Return from the River Kwai (1989) Movie Script

In February 1945 planes from
U.S. 493rd Squadron bombed...
... bridges over the Kwai
Occupied by Japan in Thailand.
This film is based
on true events from that time.
Damn, the Americans prove
us a service.
Bombing that fucking thing to shreds.
Yellow bastard.
Nice work, son.
Here we have prayed.
Take courage, boys.
Our day comes soon.
Send him to a patrol
target. Kill him.
The Americans have the bridge
Hold on.
Make that Japanese inside.
You let an Englishman die
but deals with your enemy?
Do not be stupid. I am a doctor.
I am beginning to feel.
Relax, do not panic.
Make four cc ready.
Your knee can I save
I can not do.
Then I can just as well be dead.
No, Chips is a new leg
for you. In three months you walk again.
Go ahead.
Oh god.
Let us quickly.
Thank you.
- Coming from where?
- American.
An American plane, yes.
Can you help me?
There is something wrong with my shoulder.
You sick man?
- Yes, I was against the tree.
Come on.
I am warm.
I think I ga fainting.
This morning, U.S.
our aircraft destroyed bridge.
There are many Japanese died.
Whatever your allies have done,
three of you will be executed.
What are you doing? Let me go.
Let me go, man.
No, I want their eyes.
This is a crime.
Would you stand there?
The bridge was owned by the emperor.
They had nothing to do with the bombing
it. She helped him build.
Mind you do not.
Shoulder the rifle.
Explain to.
Do not miss, dirty slit eyes.
Poor devil.
You pig.
Hold on.
Major Harada, headquarters
Southern forces.
Lieutenant Tanaka,
Commander Kanburi-labor.
What have they done?
The Americans have our bridge
destroyed. I want an example.
An execution by way of example?
Stop it.
But, Major ...
What is wrong with him?
He ignored an order.
Ordered the execution off.
But, Major ...
That's an order.
Enforcement canceled.
Make the prisoners loose.
Let the prisoners inrukken.
Are you here all day?
How many prisoners did you here?
400, Major.
I have ordered all healthy
prisoners to take.
We leave on the 5th.
You will find them with twenty man
Yes, Major. I will ensure.
You okay?
That bastard Tanaka is crazy.
My men and I are tired, Major.
Jungle jungle or not, we lubricate 'm.
It is my job to people in life
account. I can not help escape.
The time has come.
The Japanese lose the war.
Why then the rush?
In a few months is over.
Do you see their faces.
They are scared.
At the least excuse
murder us all.
The advent of such major
is a good omen.
My men do not give a whit
for signs.
Again I saw under the sun
that run the race not win
nor the strong fight
time and chance is all
Welcome to Thailand, lieutenant.
Who are you?
Colonel Grayson, V-Company.
This is Anon, the village head.
I am glad that you previously Boonrod
found than the Japanese.
Me too.
We should just patch
in my house.
Boonrod if you parachute
buried or something?
Do you speak Thai?
- Yes, but that was MoU.
Boonrod and its people speak
a dialect from the hills.
They were beginning our
allies. Great fighters.
How great is the appeal here?
That I can not say.
I understand you, huh?
The MoU's have a saying: --
The water belongs to the fish,
air to the birds ...
... and the hills to the MOU's.
Can you follow me?
So, a few days it will be stiff.
Keep your hand on it.
You can work with that cat intestine.
- Before the war I was a veterinarian.
And all animals are similar.
- Thank you
Prisoners of
His Imperial Highness ...
... you have your duty here in Thailand
Your doctor, Major Benford ...
... will select the healthiest men
for the trip to my country ...
... where your duties to the side
Japan will continue.
The rest goes to the Tamoron-labor.
And remember, your welfare
depends exclusively on ...
... your obedience
the imperial Japanese army.
He pretends we are stupid
Army hearings.
Let the prisoners inrukken.
You are healthy enough, Miller.
No, excuse me.
- I was already not Japan.
Just listen, guys.
Major Harada wants everyone
write in his own words ...
