Re:Uniting (2023) Movie Script

["This Is How We Do It"
by Montell Jordan]
This is how we do it
This is how we do it
La, la, la, la, la
Oh, oh, oh
This is how we do it
It's Friday night
and I feel all right
The party's here
on the west side
So I reach for my 40
and I turn it up
Designated driver,
take the keys to my truck
Hit the 'shaw
'cause I'm faded
Honies in the street say,
"Monty, yo, we made it!"
It feels so good
in my hood tonight
The summertime skirts
and the guys in Kani
All the gangbangers forgot
about the drive-by
You gotta get your groove on,
before you go get paid
[man] Collin,
get your ass over here!
[woman 1] Okay,
let's make a toast.
[woman 2] To everything
we accomplished.
[woman 3] To the future,
whatever that is.
[man] To getting
the fuck out of here.
[all] To us!
This is how we do it
This is how we do it
-Mom, I need you to sign this.
-What is it?
I may have flunked
my algebra test.
-What? Did you know about this?
-About what?
It's fine. Have a good day.
This is not the end of this
conversation, young lady.
-How is there no hot water?
-You snooze, you lose.
Well, if I wanted a cold shower,
I would have just
stayed at school.
Mom, can you sign
the letter, please?
Is that my shirt?
[overlapping arguing]
[cell phone buzzing]
What the fuck?
[woman groans]
I'm trying to live
my life
Don't carry me
Don't let me die
trying to live for today
I'm tryin' to give
[barbershop din]
-[muffled arguing]
Collin. You're on in 10.
Let's get you to set.
Sounds good. [chuckles]
[TV show host] Coming up,
we've got Collin Anderson,
who's gonna be out here
to give us his take on...

[hum of chatter]
So, let's say you and me head
to my place in the Hamptons
for the weekend.
-Drink wine by the fire.
I would love to,
but I've got this
college reunion thing.
Just come after.
[clicks tongue] It's in Canada.
-You could have just said no.
-[elevator dings]
Susan. Laura.
Yeah, tryin' to live
Mom, what are you doing?
Come on, we gotta go.
We're literally already late.
Come on, hurry up.
Hey, hey, kids, kids,
kids, kids, kids, kids, kids.
Young ones, young ones.
Just give me one second.
What did you say?
You know what?
One of my kids just threw up.
I gotta go.
Okay, so that was a lie.
We don't lie.
But it didn't hurt anybody.
We're gonna finish this song,
for your mom.
All right, you remember
what I showed you before?
That? [plays notes]
One, two, three.
Any octave, you go.
There you go.
And what are you gonna do?
See, that's right.
There, that's right.
Keep the rhythm going,
young one.
Ready? Go for it.
Keep 'em going.
[all playing together]
You're killing it. Killing it.
-[car horn honks]
-[Carrie] He's here. Bye.
Wait, wait.
I could have driven you.
[Bryan sighs]
I just wish
it wasn't this weekend.
With Emma being here.
The girls can take care
of themselves.
That's not what I meant.
Is he gonna be there?
Yes. Unless he isn't.
He's the most unpredictable
human being on the planet.
[Bryan] So...
When are we gonna
talk about this?
-It's always later or next time.
-Just leave it, Bryan.
We'll figure it all out. Okay?
But not now.
[Carrie] Jesus.
["Wild River"
by Stephen Spender]
Sweet little baby nothing
Open like the sun
Nothing to be afraid of
Nowhere to run
'Til that lightning
comes down
[Danny] Oh, look at him,
showing us how he does it.
Ah! Yeah!
[Rachel and Collin groan]
-So good to see you.
-[Carrie] A little help, please.
Hey, lady.
[Carrie exclaims]
Hello to you, too.
I think you may have
realigned my spine there.
It is so good to see you.
It's good to see that Michael is
anxiously awaiting our arrival.
He's at home.
All right, let's go. Come on.
Are we not missing someone?
No, I didn't forget about Nat.
She'll be late
because of a surgery.
Uh, excuse me.
We rearranged Collin's
entire press junket
announcing his move
to daytime talk to be here, so--
Okay, saving lives
is a little more important
than being the host
of a morning talk show.
Oh, so the rumors are true.
How did I not know this?
Because we haven't done
the press--
-Collin Anderson, host.
-Does no one listen to me?
[Collin laughs]
-Hi, um--
-How you doing?
-Can we get a photo?
-Yes, of course.
-Oh, my God. This is so cool.
-Come on.
[laughs] All right, you ready?
Is it true you're gonna be
the new Morning Live co-host?
-Oh, we'll see. We'll see.
-Where's the button?
Oh, my God, it's getting dark.
All right, everyone,
say, "penicillin."
Here we are.
Oh! Nice digs.
[Rachel] Come in.
Come in.
[Collin] Now, that is a view.
-[Rachel] Great, huh?
-[Carrie] Are these couches new?
-[Rachel] Yeah.
-[Danny] It's quiet.
Like, really eerily quiet.
[Rachel] We have beer.
You'll be fine.
[Danny] Oh! Look at this place.
-[Carrie] So stunning.
[Collin] Amazing.
-[Carrie] Is that a seal?
-[Danny] Perfect.
Hey. Where's your dad?
-No idea.
-Are you packed?
-[Rachel] Attitude--
Okay, someone help me with this.
Aw, she likes you.
Yeah, please, get it off me.
[Rachel] Mavlyn,
this is your uncle Danny.
Come here,
and give me a hug. [laughing]
[laughs] Wow.
How you doing?
Look how big you've gotten.
Kyle is a big fan
of that celebrity dancing show
-that you did.
-Oh, right on, right on.
Every night. [laughs]
So, is this, like,
an all-ages weekend or...
No, they're going to Uncle Ben's
this weekend, right?
-Sleepover at Uncle Ben's.
