Return to Zero (2014) Movie Script

Round your back, please.
That's it.
This is the local.
It is in preparation
for the epidural.
We've also just started
a pitocin drip
Which should induce labor within
the next eight hours or so.
It's hard to grasp what a
contraction actually feels like.
So I want each of you,
partners and dads included,
To grab an ice cube
and grip it in your hand
As hard and as long as you can.
I'm gonna time you.
It's a piece of cake.
Oh, you won't get in our pool
unless it's 90 degrees.
Which is why I built a Jacuzzi.
Okay. Begin.
This exercise is to illustrate
How different
each of our pain thresholds are.
A woman's pain threshold
Is often quite a bit more
than a man's.
Ohh, did you hear that?
Quite a bit.
Quite a bit higher than a man's.
You're a man.
Now, if it gets to be
too much for you,
You're perfectly welcome
to just let go.
I think she's talking to you.
I think she's talking directly to you.
46 seconds.
I've seen worse.
We're gonna need more booze.
Mom's friends are going through
it like it's spring break.
Are you eating the cake?
Are you eating the cake?
You're eating the cake.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Did you see what...
What was that for?
When was the last time
I pulled you in the hallway
To tell you how much I love you?
Then I'm a damn fool.
It's Saturday.
I know.
You have to get that.
We got company.
Wow! Remind me to have your mom
plan my baby shower.
This isn't even my baby shower.
I know.
That's my point exactly.
Looks at this, amazing.
Look at all these people.
I know. They're all mom's friends
off facebook. What are you gonna do?
Tweedledee and tweedledum.
Oh, that never gets old,
Mom, what part of "no presents"
do people not understand?
Oh, they're mostly
from your dad and me.
And don't worry... They're gender-Neutral.
Isn't this perfect that
you're having a baby together?
Tell me how excited you are.
Oh, just beyond.
It's beyond, right?
It's her third baby, mom.
I know.
But it's special.
This is one special.
You're having a baby
together. See?
Look at that. Aww.
Oh, yeah. Baby bump!
Are you gonna make us bump?
Let's bump. Boom!
Oh, the baby bumps bumped.
You are hammered!
Oh, Aidan! Jack!
I am gonna sell both of you!
Excuse me.
Oh, she's mad.
I think your friend Marylin
was been a bit over-Served.
Why, what happened?
Tossed her cookies
in your bougainvillea.
What?! Ohh.
Remember she did that at our house?
I'll just get the power washer
and hose it down for you.
What do you think?
Ohh, yeah.
Johnny-On-The-Spot dad.
What is wrong with your friends?
Are they 17?
I know.
No, they're drunks.
Really, they are.
A lot of them are drunks.
Can we cut the cake?
I want to find out what it is!
You made the cake!
Um, before we do this...
Oh, just cut it already!
Oh, it's a boy!
A boy.
Whoo! It's a boy!
Congratulations, grandma.
It's a boy!
I wanted a boy.
There you go.
Congratulations, grandma.
It's a boy!
Here's to getting it right
the first time!
Would you...
Hey, is that necessary?
Oh, my god!
Only for boys!
Only for boys.
It's delicious.
So you know
I'm gonna be gone
For three months
to be with the baby.
That's why I wanted to talk you.
We're gonna talk about strategy
So you don't lose any momentum.
I sent the application in
last week.
That's great!
Oh, what if I don't get in?
You got to think
positively, Laura.
Intention is very powerful.
Thought. Action.
I know I've said it to you
a million times,
But I'm really serious now.
You got to do a vision board.
I know you think it's weird.
When I was 30,
I really wanted to open my life
up to new possibilities.
So I set
a really clear intention,
And I made a weird vision board.
It just helps focus your energy
On putting the right thoughts
and actions out there
To attract the right people
and situations to you.
that we talk about in here,
They're just tools to help you
get the life that you want.
But you have to be willing
to do the heavy lifting.
You really think that
the thoughts you put out there
Affect what happens to you?
I do.
You know, I don't give a rat's
ass that you need more men.
You're 10 days
behind schedule already,
Which is some kind
of world record
Since you only started the job
last Thursday.
When he sees us both here,
he's gonna know something's up.
So let me handle it, okay?
Your ineptitude, it's smashing
through the space-Time continuum.
You ought to get
a Nobel prize for that.
No, I'm not wearing the hat.
Hey, bud!
Yeah, I got your text.
You got it right the first time!
is it with you two?
It's a "Y" chromosome thing.
You were missed.
No, I was not.
So, what's wrong?
Why would you think
something's wrong?
You're both here.
Forget about the hat!
Listen, I'm not gonna
sue myself.
But if I could make money
out of that, I would.
Now get out of here.
It's Ned. Again.
The same goddamned thing?
Well, Ned's insurance covers it,
but we were thinking...
yeah, I don't pay you
to think, stats.
Oh. That's right.
I'll just gonna stand here
and be a girl.
Okay, dad. Dad. We got to figure
out a way to get rid of him.
You know, Ned is fully vested.
We don't have the authority.
Takes another surgeon
to do that.
It turns out Ned's son
is a surgeon, just like dad.
And he's interested.
You know, it's a beautiful thing
When a son wants to follow
in his father's footsteps.
Are you kidding me?
Oh, that.
I don't know what that is.
It's his head.
No... Oh!
Oh, no! Rewind!
Rewind it! Rewind it!
I want to see that again.
What was that?
I don't know.
I think he was winking.
Oh, he's so ugly.
Aww, he's...
Don't say that!
He can hear you!
He can hear your voice.
He knows your voice.
He knows my voice?
Did you read any of the books
I gave you?
Do you listen to anything I say?
You gave me books.
Hey, read him a book right now.
Look it up.
Uh, okay.
The choices are "Anna Karenina,"
"Guns, germs, and steel,"
oh, "the human stain,"
Or "but not the hippopotamus"
by Sandra Boynton.
I think this is best.
"Guns, germs, and steel."
He might enjoy that.
"A hog and a frog
cavort in the bog,
But not the hippopotamus."
Did you do that?
Was that a trick?
Yeah, I did that.
That foot.
Let's see.
"A cat and two rats
were trying on hats,
But not the hippopotamus."