... what he thinks of the Japanese army
and their methods.
Believes that you do not.
If you do good,
can you perhaps.
She is beautiful.
Bon apptit. Leave the green peppers
are, they are deadly.
Ha, Boonrod.
What is it?
The Japanese want the prisoners
from Kanburi evacuate.
Do you?
- What do you mean?
We are entering a train stop.
You would only burden me.
I am pilot, not a guerrilla fighter.
If you do not return to Burma can
get, I must try it yourself.
Well, if you wait three days,
I will bring you to the border.
I can not do.
- Thank you Take me sorry?
No, I take nothing amiss.
Wake up, Crawford.
There is a Japanese patrol.
How many?
Twelve man. We save us.
Take all your stuff along.
This suits me fine.
- What do we do?
Wait and see what the Japanese do.
My vliegpak.
- Thank you, Crawford.
The next time I need you
not to sit, huh?
Cup of tea?
- No, thank you
Colonel, the train ...
When are we?
Looks like your queen there.
- Yes, it seems so.
My boys have voted for
to escape. It was unanimous.
You guys are crazy.
- You know the South China Sea.
There are lots out of the U.S.
submarines. We never reach Japan.
You know I will not help you.
- Good, but let your men go along.
No, I will discourage them.
But it is their choice.
If you do not participate,
over us for the feet.
Is that a threat?
That should make your own, pal.
It takes us an hour to that stuff
back on target. Come on, everybody.
Let the men inrukken, sergeant.
Let them stop.
Fuck you.
This is dead.
A little more pit boy.
It is war.
Plastic explosives. Enough
the Brooklyn Bridge to blow.
The MOU's are like.
Catch this.
Help a minute,
we will miss the train.
If they were eating as much as
lashes, we weighed 160 pounds.
Thank you, Deaver.
They live under the law of the jungle
and thus the family of monkeys.
Forward, Miller.
- I'm still not ready.
There are more bats
in the Japanese Army ...
... than dung fly
a kangaroo ass.
It remains to sincerely.
- Yes. Thank you, Miller.
Much love.
Dead dick.
They have no sense of humor.
Dead dick.
I think all best,
as long as they do not wind.
That was a fart, Major.
Thank God.
- I sweat me.
Time to pee?
- Put any node in your pants.
Boonrod starting a fireworks expert
Got The seven pillars of wisdom '
The Bible of the guerrillas,
written by Lawrence of Arabia.
I feel that his spirit is with us now.
He knew what it was at the edge
the madness of life.
That happens in every war.
You live on the edge and survives
or dies in a glow of glory.
And the reason why you fight?
- The reason?
This is initially by another
determined later and usually forgotten.
Time to go back to the river
and regroup.
It's now or never.
Do not fool Miller.
Stay the fuck out of my way
or I kill you
Two prisoners escaped.
Come on, Johnny.
Come on, boy.
We go by.
Come on.
Boonrod, Grayson is affected.
You were right ...
... There is no glory in dying.
I would have to kill you like a dog.
Can I bury him?
Let the body lie.
You are American.
Crawford, Leyland junior. Lieutenant.
Serial number 084926349.
The patrol that he was looking
is not returned.
He was with the British command.
I have plans with you.
You will speak.
Keep them separate.
You know it is forbidden
to escape.
Fuck you, Tanaka.
Jesus, Miller.
Bring him here.
Prisoners who tried to escape,
be executed.
In hell, no.
Goodbye, Billy.
Shut up.
What are you doing?
I buried him.
Hold on, that's enough.
Let the prisoners go back
in the wagons.
Who was the British officer?
- I do not know.
How many commands in Thailand?
- I do not know.
What happened to my patrol?
- I do not know.
Ono, bring that with me American.
Major Harada wants me a prisoner
bring with him.
It is enough.
Sorry about Miller.
The American screaming anymore.
Yes, apparently they are done with him.
The Tanaka zint not
that he should play second fiddle.
He has turned.
We must stop the withers.
What did you have in mind?
- That you have let me know.
I'll bring you a prisoner.
