Respire (2010) Movie Script

Listen to me.
You have to pack up
whatever you can.
And leave here right now.
What are you going
on about?
are you hurt?
Who's been--
Oh my god.
Something went wrong.
It didn't work like
it was supposed to.
Something in the
calculations... I don't know.
Please! I don't have
time to explain!
You have to go!
Stay in here.
Don't open this door
no matter what happens.
And stay quiet.
I know what you
are looking for,
But they're not here.
They're safe until I
can figure this out.
you don't have
to do this.
I just need a little
more time.
But I promise,
I'll make those better.
oh my god.
I'll get help!
No. There's not enough time.
I need...
Behind you.
The key in my pocket.
Get out of the country.
As soon as you can.
Go to your family.
Stay there.
Do it.
President Barack Obama.
...treatment isn't
working, Susan.
I had hoped...
...we would get better
results with this, but...
...we'll need to do
more tests,
And where we go
from here...
...your white count is
still incredibly--
How long?
...that really
depends on--
How long?
At this rate,
6 to 10 at the most.
Any messages?
No. It's been quiet.
Okay. Did you check
the online bins?
Yeah. Everything that needs
to be mailed is here.
I'm gonna close a little
early, so, you can go.
What did the doctor say?
Nina, you can go.
Looking for anything
in particular?
I dunno.
Does this stuff work?
It depends on what
you need it for.
And if you believe in it.
What about miracle cures?
You got any of those?
These -- These won't
perform any miracles,
They'll give you some comfort if
that's what you're looking for.
Well, I have pills for that.
C'mon, where are the
magic rocks,
Or whatever it is you're
supposed to have here?
I sold my last bag of fairy
dust about an hour ago.
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Look, if you tell me
why you're here,
I could probably help
you a little better.
I have less than
a year to live.
I'm sorry. I--
Yeah. Shouldn't-- Me too.
Just... gimme everything
you've got there.
I like your locket.
Where'd you get that?
It's-- It's from the
breath capture line.
What's breath capture?
You open it up,
You take a deep breath,
You exhale into
the pendant.
You seal it up,
And then you give
it to someone.
So you can stay close
to them, I guess.
My boyfriend gave
me this one.
It's becoming
quite trendy.
We'll even engrave it
for you if you want.
Are you interested?
No... no one to give
it to anyway.
That'll be 67.
Hi Josh.
What? You can't
say hi to me?
Hi Morgan.
Weren't you wearing the
same thing yesterday?
And the day before?
And every day
before that?
You actually gonna buy
something this time?
I didn't think so.
So get the fuck out!
It was getting kinda
dreary in there.
Thought I'd spruce
it up a little.
Hey. It's all locked up.
It's not lighting.
Seriously, Nina.
We need to talk about
a couple of things.
Why not?
I'm not ready yet.
You shouldn't be either.
I really just...
... want you to
be prepared.
Something could
still happen.
Nothing short of
a miracle.
I appreciate your
optimism though.
Don't give up, Sue.
I mean...
you never know what's
gonna happen.
Something you haven't
thought of yet
Could fall right
into your lap.
Can I help you?
Yes. I hope you can.
I saw an item on one of
your online auctions.
And I was just wondering if you
were selling it in the store.
Which item?
It's for a small wooden box.
About 10- 12 inches.
Yeah. I know the one.
I don't think there's
a key for it though.
That's okay.
I was also wondering if you
acquire items at live auctions.
There is this book I've been
trying to get my hands on...
For a while. Right there.
I can't make it myself.
I'm gonna be out
of town, but...
I wanted to know if I could
hire you to go in my place...
... and bid for me.
I do go to auctions,
But I don't usually
go this far.
Here's the thing:
It's very important to me...
this item.
I can go as high as $20,000.
I mean if you could get it
for less, that's great.
Y'know, you can just...
keep the rest for yourself.
I need to check to see if
there are any bids on the box.
And if not,
I'm happy to sell it to you.
I cannot guarantee you
anything with the book, though.
Auctions can be tricky.
Something wrong?
Something's wrong... damnit!
