Respect the Jux (2022) Movie Script

Its never a surprise when a great idea
to make money doing something bad
goes from good to fucked-up.
One minute youre robbing everybody.
Making money, paying bills,
fancy cars, women.
-Then boom!
Just like that.
Everything blows up.
And youre running for your life.
-[Cat] Or at least your freedom.
What the fuck happened?
-Boy had a gun.
-A gun?
Where he get a gun?
Yo, Cloud, you never search him?
Yeah, I searched that motherfucker!
So how the fuck him get the gun then?
-The fuck should I know?
-Cha bomboclaat, man!
Yo, let's leave. Yo, let's leave.
-What about him?
-You a fuck up,
so you fucking finish him off!
-What do you mean, finish him?
-Let me show you!
-[Cloud] Holy fuck!
You want to join him?
You can leave with us,
or you can die with him.
Your turn!
-Finish him!
-He's already fucking dead.
No, he's not dead until you shoot him.
Finish him.
Yo. Shoot him, Cloud.
My name is Nigel Malone.
But everyone calls me "Cat."
I came to the US to escape
the madness of my home country.
Well, at least that was the plan.
But like they say about plans,
its only good until it goes wrong.
Where the money?
There's no money.
What you mean? Where it at?
Cloud fucked up.
He left the boy strapped.
He never search the boy.
You blaming me for this shit?
Pussy, what you say?
Anyway, Bandit had to shoot him.
After that, we clean up and clear out.
We never have time
to search for the bread.
That's the second body
this month! Bloodclaat!
[Cat] We have to shut down
and relax until things cool off.
Where I come from,
opportunity comes in the form of a talent,
or making life and death choices.
Now, unless youre crazy,
who wakes up and says,
"I want my life to revolve around prison
-and death choices"?
-Rassclaat, my phone, I left me phone.
[Cat] No one.
Its all about environment
and the opportunities it presents.
[upbeat music]
God, I'm going to miss him.
Carol, baby, stop the crying.
Going to have to be a big girl
for Mommy now, you know.
Cat, you no see
your mommy, big man, right?
You have to be a big boy and take care
of your sister for me, you hear?
-But, Mommy, you know she don't listen.
-Shut up.
Behave yourself, and you're going
to listen to your brother, you hear me?
The two of you look at me
right now. Look at me.
I'm your mother
making a promise right now.
I'm going to America, but I will
send for you soon, I'm not leaving.
[Cat] At this point, it's all white noise.
Standing here listening
to my mother saying goodbye.
And than watching her walk out the door
to get on a plane heading to New York.
All in the name of the American Dream.
[scoffs] Thats what's
being sold everyday.
The chance to get rich, live better.
And coming from
a third world country, shit.
People are willing to do whatever
it takes, even if it means...
...leaving their children behind.
[upbeat music]
Where you go, little boy?
Don't you see it's all grown man there?
What? Girl, move out of the way.
Wait, you turn big man?
What is this?
Me not a big man. Me a big boy, now move.
I'm going to tell your aunty on you.
You can go right now.
[Cat] I dont know about anywhere else.
But in Jamaica,
its God then comes the Don.
Everything go through him.
Even politicians to get local votes.
You want opportunity,
you get in good with the Don.
You want to be dead,
you get in bad with the Don.
What the bloodclaat, doing on the road?
What is going on?
Not a shit.
[General] Hold on.
You cursing and your mother beat you
and almost killed you
the other day, for cursing?
And you come curse in front of a big man.
You know that she gone out now.
Since your mother gone,
you run the streets now?
Next thing I know you're on the streets,
with the little hot heads.
Make sure you go to school.
Go on with you, get out of here.
True, man.
Go to your yard, man, little boy.
-Why you always playing with me?
-Little boy, go home.
-Little boy, go home.
-You always playing with me.
Come off the ends.
What happen to you, little boy?
Cool, these things you make happen,
General? He needs to go to bed, man.
[suspenseful music]
Yo, let him go. Bloodclaat, let him go.
Bumboclaat, little boy,
I'm going to kill you.
You see nothing?
You see nothing?
You see nothing?
Take out that piece of shit now,
and dump him.
He's still moving?
[Cat] Oh, in case I didnt mention it,
being a don means
that you have to be violent.
Very violent.
Boy, General, we have few
issue to address, you know?
Issue, where the bloodclaat
you get issue from?
Ms. Barry told me
they rob her house, boss.
They rob her house?
Yo, those pussy from Klasco
who rob her house, you know.
Tell her I say, she'll
get back every bloodclaat thing.
I promise she get back everything, man.
And we have a next issue again, you know.
The little batty boy police Mr. Campbell.
Everyday he is asking for more money.
That pussyhole man.
Police boy never kill no man,
but want more money.
We got to start being supreme.
Real supreme.
It's your friend, you should deal with him
because trust me I don't like him.
Tell you the truth,
I don't like that police boy.
What's going with Bragga?
Bragga. Bragga stray too much, man.
Tell Bragga he jux,
so he must respect the jux.
-So what happen to me?
-You have issue too?
Like you didn't learn your lesson yet.
Yeah, man, but we need to make some money.
[General] You need to make some money?
See the Order.
The Order is not just
about making money, you know.
The Order is Brotherhood, Love & Respect.
Loyalty, until you're dead loyal.
-My father told me that already.
-[General] So what?
-You think you ready?
-Yeah, I'm ready.
You ever kill a man yet?
Kill a man? No.
So how you feel like you ready?
I don't know, you know. I just want a job.
Just a job. Job comes with order.
-Kill or be killed.
What do you mean why?
What are you talking about why?
You have to kill to get in.
And you have to die to get out.
Remember I told you that.
Remember that.
You know Mr. Joiner at the gas station?
Who you talking about? The miserable one?
Two of them in there.
I want you to get it straight.
A fat one and miserable one.
The miserable one.
I want you to kill him.
Kill him for what?
For your father.
For my father?
What he did to my father?
That pussy informed on your father,
which is why police killed your father.
You going on like you never knew.
[General] So go kill him.
Kill him.
Remember that. Dead!
[General] Make sure
you shoot him in the head.
[Cat] Now, you have to admit that
the world is a better place
without some people.
And this asshole Mr. Joiner here
is one of them.
What the bloodclaat you
looking for? You have money?
Hurry up, man, 'cause I don't have
all day to look at your face.
Give me one sweetie.
[Cat] Im playing cool,
but this fucking idiot boy
is why my father is dead.
Come here.
-Did you eat?
Eat what?
One sweetie.
One sweetie?
-That's food?
Go and go bathe.
Your dinner's soon ready. One sweetie...
What you cooking, aunty?
Leave your sister. Think I didn't see you?
I said to go bathe!
Yes, aunty.
[Cat] So I figure to do what I have to do.