Oh, my god.
Don't tell your mother,
but one day, when you're older,
You and I are gonna
build a sailboat.
And I'm gonna take you
to my favorite spot,
And I am gonna teach you
how to sail.
Knock twice if...
I think we may have
The next America's cup captain
right here.
Or a little alien pirate.
Okay, well, wait.
Let me help you.
No, I got it.
You're only nine months
pregnant, Maggie.
God forbid
you let anybody help you.
Well, you are, too.
No, I'm not.
I'm seven months, thanks.
this turned out beautifully.
Don't break your arm
Patting yourself on the back.
I haven't been able to reach
my back in a month, thanks.
You okay?
Yeah, it's nothing.
What is it?
Are you going into labor?
No, ohh.
I have got to go
to the bathroom.
I think something exciting
might be happening.
It rhymes with "maybe."
What you up to?
Nothing, Trish.
Quite obviously nothing.
What are you up to?
147, and you should never ask
pregnant women that question.
That was a joke.
False alarm.
Ah, all right.
Well, I better get home
Before my boys
burn the house down.
Maggie, you okay?
Oh, I almost forgot.
There's a wait list
For infant day care at the club,
So you'll want to
take care of that, okay?
I can't right now.
And I know you got a lot
on your plate right now,
But Mrs. Dufrense just became the
head of admissions at Roosevelt,
And you're gonna need her to get
that little guy into Pre-K.
I'm overwhelmed now.
Oh, well, you just wait!
You have no idea.
All right. Goodbye.
Honey, we got to call
the doctor.
What's wrong?
There was just a little bit of blood.
A little bit of blood?
Hi, dr. Campbell?
It's Maggie royal.
Yeah, I, um... I-I started
bleeding a little bit,
And I'm worried that
there's something wrong.
It was just, wh...
Kind of red around the edges.
38 weeks.
Thank you.
I someone had told me that.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, I will... I will...
I will come in first thing.
Thank you. Sorry.
Thank you.
Geez. What?
I lost my mucus
plug... apparently.
You're gonna have to
help me out on that one.
You got to read a book!
It means the baby is coming.
Well, probably not now.
But, um, he wants me to go in
And get checked
tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning is
the Ned Johnson thing.
Got to nail that, so...
I mean, I can move it
Or skip it and try to have
my dad do it and come.
No, don't worry about it.
No, I can go.
No, it's fine.
All I need you to do is ask.
No, I'm done asking, Aaron.
Well, that's
a very mature response.
What's the point
in asking you to do anything?
You always say no,
so I don't ask you anymore.
I need you to use
your words because,
Despite my remarkable powers of perception,
I can't read your mind.
Oh, okay. I'll use my words...
I can handle it.
You can handle it,
or you want me to come,
But you can't ask me to come?
Don't lawyer me!
I'm worried.
I haven't felt him move today.
I know. I know.
I...I just,
when I saw the blood, I...
Did the doctor say it was okay?
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure he's just tired.
It's getting crowded
in there, right?
It's okay.
I promise, okay?
Look, I know
he's got the personality
Of wallpaper at times.
A few awkward years
in high school, dad.
Don't hold it against me
But Christopher
is a top-Notch doctor.
Yeah, and we are
thrilled, Ned,
To have him join the team.
And we think you made
the right decision
Stepping aside
to make room for your son.
What gave you the notion
I was stepping aside?
Uh, Ned. Uh, my son and I,
we build surgery centers.
We make money
because we're good at our job.
The day we stop being good at
our job, we don't make money.
Are you implying that
I'm no longer good at my job?
No. No one's saying that.
In the last three years,
There's been major complications
From three different
routine colonoscopies,
The last one almost resulting
in the loss of a man's life.
He was fine.
Well, he...
He walked away.
Dad, I became a doctor
Because I wanted to
be just like you.
But your continuing on
Is not healthy for you
or for the patients.
We will transition
your patients,
And Christopher will be
fully vested
At the end of the next quarter.
It's gonna be okay, dad.
T-The race is over.
You won.
Did you have caffeine today?
I'm a little nervous. It's okay.
It happens. It happens.
We'll just take it again
a little later
When you're more relaxed.
All right.
Let's see how this little guy
is doing today.
He's not so little anymore.
I'm sure you're anxious
to meet him.
You have no idea.
Oh, I do.
I have three.
Hmm, he's hiding from me.
You know what?
I think this one is broken.
I'm gonna go get
a different one, okay?
Be right back.
All righty.
You got another one?
I do. All right.
Here we go. Take two.
What's going on?
Uh, yeah, I'm gonna go
get the doctor.
All right.
Hey, what's happening?
I will be right back.
Hi, there, Maggie.
Just lie back please.
What's going on?
Just need to take a better look.
Okay, there's the head.
What's going on?
What's happening?
Keep breathing.
You're doing fine.
How is he?
Hey, please, please, will you
tell me what's happening?
Dr. Campbell, please, will you
tell me what's happening?
Maggie, I can't find
the baby's heartbeat.
Oh, no. He's fine.
He's just...
He's... He's hiding.
Just check it again.
I did.
The baby doesn't have
a heartbeat.
I'm so sorry, Maggie.
But that's impossible,
Because I can feel him
kicking right now.
I can feel him kicking me.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, just let me see him.
Just let me see him.
Okay, let me see.
Let me see him on the screen.
do it so I can see him on the screen.
your baby is dead.
No! Come on! No!
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Did you... Did you come
with anyone?
You want us
to call your husband?
He's in a meeting!
I'm so sorry.
Okay. Okay.
No! This is crazy!
Okay, okay.
Hold on a minute.
Just hold on a minute.
We can just try it again.
Just give me a minute
with him, okay.
Just give me a minute now.
Come on, baby!
Come on!
If you ever set me up like that,
I'm disemboweling you
with a trowel.
Love you, too, dad.
How'd it go?
Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Royal.
I'm Corina Nevelle,
the hospital social worker.
Do you mind if I call you
Maggie and Aaron?
That's fine.
I know this is very
difficult to talk about,
Especially now, but I have to
ask you some questions
About you and your baby.
Is that okay?
Is your baby a boy or girl?
Is it your first?
