Retribution (2017) Movie Script

Of course, there was
never any doubt in my mind
that you'd get into Trinity.
Oh, Dad.
John, look at our
amazing daughter.
[MOM] Beauty and talent.
[NAOMI] Stop.
And she gets it all from you.
Oh my goodness, (GASPING).
Oh, it's beautiful.
Thank you so much.
[DAD] You're welcome.
You deserve it.
So, are you all packed?
Yes, all done.
Ready for tomorrow night.
I'll miss you.
- Fantastic news.
- Thank you, Mum.
Just some family together.
Yeah, I can be there.
What, in 10 minutes?
You okay?
See you in a bit.
Jimmie! (LAUGHING)
Well if you'd come up often
I wouldn't have to
hug you like this.
- Thank you.
- I'm really happy for you.
When you comin' up London?
Uh, tomorrow night.
I live near the college, so,
we can hang out.
I would like that very much.
I'd like to propose
a toast to Naomi.
Well, I am going to have
to capture this moment.
John, it's going to happen.
I'll take it.
Thank you.
Here's to the next
chapter in Naomi's life.
May it be filled with
health, happiness
and everything you desire.
Come on Dad!
[MOM] Cheers.
She'll sap straight, you know.
I'm glad we got it for her.
[MOM] When will
your first concert be?
[NAOMI] I think it's
just before Christmas.
That's great.
We'll be back for our
anniversary trip to Venice.
Then hit your concert,
and then Christmas.
I'll get your father
to buy us a new house.
Lalalalalala lala
Larararara raram
Ladam dararararadam
Ladam dadadam
Ladadadam ladadadam
Hey man, how are you doing?
Yeah, good.
So what's the score?
Amber Paris in the place
already, we missed it.
Don't bother getting
your camera out.
I made such a killing,
the last photo I had
of her as well.
I know, man.
Let's head up to town.
We might get something up there.
Let's do that, let's do it.
Set the scene
Sitting on the beach
sipping Bacardi
Man I'm hung
girl about safari
Sun is shining Bob Marley
Baby to get work we read
Wanna see everybody
with nice energy
Now the ride don't stop
Bassline drop
Everybody come follow me
I, I got what you want
You got what I need
So tell them all down
So ready to take over
You stunning,
Amber, as always.
Of course, she always is.
Those girls are
everywhere I go.
How do they even get
into these clubs?
Love is on fire
Taking me higher
Elevating with you oh
Come on
Drop the beat
Rivers always ever
flow just like stream
Gonna get hot
hot, feel the heat
I got a brand new
star you can't beat
I'm bringing that
I'm bringing that fire, fire
Make some wide in the tire
See the vibe don't
stop, bassline drop
Everybody come follow me
I, I got what you want
You got what I need, I need
So tell them all down
So ready to take over
How would you like
Ask for his forgiveness!
Get that foaming
bitch out my club.
What are you doing here?
Watching your incompetence.
Danny is ours.
Keep granddad.
We have something
better planned.
You threatening me?
isn't the answer!
Stay away from me!
You know nothing about me!
Just let me die!
You don't want that!
I just want the
torment to end!
What you're about to do in
this moment affects everything.
This world and the next!
you going to go, Naomi?
[NAOMI] How can I play music
when I can't feel anything?
I think your mom would
want you to move on.
I'm ringing to confirm that
Naomi Vister will be attending.
How many people know
of, know what happened?
Just the faculty members
know about the accidents.
The students only know
that you'll be arriving
late this term.
Because of family commitments.
The best advice anyone can
give to you at this moment
is to channel your
grief into the music.
Now your class is preparing
for the end of term concert.
We're quite excited this year
as the Lord Mayor
will be in attendance.
And we've put together
quite a diverse repertoire
for the evening.
Professor Hughes,
this is Naomi Vister.
Ah, finally.
Glad to have you.
This is our second
flute player, Naomi.
Please make her
feel very welcome.
Another wind.
The strings are
starting to get cocky.
Ah, listen Gus, don't hate
the player, hate the game.
Gangster Cello, really, Roh?
[SARA] The cordos all
look the same, don't they?
They might have got lost.
