Return of Daimajin (1966) Movie Script

Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Return of Daimajin
Producer: Masaichi Nagata
Development: Kimiyoshi Yasuda
Screenplay: Tetsuro Yoshida
Fujio Morita, Shozo Tanaka
Sound: Masao Osumi
Lights: Hiroshi Mima, Kenji Furuya
Art: Akira Naito, Shigeru Kato
Music: Akira Ifukube
Editing: Kanji Suganuma
Spec. Effects: Teizo Tanaka
Animation: Yoshio Watanabe
Fight scenes: Shohei Miyauchi
Sound Effects: Toru Kurashima
Assistant Dir: Eiji Nishizawa
Prod. Mgr: Takashi Imamura
Post Production: Toyo Genzojo
Kojiro Hongo
Shiho Fujimura
Taro Marui, Jutaro Hojoh,
Koichi Uenoyama, Asao Uchida,
Chikara Hashimoto, Takashi Kanda
Sei Hiraizumi, Koji Fujiyama,
Koichi Mizuhara, Gen Takasugi,
Hyosuke Kanbe, Yusaku Terashima,
Kimiko Tachibana
Yuji Hamada, Hideo Kuroki, Kohbu Matsuda,
Yoshitaka Ito, Tadashi Iwata, Yutaro Ban,
Kiyokazu Kagatsume, Kayo Mikimoto,
Keiko Koyanagi
Director: Kenji Misumi
Spec. Effects Director: Yoshiyuki Kuroda
How dare you flee
from Lord Danjo Mikoshiba's land!
Come back right away!
Understand now?
You leave and you're next.
You want to live?
Then return now!
Let's run. Now's our chance.
if we return to Mikoshiba,
we'll have bare farmland
and we'll be enslaved.
It won't be a life.
Buck up.
That bell.
It's Yagumo Lake!
That's God's island.
We made it to Chigusa!
Oh, honey!
We finally made it.
Let's go.
So there's Chigusa,
the lake, and then Nagoshi.
The Nagoshi clan
is an offshoot of the Chigusa clan.
Using the lake's bounty,
both nations have prospered.
But we are barren,
mountainous, and very poor.
Even if we wanted to stop
the migration of villagers to Chigusa
the mountains
make that extremely hard.
I hear that there will be
a festival in Chigusa
in honor of their lord.
- Do you know about it?
- Yes.
I hear the Nagoshi clan are invited
and will be there tomorrow.
That's exactly when we'll
take over Yagumo Lake.
Well then.
We can't sit idly by forever.
We now conclude
our festivities.
We sincerely thank our friends,
the Nagoshi clan, for coming.
Yes, yes.
We pray for you my lord
for continued peace and wealth.
Let's pray for continued good luck.
Everything was wonderful.
Lord Hyoe.
Stay for a while.
Oh, I can't do that.
We must discuss our lord
marrying Miss Sayuri this fall.
Is taking care of the Mikoshiba
refugees quite tiring, Juro?
Let me know how we can help.
We're doing the best we can.
The refugees happily
work hard in the valleys.
There's no need to worry.
- What is it?
- Sir.
Tell the lord.
- Yes.
- Yes.
We are refugees that are
working in the Ichino valley.
We can't live off of you forever.
We discussed how to repay you
and each of us pitched
in one bowl of rice.
It finally amounted to that.
- Each refugee gave one bowl of rice?
- Yes.
I know it's not a lot.
But would the palace--
Accept it?
Much obliged. We gladly accept.
Oh, thank you! We'll carry it
to the palace right away.
Thank goodness we were born
in Chigusa and not in Mikoshiba.
Yes. I hope
we're happy forever.
- Ooph.
- Here.
- Let's go pray to our god.
- Yes.
Welcome back.
Oh, it's you, Ryuta.
Yes. Hi, my brother!
You're here, again?
Oh no! Our god is angry.
Is this what the
legend says, Shige?
Yes. This occurs only before
something bad happens.
It's been said when
God's face turns red
The Nagoshi valley will perish.
I don't believe this.
So something horrible
is going to happen?
- Father, we must warn everyone and pray.