Did you pick a name out for him?
That's such a strong name.
Maggie, I need you
to think about
How you want to deliver
your baby.
Um... can't you just
take him out?
The options are natural
childbirth or c-Section, right?
The c-Section carries
more risk for the mother.
Natural childbirth can be longer
and more difficult.
Take it out.
Wait a minute.
Just... Just wait a minute.
We can't just...
okay. Okay. It's okay.
guys, it's been a long day.
I'm gonna recommend
we rest today, okay?
We'll induce tomorrow.
I just want you to think
about one thing,
Which is
after Arthur's delivered,
I want you to think about
spending a little time with him,
Just taking a moment
and holding him.
It's the only chance
you're gonna get.
I know.
I know it's a lot.
But lots of couples
who have gone through this,
Who face this loss,
they cherished that time.
They've taken photographs, too.
It can be healing,
provide closure, okay?
Just something to think about.
I know this is
a very sensitive question.
I apologize in advance,
but have you given any thought
About whether you want
to have a cremation or burial
For your son?
No. We haven't
thought about that.
Is that something we should
have thought about?
I'm so sorry for your loss.
My name's Stephanie.
I'll be your nurse today.
It opens at the back.
You just take your time.
Your mom's bringing dinner.
We are here to
celebrate a life that never was.
So I'd like to open it up
to anyone
Who would like to share what
Arthur's life meant to them.
Uh, well, um...
I have to admit I wasn't looking
forward to being called "grandpa"...
...but I was looking forward
to meeting my grandson.
Um... this child never knew
anything but love.
He was never hungry.
He was never cold.
For the short time he was here,
He only experienced
the best of what there was.
For a baby,
a day is one hundred years...
and so, for Arthur, while he
was here, he lived an eternity.
I love you.
I know that baby Arthur
is up there
Picking out a wonderful,
healthy baby for the two of you.
Everything happens for a reason.
Maggie, Aaron, would you
like to say anything?
It's all right.
I wrote this, but...
but I don't think
there's anything
Really for me to say to him.
You okay?
You know, I thought
I lost something.
Nothing. Nothing.
You sure?
I actually made lunch...
if you're...
Are you okay?
Yeah. You?
Yeah. I'm great...
I...I was just thinking
If... If you were in the mode,
Maybe you could look at
the shelves in the living room?
I'm doing this right now.
No, it's fine.
I can do it, I just can't do it right now.
It's okay.
I can't do it right now.
All right.
Tonight's delicacy brought
to you by Mr. And Mrs. Schlit.
Oh, my god.
I can't believe they brought
this to sad people.
Do they hate us?
Hey, you know that you can
talk to me, right?
I'm okay.
Like, you could talk to me
tonight if you wanted.
I'm good.
So, we have established
That I think it's healthy
for us to talk.
About what? What do
you want to talk about?
How my uterus
is a lethal weapon?
It seemed clear enough to me
but it's a mystery, I'm told
there are things
you can't foresee and know
all the time
you spend in love
love will keep you safe
is this beat the same
the love as a bird?
I know what I know
is not enough
here below,
as we're spinning into dust
spinning into dust
now I watch you
when you sleep
see the grace
of all the years
and the life that runs
so deep and clear
was it easy when you left?
Was the wind
too cold and rough?
Do we always just forget
the fall?
And I know what I know
is not enough
and here below
as we're spinning into dust
spinning into dust
just forget the fall,
it's a mystery I'm told
this seems clear to me
just forget the fall,
it's a mystery I'm told
this seems clear to me
just forget the fall,
it's a mystery I'm told
this seems clear to me
just forget the fall,
it's a mystery I'm told
I don't know
if this is the right time
Or if there could be
a right time, but...
it's not a nuclear device.
Well, in that case.
Oh. Wow.
We talked about a birth present.
I thought you should have one.
Who wouldn't want to be reminded
Of the worst day of their life?
Stupid idea.
I'm sorry. You're right.
It wasn't stupid, it was just...
You can't make it go any faster.
You can't make it any better.
You can't do anything.
What's wrong
with dr. Campbell?
He's not a perinatologist.
I'm "high-Risk" now.
I'm special.
Like a snowflake.
Mrs. Royal?
Hi. I'm Claire.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
You must be Maggie.
And Aaron.
Yeah, Aaron. Um, hi.
How are you?
I am so sorry about your loss.
Thank you.
It's unfathomable how much grief
you must be feeling right now.
I see that you delivered
Arthur naturally.
Did you get to spend
any time with him?
Sometimes they...
they're supposed to
give you that option,
And I'm glad they did.
how are you holding up?
Aaron? How are you
handling all this?
To tell you the truth, I feel
like we've gotten the runaround.
I don't know if that has
to do with liability
Or malpractice, but things
like this don't just happen.
sometimes they do.
I've received
the autopsy report.
Would you like me
to go through it with you?
The autopsy revealed there was
a cyst in your son's liver,
And it metastasized rapidly,
Probably sometime
in the third trimester,
And it caused the organ
to burst.
Is that it?
That's what the autopsy found.
All right, hold on.
Um, we were told our baby
was healthy,
That Maggie was healthy, so...
somebody missed this.
I mean, a cyst, it doesn't
just come out of nowhere.
For what it's worth,
in 50% of all stillbirths,
There is no known
cause of death.
For what it's worth,
That's pretty shitty science
if you ask me.
It is shitty science.
I'm not trying to...
I'm not accusing anybody
of anything. Okay?
If they had caught this early,
As it sounds like
they should have,
If somebody had seen it,
Could somebody have done
something about it?
I know how hard
this is to accept,
But there are a lot more
stillbirths than anyone thinks.
One out of every 160 births.
And in half of them,
nobody has a clue why.
The good news is,
We got the report back from the
genetics lab, and it's normal.
So genetically speaking,
you two are perfectly capable
Of having
happy, healthy children.
Yeah, we're not there yet.
Miss me?
More than you can
possibly imagine.
You miss me?
You missed
me more than I missed you.
I did.
Oh, glad you're back.
Glad to be back.
You know, when I was your age,
I lost somebody.
Barry, my business partner.
Heart attack.
44 years old, he went like that.