I'm just gonna say it.
Why did you join so late?
I just had some family
stuff I had to deal with.
Ah, family.
Can't live with them,
can't live without them.
No, just can't live with them.
Don't be fooled
by the bravado act.
Gustav is a fourth
generation Trinity student.
Fourth generation?
My father and his father,
and his father before him.
All here and all
playing clarinet.
So will my son and his son.
[SARA] Well what about
you two have a girl?
[GUSTAV] That's easy,
she'll marry a footballer.
You know who I am.
You turn around and leave!
Not here.
Don't let your mind get in
the circle of dark thoughts.
(GASPING) Oh my goodness.
Don't let your mind get in
the circle of dark thoughts.
Demeteri, how did you get in?
Have you been hanging
around with these humans
for so long that you're
starting to think like one?
American accent?
I speak like those with power.
Soon, I'll be speaking Mandarin.
Well, lucky China.
Did you think I
wouldn't find you?
I hoped.
I've known where you've
been for a while now.
What do you want?
A drink.
But this place seems to be dry.
There's a bar
across the street.
Close the door on the way out.
Is that how you
treat a brother?
You can't choose your family.
And don't I know it?
Why are you here?
Others have been coming to me
demanding to know why you've
been stopping their operations.
Now I don't care if
you wanna stay here
and play music with
these glorified apes.
But as soon as you
actively stop our plans,
that is when I need
to take action.
What plans?
[DEMETERI] You forget,
brother, there are always plans.
In this instance, we had
been working on Danny,
who as you know is the
biggest drug dealer in London.
We were using Amber
Paris to get to him.
[RAPHAEL] I thought
I saw Kyber there.
[DEMETERI] Yes, Kyber
had it all under control
and everything was going to plan
until you intervened.
The demons would
have got her soul
which would have been
the icing on the cake
on top of Danny's demise.
But she took your
oh so helpful advice
and the demons got nothing.
[RAPHAEL] One less
soul for you to torment.
I suppose you want
the priest dead too.
was rather enjoying
tormenting one of
God's own anointed.
Which should have destroyed
Micah's plans for him.
[RAPHAEL] Why the girl?
She has death all around her.
Professor Hughes.
have been told to target
and how I choose to
carry out the plan
is of no concern to you anymore.
Or have you finally
come back to your senses
and want to rejoin us?
you do disgusts me!
How you manipulate the
poor, sick and weak
to do your own bidding.
You claim to be so powerful.
Is your boss and feeling demons,
tormenting the depressed?
Look at you full of
Just helping
balance the sides.
You think helping these,
They're called humans.
Will somehow earn
you redemption?
You're a disgrace to us.
This whole poor
conflicted Raphael act
is getting out of line.
I came here to tell
you to back off.
There are big changes
happening in London.
There's a guy called Eddie
who's a small time drug dealer,
but Kyber can make him
the man I need him to be.
[RAPHAEL] What could you
possibly need from him?
worry about that.
I just need you to
leave them alone.
Get lost.
Hey man, where you going?
[JIMMY] I gotta ball.
What you need?
I don't want your drugs.
I came here to help you.
You don't get
it, do you, Eddie?
You shouldn't be, Eddie.
Look at yourself, you're a mess.
Living in a hovel.
Hey man.
Don't make me get up.
Eddie, you've
caught our attention.
You know you've
got more potential
than some low level drug dealer
marinating in his own filth.
We see you doing big things,
Eddie, game changing things.
And if you listen to
us, the world is yours.
Kyber will take care of you,
get you cleaned up, Eddie.
Who, what hey?
Who are you?
I'm playing here.
You some kind of comedian?
You some kind of drug dealer?
Who are you?
[RAPHAEL] Is Kyber still
using the old persuasion tricks?
Controlling their thoughts
through touching them
and blowing smoke
in their faces?
[DEMETERI] Kyber does
what I tell him to do.
I would rather have
my brother at my side.
But as you are being
a petulant child,
I will use my strongest
men to get things done.
Business is business.
How'd you like to pay
for your first shipment?
the past few months,
Kyber has built up Eddie.
Changed his mindset and
given him a new crew.
