Retreat to You (2023) Movie Script

[stereo crackles with pop music]
[radio announcer]
And here's another one
that will take you back.
This is "Still The One"
by Orleans.
[humming along to the radio]
You looked so good!
You dodged a bullet
on that one, Abs.
Dylan's a true idiot.
It's his loss.
Yeah, but we just broke up
two days ago.
I mean, isn't there
supposed to be, like,
a mourning period or something?
You never know, I mean...
deep down,
he could really be grieving.
You know, it might
make you feel better
if maybe the two of us danced...
[laughs] Right!
Could you imagine?
Us swaying back and forth,
like two dorks?
Pfft! Yeah.
I mean, these things
are so lame anyways.
I shouldn't have even come.
My mom's a chaperone tonight.
If I tell her we're ready to go,
we could be at Ardendale's
a Triple Chocolate Meltdown
in less than 30 minutes.
You wanna bail?
Oh, my god, Sean.
Like usual, you read my mind.
You know, I think you might
be an actual telepath.
Okay, quick!
What am I thinking right now?
We can't egg Dylan's house.
It's a crime!
You're right.
[deep breath]
It's his loss.
Plus, I'm actually
not mad anymore,
'cause I'm the bigger person.
Thanks for cheering me up.
Okay, let's get out of here
before the cheesiness
of this place rubs off on us.
We're still having fun
And you're still the one
- [clicks stereo off]
- I cannot believe
that you have convinced me
to go to adult summer camp.
You do know how cheesy
this is gonna be, right?
It is not a summer camp.
It is a "lifestyle
wilderness retreat".
We are going to relax.
We're gonna catch up on sleep.
We're gonna
become one with nature.
Okay, but is nature
really that relaxing?
'Cause there are a lot of things
out there that could kill ya.
Abby, this could be
good for you.
It could reduce
your stress levels a little bit.
I thought we were going there
for you get over Chad,
'cause I like my stress levels
exactly where they are.
They help me feel alive.
I had a feeling that
there would be resistance, so...
I brought bribes.
[gasping intensely]
I thought we couldn't
bring outside food in there.
We can't.
They're actually very intense
about their all-organic menu,
so you're gonna have
to hide those in your underwear.
Rachel, you are
a wonderful person!
And, for you...
I will try to be positive
about this very cringey thing
we're doing.
Thank you.
That's all I ask.
Just leave your cynicism at home
for one week.
- I'm not a cynic, I'm a rea...
- "Realist".
I know. I know.
Okay, you try being
a public defender in Los Angeles
and not turning
a little cynical.
Like, right now,
I have a case where a dad
took out eight credit cards
in his son's name...
What are you doing with that...
Save them!
I'm taking a candy
every time you bring up work.
That is the rule.
[turns radio on, music plays]
Thank you.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
Wow. You smell that?
Crisp, smog-free air.
It's unsettling.
Unsettling, or...
the start of the most
relaxing week of your life?
Okay, you keep saying "my" life.
Isn't it "our" life?
Welcome to Azur Ridge
Wellness Retreat.
I'm Mason, the resident chef.
May I offer you
one of our trademarked
spinach-papaya smoothies?
Ooh... fancy! Thank you.
[Rachel chuckles]
I'm Rachel.
This is Abby.
And aren't you
allergic to spinach?
Yes... but I didn't wanna
be rude to the super-hot chef.
It's not a problem.
I'll remember... no spinach...
for the girl
in the cute purple Crocs.
You must be Abby and Rachel!
You're our last guests
to arrive.
Not surprising,
because I see here...
that you are both Geminis.
Uh-oh! [chortles]
I'm gonna have to keep
an eye on you two!
I'm kidding.
My name is Randy,
and it's my pleasure
to welcome you
to the best week of your lives.
Now, who's ready
to hit the reset button?
I know I am.
Just so excited to be here,
and I really hope
I win the best-camper award.
Oh, no, we... we don't
have anything like that.
Awards suggest
that one person is more valuable
than the others.
Uh, and here, everybody leaves
as the best version
of themselves.
- Oh... twins.
- Perfect.
Now, I... I know
the beds are small,
but I can guarantee
that they are very comfortable.
I've tested every mattress
on the property myself.
That's... cool.
Thank you?
- Of course.
- Mm.
Anything for my valued guests.
I'll leave you to get settled,
and I will see you in an hour
at orientation.
Great. Thanks.
You're welcome.
- [thud]
- Ooh...
He is a lot!
I will give you that.
I swear he's been put
on this Earth
just to test my patience.
Well, you showed
amazing restraint.
I am very proud of you.
Anything for my valued friend!
Wow. This place looks amazing!
We are gonna leave here
so rejuvenated.
There's even a babbling brook!
I'm gonna have a very hard time
taking this seriously
if you keep saying things
like "babbling brook".
Though, the babbling is nice.
Mm. Just imagine
sitting here...
with a cup of tea
and a good book.
Ahh. Yeah.
You'll be saying "Chad who?"
in no time.
Your ex-boyfriend.
The reason we're here?
Oh... I knew it!
You little liar!
- Don't be mad.
- You brought us here
for me, didn't you?
Things got really bad
when you broke up with Jack.
Yeah, okay, that's,
like, over a year ago!
Yeah! But you really
threw yourself into your work.
And I know
you love your job, but...
you kinda stopped
taking care of yourself.
You wore the same outfit
for three days straight
without noticing.
Ah! Technically,
not the same outfit,
'cause on day two,
I wore a scarf.
Well, I just knew
you wouldn't take a break
unless you thought
it was for me.
So can you please... please...
Please just try and be open
to this new experience?
[deep breath, sigh]
Actually, this is, like,
the nicest thing anybody's
ever done for me, so...
thank you.
You would have done it for me.
I mean, you literally did
when you thought I was here
- because of stupid Chad.
- I know,
I don't know how I didn't
catch onto that sooner.
He was so boring!
But hot.
Come on.
Uh... ooh!
[indistinct chatter]
[hushed] I know that guy.
- Hmm?
- That's Sean!
He went to high school with me.
- Oh. Let's go say hi.
- What? No, no.
We can't go say hi, okay?
He's the worst!
He's a monster, actually,
and we gotta avoid him
at all costs.
[background chatter, indistinct]
[gong clangs]
[silence falls]
You guys are gonna grow
to love that sound.
We strike the gong
for every meal...
Or as we like to call them,
every "nourishment gathering".
But here,
at Azur Ridge Wellness Retreat,
we're not just nourishing
our bodies...
we are nourishing our souls.
Way above my head already.
Oh, no, don't worry...
Randy just gets
really into his speeches.
Yeah. This place is great.
We come here whenever
our marriage hits a little, uh,
"love hiccup".
So, several times a year.
Oh... Isn't that romantic?
And don't forget about
our all-inclusive activities.
Every class we offer
is designed to break you out
of that nine-to-five mindset.
It's why the fall sessions
are my favorite here,
because just like
the changing foliage,
you too
can turn over a new leaf.
And, with that,
the sign-up sheets
are down the hall.
And, uh,
there is limited availability...
so let's go!
What are you waiting for?
You know, if I miss
that pottery class,
I really will ask
for that divorce! [snaps]
We're gonna do
normal stuff, right?
Like, kickball?
I like kickball.
Uh, no kickball.
But, don't worry,
I went through the brochure
and I know exactly
what we're gonna do.
Of course you did.
Why don't you go up to the room
and have a little nap?