- Okay.
Do you have something to learn?
- He knows nothing.
Leave me alone with the prisoner.
- But, Major ...
Come on, Lieutenant.
Yes, Major.
Please ...
My apologize for my overzealous
fellow officer.
The war, the best
or the worst in us to top.
You speak English?
I was military attach
at our Embassy in London.
Where do you live?
- Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
I can eat for you to bring
if you want.
No. If you want to interrogate me,
I know nothing.
That is not necessary. It is now our duty
for Japan to achieve.
Moves us to Japan?
- Yes, our country will you like.
It is very beautiful.
These prisoners return
to Japan ...
... might be my last job
It is not the Orient Express,
but welcome aboard.
You are a tough. Most would
collapse under such torture.
I could not tell.
How is the war in the north?
We hunt them from Burma?
They are on the run,
except in a few border areas.
We yearn for news
since they took our canary.
A radio that the men had built.
We got the news from Calcutta.
The Japanese have too many men
So bring us to Japan.
Do you see something, Captain?
- No, they have all darkened.
Try to form a line.
Swallow your quinine?
- It is.
This gives you a few days ahead.
The track is in several places
destroyed ...
... and troop transports are given priority.
Let the prisoners their field bottles
fill and go to the toilet.
Impossible, then we can
not monitor.
On my responsibility.
You are no longer able
for command to execute.
How dare you?
- Look around you.
The soldiers are my faith, Major.
All right, boy?
- Yes, it would be worse.
You know Captain Hunt yet,
Lieutenant Crawford.
They have heavy losses.
- Say that again.
Come on, we could not miss.
Some of us do.
You wasted food and water.
- These are your men.
Soldiers who can not fight,
are useless.
Back to the wagons.
Row with us, Crawford.
Then we can talk.
Do you find it?
- Yes, but Tanaka would get suspicious.
Yes, since Miller is not
to harden.
What is that?
We ride in Phnom Penh.
Major Harada.
We stop here, Benford.
- My men are hungry.
It's too dangerous.
The Allies bomb every day.
We must wait until Saigon.
When did you eat?
- Together with you, Major.
Crawford, quickly.
This is my stop. One of
that baby is my name.
Your halts me
considerably worried.
The ship is still not ready.
The train leaves in two days.
The delay was inevitable.
The prisoners should immediately
on board.
They will work hard to do
in Japan.
Give them a couple days rest.
I must remind you ...
... that they are under my command
as long as they are in Saigon.
You'll need to follow my orders.
Immediately inrukken.
Who is that big guy?
Kempetai, the military police.
These are compared Tanaka
and his boys scouts.
Let the prisoners ready
to leave.
Yes, Major.
Let the men taking.
Gentlemen, we will be along
the guards marching.
Focus your eyes to the left
as it should.
Eyes left.
Enter the courage not to.
The enemy strikes on the run.
The opposition takes the day.
What did he say?
- He asked me my nationality.
You lie.
Whether you speak French.
- No, only Japanese and English.
How do you know that I lie?
Sometimes I think he is not crazy.
Eyes forward.
I forgot how they looked.
- It will come back.
That would be nice.
We only have two days
to well below.
If we are lucky, there is no place
more for us.
What Yank argues that from?
I dare not ask.
There bite something in my ear.
- A rat.
Can not, it was much bigger.
What are you doing?
Come on, come on.
Control Tower here. A prisoner
steals a device.
You is not far.
That unit is defective.
Calm down with that stuff.
They want you lice murder.
- That I have for many years.
Ozawa Captain, you have a minute?
You run the Rising Sunday
But I do not see the red cross to
that you prisoner transports.
Do not worry.
We fly escort.
You are in breach of the Geneva Convention.
You forget that Japan never
has signed.
You are nevertheless responsible
the lives of your passengers.
You are not in a position
for me to lecture.
Thank you for giving me my position
remember, Captain.
Listen, do not think you
me for the fool.
You helped the Americans escape.
During this trip you will learn
for that never to do.
What a jerk.