So at a time and
place of my choosing,
he will confront Danny and
take control of London.
It's quite simple to me.
You and your band of halfwits
are gonna stop selling
Danny Snake's gear.
You can't come and
tell me what to do.
You don't own me.
I'm not shutting down
your little enterprise.
I'm just changing
your suppliers.
You did well today.
I'm no match for Danny.
Danny won't know what hit him.
He won't expect you
to have done this.
[RAPHAEL] So what
do you want from me?
I just want you to
stay out of my way.
I can't have any more
of your interference.
And I don't wanna have
to worry about you
coming around to save the apes.
Stay out of our way, Raphael.
Close the door on the way out.
[ROHIT] Why are we here?
To study.
Look around.
There are too many of us
chasing too few spots.
There are not enough horses.
What's inspired these
cheerful thoughts?
My hands have started shaking.
Wanna edge?
Very easy.
What's this?
Do you take these?
Shh, don't reveal my
secrets in front of Naomi.
Hey Raph, remember it's
my party this Saturday.
I won't forget
your birthday party.
Good, and remember I
like big shiny presents.
Don't forget we have
music theory this afternoon.
Listen, how many of
these do you take though?
You two.
Very disappointed.
Not what I expect
from Trinity students.
I'm sorry.
Didn't know you liked opera.
My fellow workers used to.
Do you wanna get some lunch?
I was gonna get a
sandwich and I thought
if you were hungry,
forget it.
Sure, let's go.
Raph, you okay?
I thought I knew that person.
Don't you want to
stop and say hello?
No, no, no.
That's one person you
don't want to say hello to.
I love coming here.
It's so peaceful.
It's beautiful.
Raph, you're not
like other people.
I want to ask you.
Who are you, please?
You need to forget about me.
Stop wasting time thinking
about what you've lost
and start living.
Promise me this.
If you ever see
an angel, you run.
Sorry, I lost my
train of thought.
What did you say?
[RAPHAEL] You're
telling me about how much
you're looking forward
to Gustav's party.
Hard to breathe
Boy I come running
If we ain't talking
If you don't mind
I just want you here with me
I don't care
Sometimes I'm crazy
You ain't here
I just want you here with me
Here with me
Want you here with me
All my life
Here with me
Want you here with me
All my life
I never been this
deep in love before
What is her problem?
I don't know what I've
done to that girl.
Don't worry about her.
Hey, Gustav wants us to go
upstairs for a surprise.
Are you in?
[GUSTAV] Come in, come in.
Make yourselves comfy.
Sit in a circle on the floor.
Got us a little something.
A Ouija board?
Ah listen, we don't
have to hold hands, do we
'cause you're my boy
and everything else, but
I ain't holding your hand.
Shut up, Roh.
We just all touch planchere
and ask it a question.
Which one of us will die first?
It's moving.
Going to the letters N, A,
Raph, what's going
on, are you all right?
[RAPHAEL] Get out!
Get out now!
[DEMON] You feel those
good feelings, Raphael?
It's too easy,
you have no power.
They're only filthy
demons from down the street,
come on then.
Pass this message
to your master.
What are you doing beating
up demons on your own?
They started it.
You've taken up
a lot to heal that.
Where the hell is Yande?
Of course you do.
So what about that?
I'll dispose of it.
You're all right though, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
What were you, what
was going on in there?
[RAPHAEL] I think you've
had too much to drink.
No I saw, I saw,
I forget.
How are you getting home?
Night bus.
Come with me.
You're not going to
tell me what happened
in there, are you?
What do you think happened?
You were getting beaten
up by a ghost or something.
(CHUCKLING) Or something.
Don't mock me.
I'm not.
But you do know
ghosts don't exist.
When you die, you either
go to heaven or hell.
I believe people
can choose to stay
if they love someone, to
still be close to them.
People don't get to
choose to stay or leave.
You just go.
There's an order to things.
What about people who
can still feel the presence
of someone who's died near them?
It's their imagination.
Have you felt
something like that?
When did they die?
Four months ago.
Well thanks for the lift.
Yesterday, you said you
could see a darkness in me.
What did you mean?
I see the same darkness
in you that there is in me.
