Respire (2014) Movie Script

Flaunting your hanky-panky!
What hanky-panky?
I don't get you!
She's a friend from work.
Haven't you ever run into a guy...
Just say it!
You really think I'd swallow
that bullshit?
- Don't start!
- It's unbearable!
- You're a pain.
- Just say it!
You're exhausting.
You take off without a word.
I wait for you.
Just tell me!
Want some eggs?
No, thanks.
Have some eggs!
Want me to drop you off?
No, I'll take the bus.
Wipe your nose.
What's up?
She's hysterical!
Do you think passion is a means
or an obstacle to freedom?
When you're passionate,
are you more free or less free?
Any ideas?
We don't choose passion,
we feel it.
We feel it, yes.
We feel those emotions
against our will.
You say "we feel"
and point to your head.
No, it's here.
In the heart or...
It's even more specific.
Plato was the first to define it.
He said
reason resides in the head
and passion, in the gut.
Not the heart, the gut.
Thus the expression,
"to have guts."
Anyone else?
Yes, Charlie.
Nietzsche says it's easier
to renounce passion than control it.
Meaning we become
so preoccupied by it
that we lose a kind of freedom.
It's the notion of excess.
Passion is harmful
when it becomes excessive,
which is most of the time.
Screw horoscopes.
- Stop!
- This is more important!
Gastine, are you a virgin?
Very funny!
We were supposed to go to the movies
but it was sold out.
Mostly 'cause we were late!
Are you together or not?
I don't know.
- Is the English quiz tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Shit, I forgot.
- Didn't you study?
- I couldn't this weekend.
- See you tomorrow!
- Yeah!
Did he leave?
I think so.
I asked you to use that formula
to solve the equation
f of minus x prime.
I understood that!
- I understood.
- Be my guest!
I'll do it.
I'm taking my time.
I'm savoring it.
It's such a pleasure
to know the answer.
Someone's knocking.
Good day.
Just a brief interruption.
We have a new student,
Ms. Perrin...
I'll leave her with you.
Excuse me, Ms. Porchet...
Minus infinity.
I'll let you get back to work.
We'll find you a seat.
Letellier, move over there.
- Sit there.
- Thank you.
We're doing exponential functions.
Does that ring a bell?
- Sort of.
- Sort of?
Ms. Citrinovic will certainly
be able to explain it
and get you up to speed.
Not everyone can!
Right, Gastine?
- I beg your pardon?
- Gastine!
I savored it!
I took my time.
I appreciate that!
- Is it right?
- It is. Bravo!
A chick says, "Hi"
and he's at her door.
Hey, maybe.
You don't know but maybe.
I don't know.
Are you dumb or what?
That's disgusting!
- Why get that?
- I dunno!
It's revolting!
Could you give me a hand
with history tomorrow?
Could we do it at your place?
Mine's crammed with boxes.
- No problem.
- Thanks.
I'll give you some tomorrow!
"Smoking Kills."
Those from the U.S.?
No, Nigeria.
They cost nothing there.
Why were you in Nigeria?
My mom works for an NGO.
I lived there for 4 years.
But now the AQMI rebels
crossed the border.
It's a big mess.
So I came back to France
to graduate.
- And she stayed?
- Yeah.
You're all alone?
I live with my aunt.
My mom works for Meals On Wheels.
- If she comes, I can hook them up.
- Great idea!
You wanna take her for coffee?
Cut it out!
It's your big day!
I spent 3 hours primping,
put on this awesome dress...
I get to Covent Garden -
this really cozy, cute little pub.
I wait half an hour,
45 minutes...
Then James shows up
and says the guy's a huge liar.
- Compulsive liar!
- No way!
Everything he said was a lie.
He never had fans.
His fling with the opera singer
was a crock of shit!
So he wasn't related
to Michael Jackson?
No, he's a liar.
A bullshitter.
That's creepy.
That's how the world is.
Bye, see you tomorrow!
Victoire's your best friend?
I've known her since 6th grade.
Her apartment's a horror!
Rococo with all this gilding.
And what's really weird,
when my aunt laughs,
it's not a normal laugh.
She cackles. It's like...
- That's horrible.
- It's unbearable.
I go out of my way to avoid it.
I can see why!
Hold on...
I'll take it upstairs.
Hang up for me!
Your mother's cool.
She's really young!
She had me at 18.
At 18?
- Can you imagine being pregnant?
- Not really.
What's the deal?
It's my father.
What about him?
She should just
tell him to fuck off.
Leave her alone!
