Return To Snowy River (1988) Movie Script

Are they wild horses, Dad?
Someone's gone
to a lot of trouble
to put that mob
You won't find
better anywhere.
It's the man
himself... Jim Craig.
From Snowy River?
That's him...
a long way
from home.
I'll look
after him.
Thanks, son.
You were cracking
on the pace, Jim.
You goin' back
for good?
Yep. I been away
long enough.
I suppose so,
but still,
you'll be missed
in these parts.
Thanks, mate.
Well, I've got
my stake together now.
Not a bad one,
They're the best
I've seen...
for thousands of miles.
You gonna breed them?
Before I left home,
I let that wild stallion
and his mob loose.
I'll let him
cover these mares.
Big plans.
Spare me that, mate.
Was it Denny that ran down
that stallion, Mr. Craig?
Jim. Yep, that's him, all right.
About due for a rest,
I reckon.
Remember Harrison?
He had a daughter, didn't he?
Right. Right.
That's as good
a reason as any
for going home
in a hurry.
Ha ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
What are you after, Seb?
or something bigger?
I thought
I'd come and see
if the place
was all right.
Why the rifle?
A few funny things
have been happening.
Like what?
Cattle and horses
They reckon we've
been party-dodgin'.
Stealing cattle?
Surely not.
No more than usual.
Only what you
can eat.
It's traditional.
Those big knobs below
want a bit of our grazing.
They've been
serving us papers.
Legal papers?
I don't know.
I found use for them.
Ha ha ha!
Someone took a shot
at your old stallion.
He's all right.
Who was it?
Could have been anyone
who's blamed him
for every horse
gone missing.
That's just about
He's not exactly
housetrained, is he?
Anyway, you're back
for a while.
Back for good, Seb.
Just one more
thing to do.
I hope things
go the way
you want them to
down there.
Let's get
a fire going.
Glad you're home.
Mr. Simmons tells me
you've been riding
that colt again.
I employ a jockey
to do that.
I know, but I get
faster times.
Is that true?
Where is
this great jockey
you begged me
to hire?
Trying to lose
He gets fat
off me,
then I pay to lighten
his carcass.
I want that colt flying
by this weekend.
These are
my home grounds.
I intend to win
that race.
That's all.
Get that jockey
into condition.
Lousy weather.
Ahh... old and cold, Jess.
Old and cold.
I want you
to change
into something more feminine
before lunch.
We have guests.
I should have
Percentages, balance sheets,
and interest rates
make such fascinating
His son
will be there.
Good. Alistair should
liven things up a bit.
And when you're
running this place,
you'll be glad for these
business meetings, lady.
Me... run the place?
I thought I had to
snare somebody eligible
so he can run it,
or think he does.
Like I do, right?
And listen, Jess,
wear plenty of frills.
If we're going to keep
this place growing,
we're going to need
Mr. Patton and his loans.
G'day, Denny.
You have a rest,
old mate.
Time to teach one
of these youngsters
a thing or two, eh?
Well, this is
a first-class turnout.
Does you credit.
Thanks, Patton.
I was talking
to some others.
We're impressed.
We must see more of you.
I'll drink to that.
I can get
my own glass.
See to
Mr. Patton's glass.
Once the bank has
decided to back you...
and I'm sure
my directors will...
great things
are possible.
Well, I'm looking
forward to it.
If our ties extended
beyond mortgages,
I would say
the sky's the limit.
It's an interesting
proposition, Patton,
but that's
up toJessica.
Of course.
Oh, excuse me.
Colonel Hawker.
Someone I'd like
you to meet.
Colonel Hawker, Indian Army.
to meet you.
Colonel Hawker comes
from India every year
and buys the best
cavalry horses.
His, of course.
the poor season,
I can still
give you 500.
Excuse me.
You, look after
the gentlemen.
Interesting man.
Has he
been here long?
more or less.
Don't know a lot
about him.
Yankee originally.
Made some money
gold digging.
Not exactly a first-class background.
Not like us, eh?
No, indeed.
Your family came
from the Percys
on the Scottish
Most certainly did.
Mine were
the Monraths.
My lot used to
hang your lot...
as cattle thieves.
This, Mr. Simmons,
is the problem.
You want
the horse to win?
Let the jockey
handle it.
Where is our fat
jockey this morning?
Um, he took
some medicine,
so he had to go to...
He should stay there.
Ah, Miss Harrison.
Mr. Patton, hello.
Excuse me.
Charming girl.
She has a mind
of her own.
It's the highest
stepping fillies
that make
the best mares, eh?
Mr. Harrison. Father.
Come on, Harrison.
This is going to be
worth watching.
Ladies and gentlemen...
the Regimental Trophy holder,
Lieutenant Patton,
will now demonstrate
the skill-at-arms course.