Have a good weekend, Naomi.
When you die, you either
go to heaven or hell.
[NAOMI] I believe
people can choose to stay
if they love someone to
still be close to them.
[RAPHAEL] People don't get
to choose to stay or leave.
You just go.
Bloody hell, you
cleaned yourself up.
What happened?
I've got the police on
me like a nun and a rosary.
I see police everywhere.
My house, the aunt's
house, the cafe.
This is the only safe place.
Looks like business
has been good.
Who you getting your gear from?
You getting your
gear from Ronaldo?
That Italian prig won't
even give me any gifts.
I doubt he's given it to you.
Firstly, he's
Spanish, not Italian.
And secondly, yeah.
He's dealing
directly with me now.
What are you talking about?
Oh, and the police,
that's me too.
There's a new order in town.
You've had your time.
You can't come in here and
threaten me in my own club.
I just did.
What do you think
you're doing here?
Are you challenging me?
Challenging you?
That would assume that you'd
be able to put up a fight.
There is an order to things.
And you're moving too slowly
with the old timer in there.
We're waiting...
I don't wait, I do.
And that's how we
get things done.
Control your team!
You're an animal.
Try that again, I'll
muzzle you myself.
Remember your rank.
See you around.
Good luck with the old timer.
Mondi'll be hearing of this.
Mondial? (LAUGHING)
Who do you think
authorized this?
Ah, Mr. Davison, could
I have a word please?
What's the matter?
It's your tuition fees,
there's been a problem.
It's a bit delicate.
We do need payment by
the end of the month.
You'll have it by
the end of the month.
Okay, good man.
Bravo, papa.
Just heard of your little stunt.
You know what, I don't care.
You live your life,
I'll live mine.
At least now
there's no pretense.
Consider yourself
to have no son.
Hey Eddie.
Yeah it's Gustav.
Is that job still on the table?
I'll be around later.
The room's booked.
I know, I forgot my
sweater, it's just there.
Well don't just stand
there, go and get it.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
[MICHAEL] Raphael!
It's not what you think.
What am I thinking?
You tell me, Michael.
Remember who you are.
And especially
remember who she is.
Everything you do
is being watched.
Show yourself.
Raphael's stopped
you taking someone.
He always tries to stop us.
He tries to save them all.
But they don't wanna be saved.
Who's the target?
The musician.
Tell me more about
this Naomi girl.
How I long to hear your voice.
[MR. HUGHES] Focus, Naomi.
Don't do this again!
Go get something to eat.
My arm.
Your arm.
How did you fix it?
Don't know what
you're talking about.
Come with me and I'll explain.
Come in for some tea.
Uh, milk and sugar?
[RAPHAEL] Yes, and yes.
How did you do it?
Do what?
The scars have gone.
If I cut myself again,
would you fix it?
[RAPHAEL] Don't.
Ah, Aunt Esther.
This is Raphael.
Get out!
Get out of my house!
Raphael, wait!
Listen to your aunt.
I'm not good for you.
Why'd you chase him away?
There's something
wrong with that boy.
I am tired of your craziness.
You're being ridiculous.
I am entrusted with your care.
I am here to protect you.
I am an adult!
Then act like one!
Ah, well look who
decides to grace us
with their presence.
I had things to do.
What things did
you have to do?
We are going to the
jazz club tonight
to get this deal into place.
Do I look human?
Now answer my question.
Just tying up some
personal loose ends.
There is a way we do things.
There is a hierarchy,
there is a plan!
And I will not accept
any changes to the plan.
Find him tonight.
Make sure that he's with Eddie.
All right, Jimmy.
There you are, mate.
[GUSTAV] I'm Gustav.
I know.
Look at you, Eddie.
Looking good.
You've got quite a fan
club with those kids.
I'm just a likable
guy, I suppose.
That's what I'm looking for.
A likable guy, that's
what friends are for.
What'd you mean?
Join me.
Help your friends have fun.
What sort of deal
are you offering?
You keep 60% after you
pay for your supplies.
[GUSTAV] Okay, what
exactly do you need me to do?
[EDDIE] I give you some pills
and you sell those
pills to your friends
at your music school.