I... I'm into that.
[indistinct background chatter]
[man] Excuse me.
[blurts] I didn't do anything!
Oh. Uh...
No. I'm not supposed
to talk to you.
Ah. So it was Abby.
I can neither confirm nor deny.
[chuckles] Look.
I don't know what she told you,
but I'm-I'm really excited
to see her.
Abby and I were
best friends in high school.
It's just been a while.
Okay. Well, this is
new, interesting information.
I hate to admit it,
but Randy was right
about these mattresses.
How mad do you think he'd be
if I stole one?
[Rachel laughs]
what is the deal with you
and "Monster Sean"
that we saw earlier?
Nothing. He's just a guy
from high school.
he came up to me
at the sign-up table,
and he mentioned that you two
used to be best friends.
Okay, yeah, we were friends.
But he...
turned out to be
a heartless jerk
who I haven't seen
or spoken to in 17 years.
Care to elaborate?
We'd just graduated high school and...
we made this pact
to travel the country together
before college started.
I mean, we'd, like...
we'd planned this
since we were 11,
and I was so excited.
Our first stop was Portland.
And then he never showed.
left me at a bus stop.
Eventually, I ended up
going on the trip by myself.
Never saw him again.
That explains a lot
about, like...
who you are as a person.
Yeah, that I'm, like,
fiercely independent?
Sure... those words work.
Aren't you curious
about why he didn't show up?
Come on.
You're just best friends one day
and he's gone the next...
That doesn't bother you?
It's so mysterious.
No. Rachel, it's not a mystery.
He's just a jerk.
Okay? End of story.
maybe it's not
the end of the story.
Because he signed up
for the horseback ride,
and so did we.
[Randy] Howdy, folks!
Okay, does
anybody else work here?
You have made
an excellent choice.
Horseback riding
is my favorite way
for new guests
to get the lay of the land,
and the best part is...
You each get to choose
your own horse.
[gasps] Ooh!
[calls out] I want that one.
[Abby] Oh, I get that.
is it weird
to call a horse "handsome"?
It'd be rude not to.
- Mm-hmm.
- [snaps] What do you mean,
you don't wanna be
on the same horse as me?
Probably because
the back of a horse
isn't very spacious!
- [snorting]
- And it would kill you
to be that close to me
for 30 minutes?
- [whinnying]
- Ah! Whoa! Oh!
- [yelping]
- Hey, hey, hey, hey...
It's okay. It's okay.
It's all right, buddy.
It's okay.
I know that was...
I know that was scary,
but it's done now.
You're good.
You're okay.
You're all right.
Well done, Sean.
You have
excellent equestrian instincts.
Oh, it's not that.
It's just, uh...
I'm a vet,
so I'm around animals a lot.
So obnoxious.
I'm on your side, but...
that was kinda hot.
He's totally the worst.
The worst!
Your hat.
Thank you.
That was very brave.
Oh, pfft.
Ah, excuse me, does this mean
I don't get to ride
the handsome horse?
[horse screeches and snorts]
So you two have been
to every National Park
in the U.S.?
That's so cool, Barb!
Which one do you like best?
Oh, our favorite is Yellowstone.
[testily] No.
That's your favorite.
I'm allowed to have
a different opinion, Barbara.
Oh! Okay then.
Yes, which one is better
than the only park
with Old Faithful?
And right on schedule...
There she blows!
Hey, Abs.
It's Abby.
Right. So long time, no see.
Emphasis on the "no see".
I, uh, wouldn't do that
with your heels.
I think you're confusing him.
Well, we can't all be
fancy veterinarians, Sean.
Look, I-I deserve
a little coldness, but...
No, it's water under the bridge.
- Hey, Barb?
- Hmm?
Uh, Sean here
was just wondering,
uh, when is the best time
to go to the Grand Canyon?
Do you wanna give him some tips?
Oh! Oh...
I have two words for you...
"shoulder season".
Also, you move faster
as a single.
You gotta cut the dead weight...
Leave them behind.
[door opens]
Good morning.
I got you your paleo breakfast.
If cavemen had it so right,
why are they all dead?
Well, I had the chef
replace the eggs with bacon,
so it's pretty much
just a box with bacon.
Well, maybe I was wrong
about those cavemen.
Are you excited about today?
Mm. Depends.
Sean gonna be there?
It's not my fault
that the man has great taste
in activities.
Eat up, buttercup!
The high-ropes course combines
the physical benefits
of focused balance
with the spiritual benefits
of seeing the nature
that surrounds us
from a whole new level.
[Sean] Ha! Fun...
You know, uh, it's a lot higher
than it looked on the website.
- You're gonna love it.
- Hah.
Who wants to go first?
Abby, how about you?
- Oh, yeah.
- No! No, no.
I don't do high ropes.
I'm just here to support her.
Oh, why don't I go after Sean?
No, no, no. You go first.
Well, you're already
wearing the harness.
[Abby] Hmm. Yeah. Hey, Sean?
I know it's been, like,
17 years,
but did you get over
your crippling fear of heights?
People change, Abby.
[Lucy] Come on, Sean!
Just a few more feet.
You can do it.
No, no. No, thank you.
I'm-I'm good here.
There's no reason to be afraid.
Just a couple more steps
and you're done.
Or one... really big step.
[breath shaking]
[gasps and shudders]
[Lucy] Sean?
Can you at least acknowledge
that you heard me?
Sean! You can't
stay up there all day.
[snaps] Okay! Yelling at him
clearly isn't working.
[frustrated sigh]
Abby, what are you doing?
Somebody's gotta go up there
and get him.
- Are you gonna go rescue him?
- Yes.
But do not read into this, okay?
Sean! I need you
to keep breathing, okay?
I'm gonna be right there.
I can't let you go up there.
It's against company policy.
Uh, well, I think
the only other option
is Sean spends the night
in the tree.
Seriously, it's not meant
to support two people.
The line could break.
Well, luckily, there's,
like, no food in this place,
so I'm feeling super-light!
I just watched you eat, like,
a full box of bacon.
Yeah, like I said...
Empty stomach.
I warned you!
Everyone heard me
tell her not to, right?
Oh, yeah.
I'm not responsible
for what happens!
[breath shuddering]
Ooh! Be careful, Abby!
[alarmed] Abby!
What are you doing?
Are you trying to kill us both?
Always so dramatic.
I just need you
to move one foot
in front of the other, okay?
[whimpers] It's too high!
Of course, it's high!
Why on Earth did you sign up
for the high-ropes course?
I saw Rachel write
your names down, and...
you've been avoiding me.
That is a very brave thing
to do, but...
I promise you,
when we get to the ground,
we can chit-chat. Okay?
But, Sean, right now,
I just... I need you
to move forward, okay?
[gasps and cringes]
What if I fall?
Then we can sue...
for millions.
That's it.
Just look straight ahead.
- Ah! Okay.
- You got it.
There you go.
You got it.
[panicky] Oh...
- Now...
- It's okay!
I got it. Wha...!
Whoa-kay. Oh, boy!
I'm free! I'm there!
I nailed it!
[roars] I survived!
- Oh, thank God.
- [retreaters clapping]
Good job.
See? Told you I was light.
[forced] Mm.
Are you okay?
Uh, yes. [laughs]
Yeah, just mainly embarrassed.
Well... that was a lot.
I think we should move on
to the next course. Hmm?
[laughs] Do you wanna bail?
Oh! You read my mind.
Are you by chance a telepath?