And he brought down the company.
But you know what?
I picked myself up and I looked
myself in the mirror
And I said, "Robert, you are not
gonna let this beat you."
Um, I think
Maggie's doing better.
Now, listen.
I got the, uh, orthopods
breathing down my neck
About the delays
on the Northgate thing,
So I need you to go there,
talk to 'em, calm them down.
Oh, uh, talk to martin.
He's the squeaky wheel.
No problem.
And take stats with you. You're
gonna need some eye candy.
Oh, you never cease to amaze.
It's for martin.
He's a letch.
You got to throw some chum
in the water, distract him.
I'll drive.
You think I can put
"thrown as chum" on my resume?
Why don't I just run in
and take care of it?
No, I'm fine.
Nothing good
can last forever
Oh, hi.
Grab that.
Can I help you?
I wanted to return this.
Do you have the receipt?
Uh-Huh. Right there.
Oh, I'm sorry.
This is over 60 days.
We don't take returns
or exchanges after 60 days.
But that's what
a gift receipt is for.
Sorry. Store policy.
could you... make an exception
just this one time, please?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm not authorized to do that.
Don't call her ma'am.
Can we talk to a manager?
I am the manager.
Oh, good,
Because, um, I'd like a refund.
I'm not giving you a refund.
You know what?
Let me explain something to you.
There have been some
extenuating circumstances.
I've been a little busy
With something
a little more important
Than returning this present
to your cheap-Ass store.
Oh. You know what I think
of your return policy?
Here, let me show you.
See, this is actually
pretty cute, but...
that is what I think
of your return policy!
I'm calling the police!
Mags, wait!
Maggie! Maggie!
Come on.
Oh, I don't think
we ordered those.
I did.
You need this.
You've been cooped up too long.
You're right.
I do need it.
I'm really sorry.
What you guys went through,
No one should have to
go through that.
And that memorial service...
good god.
This'll blow your mind.
If we had had a tombstone,
The date of birth
Would have been the day after
the date of death.
Could I get two more?
Thank you.
This whole experience has been like that.
Let me live vicariously
through your crazy-Ass life.
What's going on?
Well, I'm still dating
that douche bag.
I'd break up with him,
but he has a huge...
of course.
Length, girth?
Length, moron. Geez.
Three beers,
and you're already sloppy.
You're not getting laid tonight.
Yeah, well...
poor Geddy Lee.
Who is Geddy Lee?
The lead singer of rush.
You are old.
He is also the head
of the rhythm section
Of my personal
humpty-hump band.
Poor little Geddy Lee.
Geddy lee is not little.
He is of average to...
maybe above-Average height.
I'm sure he'll be able
to lay some sweet beats down
Once the band
gets back together.
He's a bassist.
Too bad.
I'm a sucker for drummers.
Did you lose your keys?
Are you ready
for a good time?
Tick and tocking
till the sun shines...
Hi, Christine, Kathleen.
How nice to see you.
You look wonderful.
Oh, thank you.
How are the boys?
Oh, my oldest is off to college.
Time to party!
Oh, my...
Maggie, last time I saw you,
you were out to here!
How's the baby?
Where do I put the...
Why don't I take it?
And I'll get a glass
of champagne.
So insensitive.
And she's wearing my jacket.
I'm just gonna
put the gift down.
Oh, h...
Oh, run. Run away.
I am contagious.
Thank you.
Honey, it's hard for people.
They don't know
what to say to you.
I'm sure it's very hard
for people.
Thank you so much
for coming. Aww.
It's okay.
Oh, you look beautiful!
Trish! Oh, my goodness.
Thank you.
Maggie, doesn't she look
Did you feel him move?
Everything's fine.
Seriously, he's kicking so much,
I feel like
I'm carrying Jackie chan.
That's Maureen Chadwick.
Oh, my gosh.
I haven't seen her
since the divorce.
I think she had some work done.
Go say hi, mom.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Maureen! You look great!
...hope you're ready
for a good time
I'm happy you came.
It means the world to me,
But if this is
too much too soon, it's...
No, no. It's fine.
We have a bar, if that helps.
It might.
Boy, you're really fat.
I know.
Ooh, incoming, 11:00.
Oh, who is it?
It's Annie.
Oh, Jesus...
Hi, Trish.
- Beautiful shower.
- Thank you.
can I give you a hug?
Um, yeah.
Oh, okay. Thank you.
I saw you across the room,
And I was moved to come over
here and say something.
Oh, okay.
What happened doesn't make
sense, Maggie, not to us.
God's will is impossible
for us to understand,
But he wants you to know that
he loves you and your son...
Annie, sweetie, I don't think
this is helping very much.
And I pray...
I pray that you realize
That god is a light
for each of us to follow
To find our way to his plan...
a plan which is perfect
in every single way.
Yes, Maggie.
Tell me more
about this perfect plan.
It's a mystery.
It is a mystery.
It is.
But it is perfect.
You must have faith in that.
So... so, god's perfect plan
for me
Could be to suffer a loss
so great, so devastating,
That I would
lose my faith in god.
Is that right?
'Cause that is a mystery.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I can't really be here.
Okay. Okay.
It's okay.
Have fun.
All right.
I'm sorry.
Thanks, Annie.
That was fantastic.
Runs over a man!
Oh, and he's finally tripped up
at the 42 of Minnesota!
Catch the ball!
Can you get that?!
Fourth quarter!
You're closer!
Texas Christian coming
the long way across the field
Just in time to make that...
Trick or treat!
One sec.
One sec?
Because they can't all be treats, kids.
This is wrong.
Did he just give you rocks?
Hey, uh, I'm sorry.
Um, hold on.
Hold on one second.
Oh, my god!
You are such an ass!
Hold on!
I got...
I got some... gum.
And... I'm really sorry.
We're not prepared this year.
My mom won't let us eat it
if it's already unwrapped.
She's right.
Come on, guys.
Let's go somewhere else.
She's... She's right.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, let's go somewhere else.
I'm sorry! Sorry!
Happy Halloween!
You gave kids rocks?
Oh, yeah.
I mixed my metaphors.
That's Christmas.
That's coal, moron.
Must be the...
Oh, yeah.
And I missed a touchdown.