[GUSTAV] Selling drugs to
my friends at the college,
you don't have anywhere else?
[GUSTAV] How much can
I realistically make?
[EDDIE] Looking at you,
two to three thousand a week.
I'll think about
it and I'll call you.
Twinkle, twinkle,
little Babylon.
Babylon was destroyed.
But wasn't it beautiful?
You and your angelic
herd doing all the fun.
You should know by
now, all your evil plans
are always destroyed.
You know what I like most
about this spot in London?
It shows the true nature of man.
Look where we are, the
richest spot in London.
Now turn around, one of the
poorest areas in London.
They see each other every day.
But does man in his sparkling
glittering tower think,
today I will help
feed my brother?
No, he carries on.
He orders a drink
that costs enough
to feed half the block.
And these are the people
that you want to save?
Not I, him.
You are their servant.
No, I serve Yahweh.
Have you heard
what they say to him?
It's private between them.
Forgive me.
Bless me.
Give me, give me, give me!
It's all take take
take from them.
We did nothing of that
and what happened to us?
We got shoved aside for
those glorified apes.
Something has rattled
your cage today.
I haven't heard this rant
for a couple of decades.
Raphael has been sniffing
around some human girl.
I don't care
what it's name is.
What I care about
is that my brother
has lost his mind
and for some reason wants
the fast train to Tartarus.
I'm observing the situation.
I'm glad to see
you're taking action.
It's good talking to
you again, Demeteri.
I grow weary of this war.
No matter what the outcome,
I just want it to be over.
Just like you have your
orders, I have mine.
This is not the way, Demeteri.
She is innocent.
Leave her alone.
I have another way, I promise.
There'll be more
rejoicing in heaven
over one sinner that repents
than over the 99 righteous
who do not need to repent.
Luke 15, one of my favorites.
How did you know
what I was reading?
[MICHAEL] I need a favor.
A friend of mine
sent me to see you.
Is there somewhere we
could go and have a chat?
I saw you at the recital.
The opera singer?
You were talking
to that boy outside.
Do you know him?
I know one of his friends,
the one that sent me to see you.
He's not what he appears to be.
Do you believe in God?
You trying to
convert me, priest?
No, explain to you what
you're getting involved in.
Okay, I'll play along.
What am I getting involved in?
A war.
Do you believe angels exist?
Little babies on clouds, no.
Forget what you see
on those greeting cards.
Angels are God's
warriors and messengers.
Sons of god.
They are powerful beings.
In heaven, they
are like spirits.
On earth they take
on board human form.
We know this as Abraham
met with the angels
and ate with them.
Jesus' mother Mary
talked to an angel.
There are good angels
and there are fallen angels.
Before God created us,
it was just he and
the angels in heaven.
Some angels did not want
God to create humans.
And they rebelled
against God and fell.
These fallen angels have
made it their mission
to destroy us.
Look here.
And I will put enmity
between you and the woman.
And between your
seed and her seed.
He shall bruise your head
and you shall bruise his heel.
This right here is
where the war begun.
Good against evil.
Angel against humans.
Angel against angel.
What are they fighting for?
God loves us.
How does any of
this relate to me?
You're getting too
close to these angels
and there's a danger
in doing that.
Stay away from this Raphael.
What kind of angel is Raphael?
You'll have to ask him.
Why do you pity
this defeated rebel?
He isn't like the others.
No, he's worse.
At least with the others
we know what they're
going to do next.
With him we have no idea.
When did you last
hear his voice?
20 minutes ago.
Raphael hasn't heard his
voice in thousands of years.
That for me is the real hell.
You are cloaked in fear.
I do not fear you.
I don't care what
you think of me.
Time to go.
You're scared of one of them.
Kyber is out of control.
No one is safe around him.
All the more reason why
we need to restrain him.
Kyber will get
his comeuppance.
Just not today.
Have you taken
that human girl yet?
Of course not.
Litte Raphael,
scared of Tartarus.
And you aren't?
Unlike you, I don't
fear, I cause fear.
Do you miss it?
Miss what?
His voice.
[KYBER] Never.
You don't believe.