Quick. What am I thinking?
Sean, you're awful.
You wanna burn down
the ropes course?
What's happening right now?
Oh, it's a...
it's an inside joke from...
from high school.
Let's get out of here
before it turns into
a Veronica situation!
Oh, it's a Veronica situation!
Also an inside joke
from high school.
[napkin flaps]
Use your words.
I'm not a telepath.
Because you and Sean
seem to have that power.
What's up?
It's just interesting
that you said
that Sean was a monster,
and I've had to listen to you
giggling like schoolgirls
for the past 12 hours.
I know. I know. I just...
I forgot how nice it is
to have him around.
You know?
Do you like a boy?
No! I don't...
I... absolutely not.
He's, like...
He's an old friend
from high school.
Old, hot friend...
who's really good with horses
and also knows
your deepest, darkest secrets.
Okay, he's not... "hot".
Oh, my gosh. Abby!
I have never seen you
have a crush.
It-It makes you so human.
I don't have a crush!
Did he tell you why he didn't
show up at the bus stop?
Haven't talked about it yet.
Well, I bet it's good,
because he doesn't really
seem like the type of person
who would be mean for no reason.
What's on the schedule today?
Mm! Thank you for asking.
[claps hands]
Goat yoga.
Are you kidding?
What is the obsession
with livestock around here?
[Sean] Mornin'.
Sean? Help.
Rachel wants me
to do yoga with goats.
Well, I don't know.
That sounds fun, actually.
Thank you, Sean!
Okay, well... I mean, yeah,
I guess it could be kinda fun.
Lower down, into Cobra...
and back into Downward Dog.
Try to match the rhythm
of your breath...
to the pitter-patter
of little goat hooves.
Hear me out.
I think that guy kinda
looks like Adam Driver.
No, total Keanu vibes,
man, like,
that goat does his own stunts.
Psst. Shh!
You know the goats
are for everyone, right?
[mimicking shushing]
Now is not the time...
- [bleating]
- to be vocal.
[hushed] It's not our fault
that they like snacks!
[goats munching]
[whispers] Are you happy?
I am so happy.
[treats clattering]
Go. Sorry!
Sorry. Sorry, everyone.
Just, uh, trying to help.
[instructor] And now...
we're upside-down.
Okay, that was fun.
I love your take on goat yoga,
but you have to take
the next activity
very seriously.
Oh, that doesn't sound good.
"The talking circle".
It's a place where
we can share
our feelings freely,
without being judged.
But judging is what I do.
I'm with Abby on this one.
Not the judging-people part,
but I don't wanna sit around
with a bunch of strangers
and talk about my feelings.
But... they... strangers?
They're just a bunch
of new friends.
No. I don't need new friends,
Rachel, I have you.
And that guy from 7-Eleven
who only charges me
for a small Freezie
even though
I always get a large.
What if we did
a sunset hike instead?
That I could do.
Great! Okay.
I'll meet you back here
in 20 minutes?
- Okay.
- Done.
You two sure love ditching
the plans that I have spent
a month researching.
I'm sorry.
Don't be mad.
Okay? It's just...
a talking circle?
I mean, ugh.
I need to do baby steps.
I think it would be
really good for you.
Okay. Okay, what if I, um...
what if I just do
a talking circle
with one person,
and I ask Sean why he left me
at that bus stop?
I guess that could work.
And then, tomorrow,
I'm all yours.
Cheer up, buttercup.
[Rachel] You're on thin ice.
[Abby] I can't believe
you still live in Hayward.
Well, I lived in San Francisco
for a couple years,
but I moved back
to open my practice.
Right. 'Cause you're
a big, fancy vet now.
[Sean chuckles]
Guess your mom's obsession
with, uh, adopting
11-year-old golden retrievers
rubbed off on you.
Wow! Yeah, that's... that's
probably exactly what did it.
I never thought
about it like that.
Mm. Your mom is a saint.
[sighs] Yeah.
So you're a public defender now?
Makes sense.
You get to help people
and argue with them
at the same time.
Oh, it's not that noble.
I'm just biding my time,
and I'm gonna become
a big, soulless corporate lawyer
- any day now.
- Oh, sure, you are.
It's crazy that,
with these busy lives,
we both ended up
coming to this retreat
at the same time.
I know.
Why did you come here?
I just wanted a little vacation.
[laughs] Yeah, here.
Why are you here?
Oh... Rachel.
- [thud]
- Oh! Hey!
Are you okay?
Uh, yeah. I, uh...
I don't do a lot of hiking.
and you clearly haven't
found your feet yet.
Do you wanna...
should we go back?
No. We're...
We're practically there.
We'll just pretend
this didn't happen.
- Okay, good.
- It's pretty embarrassing.
This one's strawberry.
I swear, no spinach
went anywhere near it.
Oh... [giggles]
Thank you.
Are you joining
the talking circle?
Mm... I don't know.
I really wanted to do it
with Abby.
What if I join you instead?
Don't you have to work?
Ah, my shift's over.
Thank you.
[Sean] Oh...
Not bad, huh?
Couldn't ask for a better view.
[Abby] No.
I think I'm kinda
starting to understand
this whole hiking thing.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
This was a good call.
I agree.
You know, this place
is pretty great.
My only complaint is
it can get a little too...
I mean, a talking circle?
Talking is so-o-o stupid.
Oh. You wanna talk.
I mean...
like... [sighs]
I don't wanna talk,
per se, I just...
Why'd you do it?
Do what?
Leave me at the bus stop.
I know it's been a lifetime.
I just need to know.
Honestly, I don't remember.
Come on, Sean.
You don't remember?
I was your best friend.
You know why, Abby.
No, I... I...
[chuckles awkwardly]
I have been thinking
about this for years,
and I honestly don't know.
[blurting] Because I was
in love with you.
Did you...
seriously not know?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I was scared.
You know,
in my stupid teenage brain,
the whole... [chuckles]
"unrequited love" thing
felt like a giant deal.
if you had told me...
you might've liked the response.
[Abby giggles and sighs]
I think we lost track of time.
It's getting kinda dark.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
We should, uh... get outta here
before we lose all the light.
Which path was it?
That one.
Oh, 'cause there are two.
Yeah, there should only be one.
That is...
that's confusing.
Oh, great. No service.
The trail app on my phone
won't even open.
I mean, they look
the same to me.
Uh, I think
it's the one on the right.
I really wish
you sounded more confident
when you said that.
Me too, but I told you,
I don't have a lot
of hiking experience.
Oh, look! Horse tracks.
We should follow those. Right?
Are you sure?
'Cause this one
does look more familiar.
[sighs heavily]
I don't know.
You know what?
I trust you. Let's...
Let's go the way
you think we should go.
So agreeable.
Must've been a really good kiss.
Yeah, the horse tracks
from the other day, right?
They're gonna lead us back.
For sure!
Oh, you gotta try this cider.
I wanna see if you can
guess my secret ingredient.
Oh! Nice addition of nutmeg
this year, Chef.
I'm guessing it's nutmeg.
So, Rachel, where's Abby?
Off with "Horse Man"?
Yeah, probably.
They seem to be
really hitting it off.
And I'm here with Chef.
And you're gonna love this...
Randy writes
all these stories himself.
They are super-scary.
Plus, you can't beat
his social commentary.
He does one
about a ghost
of a railway tycoon
who haunts Jeff Bezos.
[Barb giggles]
It is both chilling
and thought-provoking.
