Retrograde (2004) Movie Script

[music playing]
JOHN FOSTER [VOICEOVER]: For50,000 years, the meteors
and the plague they
carried lay buried
from man in the vast
Antarctic landscape.
Since their discovery,nearly two centuries ago,
the fate of humanity
has been brought
to the brink of extinction.
For too long we have
watched whole families,
bloodlines, and
loved ones mutate,
die, and burn in countlessfuneral pyres and mass graves.
Our only hope for survival lieswith the handful of genetically
unique men and women whoseimmune systems possess
the strength necessary
to combat the effects of
this deadly off-world bacteria.
But time is running out.
We're losing.
The plague's got us.
Your ship is our only hope.
The ice cutter
Nathaniel Palmer came
into contact with the meteorssomewhere in this area.
The Nathaniel Palmer
was found adrift,
the crew infected and dead.
Before anyone realized
what had happened,
the bacteria had advancedto every continent.
Under your command, you
will pilot the Parsifal
back 200 years and
track the cutter's
movement to the meteor field.
Alter the timeline.
Eradicate this scourge.
SHIP: Stealth activated.
Decelerating to 0.07
of light speed, sir.
What's the date, Simons?
We're right where
we're supposed to be.
Once those meteors
are found, it
is imperative that
those people not make
contact with the outside world.
COMMANDER: Special ops
will destroy the field
using the veridium explosive.
DALTON: Congratulations,
Thank you, Dalton.
Yes, Ichek?
Did we make it, sir?
JOHN FOSTER: We're back.
ICHEK: Excellent.
I'll assemble the officers.
Should I revive the
rest of the crew?
After five months,
what's another hour?
Let them sleep.
Reese, take the helm.
Yes, sir.
I'll be in the briefing room.
[music playing]
Getting pretty thick, skipper.
Slow to one quarter.
Greg, as soon as
you get a clearing,
send course for Puenta Arenas.
Should keep those
meteor nerds happy.
Why isn't someone outthere working on the fuel?
Bruce is on it.
I went to a lot of trouble toget that copter aboard, Davies.
I want it in the air andI want that kid flying it.
Care to take a stab at it?
I'm sure the guys downstairswould appreciate the help.
I don't think so.
See, um, I get my money'sworth if you do the dirty work.
What do you think?
That man needs to get laid.
[music playing]
The strain is weaker in thiscentury, but just as deadly
if ignored.
Even with our unique immunesystems, any one of us,
if infected, has between threeto 10 hours before the bacteria
takes complete hold.
Of course, this depends onhow contact is made, skin
to skin or through a moresevere instance, a cut,
passing directly into the blood.
It is essential that we keepthese antidotes and boosters
close and secure in
order to safeguard
against possible infection.
I don't have to remind youthat the best insurance is not
to make physical
contact with the meteors
or a contaminated party.
Nothing to chance.
That's right.
We'll each be dispensed
three injections.
And if we need more?
Then we've been here
too long, Vacerri.
Yes, Reese?
15 minutes to orbit, sir.
Initiate landing protocol.
Yes, sir.
Oh, and sir, I think I have afix on the Nathaniel Palmer.
Maintain track and confirm.
All right.
Any questions?
Gentlemen, let's do this.
Oh, my god.
- What are you doing?
- We're taking the ship.
are not, lieutenant.
DALTON: He who controls thepast determines the future,
our profitable future.
Not yours or some
stinking bureaucrat.
You don't have
a future, Dalton.
Secure him below.
[alarm blaring]
[music playing]
Last one?
Don't get too comfortable.
Aw, come on.
Admit it, this is a fuckedup place to earn a PhD.
Freezing cold,
insane hours, shit
pay no extracurricular fun.
The choice was yours, Mac.
I was just stupid.
That's all.
What's your excuse?
Come on.
Let's finish this.
A little self-restraintwould be advisable, MacKenzie.
Are there any organics?
Mostly iron, nickel.
Typical meteor, just
like the others.
The lab in Puenta Arenas willgive us more precise readings.
And we have enough coreand meteor samples to keep
us busy for over a year.
Guess we're done.
We're not done,
not until we prove--
You mean, not until you prove.
You're damn right.
Not until I prove thatlife on this forsaken rock
was seeded from another world.
Oh, oh, right.
And by the way,
try not to forget
that this gig puts
food on your plates
and a roof over your heads.
So pray that we
recruit next spring.
We've got to go, sir.