I do believe.
I just don't care.
I need some answers.
Who are you?
Who do you think I am?
Would you stop
answering a question
with another question?
Beni Ilim, an angel.
So it's true.
You are an angel.
The priest was right.
What did the priest tell you?
He said there were good
angels and fallen angels.
Which one are you?
I'm fallen.
When we got to earth,
we quickly formed
into battalions.
All angels have
ranks and hierarchy.
So we're used to following
orders but working in units.
Each battalion is
assigned to a commander
who would relay our orders to us
as given by the prince
of a geographic area.
These princes get their
orders from Lucifer.
We were galvanized and
united by one purpose,
to destroy the human race.
We needed to show God
that he made a mistake
by choosing them over us.
We watched you, analyzed you.
We found out your
strengths and weaknesses.
We found out how to
bring about your demise.
We gave you the
tools and knowledge
of how to destroy yourselves.
We taught you how to fight.
Just as we have a hierarchy,
we saw that you were
still ought to be ordered
in this way.
Started to work
within that system.
We infiltrated, corrupted
every empire, every system.
Babylon, Persia,
Greece, Rome, Britain.
The great empires.
We successfully corrupted
people through vice,
false religion,
debauchery and greed.
We concocted potions.
The key to our success
was showing you
how to enjoy the
pleasures of the flesh
by taking away another
soul's freedom and humanity.
We controlled you by using
your own emotions against you.
We used to receive
our power from God
and our original
purpose, worship.
So we needed an
alternative power source
which we found through
consuming alcohol
and being around sin.
The more sin you committed,
the more powerful we became.
But although we got power,
it did not get renewed.
Things started to
take their toll.
Fractured between
me and the rest
of the unit started widening.
Just like you, we
also have emotions.
We can also be jealous
and have hatred.
But I didn't realize the
hatred that one of my units
had for me.
Jealous of my closeness
with my brother.
No matter what he did
to please my brother,
he always knew he could
not oust me from his favor.
We would implement the orders
given to us without question.
As I watch them celebrate the
destruction of this family,
I knew I could not
do this anymore.
I can no longer steal,
kill and destroy.
So I left.
Got as far away as I could.
I kept moving.
Avoiding them.
Making sure I was never
in the same city as them.
But as the world got
older, it got smaller.
With travel and
new technologies,
hiding became harder.
I soon realized if I
didn't have lots of power,
it's harder for
them to detect me.
So I drunk very
little, avoided sin.
It makes me weak.
But weakness protects me.
Why are you hiding
in a music school?
Music is a form of worship.
It's close to my
original purpose.
Music's my way of finding peace.
I channel everything into it.
I chose a music school because
it's the last place my
brother'd think to look for me.
Don't angels have wings?
This is futile.
You have no future with me.
Let me take you home.
I can get back by myself!
Look at these fools.
They rebelled because
they fell in love
with their glorified apes.
And now their ape
women have aged
and they want to come back.
The only place that they
are going is Tartarus.
He has created a
new part of hell.
The deepest, darkest part
for those angels that lie
with those glorified apes!
Never forget that.
That is the one thing
that is forbidden for us.
I can't think
of anything worse
than having to
touch one of them.
And you keep thinking that.
Tartarus is the only place in
this universe that scares me.
They're taking
them to Tartarus?
Any minute now.
And I for one, don't
wanna witness that.
Are you looking at porn?
Psyche revives Cupid.
Yeah, renaissance statues.
Wash people porn.
I'm joking.
I like mildly
erotic statues too.
Oh man, you two are so gonna,
Haven't seen much
of you recently.
I'm busy with work stuff.
You rehearsing much?
Don't have the time.
You're looking tired.
Nah, I'm super mad.
What's really going on?
Nothing I can't handle.
Dammit, I'm late.
I've got to meet some
people for lunch.
You sure don't sound
too happy about that.
It's just work.
You don't have to go
if you don't want to.
Trust me, if I don't go,
I'll never hear the end of it.
Psyche was a princess
in ancient Greece
who fell in love with Cupid.
Cupid knew the dangers
of being with her
so he never revealed his face.
Until one day, she
discovered who he was.
