Results (2015) Movie Script

That's it. That's it. Nice and slow.
Yo, Christine!
Christine, I love you.
How many times
you want me to say it? I fu...
I love...
I fucking love you!
I love you!
Come on, follow me.
We're gonna do this together.
Up, down. Up, down. Up, down.
Up and press up.
Toes pointed and down. And press up.
And down.
Beautiful. Up. We're all a team.
We stay together.
And down. Don't cheat.
Stay with your teammates. Everybody up.
Push, push, push!
Pull in your navel!
Through your sphincter!
Push 'em up!
Down! Up!
Down! Put those elbows in.
Squeeze up. Beautiful.
Touch the ground.
James Brown. Touch the ground.
Get down.
Now, plank position.
Your forearms should be pointed forward,
straight ahead.
90 degrees, feet together.
Susan, elbows under your shoulder.
These are your shoulders.
Imagine a straight line going down
to the floor, straight ahead.
Straight down.
- Can I help you, sir?
- I don't want to interrupt anything.
No, no, no, no.
This is the perfect time.
These guys could hold plank
all day, right?
Butt up!
Monica, not that high.
You're a plank. Solid rock.
Yeah, I was hoping
to get in shape a little bit.
A little bit? All right.
Can I help you, sir?
Yeah, you can help me.
You can all help me.
Why don't you step into my office,
and I'll tell you a bit about what we do here
and we can talk about some
of your personal fitness goals?
You can take a seat, if you like.
You don't have to, though.
Fear excuses surrender?
No. It's...
No fear.
What can we do for you?
I was looking in your window, and I thought,
you know, "I got to get in shape."
Yeah, I can relate to that.
Every time I see Lorenzo's abs,
I think I got to stop eating tacos.
Are you... Are you currently...
doing any form of consistent exercise?
- Have you spent much time in gyms?
- Fuck, no.
Okay, well, that's all right.
No problem.
Well, just... just to give you
a little bit of our philosophy here...
Look, firstly, my name's Trevor.
- I'm Danny.
- Danny, Danny.
I am the founder and owner
of Power 4 Life.
And I've... you know, I've often
got people coming up to me asking,
"Hey, Trevor, what's the 4
in Power 4 Life?"
Put it simply, it's physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Now, obviously,
when you take on a trainer,
you're primarily concentrating
on the physical,
but I think the thing that separates us
from all the other boot camps
and trainers and gyms out there
is that we're very aware
that those four elements
work in conjunction
with each other all the time.
Look, I know I can go on
a bit and stuff, so I won't.
So, what are your goals?
What do you think you're after?
Well, you know, I mean, I got money,
so I can pay for whatever.
That's good, yeah. Fine, that's fine.
I guess what I really want... I just...
I want to be able to take a punch.
- I want to be able to, like...
- So, boxing, yeah?
Yeah, but I'm not gonna get
in the ring, I don't think.
Like, say you hit me here
or here, here, or right here.
I just want to be able to take it
without falling down or... or, you know,
puking or bleeding...
too much. Just...
Yeah, yeah.
- Does that make sense?
- Yeah, of course.
- Kat.
- Hey.
So funny to see you here.
We were just at a birthday party.
Barrett, do you remember
my trainer, Kat? Can you say hi?
Hey, buddy. How's that cupcake?
My gosh, busted.
Technically, it was Barrett's,
but I did have a couple bites,
and I was gonna put it in my food log.
- No, look. I am not the food police, Laura.
- I think it's pretty obvious by now,
I'm not perfect about food,
and I'm not trying to be.
Also... you're behind on payment, Laura.
You know, it doesn't
bother me if you lie to me.
I truly don't give a S.H.I.T.
- S.H.I.T.
- But if you lie to yourself, right?
Bye, bud.
- Okay, is everybody ready?
- Yeah, everyone smiling, showing teeth?
Don't you think at least
one of us should look mean?
No, overruled, mate.
We're a united, smiling front.
We're good.
So, is he supposed to look mean, or not?
- Hey, sorry.
- Akim, don't...
- The princess has arrived.
- Where's your shirt?
Looks like a family
Christmas photo, man.
Even though so many of us
have had sex with each other.
Mate, I don't want to know about
your personal lives. I really don't, okay?
Kat, hurry up.
Akim, smile, mate, or you're fired.
See you tomorrow, bro.
Hey, Kat!
Did you... Did you jump on Laura Brant's
car and harass her or something?
I did not jump on her car.
I mean, she owes you money, Trevor.
She's a deadbeat.
No, her credit card's expired, and we
just haven't got the new one on file yet.
- Deadbeat.
- Collection's not even your problem.
Well, yes, it is my problem if I am
getting paid out per session, Trevor.
You'll get paid for every session
that you do. It's my problem, okay?
Trevor, you said you were gonna
text me the contact info for the walk-in.
Yeah, I did. I mean,
I didn't, but I'll do it now.
And I'll work out schedule and goals
with him. We'll make it work.
Yep. Okay, great.
We had a walk-in? Did he request...
Lorenzo specifically, or...
Really? You weren't here.
You haven't even met the guy,
but all of a sudden,
he's your client that I'm stealing?
- Don't provoke her. Don't provoke her.
- Yeah, stop fucking provoking me.
I know you're looking for more clients,
but it's an executive decision, okay?
Kat, reality check. You're already working
seven days a week. You're unfocused.
You know what? You know, Trevor,
I'd like you to finish your explanation here
- because I truly don't understand why...
- Don't provoke me. Don't provoke me.
- Trevor is trying to run a business.
- Fuck off! You're a bisexual gigolo!
Part of achieving excellence
is delivering excellence consistently.
- And I'm sorry, what did you just call me?
- Listen, just call him, okay?
Give him a call and let me know
what you work out, all right? Fuck.
- Thanks.
- You made him so mad.
Kat, don't fuck with a lion.
I wouldn't want to touch you.
Wouldn't want to go near you.
- This is my car.
- Sorry.
Don't do it, Kat. Don't come in here.
Just turn around.
Do you ever read the feedback forms
you make clients fill out?
Why don't you ever say anything nice
to me first before you attack?
- Why isn't that part of your strategy?
- Who is... your highest ranked trainer?
I don't know. I haven't crunched
the numbers yet.
Why would you make people
fill out these forms
if you're not gonna crunch the
numbers, man? That's not optimized.
Well, why don't you... pull up
the... spreadsheet? I'll wait.
- I know you score high.
- I Sc... clients fucking love me, Trevor.
Look, they don't see the dark side
unless they fuck with me
or they fuck with your business.
And if they're cool,
then I'm their best friend.
Look, the guy was weird, okay?
He just gave off a weird vibe.
He wanted privates at home. That's fine.
But when I asked him
about his personal fitness goals,
he just got more fucking weird.
And... I just wouldn't feel comfortable
sending you over there.
- He's a rapist.
- I have no idea. Maybe.