Fuck off!
Are you crazy?
What came over you?
- What did you say?
- To leave you alone.
Do you realize?
- Now he's gonna...
- Fuck off!
Yeah, I heard!
You think that's funny?
You know your father!
You know how he'll be!
What came over you?
Do you realize?
You're both completely nuts!
I couldn't stop myself.
It was just so distasteful!
He hung up on me.
I just don't get it!
He blew me off,
like I didn't exist.
Not even hi!
Yesterday, it was the opposite.
What a jerk!
He didn't sit with us in English.
I don't know what to do.
But outside school...
He's ashamed of you!
It's as simple as that.
Stop whining!
Don't you think?
Your name's really Charlne?
Yeah, my name's Charlne!
Don't make fun of me!
But no one calls me that.
I guess not!
Except my father.
I hate it.
They're horrible.
I used to do capoeira.
Now they're a real mess.
Heroes of Greek mythology -
Dinner's ready.
And that French teacher!
I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Take it out.
Try it like that.
- How?
- With your finger!
Put this on.
You sure?
Rubber band!
You're beautiful.
If you wanna throw up, tell me.
You wanna throw up!
Good morning!
Good news!
I corrected your exercises.
I spent all day Sunday.
So be nice!
They're not graded.
- Mom's right there.
- I don't give a damn. I'm Dad.
I know you smoke.
- He's more and more violent.
- How so?
He's aggressive.
With me, his behavior's more...
- Does he touch you?
- No!
- Hit you?
- He hasn't hit me!
I'll beat the shit out of him!
I'm sure he does.
I see he touches you,
I'll kill him!
I'll kill him.
I don't believe it!
I'm afraid.
So am I.
I'm afraid, too.
We'll get a dog!
A really ugly, mean dog.
Come to Vince and Marie's camp
for All Saints' Day!
- Are you kidding?
- Awesome!
- It's complicated.
- Why?
We haven't seen them in years!
Are you kidding?
They always ask me when you're coming!
You want to?
Yeah, that'd be cool.
Don't move.
Who is it?
Who's calling?
Great, thanks.
No, I don't think so.
I don't have the energy.
What's going on?
My mom was supposed
to come for All Saints' Day.
Now she's going to some refuge camp.
She couldn't care less.
Don't say that.
I'm sure she misses you
but just can't.
I know but...
She did the same thing
at Christmas.
She'll be gone 6 months.
That's a long time.
Just think how happy
you'll be to see her!
But now I'm stuck with my aunt
for Ali Saints' Day!
Just thinking about it
flips me out.
What a drag!
A broken heart...
That's such a dumb song!
It's a song...
Careful, you'll get into an accident!
- Concentrate!
- Okay, I will.
This is an old car.
Vanessa, do your Reggae!
Remember this road?
It looks familiar.
She was too little.
No, you couldn't.
There's one of them.
And the other!
- Hi, girls!
- Hey, there!
It's been ages!
Come on!
None of that was here before.
That's ugly.
That looks cool.
These dresses are nice.
We'll leave them.
Hey, there!
If only I were a wheelbarrow.
Can you see?
It's so great here!
All this sun!
You get that extra sexy thing
but it's still romantic.
Fucking a Brit is something else!
And you?
What about me?
Tell me something.
After what I just told you...
You never slept with anyone?
No big deal. I just thought
something happened with Lucas.
We dated in 9th grade.
Things were really good.
We wanted to try.
We started but it hurt too much.
I started blubbering
like an idiot.
And you never tried again?
The worst thing is no one knows.
Not even Victoire.
Yeah, but the first time
is sort of painful for everyone.
It's only natural.
Don't worry.
I'm sure you'll do it again
and it'll be great!
What's that noise?
What was that?
It's coming back!
Like you showed me?
I'm spilling it.
Hold it like that.
Hold it with two fingers.
I'm Paul.
It's been ages!
Paul, this is Sarah,
my classmate.
has a plane.
His dad makes great crpes.
Still got your plane?
Coming for drinks later?
I'm so embarrassed.
I was naked!
I spilled it all.
Oh, fuck!
To you, I'm a classmate?
What should I have said?
There's no rule.
Say what you like.
I'd have said
you were my friend.
There's none left.
Start again.
Why am I asking you?
Give it to me.
Crumble the hash!
Do something!
Don't just sit there.
The hash! A little black chunk.
Not hard to find.
Pass the wine.
- You kids are drinking too much.
- No!
- Me, too! Fill it up.
- Me, too!
It's empty!
You've got something there.