He disappeared.
She looked for him.
Cupid's mother Venus hated her.
To punish her for
daring to fall in love
with her immortal
son, tortured her
with impossible
tasks for a human,
almost killing her with a spell.
Until Cupid saved her.
Cupid didn't save her.
Just revived her
for more torture.
But the story's just mythology.
It's not real.
It's a beautiful story.
Can't you see their
union only brought pain
for the girl?
No, what I see in
that story is two people
finding each other
and falling in love.
Two people that should
have never been together
because it was forbidden.
If you want to be with
me, then be with me.
You can give me your answer
at the end of term ball.
Shouldn't you
be with Demeteri?
What do you want?
You to die.
But since that's
an impossibility,
I want you to leave
the boy alone.
Stop whispering
gratitude into his ear.
I'm offering the boy a choice.
This is not a discussion.
Leave the boy alone,
stop disrupting our plans
or once and for all I'll
finish what I started in Rome.
How's your girlfriend?
Leave her alone.
Maybe I'll show her what
a real angel looks like.
Oh yeah, by the way.
Sleep with that girl,
Tartarus is waiting.
Who would have thought it?
Music man is our biggest seller.
I'm impressed.
You paid off
your tuition fees.
Dropped the cash
off this morning
and asked them to send
the receipt to my father.
That's balls.
Underestimated you.
Did you hear that?
That's as close as
you're ever gonna get
to his seal of approval.
You didn't tell me
we were having lunch.
This is some nice place, Eddie.
Over a seat (MUMBLE)
how nice this place was.
Looking good, Gustav.
What are you doing?
Did I invite you?
How did you even
know about this?
Kyber told me.
Jimmy, have you
ever wondered why
I didn't want you here?
I wasn't invited.
If I'd have want you here,
I would have picked up the phone
and I would have called you.
Did I call you?
Look at you, you're a joke.
You're pathetic, a loser.
A punch on, get him
out of my sight.
What are you looking at?
We've been friends
for over 20 years.
What do you want, a medal?
Oh I get it.
You want a severance package.
You want some money.
There you go.
Take your money and get out!
Well what are you looking at?
You got your show!
What are you doing with Jimmy?
Jimmy is a joke.
You need to stop acting
like a petulant child.
Remember our plan.
We have orders.
And these orders
are non-negotiable.
I have to answer to
people about your actions.
Remember your rank.
You may outrank me.
But I'm more powerful
than you could ever be!
(SNIFFING) Just as
weak as your brother.
Kyber, shut up!
Demeteri, let's go.
your very first day,
this'll be your very first day,
whether you're teaching
musicians or non musicians,
if you tell them what
jazz is about now.
Of course there are vines
putting on sheets of music,
but the main thing
you want to get across
is that secure sense of
what jazz is about now.
For me, as your professor, jazz
is a musical
expression of freedom.
Check him for a wire.
Touch me, and that's
the last thing you do
before I kill you.
I haven't got all
day to stand here
watching you two discuss
your favorite color.
What the hell?
You have lost.
Go home.
That Danny's
pushed me too far!
There's only so much
anyone can take!
He killed my best friend!
He'd rue the day
he messed with me!
I find him, I'll grind him,
I'll crush him
into small pieces!
Crush him!
If I cut myself
again, would you fix it?
[RAPHAEL] Don't.
I'm not gonna do this anymore.
Oh, you look beautiful!
Of course!
Hey Naomi, looking lovely.
Ah, so the lone
ranger has returned.
He's not here.
I think we all know
who you're looking for.
What are you doing?!
I don't care anymore.
You can send me to spend
eternity in Tartarus in chains.
Why make me love her
if I cannot touch her?!
You're not supposed to
fall in love with them!
Rafaim, Emin, Horis,
Ansuni, Araba, Anakhim,
each one of these
tribes of the nephilim
our father vanquished
for a reason!
These mutants, these nephilim,
they are not part
of the divine plan!
forget, I rebelled
against the plan, remember?
You rebelled against nothing.
You blindly followed
your brother.
And that is the one thing,
the one thing keeping
you from the lake.
How did you know
what was gonna happen
between Naomi and I?
