Rester vertical (2016) Movie Script

Have you ever thought about
a movie career?
So would you want one?
That's too bad, you have a great face.
You don't see faces
like yours every day.
That's a definite no?
You sure you don't want to
try an audition, something?
Something like what?
- Like an audition.
- No.
Come on, he's usually harmless.
All right, go on.
He's been skittish lately
because of the wolves.
He's been attacked so many times that...
I'm not sure he'd take on a wolf,
but he's a pain with hikers.
Are there lots of wolves around here?
I don't carry this to shoot rabbits.
It's a real headache, you know.
I don't doubt it.
No, you have no idea what it's like.
Would you mind if I say down for a bit?
No, I'm happy to see someone.
Have a seat.
What brings you to these parts?
I love this prairie.
And I'm interested in wolves, actually.
Interested how?
Like everyone. They scare and fascinate me.
But I'd like to see one.
Well, they're a pain in the ass.
And not just here.
I know, but we can't kill them all.
They won't disappear entirely.
But they need to taste lead,
they're not stupid.
They won't hunt deer or boar
if they can chow down on sheep.
Whereas, if they take a few bullets
from time to time...
Anyway, what do you care if there
are wolves here or anywhere
in France or in Europe?
You don't see them.
And you never will.
It's part of life,
even the vipers
I don't want them to disappear.
Are you sure you'd be bummed
if vipers disappeared?
No, I'm not sure.
You don't raise sheep for their own sake?
They eventually get slaughtered?
They're mainly for milk.
And when they can't give anymore?
You can't keep every lamb.
Some die from sickness.
The wolf can't kill too many.
But that makes a huge difference.
As long as you're compensated...
It's not so simple.
We have to find the remains for that.
And miscarried lambs and missing
ewes aren't covered.
Neither are lambs who die of fright.
Even for us, it's scary.
And even if we're covered,
we don't want to feed the wolves.
Who's he?
Leo, a friend.
Gimme a kiss?
Go on, he won't bite.
How was your day?
Enzo hurt Cassandra.
- That's not true, Cassandra!
- Leo, my dad.
I ran into her on the prairie.
We had a nice chat.
Shh. Shh.
Are you going home now?
I don't have one anymore.
Where do you live?
I have stuff everywhere.
With friends, with old neighbors.
I stay in hotels or camp out, depends.
If you have nowhere to go,
you can stay here.
Want to try?
Give him a break.
Can you pick me up, please?
You kidding?
If he was younger, he'd just quit.
It's too hard with the wolves.
But at 50, what can he do?
Gradually, that's what'll happen.
The shepherds will all quit.
The sheep will be raised indoors,
and you'll all be happy.
- Stop, no one wants that.
- It's what'll happen.
And wolves didn't cause this mess.
They sure didn't help.
I only came back because
I had nowhere else to go.
My dad needs a helping hand,
but I don't want to be a shepherd forever.
Hear that?
- Have a good one.
- You too.
1. Ext. A Long Straight Road - Day
Leny is at the wheel of his car.
No, that's not really it.
Anyway, it won't stop me
from coming to see you.
But I'm on a roll, so...
You know ...
I don't want to break my stride.
Not yet, but I'll probably
send you something in two weeks.
It won't be finished, but pretty close.
I don't know.
No rush, but could you wire...
say next week...
I dunno, 5,000?
Great, thanks.
And I promise
I'll send it in 2 or 3 weeks, OK?
OK, great. Take care.
You alright?
I'm alright.
It's not too hard?
At least it's been nice out.
Hi there.
Remember me?
I'm looking for the kid
who was here last time.
Oh yeah, I remember.
He didn't like your advances.
My advances? That's going a bit far.
Go ahead, take that little fag.
Get him out of my hair.
He stole money from me again.
I'll gladly take him off your hands
but I need to see him.
You think I know where he is?
And I doubt he wants to see you.
It better be done when I get back!
Can we talk?
No, I've got work to do.
Just 5 minutes.
No, that's okay, I don't want to see you.
You don't want out of here?
You're young, you're cute...
why waste your time with that old fart?
That's a mean thing to say.
You should hear him talk about you.
And I heard him yelling at you.
Because I stole 50 euros.
Now I have to work it off.
Whatever makes you happy.
Why do you care if I'm happy?
You're right, what do I care?
Are you sleeping over?
I never thought this would happen to me.
I think it's exactly what I want.
You think, or you're sure?
It feels right being here with you
and your kids.
And I love the countryside.
Yeah, well I want us to move.