-I should go to the yard
and hang out
where the neighborhood gangsters
and killers hang out.
Maybe theyll rub off on me.
Give me the courage
to revenge my fathers death.
These guys here are the ones youll see
if you get out of line with the Don.
That is, if he dont
come kill you himself.
And once I get rid of Mr. Joiner,
Ill become one of them.
With that comes power.
Not much,
but some money doing
little jobs here and there.
[reggae music]
What happen to your baby girl?
I'm the link, man.
Nothing don't change at all.
-What going on, Fire?
-Nothing change.
-What going on?
-What going on, juvie, everything good?
Yeah, everything good, man.
Good, man.
Let me ask you a question.
Why is the man still breathing?
I'm just going to feel him out. Get me.
Feel him out. You love, man?
Murder, you have to murder him, you know.
Yeah, man, I'm going murder him,
but you have to murder him
when he drop him guard.
You see, this gangster life you choose,
it's not an easy thing.
You could be dead.
-Trust me, you'd be dead.
-Real talk, man.
It's either your life.
-Or his life.
-His life.
Know what's happening.
You want a drag?
-Yeah, man
-Go where you got to go, watch him.
Like him a big man ready for thing.
Go on like killer, watch it, you know.
He not ready yet, you know.
He feel like him ready.
[Cat] There I was looking for a job.
And ended up with one to kill
in the name of revenge.
Serious shit for a kid.
My father used to say
that when you kill a man,
his ghost is a slave to you until you die.
So my father's ghost
must be a slave to Mr. Joiner.
Its like the ghost is a slave
to his killer, begging to be set free.
But I can set him free.
All I have to do is walk in that store,
pull out the gun and pull the trigger.
But what if Mr. Joiners ghost haunts me?
Now thats scary.
-I don't want no sweetie today.
-What you want?
I want that biscuit there.
Easy now, youth.
It's alright, man.
Just, just take anything you want.
-You inform on my father.
-You kill him.
-No, the police.
You kill him!
[suspenseful music]
[woman screams]
[upbeat music playing]
Come, little Jux, my youth.
Come here, man. Come here, man.
Listen. Good job that you did.
You hold this, man. Keep this, man.
You get me.
Hold that drink.
I'm going give you
something to dance with.
Who that, Pinky?
Pinky, take care of him.
Make a move.
[upbeat music continues]
Man is hard, you know, General.
-I know, man.
-Big man thing, this Cat.
Hot head, you know.
But he have the road hot, B.
So send him to the country.
You and I want to take care of that.
From morning I watch
nothing that is soft, man.
What happen to Angela?
-She there, B.
-She there.
-Here's what you do.
I want you to give her some money.
General, you acting like that's a problem.
You the boss, what you doing, man?
[upbeat music continues]
[Cat] After the shooting,
things got hot for me.
So I was sent away to the country
to stay with a family until it cool down.
Or until they kill the witness.
My aunt didnt even know where I was.
What's going on?
Everything good. Hmm...
My youth, this is your home for a minute.
-Until things cool off.
-So how long is that?
Don't worry yourself.
Everything good, man.
Go on. They will take care of you.
Come on, just go on.
[dramatic music]
Go on, man.
Go on, man.
What's going on, Angela?
Where is Cat?
Don't worry yourself, Cat is good.
Just don't call no police.
-That doesn't tell me where he is.
-I said, Cat good.
Just don't call no police!
And the General boss sent
something for you, you know.
Whole lot of money.
Enough shoes.
Enough new shirts.
I don't want it.
What you talking about?
The boss sent money for you.
You talking about you don't want it?
You mad?
Smile. Don't be late for work,
you know. Hard worker.
Big up yourself. Talis, ready.
[Cat] Ive watched music videos
and heard a lot about America.
How beautiful it is,
how you can get rich overnight.
Become anything you want to be.
The land of opportunity.
They say you have to watch where you go
because the streets are dangerous.
The cops will kill you
for no reason if youre Black.
And everyone is racist.
But above all, you can get rich.
Now who dont want to get rich, huh?
Welcome to America is what
the White man said to me
after he stamped my passport.
Thank you very much.
[mother] Almighty God,
we thank you for this blessed day,
for bringing this family together.
We thank you for bringing my children
all the way from Jamaica to the land
of opportunity here in America.
Almighty God, we thank you for health
and strength and for good living.
In your precious son
Jesus' name, we say Amen.
[Cat] The worst thing about
coming to America as a young adult
is going to school.
Theyll put you back grades,
have you feeling fucking dumb.
Then comes the foreigner
and coconut jokes.
[Ms. Wilson]
Chapter six to include Ms. Haze
on what we have already
encompassed ourselves,
is you don't have to be a
first generation immigrant to...
Excuse us, we have visitor,
hello, Ms. Hall.
Hello, hello, class, working hard I see.
Ms. Wilson,
I want you to meet Nigel Malone.
He's a transfer student from Jamaica.
Hello, Nigel.
It's a pleasure to have you in my class.
You can take that seat right there.
And here, let me give you this.
We are talking about the American Dream,
and how the individual defines it.
Nigel, why don't you have a seat?
That's what chapter six
was about, but moving on.
Today, being born in this country,
you can do anything
you've set your mind to.
It is the American dream,
it's what we are known
around the world to have, right?
The fact is, we live in America,
you're born here, you have the freedom.
-I'm Karen.
Cat? I thought it was Nigel.
[chuckles] Yeah, but I rather Cat.
-[Ms. Wilson] Okay, so...
-Hmm. Okay, Cat.
-[Ms. Wilson] Ah, excuse me.
-It's nice to meet you.
-[Ms. Wilson] Karen?
Would you mind speaking a little louder?
I'm sure the rest
of the class is interested
in what you have to say.
I-- I wasn't saying anything.
[Ms. Wilson] Shawn, what is your view
of the American Dream?
I think the American Dream
should be for Americans.
[Cat] And there you have it.
"Welcome to America, motherfucker."
[bell ringing]
-[girl] Hey, girl.
-[Karen] Hey.
-Need help with that?
Well, what's the combination?
Don't worry, I'm not going to rob you.
-Thank you.
-My pleasure.
-My locker is right here.
-I see you like fucking with coconuts.
-[Karen] You're such an asshole.
-Yeah, is that what you think of me?
-Yo, why don't you back up a little bit?
Stop it, Shawn, come on now.
What, you think you're tough,
because you from Jamaica?
Yo, boy.
Fuck with me and I will gut you.
-My goodness.
Alright, I'm going
to see you again, pussy.
-I will wait for you.
-What the fuck you looking at, huh?
Yo, what's your problem?
Why don't you get off his dick?
Yo, what's going on?
I hear that your yardie say
that you came from Jamaica. That true?
Yo. I am the one they call Bandit.