Thank you for ruining this.
Oh, I ruin everything now, huh?
Not everything.
Just some things.
Just some things.
Just some things!
My first pastry class...
oh, my god, Maggie!
It was so wonderful!
I spent four hours making this.
It's a macaroon.
My first.
I made it for you because
you were the one person
Who gave me the courage
to follow my dream.
Oh, you were right!
All I had to do was...
Was visualize it.
I love the kitchen, Maggie.
I am the kitchen.
It's where I belong.
And how does that feel
in your body?
Oh, I feel like I'm...
Like I'm floating,
Like if my arms are wings.
I have goose bumps on my legs.
Like right now,
anything is possible.
Yeah, that must feel amazing.
You hold onto that feeling
'Cause that's a really important
resource for you.
Are you all right?
It's fine.
Is this about the miscarriage?
It wasn't a miscarriage.
I had a miscarriage once, too.
You get over these things
in time.
Don't you cry, don't be shy
stand up straight,
here it comes
say goodbye, don't you cry,
hold yourself, don't forget
you are strong, move along
nothing's wrong
of feeling alone
every morning
I say these words
...apologize... for... it... to cope
and clean all my thoughts, it works
I laugh, I sing,
I do my thing
a bird
with non-Illegal scene
it works
Are you talking
to anyone about this?
Um... yeah.
Aaron and I talk about it
all the time.
Good, because, well,
It's important
not to lose each other.
It's easy to get caught up
in your own grief.
Are we finished?
Yes. We're finished.
Are you getting
out of the house?
Um, yeah.
The last couple weeks.
A lot of people I know
are finding it difficult.
They run in the other direction
when they see me.
It's difficult for them, too.
Yeah, I'm sure it's incredibly
hard for them to say "hello."
They don't know what to say.
They just want things to go
back to the way they were.
Think I don't?
That's not gonna happen.
You've been fortunate enough
to have experienced something
That very few people have
the courage to even think about.
I don't exactly
consider myself fortunate.
Um, look, I, uh...
I know you have the whole
bedside manner thing,
Um, but... unless you've been
through what I've been through,
You couldn't possibly
understand it, you know?
I was in medical school
studying obstetrics
When I was pregnant with
my second child, a boy, David.
It was perfect timing.
I performed my own ultrasounds
every week, watched him grow.
And at seven months,
his heart stopped.
No reason.
It just stopped, and I lost him.
And I'll never get him back.
And I lost a part
of myself that day,
And I'll never get it back.
And me at medical school.
I was studying to be a doctor
That delivers babies
for a living,
And I couldn't deliver
the most important one.
I'm sorry for your loss.
There is life after this.
I promise you that.
I was blessed with two more
girls after I lost my son.
Janet is the bossy one.
Samantha's the brainy one,
And the littlest one, Brady,
she's a rascal.
They all are.
And I can't imagine
my life without them,
And I don't want to.
Because of what
you've been through,
Because of what your son
taught you,
You will forever
be available to a child,
Appreciate that child better
than most parents ever can.
And that truly is a gift.
We loved them all they could
while they were here.
No one can ever take
that away from us.
You will always be
Arthur's mother.
Be proud of that.
He is.
Mister long dong silver
said he was leaving his wife,
And I actually
believed him. Stupid me.
You know how you know
when a married guy is lying?
His lips are moving.
All men are liars,
present company excluded.
This isn't me. I'm such a
freakin' girl right now.
Girls don't typically drink
right from the bottle.
You're such a misogynist.
You know that?
Do you mind
if company joins misery?
Misery would love it.
You want a glass?
Oh, okay.
You know what I love
about numbers?
They don't lie.
They're predictable.
They can be controlled
and manipulated.
You know, mentally and
physically, I'm a whole number,
But... emotionally
I'm just a fraction.
You are not emotionally stunted.
You are an optimist.
I'm an idiot. Full stop.
Or you just picked
the wrong married guys.
don't what?
I am seriously vulnerable
like a quivering bowl of jell-O,
And now is the time
you pick to hit on me?
I'm stating the obvious.
Not that I haven't
wanted you to.
Just shut up
if you don't mean it.
I didn't say anything.
Aaron, we work together.
And two married men...
Well, two is more than one.
You are good with numbers.
Shut up.
You shut up.
Shut me up.
So, what are
your holiday plans?
What do you mean?
It's thanksgiving tomorrow,
Oh, my god.
I know that look.
It'll pass.
Just don't do something stupid
Like call your wife
and tell her.
You know I'm not that guy,
I know.
And I know you're not...
I'm not. I know.
Oh, boy.
Hey, Mags, I fell asleep
at the office.
Um... but I had a brainstorm.
I was thinking
that maybe for thanksgiving,
We should invite the parents
over, and we could...
I don't know.
Maybe that'd be something.
This is good.
What was that?
Want me to get it?
Uh, red?
I thought you guys
weren't celebrating.
Oh, yeah.
It's Aaron's idea.
It was last-Minute.
Oh. Wow.
Is your mom here?
And Robert?
Well, I'm sorry
we're not gonna be together,
But I brought you
your favorite things.
Did you bring
the salted pecan...
I did.
They're in the car.
Will you hold him for me?
Sh... Oh, sure.
Hi, Baba.
Be right back.
Hey, Baba.
Whoosh, Baba.
Oh, hi.
Oh, hi. Hi.
Hi, sweetie pie.
Oh, Baba.
Salted pecan crumble.
Oh, my gosh.
All right.
His head...
it's ginormous. I know.
It's like a shot put.
You should see
what he did to me.
It's bad.
He smells so good.
I know, doesn't he?
can't you leave him here?
You can have... Take my mom.
You can have the other two
if you want them.
No, thanks.
Oh, ba.
Happy... Thank you.
Don't pull her hair out.
Oh, he's so sleepy.
I know.
Oh, yeah.
Happy thanksgiving.
I love you.
I love you. Bye.
Oh, Maggie, this bird.
It's so tender.
And the stuffing...
it all came from Bristol farms.
You know, it's not really
as good as his mother's.
You remember your mother's
secret ingredient?
It was apples.
No, not apples.
Was it paprika?
Was it divorce?