No, you know what?
I just remembered...
the item isn't
actually here...
... in the store.
I had to take some things
over to the photographers'
Before I could actually
list them.
My, uhh -- camera just
kinda crapped out on me.
So, I just need to make
arrangements to go and pick em up.
That's all.
Who do I make it out to?
Oh -- I'm sorry.
Who do I make the
check out to?
I'm Susan...
it's Second Chances.
That's... the name.
Second Chances...
There ya go.
Mr. Collins --
No. The bidding's gonna
be fierce on that,
But that should be enough.
You'll put the box
aside for me?
I'll just pick everything
up when I come back?
Okay. I would deposit that
as soon as possible.
I know it's gonna take
a few days to clear.
Okay. Here we go.
Thanks very much.
Appreciate it.
Mr. Kaminsky's death came as
he was shot dead in his home,
The victim of an
apparent intruder.
He came to prominence as one of
the community's leading doctors,
Heralding a field of study --
Heralding a field of study...
dealing with ways to heal...
incurable diseases
and prolong life.
Interesting item.
Yeah, it is.
Thinking of bidding?
No. I'm not much
of a collector.
Maybe you wouldn't mind telling
me why you canceled my online bid.
It was for a small box.
You are the owner of
Second Chances, right?
Yeah. I know the one.
You're Poe, right?
Alex Poe.
Susan Jordan.
And, it's not against
the rules.
Yes, I know.
I just thought it
was curious that
You would turn down
such a generous offer.
Now we're both here,
Looking at this book,
that's just happenstance,
I suppose.
That means a coincidence
or a chance --
I know what happenstance
I see.
Good luck, Miss Jordan.
Good luck.
And our last item of the day is
lot number 235 in your brochure.
Leather bound edition of
the novel, The Soul Eternal.
By the renowned author,
Atley Elma.
The only change to the
original condition
Is an engraved monogram of the
book's previous owner on the clasp.
The bidding will start
at $50.
We have $50. Do I hear 100?
100 dollars?
$100? Do I hear 2?
Very good, I have $200.
Do I hear three?
One thousand!
$1,000 from the gentleman
in the second row.
Do I hear $1,500?
Two thousand.
We're at $2,000.
Do I hear three?
Three thousand.
Do I hear five? $5,000 anyone?
I should remind you this
is an extremely rare edition.
Five thousand.
Five thousand.
Six thousand.
Seven thousand.
Do I hear eight?
I got eight.
Twenty one.
Twenty five.
Do I hear twenty six?
$25,000 going once,
Hold up, hold up.
Wait a second.
Wait, wait.
Twenty six.
Twenty eight.
Do I hear more?
$30,000 going once,
$30,000 going twice,
Sold for $30,000.
I can open it... I can open it.
Fuck it.
Good morning, good morning!
You're in a good mood.
Not getting up in the middle of the
night to throw up will do that to you.
In fact,
I'm gonna order breakfast.
Do you want something?
You never eat in
the morning.
It makes you sick.
I'm feeling hungry.
Lemme help you with that.
I got it.
May I help you?
I'm here to see
Dr. McAllister.
Do you have an appointment?
Susan. What's the matter?
We need to run some tests.
Right now!
No vomiting?
No pains of any kind?
No. Nothing.
You seem to have made
a total recovery.
I'm all better?
Just like that?
From what I can see...
you're in complete remission.
There's not a trace
of it left.
That's great!
But let's not get ahead
of ourselves here.
I'd still like to do some
more tests just to make sure --
No. No more tests.
No more pills.
No more needles.
No more nothing.
This might seem like
a dumb question,
do you feel alright?
Do I feel alright...
I feel better than alright.
I feel great.
Did you get laid
or something?
Whatever you're doing,
keep it up.
It's six. I'm outta here.
Hi. Miss Jordan.
Miss Jordan, are you
Yeah. I'm here.
It's Raif Collins. I just wanted
to come by and get my items.
Yeah, if it's not a
Actually I wanted to show you my
appreciation and treat you to dinner.
Assuming everything went
well at the auction.