-[all laughing]
[Mavlyn] Mom! I can't find Dad.
[Collin] Yo, Michael,
the crew's here.
[Danny] Oh, Michael!
[Collin] Michael.
[Danny] Hey, Mikey!
It is so good to see you.
[Carrie] Oh, it's so good
to be here.
[Rachel] Oh,
I missed you so much.
Hi, Carrie.
[laughs nervously] Ben--
Benjamin. I mean, Ben. Hi.
It's been a while,
you-- you look great.
So, the kids are all packed up,
so we shall leave you to it.
-Thank you, now go.
-[Ben] Okay.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
-Not too much sugar.
Oh, shit, Carrie,
I forgot to ask,
uh, were you just
flirting with Rachel's brother?
-[Collin laughing]
You can invite him
to join you and Bryan.
Maybe, uh,
spice things up a little bit.
[Collin] Dude, come on.
Isn't it a little
early for drinking?
All right, baby.
You look out for those two.
-Ugh, I'll try.
-Be nice.
Come here.
-Oh, I love you.
-I'm gonna miss you so much.
Buy me something
nice with my money.
-What if I get you a...
-Uh, don't say anything.
-You know what I'm gonna say.
-[Ben] Bye, Mike.
[Michael] Bye.
[engine starts]
[children chatter excitedly]
I still think
we should've canceled.
No, it'll be fine.
Now, will you please
come and greet our guests?
You're being rude.
[Michael] How's the married
-[Carrie] You know.
[Michael] How are the kids,
and how's Emma loving her job?
[Carrie] I-- she's ready--
Hey, Michael, how much
does a place like this cost?
Dude, why are you always asking
people how much things cost?
Um, because I want to know.
We did most
of the work ourselves, so--
Oh, shit.
You don't build things.
I build things. I'm very handy.
No fucking way, man,
it took you, like, five days
to build that Ikea bookshelf.
Actually, I built it.
[Michael] And I helped
supervise, so.
A very important part
of the building process.
And what have you ever built?
-An empire.
-Fucking touch.
[Carrie] So, the women
in my book club asked
if that was really
your house in the reality show.
You want to know
how much it cost?
Dude, you do not need
to tell people that.
They can look it up
on the Internet. Oh.
The, uh, service is spotty here.
What's the Wi-Fi?
-No Wi-Fi.
-[Danny gasps]
Literally how
every horror movie begins.
Danny, don't be so dramatic.
Can we just try to disconnect
and be together, like old times?
With just a few extra
gray hairs.
With me, this is all au naturel.
What's left of it.
-[Collin laughing]
-Oh, shit.
-[phone buzzing]
-Oh, oh, there's a signal.
Oh, by the way,
10,000 new followers
from the People magazine cover.
I-- I'm sorry, did you
say 10,000 new followers?
How many followers do you have?
Well, I don't know,
like, two million.
Holy crap, two million?
How do you have
two million followers?
I have, like, 12.
I don't even have Instagram.
-How do you not have Instagram?
-I have Pinterest.
-Is that the knitting app?
-Um, yes.
-[Collin laughing]
I only have Instagram
so I can check up on my kids,
and make sure they're
not making bad life choices.
Trust me, that is not
the app they are using
to make bad life choices.
Can you imagine if we had
social media back in college?
That would not
have been good for me.
[Michael and Collin laugh]
Uh, okay, thank you,
Professor Barbecue, what?
You think that, uh,
football streaking incident
goes on the Internet,
it doesn't stop you
from getting into law school?
How the fuck
do you remember everything?
Booze kills your liver,
not your brain cells.
That is not at all true.
I actually
feel sorry for the kids.
I mean,
everything being so instant.
I mean,
remember developing film?
You never knew
what you were gonna get.
That's what you remember
from the '90s.
We remember
that decade very differently.
I think I feel like wine.
Bubbly? Feels like
an occasion for bubbles.
-[Rachel] I'll go get some.
Whoa, whoa!
Hey, you okay?
Well, I don't know
about you people,
but I am so happy
to be on vacay.
I needed a break.
A break from what?
I mean, you just hang out
with Collin all day, right?
It can't be that hard.
No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm Collin's executive
assistant. That's a hard job.
To get his dry cleaning?
I don't get his dry cleaning,
okay, his regular assistant
gets his dry cleaning.
Regular assistant?
I-- I get my own dry cleaning.
You don't get your dry cleaning.
-I get my-- when--
-Whatever, man, whatever.
-I'm gonna go help Rach.
[pop music playing over radio]
-We good?
-Yeah. Yeah.
No, no, you have to twist,
you have to-- Yeah.
-[cork pops]
-[Rachel screams]
[both laughing]
There you go. All right.
Are you and Michael okay?
You know you can talk to me.
Carrie, just relax,
and stop worrying.
There's no one here
you need to take care of.
I didn't mean
like you needed taken care of.
It's-- it's just habit.
I know, let's just forget
about the real world,
and have fun, deal?
Hey, Collin,
are you still dating that model?
You know, Rachel, every time
she sees your face
in one of those magazines
with those gorgeous women,
she buys them,
and I read 'em sometimes.
[laughing] What, no,
I'm not dating her anymore.
Yeah, it wasn't real love.
Yeah, believe it or not,
this guy is a romantic.
I mean,
every single time she sees it,
she starts planning
your wedding out for you.
At one point, she planned
your whole damn wedding.
-[Collin laughing]
Well, I guess I just
haven't met
the right person yet.
We can't all have the epic
Michael and Rachel
love story, now, can we?
Man, shut up. [laughing]
Do you think
Natalie's gonna show up?
She always says she will,
but something always comes up.
Well, even Danny made it.
How is he still
exactly the same?
And so she's choking me,
and I realize I forgot
to give her a safe word,
and so she's-- And I'm, like,
hitting her, and she's laugh--
-[phone buzzing]
-Hold on.