-This is Ozzie, that's Prince.
-Big up.
-Which part of Jamaica you come from?
-Yeah? Which part of Kingston?
-Kingston 12.
That's where my family come from, dog.
-Supposed to know my uncle then?
-What's his name?
[chuckles] Yeah, man.
I know that man real good, yo.
Yeah, man, that's the boss.
You know that family thing I deal with?
So what's going on?
-So how was school today?
And, you make any friends?
Yeah, met a few youths from yard.
I don't want you mixed up
with them Jamaicans over here, now.
Because all they do is get themselves
in trouble and sell drugs.
Mama tell you something, I didn't send all
the way to Jamaica for you to come here
for you to get yourself in trouble
in these people country.
They will lock you up
and throw away the key.
Carol, I'm not laughing.
This is serious business.
Alright, I will not make
nothing but Yankee friend then.
[mother] They're worst.
All they do is kill each other
everyday over nothing.
Then it is the same thing in Jamaica.
Uh-uh. No, it is not.
It is different.
I raised you to be
a respectable, decent young man.
Who have respect for women.
I raised you to be a real man.
That's how I raised you.
It's not the same.
So what, then?
You want me to keep the Yankee friend
or my Jamaican friend?
It's better you keep the Jamaican friends.
At least you can
trust them a little better
than the Yankee boys, then. Hmm.
[indistinct chatter]
-What the fuck is up now, nigga?
-You don't know me, boy.
Nigga, I told you this shit wasn't over.
Bumbaclaat, the fuck is going on here?
Stay out of this, this shit
ain't got nothing to do with you.
Suck your mother's pussy,
this is my brother.
-You think I ain't going to do nothing?
[upbeat music]
[Karen] That bruise looks bad.
If this looks bad you should've
seen the boy Shawn's face.
-[laughs] Oh, man.
-You crazy.
-He started it.
So do they have burgers in Jamaica?
-They're the best.
-[chuckles] Yeah, right.
I'm serious, Jamaicans invented
the burger. You didn't know?
-What's it made of, oxtail and curry?
-And jerk seasoning.
[both laughing]
You're funny.
Did you go to the college seminar?
Yeah, I went.
And what colleges did you pick?
I signed up for the Marines.
Cat, are you crazy?
As opposed to taking out a loan and going
to college, you rather face death?
People dying today that never died before.
[upbeat music]
Oh, my God!
Look at my son. Oh, God! Look at my son.
-Welcome home.
What's going on?
-Keep this, you know.
This is rice and peas? Taste like
fried rice from the Chinese man.
Cat, she swear she can cook.
Don't bother her too much, man, she tries.
-Yes, baby?
-What you want to talk to me about?
Lord Jesus, Cat, man. That can wait.
-You just came home, man, eat up.
Eat up your food.
I don't think it can wait, Mommy.
She have multiple myeloma.
What's that?
-It's a cancer.
What how come I'm just hearing this?
Cat, sorry you have to
come home to news like this.
[Cat] What are the doctors saying?
They told her she gotta have chemo.
After that, she would need
a bone marrow transplant.
But it's money we are worried about.
The insurance is not
going to cover all of it.
Carol, let's talk about something else,
now, baby, please?
We have to find ways to raise money!
What in the world did I just say, Carol?
[Cat] Come on, Mama, sit down, sit down.
Now that you home,
what do you plan for the baby?
Don't worry about that, Mama.
I'll just go on the G.I. bill
and get a job.
You need to go by to the Fresh Food.
Mr. Brown still working
up there and he is the manager.
He knows all about you, you know.
Because I used to always brag about you.
You're going to send him
to work with that man, then?
You know he is rude and disrespectful.
Everybody know Mr. Brown rude and
disrespectful and turn bad already, Carol.
You can work around it, baby. Go up there.
And if you go up there,
I will let you use the car.
[upbeat music]
[alarm beeping]
-You're up early.
I have to go look for work.
You just got home.
-Can't you rest for a day?
I just found out that my mom's sick.
Oh, my God, what's wrong with her?
She have cancer.
Oh, Cat.
She need money for the surgery
after her chemo treatment.
I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
How can I help?
I don't know.
Were gonna figure it out, okay?
Hey. I love you.
I love you too.
You're hired.
But one slip-up and you're fired.
-Do you understand me?
-Yes, sir.
-Good. Be here at 8:00 a.m. sharp.
-Yes, sir.
You can go.
-You sure you don't want that one?
-Yeah, man, I'm sure.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
Yo. Who this?
The original gangster from the lane.
Bumbaclaat, it's Cat on the phone.
-What's going on, General?
-Big up the g-star.
-Big up the bossman.
Yo, go on play that for me.
Cat, what's going on, my brother?
Ah, everything good, man.
I have to do what I have to do.
Um, how the family?
You know how things are
over here, nothing has changed.
Yeah, man, I know.
Streets will never change.
-What's going on, Bingey?
-I'm here, brother.
You good? Cat is on the phone, you know.
Say hello for me, thanks.
-Yeah, man, Bingey said hello.
-Bless bless.
So you didn't call General?
Nah, I just came home from the Marines.
I am trying to keep things
in order right now.
You should call General, man.
Remember where you come from. Remember
loyalty over everything, you know.
Yeah. I remember, but...
Things tough out there. A real struggle.
A nigga broke.
What you mean you broke?
So why don't you go on a jux, my youth?
You have to respect the jux, you know.
Like we bring you in, you know.
Yo, hold on, hold on.
I did nothing, I did nothing.
I did nothing, I did nothing.
I did nothing, I did nothing.
Ya'll, back up. Back up.
-Hey, dred.
[speaking in foreign language]
-Hold that idiot.
What the fuck this nigga doing here?
The fuck you mean, what he doing here?
I told you it's a three men job,
obviously dude makes four.
Hey, boy, you bugging out. You know.
You need to chill the fuck out.
Not to mention my nephew is official.
I don't give a fuck how
official you say this bird is.
-I don't know him.
You bitch ass nigga,
talking about my family
-after all I have done for you?
Easy, man, calm yourself, brother.
Remember he is only one
with info about the jux.
Remember that you know.
All he is looking for is rent
money, man. Ain't nothing major.
Some bullshit.
Fucking shit.
Nigga, think straight,
and stop acting greedy, man.
We need James to come.
That way the nigga don't see your face.
Alright, but I don't appreciate
ya'll niggas attitude.
Yo, we going to do this or what?
Or you want to get this money?
Alright, bet.
Slime's nephew, walks the dog around nine.
-Ah, what?
-Stay the fuck down,
before I blow both of ya'll brains out.
You. Move your ass over here.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Get the fuck up.
Push him to the bathroom.
Ahh! Thirsty. Hurry up.
Put him in the tub and get in after him.