Dinner? You want dinner now?
You -- Dinner?
Are -- Are you okay?
I'm fine. I have
to do something.
Okay. I can be there in an
hour. Is that enough time?
Miss Jordan?
Yeah. That's fine.
Yeah. That'd be fine.
Okay. I'll see you then.
Hey, it's me.
I'm right outside.
Yeah. Okay, fine.
So... no problems?
No... none.
That's great.
What happened to
your finger?
My what?
Your -- Your finger.
I cut it.
Can I -- Can I have em?
My items...
Oh. Yeah yeah yeah.
There she is.
What do you know.
Is something wrong?
No, no, no. It's just...
it's not really what I was...
hoping for.
Thanks though. Thanks for
everything you've done.
Thank you.
No problem --
Where is it?
Where's what?
Don't -- Don't -- Don't...
"Where's what?"
You didn't open it, did you?
You didn't open it, did you?
No. Yes, I --
Look, I --
I promise I will find
a way to pay you back.
I -- I have to go now.
Hello again.
Is there something I
can do for you?
Well we were just in
the neighborhood,
And decided to patronize
your humble establishment.
Very ecclectic.
That was quite the spirited
display you put on the other night.
Very dramatic. It was --
"Hold on, hold on!"
"Wait, wait, wait!"
"Wait just a sec!"
"Stop right there."
"Stop. Right. There."
She reaches in her purse.
The suspense builds.
A collective shudder from
the crowd, and then...
edging me out.
By this much.
It was painful.
I have to say.
What is it you want, Mr. Poe?
That's what I like.
A woman who likes to get
right down to it.
The box and the book.
Not for sale.
I think you misunderstand me.
I'm not offering to buy them.
How about now? No?
You look different.
When we met at the
auction the other day,
You seemed...
a bit ragged, and now you...
I apologize for the mess.
In case you change your mind.
Miss Jordan,
it's Raif Collins.
Please don't hang up.
I just --
I just wanted to apologize for
the way I acted the other night.
No. You know what?
If anyone should be
apologizing, it's me.
Well, that may be, but,
That's not why I'm
Would you consider getting
together with me again?
There's something I'd
like you to see.
Come in!
Can I get you anything?
No. I'm fine.
Look. I just wanted
you to know,
I started making preparations
for paying you back.
I'm sure you have.
I'm not very worried
about it.
This is nice.
Yeah. We do alright, eh?
Who's "We"?
That's why I wanted you
to come over tonight.
There's somebody I want
you to meet.
This is my sister.
I'm sure she'd say hi, but...
she hasn't really been
able to...
... talk for some time now.
The doctors haven't --
Haven't been any help.
They just keep telling me...
"any day now", or,
"It won't be long now", but,
I haven't given up hope.
She has her good days.
Every now and again
she comes around.
I'm not even...
I'm not really sure if she
knows who I am anymore.
I have a nurse...
... that stays here with
her during the week.
So she doesn't feel so...
... alone.
I just wanted you to understand why
I blew up at you the other night.
That's all.
I thought it was the
money this whole time.
If I had known that it was --
I know. I know.
After Christine's health
I began researching alternative
methods of treatment.
Most were worthless, but,
One was pretty interesting.
The Romans believed that
The soul escaped the body
with the last breath.
Sometimes they would
preserve it in bottles,
Or a family member would inhale
it at the moment of death.
That's breath capture.
You've heard of it?
Yeah. This new age store
that I went to,
Was selling these little charms
that you could breathe into,
And give em to someone.
I mean, it's bullshit.
I mean I thought
it was bullshit...
until I found this.
I found an article that he
wrote in a medical journal.
Where he just goes...
on, and on, and on
about how...
breath capture would
save millions of lives.
There's just no proof that
he ever actually did it.
Except for you.
At least now we know it
would've worked on Christine.
I know I said this,
But I really want you to
know how sorry I am.
Listen... I'll make you a deal.
There could be more of
these vials out there.
Or maybe the key to how
Kaminsky made it work.
With your connections, you're in a
much better position than I am to --
To find em.
