Return of Sabata (1971) Movie Script

Now what do you do?
When your gun's empty.
And there isn't any time for you to reload.
Let me have your gun.
The grand finale of the show.
Ping! Boom! Boom!
Ladies and gentlemen,
our next show's at 8.40.
Come one, come all!
Ladies and gentlemen,
come back again.
Tell your friends
the fine people of the city of Hobsonville
can't afford to miss
the most unique show of all time.
Anyone who can hold a gun is eligible
for challenging our champion.
Make your reservations now for the next
show, beginning at 8.40 this evening.
Up to six contestants will be permitted
to compete at the same time.
Don't pass up this chance to show your skills.
It only costs a dollar.
The burned cartridges,
the gun and the challenger's shirt
decorated with a souvenir you can wear
proudly are included in the price.
Extraordinary. How do you do it?
All those bullets are real.
- Would you like to try one yourself?
- I couldn't!
Step Tight up, gentlemen!
Apply right now.
Anyone who manages to beat our champion
wins ten times the money he paid.
This way, gentlemen!
There's the cashier.
Don't pass up the chance to match your skill
in marksmanship with our great champion.
Citizens of Hobsonville, here's your
opportunity to challenge our great champion.
Prove to yourself what a
steady hand you have,
what a good eye,
and what a sharp aim you've got.
Hey, watch it, will you?
Sabata, Sabata
The fastest gun in the West
I said. The fastest gun in the West
Nine-fingered man. Four-barrelled derringer
Sabata is the o n I y invincible man
In the countryside
You've got your life if he lets you go
- Sabata!
- Go, go, go!
If you wanna get money
And if you wanna get rich
And if you want a good life
You've got to be a son of a...
If you wanna get money
- If you wanna get rich
- If you wanna get rich
- If you want a good life
- You gotta be a son of a...
The fastest gun in the West
Four-barrelled derringer
He's the o n I y invincible man
In the countryside
Sabata, Sabata...
- Major.
- At ease.
Why did you run off?
I didn't want you to be upset.
I mean, when I saw my superior officer
ending up in a sideshow...
- There are worse places to be.
- What do you mean?
- You remember this?
- Hey! My good-luck piece.
The medal I won in the war.
Lost it at poker, remember?
You can win it back at poker if you want.
No more poker. I'm finished with that game.
Even if three years are passed,
I haven't forgotten that 5,000 I owe you.
I've begun saving,
and I'll pay it back to you one day.
- I give you my word.
- It is pretty difficult to cash that.
- Where can I find you?
- Right here in Hobsonville.
I got a friend, runs a gambling house.
We were in the army.
You picked the worst place.
Hobsonville doesn't have
any money to spare.
20, black. Number 20 wins the round.
There you are.
Lieutenant, this town is rotten.
It's really rotten.
You're winning, Major.
- I would like to talk to you.
- Right now?
Before you break the bank.
Place your bets. Place your bets,
ladies and gentlemen, please.
The yellow goes on number eight. Very well.
Place your bets down, everybody.
Round and round she goes.
- You're a rich man.
- I'm listening.
If you play with a magnet in your cigar case,
there's a bigger gambling joint at Redstone.
You'll do even better there.
You see, Major, here in Hobsonville,
we're all honest, hard-working folks.
I pried this magnet
from under your roulette table.
You mean you won without any help?
Damn, what luck.
What's lucky about it?
You should be a sleight-of-hand artist.
They have one working at the circus.
His name is Pickles.
- Partners?
- Well...
Don't worry. Only until you pay back
the 5,000 you owe me.
- Where do I change these, with the cashier?
- I'll do it.
- How come there are so many Irishmen?
- They got an organization.
They work for the progress of Hobsonville,
a big family.
All those brothers, cousins, in-laws.
Can't keep track of 'em.
The family is run by Joel McIntock,
who's the smartest one.
That soul who hath
horses and golden robes, sayeth the beggar,
and jars overflowing
with gold and precious stones,
he shall place at thy feet his riches,
woman, for thou art here to be purchased.