[suspenseful music]
[Cat] Mama.
-Go lay down.
-Hey, baby.
Going to cook something for you to eat.
I'm not hungry, come.
-Come, I'm take care of you.
-After I cook something.
-Don't worry about it.
-You didn't eat nothing all day.
Don't worry, I will eat at work, come.
You eat a lot of junk food.
Don't worry about it, just come now.
-Ah, baby, I want you to eat, you know.
-I want you to rest.
Alright, bet. That's yours.
-You already know. That's you.
Here you go, papi.
What? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck is this?
Rent money, nigga, that's exactly
what you working for, like he said.
You needed rent money,
-your man got rent money.
-Nah, nah, nah.
-My nephew get full share, homie.
-No, fuck all that.
Y'all motherfuckers said rent money,
that nigga got rent money.
That's what we working with,
that was agreement from the beginning.
Brother. Look like you're
-on some greedy shit, you know.
That's bullshit, y'all said rent money
and that's exactly the fuck he getting.
-Oh, it's like that.
Fuck, okay, okay.
This shit is crazy. Okay, okay.
I'mma give y'all niggas fair.
You want to do it fair, I'mma do it fair.
I don't what the hell
that meant. But make it fair.
["All That Shit" by T-Rifik]
What the fuck this little nigga want?
Yo. What's up, man?
What the fuck you want, nigga?
Whoa. Be easy, sly.
Just wanted to say good looking out, man.
I dont want you to feel no type
of way about me, you heard?
After all the shit yall niggas pull,
get the fuck out of here, man. Faggot.
Alright, whatever, man.
Chill, I'm on deck.
That's it, nigga, that's what you want?
[scoffs] Alright.
[phone ringing]
["All That Shit" by T-Rifik]
-Yo, you see the fight last night?
-I don't have cable.
Me too, went to the bar to watch it.
-I heard it was good.
-Yeah, man, it was good.
-You don't get out much?
-Ah, it's not in my budget.
What's going on here?
Some type of social event or work?
I got a goddam spill in the juice aisle.
You two, get y'all asses there, clean up.
Fucking asshole.
If I didn't need this job,
I swear I would knock him out.
[Shawn] Watch out.
Yo, watch out.
Oh, shit! My nigga, Cat.
Mopping and shit.
Oh, man, this where you work at?
[chuckles] Yo, that's crazy.
You know, I seen your bitch Karen
out in the parking lot, right?
She still looks good, man.
I still wouldn't mind hitting that.
Yo, are you trying to start some
bloodclaat problem at my job?
Nah, man. I ain't-- I'm not
trying to start no trouble.
As a matter of fact, man, you know what?
Today, today I'm in--
I'm in a good mood today, man.
I'm in a really good mood today.
And ah, you know what?
Consider it a peace treaty.
No more beef. Alright?
From me to you. Alright?
Why don't you pick
that shit off the floor?
Bitch broke ass nigga.
You should've kept your ass in Jamaica.
You might've been a manager by now.
You missed a spot.
[Cat] Now here I am swinging a damn mop,
fresh outta Uncle Sam's Marines.
And blowing shit up
in the name of the flag.
My mother is sick, Im broke,
and this piece of shit flashing
and throws money in my face.
What did he think would happen next?
When your back is up against the wall,
it dont take much for someone
or something to get to that turning point.
Trigger you to do some bullshit.
Not because you want to,
but because thats what
the situation calls for.
Disrespect is disrespect,
theres no other way to look at it.
Someone disrespect me,
I do something about it.
[suspenseful music]
Yo, what the fuck is--
Turn the fuck over and put your
bloodclaat hand behind your head.
Alright, man, relax. Relax.
Alright, just relax.
Take whatever you need, man, just take it.
Don't do this man, please.
Just take what you need,
don't kill us, man.
-[girl whimpers]
-[Shawn] Yo, take it, easy, man.
[girl] Get the fuck off me!
Ah! Fuck, fuck.
-[Shawn] She ain't do nothing, man.
-[girl] Damn.
[Shawn] Oh, fuck!
[Cat] Shut up your bloodclaat,
before I kill you and your girl.
-My nose, man.
-Where is the money at?
[Shawn moans with pain]
Again. Where is the
bloodclatt money and jewelry?
-It's in the bottom drawer!
-Which bottom drawer?
[Shawn] The dresser, man.
The bottom drawer.
You fucking with me?
It's under the bottom panel, it's there.
[Cat] Oh!
You're a big man, eh?
Stacks y'all deal with.
This is the kind of jewelry
y'all work with? Eh?
[speaking in foreign language]
-We just got an eviction notice.
And the medical bill is over 30 grand.
She owe 30 grand already?
Where are y'all go?
That is enough for the bills
and pay the rent.
I'll work on something for the surgery.
Oh, bumba... Cat.
Where you get this money from?
Since when you start asking questions?
Just take care of the bills.
-If you say so.
-I have to talk to Mommy.
Come in. Oh, God, Cat.
I don't like it when you see me like this.
Don't worry about that.
Always going to be
the prettiest girl in the world.
You're full of too much sweet talk.
-So, how do you feel?
[sighs] Mama has to
get better and go to work,
don't know how I'm going to do it.
The people up there, some are so racist.
They just work me out.
I'm not saying they all like that, babe,
but you have one old bastard up there.
Jesus, he is the worst.
You have to leave that and rest now.
-And do what?
Let me take care of you
and get you out of the ghetto.
-How you plan to do that?
-Don't worry about it.
-I'll figure it out.
-Yeah? Yeah? [chuckles]
The only thing I need to do
is get better
and go to these people's work.
The American Dream, huh?
Work hard and have nothing to show for it.
What would you like me to do?
You have a better plan?
You want me to go beg?
Or want me to be a thief?
Or you want me to go to the streets
and sell drugs like the dirty Americans?
Which one of them? Huh?
So it's good to live in America
and not be an American?
I have to run.
Hey... Am I late for our date?
Nah, but I can't go,
I have something to deal with.
-Are you serious?
-Promise, this weekend we do something.
-This weekend, what about today?
-I have some things--
-No, no, no, no, forget it, Cat.
-Forget what?
-I was lonely while you were gone,
and I won't be lonely while you're here.
I don't like none of these.
-You didn't like that Jag over there?
-Nah, man.
Need something better than that.
You said you were paying cash, right?
Matter of fact, I got something
that came in just yesterday.
Cost a little bit more and
a little bit different, but...
-You like yellow?
-I'm Jamaican.
[chuckles] Alright, cool, trust me,
you're going to love this one.
I got it right over there.
Take a look with me.
[hip-hop music]
When youre from the ghetto
and you finally get your
hands on that money bag.
You go back to the ghetto
and put on your people.
You only feel right, if youre real.
In my case, you start your own gang.