I heard tonight's story
is a critique
of how golf courses
are bad for the environment...
And has werewolves.
Oh! I hope
I can't sleep tonight.
Okay, let's get our seats.
He really likes werewolves.
We open on a plush country club.
There's blood...
[roars] ...everywhere!
[Abby] Do you see any tracks?
You know, it's...
it's possible
this wasn't the trail,
or even a trail at all.
No, no, no, no.
It-It-It was.
It was just... it was, uh...
like this one rogue horse
that just went off
into the wilderness
and we just happened to follow
that one confused horse.
we haven't seen any prints
in a while.
We can't even find
the ones that led us out here.
I think we just gotta say it...
we're lost.
Thank you.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Uh, could we, um...
I don't know, could we...
Could we go back
to where we watched the sunset,
and then maybe
reorient ourselves?
At this point,
we have no idea what direction
that would even be in.
It's too dark.
We'd just wind up
getting more lost.
Okay, you can't get "more lost".
Actually, I take that back.
I forget... you have
a terrible sense of direction.
And you were always impatient.
Hey, if we just stay still,
someone will eventually
notice we're missing,
and we'll be
a lot easier to find
if we're not moving around, so,
we should stop,
and make camp.
I'm not impatient, I just think
that sitting around,
waiting to die
is a bad idea.
And we don't have
any, you know, camp gear.
So, do you think
we should just sit here
in the forest, in the dark,
and hope somebody finds us?
It's strategic.
What if we find the ocean?
That could work!
[Sean laughs]
I have a bad sense of direction?
Abby, we're, like,
20 miles from the ocean.
Okay, okay, don't laugh.
There are no bad ideas
when you're brainstorming.
Great! Then let's do the idea
where we stay here.
Fine, but only because
my feet feel like
they're about to fall off.
This has actually been
a pretty good night.
Let's not start arguing.
You're right, I'm sorry.
[deep breath]
Think it's just
the stress of, uh...
you know, being lost
in the wilderness.
Well, I'm sure
we can make do for a bit.
Okay, what are you doing?
I am gathering kindling
to make a fire.
Do you have a lighter?
No, but I have seen
every episode of Survivor,
and those hours and hours
of my life
are about to finally
come in handy.
I've seen
every episode of Snapped.
That doesn't mean
I would be good at...
[makes clicking sound]
my husband.
Oh, you would be great.
Well, you better hope
we don't stay out here too long,
or I'm gonna have to...
[click]...and eat you.
[flames whoosh]
[gasps] You made a fire!
[chuckles] It's not much.
Well, it's better than nothing.
And now nobody
can ever tell me again
that watching reality TV
is a waste of time.
Fruit snacks!
- You have food?
- Yeah!
I forgot that Rachel
gave me a whole bag of candy,
and she was paranoid
that anybody would find it,
so I hid it...
in my clothes.
Oh, wow, you're like
a really sarcastic piata.
Ah-hah, now I don't
have to eat you.
Someone will eventually
notice we're missing
and come find us.
Yeah, totally.
[birds singing]
Oh, right.
Lost in the woods.
[birds chirping]
[groans groggily]
Five more minutes, Bridgey.
Did you just say "Bridgey"?
Yes, you did.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Please don't tell me
it's Bridgey from high school.
Though it'd be hard to believe
there are two women out there
with that name.
You ended up with Bridgey?
She was, like,
a cool, popular cheerleader.
We hated those people.
Am I the other woman?
Did you just cheat on her
by kissing me?
Good morning.
Come over here
and try one of these.
Have you seen Abby?
No, I haven't.
It's a new recipe...
Gluten-free and vegan.
Okay. Um...
- Mm-hmm.
- That's a good look.
That's a "yum" look.
This is vegan?
I'll teach you
how to make them today
in that lesson
you're signed up for.
- Mm.
- You know,
it's the funniest thing.
Usually, my classes
are really popular,
but somehow, you're the only one
who got to write
their name down.
Wow, that's weird.
One-on-one lesson
sounds pretty fun, though.
[sighs dejectedly]
I can't.
Not that I don't want to,
but I haven't seen Abby
since she took off
with Sean yesterday,
and she wasn't there
when I woke up this morning,
and now she's not
answering her texts...
And she missed a meal!
So I'm panicking.
Well, if she's spending
so much time with Sean,
maybe she's still...
with him?
Abby? Sean?
Open the door, this is serious!
Doesn't sound like
anyone's in there.
Oh, this is bad.
This is really bad.
Okay. [sighs]
Bridgey and I were dating,
but we broke up!
Agh! What was last night, then?
Was-Was that...
Was that a rebound kiss?
Oh, Abby, don't do this.
You know how I feel about you.
Do I though?
'Cause, I mean, we haven't
really seen each other
in, like, 17 years.
I feel like
I don't even really know you.
And what are you
even doing here?
Are you here... don't tell me...
It's because of your breakup
with Miss School Spirit.
No. No, our breakup
was actually very amicable.
Oh, come on, no breakup
is ever truly amicable.
Well, ours was!
Bridgey's very mature.
Hey, come on.
It's not like you get to judge.
When it comes to dating people
from high school,
you didn't have great taste.
Are you talking about Dylan?
- Yeah.
- I was 17!
He had a good jawline.
And that's what teenagers do...
They make bad dating choices.
You... are an adult.
Well, Bridgey turned out
to be a perfectly nice adult.
Sure, she was a lot
when we were kids.
- Right?
- But she's a happy person!
You know, the kind of person
that doesn't have to make
snide comments all the time.
You know what?
I don't need this.
I'm over it.
Your dating life
doesn't concern me.
And you know what?
Hmm! I think
it's time we get going.
No. I told you,
we should just stay in one spot.
It's daylight, though.
We should put it to use.
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do...
By building another fire
and trying to get it big enough
that they can see the smoke.
Okay, that could take all day.
I'm not just gonna sit here
and wait for that,
so I'm gonna leave
with or without you.
Well, then, it's gonna
have to be without me.
Ah. That sounds so familiar.
Leaving me behind
is what you do best.
Oh, come on, that's not fair.
It is fair! Sean, you don't
leave the person you love
at a bus stop!
Okay, should we talk about
what actually happened?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Mystery's been solved,
and I am over it.
'Cause you seem mad.
[yelling] I am mad!
I'm mad
that I'm stuck in the woods!
But you know what?
I can fix that.
Hey. At least
take one of the waters.
I don't want a water.
'Cause I'm gonna get rescued
as soon as I hike
to the top of that hill
and get cell reception!
That's not
how cell service works!
[snaps] You don't work!
They said that they were
going on a sunset hike,
but I haven't seen her
for a whole day.
So I thought
that she was just having fun,
hanging out
with a guy that she liked,
but I can see now that, clearly,
something is very wrong.
Rachel, it's not your fault.
I kinda tricked her
into coming here.
She actually
really hates nature.
We don't even offer
a sunset hike.
They just made up
their own activity?
It's a pretty good idea, actually.
We should add that.
[keys clacking]
Uh, do you know
which trail they took?
I don't know.
I've tried calling her
a dozen times,
but there's no answer.
Oh, yeah, there's absolutely
no service out there.
But don't worry,
we'll find them.
I've never lost a guest
in my entire career,
and I do not plan
on starting now.
So, what's the plan?
Are-Are we gonna organize
a search party?
I can go now.
I can... I can start...
You don't do anything.
I know this is stressful,
but it won't do anybody any good
for you to panic.