And he's like a big guy, big trouble?
Yeah, hand to hand in a fair fight,
you would break his neck,
but I can't count
on a fair fight, can I?
I'm just not prepared
to take the risk, all right?
Geez, now I'm worried
about Lorenzo and his...
Come on, I'm setting the alarm.
You're such a juvenile.
I can't believe I haven't earned
your trust by now.
Well, listen...
this is an intro session,
and it's really just about me getting
to know you and you getting to know me
- and sort of starting on a plan together.
- All right.
So, what I'd like you
to do is... keep a food log.
That means, you know,
writing it down on a piece of paper,
e-mailing it to me,
or now some of my clients,
they'll take a picture of the food they're
eating and send it to me. Boom, easy.
So, anything that goes into your body
that isn't water, we track it.
- That's intense.
- Yeah.
you could either pay by...
check or PayPal.
We usually bill monthly, but we can
schedule it however works for you.
Okay. I don't know.
Can't I just pay in advance?
- Yeah.
- Like, how about...
I don't know, how much
for a year or two?
- Okay, well... see you on Thursday.
- All right, Thursday.
You know, I have a pool too,
right over there.
Hey. Keep the change.
Let's talk about food.
I think that it's really great that
you were honest about what you ate.
But... if it wasn't hunger,
what do you think was going on there?
- Boredom.
- Boredom, okay.
Well, maybe you could've invited
somebody over to share the pizza with you.
Yeah, maybe or maybe not.
It's up to you, right?
Boredom and depression.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Do you ever...
Do you ever see anybody about that?
- Like a shrink or something?
- Yeah, or a... trained professional.
I don't know.
Do you?
I have. I've tried it.
And what, you didn't like it?
You know, it's...
it's like training with somebody.
You know, you just have
to trust in the process.
And it feels kind of awkward
at first, but when you...
You know, I'm not saying that a shrink
can save your life every time, but...
A trainer can save your life?
- I don't know.
- You know.
Let's hit it. Let's get you
warmed up. Okay?
Bend at the waist, stick your butt out,
and drop down, okay?
Keep your core tight
throughout the whole thing.
Let's just try one, see how we do. Okay?
All right. And come right back up.
Push up through your heels.
There you go.
Okay. I'm sorry,
is touch okay or not okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? Okay.
I just want to make a quick adjustment
back here. Doing really well. Get that...
Okay, you got to tell me if something
doesn't feel good, okay?
- No, it was good.
- It was okay?
- It was okay.
- Okay.
So, this is tight throughout.
Keep these shoulders really tight.
Core is tight. Imagine there's,
like, a wall behind your butt,
and you're trying to, like,
break through it, okay?
And let's pop right back up.
Yep, okay, let's just stop there.
We're just trying to get the alignment
right. It's kind of tricky at first.
- Feels kind of unnatural, right?
- Knock a wall down with my butt?
Yeah, knock a wall down with your butt,
You know, knock over your sadness.
Knock over your anxiety. Knock over,
you know, anything that makes you mad.
- Yeah.
- Control your descent when you go.
Don't just drop down. Control it down.
You know what? I'm gonna show you a few.
I just want you to get this form right.
All right, here we go.
And I lead with my butt. See?
Okay, you see my form?
- Yes.
- See how everything is tight?
Nine. Last one, ten.
Great, swap it out. Swap it out.
Big focus, come on, big focus.
I started Power 4 Life because I wanted
to give people power for their own lives.
When I hear someone say,
"I wish I had the perfect body,"
I think to myself, what is that?
We all have our own perfection.
Maybe you want to compete in a marathon.
Or maybe you just want to feel
super-confident in a bikini.
Or maybe all you're after
is that little bit of extra energy
when you get home from work so you've
got energy to play with your kids.
Close your eyes...
and hold that goal in your mind.
And make it happen.
Physical, mental, emotional,
and spiritual.'s all coming from here. It's got
to come from the back in here, okay?
Yeah. And one more.
Good. I'm gonna give you
ten pound weights.
Really? Okay.
Honestly, I had been
to a lot of trainers before,
and I had never found a program
that I could stick with
until I started working with Kat.
She's amazing.
She loves her job, she loves life,
and it just makes you want
to work harder and do better.
Your back really straight, and then
you push with your butt, right?
Push that out,
and you kind of lead with it.
Try to go as deep as you can, okay?
Hey... hey, what's up, man?
I like your hat.
I don't mean to bother you.
I'm new in town, so...
I got a kind of dumb question
I was wondering if you could help me with.
Do you smoke?
You know where I can get some... weed?
Do I look like a drug dealer to you?
Drugs, not... I mean, weed, weed, weed.
- I'm an undercover cop.
- Are you really?
Well... bullshit.
- You got a badge? Show me your badge.
- No, I'm kidding. I'm not a cop.
- I am a lawyer, though.
- Yeah?
Yeah? What kind? Criminal lawyer?
No, no, commercial...
business. You know, contracts and shit.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hey, you got a card?
- You want... you want my card?
Yeah, if you got one.
All right, yeah. I'll give you my card.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
I could probably use
someone like you on the...
Hey, I could probably help you
with that other thing, too, if you want.
So you agree... it's 2014.
Alejandra, he's a pretty boy.
He gets a lot of attention.
- All right, so.
- Yeah, just pretty much, just, you know,
that button for on and off,
and then, I mean,
you could probably figure
the rest of these out.
Just leave that for you here.
- All right, man, there you go.
- Thank you.
Can you do this?
Can you hook this up to that screen?
So that I could do computer stuff...
watch computer stuff on that?
- Yeah, I could probably do that.
- Another 100 bucks, bro.
Just makes you want to work
harder and do better.
Your back really straight, and then
you push with your butt, right?
Push that out,
and you kind of lead with it.
Try to go as deep as you can, okay?
I assembled my own personal dream team.
You can do better.
Your back really straight, and then
you push with your butt, all right?
Push that out,
and you kind of lead with it.
Try to go as deep as you can, okay?
Hey, hey. Hey, fella.
Hey. Hello, hello.
Hey, chubby, chubby.
Hi, name's chubby.
My mom's chubby. My dad's chubby.
Even my dog's chubby.
Of course, it hurts.
It's supposed to hurt.
You fool yourself if you think
you conquer pain.
You cannot conquer pain. Pain is key.
You cannot work against it.
You must work with it.
When you come up,
you come up to that front heel.
All that work is in that front heel.
Drop down into it.
Okay, I'm sorry. That was...
it was just a... it was a visual thing.
No shit, it's a visual.
It's... I look ridiculous.
That's why we're doing
this shit in private.
It's not ridiculous.
You're learning something new.
All right, and push up.
Take a breath if you need it, okay?
Good. Okay.
Monty Python. Ministry of Silly Walks.
You don't know that?
Do you know who Monty Python is?
You've never heard of Monty...
You don't know who they are?
John Cleese? Shit, I'm old.