[hip-hop music continues]
Yo. My youth.
-Come clean my car for me, no?
What the fuck going on here?
Brother, is this you?
Yeah. And we need to talk.
So talk, my brother.
All you have to do is say,
"Fuck this job" and take a ride.
Fuck this job, let's ride.
Alright, come now.
[hip-hop music continues]
[Cat] Read that sign.
[Bandit] "Trust is a luxury
most can't afford.
Betrayal is an act that can't be ignored.
Death may be the result
of ignoring the two."
[Cat] That is what The Order is all about.
As a member, you live and die by it.
This chain here...
...represent the doors
the Order will open for you.
Place your right hand on
the bible and repeat after me.
-I swear to uphold the Order.
-I swear to uphold the Order.
To honor and obey its codes.
To honor and obey its codes.
And to choose death before betrayal.
And to choose death before betrayal.
This bullet will kill you
if you ever betray the Order.
Or kill anyone who betrays the Order.
Give me your right hand.
We are bonded by bloodshed.
And separated only by bloodshed.
[both chuckle]
Welcome to the Order.
-Respect, brother.
-Yeah, dog.
Now we have to get Prince
and Ozzie down with us.
Those boys been robbing for a long time.
-Yeah, man.
Good then, they will fit right in.
Alright, I have a few things lined up,
so we have to move right now.
Alright, I will call them later.
Alright, good.
-[Bandit] Revolver?
-[Cat] Yeah, man.
That way, we never
leave any bullets behind.
Everybody must have the same gun.
That means, if I shoot a man,
everybody has to shoot that person too.
That way, nobody can tell
who killed that person.
Bumbaclaat... Dog.
Alright. Yeah, man.
[upbeat music]
Smell good.
Finish him.
Bandit, my main man.
What do you got for me?
Come in the back. Joe, cover for me.
Where the fuck did you get all this?
-[bird chirping]
-[Bandit] From Jah.
I just like to know
what I am working with.
Listen. All you need to know is that
you cannot sell it in New York, see?
In that case, no fucking problem.
I will send it to my brother in Atlanta.
Keep it up. Bandit, keep it up.
[bird chirping]
Looks like you just bought
yourself a new Rolex, huh?
Talking to dead bodies now?
Looks like the next stop is the pawnshop.
Time to find the killer
who killed the killer.
Talk about job security.
I'm going to call her later.
What else is happening?
Just tell her I borrowed it or something.
Then tell her I won the lottery.
Yo, I have to run.
-What's going on, General?
-What's up?
-I dumped the jewelry on Bobby.
-Nice. What happened to the works?
I got rid of eight to ten bricks
at 32 a pop.
My nephew James, he got the other two.
He going to break them down,
should be done in the next couple of days.
[Cat] Alright.
Good evening, gentlemen,
what can I get for you tonight?
-Uh, get me the same thing as him.
-[waitress] Okay.
And what can I get for you, sir?
-Jerk chicken.
-[waitress] I'm sorry,
but we don't serve jerk chicken here.
-Why not?
-Because this isn't a Jamaican--
Just bring everybody
the same thing I'm having.
Okay, no problem. I'll be back.
-Yo, what happened to James?
-Yeah, I been meaning to talk to you
about putting him down or something.
You like James. Bring him
and let me see where he fits in.
After that, I have a job I have
been working on for a while now.
This man is the middle man
for a Chinese drug dealer.
Customs at JFK signs off
on anything they need.
His problem is he likes fucking strippers
and telling them his business.
[all laughing]
Yo, so let us do this. What's the plan?
Alright, come. I am going to give you
this man's phone number.
Can I help you, gentlemen?
We are looking for this watch.
Nothing like that here.
-Any guns for sale?
-That's illegal in New York City.
And I run a clean pawnshop here.
You know, I bet you never met someone
with superpowers before today.
I look at someone and my powers
tell me this motherfucker is lying.
Hold up, what? It's saying, it's saying
the two guys who walked
out here, before we walked in,
sold you an illegal gun.
So now all I have to do is
get a warrant and find the gun.
Lock you up and put you
out of business for good!
Okay, maybe I have a watch
that looks like that.
You hear that? Maybe he's got
a watch that looks like that.
That's-- May I see it, please?
I'm going to need more than that.
It's just not enough, man.
I mean, all we got
is receiving stolen property,
if he doesn't talk.
I don't think he is going to talk.
We need something
to bring this all together.
You know what?
Go get Paul. Call him in here.
I think I got an idea.
[police siren wailing]
Sir. I need you to step out of the car.
But... why? I'm not coming out
of my bumbaclaat car.
[female police]
Step out of the fucking car, motherfucker!
You, let's go. Phone call time.
Let's go, move it!
I don't got all day, let's go.
[door buzzes]
Yo, let's go!
[hip-hop music]
[hip-hop music continues]
[phone ringing]
Brother. You call me
when I'm in my birthday suit,
and cutting two cakes. [chuckles]
Yo, my dog.
Police have me at central booking.
-For what?
-They pull me over
for some license shit.
And they come tow my car,
so I need a ride, yes?
A lie. Alright.
Ah, cool, hurry up.
I'll step on it.
Like, really, Ozzie? What the fuck?
You really going to get up and leave.
I brought a sexy girl for you
to have a threesome.
Tanya, I have to leave.
Please, don't make her leave.
I will be back soon.
You know what, Ozzie, fuck you!
And don't come back to my house either.
-Could you believe this nigga?
-I love you.
Yo, what you bump me for, nigga?
Pussy, what the fuck you talking about?
[hip-hop music]
Fucking asshole, break that
shit up. Break that shit up.
Sit the fuck down, you fucking animals.
Yo, you two assholes, let's go.
-Get out!
-Bumbaclaat, man.
-What fuck is going on here?
-Come on, man, what the fuck is going on?
That pussy.
Get the fuck out.
You're dead.
Yo, respect. Thanks.
Ain't shit.
Hate when weak ass niggas
need a mob to fuck up one nigga.
Fucking pussy bitches.
Fuck, I want to--
Fucking police boy pull me over.
And took me to the precinct.
Just to find out my license
is not even suspended, dog.
What? That's some bullshit,
you know that, right?
-The boys try to meet their quota.
Yo, listen. Fuck the police!
I want to tell the whole NYPD
to go suck their mother.
Alright. Listen to this.
We have to speed up things
and line up some more jux.
-We have to get some more money.
That's what I want to hear, dog.
Yeah, man.
Look, I'm going to need two more
of you to take care of things.
We already have James, so one
more youth we're gonna need.
Yo, I think I know somebody
who I can bring to the team.
Who is that?
It's a brother I just met
at central booking.
Alright, bring him
so I can meet him first.
-I can page him later.
-Alright, good.
Come on, man.