Oh, shit, Nat wants us
to meet her down on the wharf.
Oh, all right.
[Collin laughs]
This girl knows
how to make an entrance.
What's up, bitches?
Woo! Let's do this.
-Oh! Oh!
-[Natalie screams]
[Collin] Shit.
[laughing] Oh, God.
Yes, yes!
[women laughing]
Nat, Nat, here,
check it out, check it out.
You fall in right... there.
-I'll send it to you.
Ah, great.
Here you go, little mermaid.
Oh, thank you.
It's my own fault. Ooh.
I wore inappropriate shoes.
I am so sorry, are you sure
that I can't wash your clothes?
[Natalie] It's fine.
And I'm really digging
this retro husky sweatshirt.
We would have picked you up.
Well, the surgery went
quicker than usual.
Plus, I, uh,
I had to surprise you all
with my dramatic entrance.
Well, you succeeded.
[laughs] Yes, you did.
[Michael] You are amazing.
I just whipped
through brain surgery,
and I came over here.
Well, the guy died, so there was
really no point in continuing.
It's okay. People die.
He had less than a 10% chance
of surviving the surgery
to begin with, so...
How do you do it?
The whole death thing?
That shit freaks me out.
Well, I take comfort in the fact
that I didn't kill him.
My job was to fix his brain.
The tear his aorta,
that's what killed him.
And that's somebody else's job.
It's when you fuck up.
When someone dies,
the shit gets real.
So I celebrate
the successes, and I drink.
Speaking of which,
do you have anything stronger?
-Bourbon. Neat.
It's like you've known me
since I was underage.
[all laughing]
Oh, God, that's good.
You're breaking out
the fancy shit.
-What's the occasion?
Twenty-five years since
we all graduated from college.
Did you not get
the ornate handmade invitation
-Rachel sent out?
Now, when was the last time
the six of us were all together?
Uh, your hall of fame
induction ceremony.
That was Emma's graduation,
so I couldn't
make it that weekend.
It was the surprise
birthday party
that Bryan threw me.
No, I woke up in Vegas,
missed that party.
How-- Never mind.
I also wasn't there.
It was my baby shower
for Mavlyn.
-No way. Mavlyn's eight.
We haven't all been
together in the same place
in eight years?
Well, I would like
to propose a toast.
To our lovely hosts,
who are still as disgustingly
beautiful a couple
as they were back in the day.
We all hate you.
-To old friends.
-[all] To old friends.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
I missed you guys, too.
Now let's stop talking
about how sad and old we are,
and let's get fucked up.
-Okay. I'm in.
-Oh, my God, no.
[party music
playing over speaker]
[Collin] Oh yeah! There we go!
[all cheering, shouting]
[Carrie] Michael, stop cleaning!
Hey, come back!
This party is just getting
Oh yeah, here we go.
-[Carrie] Oh, he's getting--
-Oh, here we go.
Look at you!
[Carrie laughing]
[Rachel] Michael.
What are you doing?
You're disturbing me.
[Collin] Yeah!
[cheering, laughter]
[Carrie, Rachel laughing]
[Carrie] You can't just say
that, and then--
[both laughing]
I'm getting all hot in the face.
Oh, no thanks.
What? They do drug tests
on sportscasters now?
[Collin grunts]
-[Collin coughing]
-[Natalie laughs]
-You are a terrible influence.
-Yes. Yes, I am.
So we just gonna be smoking
in the house?
Oh, uh, we-- we opened the, uh--
-Is that Danny's? No.
-[Collin laughing]
-What is this?
-Hey. Hey. Hey.
-[music stops]
Hey, listen,
it's getting kind of late,
so I thought
I would show everybody
where they're sleeping.
It's still light out.
See, even the PTA mom thinks
it's too early to go to bed.
-Are you not on the PTA?
I am.
Okay, there was no mention
of sleep, period,
when I agreed
to this mess.
-I'm not-- I just--
-Very funny, Michael.
He's joking. Obviously.
-I joke better than that.
-He's joking.
[Michael] Here,
all right, do what you want.
[music app chimes]
[retro dance music playing]
Oh. Wow.
Baby don't be that way
We're gonna rock this thing
Baby, want you to stay
Yeah, uh-huh! No!
No! No. [laughs]
Maybe take it easy
on the drinking.
Rachel, I'm serious.
Michael, I am fine, please stop.
-Let loose, have another drink.
-I don't want another drink.
I am fine, I'm an adult.
I know what I can handle.
Oh, fuck.
-Hey. [laughs nervously]
[glass shatters]
[Collin] Michael, is that
your cell phone up there?
-[Danny] I got land--
-[Collin] Michael!
[Collin] I think it's so cool
you guys have a sailboat.
I would have killed
for this as a kid.
I would have killed
for my dad to not beat me
with a belt, but hey,
you can't have everything.
Why do you always
gotta make everything so dark?
[grunts] It's what I do, Collin.
I live to make those
around me uncomfortable.
Oh, shit.
Speaking of the past...
-Is that acid?
-Yes, sir.
-Where did you get acid?
-Bucky McAllister.
You want some?
-From our freshman year.
Yeah, no, no, I-- I don't want
a hit of your 29-year-old acid.
-Hello, Michael.
-Yeah, sorry.
Danny was wondering if you
wanted a hit of his '90s acid.
I'm good, thanks.
[scoffs] Your loss.
I'm gonna do
my trip in the nature.
I'll leave that right there,
in case you gentlemen
change your minds.
Yeah. I'm not. [laughs]
[Danny] Okay, man overboard.
That man is insane.
I don't get it.
You and him working together,
living together.
Uh, that's not charity,
you know.
He works hard.
When you're
surrounded by yes people,
it's nice to have someone
who tells you like it is.
He's not in charge
of your finances, is he?
Oh, hell no.
[Collin] Oh, man,
I'd check the line, but...
-[Michael] Buddy.
-[Collin] Whoa!
[Collin laughing]
[Michael] It's not easy,
the things you've got to deal
with sometimes.
-Go carefully.
I find myself so close
Like, I've seen a birth.
I had to do
a rotation in obtetrics.
Oh, I said it.
-That's the one.
So I've seen it.
And I understand
how the human body works.
But I still don't get it.
You know, I don't get it.
And I never knew
a human could experience
that much pain,
and not die, ohh!
All of my births
were incredible.
I felt superhuman.
got clear, and focused.
Screw you.
Give it to me.
Emma's giant head
ripped me to shreds.
[Nat] Ugh.
And I had
an emergency C-section,
because Bridge and Riley's cords
were wrapped around each other.
[Rachel] Ooh.
My children actually tried
to kill each other in the womb.
This is why
you have babies in a hospital,
where there are doctors.
[Carrie] And drugs.
[Nat] Here, here, sister.
To drugs.
[music plays softly
in the background]
-I think I missed it.
-Missed what?
I am a fucking
amazing neurosurgeon.
I make a shit-ton of money.
Like, it's actually insane
how much they pay me.
But I put everything else off.
Relationships. Kids.
Fucking book club.
book club is pretty great.
Yeah, it is, yeah.
I come home
to a beautifully decorated
but very empty apartment,
and I think, "What's the point?"
I have kids and a husband,
and I still come home
to an empty house.
What do you mean?
Bryan and I work insane hours
to pay for our kids
to go to college,
and not drown in student debt.
I don't think I've bought myself
a new piece
of clothing in years.
Ugh, take mine,
you can have them.
I've got so many.
I'm not going to
fit in your clothes.
But I will take your shoes.
-The ones with the red soles?
-Done. Take them.
[Carrie] Okay.
What if I pay
for your kids to go to college?
Will they take care of me
when I'm old?
This is the point
of children, yes?
You're right. My kids are jerks.
But your kids are wonderful.
I just realized, I have been,
for my entire adult life, mom.
I mean, I love my kids,
but it is so frigging hard.
Once they all leave, what--
what the hell
am I supposed to do?
Well, you'll have time
to figure that out,
because kids stay at home
until they're like, 38 now.
Oh, my God.
Maybe that
would be worse. [laughing]
I really want chips.
[Rachel sobs quietly]
-[Carrie] Oh.
Hey, Rach, are you okay?
We don't have to have chips.
No, it's just
the wine and the weed
and the talk of kids. [laughs]
[Carrie] Yeah.
I'm feeling the pot.
I think the ceiling is moving.
[Rachel laughs]
Now I really want popcorn.
[gasps] Or jelly beans.
Nat, it's not too late.
Nothing is ever too late.
Yeah, I know.
[Rachel] And Car, it's not too
late to make changes, either.
Your kids growing up
means that there's more time
for you and Bryan.
You guys should travel.
Go to Spain or Italy.
[Nat] We should go.
A girls trip. To Italy.
We could drink wine, eat pizza.
-Mm, pizza.
[laughs] Oh, my God,
that would be amazing.
That does sound amazing.
Done. I will book it.
As soon as I can see straight.
[all laughing]
I'm gonna get some--
[Rachel] I'm going
to get some more wine.
Okay. [laughs]
What's so funny?
I know it might
not seem like a big deal
to go from
be-- being a sportscaster
to a morning talk show host.
They're both on TV.
Yeah, but it's different, man.
I-- I know football.
And I'm good at football.
But-- but now-- now I have to be
good at fashion and celebrities.
You know, interview
people about their movies.
I'm terrified.
[Michael laughing] Oh God,
oh God, oh God, oh God.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Yes, I get it,
what you do is hard.
But terrifying? Come on.
I mean, everything
you've ever done,
you've done well, you have women
who want to be with you.
You have men that, like,
literally want to be you.
There are people
out here, like myself,
who live a real life,
and have real problems.
Like real fucking
problems, Collin.
Like, you don't have...
[sighs] plan shit, right?
Like, the planning,
like, life doesn't always
happen the way you plan it,
even if you did plan it.
Right, like, it all blows up
in your fucking face.
You don't have a wife and kids
who you--
Who rely and count on you.
And, like, you have
to make sure they're happy,
and healthy, and safe.
And you don't have to answer
to anyone.
What's going on, Michael?
No, I'm sorry.
No! I'm sorry.
I should have done better.
-No, I am so selfish.
It must have been
so hard for you.
you have so many words to learn.
-I have so many words?
I watch ER, it's, like...
-so many words.
-That is such an old reference.
Like, there are so many
more newer
doctor shows to watch.
I-- I just watched ER.
-It's really good.
-I know.
Yeah. It's on--
It's on-- streaming.
I have no life.
No, no, but you--
you had babies.
Yes. You had babies.
You and Bryan,
you combined your DNA.
And you made live humans.
And I should have been there.
I should have been
there to-- to see them
do what kids do, like--
Oh, my God,
I have no idea what kids do.
[lighter clicks]
[breathing raggedly]
Come on.
Jesus! Be-- Be careful.
-Nice work.
-Thank you.
-You having fun?
-Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's great. Yeah.
I'm kind of bummed, though,
I found this acid
at my parents' house.
I thought it'd be
kind of cool to take it,
but either it's lost its potency
or Bucky sold me shit
in the first place.
Or I'm going to be high
as fuck in, like, 11 minutes.
I remember that guy, Bucky.
Didn't he also sell
term papers in high school?
Yeah, it's probably
shit to begin with.
[both laughing]
So, uh,
what are you ladies doing?
Pillow fights and practicing
your French kissing, I hope.
For someone who's been
with a lot of women,
you really
don't understand them, do you?
I guess they'd need to stick
around for more than one night.
-I'm so sorry.
-Oh, no, that's okay.
No, I'm so-- I'm so sorry.
I just-- No, it's not okay.
I'm sorry, I do not--
I did not mean--
-Hey, what? Huh?
Everyone okay in here?
[laughs nervously] We were--
I was just-- I was just saying
that I think maybe
we should go swimming.
-[Carrie] What?
-Yeah, we-- we should just go.
We should just go, just go--
Just go jump off the dock,
-and go swimming, right?
Yeah, come on, let's go.
Gonna go swimming.
-[Nat] Yeah?
-[Carrie] Nat!
-[Nat] What?
I planned--
planned for another
life, you know.
I mean, I could have
been a fucking superhero.
Your wife has decided
that we are going swimming.
-I don't know what to tell you.
A woman wants what she wants.
Ooh. Okay.
Yeah, all right, it's your wife,
come on. [grunts]
Everybody's drunk,
we're not supposed to be
in the water when we're drunk.
[Collin] Oh, God,
come on. [grunts]
[Nat] Oh, my God!
[Rachel screaming]
Are you insane?
Oh, my God!
[overlapping shouting]
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
-Come on!
-You're going in.
-Come on! Come on!
[all shouting at once]
[Danny] I'm getting out.
[all screaming at once]
[Carrie] Oh my God! Oh my God!
-Oh my God!
-Oh my God!
-Oh my God
-[all laughing and shouting]!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
[cheering, laughing]
[Nat] Listen! [laughing]
[Danny] You know
where the Aspirin is?
My fucking head's
going to explode.
Morning, sunshines.
[Carrie] What is wrong with you?
Coffee, yes. Hook me up!
You look like you got
12 hours of sleep.
That's really annoying.
-I drank lots of water.
I won't tell her
I already went for a run.
That's probably a good idea.
You look like shit.
You okay?
Last night was fun, wasn't it?
Hey, I missed a call from Bryan,
and I can't seem
to get a signal.
You can get a signal
over there by the water.
I'm sorry, is that a Blackberry?
Yeah, so?
-Hello? Oh, shit, it's 2007.
They want to get
their phone back, is that--
[Carrie] Hilarious.
Because the joke
is the phone is old.
House in the woods, old friends
over for a weekend...
I just wanted to say
I'm really sorry
about my behavior last night.
This is a house on a beach.
Well, a house
on a beach isn't scary, Nat.
Don't be messing
with my narrative.
If you ever need to talk,
just let me know.
What are you guys talking about?
Nothing. Why you being so nosy?
I don't know, it's in my nature.
Hey, um,
how come Rachel wasn't there
when we watched
Nightmare on Elm Street,
and we had to peel you
off the ceiling?
Was it because Michael
and Natalie were dating?
He really
does remember everything.
He brought that up
just so he could say that.
Yes, he did.
[Michael] Well, we did date,
and it was absolutely beautiful
for about
five minutes, wasn't it?
He could not tame my wild heart.
Yeah, so-- so you
introduced Rachel and Michael?
Yes, I take credit
for all of this.
Technically, no,
I answered an ad
for a singer in the band,
and there was this tall,
handsome musician
standing behind the keyboard.
Most beautiful voice
I ever heard.
And that would be why
Michael and I didn't work out.
Although, after your first show,
I did go home
with a very handsome man
named Enrique.
Oh, yeah, I wonder
whatever happened to Enrique.
Oh, who cares?
Dude gave me chlamydia.
-[Collin laughing]
-[Danny coughing]
Got to warn me.
[Carrie] I don't know.
Well, can't you just
figure it out?
I'll just keep thinking about
what's only in the freezer,
but, actually--
[Michael] Hey, lady.
[Carrie] Okay.
I've gotta go. Bye.
[instant camera whirring]
-How did you know?
-And voila.
-[Carrie laughing]
Oh, thank you.
-There you go.
-Love it.
How is Bryan?
Honestly? I'm not sure.
Things have been...
Different. Yeah, I don't know.
I'm sorry, Carrie.
I didn't-- I didn't know.
No one does.
It's the one thing
I've accomplished, you know?
Strong marriage. Good kids.
I don't have that, I...
[Michael] Listen.
The only thing
we can do right now...
is go in that house,
eat some eggs, some bacon,
figure out
what the next step is.
I love you, baby.
I'm so sorry, Carrie. Don't cry.
Or cry.
Go for it, I don't care.
Like, just get it out,
before we go back up there.
-Thank you.
Michael, there's
something wrong, isn't there?
[sentimental piano
music building]
Yeah. I think so.
So do you think it was
the weed or the tequila, huh?
-Or did you--
-There was no tequila.
You're so old,
you don't remember
-we had tequila last night?
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, thanks, baby.
-You're welcome.
Isn't it
a little early for beer?
Isn't it
a little early for a "samosa"?
A mimosa is a socially
acceptable breakfast drink.
-You're so classy, baby.
-Yes, I am.
Okay, so I have a full day
of island adventures
planned for us all.
Oh, Rach, I love you,
but I just want
to sit on my ass all day,
read a book, start happy hour,
like, now.
-And Danny and I were hoping
to hit the golf course.
And by hoping, he means
we've already booked a tee time,
and we want to hit
some balls with a driving range.
No, no, no, no, no.
I had it all planned.
Go to the cove,
visit the shops, you know,
take a hike,
maybe go to the farmer's market,
take the boat out, it--
What, not even a hike?
You guys, this is one
of the most beautiful places
you will ever see, and I--
I need to show you all
of my favorite spots, and I--
I'll go on a hike with you.
If going on a hike
is important to you, Rach,
-then I'll go.
-Thank you.
Despite the fact that I did not
bring the appropriate footwear.
Well, you can borrow something.
Okay, it's settled,
then, perfect.
Just make sure
you're back for dinner tonight.
Done, so, what's
on the agenda for tonight?
Oh, it really hope it's not
a surprise, I hate surprises.
[Collin] Surprises are lame.
Oh, come on,
let's be spontaneous.
Let her surprise us
if she wants.
-Thank you, Carrie.
-I'm sorry,
did you say you wanted
to be spontaneous?
-I'm spontaneous.
-[Danny] Ah, ah, ah, ah.
You used to be spontaneous.
-I can be spontaneous.
-[Collin laughing]
I showed up here, didn't I?
This was planned
a year in advance.
[all laughing]
Oh, and ladies and gentlemen,
there is the Carrie
that we used to know and love.
You're right.
I don't say fuck anymore.
I say "fudge."
Because that's what
good mothers do, right?
Wouldn't want
Donna Gleeman to hear me swear.
Who the fuck is Donna Gleeman?
I used to be fun
and spontaneous.
When we were first married,
Bryan would
surprise me all the time.
But now...
every day is the same.
Like, every week
is exactly the same.
I go to work, Monday to Friday,
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
I come home, I make dinner.
Lots of people have schedules.
No, I know,
but, like, every week
is exactly the same.
Oh, shit.
I know?
I tried so hard
to get into a routine.
Because I read
in some parenting book
that routines are important.
So I became
obsessed with routine,
and routined myself
right into being my mother.
We even schedule sex.
Or at least we did
when we were still having it.
Oh, that's why you were
flirting with Rachel's brother.
[whispering] Well, she was,
and then her face got all pink.
-Shut up.
-He's right.
-I'm pathetic.
-Carrie, you're not pathetic.
[whispering] Seriously?
Why would you do that?
[Carrie] Rach, you ready to go?
Yeah, I'll be right there.
[Danny] Coming here
make you feel old?
[Collin] We are old.
No, they're old, we're not old.
We're all around
the same age, bro.
So, uh...
Rachel kissed me last night.
-Yeah, I don't know.
She was, like, drunk
or possessed, or something.
-What did you do?
-Nothing, I swear.
She just came up, and kissed me.
Whatever, man.
I shouldn't have said anything.
You still in love with her?
-[Danny] Oh.
-[Collin] Clearly not.
Look, I know she's married.
I was at the wedding.
Look, man, maybe she just
felt bad for your sorry ass,
or maybe that ass of yours
wasn't shit after all.
But for your own sake,
don't go creating
something that isn't there.
-Thank you, Dr. Phil.
-Oh, f--
-[Collin] Oh, we should have
put money on this.
Whatever, man, I shouldn't
have told you anything.
[Collin laughing]
[Carrie panting]
Why? Why?
Oh my God.
[panting heavily]
Holy crap.
Told you it was worth it.
This is my favorite place.
[Carrie] It's so beautiful.
Sorry, just give me a second.
You know, you should really take
better care of yourself, Carrie.
Well, that's a bit judgy.
No, I'm not being judgy,
I'm just saying it's important
to take care of your health
because you-- you never know.
Sorry, not all of us
have a lawyer husband
and a big fat inheritance.
I'm sure if I wasn't
always working,
I'd have time to exercise.
Where did that come from?
You can be
so controlling sometimes.
I am not controlling.
I'm on vacation without
my family for the first time
in God knows how long.
And I don't want to be hiking.
I want to be sitting
on the patio, drinking with Nat.
But here we are.
I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
-No, it's not.
You've always been there for me,
and sometimes I'm selfish.
I never told you
how proud I am of you.
The way you dove into
motherhood, even though you--
[soft music playing]
I had no idea
how bad your marriage was
or how unhappy you are.
I don't know, because...
I never asked.
Well, I probably
wouldn't have told you.
So there you go.
I'm sure there's things
you don't tell me.
This getting old thing sucks.

Do you ever just want to scream
at the top of your lungs?
Like everything
inside you is just building
to its boiling point,
and you're going to explode
unless you get it out?
-You okay?
And neither are you.
You can't keep that shit
locked up inside of you, Carrie.
You have to get it out.

It's okay.
Maybe you're not ready.
Come on.
I'll race you to the bottom.
Come on.
[Nat] Hey.
[Michael] Hey.
What are you doing?
I'm embracing the day drinking.
Give me one of those.
Thank you.
Ah. Oh.
Jesus, I feel like crap.
You guys got
some strong-ass weed here.
-It's like medical grade.
-That's because it is.
It's very quiet here.
You get used to it.
Silence scares me.
That's why
I'm never in my apartment.
[Michael laughing]
when I'm alone is deafening.
I've been practicing
going into the silence.
No shit.
You're, like, meditating.
Thing is, right now...
I could use a little noise.
Don't you say a word.
-Oh! And it ain't over!
-Oh! No, no, no, no, no.
All of the crowd goes wild!
Oh, my gosh!
Dude, you won a Superbowl,
-I got cut from JV.
-Shut up.
Does it keep you up
at night, man?
Does it keep you awake?
Oh, I love it!
-It's not--
-[Danny laughing]
Who is it?
[phone vibrates]
Oh, shit.
I can fix this, come on.
[Carrie] Rach?
[birds chirping]
Where are you?
[gasps] Oh, my God.
[water trickling]
-[Carrie] Oh my God, oh!
[Carrie speaking indistinctly
over phone]
Hey, calm down.
-Just what happened?
-Call 911.
We should be on a boat
or a helicopter or whatever
on the way to a hospital.
I don't have any broken bones.
You're a doctor,
you looked me over.
-I'm fine.
You know.
I-- I'm saying can you please
just hold the story?
Well, can you give me a day?
You know what? Fuck you, man.
Hello? I said, fuck you, ma--
I'm saying fuck you, man.
No, we don't want to comment.
Thanks for nothing, you asshole.
-Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Don't worry about it.
-How's Rach?
-I don't know.
Nat kicked me out,
told me to let her rest.
-Said she's fine, but--
-She probably is.
You're not worried?
I'm worried about
a lot of things, Carrie, okay?
Honestly, she's probably
just embarrassed.
I've fallen down
plenty in my life.
-I always feel dumb afterwards.
-She was unconscious.
Look, you went for a hike,
it was hot, you're old.
She probably got a concussion.
Sucks, but she'll be fine.
God, you're so dramatic.
Hold on, wait.
I'm sorry.
You want?
[Carrie coughs]
You know,
I'm not gonna lie to you.
When I heard someone fell,
I was, like,
90% sure it was you.
[both laughing]
[exhales sharply]
[choppy breathing]
[Collin grunts]
Just give me one sec.
[Collin sighs]
-It's been a day, huh?
Well, we should probably
try to get some sleep.
Yeah, we could do that.
Oh, we could do something else.
Nat, I--
I can't.
-I-- I just--
-Yeah, no, it's fine.
-You should probably...
I'm-- I'm sorry.
[waves lapping]
How long have you been awake?
I didn't sleep.
God, the reception is shit here.
Look, we need to talk about this
expose thing or whatever, okay?
This is bullshit.
I'm gonna rip him a new one.
It's done.
-It-- it-- it's-- it's over.
-No. No.
-Hey, look.
-I brought this on myself.
-No, I can fix this.
It's my mess.
I'll deal with the
[Rachel] Morning.
Let me talk to Alan.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
What the hell is going on, Rach?
I'm fine, Carrie.
Ar-- Are you insane?
You fainted.
I found you in a pile
in the middle of the forest.
-Are we gonna talk about this?
-I smell coffee.
Hey, how'd you sleep?
-[Carrie] What is happening?
Can we all
cut the bullshit, please?
Rachel fainted.
She fell down a mountain.
I-- I feel like this is maybe
something we should talk about.
Well, I didn't fall
down a mountain.
Are you kidding me?
You know what I mean.
Everything okay?
maybe you should calm down.
Just give everyone
a chance to wake up.
I'm sorry, Natalie,
but what the fuck
-does this have to do with you?
-[Rachel] Okay, you guys.
What does
it have to do with you?
[Rachel] Guys.
I know it's a little
difficult for you to understand,
but the world
doesn't move all around you.
-Guys. Guys, come on.
-What is that supposed to mean?
-Carrie, calm down.
-I'm not being a drama queen.
She collapsed.
How am I supposed to calm down?
-[Rachel] I didn't collapse.
-Carrie, shut the fuck up.
-You shut up.
-Oh, Jesus Christ.
-[Rachel] You guys, you guys.
-I'm the one that's confused
-and being self-absorbed?
-[Nat] Shut up.
I'm gay.
I... am gay.
[scoffs] Since when?
Since forever.
My God, Collin,
why didn't you tell us?
I didn't tell anybody.
It would have been
career suicide.
I get keeping silent
in the '90s, but now, it's--
How many openly gay professional
athletes do you know,
playing or retired?
And more specifically,
how many of them are Black?
Collin, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry you had to go
through that all alone.
So, why are you
just telling us now?
Secrets have a way of bubbling
to the surface, don't they?
Collin has an asshole ex
who's been threatening
to go public.
He finally decided to do it.
I confirmed it last night with
a guy I know at the Inquisitor.
Anyway, I got this
piece of shit to sign an NDA,
but apparently
he's changed his mind.
We are going to sue his ass
so fucking hard.
Hold on. You knew?
-Danny's always known.
-What? How?
[Danny] I don't have boundaries.
I walked into his room
one night.
I slipped up in college.
This guy
wasn't who I thought he was.
He threatened to tell everyone.
No, I was ready to end it.
-Danny fixed it.
Everybody's got
something to be leveraged.
In this case,
this guy preferred
to buy his test scores
instead of studying.
And you never said anything?
It wasn't my secret to tell.
You did that for him.
Danny saved my life.
I owe you everything, man.
Whatever. It's what friends do.
I can't believe you did that.
It must have been so hard
to keep that secret.
I think you should tell him.
Jesus Christ, Rachel.
Tell me what?
-This is not the right time.
-Yes, it's the perfect time.
-What are you talking about?
-Tell him.
Fuck it.
I had gone
on a few dates with Brian
before you and I hooked up.
You two hooked up?
How did you not know that?
I didn't know that.
[Carrie] I liked you.
A lot.
So, I told Brian
that I needed some space
and I wasn't sure,
blah, blah, blah.
I was a dumb, naive kid
and I thought
it meant something with you.
But after I saw you
with Jenny Griever...
Jenny Griever, such a bitch.
-I was-- she was--
angry, and hurt,
but not surprised.
I felt pretty stupid.
And then
I started dating Brian again.
He was sweet and kind.
And when I found out
I was pregnant,
he was so wonderful,
so willing to step up
and do the right thing.
The thing is, timing-wise,
-with Emma...
[Collin grunts]
Wait. What?
He didn't know
that there was an overlap
and I wasn't on the pill
and there just
wasn't any way to know.
It could have been Brian's,
but it also could have been...
I told Brian
and he said it didn't matter.
He would support me
and love me,
so I made it make sense.
Why are you telling me this now?
Because of those stupid fucking
family tree DNA tests, okay?
Emma thought
it would be fun to do them
and I don't know
what the results are gonna say
and I don't know
what to do if they are...
Are you fucking
kidding me right now?
You were pregnant,
you knew it could be mine,
and you didn't--
and you didn't tell me?
-[Michael] Danny.
-Yes, Danny!
Because I was 22
and-- and you were fun
and laid-back and irresponsible
and there was no way
you would have stepped up.