We need this.
Let's go.
Get it open.
[music playing]
Foster's got the explosive.
He's also encrypted themain circuits, flight control,
life support.
Try bypassing his
encryption through the
secondary engineering circuits.
If you can't, the shipand all it can do is his.
So get on it.
You stay here.
You come with me.
[alarm blaring]
[music playing]
[music playing]
Hi, Markus.
You working late?
I've got a lot to finish up.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
I thought-- oh, boy.
Cute kid.
[speaking spanish]
My daughter, Martha.
I didn't know
you were married.
I'm not.
So where is she?
Back in Chile?
Yeah, with my parents.
Whatever it was, it came outof the southeast real fast.
Lit the whole place up.
Gave us a hell of
a power surge too.
Check the systems.
See if you can get these
electrical problems
under control.
Hey, Schrader.
hell made that noise?
Felt like we hit something.
Something went
down over there.
Not sure, but it was big.
Doubt it burnt up.
Hey, check this out.
Probably some old piece
of shit commie satellite
went down.
Well, since everybody's
still breathing,
I'm heading back to my bed.
Well one thing's for
sure, it's heaven sent.
Nice and easy, Greg.
Look, Davis.
I'm a business man.
That's what I do.
My work is about
speculation and hunches.
And right now, my gut
is telling me what I'm
looking for is back over there.
It's not what we mappedout or agreed to, Schrader.
You want to stay
longer, you should
have chartered another boat.
The flows are heavy
and fast this year.
I mean, we'll be lucky ifwe make it back to port as
scheduled and without incident.
I'll give you each
15% on top of what
I'm paying the
owners of this ship
for the extra time and effort.
It's dangerous.
We can get trapped.
25% up front.
Do we have a deal?
Turn us around.
[music playing]
Almost ready?
Yes, almost ready.
What's that for?
Polar bears.
There are no polar
bears in the Antarctic.
Big, nasty, man-eating ones.
[imitates shooting gun]
MACKENZIE: Oh, well what
are those doing here?
In case we get
stuck in the ice
and have to blow our
way out, pothead.
All stop.
What are you doing?
We need to go further.
Until I know what's causingthese electrical problems,
we're not moving an inch.
It's dead.
What happened to
the emergency lights?
I don't know, but theyshould have kicked in by now.
Testing one, two, three.
Signal's weak but it's working.
Well, at leastsomething around here is.
Another mile or
two will make all
the difference to me, Davies.
If you don't mind, Schrader,I'm really busy right now.
What about the snowmobiles?
How soon are you going
to get them unloaded?
They'll be coming off now.
I give the word, you start back.
Got it?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean it, Schrader.
I'll pull away and leaveyour sorry asses out here.
You worry about your problems.
I'll worry about mine.
You are my problem.
[music playing]
DALTON: Keep him alive.
I said alive.
Scan the area.
[music playing]
[engine sputtering]
Get off.
Get off, Mac!
Oh, god, man.
Go on.
First the helicopter,
and now the snowmobiles.
What's next, Markus?
KEITH: Boss?
- What is it?
Report on the ice.
Ice is closing in.
Keep me updated every six hours.
Will do, boss.
Come on, Schrader.
Make it quick.
Nathaniel Palmer, come in.
Davies, are you there?
Don't bother.
This whole area is magnetized.
Andrew, if the
weather changes,
we might not find our way back.
The wind always blows inthe same direction here.
We can always find
north that way.
Hey, guys!
You ever see anything like this?
Fragments from that
meteor last night?
I don't think so.
There would be an impact crater.
Well something plowedthrough here and dug these up.
One big ass meteor exposing
a whole field of them.
Now that would be irony.
Don't move.
Is he dead?
He's bleeding.
We've got to get him
back to the ship now.
Wait a second.
We don't even know
who this guy is.
We're not leaving
him here to die, Mac.
So maybe what you sawlast night was no meteor.
A downed aircraft?
MARKUS: Would explain
the plowed field.
Then there might
be others out there.
Wait a second.
What are you talking about?
Let's get back to the
ship while we still can.
Come on.
This guy's loaded up
with guns and shit.
We don't even know
what the hell he's--
ANDREW SCHRADER: Mac, shut up!
Now do you think that you canget the snowmobiles working?
MARKUS: I doubt
it, Mr. Schrader.
But whatever we do,
we'd better hurry.
The sun's going down fast.
[music playing]
Will he make it, doc?