You know that I smoke smokes
until I'm done.
You can leave with us
or you can die with him?
We have to shutdown and
relax until things cool off.
At this point, things are
way out of control. Fucked up!
We cannot afford to screw this up.
-And where the hell is Paul?
-He is on his way.
-Johnson, call the DA and update them.
-Yes, sir.
[Anderson] I want these guys
off the streets today.
[Cat] It's fight or flight mode
from here on out,
but with the cops involved,
the fight will be with a gun.
If I lose, it's
the cemetery or the courtroom.
Either way, it's not my first choice.
[sirens wailing]
So for now, I have to take flight.
[police] Lock 'em down.
Lock 'em down. Lock 'em down.
[suspenseful music]
[indistinct radio chatter]
He's on the roof coming down.
[police 1] Freeze, don't move.
-[police 2] Shut him down, shut him down!
-Fuck you!
You forced me to commit murder.
This ain't personal, just doing my job.
[Anderson] Damnit, Paul.
Did you have to kill the only suspect?
Any bright ideas?
I think we should
stake out Jameson's wake.
Yeah, I think so too.
[calm music]
Shit! My God, Cat, you scared me.
-I'm sorry.
-[clears throat]
We need to talk.
Nah, Cat, what happen to you?
You changed so much.
I feel like I don't even know you anymore.
I don't even see you anymore and...
...I'm hearing all this
crazy stuff about you.
-Is it true?
-I don't know.
I'm not the one that heard it.
You always know
just what to say, don't you?
-I thought you loved me.
-I love you.
I just have to take care of business
to give you what you deserve.
So now what?
I have to disappear for a while.
-What happened?
-Everything will be alright.
-What happened?
-I just need you to trust me.
-What happened?
When things are good,
I will be back for you.
I promise.
-What's this?
-I will call you on that.
Just go. Just go.
-[knocking on door]
-Okay, okay...
What's going on?
Excuse me-- What's going on?
Why-- What-- What is going on in my house?
[police] We are all clear, man.
Why are you coming
into my house like this?
-Where is your son?
-He is not here!
He doesn't live here anymore.
He's in a lot of trouble. And I want
to bring him in for his own safety,
so you need to tell me where Cat is.
I told you he doesn't live here anymore!
Okay, this is how
this is going to play out.
These guys are Immigration,
they're gonna take you in
because your work visa's expired.
Unless you tell me where Cat is.
I am not telling you nothing
because I don't know nothing.
A mother who loves her son
isn't giving him up to nobody, nobody!
-Take her in.
-Turn around, please.
[crying] Leave me alone!
We don't pride we're still sellin'
You on the wrong shit
Them niggas fires don't tell
'em like who they gon' hit
Just let me know when you gon' spit
'Cause I ain't here barring
through that whole shit
-What's good, Slime?
-Let me talk to you.
Alright, I'll be right back.
[siren wailing in distance]
What's up with you?
Nigga, shit crazy right now.
I'm about to head to L.I., and lay low.
-You should come with me.
I can't, I gotta do
a job with this dude Vill.
Man, fuck that job, nigga, we hot.
We got to get the fuck out of here.
I need that bread, bro.
Look, I got enough bread
for the both of us.
Man, that's your money, I like my own.
Look, let me do what I go
to do and just catch up to you.
Sure that's what you want to do?
Yeah, I'm sure. Trust, I'm good.
Alright, fuck it. Do what you got to do.
But like I said,
I think you should come with me.
-I'm in these streets, you know that.
-Alright, stay safe, alright?
-I'll holla at you. Love.
-One time.
Them niggas fires don't tell
'em like who they gon' hit
[Wilkerson] Hold up, I got somebody.
[Johnson] That's him.
That's our guy. Call it in.
I got a Black male fitting
the description of the suspect.
Alright, everything is set inside.
Hey, Paul. Be careful in there.
Yo, what're you doing here?
Paying my respects.
Yo, you know you took
a fucking risk to be here, right?
I know.
But I felt like I needed to come.
What's up, you okay?
Yeah, man, I'm good.
What's going on with you?
Man, I don't know.
Maybe you can help me.
With what? What's going on?
I'm trying to figure out a place to go.
Damn, we are being rude.
We should talk outside.
The Midwest is a good place to go,
'cause the New York boys always run south.
That's true. What about you?
When you leaving?
Today, dog. I have to go
somewhere far from here.
Okay, good luck.
Bumbaclaat, the police.
What the fuck are you doing?
Arresting you.
-You're a fucking police!
-Police, freeze!
[police 1] Get down, everybody, get down.
[police 2] Don't move, get him!
Get him! Get him!
[police 1] Everybody down.
[dramatic music]
Where did he go?
[police 3] He's over there.
Yeah, I don't know
what's going on. No, I don't.
Here's your sister, here.
The police came and lock Mommy up.
Lock her up for what?
Because they are looking for you.
What the fuck Mama
have to do with my situation?
Not a thing.
That's why you need to fix this.
You know that Mommy's sick. I don't know
how they are treating her there.
-You talk to her?
-She said she is alright.
So don't turn yourself in,
she didn't tell them nothing.
Will do it, but let me call you back.
But you have to see about this, Cat.
Trust me, I will call you back.
You have to do something.
[doorbell rings]
[upbeat music]
I want to see Gamble.
-Got a name?
Follow me.
Good to see you.
Come join me.
-Want a drink?
-No, that's alright.
-You sure?
-[Cat] Yeah, man.
-I heard some things about you, Cat.
-Good or bad?
[Gamble] Depends on whose side you're on.
Cops or the robbers.
-So how can I help you?
-We need a I.D.
-We need it right away.
Give me until the weekend.
All I need is two passport photos and...
That should be all to do the trick.
[Cat] I have them right here.
Like a man that comes to me
with what they want to get what they need.
How much for that?
You know, Cat, I'm thinking
more of the lines... and me doing business.
I don't understand
what you're talking about.
[Gamble] Let me help you make
it a little bit more clearer, Cat.
I know a lot of people.
Hmm? A lot of very...
...very rich people.
That's still not saying nothing, my youth.
[clears throat] Cat, what
I want is the obvious. Okay?
Rob them. Split the money.
If you can pull it off.
[chuckles] So let me understand.
You want me to rob
your so-called rich friends?
And split the money.
If you can pull it off.
If the information is right,
we can pull off any bloodclaat thing.
So, Cat, if I get you
the information you need...
...what's my cut?
Equal share.
Good fucking answer!
Yo, that's it right there.
Fuck. We won't make it in time.
What the fuck are you
talking about, nigga?
The bridge. We won't get across
before the cops lock it down.
Man, fuck all that, nigga. All we need
to be worrying about is juxing that bitch.
Man, juxing is the easy part.
Getting away is the hard part.