What is it?
- Si.
- Si.
- Wine from before.
- How do you say that?
Didn't understand a word.
How we talked!
- About what? Who?
- With Estaban!
I'm drunk!
I'm plastered.
Completely plastered.
Hey, Estaban!
I love your little dress.
My heart is broken...
Take it literally!
I've had it...
- Here's a small piece.
- Thanks.
Marie, some coffee cake?
I have some.
I don't know.
It's peach-verbena.
- Marie made it.
- Peach-verbena.
It's really good.
Think Esteban and Vanessa
were making jam all night?
Very funny!
Okay, no more jokes!
Hi, my beauty.
You look hungry.
You bilingual now?
Tutti va bene.
- That's Italian!
- So?
She's calm.
Everything okay?
Why wouldn't it be?
I looked for you everywhere.
Well, we're here.
I offered to take Sarah
out in the plane.
Wanna come?
No, I'm okay.
She doesn't want to.
Let's go!
Here, girl!
Be careful.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Come on, Tess!
Wanna try?
Like that?
What's the matter?
Good morning!
Looking for something?
There's no microwave?
Shall I boil some water?
No, no big deal.
Know where Sarah is?
She went to the market
with your mother.
Don't let it bug you.
Sarah's not so amazing.
Why do they let
all this shit pile up?
They should just
throw it all out!
Thanks, Sarah!
What's Charlie doing there?
What are you doing
all alone, honey?
You're not jealous, are you?
I really do like him.
But that's it!
He's handsome, he's sweet.
It's doing me good. You know?
How we laughed last night!
He's funny!
Isn't he?
I'm hungry.
Wanna help us?
I got lots of bread!
Want some?
You got cigarettes?
I have to think of everything.
It's unbearable!
- You dip?
- You dip!
- It's better!
- Like an old man!
I'm going to bed.
- Bye, Morgan!
- Good night!
You're here!
How long are you gonna sulk?
- Me?
- Yeah, you!
It's a bit much.
I'm a stranger here,
you don't say a word.
What's the problem?
- I thought it was you.
- Yeah, right!
I blew it with the Spanish guy.
He couldn't care less about me!
Are you creeped out by your mom?
That's how it is.
It's doing her good.
If he's your stepfather one day,
please adopt me!
Come on, say yes!
It's not serious.
It won't last.
You wanna sleep?
It's late, isn't it?
Good night!
Something's different!
You took those posters down.
I loved the ballerina.
You can have it.
It's in the closet.
That's not why I said it.
I'll get going.
I get to school...
Hi, Sarah, how are you?
I haven't heard much...
I haven't heard from you.
Hi, Sarah, how's it going?
Can we talk?
It's just that... I don't know
what happened over our vacation.
Sometimes you were really weird
and I was kind of scared.
Hi, Sarah, how are you?
Can we talk?
Is it North America
or United States?
Are you listening?
Not much.
I'm sick of this.
I smoke too much with you.
I'm gonna pee.
What pretty necklaces!
Did you make them?
- I used to.
- Why "used to"?
I stopped.
I got the stones from Brazil.
I always wanted to go there.
- Like it?
- That one's beautiful.
- You want it?
- Oh, no!
I'll give it to you. Here!
Take it.
Sarah thinks I should
make jewelry again.
- You really like it?
- It's gorgeous!
She's talented!
Gimme a break!
Shut up and take it.
Let's say it's a trade.
See that?
My first customer!
Not if you give it away.
What, honey?
Thanks, you're an angel.
It looks great.
You're beautiful!
Isn't she beautiful?
But you don't need
my necklace for that.
It's dumb, I give them names.
What kind of names?
Okay, here we go!
It's starting, Sarah!
Come over here.
Take my seat.
I forgot my toothbrush.
Take a new one.
Show her where they are.
Then you'll have one here.
I'm glad you're watching this film.
Hope it hasn't aged much.
- Let's find a theme, like last year.
- Oh, no!
We did superheroes.
No more tights.
- I was in my underwear!
- You were sexy!
Let's do something different.
My mom and I went on a safari
last Christmas.
- No?
- Classy!
Want a coffee?
One coffee for two!
Coffee, Charlie?
No, thanks.
I thought your mom
dumped you last year.
Big liar!
Very interesting!
So I'm a liar?
Tell my life story!
You know it so well.
- You said so.
- Don't be shy!
What a chick!
She knows everything about everyone.
You describe my mom
and I'll do your dad.
- Now there's a theme!
- What?
We each go as someone in school.