I'll call in the authorities.
Professionals will handle this.
I just wanna help.
The last thing we need
is for somebody else
to get lost out there.
I saw you have appointments
for the spa later today.
Why don't you check in early?
Enjoy the steam room
and try to relax?
[huffing] "I'm Sean."
"I am mature,
and I date happy people."
Well, Sean...
normal people
don't just wake up one day
and decide to go
to adult summer camp
by themselves.
Something's fishy!
Oh, please, someone find these.
[rustling in woods]
[Barb] Hey, Rachel.
We're just on our way
to our pottery class.
Well, that's
really, really great, guys.
Hmm? You okay, sweetie?
Sean and Abby
are lost in the woods.
And it's all my fault,
because I brought her here
and I encouraged her
to solve the mystery
of why Sean abandoned her
at a bus stop.
Ooh, that sounds juicy.
- Not now, Bart.
- Okay.
How long
have they been out there?
Since yesterday.
Oh, no.
They spent the night outside.
On the ground.
She's got a bad back.
Oh, no.
Look at all these trails.
I... I'm not gonna be able
to do this by myself.
But maybe...
I could get some help
from the nice people
that I have met here?
Please? Because
she is my best friend
and she must be
so scared out there.
Of course. We will help.
But... the pottery class.
Screw the class.
There are two people
lost out there.
[Bart] Huh!
After all this time,
sometimes, I forget
just how selfless you can be.
It's nothing really.
- O-kay.
- Don't worry.
Rachel, we have
been here many times.
We have other people we can ask.
- Let's go.
- Ooh, what do we wear?
Oh! Searching outfits!
- I'm gonna buy a compass.
- Okay!
I got this.
Just another day.
Ooh! Ah!
[yells] Abby?
[coughs and sputters]
is why I don't do nature.
[alert chimes]
Are you kidding me?
[hearty laughter]
[Sean giggles]
Ah, I see your plan's
going really well.
Are you gonna keep laughing
or are you gonna help me up?
Oh, well, lucky for you,
I can do both.
[Abby, grumbling]
Thank you, thank you.
Listen, Chuckles.
Pull harder!
[Sean cracking up]
Thank you, everyone,
for joining the unofficial
Abby-and-Sean search party.
Randy wants us to wait
for the Park Rangers,
but if I know Abby
and her stomach,
we don't have that long.
Her liking food is
the only thing I know about her.
That, and the fact
she scares me a little.
Oh, I know, right?
That's part of her charm.
Okay. So, it's safe to say
that they took off from here,
but the problem is
that we don't know which one
of these three trails they took.
So I think the best bet
is to break up
into three groups,
and cover as much ground
as we can.
Okay, you guys
take the scenic route.
Go! Go, go, go!
You two can take the trail
to, uh, "Devil's Backbone,"
because that sounds intense.
And B-and-B, you're with me.
We're gonna take the trail
to Fern Peak.
All right.
Wait up!
What are you doing here?
Coming with you.
Aren't you worried
that your boss told me
I shouldn't do this?
Nah, we have a rapport.
Are you sure?
'Cause I don't want you
to get in trouble.
you are supposed to be
in my cooking class right now,
so I can say we went foraging.
Oh, yeah.
But also, probably best
if he never finds out,
so let's get going.
Yeah. Okay. Let's go.
Abby? Sean!
This is officially
the worst day of my life.
What about
that time you thought bangs
were a good idea?
I said worst day,
not worst year.
Well, if it makes you feel
any better,
I think the mud's
a really good look.
It's very rugged.
Oh yeah? Yeah?
Am I making it work?
Oh, yeah!
Ten out of ten.
Yeah, I'm sorry
I'm so closed off.
And I think it's amazing
that you're doing this.
I'm sorry
I keep threatening divorce.
You know I'd never
actually do it.
It's okay.
Yeah, I... I should
take you out more.
My gosh, you just
look so beautiful in nature.
This is it!
This is totally it.
Oh, wow.
I mean, look at that view!
They definitely could've
watched the sunset from here.
Should we look for clues
or something?
Oh, wow, look at
all this graffiti.
Hey, any chance JL and BA
are their initials?
I don't think so, Bart.
It was a joke. It...
[paper rustles]
Oh, my gosh.
This is one of Abby's candies.
Ha! She was definitely here!
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
It's unopened.
Abby would never
leave uneaten candy behind.
Well, maybe it's not hers.
Maybe she didn't know
she dropped it.
Or maybe...
you two
are insane!
Because this
is definitely Abby's!
And Abby
is probably definitely dead!
Oh, no!
Do you think
that she got eaten by a bear?
Don't worry, nobody's dead.
There aren't even bears
in these woods.
I'm sure Abby's fine.
- Well...
- [flaps packet]
how do you explain this, huh?
[Rachel huffs indignantly]
Oh, by the way,
I think you might have
a hole in your pocket.
Yeah. I-I found
a bunch of these
when I came after ya.
Let me get this straight.
You hear me screaming
while alone in the woods,
you come running to my rescue,
but you stop on the way
to pick up trash?
Don't you remember?
I got our high school
to implement recycling bins
before it was standard?
Do you tell people that
out loud?
'Cause now I understand
why you ended up with Bridgey.
Ah! So you are jealous of her.
No, I'm not j-jealous of her.
I am a little upset
that you cleared out our clues.
- What?
- Yeah. They're...
[sighs] ...clues.
I left a trail,
so that people could find us.
These aren't clues, Abby,
they're trash.
You littered
throughout the entire forest.
Sean, I don't care
about littering in the forest,
I care about being found.
And now, there is no way
for people to track us.
I just don't think
it's very realistic
to think anyone would find them.
But I know, for a fact,
that this will take
400 years to disintegrate.
[gasps theatrically]
400 years?
Don't... you dare
touch that.
[loud grumbling]
Is that your stomach or mine?
I think it was both of ours.
We're doomed!
We're not doomed.
We're just hungry.
Do you have any more candy?
Yeah, I think I have one more.
Nope. Gone!
Oh, great.
You littered again.
Okay, Sean, I can't... Ah!
Something touched my leg!
Something touched my leg!
Well, it's a stream, Abby.
It was probably
a fish or something.
It's the "or something"
that worries me.
We should catch one.
I'm hungry, but not that hungry.
You don't like fish?
I don't eat fish.
When I became a vet,
I also became a vegetarian.
Of course you did.
Doing what I do,
you wouldn't feel right
eating anything with a face.
I'll give you the butt.
Let's go!
My parents
were hippie therapists.
Colors are really big with them.
Oh, lucky.
Mine was an insurance adjustor
and an accountant.
Hmm. So do you know
what a write-off is?
- Not a chance.
- Rachel!
We have to turn back.
There's no sign of them.
We have been out here for hours.
I can't give up
on my best friend.
Would you give up on Bart?
- Depends on the day.
- Yeah.
Hey, Rachel. Look.
It's a candy wrapper!
It's empty!
That means
that Abby could still be alive!
[giggles giddily]
Thank god for your beautiful...
good eyes.
Okay. Let's go!
"Screw the pottery class,
there's two people
lost out there."
[snaps] Barbara!
[Sean] Okay, okay.
[Abby] Come on. Come on.
Come... Sean.
This is not working.
Are you even trying
to herd them to me?
Come on, you know
I'm conflicted about this.
Well, you already came up
with the murder weapon,
so we're in this now together.
Can we not call it "murder"?