So do -- Do this for me.
Help me save Christine.
And we'll worry about
the money later.
I don't care about that nearly
as much as I do about her.
Busy in here, huh?
A little bit.
What's up, Nina?
I was...
I was just wondering if you could
tell me where you shop, cause...
I'd sure like Morgan to
start dressing like that.
It turns me on.
Get outta here, Josh.
Why? I'm serious.
It's just...
you might wanna do something
about those blackheads though.
I'm not too big on that.
Don't ever fucking
touch me!
Call the fucking
cops, Morgan!
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Unless you wanna
explain this.
I'll get you for this.
I'll fucking get you
for this, you crazy bitch!
What are we still
driving around for?
I need to get to
a hospital.
The bitch knocked
out my teeth.
I'm gonna get her.
Her and that ugly
little bitch.
I'm gonna get em both.
It's her.
Lady, what is your
fucking deal?
Where have you been?
Look at me.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Just tell me what's going on.
I don't even remember
drawing those,
And then there's this
noise in my head and...
... everything goes blank.
And this was after
you used the vial?
And those people who
busted up the shop...
that's what they wanted?
Then let's go see them.
Nuh uh. Just you.
It's alright, Ruby.
I was beginning to wonder
if you'd ever show up.
Yeah, well,
My circumstances have changed a
little bit since the last time we met.
Personality changes?
Something like that.
What else?
This is what else.
So now you've come
looking for answers.
What makes you think
I have them?
When you came into my
shop that day, you knew.
You knew I had opened
that vial.
Do you know what
free radicals are?
Free radicals are the
molecules in our bodies.
Which cause aging.
And they have everything to do
with what's happening to you.
In the 30's,
A doctor named Randolph
Kaminsky held a test study.
It was for a new drug
he developed
Which was supposed to
eliminate free radicals...
creating longevity,
And healing incurable
Kaminsky had a hard time
finding volunteers, though.
So, he made a deal with
the penal system.
The inmates on death row
were offered parole
Or a reduced sentence if they
volunteered to be the lab rats.
What he didn't tell
the inmates...
... was what the drug
would actually do.
He gave it to them...
... and they died.
The drug only worked if it had a
chemical reaction inside the body first.
Something about the breath exhaled
at the moment of death made it work.
He collected them.
And the other half
of the group,
Who were all suffering
from terminal illnesses,
Including Kaminsky himself,
Inhaled them.
And they were cured.
If it's a cure,
Then why am I having
these violent urges,
And these visions of
people being murdered.
What you didn't know,
Was the one that inhaled
the breath of those inmates,
Would get something
besides longevity.
New personalities?
And memories.
This is most likely the
formula for the drug.
Is there a way to
reverse this or not?
The only way to reverse what's
happening to you is inhale another vial.
Kaminsky may have had more
of them in his possession.
He's the only one who
knew where they were.
Which means...
you're the only one
who knows.
The vials would have
a certain market value.
So we...
... may be able to
help each other.
Did you come to do the
other side today, or..?
Two Baltimore men were sentenced
to 15 years in federal prison today
For attempting to sell an undercover
officer $40 worth of cocaine.
So you were right.
There are more vials out there.
You found one?
But if we can figure
out where they are,
Then we can help
your sister.
Susan, that's great!
There's only one thing: she's
gonna have to inhale two of them.
One to cure her,
And then one to reverse it.
It's hard to explain,
But it's at least
worth a shot.
Yeah... yeah.
Where do we look?
I don't know.
If you want, we can talk
about it over dinner.
My treat this time.
I gotta get my keys.
Police are asking for your
help tonight in finding
The assailant of two teenagers who
were found murdered in Cherry Hill.
Morgan Raif, and Josh Foster,
both 18,
Were found slain in an abandoned
lot just outside of Baltimore,
Victims of a brutal
Police are asking anyone with any
information related to these deaths
To please come forward.
Hey. What's up?
I have to go. I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
I cannot explain.
I just have to go.
Where are you going?
To find something.
Susan, how did you know
this stuff was here?
Kaminsky knew.