Wait, let me see.
What are you looking for now, my nigga?
Let me Google something real quick.
What this nigga got going on?
Alright, we cool, we cool,
there's a theater room on 46th St.
-We straight--
-Yo, what the fuck you talking about?
You want to go see a movie now?
[upbeat music]
You ready?
-Everybody, get the fuck down!
-[woman screams]
-Alright, get down!
-Get the fucking cuffs!
-Line them up!
Line them up!
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
[woman] Please, no!
Shut the fuck up
or I will blow your head off.
-I got these niggas.
-Come on.
-Get up.
-Shut the fuck up.
Open the fucking safe!
Here, fill it up.
Hurry up, and give me
the fucking tape too.
-Fuck up.
-Shut the fuck up.
Fill this.
Is there anything else you can think of?
It all happened so fast.
-Any tattoos, any scars?
-They were wearing masks.
Uh, can we take a look around,
maybe something else we can use.
Look at all this fucking money,
nigga. I'm popping bottles.
I'm buying a bar round.
I'm doing whatever, nigga.
-Whoo! Cannot wait.
Don't go-- don't go running around
blowing money fast, man.
People are going to ask questions.
Man, fuck all that, nigga!
I'm gonna fucking blow this money,
catch another jux
and blow that shit too, nigga.
That's my word, I am nigga. You don't see
all this fucking money we just got?
You ain't hearing me, though.
Hell no, I'm not hearing you, nigga.
Nigga, I'm hearing this.
Chicken, nigga.
This is what I'm hearing, nigga.
So fucking hype right now,
my nigga, just caught that jux.
Shit, I can't wait to spend this chicken,
my nigga, how much chicken we got?
Yo, for the last time, you're not going
to be spending that bread like that.
I'm definitely spending this chicken,
wait till that bitch see me in the club.
Nigga, start acting
like you had paper before.
My nigga, I'm-- I'mma get more paper,
I'm a spend this chicken,
I'm a get the biggest bottle...
-Nah, nigga--
-Can't wait till I get to the club, fuck.
-Yo, what happened?
Yo, I left my phone in the cupholder,
can you get that for me?
-Goddamn, nigga. Shit.
-Yo, I got the--
[Paul] You talk too much.
-Yo, how we looking?
-Good money, good money.
That's what I'm talking about, nigga.
[knocking on door]
-Who the fuck is that?
-Hold on.
[gun cocks]
[chuckling] Oh, shit. It's Cat.
-What up, nigga?
-[Cat] What's going on?
-Oh, shit!
-How do you do?
What's going on?
Yo... How did you find me?
Simple, man, you at
you're at your mother house.
-True, come in, nigga.
-What's going on?
-Welcome back, B.
-Yo, yo.
-What's up with you?
Let me tell you, boy, I didn't think
I was going to see you again.
Yeah, I was going to run, but they
-They locked up my mother.
They said because her visa expired.
But it's because they
want me to turn in myself.
So what are you going to do?
I don't know yet, but...
I have to find a lawyer.
If he can't help then
I'm going to have to make a decision.
Well, you better figure it out fast.
Or get up enough money to skip town.
Yo, I have a few jux lined up.
Well, nigga, let's do it, I'm ready.
-What about you?
-[gun cocks]
-Been ready.
I tried to find Bandit and Cloud,
but can't find them.
We have to run now. The jux are lined up.
So let's do it.
-You ready? Alright.
[suspenseful music]
Alright, babe, alright.
Daddy, where you going?
I want more of you.
I need you to shut up.
Oh, but I just want
you to come back over here.
I said I need you to shut the fuck up!
Here, look, drink me out of
my fucking house now I'm mad.
Come on. Let's go.
Start working with each other.
-That's fine for us. Your loss.
[man] I'll get more champagne!
[Cat] Yo. Check that window up there.
[suspenseful music]
Motherfucker almost killed me.
-He going to pay for that, watch.
-We're going to deal with him tomorrow.
-I hope so!
-After what just happened,
you think we're going
to have another chance?
I have a plan, man.
I hope it's a good one.
I just have to see if Gamble
has the information we'll need.
Nigga almost blew my fucking head off.
We got to be careful.
Don't worry about it, we take care of it.
I'm with you.
You did bust your ass, though. [laughs]
-Shit ain't funny.
-Yes, it was.
My fucking back hurting and shit.
Don't worry about it, man,
he's going to feel.
Trust me.
-[upbeat music playing]
-[girl chuckles]
What you have me into? Like--
-What is this?
-Are you serious--
Hey! Hey! Hey, listen up.
You want to get paid?
-Get naked and do this fucking right.
-[girl] Come on!
[indistinct shouting]
[Cat] I said don't move, shut up.
Shut up, faggot!
Please don't shoot!
You're a bloodclaat. You are the reason
why Buju went to jail. Bloodclaat.
-Shut the fuck up.
One more word, say another word
and I'll put one
in your fucking head, you hear?
I don't even know who the fuck you are.
What do you want?
[Cat] Tell me which part
of your house your money is.
And don't bloodclaat lie.
Money, I don't keep
any kind of money here,
it's all in the bank.
-[Cat] Smash a toe.
-Got you.
[moans with pain]
-Shut the fuck up!
-Oh, fuck. You cocksucker!
-Ah, fuck.
-Smash their fucking skulls up in here.
-Smash another toe.
Ah, you cocksucker. You motherfucker!
-You ready to talk?
-I'm going to fucking kill you!
-Smash another toe.
[groans] Alright, I'll talk.
I'll talk... I'll talk.
Where is the money?
Alright, it's behind the fireplace.
No more, please no more.
[phone ringing]
Detective Paul Staly speaking.
[Russo over phone]
Good afternoon, this is Detective Russo
over at Suffolk County.
How may I help you, detective?
Well, we were investigating a robbery
and caught one of the perps on camera.
Paulo Acosta, he goes
by the street name Gamble.
He may be connected
to the crew you're looking for.
Okay, thank you.
[Bandit] Carol. Carol.
Carol. Shh!
-What the hell?
-It's me, me, Bandit, Bandit.
-Yo, just go easy.
-What're you doing, man?
Easy, man. Listen to what I have to say.
I have something important and I need you
to tell Cat as soon as possible.
-Oh, God, what's happening?
I want you to tell him the boy Cloud... a cop.
Police boy.
Well. So far it seems all the
victims knows one another,
and party together on the weekends.
[scoffs] I think the party is
where they must be picking their victims.
-Then let's start there.
And here's our party host, guys.
Now, this guy is a character.
Did some time for arson.
Now he likes to build clubs.
But he also likes to burn them down
and collect that insurance money.
I guess we have a party to go to.
-Alright, detectives. See you later.
-Talk to you later.
It's 560.
-Come on.