But she who is full of the grace of the
Lord God spurneth riches and golden robes.
We pray to Thee, O Lord, to keep us away
from men possessed of the fleeting pleasures
of the carnal urge, of violence, of discord.
O, Father, let us go back
to the innocence we knew originally,
so we can claim our future in Christ.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- A splendid sermon, Father.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Beautiful.
- I was glad to be here.
- A memorable service. Thank you.
- God bless you. Good day.
Not here.
You're supposed to eliminate an enemy
of the organization and you've failed.
Thank the Lord you're alive,
because you really owe it to Him.
Mercy is what I have learned from Him.
- What's that?
- 100. Just take it off what you owe me.
Hey, love the view.
- California, I'd say.
- No.
Obviously further east.
Well, a ten-spot says you're mistaken.
Pal, you've already lost.
I bet that guy there ten dollars
you come from Missouri.
- That's true.
- You worked in Madame Boisset's in St Louis.
Right again. I worked there.
Ah. And what are you doing here?
Working the town for a two-week run.
Well, you picked the right place.
Hobsonville's lousy with money.
Should be good here.
I'll bet you're sold out in advance.
For a guy like you, I guess
I can always make an exception, can't I?
- Yah!
- Yah!
Get outta here! Go and find someplace else.
Still here?
Waiting for somebody?
I found it! Now you see it...
- you don't.
- When somebody's as lucky as you,
you have to lighten their burden.
Get out, you two.
It was just a misunderstanding.
It won't happen again, Major.
You guys are pretty good.
Five minutes, Mr Pickles!
Five minutes!
Sleeping, Mr Pickles?
Help! Help!
Somebody killed Diane!
The statement of the circus proprietor
makes perfectly clear
the relationship between
the girl and Josiah Pickles.
No doubt he killed her.
Obviously a crime of passion.
I'm sorry to see you go, Sabata.
If you change your mind...
Ed Cunningham will do fine replacing me.
If you need me, I'll be in Clyde's saloon.
Thanks very much. I'll smoke it later.
- How's business?
- Couldn't be better, stranger.
This town's exploding by leaps and bounds.
Right, Mr Mayor?
- What did he say?
- Mr Mayor is the horse's name.
Go on!
Now, if you'd arrived a year ago...
Hot and cold running water.
All the luxuries.
It's the room I reserve
for my special guests.
Great. The only trouble is,
it's right next door to you.
It'll be somebody to help you.
With what?
I know you had nothing to do with that
business in the circus. Or that girl.
You're wrong. She's the one
that gave me the information on Pickles.
I've been with that circus for two months.
I had a hunch on something big.
Oh, well. If you need a helping hand...
I mean...
I maybe could use a helping... finger.
There's a lot of redheads
loose around here.
Well, I'm at your beck and call, Major.
You know you can trust me.
Don't forget, Major, during the war
I was at your side with the South.
I suppose that's another reason we lost,
Hey, stranger, you didn't pay any tax.
- It's written right here.
- On basic necessities, it's five per cent.
And 50 per cent for houses of pleasure?
- No discounts?
- A shave comes under luxuries.
- That's 20 per cent.
- And if I don't want to pay?
Here's to the McIntocks of Hobsonville!
Ladies and gents, citizens of Hobsonville,
we all want our town to expand and grow
richer, earn the respect of other cities.
To do that, we must all pay our
contributions for a better tomorrow.
Oh, my friend!
My generous friend.
See that man over there?
I bought this weapon, the same as yours,
a year ago for $12.
If you're gonna charge me 24, taxes or not,
that sounds like legalized theft.
Never mind, mister.
We don't like strangers with tough talk.
Good citizens, don't pay any attention
to the wild words of the stranger here.
He don't respect the same things
you good men do,
the sacred Bible, the blessed Saviour.
Don't offend Sabata.
A portion from the Proverbs.
Nothing, nothing. I asked the man
to put out my cigar, that's all.
You know an organization
that's cheating us all? I do!