I can't explain. Let's go.
Hold your breath.
Do not breathe in.
No matter what.
I thought they said that breathing
in another vial would reverse it.
This is something different.
This is something else.
You have to go. You have
to get out of here now!
I'm telling you something is
wrong and I can't control it.
You have to go now!
Nina, I don't want you coming
back here until this is all over.
Do you understand me?
I can help you figure
this out.
No. If anything ever happened to
you I would never forgive myself.
I want you to go home,
And I want you to stay
there until I call you.
This is my sister,
You know, I told you
I would call you.
Hey, it's Raif. I think
we should get together and
Talk about why you ran
out of here the other day.
I -- I can't.
I have to go.
Who the hell are
you people?
Susan. Calm down!
Calm down?
I found a film.
That bit -- About breathing
in a second vial --
That was all bullshit!
There is no way to reverse
this, is there?
You said that all of the
vials are from inmates.
You never mentioned anything
about psychotics.
The ones we breathed in
were from the inmates.
The others were supposed to
be for the next test group.
Well thanks to you leaving
out that little tidbit,
My friend almost died
helping me get them.
Hey wait. You found them?
What the hell do you
want with em?
What is it? Some life long dream of
yours to be a fucking mental patient?
Of course not.
We want them destroyed.
Answers. Now.
I told you Kaminsky was
trying to increase longevity.
It worked.
No no no. We can be killed.
But we'll never get sick,
we'll never grow old.
Neither will you.
Oh. I'll just be a
fucking murderer.
Susan, we were in the
same boat as you.
The violent tendencies,
the blackouts.
But, together, we beat it.
So can you.
There was another patient
in the film: a man.
He's the one who
gave me this.
And this.
He wanted us to help
him kill Kaminsky,
And get the formula
for the drug.
And we refused.
He didn't take it well.
He was the only one of us
that seemed to get off on it.
The power of killing.
We never saw him
again after that.
He's the one that paid me for
Kaminsky's breath box in the first place.
That's why i canceled
your bid.
He's alive?
Look. If you're serious about
destroying these, I'm with you.
I swear to god,
if you fuck with me --
No no no. We're serious.
What's wrong?
They aren't here.
Where are they?
I dunno. They were here.
He's not here.
He was.
Ugh. What is that?
Oh god.
Hey. Long time no see, huh?
This isn't a reunion.
Where are the vials?
I don't have any vials.
Bullshit. You broke
into the store.
And you took them.
Where are they?
You people amaze me.
For being as...
for being as smart
as you are,
You're all being a little
short sided, don't ya think?
We're sitting on one of the
greatest discoveries known to man,
And all you can do
is resist it.
Do you have any idea the
applications this thing has?
The medical possibilities...
Alone... are... astounding.
Yeah, and Morgan, and Josh,
and that woman upstairs.
What were they? Just part of
your noble fucking cause?
I had to improvise when
you opened the vial.
You stupid bitch.
So, don't put that
shit on me.
They were assholes
anyway, man.
You should be thanking me.
You should be saying,
"Thank you. Thank you, Raif."
What do you got there?
I'm only gonna ask you
this once more.
Then it gets ugly.
And try to keep in mind...
that those violent
they never really
go away.
Where are the vials?
Wait. Will you listen
to me for a second?
Think about what
you're doing here.
There's a lot of money
to be made here.
A lot.
We can all have a part in it.
C'mon, a product...
that lets you be
a completely new...
... person.
Who wouldn't want that?
People will pay anything...
... to get this.
We deserve it after
what he did to us.
Hold him.
C'mon, hang on
a second. C'mon!
Make sure his mouth
stays open.
Where are they?
Fuck. You.
We don't want it
to get infected.
Let's try this again,
shall we?
Where. Are they?
Or shall we see what
hole I can fit this into?
Hi, it's Raif. I'm not
here so leave a message.
Hi, Mr. Collins.
It's Eve from
the new age store.
I've been trying to get in touch
with you, but I guess you're busy.
Oh, hi. Is Mr. Collins
He's kind of tied
up right now.