That's the way!
I'm awfully sorry.
It's all right.
You missed.
Are you looking
for the stables?
No. Jessica Harrison.
Have you seen her?
Well, yes, but...
who would be asking for her?
That was good
riding out there.
My name's Jim Craig.
The one
we've heard about?
Could be.
You were lucky
that day.
Mainly old stages
there, I hear.
was invited.
You're out
of your class here.
Mr. Collins.
Good afternoon,
Harry Hawker.
Jim Craig.
Will starters and riders
move onto the track?
Could you spare me
a minute, Jim?
I noticed
your horse.
I was coming over
for a closer look.
He's a good type...
learning quickly.
Just the one?
No. I've got
about 100 of them.
Will you excuse
me, Harry?
It was good
to meet you.
And you.
Where the devil
is Summer Cloud?
Already out there.
A bit overanxious?
Not a good sign.
I wouldn't fuss
about that.
My Highland Laddie
has got the edge on your fellow.
That's easy
to say, Patton.
I've got 100
to back that up.
Come on!
What is that
jockey doing?
It's moving.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
You lost.
Thank you, Patton.
Good horse, that.
Yeah, I know.
I broke him in.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
What are you
doing out there?
The jockey
was missing.
You just happened
to be available.
Where is that
bloody jockey?
Somebody locked me
in the outhouse.
you're sacked.
You're both
Working for you two
is like being caught
in a meat grinder.
I want you to go
in the house
and change...
right now.
Hello, Jess.
Well, Craig...
it's been a long time.
G'day, Mr. Harrison.
I don't recall having
invited you today.
No. I came
to seeJessica.
I could come back
Well, you're not welcome here,
today, tomorrow, anytime.
I'm sorry
to hear that.
Do you still speak
forJessica, too?
I don't argue
with drifters.
Father, please.
Come with me, Jess.
I know it's been
a long time,
but I've got
a start for us.
You've been thinking
of me, then?
That's good.
I know you Hicks are
slow on the uptake,
but you're
setting a record.
I don't know who
you think you are,
but you're
not part of this.
You've been away
too long.
You don't know
who's part of what.
your clothes, Jess.
Get off this property...
There are better ways
to make your point.
You'd call that
a live prisoner.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
It was more
than a loutish display.
It was contempt
for our values.
We must get rid
of that riffraff
and acquire the grazing areas
for the valley.
It's easier said
than done.
Don't be too sure.
I will have a bill
before the house.
In view
of our undertakings,
I can count
on your support?
You're saying
I support you
or I have bank problems.
Right, Patton?
It's a fraction bold,
but I see you get
the general drift.
Ha ha ha ha!
Blimey! You're enough
to make a saint swear!
no saints here.
you can do
the loaves-and-fishes thing
with pounds!
Miserable sinners!
When you come
to confession,
you'll laugh
on the other side of your faces.
When that's finished,
we'll be too old to sin!
Either get on
about your business
or contribute to God's work
with labor or cash.
You must be new
around here.
Been away.
There used to be
only a small mine here.
Yes, a fellow named Spur
grubbed his life away here.
After he died, they found it,
Found what?
The mother lode,
A pity they don't dig as deep
into their pockets.
G'day, Seb.
Come and have a beer.
G'day, Mrs. Darcy.
Hello, Sebastian.
This is Jim Craig.
It didn't go well
down there?
I didn't think they'd put out
the red carpet.
It was like
a red rag to a bull.
We know they'd like
to run us out.
What are the boys
doing about that?
If you don't
stir the possum,
it won't bite you.
What can we do?
[Plays Piano]
I'm glad to hear
you're playing again.
It's been too long.
Do you think maybe
you could play some other tune?
It's not a tune.
It's a sonata.
the hell it is!
If you're pining
for that drifter Craig,
you're just
wasting your time.
Jim isn't
a drifter.
The man disappears
into the mountains for months.
No one sees or hears
from him.
Whatever he is,
he won't be back here, Jess.
Now, I thought
you accepted that.
You haven't been
outside this house in days.
Everyone's been
asking for you.
Oh! I thought this is
where you wanted me,
looking decorative,
waiting for suitors to call.
One has called...
Alistair Patton...
and I'm running out
of excuses.
Then tell him
I don't want to see him.
That's fine,
either way.
You both treated Jim disgracefully.
I am sick
ofJim Craig!
Well, I am not!
He could never belong here.
You do.
And so does
Alistair Patton.
Affections are related
to property, no?
You are aggravating!
A chip off the old block!
I don't care
about the Pattons!
Neither do I!
What are we
arguing about?
Are you leaving today?
No... not yet.
I want to check
a friend's affairs.
I bet he's still smiling
away to himself up there.
How's that?