- McIntock's!
- Huh?
Anyone who uses trickery, money or violence
to swindle innocent, unsuspecting people
and treats them as simpletons,
nobody can call that man a Christian.
Try some.
You get more attractive every
time I see you. Come here.
- I don't have to tell you what's in that package.
- I'll figure it out.
You can't believe the papers.
- Decide what you're here for.
- I wanna go with you, but I can't.
- How about it? 20 all right?
- I didn't know what to do!
Hello, Henry.
Cows, man. I can tell you how old they are
by their teeth...
Your wife's teeth,
they must be all gold by now, right?
You're offended. Rosette!
I was talking about my cow, Evelina.
I wouldn't make any remarks about your age.
But since you're getting personal,
only this morning I was raring to go.
A good place for umbrellas.
You can look but don't touch, Junior.
- First time?
- No!
I come here every day.
- Every day?
- Uh-huh.
Only so far... I haven't got the nerve.
Maggie was asking about you.
Says she won't charge you for it.
- Just the town planning tax.
- And what if I don't pay?
I'll show you the exit door,
and even open it for you.
That won't be necessary. I know the way.
Let's go.
Where are you going?
I have an appointment
with your leading lady.
- She's rehearsing.
- She wouldn't begin the show without me.
Why? Who are you?
Well, I'm her prompter.
Hey, Joe. Tell him it's OK. Sabata.
Oh, God!
- As a prompter, he's not bad.
- What do you mean, prompter?
He must be the stage manager!
Come here.
Please. Please!
What's the matter with you?
Go on, boy!
- Leave me alone!
- Sabata! Watch out!
Here you are, stranger!
A good way to explain here's the way out.
These Irishmen stink up the place.
Worse than some cigars.
WOW groan)
All right, Sabata, what
the hell's going on?
- He refuses to pay a penny in taxes.
- It's the truth, Sheriff.
He said our taxes are "legalized theft".
If you don't obey our laws,
I'll be obliged to arrest you.
- Hey!
- At this rate, he won't get far.
Have any of you ever seen a 50-dollar bill?
There's one right here for you!
Don't push, Grandpa!
You'll be dead before you get upstairs.
I'm better than you, buster!
Stranger, don't pretend
you don't understand.
The Bible says, "Do unto others
as you would have others do unto you."
You know your way around.
We may not think the same way,
but I still like you.
I'm doing you a good turn.
Without the contributors, Hobsonville
wouldn't be the same place it is.
The citizens pay willingly
because before this plan of McIntock's...
If you insist, beat your drum,
but mind your own business.
This is a peaceful city,
where every citizen respects the law and
pays his contribution for a better tomorrow.
Boom-boom. All you lack is a drum.
- Quiet.
- McIntock.
Your organization must be making a lot
of money to pay for all this publicity.
No answer to that?
They tell me you're a good gambler.
I'm always looking for the odds.
A year ago, there arrived in Hobsonville
a man whose spirit resembled yours.
He was fine handling a pistol.
But he kept on interfering with us.
He disappeared suddenly.
- Somebody did the poor man in.
- His finger. Guess it wasn't steady.
You can cheat at gambling,
but for this, why risk your life?
That's right.
So why should you risk yours, McIntock?
Just a minute. Who are you?
Somebody who's looking for the odds.
Not bad before breakfast.
When are you going to begin making love?
- Customers of yours?
- I don't know anything about them.
- Don't try any fooling around.
- I've had enough exercise.
- Remember, no noise.
- I'll go along with that.
Sorry about the noise.
I think your mother's waiting for you.
You see, Maggie, I'm old-fashioned.
I don't like orgies.
- Anyone hurt?
- I just want a little peace...
...and quiet.
I'd like to take a ride.
I'm beginning to understand your McIntock.
I knew that you'd get
together with McIntock.
You're doing great.
And you, Mr Mayor. When are you going to
get such a filly for yourself? Ha!
Now here's where they'll erect
a fine new church.
A new school, right over there.
The new food market, stockyards,
railroad station,
the new bank and the biggest
and best hospital in Texas.
- Horse manure!
- Ach!
And a new newspaper's going to
be established right there, see?
That's why I say you
ought to pay your share.
It isn't that much, a little percentage
on items deemed necessary.
20 per cent on luxury items,
50 per cent on women and gambling.
Keep talking like that and they'll raise it.
You put him down
because you don't know Mr McIntock.
He's careful. He wants all the money
in the safe before he does anything.
Hey, over there!
Hi, Bronco.
Get away, you good for nothings!
How many times do I have to tell you? Keep
away from here! If I catch you, watch out!
Ah! Whoa!
You know why I'm for McIntock?
Because he was a miner,
a man of the people, same as me.
Look at that mine. He worked it for years.
Found all kinds of things, graves,
caves millions of years old where people
once lived, an underground river.
But gold? Not a trace.
Come on now, tell me your thoughts.
- I think he's already found it.
- Nobody's honest if it's up to you.
I'll bet not even your own mother.
- Well...
- Mm?
Oh... Ha!
Waiting here, Maggie, can mean losing
quite a lot of business.
He's my business.
Those two over there,
they'd pay any price you ask.
And without any trouble-making.
Who are they?
The Braddock brothers.
They make a business trip here
twice a year from California.
California? Lots of gold out there.
Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.
Place your bets.
Thank you, ma'am.
You sir, you got your chips down?
Stick close to me, partner.
You bring me luck.
- I'm informed that you have a magnet on you.
- By who?
That's confidential information. I also
know you carry other illegal objects.
Hand me your cigar, eh?
If you don't win this time,
it will be my duty to lock you up.
Go on.
Fourteen red.
Pretty good, huh?
Cash it in. And no city tax.
We were waiting to hear you say that.
It's a see-saw game. Two
coins, a race, a kick.
The first to grab the coin flipped
into the air wins them both.
Except that this time,
instead of using silver dollars,
we'll play with these.
Lieutenant, I could use
that helping finger now.
Take four steps.
Come on.
What are you waiting for? Fire!
Maybe you'd rather have this one.
I'll show you how it works.
Sabata, Sabata!
Sabata, Sabata...
Good luck! See you all later!
Drop dead.
The next time you try anything like this,
I'll skin you alive!
And I won't wait until later.
Those bolts are all right.
Why'd you take them?
Well, I needed them in a hurry.
I'll tear you apart! No, not you!
Take it easy, take it easy.
You're really the clown.
I decide things around here.
Nobody orders anybody except me.
To bring violence into
a peaceful place like Hobsonville,
where legality is a due process
supporting a program of reconstruction
that is a shining example to everybody... against the judgment
of Joel McIntock.
That friend of yours is a
lot of trouble for us.
- When is he leaving?
- Well, we're partners.
I couldn't help it. I was forced into it.
Lowed him money for an old gambling debt.
5,000 dollars.
I'll lend it to you.
And get rid of him.
This rotten town suits me just fine.
So McIntock gave you 5,000 dollars
to get rid of me.
- By staying partners, we could earn more.
- I see what you're aiming for.
- And if you swindle me?
- I'm not like you.
No? A guy who'd shoot his
finger off in wartime,
just to spend his 20 days' convalescence
with the colonel's wife, is worse.
You weren't wrong. He was a pig,
she was lovely, he deserved it.
But you take advantage of any situation.
Look out!
What do you think?
Were they shooting at you, or at me?
At both of us.
They want their 5,000 back.
Yes. To the end.
I know Sabata. He'll get to you
and that will be the end of everybody.
Let's go.
That's my watch.
Sit down.
You know, Major, all the contributions
made by the citizens for Hobsonville,
hundreds of thousands of dollars...
...are in Jeremy Sweeney's safe.
He's the banker, as well as the mayor.
McIntock's future brother-in-law.
Because it's a family affair,
they're sure to want to split it up.
We have to make sure the
money's still there.
How do you figure to do that?
It's not difficult.
All you have to have is a drum
and a man who believes in McIntock
as though he were Our Lady of Pilar
or Guadalupe or something.
McIntock! McIntock!
McIntock! McIntock! McIntock!
Citizens of Hobsonville,
Joel McIntock has a great announcement
he wants to make personally.
Friends, the trust that you placed in me
these last three years,
waiting for this announcement,
is the best reward.
Now here it is. We're to begin our
construction to make Hobsonville better.
A city we can all be proud of,
a shining, moral home
for our menfolk and women,
our women whose morality provides us with an
example of righteous and virtuous conduct
for our children and our
children's children.
No, no, no!
Stop! Please, I hate violence.
You were really marvelous, Joel.
Thank you.
What would I do without you?
So that's how you're fighting McIntock.
Well, yours isn't the only way to fight.
Don't upset things, please!
I know how to get rid of the bank guards.
- Come down here.
- Coming!
O'Brien, it's Ferdy.
Open UP-
- It won't open.
- Something's very funny.
- Him.
- I? No.
- No.
- Take the bolt from the top.
- It's double-locked.
- You didn't know?
I wasn't sure.
- The key!
- Leave it there. Come on!
- Do we leave Clyde inside?
- He'll take care of himself.
What do you think you're doing?
We got plenty of bolts.
They're prettier.
What is it? Jackie?
What did you scream like that for?
The valises. Get the valises, quickly.
Hee-ya! Hee-ya!
- Major, I...
- Misere, misere
Misere, misere, misere...
First time I ever missed.
Put the wheels back on.
Hee-ya! Hee-ya!
Listen, partner...
- Back to town.
- What do we do with the money?
It's the only place
they won't shoot us in the back.
Follow those two with the valises, quick!
With all that cash,
you waste time stealing a watch?
It's the only one of its kind.
The water storage shack.
- They're coming in.
- Let's go out the back window.
- The bags, or your lives.
- Stranger, you notice a bad smell here?
Let it go!
- Turn it off!
- It's better now.
Where you going?
I really wasn't looking to duck out.
- I'd be a son of a...
- Maybe you are.
But if our mothers walked the same streets,
mine had more customers.
Unfortunately, McIntock's little old lady
was the best of all time.
We've been had, partner.
What would you say if I told you
all that was counterfeit?
You're crazy. You're lying.
It's a joke.
- That's what I thought.
- Clyde!
- Clyde, I must tell you something.
- I know already.
The money's counterfeit.
That McIntock you're so busy two-timing...
- Where does he keep the real stuff?
- How would I know?
The bags.
Why don't you believe me, Major?
Just once, huh?
All right, boys. Let's go.
- Where shall I go?
- There's a lady present.
And you wouldn't like it.
This is the last batch he made.
Aren't they splendid, Jeremy?
What is it?
- No one could ever spot these.
- I've never approved the idea.
More time passes, I'm convinced you left
your brains somewhere back in the mine.
A few days and we'll be gone.
The town can crumble into dust,
a lot more than they deserve.
A fake Caesar.
With all money carrying your features.
Right in there is our entire fortune.
We'll buy that man's silence.
We can afford anything.
If he can't be bought,
somebody will dispose of him.
The everlasting Father is good and
generous, and so must man be.
Thus man is blessed. Amen.
I took this watch off one of your men.
It belongs to Pickles, Josiah Pickles,
by profession a counterfeiter,
known to most of the circus audience
as a sleight-of-hand artist.
I ran into Pickles just after the war.
I found out about his... profession.
I figured he'd find some way to make it pay off.
So I trailed him.
Very interesting.
So I wound up joining the circus.
Nice, huh?
The circus always has its fascinations.
Comes here twice a year.
In three years, that's six movements of
counterfeit money for the McIntock projects.
Trouble is, I came with the last shipment.
For an Irishman, you're not very hospitable.
Why the face?
A million dollars in counterfeit money.
Don't know what to do with it.
Now, you'd stick it in the safe.
But why would you take so much trouble
to get it back?
But wait a minute.
Maybe you can't put the real ones in.
Of course you can't. They're
in California, right?
A miner can't find gold, so he buys it?
I don't want to spoil your game so I'll sell you
these counterfeit notes for ten per cent, in gold.
I'll stop by the bank later and cash it in.
Tell your partner.
You'll never get away with this.
You look worried. Have a sip.
The show's over.
Tell your partner.
- I'll be in before the bank closes.
- Sabata!
Not at the bank. I'll bring it to you.
The full amount. To the mine.
Counterfeit money?
What do you think you're doing?
Why don't you tell everybody in Hobsonville
instead of covering up for McIntock?
McIntock promised to give me
ten per cent in real dollars.
Then they won't lose their savings for nothing.
What do you think of that?
Oh. Hm.
- Don't you trust me?
- Hm...
Hey, up there! The
boss is waiting for you.
- Whoa.
- Use the sled if you want.
For the people.
Stranger, how'd you get out?
Stranger, how'd you do it?
"You did wrong, Mac. If I don't
have my ten per cent by noon tomorrow",
all Hobsonville will hear
about the counterfeit money."
Oh. Spent the night again, huh?
What's the old guy got?
Lieutenant, you shouldn't
ask questions like that.
Why don't you send Jackie
for a few lessons?
School's downstairs.
ls Maggie teaching school?
- What class?
- More advanced than you.
I've been teaching for years. I like it.
And the principal is very
pleased with her work.
Major, it's almost time.
Where's McIntock?
Citizens of Hobsonville!
Finally the truth is out.
The whole scandal is coming...
Over in Redstone, our sister's
still waiting for you at the church.
You planning to marry?
- She had a boy.
- Hmm.
Never careful, are you, Major?
If you're after something, come and get it.
The drum.
Open it!
Hey, skinny! You get his gun.
The same thing once happened to you
with the Yankees.
But you had ideas then, eh, Major?
Take it.
- Where'd you hide that?
- It was on me.
Nobody trust me.
Uh-uh. Someday...'ll win at poker.
Bronco, what's the matter?
I was thinking of your little boy.
He'll be nobody's boy, like me, like him too.
You were fortunate, stranger.
You at least had a mother to look after you.
Oh... She was?
- Guess so.
- Isn't there a good one at all?
Come with me.
Ever since you've been here,
there's been nothing but trouble.
He had to kill him. It was self-defense.
Honest it was.
Let him through! Let him through! Get back.
Come on! Stand back there.
Stand back.
Here's the murder weapon, Sheriff.
...let's reconstruct this crime.
Pickles, Josiah Pickles, strangles Diane.
Pickles is so dangerous, he wants to kill me
too, so comes back and gets shot with my gun.
- Now, what was the motive?
- You're very funny, Sabata.
But nobody's gonna untie
that rope necktie around your neck.
Sorry, but you're wasting your time.
Meanwhile, whoever killed Pickles
is making off with the loot.
A million dollars that belongs to us.
The people. For our city to grow rich
and respected too.
Mm-mm. Bronco, never break the law.
Wait a minute.
You mean the funds
of the whole McIntock plan?
Give me six hours in exchange
for a million dollars.
- The McIntock mine!
- They discovered gold.
Sheriff, gold in the old mine!
After 20 years? It's impossible!
- There was an explosion, and it dropped out!
- I'm going down there!
A vein in his mine? Bad news
for that old weasel McIntock.
Last month, he donated
the mine to the city.
Tell me, stranger, what are we gonna do
with that counterfeit money?
- Wait till you get the real ones back.
- Ah.
- Well, Sheriff?
- Six hours, Sabata.
Where we're going, I don't
have a place for you.
See you in St Louis.
I'll miss you.
Sabata will follow you.
He's sure to be spying on our movements.
That's why I'm going. You better stay here.
Go on in.
I want to find that gold.
- Where do we begin?
- At the foundry.
We've got to find
it before he gets back.
I don't need you.
We'll meet at Green Pass.
- If Sabata shows up, you know what to do.
- OK. Hee-ya, hee-ya!
Let's go.
I don't know, the Irish go one way,
we go another.
Put out that cigar.
It's out.
Over there.
Hey, Bronco.
- Thought I asked you to put out that cigar.
- Oh. Mm.
- Run for it!
- Oh!
Hey, stranger. See?
The cigar was out.
You're beaten, Sabata.
You should have gone after the first wagon.
My gold is long gone.
Long gone is right.
You don't trust your own men with it.
Not even that partner of yours.
But don't worry.
You don't owe me a thing any more.
I don't care where my money comes from.
The people of Hobsonville will give me ten per
cent when I give them back what you've stolen.
You're right.
The people are always generous
to anyone who saves us.
Ha, ha, ha. Now you just wait
till I tell them about you.
You don't plan to tell anybody
because you're after my gold
and want to keep it yourself.
But you're wasting your time,
because you aren't gonna find the gold.
What do you think?
He would die before he'd let anybody find it.
Ls it worth locating that gold?
- Hey! Ls it worth dying for that money?
- Well, I wouldn't like to do it, Bronco.
I found it! I found it!
It was here, under the stones.
I'll take care of the gold. Go back
upstairs and keep your eyes open. Hurry.
I'll get my sister, be right back.
Wait for me here.
- The door's locked.
- Break it down, then.
Tell me how you got down here.
Gold-hunting, are you?
- No, Joel.
- Yes, you are!
- No.
- Turned out like everybody else.
Crawling around, sniveling like a bitch
in heat, and only to steal my gold!
- To steal my gold!
- Help me, Clyde!
Clyde. Clyde, help me!
No. Oh, no!
No! Clyde!
Why did you murder my sister?
You killed my sister.
Kill me too or you'll never get away.
Only one little sack. He's fooled us.
All OK, Mr McIntock.
Get the wagon ready.
- The chests are in the front room.
- We just have to load up the gold.
- Is the old man doing the right thing?
- Best thing for us is to get the hell outta here.
I put it under these rocks.
Just one little sack of gold
to throw them off the track and it's gone.
If you wanna get money
If you wanna get rich
If you want a good life
You gotta be a son of a...
Shoot the lock off. Shoot it!
All right, men, pay attention.
Sabata and his men are around here.
Find them and don't let them
get away alive! Understand?
20,000 dollars and he's yours.
Hey, partner. I want to talk to you.
My pistol's fully loaded
and he's fired... four rounds now.
Sabata, I've got him.
We've got McIntock.
Now you judge my deal.
He offers me 20,000.
You offer half of ten per cent
after we find the gold.
- But he's the only one who knows where it is.
- Ah.
And you understand my position
about telling anybody where the gold is.
I'd murder my own mother
before telling her.
If that's the way it is,
let's get it over with.
His is the better deal.
You were going to rob me.
Coming after my gold like
jackals, like hyenas.
No! Nobody's going to get my gold.
Only I know where it is!
All my gold's in here!
Nobody knew it. I was too smart for them,
for these Hobsonville peasants, everybody!
- Major.
- They're dead and I've got my gold!
No, no!
You heard what he said, Major.
All the gold is here somewhere. But where?
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!
Here's your lucky piece.
Don't you want it back?
All the cards are right here, Major.
You're good at cheating. But so is the house.
And I'm the house.
And I claim a misdeal.
Pretty good, Major.
That's right, Lieutenant. Well?
- Pass.
- You know, stranger...
This beats the circus number you did.
All we lack is the music.
The show is over.
Go ahead! Shoot!
Your lucky piece. You won it back.
You're leaving me here?
Aren't you taking me with you?
Major! Partner!
Sooner or later, you're gonna need
another trigger finger.
Huh? Right?
My finger!
Don't think I will.
Aagh! Aagh! My hand!
Sabata, Sabata
The fastest gun in the West
I said. The fastest gun in the West
Nine-fingered man. Four-barrelled derringer
Sabata is the only invincible man
In the countryside