What about your dad?
I'm not gonna stay with him forever.
Can you imagine living alone
in the middle of all this?
He's 50 years old,
I'm not gonna worry about my dad.
Do you want to live together, or...
Push. Harder.
Another push for the shoulders.
Here we go.
Breathe. Stop pushing.
Stop pushing.
Here he comes.
Nice and easy. There.
Here's the head.
He's coming nice and slow.
He's clear. He's free of his cord.
Et voila! Hi, baby!
4:50 a.m.
Want some more?
Hey, I got your message.
It's coming along.
I'm almost done, but I need
another week or two.
A month, tops.
Because I haven't had time.
We can spare an extra month, right?
Can you wire me some money?
Let's do like last time...
3,000, all right?
The cops, gotta go.
Get in.
Is anyone home?
That faggot Yoan
just stole all my savings.
He's going to Australia,
that asshole.
You're not very nice to him.
He didn't have to steal all my dough!
I never kept him here.
I never asked him for anything.
He just showed up one day
and never left.
Then you must've liked it.
Liked what?
Having him here, no?
Maybe he left on a whim.
But he won't get far.
He'll be back.
What are you doing?
Can I get you a coffee, too?
Stay for dinner, while you're at it!
Go home.
You've stirred up enough shit.
I love you, Leo.
What are you going to do?
So you're going to leave again?
Shit, what's the matter with him?
Mommy, the baby's crying.
He'll be fine, let him be.
So you'd let us cry, too?
Not all the time.
Sometimes you'd check on us?
Most times, even.
But not every time?
No, not every time.
Can I leave him with you?
If I show up with the baby,
she won't even want to see me.
I'll be back no later
than tomorrow morning.
I see your angle. First it'll be
all afternoon, then all evening...
I see what you're doing.
You're wrong about me,
I'm not like that.
Apparently they like car trips.
It puts them right to sleep.
Don't cry.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I had car trouble, so that's that.
"So that's that," what?
So I'm late.
Did I say anything?
Come in.
Mostly he never stops crying.
All day and night...
Just be quiet.
He's not crying now.
No, but it gets on your nerves.
Let me concentrate.
Go sit over there.
Yes, I wanted it.
But it's not the same without her.
What's changed?
Together we're stronger.
Against a baby?
It's terrifying.
It's a hell of a thing,
don't you think?
I don't know, I've never had one.
With her I felt confident.
It wasn't her first,
I figured she knew the ropes.
And now I'm all by myself.
And you can't abandon a baby...
Why do you say that?
It goes without saying, right?
You think I'm going to abandon it?
What will you do?
What can I do?
Come on, bed time.
What I've written so far is terrible.
I can't give you that.
I could have you read it, but...
It won't get us very far.
Of course I'm working.
Who do you think I am?
Yeah, but I just had a baby.
So it's gotten a little complicated.
Sure I'm the father.
C'mon, I wasn't gonna
shout it from the rooftops.
And you know it's coming,
but it's still a surprise.
And then it takes a while to sink in.
It hits you like a ton of bricks.
I know... we said...
I said lots of things,
but I changed my mind...
OK. If you insist, I'll send it.
I'm not at my computer,
but soon as I get back.
In an hour, hour and a half...
I'll send it to you.
Yeah I'm okay.
Why do you ask?
Yes, I'm sure.
Talk soon. Bye.
Thanks, you too.
There, there...
The music's a bit loud!
The music's too loud!
It's Pink Floyd!
Yes, but it's too loud!
What can I get you?
A pastis?
A glass of red?
It's a little early.
A coffee, if you've got some.
Are you looking for Yoan?
He left for Australia.
I don't know what the hell for.
And I hope he stays there,
that asshole.
He's gonna love sucking
big nigger cocks
in the desert.
You know he cleaned me out
to pay for his bullshit?
Of course it was better
when my wife was here.
The cooking, cleaning, all that...
Now I work my ass off.
How're your parents?
Do you remember who I am?
Of course, why do you ask?
Because you don't know my parents.
I don't have to know them!
It's polite to ask
about people's parents.
Did you know that little fag
was going to Australia?
He left a note on the table
and that was it.
You'd do that to your dad?
So you're his dad?
No, it's a figure of speech!
But he's a bit like a son.
You know, it's normal at his age.
What's that, normal?
He wants to see the world.
Only a total moron
would dream of Australia.
Jerking off in the desert
is so like him.
I hope he gets fucked
by the kangaroos.
Got a wife?
- No.
- What do you do for food?