- Yes.
My lord!
Intruder! Beware!
And who are you?
- We're from Mikoshiba.
- What!?
The Mikoshiba army is
within castle walls!
- My lord! My lord!
- How far are they?
- They'll be here momentarily.
- My lord, you must get out.
- Come fight, Juro Chigusa!
- Fight! Fight!
You are!?
My lord!
Not this gate?
- We'll get out through the Izumi gate.
- Yes!
Hurry, my lord!
My lord!
We'll take care of the rest, Gokaro.
- Go to Izumi gate.
- Yes!
- Hurry and guide our lord!
- Hurry!
- Here!
- Come.
We pray to you to protect our land
and people from all evil.
Please ward off all evil spirits
and grant us peace and fortune.
My lord!
My lord!
Chigusa castle
has been attacked and taken over!
Chigusa castle?
My lord!
The Mikoshiba army has
taken over your castle, sir.
- You mean, Danjo Mikoshiba?
- Yes.
- Where are our ships?
- We don't know.
But their flags are up so--
That's why
God's face turned red.
This will probably happen
to Nagoshi as well.
- Let's get ready to protect ourselves.
- Yes, sir!
Katsushi. Go get details about
what's happening in Chigusa.
- How are things?
- Well
- We still don't know.
- That's no good.
It'll be dawn soon. We can't rest
until we find Juro and kill him.
There's only one place
he probably went.
- We're continuing onto Nagoshi! Go!
- Yes!
- How was it?
- Father.
Juro is gone and Mikoshiba
took over Chigusa castle.
I see.
Wait, wait! Calm down!
Lord Danjo, let's talk peacefully.
And why are you here?
- Hand over Chigusa's young lord.
- Lord Juro?
- He must be here.
- Here?
- Why would Juro be here?
- The young lord is not here!
He has nowhere else
to turn but to kin!
Give him up peacefully, Hyoe.
Otherwise we'll take over Nagoshi
just as we did Chigusa!
Settle down! Down!
Juro is not here.
Do you all want to die?
He's not here!
- Who cares. Go look!
- Yes!
- So you did hide him!
- Go!
Whether Juro is here or not, I will
not allow you to enter my castle!
Lord Danjo.
Even if Juro was here
as long as I am alive
I will never take orders
from you. Now leave!
You'll see God's wrath if you
bring harm to this land.
God's wrath?
- Is that a threat?
- No, it's not.
The god that protects us
is on Yagumo island.
He will get angry if you
cause harm to the land.
Silly things like that
don't happen.
Yes, they do.
God most certainly will get mad.
Hmmm. That's interesting.
I will take God's anger head on!
- Take over the castle, Genba.
- Stop!
- Father!
- My lord! My lord!
Why, you!
- Everyone wait!
- Oh, father.
- Fighting won't resolve this. Calm down!
- But, father!
- How dare he!
- No.
Nagoshi will only suffer if we fight.
Don't let revenge get in the way.
- But father!
- Absolutely not!
Think carefully.
We would be stooping
to his level if we fight.
Hang back for the sake of God
and the people of Nagoshi.
- That is our responsibility. Okay?
- Father!
The lake god is with us.
God will...
God will most certainly punish!
Hold back and don't fight.
Do you hear me? Do you?
- Father!
- My lord! My lord!
- Brother.
- Don't, Ryuta.
Now do you get it?
You're done.
Tie them up!
Wait! What are you going
to do with my brother?
He's our hostage. Bring Juro
to us and he can return.
- Juro?
- Right.
Listen up, people of Nagoshi!
Katsushige will die if you
help the Chigusa clan.
Don't forget that!
If you want to help your
brother, bring me Juro.
As of today, I, Danjo
will take over.
I will leave Onikojima
to live in your castle.
- Let's go!
- Yes!
- My brother!
- Miss Sayuri!
My father is dead.
My brother has been captured.
And Juro is missing.
Please save Nagoshi and Chigusa.
Please protect Juro
and my brother.
Grant my wishes and you
can take my life.
Please. Please stop
everyone's suffering.
- Miss Sayuri!
- Oh, no.
Why, you! Shoot!