I just want to meet the fish
with my hand...
and then my stomach.
Okay, here they come.
Let's do it.
Okay, guys.
Come on, go... get it.
Kill us, kill us!
[growling] Come on!
Oh, wow!
Maybe fishing
can be entertaining.
Okay, funny guy, you know what?
Why don't you try?
Show me what you're made of.
All right.
Watch this.
Okay, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Here they come.
I'm gonna get 'em.
Okay, go!
Oh, hey! Whoa, whoa...
Hey, hey!
Did you get it?
Come on!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm so happy
we're gonna eat tonight!
Okay, that's it.
Also, a little mad that
you got it on your first try.
there you go.
Oh, I don't think I can.
Sean, the worst is over.
I've already killed him.
Do not let his death
go to waste.
We get it. Okay? We get it.
You have high moral standards.
You don't eat meat.
You don't litter.
You don't talk badly
about your exes.
But, Sean...
look at where we are.
We are lost in the woods.
Okay? You can make exceptions
for literal survival.
You do not know
when you're gonna eat again.
- You're right.
- Good.
- Hmm.
- [sighs]
Mm-hmm? Good, right?
No! I hate it.
- What?
- But, the stream...
There is a stream
that runs through the resort.
This is probably the same one.
- Rachel's babbling brook?
- Yeah.
We can just follow this
the whole way back.
You're a genius.
You can have my fish.
No. You only had,
like, a piece.
Ah, I'm good.
Plus, I heard
your stomach rumble.
Anything for you, Abs.
You know that.
You know, you're, like,
the only person
that ever called me that.
I really miss it.
Me too.
I shouldn't have named him.
Remember that summer we tried
to start our own business?
"Abby and Sean's Joke Service".
How could I forget?
Surprised not more people
tried to hire us
to write jokes for them.
We were hilarious.
Yeah, we probably should have
come up with a funnier name.
Ah. Fair critique.
- [sighs]
- What's wrong?
How do we even know
this is the right river?
I don't recognize any of this.
Well, how many rivers
could there be running
through this place?
We're gonna die out here.
We're not gonna die.
We'll just follow this,
and if it's wrong,
we'll turn back.
I... [sighs]
Abs! It will be fine.
It's not fine. Okay?
Stop saying it's gonna be fine,
because it's not fine.
We could starve to death
before we even reach
the end of this river!
I feel like we'll know
before then
if it's right or wrong.
Okay, that's not helping.
You know what else
isn't helpful?
Only focusing on the negative.
This is a bad situation, yes,
but we can handle this together.
I'm not being negative,
I'm being a realist.
And I'm allowed to feel
what I feel!
It's better than what you do.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
You act like some superior,
moral, kind person,
when, really,
you're just a coward.
- Excuse me?
- You abandoned me!
If you loved me,
you should've told me.
You shouldn't have left me.
Oh, okay, I knew
you were still mad.
Look, I made a bad choice,
but I was just a dumb kid.
You sent your mother
to tell me you weren't coming.
Do you know,
that by the time she found me,
I was so lost,
- I was so confused...
- I know.
And I was so upset...
I know.
I know, she really let me
have it for that.
She thought that I should've
faced you myself, and...
she was right.
She was always right.
Wait. What?
That's why I'm here.
She passed away four months ago.
Sean, I'm so sorry.
I don't know
why I called you a coward.
I don't know what's wrong
with me. I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
I am.
I just miss her.
I always thought
it was so cool...
The relationship you guys had.
You were so close.
It made me wish I had
that kind of relationship
with my mom.
I mean, not my mom,
exactly, but you know.
After she passed away,
it made me...
I don't know,
take stock of what I wanted
out of life.
I know that sounds cliche...
No, no...
but it's true.
Makes total sense.
She was so full of life.
So sure of herself.
Yeah, she was.
I always wished
I was more like her.
And after she passed, I realized
the things I wasn't sure about
just couldn't stay.
Guessing one of those things
was Bridgey?
We'd been drifting
for a while, so...
she wasn't surprised.
Wow, it really was
the first amicable break-up
in history.
After the funeral, I...
I took a leave from work
and started Googling retreats.
I don't know, I thought if...
if I got out of my normal life,
it might make me feel better.
And my mom always said,
"Nature is the best medicine."
We took that
a little too literally.
Has it helped?
Weirdly, yeah.
I mean, you're here.
It does feel...
strangely cosmic.
Actually, it feels...
strangely Rachel.
Always knowing what I need
before I know it myself.
I haven't been doing so...
Work's been very stressful
and, uh...
kinda just been...
isolating myself, I guess?
You know how bad
my attitude can get.
Your attitude's
never bothered me.
You've always been a cynic.
Or "a realist,"
as you put it.
But I know it's just 'cause
you felt like
you had to be tough.
Oh, yeah, growing up
on the mean streets of Hayward.
Oh, come on, Abby.
You remember my mom.
I remember yours, too.
Well, that's unfortunate
for you.
She didn't handle
my dad bailing very well.
Or, like, at all, actually.
[chuckles sadly]
You are nothing like her.
You had to grow up faster
than you should've, Abs.
Being strong
does not make you mean,
and it definitely doesn't
make you your mom.
That feels generous.
No way.
You got me down
from the ropes course,
'cause, after all these years,
you still remembered
I'm afraid of heights.
- Someone had to.
- Yes.
But not everyone would've.
That's my point.
In high school,
you were my biggest defender.
And now, you defend
complete strangers for a living.
You know, even now,
when I feel like
I have to be strong,
it's your voice
I hear in my head.
Thank you.
How sad for you, though...
You always hearing
my voice in your head.
looks like we're spending
another night in the woods.
Guess we should make camp.
It is getting late.
We need to get back.
Not until
I have proof of life, Bart.
- [whimpers]
- [Randy] Finally!
I have been worried sick.
Your friends
came back from the hike
and told us that you had
formed your own search party.
[hushed] I knew
Bradley and Justin were narcs.
Can never trust anyone
wearing a fanny pack.
You could've been
eaten by bears!
Okay, yeah, I lied
about the no-bears thing,
but the chance of a bear attack
is so slim...
But not impossible.
Don't "Randy" me.
I am the most disappointed
by you, Chef.
Glenn had to make
the kale chips today,
and guess what?
They were disgusting.
Randy, it wasn't his fault.
He was just trying to help me.
Oh, Rachel.
I am so proud of you
for taking charge.
You are
radiating with a confidence
that you didn't have
three days ago.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
But I want us to be safe.
So I'll need you all
to follow the rangers
back to the property.
We'll send out a search party
at first light tomorrow.
Oh, good.
My dogs are barking.
Well, this is why I say
you should walk daily.
Ooh, maybe we should start
doing that together.
[Barb] Oh...
I'm game to stay out
and search, if you are.
I think that Randy's right.
Plus, we don't have gear
to be out here overnight.
Ha. I may be a chef,
but I also used to be
a Boy Scout,
so I've got flashlights, blankets,
and a satellite phone.
You have a satellite phone?
"Always be prepared."
Plus, I've seen Taken,
like, 50 times.
Are you up
for breaking the rules?
[deep breath, sigh]
You know what?
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
[flints clicking]
Ah, it's colder
than it was last night.
Don't worry.
I got this.
- [hissing]
- [Abby shrieks]
- What is it?
- Wah!
Hey, hey, hey! You okay?
Ugh. No, I think
I twisted my ankle.
Okay, can you try to stand?