I'll be Charlie!
with his soccer hair-do.
You've got the same one!
He's right!
The Haustoria will suck
the sap from its victim.
This is the Cuscuta Reflexa,
a monster from Southeast Asia.
As it sucks the life from a geranium,
it develops tentacles,
which is why
the dodders are called
"devil's hair" in French.
In the end, the geranium
will die.
So will the dodder.
To survive,
it needs another plant
in close proximity...
Hi, Sarah, how are you?
Hold on, I'll get her.
Sarah's on the phone.
Wanna take it downstairs?
- What?
- Sarah's on the phone.
Say I'm not here.
I already said you were!
How will I look?
- Take it!
- What a pain!
Why'd you do that?
I could ask the same thing.
In front of everyone,
you talk about my mother like that,
as if I were some liar.
- Listen...
- Let me finish, please.
You were right, our safari
wasn't last year, it was 2 years ago.
- But you said...
- So I made a mistake.
Can't I make a mistake?
You threw it in my face.
Now everyone thinks I'm a liar.
It's hard enough to be here
without my mother. I'm a stranger.
I'm such a wreck.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
- Are you my friend or what?
- Of course.
I don't know what came over me.
I forgive you. Let's forget it.
- I feel so bad.
- It happens.
We won't mention it again.
See you tomorrow!
No more sulking.
Big kiss.
- See you tomorrow!
- See you!
Have a nice evening!
Who's she?
Who's that?
Who is it?
Is it you?
- Who do you think?
- I don't believe it.
What time is it?
Where were you?
It's a mess.
This is no hotel!
There's nothing to eat.
And to drink?
No problem there!
Change your tone.
You disgust me.
Don't slam doors!
You hear me, Sarah?
Mom, please, stop.
Stop it.
Fucking stop.
Stop that.
Didn't you get the text?
Didn't you get the text?
You were supposed to send it.
You look so cute.
Come in!
I miss you.
I'm here.
No, you're not.
You don't listen to me.
Yes, I do.
Recognize me?
Recognize me?
It's me!
Sylvie the fly!
You okay?
Why are you crying?
I drank too much.
Sylvie will wipe your nose!
What's going on?
Between us?
I came here to have fun.
So keep your moods to yourself.
You're not really mean.
Great, that's reassuring.
Is it because of your mother?
I saw her.
How did you see her?
You're just lost.
I know why.
What are you saying?
Did you follow me?
I'm not mad.
Not anymore.
I understand
why you're like this.
You followed me?
You're really sick.
Don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.
It'll stay between us.
I'm not worried.
I'm not worried.
Because if you talk about it...
I'll kill you.
Happy New Year!
The guy takes me home,
so I'm expecting
a hottest, sexiest night ever!
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
You'd better
give me lessons because
I don't have that effect on Lucas.
He doesn't know I exist.
He's been stuck on Charlie for centuries.
Give it up, man!
There are other girls!
They never screwed.
- No!
- Yeah.
She's never done it.
Too uptight.
They tried once, it hurt,
she started blubbering. Period!
- She cried?
- She cried. How humiliating.
See, you're not the worst!
Go on, don't mind me.
I'm done.
Wanna add anything?
How could you?
Here we go again!
Was it a big secret?
No? Then get off my case.
So your mom's no secret either.
I can tell then!
You're obsessed with my mother.
Go on, we're listening.
She knows she works for an NGO...
Hey girls, let's go!
Chantal made it
without flour or sugar.
I can't remember which.
She left something out.
So it's lighter. I can't remember.
Charlne, 60. Disappointing.
Get it together!
It's not the time to slack off.
That goes for everyone!
Graduation's approaching.
Don't give up now!
Charlie = The Whore
Charlie gives sodomy free
Cold War is a term
used by the writer George Orwell to...
Cold War is a term
used by the writer George Orwell
to designate the period
of ideological tension...
What is that mess!
Who did that to you?
Who? Let me help you.
Let me do it!
It's everywhere!
I give head
Is it disgusting?
I can't hold back anymore.
It breaks my heart.
How can you put up with it?
I don't recognize you anymore.
It's making me sick.
She treats you like shit
and you do nothing.
Please, explain it to me.
I don't understand.
I'm not asking you to.
You going home?
Let's go for coffee!
I don't feel like it.
- What's going on?
- Everything's fine.
Tell Lucas and Victoire that
but not us.
I don't recognize you.
- I'm fine!
- You're so far away.
Everything's fine.
Call if you need us.
Keep going!
Straight ahead! Knees up!
Straight ahead, boys!