You're not old.
You're just lazy. Let's go.
- Well, nice work today.
- Thanks.
I meant to say,
I enjoyed your photography again.
You have... you have no idea what
I'm talking about. That's awesome.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Do you want to come in
and smoke some time?
It doesn't have to be now.
I mean, some time.
Well, you know, it's not very... it's not
very good for you. It's not healthy.
Yeah, we may disagree
on the definition of health.
Well, I have a... I have a client now,
but I appreciate the offer.
- Good night.
- Good night.
But when my boyfriend starts
getting calls from her boyfriend,
saying, "what the fuck, yo?"
Like, then it's my business, you know?
Right. Well, they just got
to take some responsibility.
Exactly. I think I just did 20.
I counted 16.
I was paying attention.
I think it was 20.
Okay, I'm gonna put 16 down in here
'cause that's what I counted,
but if you want to move on,
we can move on.
Yeah. Thank you.
Am I your most out-of-shape client?
No, definitely not.
You know what, Danny?
Your questionable diet aside,
you actually, like, put in an effort
into some of the workouts.
I mean, some of these people, I don't even
know why they waste their money.
They... they waste it 'cause
they have it. That's why I waste it.
I've met a lot of rich people, okay,
and you have got your own sense of style.
- Just no frills at all.
- You know, I tell you, it's like...
Thank you.
It's a rental, so it's temporary. I don't
know how long I'm gonna stay in town.
I mean, like, what are you,
some, like, globetrotting,
trust-fund kid?
What? No. Fuck, no.
You want something to drink?
You want water? You want a beer?
You want a protein shake
or whatever you drink?
- I'll take a water, thanks.
- Okay.
Did you invent a website,
something like that?
Let's have whiskey.
You want to have a shot?
- Whiskey?
- Like, come on. Enough control.
- I don't know about...
- Enough controlling our descent.
Yeah, yeah. You just...
just a little bit, I think.
A little bit?
I got divorced about...
God, I don't know.
- A half a year ago?
- Your wife invented a website, then?
No, she didn't invent shit. She was...
she's pretty smart. I respect her.
- You want ice?
- Yeah, I'll take some ice, thank you.
But I... she's...
That's not what happened.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Within 24 hours of...
the ink drying on the divorce,
I find out my mother's dead.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right. You didn't kill her.
Hadn't talked to her for 16, 17 years.
You know, we didn't leave off
on a good place,
and I knew she lived in Texas.
I knew she married a rich guy.
I didn't realize how rich.
I didn't realize he'd already died.
I never thought
she'd put me in her will.
The thing is, if she had died
one week earlier,
my ex-wife would be rich now,
and I feel bad about that,
because I think she really
would've enjoyed being rich.
Yeah, I mean, some girls
are into that...
Do you want to watch TV?
People ask me all the time
about the progress we've made
treating mental illness
in this country...
- Are you married?
- Me?
No way. You see a ring on this finger?
...and when I talk to the medical
professionals in the field.
They'll tell you we've made
phenomenal progress.
A boyfriend?
I've been sleeping with someone,
or I was sleeping with someone.
I don't know
if that's happening anymore.
And, in fact, it may be worse.
Yeah, we sought treatment, and it's...
He was in and out
of institutions for years, and...
I've lost count
of how many places we went...
we went to, and...
we all knew he was in danger.
We knew it was a danger.
On the morning of November 3rd,
Billy boarded a bus headed to Madison,
carrying three handguns
all legally purchased.
The last time he had spoken to Susan
had been four days earlier.
He told her he was going back.
- Slow down. No disrobing, okay?
- Okay.
I know it's on the high end
of your scale,
you know, size-wise and price-wise,
but I just thought you'd want to see it.
I mean, it could be amazing, right?
You could get so much equipment in here.
Not that it's about competing
with the franchise gyms.
Imagine having a juice bar there, right,
with a nutritionist on staff.
You know, in a place like this, I could
take the whole Power 4 Life philosophy
and actualize it.
We could have a heart center, we could
have a mind center, have a spirit center.
We could make that area like a private area
and have a licensed therapist on staff.
We could have meditation classes.
I mean, it's crazy,
and if it didn't take off really quickly,
you'd probably see me down
at 24-Hour Fitness begging for a job.
Hey, hey, the first thing
you told me when we met
was that you were looking to grow.
So the real question is,
how much do you want to grow?
You do CrossFit, don't you?
Six days a week, and sometimes
I try and squeeze in yoga
- and Pilates if I can.
- And who do you train with?
Do you know Dominic
and Sarah at South Side?
They're fantastic.
Yeah, but if you were in this location,
I'd have to start coming here.
Super convenient for me.
I just live a few blocks away.
Really? There's so many
great restaurants around here.
Yeah, I mean, not that I can go
to any of them since I've gone paleo.
I know a really great beef-ball place
if you want a recommendation.
Let me know when you're free,
and we'll get it on the calendar.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
Hey, if I... go to the store,
do you want me to pick you up anything?
Tre... Trevor?
Yeah, your door was open.
I just wanted to see if you were okay.
- Hi, Thea.
- Hey.
I could have texted, but I didn't have
the app that can deliver soup.
Thea, Trevor brought soup.
Would you like some soup or...
- No, I'm okay, thanks.
- I rescheduled most of my clients.
You know, I'm sick,
but everything is cool.
You look like you're in good healing hands.
I'll just leave this for you, and...
if you need to cancel tomorrow,
let me know, and I'll sort that out.
Health first? Okay, see you ladies.
- Was this business or personal, Trevor?
- I didn't mean to freak you out.
- All right, good night.
- Night.
Hey, I... I didn't know
if you did evening sessions.
I can, but not if the client
isn't in appropriate workout clothes.
Well, I mean, hey.
The pay is the same either way, right?
Come on. Come in.
Listen, Danny. We need to talk.
Yeah, no, we absolutely need to talk.
That's why I want you to come inside.
No... but listen, I just...
I need to figure out if we can continue
a professional relationship here...
- Come on inside. Come in the house.
- And if we can't...
Come on. I want to show you something.
I hired these guys.
Come here. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Chef Paul, that looks amazing.
- You're a wizard.
- Thank you.
Look at that. Look at that salad.
Look at that. This is...
I hope you brought an appetite and that
you didn't eat already because...
- I had a Power Bar on the way over.
- You had a Power Bar... great, that's...
Well, that's all right,
but this is some gourmet stuff.
This is, like... he's...
he's a celebrity, that guy.
Keep playing.
Kat, where are you going?
This is good food. This is...
How fucking stupid are you?
Hey, Kat. Kat. Kat!
You want to date me?
- For 100 bucks an hour?
- No. I mean, yes, I want to date you.
Why, because you thought
we liked each other?
Yeah. Well, you know.
Danny, I'm in the service industry,
okay? That is my job.
You know what?
That's not what this shit is about.
This is about you insecure fucks
not trusting anything you can't buy.