No! Ow. It hurts too much.
- All right, here. Ready?
- Yeah.
[rain pattering]
- Ugh...
- Ah.
Okay, let's move you
closer to that tree.
No! That's where the snake was.
Abby, it's raining.
We need the shelter.
And I hate to break it to you,
but that
was just a garter snake.
Agh, still a snake!
[winces with each step]
Oh, what if I can't walk
at all tomorrow?
It's, um...
it's possible that that happens,
but if it does...
we'll figure it out.
I know I kept saying
that we were gonna die out here.
I didn't really mean it.
'Cause we won't.
I mean it now.
[rain pattering]
[voice shakes]
I'm scared.
We have no food.
We have no fire.
It's raining.
What are we gonna do?
We are gonna take this
one moment at a time...
and we're gonna
get through this together.
You promise?
Yeah. Okay.
So, why did you
get into cooking?
My parents weren't big
into home cooking,
and I got sick of
eating chicken nuggets.
Oh! That's the only thing
I know how to make.
I know, they're delicious.
Well, maybe after
we find Abby and Sean,
we could have that cooking date.
What's up?
- Oh.
- Oh!
It's looking less likely
like they're dead.
[shrieks happily]
it stopped raining.
I have to check out
this Survivor show.
Look at this... lean-to.
It's fancy.
Abby, the day I didn't
show up for our trip...
Oh, Sean, we don't have
to talk about it anymore.
No, I know.
It's just...
I had finally
gotten up the courage
to tell you how I felt.
I figured if we were gonna
spend the whole summer
traveling together,
you should know the truth.
I went to find you...
and I saw you, at your car,
making out with Doofus Dylan.
[inhales sharply] Sean...
I felt like such an idiot
for thinking
I had a chance with you,
and I was heartbroken,
and angry, and I...
[deep breath]
I just couldn't
face you after that.
He did kiss me that day.
had you stuck around...
you would've seen me
tell him to get lost.
I'm so sorry
I left you at that bus stop.
I have regretted it for years.
You're not entirely to blame.
I did...
ignore all of your phone calls.
I wrote letters, too.
Yeah. I burned those.
Oh. [laughs]
I was just so hurt,
and so mad at myself
for feeling that way
and for...
for missing you so much.
You missed me?
Every day.
[rustling in the forest]
What is it?
There's something in the forest.
I don't hear anything.
- Rachel!
- Abby!
You're alive!
See? No bears!
- Bears were a possibility?
- I've never been
happier to see another human
in my life.
What are you doing here?
Rescuing you, obviously.
How did you guys find us?
Ah, it turns out
Rachel is an excellent tracker.
I know a clue when I find one.
You found my candy trail?
I told you this would work!
Yes, but, technically,
it means if we'd stayed put...
Shh! Just don't litter, okay?
Let's get you out of here.
Yeah. I can't walk.
Why, what happened?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I will be.
- Ready?
- One, two, three...
So, you spent the night
in the woods with Hot Chef?
Yes. Looking for you.
Mm-hmm. And?
falling in like?
I don't know.
I really like him.
[giggles awkwardly]
What about you?
You and Sean seemed to be
getting really cozy
in the woods,
and don't give me some line
about feeling cold.
Well, it was very cold, Rachel.
Okay. Abby, sit down.
You were right, he had
an explanation for everything.
Which was?
Um, that he was in love with me.
- What?
- Yeah.
He came to tell me
the night before
we were supposed to leave,
and when he showed up,
he thought that he saw
me getting back together
with my ex.
That's why he didn't show.
Yeah, but he also
didn't give me the chance
to tell him
that I felt the same!
Oh, my gosh.
He's not your best friend...
he's the love of your life!
That... mm...
it's very complicated.
I don't know, it doesn't
sound very complicated.
It sounds like
you found someone that you like,
that you could
potentially be with.
We don't even live
in the same city.
You live five hours away
from each other.
Four and a half,
if you drive really fast.
Yeah, but we are
very busy people, though.
Abby, this just sounds
like a bunch of excuses.
It's not an excuse.
I'm just...
I'm thinking logically here.
You know, I'm a realist.
A realist?
Yeah, you don't say.
I think, maybe this one time,
you should think
with your heart,
and not your head.
[indistinct chatter]
They were lost in the woods
for two nights.
Where's the Camembert?
Oh! There's our girl.
- Yes.
- Safe and sound.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I am gonna go get my smoothie.
Maybe you should
go talk to Sean.
Sure. You go smoothie-it-up
with Hot Chef.
- Abby.
- Yes.
We are so glad
you made it back safe.
Thank you. And I heard you guys
joined the search party.
I'm so grateful.
Thank you guys so much.
We should be thanking you!
[Barb, dreamily] Mm.
Your life-and-death
helped to cement our romance.
Uh... would you mind
if I borrowed her?
[both giggling distractedly]
- They don't mind.
- Right.
This shouldn't be weird, right?
What's weird about
two old friends reconnecting?
Tomorrow's the last day
of the retreat.
Yeah, I would say
it went by fast,
but getting lost in the woods
felt like an eternity.
Like, in a... not in a bad way.
I-I had a good time.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Despite the fear of death?
Despite that.
So what are you...
thinking is next
for-for us?
I mean, I was thinking...
[chuckles] Sorry.
You go first.
I was just gonna say
it was so nice to reconnect,
and, um...
Tch. Yeah, I just... I never
thought that was gonna happen.
Me either.
But, you know,
we're different people now,
and different lives...
different cities.
Hey, people...
people make long distance work.
yeah, I just don't...
I don't know that
I'm one of those people, Sean.
I just think we got
caught up in the moment.
You know, the nostalgia.
I don't think
we were thinking clearly.
Don't do that... don't tell me
what I was thinking.
Can you honestly tell me,
though, that...
with your recent break-up
and the loss of your mom,
that you are thinking straight?
Do you really think it's fair,
using that against me right now?
I just... [sighs]
It makes sense that we would
fall back into old patterns.
Old patterns?
That's what you think this was?
I don't know what this was.
But I do know
that it feels unrealistic
to think that it could work.
Okay? You're gonna
go back to your life.
I'm gonna go back to mine.
We're barely
ever gonna see each other,
and this is just the truth
of how this will
eventually play out.
Come on.
You know I'm right.
Yeah, you probably are.
But I'm so glad
that we're friends again,
and we will always be friends.
Friends it is.
For the woman
who survived the woods...
and the woman who saved her.
Thank you.
You'd better marry that guy.
So there's lots of
activities today.
There's even
an aerial yoga class.
But I'm guessing
you don't wanna do anything,
since you were trapped
in the woods for two days.
You know what?
This place isn't so bad.
Are you okay?
I mean, it didn't turn out
exactly as I had expected,
but I had fun.
I'm almost afraid
to ruin this moment
by signing us up for anything.
No. It's fine, Rachel.
You know what?
I actually really do
wanna spend our last day
with our new friends.
In fact, I'll do the honors
and sign us up for something.
Active participation.
Did you hit your head
in the woods?
Yeah. Several times.
Hi, Rachel.
Whatcha doing?
I'm just looking for Sean.
He's gone.
Left this morning.
He's gone?
Without saying goodbye to Abby?
He wouldn't even
give Randy a hug.
- Hey.
- Hey. So...
I thought about what you said
earlier this week,
and I signed us up
for the talking circle.
Now, I can't promise
I'm gonna do a lot of talking,
but I will definitely listen.
