Reunion (2019) Movie Script

JULY 10TH 1994
Lechkov gets the ball and goal!
In three minutes, our team
stroke this unbelievable blow!
Leave it there, I know how it works.
Now they are going to
pay the German team back!
Let us see how it goes just twenty
minutes before the end of the match.
Once again
Those are the hardest minutes
-It's 2-1 for us!
My Dad turned the table over with joy!
-We're off to the hill.
Come on, guys. He is stuttering again.
-Bye, Laura.
-Bye, guys!
Leave him, Fatty.
I was going to tell you,
but we got together at the last moment.
May I join you?
We will be late. Maybe
for the semi-finals, should we qualify.
My brother ate those in Hungary!
He said they were smashing!
Come on, we told you to leave that loser.
He's my cousin after all.
The Bulgarians are playing
in the best way.
Time is running out
And that was it!
Bulgaria qualifies
for the World Cup semi-finals!
The best day of my life!
It will be
when you make sex for the first time.
-So you know it all.
-I do.
The nurse at the doctor's
-No one believes it.
-I know.
-I thought you'd take Laura.
-I thought you'd do it.
What for? Laura said she wouldn't
make sex before she's turned 18.
Stop! It's the four of us
getting together one last time
cause we may not see each other again.
-Yes, we will!
-But you are all leaving, aren't you?
Then let's make a deal. Should we
never see each other again
Which no one believes.
Should we never see each other again
until we've turned 30 or 40 let's say
-Let us meet again here in
-25 years.
We'll be old men.
We won't be able to climb up here.
-We'll be here again in 25 years.
-If we haven't got the Alzheimer's.
So it's a deal.
One, two, three!
Hey, Fatty!
-You're mistaken, man.
Oh, sorry, my bad.
Just don't take me for a
It's high time you admitted!
I thought no one else would come.
I'm sorry, mister, I don't know
what you're talking about.
I am to meet a person
at least ten years younger.
What a coincidence,
I'd say the same about you.
Wait a minute,
how do I know it is really you?
People know me from TV, you know.
-From TV?
-Stop pretending.
How do I know
you're not some fans of mine?
-Oh, really?
-That's exactly what I'm asking.
Hey, Diddy!
Well, yes
It was expected to be a little awkward.
It's been many years,
so it's quite normal.
So what do we do now?
Where is Fatty? It was his idea after all.
-I've organized the reunion.
-No, it was him.
-I made the group on Facebook.
Remember how I told you we would be
gaga by now? And so it's a fact.
Here is Fatty. Still lives in Plovdiv.
No profile picture.
Still hasn't died of obesity.
Honestly, how do you make money with that?
Why wouldn't I?
It's here, isn't it?
-I guess it is.
-It is.
-What's the matter?
-Why are we hiding?
Isn't that him?
-He looks a bit like
-His cousin. But its not him.
-Isn't he?
-Are you sure?
It's not him.
-What is it?
-A letter of eviction.
-Good morning!
We're looking for Fatty.
How many times have I told you
not to call me that!
Alex, is that you?
-This is Fatty!
-Good for you!
Just look at him!
-You're so fit!
-We won't call you Fatty any more.
Call me whatever you like.
-He's so fit, he's not Fatty anymore.
-Come on in!
Honestly, I thought
no one would remember our reunion.
Without Facebook
I wouldn't have recognized you.
-But you'd have recognized me.
Deyan and I came from abroad
and I wrote it to you.
I came from Sofia
and refused a Tashkent tour!
Was your cousin outside?
Is he connected with this?
I'm sorry I stood you up.
I just don't feel like things like these.
Is this because of that dumbass?
He is taking the house.
He practically owns it already.
You mean this house?
But you grew up in it.
And more importantly, we grew up in it!
Not that it matters more, but
Okay, I shut up.
I'm sorry once again that
you had to tramp all this way.
I really liked it, Vanya.
-It's Tanya.
-Yes, of course.
Listen. Now, when I go to Tajikistan
or Kyrgyzstan What was it?
Have they seen the series there?
Uzbekistan, yes. Is there someone who
So no one knows me there?
Wait a minute.
Who will I perform for?
Bulgarians? In a restaurant?
Okay, listen, I accept.
But it stays between us,
no one should know, okay?
Uzbekistan, yes.
A star of my class! Okay, bye.
The plane will be on autopilot, of course.
The cockpit was so small last time.
No driver for me?
I'm worried without
abduction and ransom insurance.
Say meow.
What do you mean no one'd abduct me!
I'll call you back.
I have to go.
This is super weird.
I'm surprised there's
an airport in Tashkent!
Very funny!
Next, please.
Next, please.
Oh God!
My luggage!
Now. Taking the house back
won't be that easy.
Fatty's cousin
I have to stop calling him that.
That loser Branimir
is not a loser anymore.
His shares have gone up.
Many of the shops in the center
are his property.
However, he personally checks
each one of them every morning.
-The referee totally fucked everything up.
-He was so unfair.
Good morning!
Welcome to our city! What brings you here?
Some fun, eh? Zhoro, come here!
-Do you know him?
-Who is he?
He is the one from Who were you?
-He is Ivan.
-I am not Ivan.
-He's not Ivan.
-No. He's Andrey!
-I am not Andrey.
-Who are you then?
-My name is Angel Damyanov.
-Angel Damyanov!
Angel Damyanov! Come take a picture.
Come on! Take a picture.
Come here.
-Okay, I will, but this isn't him.
-Hey, wait!
-Just one picture
How do you follow a person
if you are famous?
-With a newspaper.
-What age do you live in?
A tablet would be more realistic.
You're such a loser.
I was at the rowing base
with a newspaper today.
Here's the situation. Branko organizes
a charity sports event every year.
He's got a sports team
and guess who always wins!
-His team!
Young men in their twenties.
I followed him to the bank.
Good morning!
Mr. Grozev is going to see you now.
What I saw there We have
all the reasons to be worried.
-It's a pleasure working with you.
-You too. Have a nice day!
So what do we do now?
Why are we following him?
Why don't we just talk to him?
Why are we following him?
And what shall we tell him, genius?
-We'll simply buy the house back.
"Hello, here's the money, thanks, bye."
Right. But I am an actor in Bulgaria.
How does this sound to you
when you add a house buyback?
I work in a bank. I know how this works.
Working in a bank and owning one
are two diametrically opposite things.
Take a look, pal.
Consumer loan. Click.
Just enter your ID number and
you will have the money in 24 hours.
Oh God, I'm devastated!
When my assistant told me your names,
I thought she was joking.
I can't believe my eyes,
a TV star in my office!
I'm glad to see you, guys.
How long has it been, 15 years?
-Twenty years!
Shut up! How time does fly!
You must be busy,
so we'll get straight to the point.
I am not busy at all with
all these people here working for me.
It sounded like I was bragging.
Sorry, just my ego.
We have to celebrate.
-We need to drink to that.
-In fact, no need to.
-Fine. But you're missing a lot.
-We're here because of Alex.
-Yes? Oh, you mean Fatty?
I must stop calling him that,
he is so fit!
-He's got an eight-pack.
-Shut up!
Branko, we know that
you own the house now.
We're here to buy it
and give it back to Alex.
That's very noble of you.
The house is his only possession.
And we grew up in it, too.
Exactly. We have everything prepared.
-Look at the documents.
You sign here. And this is the amount.
Then you push this button
-You get the money.
-Same day!
Just look how easy it is!
I can't sell you the house, guys.
I'm really sorry.
-If you want more
-No, it's for business reasons.
I'll demolish the house and build
quite a profitable hotel there.
The house is a cultural monument.
Don't be naive! You know how things work.
I will burn it, the roof will collapse
and the house will be ruined.
You may go now. Sorry.
I have nothing to say.
I do, but I'll save it.
Actually, there's another option.
I need to calm down
and stop playing that role.
It's been twenty years
of waiting for this moment,
me sipping whiskey and smoking
while you're waiting for my decision.
Oh, it feels so good!
After all you did
If it wasn't for you, maybe I wouldn't
have become ambitious and successful.
But my ego is tickling me to pay you back,
to make you depend on me somehow.
Can we hear the option
or will this sentimental talk continue?
It wasn't sentimental,
but a monologue of retribution,
there is some difference.
Here's the other option:
You will participate in a marathon
organized by me
and you have to qualify in the
top three of five competing teams.
As a team, the four of you.
The same team that wouldn't let me in.
If you succeed, I'll give
the house back to your friend.
Ask Vicky for details about the marathon.
He was watching me at the rowing base
hidden behind a yellow newspaper.
It was real fun.
And you, Acho, Ivan, Andrey
or whatever they called you.
It was fun, you following me
and hiding behind a cup.
Or you, Mr. Banker with your
deep relationship with an ATM machine.
You heard my terms. Now off to your
training practices or whatever.
This feels fucking great!
-No way!
This is another scheme of Branko's
who only wishes to humiliate us.
-But we can
-No point.
I appreciate that, but it's a waste
of time. Thank you. No point.
-This went well.
-You think so?
-This is sarcasm, Vicky.
-Please warn me when you're joking.
-If you pay.
-No change.
-What do we do now?
-We go on.
Do you think that was sarcasm?
No, it's not!
When I say something, I mean it.
If we climb the hill like we used to,
then we have a chance.
Come on!
Guys, just a little bit more and we're up.
Come on. A bit more.
Guys, I am not here for the house.
Don't misunderstand me,
I really appreciate what you're doing.
But I can't watch you
embarrass yourself.
Then what do you suggest?
Let's be a team
Watch out!
Wait, easy
You could've caught me before I fell.
It's not broken, you're overreacting.
-You must watch his series!
-I'm not talking to you.
How do you know it's not broken?
Perhaps you've studied medicine.
I am a coach, I've seen traumas.
A girlfriend of mine was a nurse.
You're absolutely right.
When you stick
your flash drive in her port,
you get all her medical knowledge
like an STD?
Won't you say something as well?
Perhaps your uncle is a vet?
-We're taking him to hospital?
-We have to.
Finally something clever.
I've been underestimating you.
Or maybe not. Those two are morons.
Enough! We have a more urgent issue.
Preparation is not going well.
-You don't say!
-Do you have something in mind?
-I have bad news.
It's weird We'll have to live together.
Just like a sports camp. Getting up,
eating and practicing together.
-OK, I'm staying with my folks.
-I'm at a hotel.
-And me?
-That's it, let's go.
-But I can't tell my
-Stop blabbing and keep walking!
Take him to the hospital
and come to my place.
-Unlock the car.
-So we'll live together?
We'll practice together.
Just like Alex said.
-Wait! Careful, please.
-My career will be over.
-What career?
Careful with my head.
Easy with that leg.
-Watch out with my anklie.
-So how old are you, little Achko?
Do not spoil my good impression
of you, Deyan Moron!
Watch your step, shmuck!
You guessed right, it's me. Happy now?
-Sorry, are you talking to me?
-Just say what you want!
Don't you see that I'm in pain?
-Do we know each other?
Good afternoon.
Next, please.
What's going on?
Sorry, but that's a long pause.
Your mother and I
You know each other. Spare me the details.
No, it's not that.
-Isn't it?
-The kid is here.
-That's exactly what I asked.
-I won't tell you how your mother and I
-You know.
-Why are you here?
-I sprained my ankle.
-But I'm fine.
-Let me take a look.
-Please, come in.
-Are you sure?
-I feel a little pain, but it's okay.
-Come on!
Excuse me.
So you finally introduced them.
He is the spitting image of him.
Go on, kids.
The same mistake.
I told you a hundred times!
You can't be so stupid!
-Sorry, but your foot
-Is where it must be!
You can't remember
a single thing, you stupid!
-Don't talk to me like that.
-Then stop fooling around!
-She asked you something.
You'd better listen to her.
Stop interfering, moron!
Sorry, but can't you see the kimono
and what I teach?
What I see is a bullhead
wearing pajamas.
So I'm telling you
Calm down. It's not broken.
I'll smash you!
You must wait
for your headache to pass off.
-Do you like it?
Do you want it?
-It was his grandfather's room.
If I have a girl over it'll be awkward
-You know.
-It might not be that bad.
The springs haven't creaked in some time.
Have some respect!
I just don't understand
why you would have girls over and not me.
After all, you are married.
I'm getting divorced. I have to catch up.
And yet, you are still not a divorcee.
Technically. But you're a friend
and you'll step back.
I gave Laura over to you,
but you did nothing.
No. She was in love with me.
I gave her over to you and you
didn't even have sex with her.
Hey, shmucks!
I was so dumbfounded
that I didn't even thank you.
Maybe you don't have to. I might have
left you without a dancing partner.
We seem to be heading
in the same direction.
I'm not following you or something.
Sorry to hear that.
-What do we do now?
-About what?
When a man beats another man
because of a woman,
he's ready to take his place.
-I didn't know that.
-I'm left without a dancing partner.
And perhaps you are not
a karate coach anymore, so
Now you have to tell me your name.
Alex. I don't know why I wavered.
Alex, short for Alexander of course.
I knew it. And now if you say
that you are a Sagittarius
Almost. Libra.
My favorite sign. I just didn't have
the courage to guess it first.
So what do we do now,
Alex, short for Alexander?
Well, I And what's your name?
Dara. Short for Dara.
In fact I'm a really good dancer.
I just don't like it. Sorry.
-I don't understand one thing
-I'm listening.
How come it didn't even occur to you
to help me with my bag?
Don't want you to think
I'm hitting on you.
Sorry to hear that.
He was huge! Taller even than me!
I'm too young to have such an old son.
-She's been hiding him from you?
-No idea. I just ran.
-Are you serious?
-My leg healed that instant.
They are blackmailing me,
because I'm famous now.
-But you met them by accident.
-So what?
Then your theory of blackmail
is totally unsubstantiated.
Is it even possible for me
to have become a
Acho! Welcome to the club.
I hope it won't reach the media.
Why don't you start hitting on me?
The bag is heavy.
-Gladly, but I'm turning right.
-Great. So am I.
-It's Dara.
Dara. Sorry.
Do you think that if you keep it
like this, you'll get off easily?
-Can you clarify?
I don't want to hear you backing down
and saying you were just joking.
-Is that a threat?
-It's a promise.
Look, I am headed to
25 Hristo Stanchev St.
See what you can promise until we arrive.
I am headed to 25 Hristo Stanchev St.
In fact I live there.
Hey, shmucks!
I know it's lame, but I think
I fell in love with my cousin.
Are you sure?
Alexander Vassilev?
Yes, it's Vassilev. How do you know?
She's here for a contest.
Had to stay with Granny Radka.
Granny Radka has a new boyfriend
and sent her
to her long diseased sister Kalina.
-Granny Radka is my Granny's sister.
-Granny Radka is his Granny's sister.
Yes, Granny Kalina is my grandmother.
Alex. She is just
a second cousin of yours.
My uncle married his second cousin.
They have a son and he is totally normal.
So what are you saying?
They might not go to such extremes,
but at least he can shag her.
You're such a pervert.
-And where is she now?
-On the porch outside.
And I just found out
that I have an 18-year-old son.
But your drama is much bigger, obviously.
Your faces show
Alex has told you everything.
That's right.
Need help with the luggage?
You'd better not.
It's there to the right.
You'd better watch out
or you might get a surprise.
Imagine if she wasn't his cousin.
Welcome to ANIMA.
I am Petya Stoycheva Krivitsky.
The first session of training in peace
is about learning how to be here and now.
Is Vicky in the bathroom?
And I have to admit that his voice
-Going to a costume party?
-I don't have other clean clothes.
-Anything interesting?
-Not with the two of us.
But I wouldn't say the same
for the left and right side of the yard.
If you think about it,
your thoughts are often
in the past or in the future.
Looks like a pending incest case to me.
Your mother and I weren't too careful
And so, bang-bang
You came to this world
You're not a mistake or
It's a total disaster.
So what are we going to do?
-What do you mean?
-About Laura.
Don't you want to know what happened?
I'd rather not see her
or I might start stuttering again.
Guys, I'm out.
-Deyan, don't.
-Why not?
We knew it. We made fools of ourselves.
-He wants us to fall out.
-And he's done it.
I'm not going through this again.
Pull yourselves together.
Deyan, what are you doing?
Deyan, wait.
Isn't that your cousin?
Yes, it's him.
I didn't think you could hold a grudge.
I'm not holding a grudge.
I just have a perfect memory.
Then how do you explain that?
Midlife crisis.
I fell in love with your kindness.
I don't think those guys
pose any threat to you.
You love the wrong person.
You can't be the first traitor.
Logic shows it had to be me.
Just wait, please.
Deyan, stop! Don't make me shout.
-What's going on?
-I see things as they are.
It's just your point of view.
We admired you and wished to be like you.
You're the only one with a family,
a great job and a big salary.
All my life I've been doing
the right thing
and now I see my son twice a month
and pay alimony to my wife.
And now I have to help my friends
I haven't seen for ages, by the way.
Why? Because it's right.
Why? To be mocked by some pseudo
I am sorry, but it's time for me
to think about myself. Okay?
I found Laura.
No profile picture.
She has an arts school nearby.
-I left a message.
-We are to meet.
-What did you write to her?
I wrote anonymously that I want her
to teach my wonderful kids.
What kids? And why anonymously?
So we go to the meeting place
and if she's become fat
and grown a beard and moustache,
then we'll skedaddle.
Otherwise we stay.
This is the most biased
statement I've heard,
but it sounds like a good plan.
Come on! Let's go.
-It fell in the water
-I've been looking for you!
You found me.
-Is it insured?
-Why is this?
One moment, please.
-I have to tell you something.
-I'm listening.
-You don't want to talk.
-ID, please.
Here you are.
Don't you have peripheral vision?
I wasn't talking to you.
What's so urgent?
-It's not the right time, obviously.
-I'll be right back.
Now. Let's start over.
I am listening to you.
You lost today, fine.
But why are you blaming me?
-I don't know who's blaming whom.
-I know about the house.
This should be an incentive.
You had more personality.
Don't talk to me like that
in front of people.
Why not?
What will you do, cousin?
Make another promise to me?
Excuse me.
This is your temp phone
until yours is being repaired.
Thank you.
What's up, dude?
Wait. Listen to me.
-We didn't start off too well.
-Because you ran like hell.
-Just like you did 18 years ago.
-Wait a minute, that's not true.
It's okay. My name is Angel.
-May I go now?
-I am Angel, too.
They call you Acho. That's lame.
Wait. Let's go and have a drink,
I mean soda.
You're a bit late for
that fatherly nonsense.
-What can I do if your Mom
I'll leave you to
have a quiet moment alone.
Do you have something to tell me?
When were you going to tell me?
There has to be a law obliging women
to tell men when they become fathers.
-This is a total crime to me.
-I really tried.
Several times.
When I found out I was pregnant
you were so excited about leaving
to study acting.
You kept talking all night
and I fell asleep in the end.
A week later I came to Sofia
to tell you personally.
I waited for you in front of
the Academy and finally
I saw you kissing a girl.
I was a kid then.
-I don't even remember this.
-It's true.
I think my situation
would've made you unhappy.
And I don't think that
the situation now is different.
-What if she's fat now?
-That's why we're hiding.
Well, yes, if she's fat now,
we'll see her from afar.
It's even worse than that.
-It's unbelievable.
-Man, she's very pregnant.
This one is Laura.
-You can't be sure.
-She looks like her.
She looks like the grownup sexy
version of Laura from my fantasies.
Maybe you should go and check
before she leaves.
-That's right, smartasses.
-Come on, let's go.
You go first.
What are they doing?
-Waiting for her to talk to them.
-She won't.
With that body of hers,
she's forgotten them alright.
Act casual.
Tell those two
to stop acting like dimwits.
And tell me why they called me.
-Hello, Laurie.
-We found her!
Are you two serious?
You show up 20 years later expecting
something to happen. At once.
-No one said it has to be at once.
-He didn't mean it.
-Sounded weird.
We can be honest with each other.
We're grownups now.
I know. We can have a schedule.
-A what?
-A schedule.
You can take the weekends and you
the workdays. Or vice versa.
-Suit yourself. I am fine.
My weekends are busy.
The domestic flights can't be rescheduled.
You can take him from Monday to Friday
or we can take turns every two days. What?
She's fooling around.
I know she's joking!
Why are you laughing at me?
What about your weekends?
Sorry about earlier.
What? Did you say something?
-I am sorry I behaved like a
-I can't hear you!
-Could you repeat that a bit louder?
Why did you come back?
You cannot fail more than that,
hopefully. So let's hear it.
Branimir wants to take Alex's house.
So we
We grew up in there, so we can't
You grew up in there, too.
So many memories have come to us.
It's not that we wanted
something specific.
-And we were hiding because
-I know too well why you were hiding.
You wanted to see if I wasn't fat,
bearded, having six children
and all that mess.
She hasn't changed a bit.
She's that same old idiot.
We were not discussing you. We were
just talking about important stuff.
Don't you wait for us, Vicky!
-What's going on?
-Nothing's going on.
I was eager at the start,
now I'm wearing out.
-Then say "I'm gonna win." Come on.
-I'm gonna win.
-I'm gonna win.
-Shout it out!
-I'm gonna win!
-Who's gonna win?
-I'm gonna win!
-Who's gonna win?
-I'm gonna win!
Come on! Come on!
-Excuse me for a moment.
Today, we won
Well, almost won the marathon.
-But not thanks to you.
-It doesn't matter.
We're together now.
And we can How shall I put it?
-We can hit on bimbos.
-Are you serious?
Just don't tell them I'm your father.
-Carrie, hello.
-I'll be over there.
-I'll join you in a minute.
While I'm just talking,
you are taking action.
Hello there. Sorry for interrupting,
but I have an important announcement.
The song was too boring anyway.
Hello, boys and girls! My name is Acho.
But I'm sure you all know me well.
What's more important, our team won today
and I'd like to invite to the stage
our hero Victor
who is going to sing us a song.
He's a bit embarrassed, but he sings
like an angel in the shower.
Just don't ask me how I know that.
Let's hear it for Vicky!
Vicky! Vicky!
Vicky! Vicky!
-I'll kill you!
-Just listen
I need a favor
I'll kill you.
Hello and good evening.
Go, Vicky!
It's a bit high for you, isn't it?
And now I'd like to invite here
a young and very talented musician.
His name is Angel Karayanev.
Let's invite him to the stage,
we'll perform together.
Let's hear it for Angel!
He's so good, isn't he?
-Yes, he is!
-I am his father.
I know, I'm too young
to have such a big son
-Sorry, I'd like to listen to him.
-Yes, sure.
Come on! Cheers!
Cheers to you!
Well done, Vicky!
Now, before we all get wasted,
please explain to me what's going on?
There's a party going on
which you are trying to spoil.
Okay, but why would Branimir
do these things to you?
-I'd like to know that, too.
-I'll tell you.
Branko was a nerd.
And he always wanted to be in our group.
He wanted to be a part of it.
-We felt
-That he's not a good person.
And he proved it.
I remember that, but how did he
manage to take the house?
My grandfather knew he was dying
and he had to sign the house over.
I didn't understand how Branko
managed to convince him about it.
But he did.
That's bad.
Sure you don't want to sit here?
-So you knew just now?
When you see your father
for the first time in 18 years
you expect him to be serious.
I was at an audition
and I had to act like a bird.
What don't you like about him?
He's such a funny pterodactyl.
They said, "Don't lift your leg
so much," and I was like
-He's a pterodactyl, not a father.
-Oh, come on.
You didn't know your father
and I haven't seen my mother
for a long time
-I am sorry.
-Don't be.
Are you doing it on purpose?
Doing what?
-This song.
-What about it?
You sang it under my balcony
when you were still romantic.
It wasn't this song.
It was a long time ago,
but women remember those things forever.
What else do they remember?
I remember how one day
I decided to get down
only to see you leave with your friends.
If only
If only
But now we'll never know.
Is that you?
And posing with this.
Do you know they called me Fatty?
You are all so funny.
This is in front of the house.
-This is Granny.
-And mine.
-This is my Granny Radka.
-Yes, and Granny Kalina.
-Are those the sisters?
No resemblance.
My Granny was adopted. Her parents died
-I am so stupid.
-You are.
-Are you sure?
-I don't know.
I was a kid when she told me,
I can't be sure about it.
-I'll ask my Granny.
-Let me call her.
-You have Granny Radka's number?
-Yes, I do. Just a moment.
-After all, she's my Granny's sister.
-Or maybe she isn't.
See? Is this her phone number?
Fun call. Your Granny has a fun call
and isn't picking up.
-Let's go then.
-She's probably sleeping.
-So what?
Would you like us
to take a look around the house?
Because you suddenly became
interested in interior design?
No. I really wanted to take a look around.
That was to take away the tension
of making the first step.
That was cool.
Okay, let's go and take a look.
But nothing more.
So you're an arts teacher now?
And you're a banker?
That's great. Ever since
you were little you've showed
an aptitude for painting.
So sfumato was a technique
for painting air, wasn't it?
Like haziness.
Do you remember it?
This was
-This was from fifth grade.
-Sixth grade. Whatever.
It was after our exam.
My handwriting is still ugly.
You showed propensity for numbers.
I didn't draw the heart.
No. You didn't draw it.
Let's join the others.
Granny Radka!
Are you crazy? Get a smaller one!
Granny Radka!
-It's me, Dara.
-Oh, Dara!
-And who's that shmuck with you?
-My cousin Alex.
-That's what we'd like to find out.
Is it true that Granny Kalina
was adopted by your parents?
You morons woke me up to ask me this?
Oh, that Granny Kalina
We haven't spoken for twenty years or so.
Your Grandpa was so in love with me
but that slut took him away from me!
Granny! Get to the point!
Were you real sisters?
We were sisters! Just not by blood.
Her parents had died of an illness.
My parents took pity on her
and took in that nuisance!
-So Dara and I aren't
-Come on, take her.
You may both try out
the strength of your bed-springs
and let me have some sleep!
He is my favorite pedophile.
I really hope they aren't cousins.
Acho The Second!
Daddy's boy!
-Shit. It's my father.
I am too late and he's coming to get me.
They are coming. Quick!
Pretend nothing's happened.
-How do we do that?
-Be spontaneous.
Let me show you some pictures.
This one is
It was really nice but my father
is coming to pick me up.
-But you're not a kid anymore.
-Don't worry.
-I've put on clean bed sheets.
-You can stay over.
It's okay to stay here
-Dad, I
But I was just
Well done, my boy!
Just one more step.
Drinking won't help. We've got three days.
Excuse us for being here to help you.
You think we came
to jog at the amphitheater.
Calm down, I understand.
Fine, enough for today.
I'm working on it.
-Is everything okay?
-Sort of.
How about you?
Sort of.
Well, there is something.
My dancing partner Kiril,
whom you beat up
-He let you down. We expected it.
-But my contest is in four days.
I am sorry. Is there anything I can do?
In fact there is.
-Come on! I'll do the dancing
you'll support me.
But you have such a good co-ordination!
Why don't you get another partner?
Because only you and I can convey
that passion into dance.
I have to train for
the finals in three days.
-It'll be just several hours a day.
I have to train my friends, too.
-So you don't have time for me.
-I just have physical limits.
Not for other things.
You are trying to manipulate me.
It's the house we are fighting for.
-The house is not just yours.
I have siblings to look after.
-I could start a dancing school.
-The house?
-I could use the money.
-The house.
You care only for that house!
And my wishes?
-Good luck at the marathon.
-Dara, wait.
Where are you going?
You were just passing by my house?
How come?
I went out just to clear my head
from the marathon and
And then I saw you.
Maybe it's the Law of Attraction.
The Law of Attraction
This is starting to look ridiculous.
If you want to tell me something
or do something
just be direct.
We're not fifteen anymore.
Well, then
Wait, wait I was joking.
Or maybe I wasn't joking, I don't know.
Or maybe it was a joke
with a grain of truth in it.
I messed up
Could you drop me off over there?
How are you?
I'm doing fine.
-Could you stop looking at me like this?
-Like what?
You make me nervous
and I'm lost for words.
Good morning, Miss!
I know I'm interrupting a meeting,
but family scandals can't be delayed.
Please, excuse me.
Why have you grounded Carina from school?
Because she's hooked up
with the son of my nemesis.
What age do you live in?
No one uses that word.
One of my worst enemies. Anything else?
-You must be crazy to keep her here.
-It's just for three days.
You are involving Carina
in your obsession.
-It's my fight. Stay out of it.
Another word from that same era.
You live in the past, you know?
-It's none of your business.
-You know what?
I'm taking her to school
and if you try to stop me,
I'll make the biggest scene
this glass office has ever seen!
Has something happened?
Mom was right, you're using people.
And those are the words of a person
who used me as a donor.
Okay, I take it back.
Just think it over
in the present situation.
Or you're interested
in the sexual position we made you.
You got close to me just because
Carina is the daughter of that guy.
I had no idea about her.
You saw it yourself.
My relations with Branimir
don't concern you or Carina.
-Carina's a fine girl. Don't treat her
-The way you treated Mom?
You're stuttering again.
And you came to tell me?
I stutter only when I see you.
Or at least I did before.
You know what
I was thinking that
If nothing happened then,
maybe it just wasn't supposed to.
I don't want you to go.
Neither do I.
I overreacted a little.
It's good you came to stop me.
You would leave because you're stubborn.
-Thank you.
-Not at all.
In fact, I could help you
with those dances.
It's okay, I know you're busy.
-Who is it?
-Unknown number.
Who is it now?
-Don't go.
-I'll be right back.
Sorry for barging in.
Technically, the house is mine.
You are wondering why I'm here.
I'm looking for Dara.
Here she is.
Maybe you're wondering
what I have to do with her.
I brought her money.
This is the moment for my favorite line:
It's not what you think it is.
In fact, Alex
It's exactly what you're thinking.
I'm paying her.
To love you, Alex.
To love you.
Money can do so much.
Women love cash in an envelope.
Now, as I feel the situation
has gotten too intense,
I will leave you two
so that you feel the weight.
You were leaving.
-You may go now.
-Listen to me.
Guys, we just have to rank third
and the house will be ours.
This means we must not rank last.
Are you crazy? Why are you here?
I know. I'm sorry.
I just needed to see you.
-Someone might see us.
-No one would see us there.
Is that Mom?
No, it's not your mom. Go inside.
What's going on? Alex, what are you doing?
Alex, what's going on?
What's the matter, man?
What's wrong with you?
Wait, don't.
I still don't know why I'm here.
What's happened to you?
I fell while running.
Because of me?
-Yes, because of you.
-But you don't know why you're here.
I am mad at you.
You rushed and battered yourself
to tell me that?
It was impulsive, I admit.
-Are you waiting for me to speak?
-You betrayed me from the start!
-I tried to tell you.
-It was awful.
If it hadn't been for you, I would not
have realized that I betrayed him.
I have to thank you for that, but
I can't because I'm mad at you!
-I don't understand anything.
-I know.
You have to catch the train
and there's no time to explain.
Aren't you here to stop me from leaving?
No, you have to live with the
consequences of what you did.
-We could get together in a few years.
-You're sending me into exile or what?
Go. That was to remember.
-You fuck!
Hey, you won't hold on even
for a few months, let alone a few years.
All this just to pay him back.
You're still suffering because of her.
-I'm suffering because of him.
-Why does it matter who it was?
-Could be anyone, but not him.
-I'd be grateful to him because we met.
I can't be grateful. Carina hasn't seen
her mother for ten years.
Or you haven't seen your ex.
I'm not interested in her.
But your past interferes with our present.
-He needs to realize what he's done.
-Problem is we all did.
I hope you're happy now.
Carrie, let's go.
I knew you'd be here.
You're all leaving, right?
Twenty years ago
It was more than twenty years ago.
You were all leaving again
and I was sitting right here.
Everything's changed since then.
But now I know what I want.
It's just that I don't.
I've started having doubts lately.
Doubts give rise to fears.
And fears prevent us from believing.
Could you step back, please?
Stop staring and get in the car.
There he is! How was your walk?
Don't explain, get in, the suitcase is in.
Wait! I'll explain it all!
Remember when we were young
and were leaving?
We were to meet Laura and say goodbye.
What happened then?
I just didn't go,
so that you could go to her.
It's not because of the house.
We didn't go back for the house.
-Then why did we go back?
-Just think.
For our own sake.
-Wait. What
-Isn't that Alex?
It's not for the house.
We haven't arranged it, I swear.
I lied about Branimir.
He is right to do that to me.
I misled you about him.
I don't deserve your help.
I am sorry.
That's all I wanted to say. I'm sorry.
-Alex, wait.
-Is that all?
Yes, you were foolish and selfish.
And we also participated
for selfish reasons.
We were going to come back
and make it look dramatic.
We were about to make a U-turn.
But Come with me.
Forget it. She told you not to come.
-I know.
-Why are you such an asshole?
Did you tell him not to come?
-And that he's an asshole?
Dad, I've always looked up to you, but
-Your childish behavior makes it hard.
-I know.
-You're too young to understand.
-That night, I was there, too.
Is he still here?
Angel and I haven't done anything.
For now.
-There. You failed again.
-What have I done?
Women always test you, you should know it.
-Didn't I tell you not to come?
-Yes, you did.
You shouted it and wrote it
and Carina said it.
-Enough with that circus!
-Shut up, both of you!
If you didn't want to see him,
we wouldn't be in this hotel.
And you tell her why you're doing this.
And I don't want to hear about it!
Yana, please.
-Why are you here?
-And you?
Do you remember how on this very bench
we ate bread with mayonnaise?
-Of course I remember.
-I put on three kilos then!
-You still haven't lost them.
Remember how you made me
throw away all my ex's pictures?
And then I made you fish them out
of the bin to prove it to me.
Even more, you made me get into that bin!
You psycho!
You know
The last time I saw you,
it was on this very bench.
I was thinking the same.
You are not dating, right?
I could get rid of him.
I could get rid of them too.
I'll be right back.
I realized something important
about myself that I have to tell you.
I realized that I've been looking
for happiness all around the world
and I never found it. Ever.
Now that I'm leaving again
I realize that I might never find it.
And if I leave, I will stray away from it.
Maybe I shouldn't have left at all
or should have left earlier.
After what I've heard
-I see two options before us.
The first is accepting the facts
the way they are
because it was just not meant to be.
And the second one is
Maybe it's high time
that we started altering our fate.
It's up to you.
Take your seats!
Excuse me.
It's a sign.
No way.
Truth is I'm glad you came.
I know.
It doesn't solve our problems.
We have to find a way to solve them.
It's all up to you. You have to forgive.
Forgive? Has anybody
asked for my forgiveness?
There's no need.
Just do it for your own sake.
-What have I done?
-Don't you realize?
-You live in your past.
-Is that so?
What did I get? I followed the rules
and in the end I got hurt, not him.
I don't know why you came.
I know what the problem is.
Your ego is more important
than your Granddad's memory.
Fill it up with Extra Force.
Good evening, Mr. Vassilev.
-Hello, Danny.
-How are you today?
Having a bad day. Second gas pump.
-I understand.
Mr. Vassilev.
I read the book you recommended.
-You were right.
Viktor Frankl said it very well.
The pain stops being pain
the moment you find its meaning.
But you probably know it.
Have a nice evening.
So you've come to get your stuff?
No, I came to see you.
You should've brought Carina.
I've seen you quite enough.
Next time.
But I guess she won't be glad
to see your cousin again.
-So you know that Alex
He shagged your wife.
What's happened to him?
Had I been younger,
I would have beaten him up.
Let's not talk about it.
Come sit for a while.
There are people coming here all the time
offering to build an apartment block,
a hotel and whatnot.
I chase them away,
swear and throw rocks at them.
But your cousin talks to them,
bargaining, I see him.
I planted this walnut tree.
I did everything with my two hands.
This is my life here.
If the house is gone, it would be
as if I haven't lived at all.
You will live in our hearts.
Stop that sentimental nonsense.
You'll kick the bucket, too, one day.
But the walnut tree will still be here.
The stones will be here, too.
Do you see this bush here?
I mean that one.
I shagged your Grandma there
and she conceived your Mom.
-Stop it.
-This is a copy of my will.
-No, Grandpa
He is a homewrecker. I don't trust him.
I want you to promise me
that I can rely on you.
-Grandpa, I
The world continues
after our petty lives are over.
So we should leave something behind.
Something more than just a picture.
Do you understand?
I haven't much time left.
That's why I want you to promise me
that all this is going to live.
This house, the yard,
the fountain All of this.
Only then will I feel easy that
I haven't lived in vain, my dear boy.
Alright, Grandpa.
That's my boy.
Let's hear you now!