It seems like a furnace.
Jesus, this is not to keep.
I want the master speak.
- We do not go in the hold.
You, or I shoot.
- Come on, asshole.
What is the problem?
We have no air in the hold
and the blood is hot.
If you do not open the shutters,
is half dead before we reach Japan.
I have the safety of the ship
and the other crew think.
I am responsible for them.
Make the hatches open.
The captain decides.
The shutters remain closed.
They are toasted.
Let's make the best of them.
- Jesus, Benford.
Okay, you sense.
Back to the sauna, guys.
Put that in your ass, Tanaka.
We have no chance, huh?
If we do not choke, hunting
Americans us to the basement.
A deity provides us end
we do not know how.
So I think there also.
We are at least in the first over.
Torpedoes are usually from the rear.
Will we save?
- We are now at sea, son.
We have the Japanese on our site.
Go back to Japan?
- Yes.
Where are the English?
- Why?
My mother says that English
Japanese children eat.
That is not true.
My son was about as old as you
when we lived in England.
He would also be a soldier,
like me.
Why the British left
not your son?
I do not know. Maybe
they had not hungry.
That's my mother.
I'm here. I'm here.
Stay with the boat.
Discard but vol.
Should we do it?
Perhaps it is enough for you,
but if we survive that heat not.
I am against you, bitch.
No English.
Sorry, you do not get more.
Hang on, kid. In the fresh air
You soon feel a lot better.
They suffer from dysentery.
They have more water.
Me too. This is life or death.
I will master Ozara speak.
Thank you, Harara-san.
After Cape Horn, I swore never again
to fly.
That was my first trip. I was 18.
- Is this trip safe?
Do not worry.
Are there really that many enemy
submarines, Captain?
What worries me is that
the prisoners too little water.
Many people suffering from dysentery.
We can only evaporator in Taiwan
Without water we would not
way to dinner.
We are at war.
We can do nothing.
Yes, you are right.
We are at war.
Excuse me.
I'm no good.
I worry about Major Harada.
- It provides me.
Remember that your number is,
Lieutenant Tanaka.
Excuse me, captain.
I wanted to offend anyone.
And now the dessert.
This papaya are excellent.
What do you think?
It would be a trap.
See you all?
- Nothing, sir.
Be careful.
We have in the area.
The convoy. I see there are nine, not eleven.
Course east.
A torch.
- Damn.
Five miles.
- Create the bridge Friday
Come back.
That is lucky. They have not seen.
- And the drowning man, sir?
Name, rank and number.
Crawford, Leyland junior, lieutenant.
An American, sir.
- Get him inside. And fast.
Excuse me? Thank you.
It must have been a submarine.
The raft was empty.
Then they are probably still.
They follow the convoy.
If a shark who smells his prey.
It is time, Benford.
In the valley of death
I fear no evil.
We do it your way.
What are you doing here?
You may not be on the bridge.
Captain, there are eleven caught
The rest must start over from.
Only the sick, the rest remains.
Weapons road or I shoot.
- Do not, Captain.
I count to three, then I shoot him.
- Here you will regret.
Grab his weapon.
Telegrafeer that the boiler is not correct.
We need to reduce speed.
You will not succeed.
Then he dies.
And you and all of us.
- Listen to him.
We have problems with the boiler.
Slowing. Request for escort.
Vaart ish.
A third power forward.
The message was received.
You have permission.
We get an escort.
- Are they us?
No, it is true.
Bind him.
The mate and not wireless.
- What are you doing?
Do not worry.
The escort ship wants a team
board to send the boiler.
No, the problem is resolved
and we are steaming at half power on.
You can now specify.
- It's too late, Major.
We know both.
And? What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What do you ship, Major?
- Almost nothing.
We have now owned the bridge,
but I must stay here.
You must free the men. If that?
There is little else on, huh?
Good evening. Do you speak English?
Good, that saves enormous.
Solid Binding.
- There are three, sir.
When they eat uitdeelden,
we had them.
Listen, we have the bridge.
Hunt has everything under control.