My god. You have got to be
the worst rich guy ever.
You don't know what to do with your money.
Boo-fucking-hoo, Danny.
- Give it to charity.
- Fine, I can do that. I'll do that.
Give it to cancer research, and then
go get cancer for all I give a fuck!
God damn.
I'm sorry, Danny. Was that harsh?
Maybe I'm not your dream girl, okay? Maybe
we have absolutely nothing in common.
I had a lot in common
with my ex-wife, so I don't know.
Maybe I don't need to do that again.
You know, I didn't know
you were this angry.
Well, I am!
It's not making me
any less attracted to you.
- How do they know I'm sexy?
- They've seen your picture on my Facebook.
- They're watching me on Facebook?
- Of course.
You remember those pictures
I was taking almost every day?
The ones with my shirt off?
All right, see you, Charles.
Hey, I...
Why do I have a message from Danny Ross
telling me that he's stopping
payment on his check?
Okay, tell me you deposited it,
that it's in the bank?
That's not... That's beside the point.
Well, look, I was about to tell you
that we had some personal issues.
Just some inappropriate behavior,
nothing illegal or scary,
but I don't think that
I should go over there again.
You should hire somebody
to do this part for you.
Don't make fun of me, Kat.
I'm good with business.
This is... it's $25,000.
Yeah, he wanted to pay for two years
in advance, three sessions a week.
- I talked him down a bit but not much.
- Did he hit on you or something?
- Right, and how did you handle that?
- Poorly, but he crossed the line, Trevor,
and you know I can't handle it
when the line is crossed.
What, did he use inappropriate language
or try and touch you or...
No, I mean, yes, he hired, like,
a jazz band to sing to me.
Jazz? What the fuck?
Jazz, maybe love songs or ballads.
I'm not... I don't know what it was,
but it was inappropriate, and I just...
I don't think we need him as a client,
and I'm sorry that you didn't have
your shit together to deposit this
when I gave it to you.
No, I'm... I mean, I...
I am genuinely sorry.
I'm calling him.
Hey, I'm in a movie.
Danny, can you hear me?
It's Trevor Manning from Power 4 Life.
Listen, mate, I got your message, and...
I've just been talking to Kat
here in my office.
Is she there now? Put her on.
I'm gonna need you to keep
your distance from Kat, okay?
I don't think there's any need to bring in
any legal authorities at this time,
but if you try to contact her, just to say
that the law won't be your only problem.
- Are you threatening him?
- Are you threatening me?
Absolutely not.
Well, maybe you'll have a legal problem,
dick nose. I have an amazing lawyer.
Hey, I'm at a movie, man. Bye.
Raymond, get in here!
Our territory is not
being threatened, brother.
"Why are you yelling at me, Dada?
I'm just following my instincts."
You told me you wanted
to learn how to take a punch.
Well, you think you're ready?
Listen, when I send a young woman
over to your house,
there is an implicit trust that you know
how to behave like an adult, right?
When you break that trust...
man, you're opening the gates of hell,
and this is not about the check,
by the way, all right?
You know, Kat was already over here
pushing me all around my own house,
so the... you know, the hellhounds
or whatever have already been released.
- Good.
- You missed it.
Yeah, good, good. Well, I back her 100%.
Now, listen, I'm just gonna
say this politely, okay?
You can... you can hire as many lawyers
as you like to come after me.
But really, you don't have a leg
to stand on, do you?
I don't... I probably deserved it,
but like I told her,
her whole anger thing just...
turned me on, all right? It was hot.
Why don't you do me a favor? Why don't you
do me a favor and just hit me?
- Why don't you hit me first?
- You want hit?
Yeah, why don't you hit me?
Go on, punch me.
Like what? Like... like...
You hired a jazz combo to sing to her!
God. You know...
I've heard of runner's high,
but I didn't realize there's
an out-of-your-mind high.
This is crazy.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna let you go, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
I'm looking forward to it.
I'm done, man. You know, I don't want
to be a rageaholic muscle man, anyway.
You guys can keep it.
I'm gonna stick with pudgy and mellow.
Yeah, whatever.
You want me to at least pay
for the sessions I already took?
Like I said, it's not
about the money, brother.
"It's not about..."
"It's not about the money, brother"
Hey... look, I...
I just want to say that I'm...
I don't... I don't need you to give up
on training because of any of this.
Hey... you know, I got a bunch of...
exercise equipment here
that... I'm not gonna use.
- Do you want to take some of it?
- No, that's what I'm saying.
I'm sure this whole experience
has soured you on us, but...
you know, and just because
Power 4 Life wasn't the right fit for you
in helping you achieve your goals
doesn't mean you should use that
as an excuse to, you know,
to give up on those goals.
Hey, you know, I've been
watching your videos on YouTube.
Yeah. And you make it seem like
you believe all this shit, you know.
Of course, I do.
You smoke weed?
So, I'd want to have
a partition here, right,
but not a full sort of
floor-to-ceiling wall, you know.
I want to feel like the space
has flow, you know,
all the way from one end to the other.
Having said that, I'm aware
that not everyone in there
doing a class wants to feel like
they're doing it to an audience,
so, you know, I just think
we'd have to be really mindful
of how we position our...
feng shui, the equipment.
You know, it's about respect,
good taste.
Sort of being in line with the space.
I mean, this place is...
is bloody enormous,
but I kind of want it to feel even bigger
once everything's in here, you know?
Am I leaving anything out?
No, that's it.
Yeah, it's good, man.
Well, you know, me and him'll talk.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Great. Great, great, great.
- Looks good, man. Looks good.
- Thanks, Danny. I appreciate it, mate.
- Thank you. Nice to meet you.
Mandy, you are a legend
for getting us in here at such short
notice. I really appreciate it.
We'll just have to say
that you owe me that dinner.
Shit. I already owe you that.
How about this weekend?
You know, I was thinking
of taking a little break after today.
Break? For how long?
What? But... Rick,
you're one of the good guys.
Really? 'Cause I'm still fat,
and that still hurts my nuts.
We know that you
can be hard on yourself, okay?
But that just means
that you're being honest.
- You have made progress.
- I know I'm honest, and honestly,
I don't care as much about...
losing the weight as I thought I would,
and my wife doesn't really care much
about it, so... probably just gonna...
Look, Rick, I know you're busy, okay,
and I know it's not cheap,
and if finances are tight, I can talk
to my boss about cutting a deal for you.
- He knows you're a good client of mine.
- No, it isn't that. I'm just quitting.
Fuck you! You're not a quitter.
I mean, it had to end some time, yeah?
I mean...
you're not gonna be a trainer
for the rest of your life.
I just think you're really cool.
I really do, Kat,
and I'd love you to still come
to the birthday party and everything.
Yeah, fine. I'll come
to the stupid birthday party.
- You're a great trainer. You're top notch.
- You're good, too, I guess.
I mean, you should...
consult your own counsel, but...