What are you doing to our god!?
- Wait, Miss Sayuri!
- You!
Miss Sayuri!
- Get away from our god!
- Quiet!
How did you get here
without us noticing?
You may not touch our god!
- Continue.
- Yes.
Oh! Stop!
You'll soon see what will
happen to your protector.
Keep your eyes open!
Let go!
Okay, light the fire.
Get back.
Why, you!
Get back! Back!
Miss Sayuri! Miss Sayuri!
You idiot! Get back!
It's dangerous!
Take a look at this!
This is our god's stone.
Our statue has been destroyed!
See, nothing happened.
There are no demons.
What should we do
about Miss Sayuri?
I doubt she's alive
under those boulders.
Hey. What's that?
Was that lightning?
Must be. There are
no demons.
- Bring the boat around.
- Yes. Hey!
Miss Sayuri. Quick!
Are you hurt, Miss Sayuri?
Not at all.
I didn't feel getting
hit by the rocks. You?
I don't have a scratch, either.
Did you hear that loud noise?
We blew up God's statue!
The statue is gone.
How dare you!
God will surely punish you.
You use your villagers
to feed you
yet you rob
them of life.
And you demolish
God's statue?
You idiot!
Now you know how stupid
it is to believe in God.
Miss Sayuri.
Let's go home. We can
discuss what to do then.
- I will remain on this island.
- But...
They have taken our statue
but not our soul.
The reason we didn't get hurt in
that explosion is because of God.
Juro is still missing.
And my brother is a hostage.
There's nothing else to do
but to pray to God.
Miss Sayuri.
I will stay
on this island and pray.
Is that?
Juro! Juro!
He's all right. Let's
quickly help him.
Miss Sayuri.
My lord!
Juro. It's Sayuri.
You're quite hurt.
My lord.
- Am I on God's island?
- Yes.
Juro didn't simply disappear.
Have you looked everywhere?
We turned over every leaf
but there's no sign of him.
- Perhaps he fled to another country.
- Can't be.
Did we secure Chigusa castle
when we stormed it?
The lake is the only
place you can escape to.
Of course. God's island!
He'll definitely show up there.
Take some soldiers and continue
the search on the island.
- All right?
- Yes.
Must you leave, Juro?
You are still hurt.
I'm all right. I can't let
Mikoshiba continue his evil ways.
The two of you alone
can't do much.
- Even if it's just me, I have to go.
- Oh.
Luckily, Hayato is here. We'll
go to Chigusa and get Danjo!
And in exchange for Danjo,
I'll get Katsushige back.
What if something happens?
Sayuri. God is with us.
Don't worry, Sayuri.
I'll be back before sunrise.
To the left, Hayato.
It's the Chigusa lord.
Go after them!
Why isn't our boat moving?
- It won't budge!
- Nothing!
What's this noise?
It's the sound of rocks
rubbing together.
The noise is coming
from under the water.
You're right. Hey!
Our god helped us.
- Let's go, Hayato.
- Yes.
Who's there?
Excuse us.
We saw someone suspicious.
And then what?
They escaped when they
went through some secret door.
It must be Juro of Chigusa.
- Capture them!
- Yes!
Intruders! Get them!
You're coming to Nagoshi.
Don't come near!
Or else Danjo will die.
Intruders! This way!
Be quiet! Settle down!
I'm taking Danjo. Be quiet
and clear a path!
Get back! Back!
My lord!
My lord! My lord!
- Is he there?
- No.
This way.
Our lord has captured Danjo.
It's true. Chigusa's lord has returned.
Let's go.
What's going on?
Hey, I'm here!
Get Juro!
No more nonsense, Juro!
Kill him!
My lord.
Stand back. Stop.
I can't let anything
happen to you.
Let's get Danjo and get
Chigusa back to normal.
Kill them! Kill Juro
and everyone else!
We have to escape
and save the villagers, Hayato!
Here! Here!
What? Juro escaped?
Yes. The well has a secret tunnel
that goes outside the castle.
Well, we know he's
headed to Nagoshi.
Go and quickly
cut off Katsushige.