He willed this place
to fossickers around these hills.
That's not playing the game
by the rules.
None of these people
work for bosses.
The Gentry
can't digest that.
Well, long live
Eureka Creek!
Heh heh.
Excuse me.
I came to talk
to you.
believe it
when I saw you
It was like
an illusion.
I want to know
why you were away
for so long.
To get a start
for us.
Why is accumulating things
so important?
Because I've seen
the lack of it.
I don't want that
for you.
Things change.
Is there
someone else?
They've made
plans for me
Alistair Patton.
I'm not going through with it...
but I can't come
up here with you.
Why not?
My father.
He needs me now
more than he ever did before.
The Pattons are the most powerful
family in the district.
If we were together,
they would break him.
Then they'd come
after everybody here.
Your people would
turn against you because of me.
You're taking too much
on yourself, Jess.
I've given this
a lot of thought.
It would
drive us apart, Jim.
Dear father,
I had to seeJim.
Don't be angry with me.
I must do this my way.
Are you just
letting her go?
Do you mind
if I ask why?
For a lot of reasons.
Oh, really?
It's better this way.
For whom, Jake?
You just say it
straight out?
Better for your own
And better for Harrison's
own selfish interests,
no doubt,
you've been told.
Just leave things
as they are.
Broaden your minds.
Have another beer.
Have two!
Hah! Hah!
I won't let you go.
We're not
messing up our lives
doing what others
think is right.
You've thought of me,
your father,
almost everyone else.
All right...
but what about you?
What do you want?
I want you.
You two
can head back.
Let's go home, Jess.
Time's past
for that, Harrison.
Let's talk straight.
Are you coming
with me?
Father, please,
don't do this.
You can't have it
both ways this time.
Either come
with me now...
or stay with him.
I love you both.
It's me or him, Jess.
It doesn't have
to be a choice.
I want to be
with Jim.
All right.
All right,
stay with him, then.
You're just
like your mother.
All right, Jack.
Heh heh.
a good time, love?
Well, look who's here.
Well, here's the bloody
silver spoon again.
What did daddy
give you
for Christmas
this year?
A healthy dislike
for dimwits.
A shout for the bar.
- Yay!
- Yay!
What do you want?
What have you got?
Well, I'll start
with a rum...
and see where we go
from there.
Where have you been?
Don't worry
about it.
Just concentrate
on what you know best.
Haven't seen you around
for a while.
I better buy
a drink.
I could triple
that roll for you.
We can count on about
There are 8 good fillies.
They're very good.
Are they for sale?
We'll keep
most for breeding.
I supply large numbers
of remounts every year,
regardless of conditions.
That's why I deal with people
like the Pattons.
They turn off
guaranteed numbers.
So you're not interested
in small lots?
Put bluntly,
it's not worth my while.
What if we're not talking
about small lots?
How about 100 a year?
Every family here
can turn off
half a dozen horses
in a year.
I'm looking for quality,
not stock horses.
The mountain horse
is bred for quality.
You'll need
People here go
their own way.
You needn't worry.
Jim's good
at getting people
to see things
his way.
All right.
I'll be back
in a week.
If you show me the numbers,
we'll talk contracts.
Hey, there!
Giddy-up, there!
Block them up here.
Hold them.
That brown horse,
And, uh...
the tall bay mare there
should do.
You certainly go
for the best.
That's what
I promised him.
Drop them off
at the new yards.
All together,
there's 74.
We'll go
to Bryce's now.
Come on, darlin',
if you fall asleep there,
I'll never move you.
I never
would've believed
I could feel so tired
and so happy at once.
Take it
a bit easier.
All my life,
I've been judged by who I am.
Up here it's just
what I am that matters.
You've always had that.
You know how good
it feels.
You've earned it.
I'll keep earning it.
Did you know Craig
is trying
to undercut us
with Hawker?
Not afraid of competition,
are we?
He's slimy.
They're eating
out of his hand.
That's the first time
you've complimented him.
If you call it that.
Who'd want to lead
the hairy unwashed?
It's time we
paid him a visit.
Let him know
we're serious.
People like that
should not be allowed
to stand in the way
of progress.
Have you spoken
to your father about this?
I don't have to.
A nod's as good
as a wink.
We're all looking
for action, right?
This is stupid,
and it's wrong.
Worse, it'll
bounce back on you.
Ask him about
his real motive.
LikeJessica Harrison.
Shut up,
Yellow-streak Collins.
If that's the way
you want it,
I'm waiting.
I'll save my energies
for Craig.
Ha ha ha!
See you at
the debutante's ball.
Ha ha ha!
Yes, sir!
Ha ha ha!
What is it?
I heard something.
Settle them down.
There's nothing here.
Ah ha!
Ha ha ha!
Oh! Ha ha!