I don't know.
It's going to take quite alot of blood to top him off.
ANDREW SCHRADER: Whatare you still doing here?
Get those specimens secured.
What the hell was
he doing out there?
Who knows?
But if he is a downedpilot, which I'm thinking,
then somebody will
be looking for him.
We have to assume
that there are still people outin the cold that need our help.
Schrader, I'm touched.
You actually have a heart.
Shove it.
Nobody gets off
his boat until I know
exactly who we're dealing with.
This is my charter, Davies.
You work for me.
And this is my boat.
Sir, I think he's right.
We need to know for sure.
Well since we're
heading out anyway,
I'm going to use this tripto collect more specimens.
Well you had better
found what you're
looking for because
you're not going,
and I'm giving you one secondto even pick up a pebble.
There's a gold mine
out there, Davies.
You'd be making a big mistake.
Taking your money
was a big mistake.
I'm trying to work here.
Any idea what this stuff is?
It's all new to me.
Doesn't look friendly.
Get it off the boat.
Place a marker.
Keep it outside for now.
Oh, and Markus,
round up a couple
of guys to check for survivors.
Yes, sir.
[music playing]
Oh, for Christ's sakes.
Be back in a minute.
Are you going to be OK with him?
If he comes to, there'sHaldol in the cabinet here.
30,000 reduced
to ashes in only one day.
Millions over the
last two centuries.
The plagues got us.
Alter the time line.
Eradicate this scourge.
Eradicate this scourge.
It's a sedative.
It'll help with the pain.
I'll deal with the pain.
How long was I out?
About five hours.
I've seen this place.
You're aboard the
Nathaniel Palmer.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
You the doctor?
No, astrobiologist.
Renee Diaz.
How'd you know my name?
My backpack, my gear.
Where is it?
Here, somewhere.
I really don't think you
should be moving around.
Did you find anyone else?
No, just you.
Should we have?
I doubt they made it.
Flag is buried at mark, sir.
Temp's at minus 40 and dropping.
You've got three hours, no more.
MARKUS: Understood.
And uh, interference aside,I'll check in every hour.
So what happened
to you out there?
I had some problems
with my aircraft.
I had to ditch.
Ah, yeah.
[yelling out]
[alarm ringing]
Engine room.
The ice?
Can you get us on keel?
I think so.
Give me a few.
Greg, round up the men.
Check the hull.
GREG: Right.
Thank you, mister--
I guess I owe you one
for saving me out there.
What the hell are
you doing on your feet?
We're fine, doc.
The dark room's a mess, andit's not much better in here.
The lab.
Wait, Renee.
I need a hand!
Well at least
we're still afloat.
Are you OK, Mac?
Oh, I think so.
I took a bit of a spill.
Show me.
It's cut deep.
You better have doc
check this right away.
Months of work, fucked.
[engine sputtering]
That's it.
Just like before.
What do you think is
causing the problems?
Your guess is as good as mine.
There's a path over therewhere the aircraft came down.
If there's any survivors, itshould lead us right to them.
Did you get Foster?
He got away.
Are you all right?
I'm fine!
I've released the rest ofour men from hibernation.
What should I do with therest of the flight crew?
[yells in pain]
[flesh sizzling]
What's up, Mac?
Oh, it's so hot in here!
You all right?
It's fucking hot.
You're looking
really bad, mate.
Get up to the rec room.
Something's wrong with Mac.
What do you mean there'ssomething wrong with him?
His skin.
It's changed.
What do you mean
his skin's changed?
He's going nuts.
On my way.
Don't move.
Take it easy, Mac.
Get the captain.
It's MacKenzie.
He's tearing the rec room apart.
Wait here.
Wait here.
What happened?
Where's Mac?
Don't know.
He lost it, boss.
I've never seen
anything like it.
His skin, it was red.
It-- it looked like-- like itwas burned from the inside out.
Where was he headed?
The cargo hold.
Captain Davies?
Stay close, guys.
Robert, wait.
It's blood.
Wait there.
He's armed!
[music playing]
Charley, check down there.
We'll rendezvous back
here in 15 minutes.
And watch your backs.
I told you to wait up top.
We thought you
could use a hand.
I'm going to need some cover.
Bruce, you and
Keith, over there.
I'm with you.
No, no, no.
That's, uh-- that's not for me.
It is now.
Stay close.
Let's see if we can do
this without killing him
or getting killed ourselves.