- And you... so this is fairly standard?
- Sign the fuck out of that thing.
Sign it, sign it, sign it.
- Hey. I'm in your house.
- Hey.
I might have used up the rest
of your kale and some other stuff.
I've got some good news
and, well, not bad news,
but... there's been
some business developments.
Well, look, I don't really care
about business developments.
That's what I needed to tell you.
I quit.
That's not erotic for me.
It's not supposed to be.
This is my house, remember?
I thought you would be relieved. Now you
don't have to figure out how to fire me.
I don't want to fire you.
I probably should have fired you once
upon a time, but I don't want to fire you.
I just ran over here
from Rick Jackson's house
because I realized that I was quitting,
and by the time I got here, I just...
I felt so much better.
I don't want to make you
miserable, Trevor.
You don't make me miserable.
I just feel like I need a real job
or a real boyfriend,
or at least to try those things
and see if I like them.
Absolutely, and if they're your goals,
then you've got to go for it,
and I'm not gonna stand in your way.
Do you want to make out?
The business is expanding, all right?
I put it out there into the world that
I was ready to take it to the next level,
and this... and it's coming back
to me now, you know?
Well, all right.
Cool. Do you want to make out?
Look, I just thought it'd be fun.
You're not my boss anymore,
and we don't have to worry
about all the working thing.
I... actually happen
to very much like you, okay?
Yeah, laugh, Kat.
That's really gonna be helpful.
Listen, you're 29, okay?
This was never gonna be a serious thing
for you, was it? And it shouldn't be.
A couple of fit, sweaty people who work
together. This thing happens all the time.
Occupational hazard, but... you know,
that's fine. I can forgive myself for it.
- Right, no regrets?
- Well, I don't have regrets, okay?
Well, you should have regrets
'cause regrets are a real thing.
Because I care for you... I...
Like I said, look...
I can only move forward with my life just
like you can only move forward with yours.
And my hope is that you can fulfill
some of your dreams
just like... while I'm fulfilling mine.
But the thing is, if you're walking
out that door right now,
I can't imagine seeing you again.
Well, if you put it that way, I...
I won't waste any more of your time.
- We're not communicating properly.
- Well, luckily, we don't have to.
Thanks for the gig.
Okay, bye.
I don't know, man.
So... how's it gonna look,
you coming to another gym like this?
Different tools
for different jobs, you know?
You know when we met, and you said to me
you wanted to learn how to take a punch?
I thought to myself,
"Who the fuck is this guy," all right?
What I should have been thinking
to myself was, "How can I help this guy?"
So, if we flip this "take a punch" thing,
and say what you're really after
is, you want to build strength,
you want to get strong.
That's a goal worth going for.
That's a goal worth attaining, yeah?
I guess so, yeah.
Come on, you'll learn to love it.
You'll learn to love it.
You've seen Rocky, right?
Yeah. Like 200 times.
It's half the battle, man.
It's half the battle.
I will make a warrior out of you in no time.
I'm just gonna do one more of these.
Don't forget to breathe.
It's actually clean on the inside.
That's all you need to worry about.
Yes, because what you put inside
affects what comes out.
Some more.
- Great!
- Well?
- I love it!
- I think it looks pretty good, and...
You want to be careful
not to roll too much.
Feel yourself. Feel your shoulders.
Yeah, just... you know.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Just... you're great. Okay.
- All right.
Good now. Push it up. Push it up.
Up, up, up, up, up. Yeah.
Beautiful. That's it.
Nice. Two good ones, one shitty one,
and you started at zero, so if you
were to stop smoking and drinking
and eating so much shit,
you would be unstoppable.
Come here, girl.
Yeah, I just think, you know,
if you want to relieve loneliness,
the dog is your only option.
Who says I'm lonely?
You can put your shirt back on.
Yeah, you drank it all,
you fuckin' degenerate.
Where the fuck is that?
Hey, you know, we've just employed
this amazing yogi.
If you're interested,
I can get you privates.
Get me what?
Privates, private sessions.
You know you're supposed to have
your knees apart when you do that, right?
Kat showed me this. She said
this was good for stress relief.
Hey, listen.
What are you doing tomorrow?
You want to ride out to West Texas with me?
I'm gonna go and meet Grigory Volkov.
You know, he's in from New York.
He's this amazing kettle bell master.
- I'm gonna be in New York visiting my ex-wife.
- He's on some holiday or something.
You're what?
You're gonna visit your wife?
- My ex-wife.
- Your ex-wife, right. How come?
I think I'm gonna actually try
to get back together with her.
You don't think that's kind of going
backwards or anything, do you? I mean...
You know, I'm just... asking as your friend
and as your trainer and stuff.
I mean... I mean, sure, yeah.
Go, go sweep her off her feet
if that's what you feel,
- but as long as you're moving forwards.
- I'm just going to these events
where all these rich women go
down here, and...
I just can't... my whole thing
doesn't work with... I can't...
You know, I'm sure Christine
and I were fucked up,
but, you know, we made sense.
No, no, man.
Listen to what you're saying.
"Maybe I should go back to something
fucked up"? That's fucking stupid.
- I'm gonna take love advice from this guy.
- You're fucked up.
Man, the accumulated knowledge
on the subject of women in this room.
Did Kat really tell you
to do that like that? Really?
It doesn't look right. I think your knees
are supposed to be apart.
- Have you talked to her?
- No, not since she quit.
- I think she's gone back to Dallas.
- No, she's still in Austin.
- How do you know that?
- 'Cause I Google her a lot.
You Google her a lot.
Okay, that's my cue.
You're not driving anywhere, are you?
- Tell him not to drive, man.
- Yeah, go lie down somewhere.
No, no, no. I got a lot of friends
who are DUI lawyers.
I'll give you... All right, I'll give you
$200 if you just go lie down somewhere.
Pick a room.
- You got it.
- Yeah, yeah, all right.
Just go lie down.
Probably won't see you for a week.
Now, don't... don't...
- choke on your own vomit or some shit.
- I already choked on your farts!
You know, when I think
about you and Kat,
and, you know, I get it.
I mean, she's...
I mean, you know that you were just looking
for another woman to torture you, right?
Like your ex-wife did,
probably like your mother did. Look...
do yourself a favor,
forget about the New York trip.
Come out to West Texas with me.
When we get back, you should just start
dating some gorgeous young lovely thing
who's gonna be nice to you.
I know that sounds
like a really weird idea, but...
it'll be like a new workout routine, yeah?
You'll... you'll get used to it.
- You'll learn it, and you'll love it.
- You learn it. You love it.
Kat was a non-starter,
I can guarantee you that.
I figured that much out.
Yeah, me, too.
I was practically in love with her.
In love... you loved her?
I mean, we had this affair with each other
when she first started working for me.
It just didn't last very long, and it was
obviously highly unprofessional.
And I wouldn't...
I wouldn't let myself get into
that situation again, you know, but...