Cleaning, and all that?
You get along fine.
But a woman's more convenient.
What happened to your wife?
There's a guy snooping around your car.
Oh, shit.
You call that parenting?
There was no reason to wake him...
I wasn't gonna be long.
Why haven't you visited her?
I told you, with him I can't.
I'm trying to find a sitter,
but I've had trouble.
You just left him in the car,
but you need a sitter to see her?
Come on.
- What're you doing?
- Taking you to see her.
Wait, but...
I can watch him.
But I can't leave my car here...
I'll drive you back.
What about my stuff?
And it's a long drive.
This way you can't just drive off.
Because something came up.
I haven't been home yet.
I promise. I'll send it as soon as...
Now it won't be before tomorrow.
But I've been meaning to call you.
Could you wire some money?
[Are you kidding or what?]
[I'm waiting on your script!]
OK. We'll talk when you get it.
- How's it going?
- Great.
Okay, we said 10 minutes,
it's been half an hour.
It's bedtime.
And I've had it.
- Are you sleeping over?
- No, he's not staying.
Enzo, get down too.
That's enough.
Marie, you know a baby
needs its mother.
It needs its father, too.
Guys split all the time
and it works out fine.
It works out fine...
It's not easy and a mother's different.
Don't you have anything new to say?
What do you mean by "new"?
Do you want to live with me?
Me neither.
You know, Leo, they say it's nice
having a baby to yourself.
They say women like it,
it must be true for guys too.
He's outside in the car.
Don't you want to see him?
Bye, then.
I'll see to the animals.
Thanks to your nonsense,
they haven't been out all day.
What is it?
I wanted to check in
before going to bed.
I don't think sleeping
with the baby's a good idea.
He should sleep in another room.
- Why do you say that?
- Everyone says it's not a good idea.
They have to get used to sleeping alone.
I'll put him next door.
I'd rather he stay with me.
It's better this way.
No, I don't want you to.
Why are you freaking out like this?
Sorry, I'm dealing with a lot right now.
I'm beat.
Even if I shouldn't,
I'm keeping him with me tonight.
Hang on. They won't be long.
Put that gun down.
You're freaking me out.
I want you, Leo.
Sorry I shoved you like that.
But you were a little forward.
You lead me on for months,
and now nothing?
I led you on?
Where'd you get that idea?
So I was imagining things?
No, you weren't imagining things...
But I wasn't thinking clearly,
and things have changed.
Oh yeah? How?
And even if I wanted to,
I couldn't sleep with my son's grandpa.
Don't you agree?
Stop it, Jean-Louis!
Shit, Jean-Louis!
Come inside and let's talk about this.
Go ahead and call them.
And I'll tell them the rest.
The baby on the prairie and all that.
I'm not fucking around, trust me.
You should've let me take my car.
Can't you leave me alone?
It's not you I'm visiting.
You'll have to come back,
he's sleeping.
How do you know?
- Are you coming from his bed?
- He never gets up before 8:30.
Enjoy Australia?
What did you do there?
What kind of stuff?
Just... stuff.
Who is it?
The guy with the Renault.
What's he doing here?
He's here to see you.
Send him up.
Don't be long.
He's exhausted, he needs to rest.
- Is he yours?
- Yes.
Get lost, you!
Go blow some niggers in "Austria"!
So? Not feeling well?
Do you have grandkids?
There's nobody to care for you?
There's Yoan.
So he came back for you?
He never left.
I didn't ask questions,
I called the cops.
He never set foot in Austria.
It wasn't the niggers
who fucked him...
it was the Arabs.
Big bastards, with fat cocks.
It was nice of him
to come back for you.
Yeah, right.
Did you see his hard-on this morning?
He's dying to stick it in me.
You all think I wanna get fucked
because I can't get hard anymore.
Not so fast.
I don't spread 'em like the Queen.
- Not at all.
- Sure. Play dumb.
You're on my bed for nothing?
Actually, I came to ask a favor.
Can I leave a friend's car keys?
He'll stop by to get them.
I don't trust Yoan.
You'll remember where they are?
I have to go.
Are you good to take care of him?
Why, do you want to help?
I feel weird leaving you alone.
And I wish you'd stop sulking.
And just as she was saying it,
I thought the same thing.
I realized
it's what I'd always wanted,
a baby for myself
without the hassle of a woman.
So it's all good? You're happy.
Could you detect lung cancer, say,
with all this stuff?
I don't know how
you detect those things, but...
I listened to your body
and didn't sense anything there.
Don't move.