[phone ringing]
Yo, smell that.
Yo, banging.
-Yo, sis.
-Strawberry flavor.
You sure he told you that?
Thanks, sis.
Cloud is a cop.
Get the fuck outta of here.
That's crazy.
Yo, we have to be done
with this and move right away.
-[knocking on door]
Is that the ballistic report?
Why you shaking your head?
You're not going to like it.
Let me see that.
[sighs] Where is he?
He is supposed to come in tonight.
-[Bandit] Pussy.
Dirty police boy. Get up.
Get up, pussy!
-I don't think so.
That's gotta hurt.
You thought I was going to take you in?
After you made me commit fucking murder!
-I'm killing you, I'm killing Cat.
Every motherfucking body.
Oh, this feels good. Huh?
-Fuck you.
-Fuck me?
No, fuck you!
What do you think the front pages
of the newspaper is
going to say tomorrow? Huh?
I'm thinking...
"Super Cop
killed home invader."
I'll tell you what...
...give Ozzie... my best.
This motherfucker broke in my house.
Don't even think about it, Paul.
It's alright, Paul, just procedure.
-[Paul] Alright, what the fuck you doing?
-[Anderson] Calm down.
[grunting] Okay.
[Bandit laughing]
Goddamn psycho. Would somebody
get these cuffs off me, please?
No, they stay on, Paul.
-Why, what's going on?
-You're under arrest for murder.
What are you talking about?
Someone mailed a gun to the DA's office
that was involved in a murder-robbery.
-So what?
-Had your prints on it.
No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, let me explain.
He set me up.
They set me up. He set me up!
Somebody get these cuffs off me!
[scoffs] You should get a lawyer, Paul.
What you talking about, "Get a lawyer"?
I didn't fucking kill nobody!
I need to talk to Mr. Rosenberg.
My name is Nigel Malone,
and I am calling in reference
to my mother's immigration issues.
Mr. Rosenberg, this is Cat.
Gamble told me to call you.
He said you can help me with my mother.
[upbeat music]
Ah, there he goes. That's my man.
-Dino, how's everything?
-Hey, Gamble baby, how do you do?
Aww, man, thank you, brother.
Alright, alright.
-Hey, listen.
Honor to have you present in my home, man.
Well, you the man of the hour, brother.
-How's dad, how's the family?
-Everybody's good, listen, man.
That's why I wanted to talk to you.
My father could really
use someone like you
in his business, man.
I don't really have-- I don't
have that Gamble swag, man.
-What do you think?
-Let's talk about it.
-You wanna talk about it?
-Let's talk about it.
-Come this way.
[Gamble] You babysitting it though, man.
Go on finish that drink, man.
-You want me to finish this shit, man?
-Take it back, huh?
There you go, let me
get you something else, right?
Hold on right there. Hold on right there.
Whoa, easy now, I got you.
-Come on, let me take you in the back.
-In the back?
[Gamble] Take you in the back.
[knocking on door]
Officers, what is so important
that you have to bother me at home?
-Good evening, Judge.
-Judge, we have a warrant
that urgently needs your signature.
So you have enough evidence
to support a warrant?
Yes, sir.
I'm curious, who's at this party?
We're investigating a robbery gang
that's been targeting
high-profile citizens.
Now we have reason to believe
that they're choosing
their victims at this party.
So, you want to raid the party?
Yes, sir. And hopefully,
capture the suspects.
And what if you find nothing?
I have a hunch we will.
We've been working this case
for a while now, Judge.
Now, you know I can't issue
a warrant on a hunch.
Come on, Judge.
If this thing doesn't go right,
and a lawsuit drops,
I'm the one that's in the fire
as the judge that issued this warrant.
And I can't afford the heat,
it's an election year.
Sir, I don't think
things will go that far.
I don't think I will be able
to help you out on this one.
-Judge, please.
-Goodnight, gentlemen, goodnight.
-Oh, yeah.
-I feel dizzy, Gamble.
-I want to go outside.
-Hold on, bitch.
Oh, fuck!
Damn, bitch, you heavy. Oh, fuck.
[upbeat music]
Wake the fuck up!
Wake the fuck up!
Wake up, bitch!
-What the fuck is wrong with y'all?
[Cat] Now that
I have everybody's attention.
Except for this man here.
Let me start by saying.
If you want to live,
you listen and do exactly
what I tell you to do.
If you don't want to listen,
shake your head now.
Everybody. Give me your key.
Security code. And tell me exactly
which part of your house where
your money or your jewelry is.
If the information
you give me is right, you live.
If it's wrong, you're all going to die.
Before we go into your house.
We're gonna call our friend
who is here keeping you company.
And we going to stay on the
phone until we left your house.
Anything goes wrong.
Everybody dead.
[upbeat music]
I have a suspect in sight.
Entering a grey Honda.
Plate number RKZ-552.
Tail him, we'll follow you.
-[knocking on door]
-Who the fuck is that?
Hold on, hold on. Hold on.
-What's up, Slime?
-What's up?
Good fucking work, gentlemen,
-good fucking work.
-See what I am dealing with.
I told you, this is no joke business.
[female police over radio]
Why not raid the room now?
What if it's just a pit stop?
Or what if he is there with a woman?
No, we'll wait.
Oh, man. Yo, fellas, this is
a motherfucking come up, man. [laughs]
-This is a lot of motherfucking cash.
-You already know.
-Yo, let's go, got to get up out of here.
Alright, hold on,
I'm about to take a piss.
-Yo, hurry up, my youth.
-Alright, alright.
[sirens wailing]
-[police] Freeze!
[woman screams]
Oh, shit.
[gunshots continue]
[automatic rifles firing]
[automatic rifle firing]
Go, go, go!
Oh, shit.
[gunshots continue]
[automatic rifle firing]
Shit, fuck.
[machine gun firing]
Prince! Prince! Prince, man!
[somber music]
[Cat] I grew up poor.
And growing up poor means
that I had the same dream
as every poor man and woman
in the ghettos around the world.
The dream of getting my family
and myself out of the slums.
Somehow making it big.
All I needed was the opportunity
to do it. A chance.
A shot at doing something good
to free us from this hell hole.
For me, only the streets
gave me a way of getting out.
So I chose it.
And for the most part, it did get me out.
With that the dream changed
because I am out of the ghetto.
Now all I want to do
is get out of the streets.
Thats the dream now.
Take all that the streets
have given me and run.
But thats easier said than done.
Now I have enemies lurking in the dark.
There are cops one step behind me.
And theres a life sentence
in prison waiting for me.
All because I took advantage of
the opportunity available to me.
[dramatic music]
My chance to get myself out of poverty.
Accomplish whats been
preached to me all my life.
The Dream.
The American Dream.
[dramatic music continues]
["What Do You Call It" by T-Rifik]