[music playing]
[ship creaking]
[music playing]
Stay back!
You're from the NathanielPalmer, aren't you?
Foster's with you, isn't he?
Isn't he?
[music playing]
Don't come any closer!
[screaming and firing]
[music playing]
Don't touch him!
Keith, hang in there, boy.
Come on.
do you make of this?
The meteors were
thawed, exposed.
His hand was cut.
You told me everything
was safe, secure!
We need to find out whathappened to Mac, and fast.
This could be contagious.
We've just terminated
an intruder in the--
Where's the medical kit?
Foster must have it.
Have you broken his
encryption, unlocked it?
Not yet, sir.
Nathaniel Palmer.
It's out there somewhere,probably cut off by the effects
of our stealth field.
[sound from outside room]
[music playing]
He'll lead us right to Foster.
I'm sorry.
It's OK, Renee.
It's been a hard
day on all of us.
Why don't you just leavethe camera and I'll, uh--
I'll finish
documenting this mess.
I'll be OK.
Why don't you just go get acup of coffee or something?
And take your time.
It's important I
get to my gear now.
That's classified.
Maybe we should pull thatstuff from the outside,
check it out ourselves.
Go ahead, but I
wouldn't advise that.
Could be.
What do you know
about Mac's condition?
Come on, Foster.
You seemed pretty concernedthat Renee not touch him.
GREG: Skipper.
Just thought I'd
remind you of the time.
It's been over three hours.
They're not back yet?
Who's not back?
Search party.
Figured there was more of youout there who could use help.
Get them back here.
I wish I could.
Our communications are down.
Captain, you get
me my gear, I'll
solve those problems for you.
That's no good.
We'll pick this up later.
That guy's holding back.
He knows more than
what he's letting on.
Yeah, but what?
Make sure he stays in there.
Greg, get those charges set.
You should be worryingabout the copter, Davies,
getting it flying.
It'll have to wait.
We're cut off
from the outside.
If that ice shifts
any further, it's
going to crush us so easily.
We'll blast it clear.
We don't have an unlimitedsupply of explosives!
If I can get
that copter flying,
we just might have a chanceto get a couple of us
out there for some help,maybe even reach Camp Rice,
but it's risky.
Make it happen.
Look, Robert.
There's still the issue ofMac, and whether he or the rest
of us are carrying something.
Well let's find out for sure.
[music playing]
What is it, Greg?
At 10 o'clock.
Hey, doc.
Feeling better?
Well that is, and
that's Foster's.
Good eye.
Looks that way, doesn't it?
But this is scar tissue,and as far as I can tell,
this guy has had it
for quite a while.
Life threatening?
I don't think so.
In fact, this guy's lungcapacity is two or three times
better than any athlete
I've ever examined.
And his pulse and heart
rate is pretty damn
good too, even with blood loss.
Do you think there
is a connection
to what happened to Mac?
Well it's funny
you should ask.
Mac's blood is teeming with somekind of microorganism bacteria.
Never seen anything like it.
And Foster's?
He's got traces of the
same thing in his blood,
but dormant or dead,
I can't really tell.
Do you mind if I give
these a closer look?
Be my guest.
Thanks, doc.
I'll catch up with you later.
[music playing]
Where are the others?
We were separated.
I came under fire.
I barely escaped.
Escaped from whom?
I don't know, soldiers.
They're coming here now.
Get everyone aboard.
But Skipper, the ice.
Seal her up.
We're moving out!
RENEE DIAZ: I should neverhave left you, Martha.
Those meteor specimens,
can I see them?
I have to check with Andrew.
I need to see them.
Mac's condition
and the meteors.
They're connected, aren't they?
[phone ringing]
Chief, I need--
that pump is fixed.
Great, fine, whatever.
Right now, I need all
the steam you got.
We heading out?
We're making a run for it.
JOHN FOSTER: You're safeas long as it doesn't make
direct contact with the skin.
Take a look.
It spreads through touch,perspiration, body fluids.
Capable of killing
everything, everyone.
Pull us back.
We're moving.
What's going on?
Where did you
find those meteors?
Not until you tell mewho you and what you're--
There's enough
explosives in this pack
to wipe those meteorsand bacteria out forever.
Now, where did you find them?
We found them along the pathyour aircraft came down on.
Your landing, it dug them up.
We're locked in
tight, skipper.
Full reverse.
Stop that ship.
Push it.
You're going to
send us to the bottom!