Her secret ingredient was love.
These sweet potatoes are lovely.
You brought them!
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
I made that.
And you remember her secret
ingredient for the pumpkin pie?
No, no, wait! Wait!
I know this.
- I know this.
- It was love.
It was pumpkin!
It was pumpkin.
You know, we have
a tradition in this family.
Every thanksgiving,
we sit around the table
And we all say
what we're thankful for.
That is a lovely,
lovely tradition.
I'd like to go first.
I would like to say
that I am so thankful
For my beautiful daughter
and her handsome beau.
And the very entertaining
I like that.
Honey, what are
you thankful for?
Oh, I'd be thankful
for a two-Point conversion.
Oh, pass. No.
Oh, what am I thankful for?
Well, funny you should ask.
But, you know, I was thinking...
what does thanksgiving
really mean?
Now, I-I know.
It means giving thanks,
but what for exactly?
It's life.
You know, regardless
of what occurs,
What befalls us, life is.
Now, you're asking me
what I'm thankful for?
I'll tell you
what I'm thankful for.
I'm thankful
for my health, of course,
And your health, and our health.
I'm thankful for my family,
your family, our family.
I'm thankful for our children.
You know, they start out
In our arms so little, fragile.
And they grow up.
They go away, and they have
families of their own.
So, this year,
I am giving thanks
To something so simple...
Hear! Hear!
To life.
You want to know what
I'm thankful for, Robert?
Yes, darling.
We... We would like to know.
I'm thankful
That today I can see life
for what it really is,
To know that
just beneath the surface,
Just under the radar is death.
And every day we wake up,
And we run from it
as fast as we can...
but it's coming.
Maybe not today,
maybe not next week,
But when it does,
this, all this...
This doesn't matter.
So, today,
I'm not grateful for life.
I'm giving thanks for death.
To death.
That was fun.
Your idea.
Let's just say I won't be
pushing for Christmas.
In fact, I think we
should boycott Christmas.
You can't boycott
Christmas, friend.
Wanna bet?
me even harder.
Thanks so much
for coming in.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
You killed that.
I know.
Yet you don't seem
happy about it.
This asshole
didn't call me at Christmas.
Problem is, I really like
this asshole, so...
well, I'm not
your garden-Variety asshole.
I'm more of a hybrid.
The lovable prick.
Yeah, it's a curse.
I'm loathe to admit this,
But I actually miss you
when you're not around.
Everybody needs somebody, right?
You don't want to be
involved with me.
And the last thing I want to do
Is destroy something else
in my life that I care about.
I'm not afraid of you.
You should be.
I'm a mess.
Lucky for you, I like messes.
You know what you need?
You need someone
to cook you a proper meal,
And I am hell on wheels
with gnocchi.
It'll be okay.
I've cooked pasta before.
Hi, you've reached Aaron royal.
Please leave a message.
Hi, you've reached Aaron royal.
Hi, you've reached Aaron royal.
You're up early.
Oh, they're killing me at work.
I thought you died.
No such luck.
You know... all night
I was thinking you were dead,
Even though I knew you were
just... that girl.
I wasn't...
you know, the worst part
is I don't care.
I just care
that you're not dead.
My baby died.
That's enough.
So did mine.
I didn't call
because my phone is dead.
Supposed to get one of these
at the fricking office,
And they haven't.
I want a divorce.
I look at you...
the way you used to
look at me... is gone.
You are gone, Maggie.
And I don't know
how to get you back.
You know what I see
when I look at you?
I just see death.
He looked like you.
He did.
But he was bloated
and purple and dead.
I don't want a divorce.
We can't live like this.
How's Aaron?
I don't know.
Wasn't thinking about him
until you brought him up.
Well, he didn't
do anything wrong.
Why do you always take his side?
I'm not taking sides.
You're doing it again.
I just think
it would be a good idea
For you to see things from
his point of view for once.
You're doing it again.
You're defending him.
I am not.
Mom, you're pathological.
You know, whatever's
going on between you and Dana,
You know, I understand.
I get it. Dad.
It's really none
of your business.
Well, it is my business
because it's my business.
It's been a rough year.
Remember my motto...
Love 'em and leave 'em
and leave 'em laughing.
Was that your motto
when you left mom?
Because I don't recall
a lot of laughing.
I never brought it to work.
Do you feel like you're 100?
I feel like I'm 100.
You are way too old to be here.
You know, this is the place
That you met randy the handyman.
He was a wiz with a screwdriver.
He was.
You seem better.
Like, happy.
I'd been shaking
like I had the DT's
For the last six months,
but look now... Solid.
Have you heard from him?
Yeah, we talk.
It's strange.
I think I just need the space
right now, you know?
Yeah, do I.
With three boys at home,
I haven't taken a shit
by my myself in four years.
It's true.
I'm sorry about
the last six months.
Don't apologize.
I shouldn't have been
so callous as to have a baby.
You insensitive bitch.
I really am.
Oh, my god!
You didn't! Come on.
I did.
And we are. Thank you.
That is so 1998.
Yeah, well, it's a tradition.
Thank you.
All right.
All right.
Here we go.
Here we go.
To you.
What's the matter?
I just got...
I don't know.
Be right back.
Oh, my god.
Oh, god.
That is awful.
Ooh, but I feel handsome now.
Oh, wow.
Are you okay?
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What's the matter?
I don't know.
Come on.
All right.
Bottoms up.
Oh, my god.
What is it?
I can't.
Oh, honey, I...
You don't feel good?
I got to go home.
Oh, really?
Are you sure? I'm sorry.
Ah, damn it.
I got a sitter and everything.
Oh, my god.
Go be hammered
at home now... again.
It'll only hurt for a second.
Round your back, please.
That's it.
This is the local.
It is in preparation
for the epidural.
We've also just started
a pitocin drip
Which should induce labor within
the next eight hours or so.
Did you bring anything to do?
If not, I think
we have a deck of cards
At the nurse's station.
It's missing
the queen of diamonds.
I don't think that
really matters right now.
Want to play cards?
Must be the queen of hearts
that's missing.
And push, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, release.
One more.
Begin, and hold.
Push, 2, 3, 4...
...5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
One more, breathe in.