There's a big one
this afternoon,
and it's followed by
a fancy dinner under the stars.
Now, "old me" would've said
let's just skip out early,
but... look at me now!
- [forced] That's great.
- Yeah. Randy says
it's gonna be a really good way
for me re-enter the real world
surrounded by joy and light.
Joy and light.
What's the matter?
I thought you'd be so happy
about the talking circle.
Yeah. No, I am.
I am happy
about the talking circle.
He left.
You're kidding.
Lucy said he left this morning.
I thought he had changed.
I thought he was different
from when we were kids,
but he's exactly the same.
Nothing's changed.
Nothing's changed.
Okay, I don't want you
to take this the wrong way,
what did you say
to him last night?
Excuse me?
You think this is my fault?
No. No, no, it's just that,
sometimes, you say things
you don't really mean.
Rachel, I'm a lawyer.
Like, words are my thing.
It's what I'm good at, okay?
Yes, but being a person
with feelings and connection
is different than
being a lawyer in a courtroom.
All I said was
it was really nice to reconnect,
and that we probably
wouldn't see each other again,
because living
far apart is hard,
a-a-and th-then I also said
that he probably wasn't
thinking clearly
because of his recent break-up
and the loss of his mom.
So you were playing
Devil's advocate,
and trying to make your case,
rather than having
an honest conversation
with someone who was trying
to connect with you.
Sometimes, people
need to be able to say
the things that are hard.
Yeah, but that doesn't
always have to be you.
Sean should not have left...
- No.
- But I understand why he did.
He has been trying to love you
since you were kids,
and, yeah,
he ran away physically, but...
you're doing it emotionally.
You're painting me out
to be this person
who's incapable
of having a connection.
You're my best friend.
I can't be that inept.
Well, you're different with me.
You have this wall up
where people have a hard time
knowing where
they stand with you.
You've been my friend
for 15 years,
and you have this
"realist" defense mechanism,
where it looks like you're just
constantly having a bad time.
Y-y-y-you know
that I don't have
a bad time with you, right?
I know.
It's just sometimes really nice
to know how you really feel.
Tsk. [sigh]
Rachel, I'm sorry.
You're like the best friend
anybody could ever ask for.
I love you to bits.
[Abby sniffles]
I can tell you that every day
if you need me to.
I love you, too.
And I know, I know.
It's just so nice
to hear you say it out loud.
[Abby laughs]
I am gonna have to be the one
to reach out to Sean, aren't I?
[phone buzzing]
[puts phone down]
It is so nice to see everybody
on our last day together.
Usually, we use this time
to say what we're grateful for
and what we learned this week.
Would anyone like to go first?
What a surprise.
Please, go ahead.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I'm just gonna
use my words.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Hi, everybody.
Uh, I just...
[exhales heavily]
It's funny, at work,
I'm really good
at articulating exactly
what needs to be said,
but I guess, uh...
doing a job
that's based in facts
doesn't necessarily translate
to speaking
what's in your heart.
My best friend, Rachel,
taught me that,
like, an hour ago.
She's actually
who I'm most grateful for...
and who I learn from every day.
Thank you, Rachel.
Thank you, Randy.
And, uh, thank you, everybody.
I did not want to come
to this camp.
Uh, "wilderness retreat".
So sorry... wilderness retreat.
Uh, but...
this week has been, um...
I mean, even getting lost
in the woods for two days
has been
an eye-opening experience.
And, um...
I'm just really grateful
for what this week
has brought me.
Yeah. So that... that's all.
That's it.
That's all I got.
Did I do that right?
- You did great.
- Oh, good.
Abby, I am so proud of you.
Oh, we are doing it.
Can't breathe, guys.
Can't breathe, can't breathe.
[Randy] I'm sorry.
Barb. Please.
[clerk] Do you need any help?
Hmm? Oh.
Uh, no, I'm good. Thank you.
You sure?
'Cause you've been staring
at the same bag of hot chips
for, like, 20 minutes.
Just trying to decide
if I should get 'em.
Well, go for it, man.
They're literally 99 cents.
Yeah, but I haven't had these
since high school.
I remember them as being
the greatest snack in the world,
maybe now
they'd be disappointing.
maybe it's possible that,
after all these years,
they haven't changed a bit,
which seems like
it would be great,
but, actually, it's worse.
Dang, that's a real lose-lose.
Just don't get any chips at all.
Yeah, that was my plan.
But doesn't that
make me a coward?
Nah. I say
leave the past in the past.
Remember the chips
how they were, you know?
I'm not talking about chips.
It's a girl.
I'm just trying
not to get my heart broken.
Then that changes my advice completely.
[alert chimes, phone buzzing]
[door opens]
Hey! Where have you been?
Oh, just talking to Chef.
You two going steady yet?
We were just discussing
the theme for tonight's dinner.
Oh, there's a theme?
It sort of turned into
a little dance.
I'm gonna wear a dress...
Really lean into it.
I didn't bring a dress.
I didn't either,
but lucky for us...
Barb had a few to spare.
And what's the emotional
significance of the dress?
you don't have
to read into everything.
It's just a pretty dress.
Okay. Fine.
I'll wear the dress.
But you know
how I feel about dances.
I've changed a lot this week,
but I have not changed
that much, okay?
Well, I think you are
really gonna like this one.
And, rumor has it,
there will be carbs.
Give me the dress,
I'll be ready in five.
No, wait.
I just wanna do your hair.
Oh, no, I'm just gonna curl it.
That's fine. I just wanna
add a little something.
Whoa! Is that a butterfly clip?
Is the theme of tonight
"My Teenage Nightmare"?
I found these
in the lost-and-found.
Apparently, this used to be
an actual summer camp.
And guess who used to work here?
Oh, no, Randy?
- Of course he did.
- Just stay calm.
Okay, what is this?
And why does it feel
like high school?
Just go with it.
- Bye!
- Wha... [laughs]
Okay, what is this?
There's something
I've been meaning to ask you
for a long time.
Will you dance with me?
Did you do all this?
Oh, I had a little help.
I'm sad
that I'm leaving tomorrow.
Well, you don't live too far.
Maybe we could
see each other again?
I'll teach you
how to make a pizza.
That is very involved.
And it takes a very long time.
Especially if you make
everything from scratch.
Oh, then I'm in.
Wow. It can be that simple.
Yeah, not everyone
has to wait for 17 years.
I'm sorry I'm still so bad
at telling people how I feel.
No, I'm sorry, too.
I've known you
since we were kids,
and, somehow, I still forget
you're better at
showing people how you feel
rather than saying it.
you understood what I meant
when I texted you
that Ardendale's
in between Hayward and L.A.?
I did.
It meant a lot that you were
willing to meet me halfway.
it wasn't necessary.
No, it is.
I-I mean, I-I know that
long distance is a lot of work,
and I want you to know
that I'm not afraid.
It is a lot of work.
there's nothing really
keeping me in Hayward anymore.
I can open a practice anywhere.
I mean, the only reason
I opened one in Hayward
was to be close to my mom.
You'd move to L.A.?
Are you serious...
You'd move to L.A. for me?
Abs, I'd do anything for you.
You know that.
[quiet, astonished chuckle]
I'm sorry I disappeared
without saying goodbye.
It'll never happen again.
It better not.
Ahem. Whoo. I think I'm about
to say what I really feel.
Hmm! Can't wait.
[chuckles anxiously]
I love you.
I know.
I love you, too.