What was that?
[alarm ringing]
Get everyone to the armory.
Get them armed with
whatever we've got.
We've got breaches
in the aft section.
Hull breaches are the leastof our problems now, chief.
Cover the exit.
The rest of you, team
up and find Foster.
And the crew?
Round up as many as you can.
We might need them
to get out of here.
Oh, and Vacerri,
get the medical kit.
Eliminate Foster.
Come on.
Come on.
How far to the field?
The meteor field.
How far?
I'm not sure.
Four, maybe five
miles from the ship.
Get out of here!
Drop it!
Any other way out of here?
There, along that
passage and down.
There's a corridor just
above the waterline.
It runs the entire
length of the ship.
Does it connect
with the cargo hold?
- Yes, I think so.
- OK.
Let's go.
Who are you?
What do you want with my ship?
I'm here for Foster,
Captain Davies.
I have no idea who
you're talking about.
Where is he?
Down below.
Show me.
Who are these people?
Why are they trying to kill us?
Who are you?
200 years from now--
[music playing]
Hold that.
I-- I'm-- I'm
infected, aren't I?
You'll be fine.
I'm going to end up like him?
What's that?
The vaccine.
Come on, give me your arm.
Give me your arm.
Come on.
Found these along ourlanding site, didn't you?
I don't know.
I wasn't there.
What happened?
Where's Renee?
I don't know.
Davies and I were
attacked on the bridge.
I don't think he made it.
I've got to go up and
check on the skipper.
You're staying here.
Did you see any others?
Just a bunch of dead
sailors along the way.
OK, let's-- let's
take these bastards out.
We're out-gunned Markus,and taking on water.
BRUCE: He's right.
The copter is working.
We should make a run for it.
Just abandon ship andleave everybody else here?
None of us are going
to make it unless we
get help from the outside!
That copter won't get offthe ground with all of us here.
But it will fly
with some of us.
All right.
You guys go.
I'll catch up with you later.
I've got to find her.
Report, sir.
We had him in our
sights for a moment.
Did he have the pack?
Yes, sir.
Oh, and sir, he was with a girl.
Track and close in.
[music playing]
JOHN FOSTER: Stay down.
[music playing]
We've got them, sir.
midsection stop attack.
Hold him there.
Cover midships.
I'll come in from the bow.
Come on!
I've got to go back.
I've got to help Markus.
I'm coming in with you.
You're the only one
who can fly this thing.
Chief, I can't just
stand here and let you--
Do you want to die here, kid?
Come on!
It's OK.
Call in the cavalry.
There's a couple ofsnowmobiles in the cargo.
Can you get one
offloaded quickly?
If it's on a pallet, yes.I think so.
All right.
I'll be right behind you.Go.
I need your help or
we're both going to die.
I c--
I cannot.
Come on.
OK, go!
BRUCE: Markus.
You're OK?
They took out
the chopper, Bruce.
Any luck with Renee?
No, but she's got tobe on the ship somewhere.
Come on.
Let's go.
What are you doing, Ms. Diaz?
Poor girl.
One of millions to come.
You don't know, do you?
We're from your future.
Well, what's left of
it, thanks to you.
You don't believe me?
Maybe Foster can convince you.
[ship rumbling]
There's a pair of snowmobilesin the forward hold.
Get them out immediately.
I got the girl, Foster,
I'll blow her head off.
I want the vaccines
and the release codes.
I want them now!
Thank god you're OK.
[music playing]
[fires flare gun]
MARKUS: Renee?
You all right?
He's got Renee.
He went up there.
Put it on!
Where's the field?
Where is the field?
Four miles.
[bomb beeping]
[music playing]
[yells out]
Like I said, Dalton,
you don't have a future.
[music playing]
That night, we saw your ship.
It directed us here.
I know.
I have to go.
Where's the meteor field?
[music playing]
[ship exploding]
[music playing]
[device beeping]
Come on.
[music playing]
[speaking spanish]
Martha, donde estas?
Go get mama.
[speaking spanish]
Gracias, senor.
You're welcome, Renee.
Have we met?
Some time ago perhaps.
I appreciate you finding her.
Is it really worth thetime away from your daughter?
Don't go.
Don't go.
Are you coming down to thedock to help us load, or what?
Come on!
We're going home.
You cannot-- you
can't do that to me.
You can't leave now.
You take care of yourself.
Martha, that's the
Nathaniel Palmer.
[music playing]