Hold it and push.
push, Maggie.
I am pushing!
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
Take a minute.
Catch your breath.
You're doing great.
You're doing great, Maggie.
You're doing great.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
You can come out.
It's okay, baby.
It's your mommy. Come on!
I love you.
Come on, baby.
I love you.
Come on.
He's so pretty.
Look at him.
Come see, daddy.
Come see.
Oh, my god.
Okay, are you two ready?
They put him in a cardboard box.
I'm real sorry, Maggie.
That hour we spent with him...
hugging him, kissing him...
...that was the most beautiful
hour of my life.
I didn't want it to end.
What's strange,
this pain I feel, I love it.
I love it.
And I embrace it.
I'm afraid if I let it go...
I'm gonna lose the last little
piece of him I still have.
It's so funny, this thing
no one tells you about...
About the relationship that
begins with them after they die.
If I can... quiet my head down
enough, I can feel him.
I hear him.
I can see why
you want to have this baby.
You're a wonderful mother.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid to get close.
I am afraid of everything.
Hey, Meglet.
How's my girl?
honey, what's wrong?
I'm pregnant.
How did that happen?
Honey, could you get...
Yeah, let me get
some wine for us.
Oh, Maggie.
Mom, just please be really
careful what you say right now.
Look, I know it's hard now,
and it might not make any sense,
But everything happens
for a reason.
Would you stop
goddamn saying that?
Well, it's true.
And you're the living proof.
What do you mean?
I lost a baby, too.
About a year
before I got lucky with you.
Why have you never told me that?
I didn't tell my mother
about the miscarriage.
We didn't talk
about those things.
A miscarriage is not the same
thing as a stillbirth, mom.
It's still a loss, Maggie.
And it still hurts.
It's not just the loss
of the baby...
it's the loss of a possibility
of what might have been.
And that is exactly the same.
I'm sorry you lost your baby.
You're the first person
who ever said that to me.
- Maggie?
- Yeah.
I can't get
the fireplace to work.
The fireplace doesn't work.
It never worked.
I'm pregnant.
Oh, wow.
...I know our relationship is
not conducive to having a child.
To put it mildly.
I thought about not having it...
for about a second.
Geez, Maggie.
Aaron, our lives were going one
way, and then they weren't.
Yeah. I know.
And you went with that girl.
And I went into a cave
that I could not get out of.
I can't not have this baby.
And you're the only person
Who could possibly
understand that.
I do.
I do.
I know there's no road map
for this.
After what we went through...
I can't do it alone.
Are you telling me you need me?
Well, I don't
necessarily want you...
...but I do... I need you.
That's all you ever have to say.
We decided to have
the baby together.
This time,
we're gonna monitor you
With an ultrasound
every four weeks,
Weekly after 32 weeks, more
toward the end, if necessary.
And any time you want one.
Good. That...
That sounds good.
She's gonna need you
more than you can imagine.
I'm gonna need you.
I am gonna need you.
I can say it now.
I hear you.
Very good.
You used your words.
I did.
Oh, good.
Are those the comps?
You've been avoiding me
like the plague. What's up?
You know, I'm sorry.
Um... something,
um... unexpected has happened.
Uh... Maggie...
is with child.
Who's the man?
Who is the man?
What is it, dad?
I want to hear it.
No, I'm not gonna tell you.
Just tell me, ask me.
Who is the man? Who is the man?
Come on. Come on.
You are.
I am the man.
I am the wow, the big cheese,
the grande queso.
I have just done something
Even better
than curing brain cancer!
I have secured one
of three coveted spots
To pitch for the first outpatient
cardiac surgery center in the country.
The bake-Off
is October 15th.
Well, what are you staring at?
Come on! Get to work!
That's six months away.
Well, so,
there's no excuse, huh?
I am so hot!
Do, do
Hey, kiss me! Kiss me!
Come on! I'm the boss!
Kiss me!
Uh, so what's she gonna do?
she's gonna need support.
Oh, that sucks.
She's gonna need my support.
You understand that, right?
Okay, um, so...
you cheated on her with me,
And then you cheated on me
with her?
I have a child on the way.
With a woman you don't love.
I never, ever said that.
I mean, I...
Hey, hold on.
We... We can
work this out.
Um, I quit.
No, Dana.
No, please, no.
This place would fall apart
without you.
I know.
All right. Are you ready to
hear the baby's heartbeat?
W-Why is that, um, so fast?
Is there something wrong?
No, it's supposed to
be like that.
You're kidding.
You missed it the first time.
Now the exciting part.
You want to know
the sex of the baby?
No. No.
What's in the bag?
Oh, I don't want to do that.
Oh, I don't think you know this book.
No, I don't want to read
that book.
No. This is not the book
you're thinking of.
You're thinking of
"but not the hippopotamus"
By Sandra Boynton.
This is not that.
This is "but not
the hippopotamus"
By Sandra Boynton
as narrated by George W. Bush.
Do you know that book?
A hog
and a frog cavort in a bog...
but... But not the hipper...
The, uh, not the...
The, uh...
The... The hippy...
The, uh,
not the big, gray fella.
A cat and two rats
were tryin' on hats, see?
But... But not the, uh...
not the hypotenuse.
You know the rules.
No reading.
All the books say
Reading is good for the baby.
It's not so good for me.
Last time, you were
teaching the baby French.
I don't want to do anything
like last time.
It's not gonna happen this time.
How do you know?
I'll start off, wow them,
and then hand it over to you.
I'll do plans, site reports,
Renderings, budget,
and projections.
What is it you're doing again?
Making the sale, smartass.
Good luck.
Oh, thank you.
Mmm. Yummy.
So, before I hand things over
to my very able son, Aaron,
I want to tell you
a little story.
I wanted
to offer Aaron something.
I wanted to say...
I said to him,
"I love you so much,
I want to make you
"A 50/50 partner in my business.
"But first,
you got to learn the business.
"So, you got to go
and work construction,
Then eventually, you can
take over the onsite operation."
My clever,
well-Suited son says,
"No, I don't want
to work construction.
It's dirty, it's dusty."
So, I said, "okay."
You remember this? Yes.
I said, "okay, then you'll
have to work in the office,
"Learn the business that way.