Very funny.
Ha ha ha!
Well, come on,
let's go.
We've already lost
two hours of light.
Did you hear
about last night?
Alistair Patton
and his mob of mates
ran into that stallion
of yours.
Oh, yeah?
Young McKay was killed.
We'll talk
to you alone.
We'll both hear
what you have to say.
You were warned
this might happen.
Bringing her up here.
McKay's death
is a consequence.
How do you
figure that?
It was bound to happen.
Now those rich mongrels
will beat us with it.
You put it all
on Jessica?
That's not right,
and you know it.
We're being mindful
of our families.
She should go back
to where she belongs!
We're staying here!
Well, it's your problem,
and you fix it
on your own.
And you
shoot that stallion...
or I will.
I liked Jim McKay.
He had such a happy...
Don't, Jess.
And now he's dead.
You mustn't
blame yourself.
Can't you see?
It's turned out
exactly as I said it would.
It's got nothing
to do with us.
They made
their own decisions.
Will you stop
telling me
we're not responsible
for our decisions!
If you hadn't
stopped me going home,
this wouldn't
have happened!
I'll be back
in a while, all right?
Do you want to
earn some money?
when they're
over the border.
Worth a fortune.
Settling a score,
are we?
Does it matter?
I prefer
straight-out business.
If we start immediately,
we can't fail.
I'll need a tithing
to convince the boys.
You could buy them
for a beer.
But... to show you.
How far?
About 10 minutes.
She's not here,
Where is she?
I don't know.
The place was empty.
Where you
off to?
To find her.
Back down, I think.
In case I'm wrong,
will you stay here?
Thanks. See you.
Help me, Harrison.
Why don't you go
to the police?
That's what
they're for.
I don't want
the police in this.
You know the country
up there.
I want you to
bring Alistair back.
You mean you want me
to stop him
from doing
something stupid.
Bring Alistair back,
and your loan
goes straight through.
How is it every
conversation with you
turns to money?
This wouldn't
have happened
if you controlled
your daughter.
It's notJessica who's rampaging
like some spoiled child.
Your daughter
is responsible
for Alistair's
state of mind.
She lied to him,
led him on,
played the coquette
with him.
You know,
you're a very lucky man.
Not so long ago,
you'd be dead right now.
But I'm going to
make allowances
because of the worry
your son's caused you.
My daughter's
been the only honest person
in this
whole affair.
We're the ones
who tried to twist
every advantage
out of it.
And now, I've been
patient enough
with you, Mr. Patton.
Here's your
loan application...
and there's the door.
You're finished
with the bank.
Ha ha ha!
That's a different
story altogether.
I must love you.
Couldn't get any further
than Eureka Creek.
Someone get
a doctor!
Are you all right?
Nothing horsehair
and gum sapling won't fix.
What happened?
They were driving away
your horses.
They just ran
straight over me.
I recognized
Alistair Patton.
There's a mob of them.
Get him inside!
Now do we start
to fight them?
The scores are even.
One of theirs
for one of ours.
That's your own son!
I'm talking about
all our women and kids.
Oh, no!
He can't go alone.
Come on, Den.
Need you
for this one.
All right.
Come on, Den.
Hss! Giddup!
Tell them to
ease up a bit.
Nobody's going to
trouble us out here.
Hss! Come on!
Come on!
That's it!
Whoa! Back!
That's Craig.
He's outsmarted himself
up there.
There's no way down.
Don't forget who he is.
You killed him.
I'm going
to make sure.
No bloody fear!
Let's get
out of it!
Oh, no.
Not you.
Oh, what have I done?
I'm so sorry...
my poor old friend.
Get back! Go on!
Get back!
Hold on, big man.
Yeah, you know me,
don't you?
I need your help.
That's it.
I'm not going
to hurt you.
Just stand.
That's it.
I'm going to
touch you now.
Come on,
you wild old thing.
Good man.
Have a look at this.
Have a look
at it.
Just have
a look at it.
Come on.
It's all right.
Steady! Steady!
Steady, now.
Just stand.
All right.
Get back here, you.
Easy, boy. Easy.
Well, let's go!
- Hah!
- Hah!
That's it!
Heh heh heh.
Come on.
Hurry up.
[Whips Crack]
Get going!
[Whips Crack]
They're on to us!
There he is!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Down river!
Ha ha ha!
Split up!
We'll get round
in front of them.
Let's get out of here!
Get around them!
Get in there, lads!
Look out!
It's all right.
All right.
You're the best,
old man.
You should be free.
Off you go.
It's all right now,
Ohh, thank God.
Well, I really
missed you, Jess.
I missed you, too.
I was wrong...
and I was stupid.
I'm sorry.
Never heard you
say that before.
But you're here.
You're both here.
Nothing else matters.