He sent us.
He still knows my name?
Of course he does.
The atmosphere is changing
with Eddie and Gustav.
Demeteri and Kyber
are up to something.
That's what we need to sort out.
And this was just
a gentle warning
so leave Naomi alone.
My dad's a right
piece of work.
Nothing's ever good
enough for him.
Family's more hassle
than they're worth.
You made tuition on your own,
nobody can take
that away from you.
My old man used to
beat me and my sister.
Used to beat us black and blue.
So I start weight training so
I can fend off the old man.
Get myself stronger.
But I still had to
take the beatings.
'Cause if I don't,
she'll get it worse.
What did you do?
My dad comes in
tanked up as usual,
starts hitting me.
So I let him beat me
till he gets tired.
He goes up to the sofa.
And I pull out a baseball bat
that I hid under the
sofa the night before.
I take the bat.
[EDDIE] And that's why
we've gotta see Danny tonight.
I'm not letting him get away
with what he did to Jimmy.
We have entrusted our
brother Gustav to God's mercy.
And we now commit his
body to the ground.
Earth to earth, ashes
to ashes, dust to dust.
In sure and certain
hope of the resurrection
to eternal life, through
our Lord Jesus Christ,
we will transform
our frail bodies
that they may be conformed
to his glorious body
who died, was buried
and rose again for us.
To him be glory forever, amen.
I had hoped not to
attend another funeral
for a long time.
don't understand!
I have to be with her!
I love her.
You need to stop this.
There must be another way.
Even if it's not consummated.
Come on, you know
better than that.
Kyber is with Naomi.
Hi, Aunt Esther.
No, I haven't found Jimmy yet.
I'll keep looking.
Try to stay calm,
I'm sure he's fine.
I love you too.
Weak, fragile, pathetic human.
Who are you?
Know your place,
you don't speak to me
unless I tell you to.
You're nothing, you're human.
If I am nothing,
then why am I redeemed?
Why is he so
fascinated by you?
We will deal with him.
He's lost his mind.
Far from it.
I've awakened.
Look at me.
Look at me!
I'm meant to be us than them.
I'll roll all of you!
We've got our
orders from Mondial.
Mondial, he's nothing.
I'll destroy him too.
And you, pathetic
excuse for an angel.
I'll destroy you first.
[DEMETERI] Tartarus guard.
Oh Kyber.
What is that?
They're coming to
take you to Tartarus.
Tartarus, no.
What did I do?
'Cause with Eddie
and Danny dead,
you ruined Mondial's
plans in London.
And as I told you before, we
cannot deviate from the plan.
They're for fools like him
who take the ape women.
Mondial's on the
prince's counsel.
He can do as he likes.
They will chain you up and
leave you outside Tartarus
till the war is over.
I will not go.
I will not go!
The war is soon
coming to an end.
I need you to
remember who you are
and whose side you're on.
What have you done?
Your parents asked
me to protect you.
Even if that means
protecting you from yourself.
And with Jimmy gone
god knows where,
you are all I have left.
You had no right to do this.
Light in our darkness,
we beseech thee oh lord.
And by the greatness
of thy mercy
defend us from the perils
and dangers of this night.
For the love of thy holy son,
our savior Jesus Christ.
How are you?
There were too many
thoughts in my head.
I can't give you
the answers you need.
But I know who can.
Ask and he will guide you.
You were amazing, Naomi.
I am so proud of you.
Thank you so much, thank you.
Naomi, can I
have a word please?
The office told me
that you are
transferring to Eastman.
May I ask why?
[NAOMI] It's near some
family, it has a good program,
so many complicated reasons.
And is there
nothing we could do
to change your mind then?
Good luck.
You're leaving.
You know I have to.
I don't care about Tartarus.
I do.
This, what we're doing.
It's not right.
I've read about the
monsters, giants
that were created
from this happening.
Goliath, Anakim, Refaim.
I know that we can't
have a full relationship.
But we can still be together.
I've never had to
say goodbye before.
Then don't.
You know this can't be.
It's not his plan.
He has shown you.
You're gonna
get on that plane,
go to New York and
have a great life.
I'll always be here for you.