I'm really thankful
that I got to know her
'cause I think she's a really...
she's a really special chick, you know.
Fuck it all.
I am also thankful
that she walked out of my life
and my business before she burnt
the whole lot to the ground.
What did Paul say? "The accumulated
knowledge of... the accumulated..."
"The accumulated knowledge
of women in the room."
Yeah, the accumulated knowledge
of women in this room.
Mate, what are you doing? You're drunk.
You can't lift weights
when you're drunk.
And you're stoned.
You'll bloody crack your skull open
if you dropped that on your head.
Why don't you just go to bed?
- Just go and lie down.
- You said you loved her.
I'm sorry I never said anything.
I mean...
it's weird, right?
The whole thing's weird,
and, you know,
like I say, unprofessional.
Does she love you?
I don't have anything in common with her
except depression and a couple
of abnormal kind of behaviors.
Fuck that, man. You... you love someone,
you don't throw it away
like it's nothing.
Go and have great-looking kids with her
who give 110%.
You're my friend, Danny.
I don't know why I didn't say anything.
No, I don't think so, not anymore.
Get out of my house.
- Get out of your house?
- Get out of my house!
- Get the fuck out of my house.
- What are you talking about?
You're on my property. This is Texas.
I am allowed to shoot you.
- I bought guns. They're around here.
- All right, all right, all right, all right.
- I'm going, all right?
- They're around here somewhere.
Just don't pick those up again, okay?
- Get the fuck...
- You're gonna injure yourself.
- Danny, seriously, you're drunk.
- Get out!
- You're gonna do yourself an injury.
- Out!
Hey, Danny, it's Trevor!
I'm about to drive out West, mate.
I've got nice coffee in the car for you.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey... can I talk to you for right now?
- Yeah, sure.
Danny... Danny doesn't want to talk.
Look, I know, it was a silly...
It was a silly kind of thing that...
Yeah, let's go get some food. Come on.
- Let's just let him sleep it off.
- He did sleep.
I think, and he seemed crystal clear about
what he wanted to do, Trevor, I'm sorry.
We open up in a week.
That shouldn't affect the launch
or anything, you know?
Danny's gonna sell his half
of the company,
and hopefully, it'll be somebody
who's a better fit, you know.
Maybe somebody who's not such a stoner.
I fucking knew something
like this would happen,
and I reckon you knew it, as well,
and because of you,
he's now gonna sell 50 fucking percent
of my business to anyone he wants.
Probably one of my competitors.
Well, I think that'd be synergy, dude.
No, that'd be a fucking fiasco, dude.
I don't expect for you to understand,
but I subscribe to a very particular
wellness philosophy, okay?
Somebody who... somebody who comes
into that... that's not simpatico
is gonna mean I've spent the last 10 years
of my life building a pile of shit.
Look, man, you know,
I don't want to preach to you, but...
business is unpredictable, you know.
And not to throw you your own shit,
but, you got to be... you got to Li...
you got to live forward, man.
- Kat?
- Hi, Trevor.
Hi, how you going?
Good, I'm actually standing
outside your new place.
No way.
- What do you think?
- Well, it's... it's optimized.
Is this what the inside
of your mind looks like?
It's good to hear your voice.
- You still there?
- Yeah, I'm here.
Well... guess what?
I'm driving out to Marfa.
I'm gonna go and meet
Grigory Volkov out there.
- Your hero.
- Yeah.
But listen, do you want
to catch up when I get back?
I mean, we could just go
and grab a coffee or something.
I'd love to hear how things
are going for you.
Yeah, they're going...
they're going well.
How about you? Are you... you good?
Honestly, Kat, never better.
Things are... things are great, yeah.
- So, Marfa?
- Yeah.
Actually, what are you doing? You don't
want to come meet me out there, do you?
Yeah, no, silly idea. Sorry.
But listen, why don't you give me
a call when I'm back.
I'm actually a bit slammed next week
with the opening, so...
but look, we'll find a time.
I'm really looking forward to it.
- Yeah... just one little thing.
- Okay, great. I'll just talk to you soon?
- Just one little thing.
- Sorry?
Danny wants to sell me
half of your business.
Danny was asking for $200.
I talked him down to $150.
Still there?
- You know he's a lunatic.
- Yeah. Yeah, I know. And Trevor, look,
- I'm not gonna mess with your dream.
- Hey, come on.
Don't worry, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna turn him down.
Although you have to admit,
it would be kind of fun, right?
- Having me for a partner?
- Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, don't turn him down.
Why don't you buy from him, yeah?
I mean, you pay him $150, and I'll pay you
10 times that or 20 times that, all right?
And then we can upgrade from coffee and
have a nice dinner, and everyone's happy.
Hey, listen, can I just call you back?
I've just got to take this other call.
- Fucking ants.
- Big business, I get it.
No, no, no, no, I'll call you back
in a minute, all right? It's not business.
A lovely lady then, perhaps.
It's my daughter, Kat.
I'll talk to you in a minute.
Are you fucking kidding me? I...
I worked for you for two fucking years.
I got close to you, I slept with you,
and you never even fucking mentioned
that you had a fucking daughter!
There's not even any pictures
up anywhere!
Great, great. Things are really,
really hotting up around here.
Hey, Raymond, come say hi to Gina.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come say hi to Gina.
Say, "hello, hello, hello, Gina."
Paul? When you call me back
when you get this, mate.
I need to know what the fuck's going on.
So would you just give me a call? Cheers.
Stop calling me.
Danny, I just want to talk, mate.
I know, that's why you keep calling.
Listen, if you're trying to piss me off,
you're doing a really good job.
No, I'm training you. I'm training you.
- I don't understand why...
- Just tell the girl you love her.
Stop calling.
It is not fair to watch a fit man
eat pancakes for breakfast.
And you say, "no, it is not fair."
No, it is not.
It is not fair that your favorite movie star
can buy nice body from plastic doctor.
Choose your misery...
you can cry, or you can work.
That's great. That's fantastic.
Yeah, it's basically a cult.
- This food's divine.
- Thank you.
I feel like that's the kind of stuff I'm
saying to my clients all the time, as well.
You know, there really is
no perfect body. That's a myth.
But there's your perfect body,
so let's go and build that together.
No. I mean,
this is a myth, too, I think.
I choose to make my body feel nice.
I choose to marry a gorgeous woman
who prepares food for me,
makes other men envious.
But some day, this body
will break down. It will die.
Just like some ugly fat man who smokes
two packs of cigarettes a day.
I mean, it's okay,
but I do not call it perfect.
No. No, you know what? I think the only
time I heard you say the word "perfect"
was that one time
that you called that guy...
What was his name, that CrossFit guy?
You called him the perfect asshole.
Well, sometimes,
I'm not so clear as I need to be.
- No, I know exactly what you meant.
- Yeah, I think you're perfectly clear.
And... you know,
hearing it from you, hearing this stuff
from you, it's really inspiring.