But what if the folks in
Nagoshi don't hand over Juro?
I can't risk that.
I don't care what you need
to do to bring him back.
- Go!
- Yes!
Miss Sayuri!
- What's wrong?
- It's something awful.
If we don't hand over Juro by
sunrise, Katsushige will be killed.
What? By sunrise?
Katsushige is under
heavy security.
The villagers are restless
not knowing what to do.
Listen up!
It's not too late
to help Katsushige.
The people of Chigusa!
Hand over Juro.
How about it?
Did you hear me?
There you have it, Katsushige.
No one will help you.
You can channel your anger
towards your own people.
I have no anger.
Juro will surely defeat you.
I'll become a protective spirit
of Nagoshi after I die.
Go ahead.
Kill me.
Okay then.
You little snot!
Whoa. What is that?
This is God's stone.
- It's the demon.
- It's revenge for breaking the statue.
It can't be.
This is not God's wrath.
Ikkaku was killed on the island.
Juro must be there.
Let's go.
No! He escaped!
- The fog will get thicker. Let's go.
- Yes.
I hear three boats.
- Is it the Mikoshiba warriors?
- Miss Sayuri.
What should we do, Todohei?
Juro should be back soon.
Miss Sayuri.
I can't see the island's
entrance due to this fog.
He's here.
Well then.
- Find him!
- Yes.
Is there any way we can tell
Juro what's going on?
My lord.
What does the gong indicate?
Miss Sayuri!
Stop. Stop!
Why are you stopping?
Hurry, Hayato.
Something has happened.
I think Miss Sayuri was warning
us not to come, my lord.
- We'll be killed.
- But we must save Miss Sayuri.
Hurry. I can't be
the only one that survives.
You're wasting Miss Sayuri's
kindness, my lord.
Please. We have to play it safe.
Tell us!
Why did you sound the bell?
It's Juro.
You were warning him.
Get him!
Please god!
Wait, Juro of Chigusa!
Stop! Or else I'll shoot.
Looks like we found him.
He can't escape now.
Shove that bell
into the water.
Take this woman!
Ryuta, wait.
Katsushige. Lord Katsushige?
Lord Juro!
- Lord Katsushige.
- Lord Juro.
Ryuta told me you were captured.
Glad to see you're okay.
Well Sayuri
Juro of Chigusa.
Katsushige of Nagoshi.
We're not done yet.
You're surrounded.
It'll be horrible
if both Juro
and Katsushige are killed.
Nobody would protect us then.
How can we help?
Is there a god?
Ryuta! Ryuta!
How dare you try and
execute women and children.
There must be some
human compassion in you.
Let them go.
Everyone here went against me.
I will kill you all.
You bastard!
You do that and you'll suffer.
Danjo. You must fear God.
God was shattered long ago.
He's at the bottom
of the lake.
I'm stronger than God.
You're not the only one
to be executed.
- Bring her out.
- Yes.
Bring her!
- Juro!
- Go!!
I'll show you something
amusing, Juro.
- Tie her up on the stake, Genba.
- Yes.
- Here.
- Go!
Stop. Take me, instead. Stop!
Danjo! Lower Sayuri!
Lower her!
Light the fire!
Wait! Stop! Stop!
Shoot! Damn you!
- Sayuri!
- Sayuri!
I give my life to you,
but you must save the others.
bring peace back
to Chigusa and Nagoshi.
Please answer my prayers.
- The fire will go out!
- Add wood! Pour some oil!
Torch her!
Stop! Stop!
What is that sound?
What is that?
Shoot! Shoot!
Don't come near!
I'll kill them if you
come any closer!
Don't come near!
Do you want me to kill them?
- Mommy!
- Ryuta! Ryuta!
- Sayuri!
- Juro!
Close the main gate!
Close it!
Hurry, shoot!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Leave it to me, my lord.
We easily blew up the statue.
We'll destroy this demon too.
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Back! Back!
Light it on fire!
Wow! We did it!
Run! Run away!
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
The island is gone.
But our god will
protect us forever.
From the lake.
I hear it from the lake!
Yes, it's from the lake.
God is ringing the bell
to pray for peace.