Perry, who are the best off?
Here, the Brazil Maru.
Koopvaarder a chimney.
That's him.
The other one seems Terazuki-frigate.
- It reduces not just shipping.
The convoy is almost sight.
- Do you believe me now?
It is an enemy koopvaarder.
But there are prisoners on board?
Call them on it. Talk to them.
- We must maintain radio silence.
Me orders that I all Japanese
ships should fire. Frank, run.
These men went through hell,
Please, you must really on a ship
prisoners with fire?
Listen anyway.
Well, we follow them an hour.
Maybe they are close again.
After that, the past with them.
- Thank you
Forward to the forecastle.
- Silent, pretend you are sick.
Wait, I help you do.
Listen ...
Help me.
Jesus, Perry. Can not correct?
- Sorry for everything under control.
Well, boy. I have a helmsman
necessary. Take Kennedy.
Wireless, I want to speak Deaver.
Keep in mind that bastard. Get rid of him.
Search the cabins below deck.
I do so.
It is good.
Now the rest of the vessel.
Kennedy, Deaver, at the bridge.
You stay here. I'm back.
Tanaka And then?
- That is so on.
Not wounded, sir.
You may have this plane,
if you do not eat.
He think we eat him.
Do not worry, boy.
Do not worry, mom.
The English eat me up.
Close the door.
Do you remember me, Major Benford?
Here I am. At your service.
- Give you. We are armed.
You have little time.
Tell your men to let us go.
You will see where mutiny could lead.
A simple request. You go to the bridge
and says to the master ...
... that if he does not command
transfers, I let the chain celebrate.
Not admit, sir.
- I contact the escort.
Your reports are, Major.
Try nothing, Major ...
... otherwise this man dies.
Ten minutes ahead.
Give me a signal from the bridge.
You walk in the road.
What are you doing here?
Come on guys, let's see.
Major, give me the boy.
Passenger under control.
Tanaka and comrade in the rear well.
Beautiful. Death?
Unfortunately, yes.
Bert is in the engine room.
The ship is ours.
Sorry, Tojo.
Attention, all hands.
This is captain-lieutenant Hunt
of HM Perth.
Two years ago sank the Perth
in the Sunda Strait.
Today we have captured this ship.
The Japanese are in the rear well.
Gentlemen, you are Friday
Our next job is with a little
joy, China reach.
Combat Post torpedoes.
Damn, you have no conscience?
There are prisoners that barge.
You give them no chance.
- I will just ignore you, Mr. Crawford.
I now take the escort frigate
under fire. Then I will decide.
Leave me alone.
The gun is manned, sir.
Telegrafeer that the boiler gone
has. Whether they come alongside.
If you have something much, I shoot you down.
Rotate and align.
Focus on the bow.
Starboard 15.
Captain, I pick a message.
The escort has contact with a ship.
Should one of his convoy.
I can not see.
We do it now.
- Captain, he change course.
The escort is alongside.
- His position is changed, sir.
Make the torpedo tubes ready.
Shutters open. Two-thirds forward.
If you know what you do.
Come on, Bert.
Ready to fire.
All play, sir.
- We go to the top.
He ramt the escort.
It worked, Dan.
Bert, stop the engines. We water?
- All right, sir.
He is in their way.
They go there right off.
That was a torpedo.
Fucking Americans.
Leave the ship.
Two hit in the Brazil Maru.
Bow. Amidships under the bridge.
Everyone disembarked.
Get the prisoners from the hold.
Remove them from the water.
Tanaka, leaving you ship
of the emperor?
What happened?
- Tanaka has put me down.
Do this about.
We need to the ship.
It is in order.
You still alive, Australian.
- Leave him alone.
You all die.
- Why can not ga ...
Is it?
Here, give him my life jacket.
Sorry guys, but I can not
Actually you do not
some idiot. Sorry, pal.
Forget it.
That it would end, huh?
Thank God that we are not Japan
He will judge those on earth
not good.
You are the latter.
The rest we have al
Hunt, wake up.
That we still see you.