I mean, that's why I wanted
to come and see you, you know,
is to really learn
from your experiences.
But I also wanted
to sort of just share with you
a little bit about what I'm doing
back in Austin.
I... I've always dreamed about
having great guests like you
come and give seminars,
etcetera, but you know,
I've never had the space,
and I've never had the infrastructure
to make it worth your while.
But now I'm expanding
into something larger.
You know, it's like you say.
I dreamed of something, and then...
and then I made it happen.
No. What I say is stop dreaming.
Well, I guess, you know... I guess
we're talking about the same thing,
But maybe getting at it
in a different way.
Like, I start with a dream,
and then make a reality.
No, why do you always
starting with the dream?
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, how are you?
- Good, good.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
You, too.
- Thank you.
- Been working out?
- Yeah. A little bit.
- Yeah.
I'm so sorry that you came out
all this way. He'll...
No, that's fine. It was
a really lovely night. Thanks.
- Thanks very much.
- Yeah.
Just when you thought you were
a million miles away from trouble.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Have a good night.
- Good night.
So, it's supposed to be a seven hour
drive, but I think I did it in five.
I don't see a cop the whole way,
and then I get pulled over
for gliding through a stop sign
half a block away. Can you believe it?
I don't think I've ever seen you
not in your workout clothes before.
- You've seen me not in workout clothes.
- You know... you know what I mean.
So, where is this kettle bell guru?
Can I meet him?
- Hello!
- You bring criminals to this house!
Mr. Volkov, I'm Trevor's
business partner. I own 50%.
I don't know if he's gotten into the whole
Power 4 Life philosophy with you guys.
Yes. He told me he would like me
to lead kettle bell seminar
while yogis are levitating in one room
and psychiatrists are sitting on the couch.
Well, the philosophy, is kind of...
It's kind of bullshit, but...
Before I married Erin, I was...
I dated a Mexican woman.
I dated a Chinese woman, a black woman,
but never at the same time... you know.
But if Trevor didn't believe
that stuff, I mean, all of it,
the business wouldn't work,
and that's what makes him amazing.
Well, he's a poet.
Let's not forget I founded this business,
and I built it from nothing.
Look, he's basically like a Zen master.
- Really? Do you study Eastern thought?
- No, not beyond the lame...
Actually, this is weird. I was thinking
about this on the drive up.
Did you guys only notice that pretty much
only men are Zen masters?
No, no, that's not true. Think about,
like, Pema Chodron for example.
Whatever. That's like a female
bodybuilder or arm wrestler.
- I mean, it's... right on, you go, girl.
- Kat. Kat.
- No one's really gonna know who...
- You're really... you're talking nonsense.
- It's adorable, but it's not...
- Wait, no. Trevor, seriously.
It's like, this... this idea is that
everything is just gonna roll off of you.
You know, that... that you're gonna
beat the world at its own game
by never letting yourself
get angry or sad.
To me, it's like, only a guy would think
that that was an awesome idea.
Do you... do you want some more?
There's plenty.
Hell, yes. Yes.
Yeah, it's so good. Thank you.
- So, he's your boyfriend?
- No.
No, no. We're strictly business now.
I would... I'd call him my ex-boyfriend,
but even that feels generous.
It was pretty fucking casual.
But you run his life?
You're saying it's like a marriage,
but without the sex.
I'm sure your new boyfriend would be happy
you have another man to control.
Well, I control them all, so...
So you're seeing someone, then?
- Well, a few contenders, you know.
- Just contenders, no champions?
He loves his athletics metaphors.
- Listen, I'm aware that you somehow...
- Amazing. Thank you so much.
You think that I'm in denial
or naive or something
because I express emotions
differently than you?
Trevor, I don't think that it's your fault.
I really don't think it's your fault.
I think that you have no idea
what is going on in your own brain.
I mean, you know optimal,
and you know suboptimal,
and clearly, I am suboptimal for you.
- Well, clearly, I am suboptimal for you...
- Can I ask you guys a question?
- Not to mention inappropriate.
- Well, that's true.
You have a daughter that's probably
my age, and that is pretty fucked up.
- Gina's 22, and you're 29. She's 29.
- Actually, I'm 30 now.
I turned 30 since you saw me last, which
is why I just seem so much more mature.
Happy birthday.
And listen, for the record,
I did tell you about Gina
that first time we went to lunch,
which was before we were
sleeping together.
I don't think you were paying attention to
what this old man was crapping on about.
You guys actually... you really
do sound married. You do.
You know, I'm the one who supposedly,
you know, not in touch with his feelings,
but look at the name
on my business. Yeah?
I'm very aware of how important
emotions are to the balance of our lives.
But, you know, I'm the one
who experienced,
despite my better judgment...
I'll call it a genuine longing for you.
You're gonna call it
a genuine longing for me?
Grigory, you've been very generous
with your time.
Erin, your hospitality's been
fantastic. Thank you.
- This night must not end.
- I just think we should go.
- Some more coffee now?
- Yeah.
You can't keep making her get up, man.
Geez, whatever happened to chivalry?
- I got it.
- Thank you.
I like her.
Yeah, I like her, too.
That's not the issue. I just don't...
You know, we just couldn't work out.
We wouldn't...
Work out.
This trip was a waste of time,
so I'm not gonna blame you
for ruining the night.
But I just need you to know, Kat,
that my life is not a waste of time.
Hey, guys.
Grigory wanted me to let you know
that he wanted you to find a way
to work together in the future.
Maybe keep in contact with him,
these are a gift from him.
They're from his line which you might
consider carrying?
- Cool, yeah. We'll keep in touch.
- Okay.
- Yeah, thanks again for dinner.
- Yeah, of course, it was really fun.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thank you. Night.
Hey, I'm sorry, Trevor.
I'm gonna write you a check for $3,000
when we get back to Austin, and then...
I would like us to try and be friends.
You really think that's gonna work?
Well, I think it works how
we want it to work, don't you?
Are we just gonna let Danny pull
the strings and give him what he wants
'cause the wealthy client's
always right?
What... what does he want?
How much did you hate me at the end?
Not as much as you hated me.
Well, I know you. That's why.
It's... that's the beauty part.
Okay, you know who my cab driver was
this morning in Austin to the airport?
Do I know this person?
No, I mean... No, he's just some guy.
I don't know him. You don't know him.
He was just this guy
who looked like Willie Nelson.
I thought everybody down there
looked like Willie Nelson.
Not everybody. Anyway, he...
this guy... he was just...
This guy was from America.
He's like this old hippie guy
driving a cab.
You know, telling me his whole...
like, long Texas life story.
And I'm, like, this is...
it's not my story.
It's not my, like, it's not...
This is not my reality.
I get off the plane at JFK,
catch a cab, yellow cab, right?
Pakistani guy is on his cellphone,
yammering away to another Pakistani guy,
totally ignoring me,
and I'm just in the back seat going,
"yeah, man, this is more like it."