Okay. Can you give
him a message for me?
I just wanted to thank him
for bringing those in today.
One day, and they're
almost all gone.
Do you know if he
has any more?
I don't... what are
you talking about?
The breath vials he
brought in.
I've sold almost all
of them.
I just wanted to find out
if he had any more on hand.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
You have them?
Of course.
I'll call you back.
What is it?
What did you do?
What did you do?
I told you.
I don't have them.
I already have a few buyers.
They just wanted to
see it in action first.
I'm just gonna finish
what Kaminsky started.
I'm conducting my...
... test on a slightly
larger scale.
Ruby. Keep him here.
Who all's going over?
Sounds good, but,
I can't, I'm...
... going out with
Ashley tonight.
Yeah I got her this dumb ass charm
that you breathe into or something.
She's into all that
romantic shit,
So this should definitely
score me some points.
Oh, she's here.
I'll call you back.
So what's up, Ash?
Hopefully you.
Hey, I gotta call
Tim back. Alright?
I'll be back here
in a minute.
Yeah. I'll give you
the details. Don't worry.
Alright. Later.
Where are they?
Where's what?
The vials Mr. Collins
brought in.
They went really fast.
I couldn't believe it.
Is this all that's left?
Do you keep track of who
buys your merchandise?
No, not really. People
pay cash. There's no need.
Why? -- Hey!
How'd that cut heal up?
All better now?
Probably about the same
as your shoulder.
I dunno.
I remember slicing
you pretty deep.
You don't treat
something like that...
right away...
it's gonna end up lookin'
real fuckin' nasty.
Maybe I'll give you
one just like it.
I don't think so.
Nothing personal.
Susan, it's Nina.
Look. I came to the store cause
I didn't know where else to go.
Just call me back when
you get this. Okay?
It simply isn't safe to
enter what they're now calling
"The hot zone".
Again, if you're just
joining us,
We're coming to you live
from Hamsted, Maryland,
Where chaos has broken out in
this normally quiet community,
Apparently due to some type
of unknown infection.
Swat and hazmat units
are on the scene,
And police are urging everyone
to stay away from this area.
If you are in
the hot zone,
They're asking that you call the
number at the bottom of your screen.
Outbreak hotline.
Who am i speaking to?
Hello, my name is Nina Carver.
I'm inside the hot zone.
Can you gimme your
exact location?
Yes. I'm at a curio shop
at King's Crossing --
Hey. You alright?
Yeah. Thank god. I thought --
What are you doing?
Waiting for your friends.
Hey, there you are.
Surprised you made it.
Sounds like world war III
out there, eh?
Wow, where's...
where's Ruby?
Oh! She won't
be joining us.
Ever again!
Whoa whoa whoa. Easy.
Easy, fella. It's just Ruby.
There's no reason to
involve her in this.
Okay okay okay okay!
Just tell us what
you want.
I want what's in your
stupid fuckin' head.
The drug Kaminsky
Okay? And I got all
the time in the world.
We can stay right here
til you remember it.
I have nothing to do.
You have any plans?
For leaving?
Okay. Here.
There it is. Show me.
Show me. Let's go!
Alright. Okay.
Let's go!
C'mon, man.
Really? Did she just
tell you to do that?
That's a stupid fuckin'
move. Open it.
Open it!
Don't move! Don't move!
Get your hands up!
Lemme see your fuckin' hands!
Don't shoot. Hold your fire.
Is everybody alright?
Police are reporting
That the outbreak of violence
today in the community of Hamsted.
Has been brought
under control.
At this hour,
150 are known dead.
With over 60 others
suffering minor wounds.
But still no word on the cause
of the outbreak of violence.
The source of last night's
horrific event.
Is still under
I thought you might
need this.
Oh. Thanks.
I'll add it to my
When she's 60,
I'm still gonna be this age.
I'm just not real sure how
I'm gonna deal with that.
It does get easier.
The violent urges never
completely go away,
But, you can learn
to resist them.
Ruby helped me.
I'll help you.
Is that what I think it is?
What are you gonna
do with it?
I'll show ya.