You're gonna learn
everything about the office,
Then eventually, you can run
the office operation.
"No, no, I don't want
to work in an office.
Stuck behind a desk all day?
No, it's boring."
I said, "wait a minute.
"Wait just a minute.
"I am offering you 1/2-Ownership
"Of a moneymaking business.
"You don't want
to work construction,
"You don't want to work
in the office.
Well, what am I supposed to do
with you?"
And he said,
"oh, that's easy, dad.
Buy me out."
So, before Aaron takes you
through all the details...
Just one second, okay?
Carry on.
Excuse me, folks.
One second.
Okay. All right.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Take it easy.
I am, uh, leaving right now.
Oh, yes, I am.
Okay. I love you.
Hey, big guy, you're ruining
The best introduction
a father could give his son.
I... I know. I'm sorry.
The baby's coming.
Oh, you'll have plenty of time
to spend with the baby.
Trust me, it's overrated.
Dad, I got to go.
Nuh-Uh! You can't...
You can't walk out
of the middle of a pitch.
Just explain this to them.
They will understand it.
No, there's no explaining.
I've got my whole nut
riding on this deal.
My house, the business,
You didn't tell me that.
I'm all-In.
Maggie's on her way
to the hospital.
No, I can't do this without you.
Oh, my god.
I don't know the details.
Dana did, but...
But you took care of that.
Dad, you're gonna have
to figure it out.
Maggie needs me.
She walked out on you!
I walked out on her.
Are you even sure it's yours?!
You can't walk out on family!
Hey, do not talk to me
about family.
You think you can talk about it
Because you can sit
at my thanksgiving table
And bullshit about it?!
I know about family.
I held my dead son in my arms.
Your son is standing
right in front of you,
Or am I
just your business partner?
Do you even know?
I don't.
My whole legacy is in that room.
Our legacy.
I was gonna give it to you!
What you gave me is priceless.
I know the kind of father
I'm never gonna be.
What, you blame me
for everything?
You sound just like your mother.
I hope so.
I'm going to be with my family.
Sure, go ahead.
Yeah, have loads of kids.
Have loads of kids!
'Cause you know what?
It doesn't matter.
'Cause no matter
how many children you have,
They will always disappoint you!
It's happening.
Dr. Holden will be here
in a minute.
Hold her hand.
Keep her calm.
I'm not sure
I know how to do that.
It's happening!
Nurse, come on.
I'm here. I'm here. I'm here.
Get doctor bishop down here
in case we have an airway issue.
I really want to push.
How is she?
She went from 3 to 7 in no time.
I guess it's time, then.
Hi, Maggie.
Hanging in there?
I really want to push.
Listen to me.
You're gonna be fine.
The baby's gonna be fine.
Listen to me.
You're gonna be fine.
The baby's gonna be fine, yeah?
Aaron, I'm gonna need your help.
Yeah. Yeah.
You're gonna need to take this leg...
Hold it with your hand up here.
Yeah. Yeah.
Just like this.
I can't breathe.
Very good.
Let's take a look.
You're doing good.
I can't breathe.
You're doing great, Maggie.
you're gonna keep her calm,
Slow her breathing down.
I'm proving incapable
of doing that.
Okay, you're doing great.
You're doing great.
They want me to calm you down.
I'm not sure
I know how to do that.
Oh, you're making it so much worse!
Okay, deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
In, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Ooh, I really want to push!
Okay, slowly out.
I want to push!
No, no. It's okay.
Just one more time.
You're almost there.
You're almost complete.
Oh, please, let me push!
Your cervix is gone.
Okay, you're gonna wait
until the next contraction.
You're gonna take
a deep breath in,
And you're gonna push,
And you'll be done with it,
Good job.
Good. Good work.
Okay. Head crowning.
Okay, this is good.
Hold her out.
There we go!
And, oh, that's it.
All right.
We may have meconium.
Here, sanjay.
All right.
All right.
What's going on?
Why isn't it crying?
Hey, why isn't it crying?
Why isn't it crying?
There we go.
It's a girl.
Oh, there she is.
It's a girl.
There we go.
Oh, my girl.
Wow. She looks like you.
Here you go.
Yeah. Hi.
We're gonna go ahead
to the nursery in a few minutes
To get her measured, okay?
Yeah. All right.
Now, don't be alarmed
Because the first
three to five poops
Will be a green, tarry,
meconium poop.
It's tenacious
and hard to get off.
And after they've cleared that,
It turns into a bird seedy,
more watery, yellow poop.
And with every
You'll need to check her diaper
And probably change it
about 8 to 10 times a day.
Oh, and don't forget
The importance
of swaddling your baby.
It mimics the womb,
And limits
their normal moro reflex
And keeps them calm.
You'll figure it out.
And if you don't, she'll be
the first to let you know.
You have a perfectly healthy,
beautiful, little baby girl.
What's wrong?
Oh, um...
I don't feel
how I thought I would.
I'm not happy.
I'm not sad.
I don't...
really feel anything.
I know.
What about joy?
When does that come?
In time.
I think I'm gonna be
a terrible mother.
Not possible.
Not with everything
you've been through.
Thank you for everything.
You're welcome.
Hi, baby.
I know. I'm your mama.
Tough break, I know.
I want to tell you
about someone.
His name's Arthur.
Yeah. He's your big brother.
Guess what?
He's gonna be watching over you
Keeping you out of trouble,
Making sure we're together
for a long time.
A long time.
Yeah, sweetie pie.
Hi, sweetie pie.
You're so pretty.
Hi, baby. Come here.
Hi, mama.
You're so good with her.
This can't be your first.
It's not.
How many children do you have?
I have two.
It seemed clear enough to me
but it's a mystery, I'm told
there are things
you can't foresee or know
all the time
you spend in love
love will keep you still
is this beat the same,
the love, as it bounds
I know
what I know is not enough
here below,
as we're spinning into dust
spinning into dust
now I'll watch you
when you sleep
see the grace
of all the years
and the life
that runs so deep and clear
was it easy when we met?
Was the wind
too cold at all?
Do we always
just forget the fall?
And I know
what I know is not enough
and here below
as we're spinning into dust