So, come back. Is there some, like...
some legal thing you got to stay
for the money or something?
No, there's no... there's nothing
keeping me there.
It's my money. I can do
whatever I want with it.
I can do anything
I want with it, you know?
And I think... I'm thinking, you know...
that, you know...
If you're gonna start
to fucking romance me...
- What?
- I'll fucking stab you.
With this cheese grater knife.
Listen, don't stab me, all right?
I'm not. I'm not trying to do that.
I love you. I love you, I do.
I still love you.
- I just think I can...
- God, no, don't.
I do... listen, you know what
kind of place we could get?
I mean, amazing. New place.
We could move into a brownstone on
Gramercy Park if we want. That's what I...
- You want to make this difficult for me?
- No.
- Again?
- I'm not. I'm not, no.
I'm talking about our marriage.
I don't know. Did I do something wrong?
I did... that came...
I did it wrong. I did it wrong.
I've always been loyal.
That's just who I am.
Let's talk about trust?
Trust is one of those things that we have
to earn from each other, all right?
And some people... some bloody people
just can't fucking control themselves.
Man, that sure is a beautiful dog.
- Hello?
- Hey, If I hadn't been a client,
if I had just been some
funny stoner that you met,
would I have had a shot at you?
Answer my question first.
Trevor can tell you what this is all about.
He should tell you, but I don't know.
I don't get reality anymore.
Well, you have been smoking
a lot of pot for a long time.
Well, that's just part of it. Come on.
Did I have a shot with you?
This is sort of important.
Well, I think you're awesome,
but the short answer is no.
What's the long answer?
Okay, well, I'm doing one thing right.
- Well...
- You're not sleeping in the car, are you?
I have this ex-client, Tallie.
Very hot body. She would love
to meet a crazy-ass rich dude.
- Is that Danny?
- You know what? Scratch that, actually.
You can do better. It doesn't even matter
anyway, Danny. Just go to these bars
- where these chicks hang out and say...
- Can I talk to him?
"Hey, I'm a rich guy
looking to treat a lady nice."
- You could even go to, like, a sorority.
- Here. Give us the phone.
Okay, Trevor wants to yell at you.
- Hey, Danny. I feel betrayed, man.
- He says you want to tell me something?
I broke up with my fucking
wife again, man.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
That's... yeah, that's tough.
You know, you're just gonna have to grieve,
and then when you're ready,
you're gonna have to pick yourself up
and start using that heart muscle again.
- What?
- Just put it on speaker.
It was like I was saying
last night, you know?
I know, Kat told me the same thing,
you know, like,
- that I should go out and get some bimbo.
- Just someone who's nice to you.
No, not a bimbo. Just a starter girlfriend.
Just something lightweight, okay?
You've got some bad habits.
You just need to retrain yourself.
- That's a fitness metaphor.
- Just start all over again?
You just... you got to be strong, okay?
You got to be focused.
You've also got to have fun, though,
remember that, okay?
- I got to go.
- Danny?
Don't you fucking touch me! Fuck you!
What the fuck, man?
Five hundred and forty two photos
in this folder,
and they're just
the greatest hits, really.
I might have a shower, I think.
Is Lorenzo really a bisexual gigolo?
Yeah. Not full-time,
but he has sex with both genders
and gets gifts for that, so, yeah.
Well, that's fine, I guess.
Good night, again.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Come on, keep up.
Now what?
Where are you?
Somewhere in the desert
way ahead of you in the dorkmobile.
Are you hungry?
- Is that okay?
- It's perfect, thanks.
Carlos said he knew how to do it.
I just had never heard of it before
- with the whites of the eggs.
- This is exactly right.
So you just kind
of pull the yolk out of it?
Yeah, you can just pour it back
from one half to the other,
and eventually,
they'll just separate out.
Does it taste better?
No, it's just less in saturated fat.
Hey, are you still going
to want to fuck me
if we have to talk business partner stuff
every day? I might not want to fuck you.
Listen, babe, I don't want to put
words in your mouth, but...
- Where is this "babe" thing coming from?
- I was under the impression
that you were burnt out on training.
Well, yeah, you know. I just got tired
of selling everyone this bullshit
that I could change their lives
for them, you know?
I know we're supposed to be telling them
that they're doing it for themselves,
- but I mean, come on.
- You just got to trust them.
And by the way, this is still
the business we're in, okay?
You can change their lives
because you believe in it,
and Trevor, that's fine. I'm just...
I'm in the back now running the shit.
Lunch is on me, by the way.
Look, I think we can both agree that
sleeping together, taken on its own merits,
- it's pretty fantastic.
- It's not terrible.
It just hasn't always had
good outcomes, though, has it?
- If you don't believe that people can...
- Excuse me!
- ...change.
- Excuse me.
Yeah, there's an extra charge on here
for substitution on his omelette.
Well, like I said, we've never done that
before with the whites of the eggs.
- It's fine, just...
- That's not an substitution,
that's a subtraction, so if anything,
it should be costing less.
It's more work, Kat. It's more.
They've got to separate it.
You can talk to my manager if you want,
but I'm supposed to charge you for that.
- Why? It's common sense.
- Kat. Kat.
No, Trevor, listen. If you say,
"I want a cup of black coffee,
don't bring me any cream or sugar,"
do you charge extra
for the trouble of not providing those
things? I mean, come on. It's ridiculous.
Okay, you're kind of getting rude.
Jesus Christ, Kat. Here. Just take my
credit card and charge the whole amount,
and I promise,
you'll get a really good tip.
Thank you.
Man, you love getting ripped off,
which is another reason you need me
as a business partner.
Listen, do you have feelings for me?
Yeah, I mean...
What do you mean?
Well, can you describe those feelings?
Describe your feelings.
You're unbelievable. I just can't
get you to admit to anything.
I mean, I should just walk out of here
and go and get a lawyer.
Two lawyers, actually. One to sue
Danny for trying to fuck me over
and one to take out a restraining order
on you, but I'm not doing that.
I'm not doing that.
But can you at least just tell me
how you think it's fair that I'm gonna
torpedo my life because I love you?
You have a good day.
- Let's just go, shall we?
- Yeah.
I'll see you back in Austin.
Can I ask you something?
What did Danny want you to tell me?
All right, okay.
But, also...
I love you, too.
We're both so screwed.
We're really, really screwed.
And I feel dizzy,
which I'm also too old for.
Tell me if it doesn't feel good.
It feels great.
- No, go back. I like that show.
- No, no, douche city.
Can we help you?
Yeah, your door was open.
My name's Danny.
I'm a multimillionaire.
I was gonna throw a party at my house,
sort of an outreach thing.
I know your sisterhood does
a lot of community service,
and this is just sort of a thank you.
Booze and everything,
on me, and... yeah.
Come on over, bring your friends.
Bring whatever. Whatever you want.
I'm not a douchebag.