Come on, you girls in back!
Come on, girls! Three laps!
- It's okay, Charlie!
- Find her thing!
You okay? Relax!
Open her mouth.
I was scared.
Don't do that again.
Can you answer me?
I drank too much already.
What's the matter with her?
She just has the blues these days.
- Huh, Charlie?
- Have a glass of champagne.
Shall we throw a party?
I don't think so.
Are you kidding?
You're 18!
You have to have a party!
- Didn't you...
- She doesn't want one.
Can I give you a present?
Your mom got you one without me.
- You weren't here.
- What?
I couldn't reach you.
Think I'd miss
my daughter's 18th birthday?
May I?
Let me.
Your father and I
said goodbye last night.
I know
but this time it's for good.
For once, it was my idea.
We'll see.
It'll be better now.
I'm going to the jewelry store.
Think of me.
I'm scared.
Why do you always forgive him?
I can't do otherwise.
This is all I have.
It's the first time.
She yells, she breaks stuff,
but she's never hit me.
Is it swollen?
No, it's okay.
She must be
sleeping it off somewhere.
She didn't even know
what she did.
She won't remember tomorrow.
I left right away.
I didn't know where to go.
Or who I could talk to.
I just have you.
We never went to Africa.
You got that.
I've always done that -
told stories,
invented stuff.
I'm not even trying
to cover things up.
Do you hate me?
What I hate is when we're apart.
Hi, Vanessa!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
You can hardly see anything.
It's best if we don't
show up together.
Pardon me?
They won't understand.
You just show up and...
You followed me home.
Now we're even.
- Are you kidding me?
- Let me go!
- You've got no right!
- Let go! Fuck!
- You like it?
- I love it.
- Here!
- It's a present.
My pleasure!
- No!
- Yes!
Thank you!
It's gorgeous!
A little souvenir.
That's enough now!
What's come over you?
What's going on?
Everybody, sit down!
What's this about? Sit!
I'll signal you
when you can turn them over.
You have 4 hours for this test.
Good luck!
Turn your forms over.
Fuck, I've never seen this!
Did you ace it?
I wanna pick up the clothes
I left at your place.
Hear me?
- What are you doing?
- Going home.
Come for a drink?
No, I'm going home.
Stop making yourself crazy.
Nobody cares.
Come for a drink!
What's that look for?
Can I call you?
The virgin kiss!
Fuck you!
- That was great!
- What's it to you?
I want one!
So you had this sweater?
I've been looking for it
for weeks.
- Hi!
- Hi!
I'm going.
Laura and I are
celebrating my new job.
Want me to stay?
No, I'm fine.
I'll run then.
I'm late. Kisses.
Now your mother hates me.
You turn everyone against me.
Boy, was I mistaken!
You really hurt me.
This thing really hurts me.
I won't blame it all on you.
It was my fault, too.
I let you do it.
At one point,
I let you go too far.
Still, you're not a kid.
I hope you learned something,
at least. Otherwise...
it's really sad.
What did I do to you?
You're really something!
Still playing the victim.
It works!
I'm getting taken in again.
That's the problem.
You drive people crazy
then you act like a beaten dog.
I gave you everything but you judge
and think you deserve better.
You totally blew off Victoire.
You string Lucas along, making him think
God knows what.
That's dumb.
They're such great people.
Fortunately, I found Isa.
I feel good with her.
She makes me laugh,
she likes me as I am.
With you, I feel bad.
I lie, I'm hard.
You make me play the bad guy.
It's unbearable.
It was a waste of time.
Too bad.
Anyway, I learned a lot.
I feel so much lighter
since I stopped seeing you.
Think that's funny?
All the better.
So, no regrets, Charlne?
Next week, Isa and I take off.
We're moving to Paris!
Her cousin's renting us
his apartment in Montmartre.
I've always dreamed of living there.
We'll go to college,
have coffee every morning.
I can't wait!
You're staying here, right?
A little local college,
a nice, quiet little life,
your little mommy,
your little daddy,
your little auntie.
Shut up!
Stop, I said!
I can't breathe!
Were you waiting for me?
I'm thirsty.
Laura sends her love.
It's really late.
Can't you sleep?
I don't know if I can either.
We have to stop
pressuring ourselves.
What's the matter, Charlie?
What's wrong?
Let's go away together
this summer.
We need to have some fun.
What is it?
Calm down, breathe!
What's going on?
Tell me.
- She's upstairs.
- Who?
Is she sleeping over?
What happened?
What happened, sweetheart?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry...