Return to Christmas Creek (2018) Movie Script

(cheerful holiday music)
It's Christmas again
And everybody's home
The fire's burning bright
Outside the lights are glowing
We all gather 'round
to celebrate and cheer
Let's raise up our glass
To another year
- Okay, so flights and hotel?
- Booked. And car pick-up, too.
Thank you, Carrie, you're
amazing. T-minus 24 hours
until I'm sipping cold
Mai Tais on the warm beach.
I still can't believe
you do Turks et Caicos
- for Christmas, Amelia.
- It's my tradition.
Trust me, once you try it,
you'll never go back
to regular Christmas
Like sipping eggnog
by the fire?
Exactly. I'll buy you
a ticket!
No, come on, you've been
too generous this year.
Besides, I thought
you invited Brad?
I did, but Brad's set
on spending Christmas
- at his parents'.
- I guess some people
like the simple joys
of a traditional Christmas.
What is more joyful
than sunshine? Anyway...
I invited him to Christmas
dinner with my parents tonight.
You're having
a Danish smorgasbord
and it's December 18th...
It's not really the same thing.
So, you nervous
for the big pitch?
Carrie, we designed
their top selling app. Bill
Burns needs us, we've got this.
Correction: you designed
their top selling app.
- You've got this.
- Well, either way,
it's almost time to start
shopping on Christmas Assist!
For 3 years,
our partnership on Closet Assist
has offered
the individual shopper
an unparalleled selection in
an over-saturated marketplace.
Now, I'm about to revolutionize
the way we do
our holiday shopping in an app.
For those who want to escape
the chaos of Christmas,
and get away from it all
without all the fuss,
I give you Christmas Assist.
More advanced than a gift
registry, our app consolidates
your loved one's shopping
wish lists into one place.
All you have to do is click
on their online profile like so,
and you can browse,
buy it, and deliver it
all in the click of a button.
Interesting idea.
What's even more interesting,
Bill, is that we've built in
an algorithm that,
based on past purchases,
not only buys the gift,
but also sends the card.
Amelia, aren't you
concerned it takes
some of the thoughtfulness
out of gift-giving?
It also sort of ruins
the element of surprise,
don't you think?
Oh! Well... I mean,
you could look at it that way,
but there is so much pressure
on what to buy these days.
This way, you can rest easy
knowing you found
exactly what
your loved one wants,
without ever having
to be there in person.
Now, you know we're big
supporters of Closet Assist,
Amelia, and we were excited
to see how this app
could benefit our clientele,
but I'm not sure
that Christmas Assist
encompasses the true
spirit of Christmas.
It's a no.
I'm sorry.
(sad melody)
What do they mean I don't know
Christmas? I was born
in a town called Christmas
Creek... you can't get
- more Christmassy than that!
- I thought you were
- from San Francisco?
- I am. I mean...
I moved to San Francisco when
I was 13. So, okay, technically,
I haven't been back
to Christmas Creek in a while,
- but I know Christmas.
- Yeah, of course!
You're very... festive.
- They're right.
- Amelia...
Don't let the investors get you
down. They just didn't get it.
But it's my job
to make them get it.
- I was certain it would be a yes.
- Because you're great
at what you do. If anybody
knows apps and what people want,
it's you.
Any word from Brad on what
time he's coming to dinner?
Yes. He apologizes,
but he's going to be late,
but your parents will
see you right at 6.
Right. Okay. Well,
then I better get cooking.
Thank you for everything.
Oh... and Merry Christmas!
Oh! Now, there's the spirit!
(upbeat holiday music)
It's only 4 flights of stairs.
It's good for the cardio, Dan.
- My cardio is perfectly fine.
- Until you find work here,
it's important
for your stress level.
I'll tell you what'll help my
stress: not talking about it.
- Hello, sweetie. Looks delicious.
- Hi, dinner's almost ready.
Hi, honey. Do you want some
help with the frikadellers?
I am preparing the smorgasbord
this year. You are my guest.
- You do enough for us. Please.
- It's okay. Let me help you.
Do you think the reason
I can't cook
is because the Danes eat open
faced sandwiches for every meal?
- (laughing)
- I think the reason
you don't cook,
not that you can't,
is because your focus
is on your work.
- Is Brad coming?
- Later, he's stuck
- at the office.
- Oh well... More cheese for me.
Dan, why don't you
set the table?
- (chuckles)
- What's this?
- Doesn't matter.
- We received a letter
from Hughes' Family Inn
this morning...
What? From Uncle Harry?
How'd he find you in Chicago?
It was forwarded
from our San Francisco address.
It was originally
mailed back in November.
- Are you going to open it?
- Ah, it's probably junk mail.
(jazz music in the background)
- How did your meeting go?
- Uh, it was fine. Great.
Actually, not great at all.
The investors think
- I don't understand Christmas.
- What's to understand?
I'm sorry, honey. I know how
hard you worked on that app.
Yeah, I just don't get it.
I'm hoping that Turks and Caicos
will reinspire me because right
now, I don't know how to fix it.
I'm sure you'll think
of something.
You know, you could
stay here this year.
Your dad's got
some interviews but--
What, and we could do
another smorgasbord?
Mom, you just moved, and we
don't ever do a big Christmas
with just the 3 of us anyway,
so don't worry.
Just focus on getting settled.
Are you gonna open it, Dad,
or just keep staring at it?
I am not opening that,
or the past.
Maybe Uncle Harry
is reaching out?
Well, he never has before, so
don't get your hopes up, honey.
It's probably just
a general mail-out.
You won't know
unless you open it, right?
- Mm-hmm!
- Here. OK, I'll do it.
(whimsical melody)
"Experience the magic
of the 40th Anniversary
of Fly By Santa by staying
at Hughes' Family Inn."
Just a general mail-out.
Well. I guess
not much has changed.
- Hello, hello!
- Brad, you made it.
Sorry I'm late.
Work was crazy.
It's okay. Things were crazy
here, too. I haven't even
started packing yet.
My parents stuck around
for as many rounds of Smorg as
they could, but you missed them.
- Can I make you a sandwich?
- I'm okay. Thanks...
Truth is,
I've been thinking.
- I think we should talk.
- About Christmas.
My parents really want
to meet you.
And I would like
to meet them, too.
So, why don't you want
to spend the holidays with us?
It's not that...
It's such a sweet offer, Brad,
but I'm already booked
for Turks and Caicos.
- You can go there any time.
- I understand that,
but you know the holidays
are stressful for me.
One argument between
your dad and uncle years ago
shouldn't ruin
all family Christmases.
I just like the peace
and quiet of the beach.
I can't just lay on a beach
while my family is together
for the holidays.
My parents are getting older...
I want to spend
more time with them.
- Then I don't know what to say.
- You just designed
an entire app around
the holidays, and yet
- you want nothing to do with it?
- Brad, just...
Please, don't bring my app
into this right now.
I just don't do
festive family stuff.
I thought you were
okay with that.
Not if my girlfriend never
wants to celebrate with me.
Amelia, I'm really
trying here, but...
But what?
(soft music)
For 2 years, it's been
this push-pull dance we do.
I try to move things forward,
and you keep pulling away.
And I don't want
to dance anymore.
I'm sorry, Amelia.
(sad melody)
(hopeful holiday music)
Your flight leaves in an hour;
what are you still doing here?
I'm not going.
What? Why?
Because Brad broke up
with me last night.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay...
but suddenly the idea of sipping
Mai Tais on the beach by myself
- no longer sounds fun.
- So, what're you gonna do?
I'm going back to my roots.
I knew you were a brunette!
I once cut off all my hair
after a breakup.
No, I'm... I'm going
to Christmas Creek.
- Wait, what is this?
- Fly By Santa.
It's a tradition my Uncle Harry
started 40 years ago,
collecting toys for needy
children in remote areas
and delivering them by plane
on Christmas Eve.
This is me.
That's you? You're so cute!
I was Santa's Little Helper.
I was his co-pilot when we flew.
Of course you were.
But, wait... I thought
you haven't been to Christmas
Creek since you were a kid?
I know, but it's only
a 3-hour drive from Chicago.
So, if Bill Burns
thinks I've forgotten
the spirit of Christmas,
maybe Christmas Creek will help.
Alright, I like this idea!
Thank you!
(hopeful melody)
Why are there no street signs?!
(whimsical music)
(long sigh)
- (nervous laugh)
- Need a hand, ma'am?
No, I'm good, thanks!
Are you sure? Because you've
been driving about 20 miles
- under the speed limit.
- Yeah...
I saw the plates. Illinois,
huh? You're from out of town?
Yeah, I was trying
to read my GPS,
but there are
no street signs, so...
That's so you can ask
a local for directions.
- Oh...
- Where you headed?
I'm looking for Hughes' Family
Inn. I thought it was this way.
You're nearly there. Just
about half a mile down the road,
- then take a right.
- Oh!
But, you know,
you shouldn't be
driving these roads
without winter tires.
I know, I clearly
didn't plan well.
- I wasn't supposed to be here...
- Well, don't sound too excited.
- (laughing)
- Why don't you follow me?
- Then you get some proper tires.
- What are you, the road police?
Actually, I do search
and rescue for the area,
and I'd hate to have
to pull you out of the ditch.
Right! OK.
Well, I appreciate that.
- Follow me, I'll get you there.
- Thank you!
Alright, no problem.
Hey. What are you doing here?
I was driving around
when I found
- this woman looking for the inn.
- Uh.
You haven't changed one bit.
Oh. Thanks?
- You got a reservation?
- Uh no, not exactly...
I'm sorry to tell you this,
but we're all booked up.
You might be able
to find a room in town.
Uncle Harry, it's me.
- (laughing): Yeah!
- Wait, you're Meels?!
Wow! This is...
this is a real surprise.
I'll say!
You remember Mike Ruggles?
- Wait, you're Mike Ruggles?
- As far as I know.
So, did you drive in
from San Francisco?
Uh, no, I moved to Chicago
a few years ago for work
to launch a shopping app
called Closet Assist.
Maybe you've heard of it?
(smacks lips)
Or not... Anyways, I got
the brochure for Fly By Santa
and I figured why not come back
for the 40th Anniversary flight?
Oh. Are your mom
and dad coming too?
Uh no, it's just me.
It's great!
You have grown,
let me tell you!
- It's great to see you.
- You, too, Uncle Harry.
You know, I should get going.
Okay. See ya!
Welcome back
to Christmas Creek, Meels.
- Enjoy your stay.
- Thanks, Ruggles. See you!
See ya.
Well, come on,
let's get you inside.
- OK, yeah!
- Good to see ya!
- Good to see you too!
- Did you see the plane?
Oh, my gosh! It's still there?
Wow, it looks amazing in here,
Uncle Harry!
- Did you do all this?
- Yeah.
- I fixed it up a little bit.
- But it looks so...
so beautiful...
and it's so busy!
Well, we've been really lucky.
Lots of returning guests.
Harry's being modest,
it's all him. He's the heart
and soul of the inn.
Thanks. This is Nathan,
he runs our front desk.
- This is my niece--
- Amelia. Nice to meet you.
Niece? You have a niece?
- Welcome to Hughes' Family Inn!
- Thank you.
Um, I was hoping that you
might have a room available?
Okay! Uh, room...
Uh, this time
of year...
- Um...
- You know what, don't worry.
- I'm sorry, I should have called.
- It's fine, really.
It's fine. It's not a problem
at all. You know what?
- You can stay in the cabin.
- The cabin? Where I grew up?
- And where I now live.
- Right. Of course you do.
We still have your old room.
I mean, if you're comfortable.
Yeah, that would be great.
- Thank you!
- Then perfect! Problem solved.
OK. Alright.
Let's go get your bag.
(happy sigh)
It looks exactly the same!
Yeah, not much has changed
since... Well.
You know.
Hey. I remember this.
Oh, I think that was
your mother's.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You don't have
a Christmas tree?
Oh well, no. Not yet.
It's always busy, but I'm
a little behind this year.
It's a great photo of you...
- (small chuckle)
- Have you done much flying?
Hum, no. I mean,
regular airlines, yeah,
but I haven't been in the
right seat in a long time.
I'm not really sure
I'd remember how.
How is Pamela doing?
Is she around?
Yes. I mean...
she's in town...
but things didn't work out
with us.
I'm sorry, Uncle Harry.
I always thought you and Pamela
were just the perfect couple.
Yeah. Anyway...
The brochure,
how did you get that?
It was mailed to my parents.
But I take it...
you didn't send it?
No, I didn't. I would have,
but I wasn't sure if you wanted
to come to the Anniversary,
- and I didn't have your address.
- It's okay, don't worry.
Your father didn't send you?
He doesn't even know
I'm here actually.
I just... I wanted to see you.
Well, I'm glad you came.
- Me, too.
- Alright.
Well, I better get back
to hanging those lights.
I'll let you settle in. You're
probably tired after your drive.
- Right. Yeah, of course.
- Your room is upstairs.
- Make yourself at home.
- Thanks, Uncle Harry.
(sweet piano melody)
(door opened and closed)
Hey, good morning!
How did you sleep?
Hey! Uh, good.
It's so quiet here,
- I slept really well, actually.
- Yeah, good.
Alright. I made you some coffee.
I just have some stuff I need
to take care of at the inn, but
you can take anything you want
- in the fridge.
- Thanks!
- So what are your plans?
- I thought I might head
- into town, check things out.
- Sounds like fun.
- You wanna do dinner later?
- Yeah, that'll work.
Uh, and to get into town,
I just hang a left at the road?
- Yeah, that'll get you there.
- Cool.
Um... You know what?
Why don't you
just take my truck?
It's better for
the winter roads.
And the ignition
sticks a little bit.
- Thanks!
- Okay.
(sweet music)
Phew, alright.
Here we go...!
(engine roaring)
It still lives up to the name!
(indistinct conversations)
(bell jingling)
(holiday music in store)
- Can I help you?
- I'm just browsing, thanks.
- You work here?
- My mom owns it.
She just went to get us
some hot chocolate.
I used to come here with
my parents when I was your age.
It was always the best spot
for Christmas decorations.
Christmas is the most
wonderful time of year!
What are you working on?
My school report
on Amelia Earhart.
- She's a pilot and my hero.
- Really?
- My name is Amelia.
- Whoa, you're so lucky!
- I'm Scout.
- Hi, Scout.
- You know, my uncle loves to fly.
- Mine too!
My uncle was in the Air Force,
and my dad's a soldier.
They sound very brave.
I'll just get this card.
Build your own
gingerbread house?
It's a tradition
in Christmas Creek.
- You should come tomorrow!
- Yeah, maybe.
Well, thank you, Scout!
Maybe I'll see you later.
Bye, Amelia!
I've made a list
of all the guest names
for the Christmas stockings
and I was thinking we could use
some extra lights
around the fireplace.
- That's a good idea, Nathan.
- I'll call Elise
- to put some aside.
- Okay, great.
- I never knew you had a niece.
- I do...
I do. I haven't
seen her in a while.
You know, Amelia was
my original co-pilot on Fly By.
That's so sweet! And now she's
here. It must be so wonderful.
It is. It really is.
Say, Nathan, you wouldn't
have sent a brochure
to my brother, did you?
- Your brother?
- Dan Hughes.
I don't think so. I mean...
- maybe?
- You did?
Well, I compiled a list
of all addresses and past guests
for the past 40 years, for the
anniversary of Fly By Santa.
And, uh... I'm sorry,
I didn't know there were people
we weren't sending them to.
You're very private, Harry.
It's fine. It really is.
It's fine.
You were just
doing your job. OK.
Amelia? Hi!
I saw you through the window.
I heard you were in town.
Pamela! Hi!
How did you know...?
Oh, it's a small town.
News travels fast.
- Oh...
- Actually,
Mike Ruggles was in earlier
having his cappuccino, so...
- Oh, Mike... Yeah.
- Yeah, Mike.
- How are you?
- Good!
I'm actually in town
for Fly By Santa, for Christmas.
- Are you staying at the inn?
- With Uncle Harry at the cabin.
Well, say hi to him for me.
I don't see him around
much these days.
Right, yeah. He mentioned that
he's pretty busy with things.
Yeah, it's been like that
for a while now.
- Anyway, nice to see you.
- You, too, Pamela.
- See you soon.
- See you soon!
(engine not starting)
(cell phone ringing
and vibrating)
- Amelia Hughes.
- [Hi, honey!]
Mom? Mom! Hi!
- How was your flight?
- [My flight? Uh, I didn't go.]
- [What?]
- It's fine.
- Something came up.
- Is everything okay?
- Where are you?
- [Where am I?]
I'm on, uh, a last minute
research trip for my app.
[I'm fine, I'm just actually
in the middle of something.]
- [Can I call you later?]
- Okay, honey. Love you!
- [Good luck.]
- OK, love you, too. Bye, Mom.
Thanks. Come on. Come on...
- Hi. Need a hand?
- I'm good.
- Are you sure? I don't mind.
- No, it's just temperamental.
Yeah, OK, sure.
I didn't realize this
constituted Search and Rescue.
Nah, I'm off duty.
Just being a good Samaritan.
You having fun yet?
Besides the recurring car
trouble, yeah, it's been great.
- Why'd you come back? Really?
- It has come to my attention
that I may not appreciate
Christmas the way I used to.
So, here I am,
appreciating Christmas.
- What is in the box?
- Toys
- for the Fly By Santa delivery.
- Wait-- You help with Fly By?
Harry's co-pilot for 16 years.
He didn't have anyone else.
Right, of course,
that makes sense.
Harry knows you had
no choice in leaving.
How about you?
You know, we were kids.
We tried to keep in touch,
but that's life.
- Why?
- No, that's good.
How's Uncle Harry been?
That's your family's stuff. I
probably shouldn't get involved.
- Please, just tell me.
- Okay, considering.
- He had to give up a lot.
- We all did.
Harry hasn't really had time
- for anything other than work.
- Do you mean... Pamela?
Like I said, I probably
shouldn't get involved.
(engine starting)
Alright! You just give
a little twist
- and a whole lot of love.
- Thank you, Mike.
- Well, I'll see you.
- Yeah, see you.
Uncle Harry? Are you here?
Thanks for helping out, Scout.
We're making great progress.
Think Harry will let me co-
pilot for Fly By Santa one day?
It's not an easy job. You
really want that responsibility?
- I wanna be like you.
- That's very sweet.
There are lots of girls
who are pilots, you know.
I know. And you would
make a great pilot.
You think Dad will be back
in time for Christmas?
I don't know.
He's really busy keeping
this country safe.
But he'd do anything to be here
with you. In the meantime,
you got me. I know
I'm not your dad,
- but I'm your number one uncle.
- You're my only uncle.
And I also love ya to pieces,
so that counts for something.
Master off, avionics off,
autopilot off,
carb heat off,
mixture full rich,
prop full fine...
you couldn't remember?
I was just playing around...
I watched you come down here
from my office.
- Do you wanna come up?
- Yeah.
Okay, master off,
- avionics off, autopilot off...
- Mixture
- full rich, prop full fine...
- See? You remember.
Yeah, I guess some
things stay with you.
I saw Pamela in town today.
- She says hi.
- Oh, good. How is she doing?
When did you two break up?
A long time ago.
Because we left?
She tried to stay...
You don't have to tell me.
It's okay. It's okay.
It was the summer after
everybody... left.
It was her birthday,
we had plans,
but there was an emergency
at the inn, so...
I tried to make it up
to her, but, uh...
it had happened before.
No, she did the right thing.
Pamela deserves somebody
who'll make time for her.
You know, I saw that same
regret in Pamela's eyes today.
What about you?
- Anybody special in your life?
- Not anymore.
- Did you love the guy?
- I don't know.
His name was Brad. He wanted me
to spend Christmas
at his parents' and I didn't,
so he broke up with me. And now
I'm here and I feel really bad.
You know, if he was the right
one, you'd probably be with him.
Would I? I don't really do big
family Christmases, Uncle Harry.
And yet, you're here.
- You hungry?
- For dinner? Yeah.
I was thinking,
get some take-out?
Prop full fine, throttle
slightly cracked...
Starter engaged.
Let's go.
Here we go.
Pretty great, isn't it?
- It's amazing.
- Yeah,
there really isn't
anything like this.
Gives you a new perspective.
Like how small and
insignificant we are
- in the grand scheme of things?
- Or infinite.
It's freedom up here.
I tend to see things differently
from a bird's
point of view.
- Hey, let me help you.
- Hey!
Sure. I try to do it
in one trip.
- Most of the time I can.
- I remember that, yeah.
- I can help you with this.
- Oh no, I'm okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah, just put it down there.
- So I ran into Amelia.
- Yeah, she mentioned that.
Wow. It must be so strange,
good, having her here.
Well, I took her
flying yesterday.
- Wow, I bet she loved that.
- Yeah, it was nice.
Hey, Harry!
Your Christmas mocha.
- Coffee from my competitor?
- Well, you weren't open,
and Phil makes a mean
Christmas mocha. Thanks.
- Merry Christmas, Phil.
- Merry Christmas, Pam.
- I was just joking!
- Yeah.
Um, so Pam, I was...
I was thinking--
Oh my gosh! I have biscotti
in the oven! I nearly forgot.
- Anyway, you were gonna say--
- No, it's not important.
- No, what were you--
- No, you better check on that,
- 'cause burnt biscotti...
- That's true.
Okay, well,
nice to see you.
Good to see you.
Always. And...
- you were always very clever.
- Oh...
- you made it!
- Scout, hey!
- You should join us.
- Oh, that's so nice,
- but I wouldn't want to intrude.
- It's not an intrusion.
- Mike, hi!
- Hey.
You know Uncle Mike?
Amelia and I used to go
to school together way back.
We actually used
to be best friends.
So, you'll join us? It's
the first stage of building
and the official judging
is at the Tree Lighting.
- Uh... yeah, sure, okay.
- Yeah? Alright.
You guys get started. I'll go
get pretzels and jellybeans.
Okay, you do that.
So, you're an uncle?
- You seem surprised.
- No, it's great.
It's actually the best. I'd do
anything for Scout and my sis.
Wait, so the gift shop
is Elise's?
Yeah, she took it over
about a year ago.
- Amazing. Tell her I said hi.
- I will.
- You have any kids of your own?
- Uh...
No, not yet.
I just haven't found the right
person, you know? How 'bout you?
Me? Ha, no.
I mean, someday I hope.
But work's been really busy,
and I just got out of
a relationship, so...
Yeah, just... it wasn't right.
We wanted different things.
I was actually supposed to be in
Turks and Caicos for Christmas.
- But you're here.
- It's a little strange, I know.
I don't think it's strange.
Someone over there
has a reindeer stables.
We have to get really creative
if we want to win.
Yeah, well, we better get
building now! What do you think?
- Yeah? Okay.
- Let's do it.
- Hey, Mom!
- What is that?
Only the coolest
gingerbread house around.
And the snowmen are mine.
It's not finished yet, but
hopefully it's enough to win.
- I'll be rooting for you two.
- Three. Amelia's helping us.
You know Uncle Mike has a friend
named after Amelia Earhart?
Are we talking
about Amelia Hughes?
No big deal. Amelia's in town
visiting Harry for Christmas.
No big deal?
She was your best friend
for most of childhood. He was
pretty obsessed with her.
OK, I was not obsessed.
It was just a minor crush.
- How is she? What's she like?
- Beautiful and really cool.
She's fine. Normal.
- And she says hi.
- Fine? Normal?
I think we're really gonna have
to work on your flirting.
Okay, it's not like that.
She's just a friend.
- Always been just a friend.
- Then maybe you won't mind
dropping this box off
to Harry at the inn?
What am I, your
delivery boy now?
- I prefer Santa's Helper.
- Oh, okay.
(festive music)
- What are you doing?
- Oh, hey.
Just hanging Christmas stockings
for the guests and the staff.
It gives them something
to open Christmas morning.
That's thoughtful... and a lot
of work. You do it every year?
Well, it's become
a bit of a tradition.
Can you give me that one?
We have so many return guests,
we like to personalize it. They
have sort of become like family.
It's thoughtful with
the element of surprise.
- Sorry?
- My investors would love this.
They said Christmas Assist
took the thoughtfulness
out of gift giving,
so... they passed.
Well, sometimes things don't
work out the way we planned,
but it leaves space
for something better.
Are you saying I should go
into the stocking business?
Oh yes, I think it'd be very
lucrative. Difficult to produce
- for millions, though.
- That's why you need an app.
You know, you're
hanging stockings,
but the cabin still doesn't
have a Christmas tree.
Ah, I was hoping that you
would help me with that. Oh--
- Santa's delivery service.
- Mike!
Elise wanted me to bring this
by. Some lights and decorations
from her gift shop
that you put aside.
Then I thought...
a little Christmas
- for your room.
- It's so cute! Thank you.
Mike, what do you think about
helping Amelia find a tree?
You're not coming with me?
I'd love to, but I got
too much to do around here.
Sure, I'd love to help out.
Great. Come on,
get going! Get going!
(festive music)
Ahh! Well?
Let's do this, huh?
- Oh, I remember this smell.
- Yeah, fresh pine trees.
There's something special
about tree hunting.
No offense, but being an
outdoorsy Search and Rescue guy,
I would've thought you cut down
your own tree.
I would, I just wanna,
you know,
- support local businesses.
- Ha! Right, that must be it.
Hey, don't forget,
I'm here helping you.
Do you remember when we were
kids and we used to pick trees?
You always went
for the skinniest one.
They were the runts
of the tree lot.
I was just trying to give them
a chance at a happy Christmas.
- I'm sure they were grateful.
- There it is!
Okay, I can't take that twig
back to the cabin, okay?
Oh, you see that?
Now that is a tree.
Um, no, we'll never be
able to carry that.
Yeah, we can. Come on,
I've got faith in us.
Well, I am glad
one of us does.
- Well, shall we?
- Okay.
I can't believe you still have
these decorations.
I made this macaroni angel
in second grade.
- You loved Christmas Angels.
- You remember that?
- Yeah, of course.
- Maybe it's time for an update.
No, it is perfect.
Okay, well, what do we think?
How does it look?
- It's beautiful.
- It's fantastic.
Yeah. Thanks, guys, for
getting this great tree.
- (phone buzzing)
- Oh, sorry.
One second. Hey, Carrie,
what's going on?
[Hey! Just wanted to see how
it's going. Any inspiration?]
- Oh, yeah, maybe a little. Why?
- [Just wondering,]
[do you want me to put together
a list of other investors,]
- [or go back to Bill Burns?]
- It's four days till Christmas.
Aren't you with your family?
We can worry about it all later.
[What have you done
with my boss?]
- [Merry Christmas, Amelia.]
- You too, Carrie.
- [Bye.]
- Bye.
Thanks so much for
helping me out, both of you.
- Of course, Harry.
- You guys hungry?
What do you say to
some dinner, huh? On me.
- Yeah, that'd be great.
- How about Italian?
I think people are surprised
to see you out at night.
I go out.
- Hi.
- Twice in one day!
Aren't I lucky?
Hi, guys!
- Hi.
- Hi, Pam.
- Looks really great.
- Oh, thanks.
Our special today is garlic
prawn Fettuccini Alfredo.
House made, of course.
- Hard to resist.
- That sounds so good.
Anyway, I'll let you
have a few minutes
- to decide.
- The last time I was here
was when Dad took us out and he
let me order whatever I wanted.
That's because he already knew
that he was leaving.
I knew something was up
when he was so insistent
- on paying for dinner.
- Good evening, everyone.
Thank you for sharing the most
wonderful time of the year
here with us here at Mistletoe.
It's nice to see familiar faces.
This first one goes out
to an old friend.
It was always her favorite.
Welcome home, Amelia.
(playing Deck the Halls)
- Oof! Harry left in a flash.
- He got a call from the inn.
But honestly, I think he
might've been overwhelmed.
You know, I forgot Pamela sings.
You remember when Harry used
to take us to a restaurant
and he and Pamela would sing
together at the piano?
Yeah. There's still something
between them. I can tell.
Yeah. All this time and...
not much has changed,
yet everything has.
It's strange to think how one
moment in time can change
- everything for someone.
- Yeah.
- Why didn't you ever leave?
- Christmas Creek?
I did. I went to flight school.
I was in the air force
- for five years as a pilot.
- You kidding? That's amazing.
My dad got sick, and I wanted
to be here in his final days
so I moved home.
- I had no idea. I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
Harry became the closest thing I
had to family besides my sister.
Elise had Scout,
and Will, her husband,
was away often,
- so I couldn't leave.
- Yeah.
You know, this town
has shown me family in ways
I could never give back.
But I try
I forgot how many stars
there were in the sky.
The benefit of a small town.
Not many lights.
- You haven't left the city?
- Not much.
C'mon, I wanna
show you something.
How did you remember
the inn has a telescope?
Oh, Harry lets me borrow it
whenever I want.
I say it's for Scout,
but... it's really for me.
Being near the stars was the
reason I was drawn to flying,
and flying led me
to Search and Rescue.
I don't know how you do that.
You don't find it scary?
No. Not really.
What scares me most
is all the people
I can't help.
You're a good person, Mike.
Thanks, Meels.
So are you.
I used to think I was.
I had dreams of growing up
and doing something
remarkable, you know?
- Is that what drew you to apps?
- I grew up near the tech world.
I wanted to be
an entrepreneur
and creating an app just seemed
like the smart thing to do.
The world is becoming more
reliant on their devices,
so I just wanted to bring more
convenience into their lives.
- Sounds honorable.
- Is it? I mean, look at you.
You help the people of this town
and kids in need.
You're a hero.
I help people buy things.
I'm just a guy, Meels.
The same guy you knew
growing up.
And you...
are still the same girl I knew.
I don't think that's true.
That girl had wide eyes
and a sense of wonder. I don't
think I have that anymore.
Yeah, you do.
You know why I know?
Because... take a look.
- Oh, wow...
- Isn't it something?
I think that's the Pleiades.
Oh my God...
- Oh, you are going down, Ruggles!
- Whoa!
Ah, it's cold!
You know what, Mike?
I missed this.
I missed it, too.
I love that photo.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Have a good time with Mike?
- Yeah,
we looked at the stars and then
had a snowball fight.
Gingerbread cookies!
Do you mind?
Help yourself.
You know, I forgot
Grandpa used to fly.
Yeah, Dad would bring us up on
weekends. I was so surprised
that Dan didn't take to it.
I suppose his head
was always in the books and my
head was always in the clouds.
- What do you mean?
- Oh, well,
he was a natural
for business.
He used to get on my case about
taking things more seriously,
but I was always
greeting the guests
and being a showman.
A regular Santa Claus.
Yeah, but that's who you are.
It's who you've always been.
- And you're good at it.
- It's no way to run an inn,
and I had to learn
the hard way.
- That's when my life changed.
- But now the inn is successful,
and you've done it by yourself.
I think Dad would be proud.
Why don't you reach out?
Danny and me--
so much has been said
- that can't be unsaid, you know?
- I don't know.
Honestly, I don't even know how
it happened between you and Dad
and why we had to leave so
suddenly on Christmas Eve.
Okay, so... when
Danny got the offer
to work at Baroncrest Hotels
and he said he was leaving,
I was just so...
It was right before Fly By,
and I was just so hurt.
And I said to him:
"Well, if you're leaving,
- you might as well leave now."
- I see.
I know I haven't always dealt
with things in the best way.
I've said a lot of things
I'm not proud of, and...
I'm so sorry that I never
reached out to you guys
over the years. I wanted to.
But for what it's worth, I never
wanted any of you to leave.
I've missed you, Uncle Harry.
I've missed you, too, Amelia.
(He hums We Wish You
a Merry Christmas.)
Ah, there you are.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon. I got caught
working on my app, or trying to,
- and now I need a break.
- Well, perfect timing.
I just made us some lunch,
so help yourself,
take something to eat,
and when you're done,
- come meet me at the plane.
- Are we going flying again?
No, this time we are
decorating it.
- Just like old times.
- That's right. So eat up.
And then she gets me with a
snowball in the back of my neck.
I was shocked,
considering I don't think
she's played in the snow
since she was 13.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
I told you we're just friends.
- It's nice to see you happy.
- I'm always happy.
You've spent your whole life
giving to others.
You make your work, your family,
your charity the most important.
You deserve love, too.
- OK, stop. We're just friends.
- Okay.
Yeah, you just keep on
telling yourself that.
- (phone buzzing)
- Look who it is!
- Scout!
- Is it Dad?
It's Dad!
- Dad, I wrapped your present!
- [You did?]
[I can't wait to get it.
Is your mom there?]
I'm here. Hi, honey,
how are you?
[Hi, sweetie.
I'm good. Good now.]
- When are you coming home?
- [As soon as I can.]
- [Is that Mike in the back?]
- Hey, looking good, Will.
[Hey, Mike. Thanks for taking
care of my girls for me.]
[What are you talking about?
They're keeping an eye on me.]
Will you be home
for Christmas?
[There's nowhere else I wanna
be than home for Christmas.]
[I'm gonna do everything I can
to be there. You just-- ]
Dad? Dad?
Are you there?
It's okay.
I can't believe it's the 40th
Anniversary of Fly By Santa
and you still have
the same plane.
Yeah, well, she's a classic.
Lucky for us, the lake
hasn't frozen over.
That always makes Fly By
a little extra challenging.
Did you always know
what you loved?
Yeah, I've always
loved flying.
I think the things we love are
always a part of who we are.
We just have to remember that.
When I was younger,
I wanted to help people.
Well, you do. I mean,
apps help people,
- don't they?
- They can,
but I'm worried the people who
turned down my app were right.
I'm seeing how much my past has
colored the way I see Christmas.
And now, being here
with you and Mike,
and getting to be a part
of Christmas again,
I'm just not sure what I'm
supposed to do with my life.
Lucky for you, you're
surrounded by the peace
and quiet of this place for
a few days. Maybe afterwards
you'll feel
a little more clear.
- Yeah, maybe.
- It's kind of simple.
Just find out
the thing that you love
and it'll all sort itself out.
Just follow your heart.
That is a lot
of bumper stickers.
I figure one of them
will stick.
So, are you gonna
follow your heart?
We're not talking
about me here.
Maybe not,
but we should be.
Alright. It's looking good.
Yeah, it better, considering
it took us most of the day!
Guess I still make
the best co-pilot, huh?
I thought I was
your best co-pilot?
You know what? I think I'm
gonna let you two guys
battle this out.
I got something I need
to take care of.
Okay, see ya.
- Came to see if you're hungry?
- Yes, starving.
Oh, and I know where Uncle Harry
keeps the best snacks.
- Really?
- Come on. Yeah.
You ever wonder what our lives
would be like if I didn't move?
Yeah, sometimes.
Are you happy that you stayed?
Yeah, I mean,
I went to the air force
knowing I was gonna come back
and raise a family. I just
came back a little sooner.
Yeah, I guess I just
always imagined my life
to look different. You know, I'd
like to get married one day,
but can you imagine my dad
and Uncle Harry at a wedding?
Not exactly the place
for a family reunion.
And I certainly don't want
my kids growing up
thinking families that
don't talk are normal.
Well, what would you do
For starters, I wouldn't be
afraid to tell my parents
- that I'm here.
- They don't know you're here?
It's okay that
you want to be here.
And... I'm really glad
that you are.
I am, too.
Here's a crazy idea.
What if we're meant to be here,
roasting chestnuts
on an open fire,
and you being here
is gonna, you know,
get your dad and Harry
back together again?
I love your hopeful optimism,
but that is very unlikely.
Do you ever wish
you could just go back in time
and change that moment?
You mean the moment
when you left?
Yeah, I do.
Life is a lot
out of our control,
and we should
just be grateful
about moments like this.
- Oh, it's hot.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Let me see.
Uh, sorry to interrupt...
- Scout's on the phone for you.
- Thanks, I'll be right there.
- I guess we better go, huh?
- Yeah, I guess so.
Oh, sorry, the kitchen
is closed. Hi.
Actually, I...
just came by to see you.
- Can I get you a drink?
- Oh yeah, that'd be nice.
- How about a glass of your--
- I remember.
- Oh. Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Well... cheers.
- Cheers.
- It's been a long time since--
- It was lovely hearing--
- Ladies first.
- I was going to say,
it's been a long time
since I've heard you play.
And it was lovely hearing you.
- It just brought back...
- A lot of memories?
Yeah. Good ones.
Care to join me?
Should auld acquaintance
Be forgot
And never brought
To mind?
Should auld acquaintance
Be forgot
And auld lang syne
For auld lang syne
My jo
For auld lang syne
We'll take a cup
Of kindness yet
For auld lang syne
- Good morning!
- Morning.
- What are you up to?
- Sleeping.
- I was hoping to get your help.
- For the Gingerbread House?
Actually, something different.
Meet me in the lobby in ten?
Hey, you started without me.
Well, you're a little late.
I said ten minutes.
I was only like
eleven minutes.
Well, you look nice.
Thank you.
Wow, look at all these toys. The
kids are going to be so happy.
Yeah. It's my favorite part
of Fly By Santa. The faces.
- Thanks for helping.
- Oh, of course.
I'm happy to. Please.
It's all about
the giving, right?
Well, lunch is on me.
Alright, who am I kidding?
It's all about the receiving.
- Amelia!
- Hi!
Mike! Hi! Wow!
I was just thinking about you.
I just filled a box
with toys
for Fly By Santa.
That is great. Thank you.
- We're actually here for lunch.
- Well!
- Well, sit anywhere you'd like.
- Great, thank you.
Can I bring you
a glass of wine?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- Great.
Is it just me,
or does Pamela
- look happier than last time?
- Yeah, she sure does.
What are you going to get?
Oh. Um... maybe the steak?
You're gonna get the steak
at an Italian restaurant?
The steak is the right
choice in any restaurant,
and it is amazing here,
- for the record.
- Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
Okay, here we go.
That's for you. That's for you.
- Have you had a chance to decide?
- Yes. I'll have the spaghetti.
- Good choice.
- The steak. Medium.
You got it.
- Skaal.
- Skaal.
- I love this place.
- I practically have a tab here.
- Do you cook much?
- Yeah, a little.
It's not so much fun
cooking on your own.
- Yeah, I know what you mean.
- I'm, uh... I'm officiating
the Tree Lighting
tonight for fun.
You could be my date--
I mean, if you want.
Yeah, I would love to.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Okay. Be fun, right?
Yeah, it will.
I recommend heading into town
this afternoon for our Annual
Tree Lighting and Gingerbread
House Contest.
(buzzing sound)
Uh, excuse me.
Uh, this is Nathan
from Hughes' Family Inn.
Amelia? Uh, she's not here.
Can I take a message?
Maybe Harry can help you
with your concern.
One moment, please.
Hello? Hello?
They hung up.
- Whose phone is this?
- Amelia's.
Oh, and I'm doing the final
toy pick-up tomorrow
- before Fly By Santa, wanna join?
- Yeah, that sounds fun.
- Yeah? Good.
- Yeah.
- Amelia, there you are.
- Uncle Harry,
we just went into town for
lunch. Is everything okay?
- Your phone was ringing.
- I left my phone here? Oops.
Nathan answered it, he handed
the phone to me, and well...
Mom and Dad called?
They know I'm here.
[Hi there, you've
reached the Hughes.]
[We're not here right now.
Please leave a message.]
Hey, everything okay?
I tried calling.
They're not answering.
I'm sure
everything is fine.
Try not to jump to conclusions.
Please don't tell me
not to jump to conclusions.
I know my dad,
he's going to be upset.
- What do I say?
- How about the truth?
- Come on, we should get going.
- No,
- I gotta check on Uncle Harry.
- Meels, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I just...
I have to talk to Uncle Harry.
I tried calling,
- and they won't answer.
- Well, you're lucky.
They hung up on me before
I had a chance to say hello.
- I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault.
I don't know
what I was expecting.
My brother has always
been stubborn.
- Us Hughes are all stubborn.
- Yeah.
I was rude to Mike.
And he left.
I'm sure
Mike understands.
My ex Brad says that I push
people away when I get upset.
I have no idea
what that feels like.
It must be
our family pattern.
I'm pretty sure all my problems
are because of what happened
all those years ago...
I lost you, and Mike, and--
You did not lose Mike, and
you certainly haven't lost me.
I worry. Ever since then,
I don't really let people in.
I'm not going anywhere,
Amelia, OK?
Me neither, Uncle Harry.
They called,
so what?
I'm not gonna let it ruin
my night, are you?
- No, sir.
- Hm!
(festive music)
- Hey.
- Oh, hey!
- Brought you hot chocolate.
- Oh! You're sweet.
Well, it's Christmas
and everything.
Perfect timing. I was just
closing up shop.
Harry, what's going on?
Nothing, I'm....
you know, just drinking
- hot chocolate...
- I mean...
You know what I mean.
Look, I know I made
a lot of mistakes
the biggest mistake I made
was letting you walk away.
I didn't fight
for our relationship,
when I should have.
I want to believe you,
but I don't know if I can I
trust that things have changed.
I get that. I do.
But with Amelia home,
we've had some... pretty
interesting conversations.
I saw how much I was letting
my life pass by, and...
I'm not willing
to do that anymore.
I guess I was just so afraid
that you were going to leave me
that I pushed you away first.
So I don't blame you
for giving up on me.
And I'm sorry
I hurt you the way I did.
But you've always had my heart.
- The mistletoe's a nice touch.
- I did it for the restaurant.
Okay, maybe I was hopeful.
Well, in that case,
will you be my date,
- and join me in the Town Square?
- I would love to.
- (bell jingling)
- Good evening, Christmas Creek!
My name Mike Ruggles
and I'm proud to officiate
the Annual Tree Lighting
and Gingerbread House Contest!
(cheers and applause)
You know, there's a reason why
I've called this town my home
for almost 30 years,
and this year,
you've outdone yourselves.
Everything looks amazing.
So, without further ado,
on the count of three,
let us light the tree!
One, two...
(cheers and applause)
Brilliant work, everybody!
- Amelia!
- Elise, hi!
- Merry Christmas!
- So good to have you home.
- Nice to see you.
- I'm gonna go to Scout.
Alright, last chance to check
out the Gingerbread Houses
and also get your vote in here.
We will tally the winner soon,
and may the best house win!
- I'm sorry about earlier, Mike.
- It's okay.
No, it's not. I was pushing
you away. You didn't deserve it.
I wasn't just trying
to make you feel better.
I meant it. I know
everything's gonna be okay.
I hope so. All I want for is
for my family rift to be healed,
all of us to be happy.
This was the first Christmas
I was actually
enjoying in a while,
and now I'm just worried
about my parents.
Don't lose hope, okay?
(bell jingling)
Duty calls.
- I'll see you in a bit.
- Okay.
Alright, folks, the votes
are in... and the winner
of the Gingerbread House
Contest is... none other
than my very own niece,
Scout Redding!
I had nothing to do
with the voting, I promise.
Mom, can you take a photo
- for Dad?
- Yes, yes. Ready?
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Enjoy the festivities!
I'll never forget
the look on Scout's face
- for as long as I live.
- Hey, how about a cup
- of hot apple cider?
- Yeah, I'll come with you.
Mom, Dad?
- What're you doing here?
- We came for Christmas.
- Danny?
- Hi, brother.
- This cider's really good.
- Oh, thank you.
It's a Hughes family recipe.
We used to make it as a family.
The inn looks good.
Thanks. We're all booked up,
but I'm sure we can figure out
a place for you to stay.
Actually, we had an early
check-out this morning,
so I put them upstairs.
I hope that's okay?
- Great. Put them on my bill.
- You don't have to pay for me,
- darling.
- Dad, please, I want to.
We can take care
of our own bill.
Alright, you guys,
if you want to get changed,
- Christmas dinner's almost ready.
- Great.
I know Christmas isn't
for two days, but we've got
a lot of Christmases
to make up for, so I thought
- we should start now.
- This is wonderful, thank you.
- Everything looks delicious.
- Thank you, Helena
and Pamela. Thank you.
Growing up in Denmark,
my most precious memories
were of the long smorgasbord
meals around the table.
I've missed this... So here is
to our family,
all together again.
- Merry Christmas! Skaal!
- (all): Skaal!
Well, I am grateful
to be included. Thank you.
Of course. You're family.
You've always been there for me
- and I really appreciate that.
- Is that supposed to mean
I wasn't there for you?
Well, those are
your words, not mine.
You know, you can pretend
everything was fine,
but you knew as well as I did
the inn was struggling.
- I couldn't do it by myself.
- You weren't. We were partners.
Mom and Dad built this inn
so you and I could run this.
Except I did all the work! And
we could barely make ends meet,
let alone support two families,
so I made a choice.
- The one I had to make...
- You made the choice
of going all the way
across the country
and becoming CFO
of some company?
Will you both
please stop?
Honey, why didn't you
tell us you were here,
spending Christmas
with my brother?
I had to find out
from the bellman.
Actually, I'm the front desk
clerk. Not important.
Enjoy your dinner.
I'm sorry.
I didn't tell you because
I knew you would be upset.
I had a right to come home.
Uncle Harry is my uncle.
This isn't my feud, and I feel
like I've been in the middle
of it my entire life.
I'm tired of it.
- Honey.
- No. If we don't have
each other, then what do we
have? Look at us. We're all...
adults and yet we're just
behaving like children.
Amelia! Honey, wait!
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
This is why I do Turks and
Caicos alone every Christmas
instead of spending it with
family. I'll never be able
- to fix this.
- Look, you're upset,
I understand, but you don't have
to leave.
You can stay at my sister's
tonight. Let everyone cool off.
You don't get it.
You don't know them like I do.
- It won't work.
- I'm just trying to help.
I don't want your help.
I'm sorry.
The Amelia I know wouldn't
walk away from her family
when they need her most.
Please don't go.
Oh, uh, you guys are leaving?
I think it's best.
Harry, have you seen Amelia?
She won't answer our calls.
I think she was sleeping
this morning when I left.
- Maybe she went into town?
- Well, now I'm worried.
- I'm sure she's fine, Helena.
- I'm going to ask Nathan
if he's seen or heard from her.
You've been running this
all yourself?
Uh, yes,
apart from Nathan.
Hm. Who's
your accountant?
I am. I had to learn.
- You did a great job, Harry.
- I suppose
you're gonna point out all the
ways in which I failed, yeah?
I'm serious. Mom and
Dad would be proud.
This is exactly
what they wanted.
Thanks. That means
a lot coming from you.
I lost my job
in San Francisco,
which is why we moved to
Chicago. I gave them everything
and they replaced me with a kid
fresh out of college.
Danny, why didn't you
say anything?
I was embarrassed, after
all we've been through...
I tried to do right by my family
and now I'm jobless.
Nathan said that Amelia's car
is gone. She left last night.
Hey. Can I get you
another coffee?
I'm good. Hey, thank you for
letting me stay at your place
last night. I just...
I needed some space.
Loving the Hughes family
isn't always easy,
but over the years,
I've learned
that if you give them time,
eventually they come around.
I hope so.
Oh, my friend Judy
took these at
the Tree Lighting.
- Might cheer you up.
- Thanks, Pamela.
Of course.
- (ringing)
- [Amelia?]
- [Well, this is a surprise.]
- Hi, Bill.
I'm so sorry to bother you
on Christmas Eve.
I just had a new take on the
Christmas app that I wanted
- to share with you right away.
- [Okay.]
- [Well, I'm listening.]
- I'm thinking the app will be
a charity focused on bringing
people together, so that no one
has to celebrate Christmas
alone. It's about the gift
that matters most: Being present
rather than giving presents.
[I like the sound
of that. I think]
[it's exactly what we're looking
for. After the holidays,]
[let's sit down
and talk specifics.]
- I would love that. Thank you.
- [Thank you.]
- [Oh! Merry Christmas.]
- Merry Christmas!
- You heading out?
- Yeah, I'm ready. What's this?
I just got this
from the Fly By Santa run.
Maybe you wouldn't mind
delivering these to Mike for me?
Mike? Umm...
Amelia... don't shut him out.
Don't walk away from him like
I did Harry. You'll regret it,
- trust me.
- You're right.
Thank you, Pamela.
Mom? I'm okay.
Can you all meet me in the cabin
in thirty minutes?
- Amelia?
- I'm in here.
- Honey, you're here.
- We were so worried!
I know. I'm sorry.
Wanna have a seat?
The cabin looks
almost the same.
Didn't really have
a reason to change it.
Harry puts up stockings
for all the guests
who stay at the inn
over Christmas
because they have become
like family to him.
I thought it was important to do
it for those who are my family.
Since I've been here,
I've seen townspeople treat
neighbors like family
and I was reminded what the
spirit of Christmas is about.
It has nothing to do with gifts,
and everything to do with who
we spend our time with.
There are people who have lost
their family and would do
anything to spend time with them
again and here we are, a family,
and we've turned on each other
when we needed one another most.
Dad, you chose to leave
because you thought it was
the best thing for your family.
And Uncle Harry,
you took on the inn
and saved it from closure
without anyone else's help.
You both had
the best intentions.
You both sacrificed
a part of your lives
for something bigger than
yourselves. You're more the same
than you are different.
So why are you too stubborn
to see that?
It makes me so sad.
Love and family are truly
the most important things
in the world.
That's what Christmas Creek
and this inn is all about.
If we don't have
each other,
then what do we have?
At last!
Thank you, honey,
for coming back
to the inn and bringing us
back together.
- I'm so glad that you came.
- I'm sorry for keeping you
from your uncle and
from Christmas Creek.
I know a lot of this
was my fault.
Yeah, kinda, but it was
also my fault, too.
You know, I managed
this place without you,
and it wasn't easy and it wasn't
always fun. There happens to be
a job opening that's
presented itself. CFO.
If you want your old job back,
we can run this inn
the way Mom and Dad
intended, as a family.
That is, if you're
looking for work.
I've never wanted
anything more.
But you know,
I do have a few ideas on how
we could streamline things.
OK, feel free to leave them in
the suggestion box in the lobby.
Um, you know what? If you
don't mind, there is someplace
that I really need to be.
You know,
before you go,
I've got a little
proposition for you.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you. Thank you.
Baseball bat! Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
- You're here...
- Pamela asked me
to give this to you.
I'm so sorry.
I never left.
I couldn't, because you're
right. It's not who I am.
All that matters to me
are the people I love.
My family is going to be okay.
And the only person that
I wanted to tell was you.
Mike, you always were
my best friend,
the person who had my back,
but now you are
so much more than that.
You are the brightest light
I know. I can't lose you again.
I love you, Mike Ruggles.
That was--
- A lot, I know.
- Amazing.
I've been waiting
17 years to do that.
So have I.
I love you, Meels.
I always have.
- That is a lot of presents.
- Yeah.
I hope Harry's okay with an
extra-large delivery tonight.
Actually, Harry wanted
to take the night off,
so I said that we would
do Fly By Santa.
What do you think?
I think that would be awesome.
Come on, help me pack it up.
Oh boy, this feels
like Christmas.
- Dad? He's here. Mom, look!
- Hey!
- Scout! Oh!
- I can't believe you're here!
I can't believe you're home!
I thought you weren't
gonna make it.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I wanted to surprise you.
I love you so much.
How many deliveries
do we make?
Just the two
neighboring towns.
They only have access by plane.
So, you ready, Mrs. Claus?
Um, not yet.
Merry Christmas, Mike.
All this time and...
not much has changed.
Yet everything has.
It's perfect.
Thank you. My turn.
I've been holding onto this
for a long time.
You left before I could
give it to you that night.
- A Christmas Angel!
- You'll always be my Angel.
I love it, Mike.
Thank you.
You know, we'll see each
other, we'll figure it out.
You can fly to me
and I'll fly to you--
I'm not worried.
We found each other again,
and I'm not letting you go.
- Remember how to fly this thing?
- Um, yes.
- Uncle Harry already took me up.
- Oh, he did?
Well, come on, then.
Watch your step. There you go.
- are you ready, Mrs. Claus?
- With you, Ruggles... always.
(engine starting)
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year