- Hello.
- Hello, m'am.
- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for a man.
Don't be stupid, Leo!
This is silly.
I just want the screenplay.
Even if it's not finished.
I just want to read something.
We need to talk.
Stop running away.
Stop stringing me along.
Can you hear me?
Come on, Leo, show yourself!
I can feel you close by.
You can't spend all your time
running away!
You're not going to
abandon your baby, after all.
There is no screenplay.
Not a scene, not a line.
It's a ghastly sight.
He pours alcohol on his wound.
He's a real tough guy.
He pulls out his knife...
Leny gives Jacques a water bottle.
He gathers his courage...
He gathers speed.
Are you happy?
It sucks.
It's beautiful.
Really? You like it?
Really. I'm impressed.
Write me a check?
When it's finished.
Come on, wake up.
What's happening?
We can go now.
I managed to put him to sleep.
Where do you want to go?
Would you rather relax here
writing a script you don't like,
Or do you want
the great outdoors, posterity?
I don't know.
I don't believe this.
I have a baby to feed.
You disappoint me.
I'm beat.
I'm tired of running around.
I'm too old for it.
Go on.
I haven't had the time
to call, but...
Well, could you increase my overdraft?
At one point,
you mentioned opening a line of credit.
Around 3,000 euros...
But there must be another solution.
I'm from the south,
and my ATM card was stolen,
and I need gas to get home.
Hello. I'm from the south
and my ATM card was...
I have no way to get money.
- Need gas to get home.
- Don't insist.
Hello, hello.
I'm from the south
and my ATM card was stolen,
and I need gas to get home.
Do you have any change?
- I really don't know.
- Even a few cents.
Got any change? For food?
- No, sorry.
- 1 euro?
50 cents?
No, I've got nothing.
Nothing at all.
Small change?
You must have something.
- What are you doing?
- What's in your bag?
No, I've got nothing!
There's nothing in there.
I'm broke!
Careful with the baby!
Be careful!
Stop it!
I have nothing!
I told you I have nothing.
Deal with the old man.
I'm getting Yoan out of this place.
Yoan? Is that you?
Yoan left.
With the farmer?
Yes, but...
I'm going to take care of you.
All the time?
Tonight, at any rate.
Tomorrow we'll contact your family.
You must have a brother or a sister.
- Second cousins?
- Nobody.
I'll contact social services.
We'll find you a retirement home.
I won't go!
But you can't stay here.
I won't go!
OK, OK...
We'll find a solution.
I know the solution.
Good evening.
Just checking in.
Where's Mr. Marcel?
He just died.
He's upstairs.
Are you family?
How'd he die?
He took a drug I hadn't heard of.
You drink it, it's painless.
I was there.
I can assure you
he didn't feel a thing.
It was kind of an assisted suicide.
Where are they taking him?
It's social services.
They're taking him to his mother.
He's been with me since birth!
It'll upset him.
You can't keep him,
you're homeless and destitute.
She won't want him, I know her!
Calm down!
Can I come in?
I'm in a hurry.
My boyfriend's here.
You have a boyfriend? Cool.
Are the kids home?
Yeah, but I have to feed them.
And I found a job.
Cool, where?
At Intermarch, I start at 2.
OK. I just came to pick up
the little guy anyway.
He's staying here.
What do you mean?
He's not living with you.
That's bullshit.
You never wanted him.
Orders from child services.
Let's wait till it blows over.
For now, you have to go.
Just give me five minutes.
I miss him, it's been 3 days.
You're not coming in, no way.
Then bring him out here.
Is it true about the old man?
What did they tell you?
That you fucked him to help him die.
That's insane.
It's obviously not true.
How could they even know that?
And you believe them?
I've taken care of him all along.
He's never lacked for anything.
This is unacceptable.
I'm not leaving without him.
I swear, you don't know me!
I could...
Don't show your face here again.
Can I stay here?
I'll help you with the flock.
And other stuff, if you'll have me.
Hey, you.
Well, I'm going.
See you tonight?
It must be freezing in the barn.
Why not sleep inside?
No, there are wolves on the prowl.
Don't be stupid,
they won't go into the barn.
It's happened before.
You have nothing to fear from me.
I get it.
Watching the sheep is my job.
So I watch them.
Let's go.
We can't stay here.
You're ruining everything.
I'm so close.
Don't worry.
We just can't show fear.
We have to look strong to them.
Just don't fall down.
As long as we're standing, we're safe.
We can't even slouch.
We have to stand very straight.
Oedipax for KG