Lincoln died,
a part of me died.
You know we all
had those thoughts.
Who should have been
the one to take the loss?
I took so much for granted.
You know what my
mother would say?
You just buttering my toast.
She would. She would say that.Mmm-hmm.
I miss Mama.
I miss you.
I want to earn your heart.
And your love.
I mean...
You'll always have a special
place in my heart.
Just don't know if I can
trust you with it again.
I deserve it.
But I'm not going to lose you.
Not forever.
Well, I have a gut feeling that
you really mean that, too.
I need to go put these
in some water.
You, uh,
mind if I wait?
For you?
You can stay for dinner
if you want to.
It's only pizza.
MAMA: And none of that
fruit or weird anchovies
or artichoke things
that make you pass gas.
I can't take it.
Just a plain pie.
Please, that's all an old
woman is asking for!
All right, Mother.
Thank you, child.
Can we buy... E! Always
order an E, you fool.
How'd they even get
you on this show?
What do they do, pick these
people up off the streets?
I'll be back.Okay.
Just got to do the extra step.
I'll be here.
Oh, my God.
Hey, baby girl.Hi.
Are you staying for dinner?
Your mom invited me.
Yes! Score.
Hey, Steve.
Hey, Marcus.
Look, uh...
We don't have to
do this, Marcus.
Yes, we do.
We have to do this.
And we're going to do this.
You got my back?
I got your back, man.
I got your back.
And your family's, neighbor.
Neighbor. Come here, man.
All right. You got it.
I'm not gonna help you. No, no, no,
no, no, unless we do my car next.
You're all right. All right.
Oh, God is good all the time.
All the time, God is good.
Oh, Jesus
Thank you, Lord
Thank you, Lord
Oh, Jesus
Thank you
There are times
I get discouraged
Thinking God forgot my name
And I wonder
what's my purpose
But doubt brings
so much shame
Could I part the seas
like Moses
Or conquer giants
with just a stone
Am I worthy of his grace?
Will he ever call me home?
Then I heard
my Jesus sing out
He's the way,
the truth and the light
My God can do all things
For he made the sacrifice
I am Elijah
I am a fighter
I'll go to heaven
on the chariots of fire
'Cause my God is power
My God is ours
He'll break the idols and
the chains and take me higher
Though Elijah was a prophet
He was just a man
God used him for his glory
Through his brokenness
And God is fighting for us
Whoever calls upon his name
For he qualifies the cause
And loves to teach the same
Then I heard
my Jesus sing out
He's the way, the truth
and the light
My God can do all things
For he is the sacrifice
I am Elijah
I am a fighter
I'll go to heaven
on the chariots of fire
'Cause my God is power
My God is ours
He'll break the idols and
the chains and take me higher
And I've heard God
And I have sinned
Yes, I have idols
I have scars and addictions
But by your love, God
You called my name
And I am saved
I am saved
I am Elijah
I am a fighter
I'll go to heaven
on the chariots of fire
'Cause my God is power
My God is ours
He'll break the idols and
the chains and take me higher
You are Elijah
You are a fighter
He'll break the idols and the
chains and take you higher