[Carrie sobbing]
Brian was there
and he loved me,
and he would support me
so I did what I had to do.
I made that choice.
I-- I know it might have
not been the right choice,
-but it's what I did.
-Fuck you, Carrie!
You have no idea
what I would have done!
[Carrie] What?
We would have gotten married
and lived happily ever after?
I don't know because
you didn't fucking tell me!
And you knew?
-Yes, Danny, but I couldn't--
-Rach, you fucking knew?
Hey, hey, there's no need
to talk to my wife like that.
-It's fine, Michael, it's fine.
-No, it's not fine.
You don't just roll in my house
talking to my wife
or anybody else--
Look, I'm sorry about
your precious house rules,
but my fucking life
is imploding right now!
You can't see that
everybody else's
life is imploding right now?
Fuck you! Fuck you, man!
-Fuck you!
-No, fuck you!
-[Danny yells in pain]
-Hey, hey, hey! Guys, guys!
I have a brain tumor!
I have a brain tumor.
I didn't faint on that hike.
I... I had a seizure.
What do you mean
you have a brain tumor?
Rachel has stage four.
Are you going to operate
on her brain?
-It's inoperable.
-What does that mean?
-It means--
-I know what the fuck it means!
-What the fuck is going on?
-Calm down, Danny.
Don't tell me to calm down!
Are you fucking
kidding me right now?
I might have a kid,
he's hitting me,
and Rachel's got
a fucking brain tumor!
-Collin's gay.
-I know Collin's gay!
The fuck!
Come on, man.
[muffled exclaims]
How long, Rach?
[Carrie sobbing] How long?
Well, that's the thing I wanted
to talk to you guys about.
You're gay.
You don't know
who the father of your child is.
And Rachel,
who has terminal brain cancer,
has decided to use
doctor-assisted death
to end her life.
I don't have a secret.
I gotta say,
I'm feeling really left out.
What is wrong with you?
Clearly nothing.
Oh, my God!
[all laughing]
[water lapping]
Can I join you?
This has been
kind of a lot, huh?
Are you okay?
How can I answer that?
I mean, my life
has been forever altered
multiple times in the last hour.
And I feel like shit
because it's not about me.
You're the one that's dying.
Well, we're all dying,
Yeah, but you schedule it
in a fucking calendar.
I didn't feel well for a while.
Headaches, memory issues.
Signs that I saw that I ignored
because I was too busy
being super mom.
I thought if I pretended
that things didn't exist,
it would go away.
By the time I saw a doctor,
it was too late.
-Rachel, I--
-If I hadn't been so stubborn,
so insistent on being
everything for everyone,
then maybe things
would be different.
It's all I can think about.
How fleeting it is,
how precious.
It's just all gone by
so quickly.
And I am so fucking angry.
I'm so angry at myself.
At the world, but I can't be
angry or sad for too long
because I have to be careful
for everybody else,
so I just pretend
like everything's fine.
And I pretend like
everything is perfect.
But I'm not perfect.
To me,
you've always been perfect.
["Hold You Dear"
by The Secret Sisters]
To the lover of my youth
The solace for my age
My protection
from what harms
You will reach for me
On our darkest days
And I will come home
to your arms
And I will hold you here
While my shadow's long
And my eyes are clear
I know these days
will pass away
So I will hold you dear

She doesn't even look sick.
And this type of tumor
is a bitch.
It is fast, it's aggressive.
It's neurological.
So, she might look like Rachel,
but soon, she...
won't be Rachel.
Would you do it?
If you had what she has,
would you do it?
It'll fucking hurt me.
While my shadow's long
Hey, we gotta go.
And my eyes are clear
How are we gonna
get through this?
...will pass away
So I will hold you dear
[Danny] Thank you.
I know these days
will pass away
They got us on the 6 o'clock.
[Collin] Thanks, man.
So I will hold you dear
I know you young ones
know what's going on,
but your mother
wants to talk about it.
What else is there
to talk about?
The life of the little one.
[woman humming]
Wow, wow. That was incredible.
That was way better than
I could have ever anticipated.
I mean, honestly,
at first I kind of just thought
that you were another
sports player,
football player, whatever.
But you've got this charisma
and this charm
that really works for you.
And that speech
about you coming out,
that was so emotional.
Those ratings gold,
if you ask me.
[gasps] Oh, God.
Can I get some hairspray
in here, please?
I'm a paper,
you're a moth to flame
Gonna drive home.
Could I light a match
and burn again?
But my skin still
smells like cinnamon
Oh, geez.
["Paper Moth Flame"
by Elissa Mielke]
Did you say
you were gentleman?
I know I am
but feels like you pretend to
I go through the storm
until the end
How about you?
I can't be
what you want me to
Feed your ego
like the others do
Before, I'm with this guy
from the corner,
and he's like, do you want me
to [indistinct]
so I was like, sure.
And then he asked me for coffee
after, and I was like,
no, and then, I was like,
I'm gonna...
You okay?
I'm fine.
Strong now
[music fades]
[birds chirping]
You just gonna stand out here?
I don't know if I can do this.
Yeah, well...
Only one way to find out.
My mom's gonna die today.
So what, you think
I should give you this beer?
Can't do that.
Why? Because I'm underage?
No, because
it's the last cold one.
[Mavlyn singing]
London Bridge
is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge
is falling down
My fair lady
Build it up with wooden clay

Wooden clay, wooden clay
Build it up with wooden clay

-My fair lady
-That is so beautiful.
-Sorry I'm late.
-It's okay.
-[Nat] Is Bryan here?
-[Carrie] No.
[Rachel] Hey, Car.
Why don't we give you two
a minute?
I think I saw some ice cream
that needs to be eaten.
Mmm, ice cream.
You want to get some ice cream
with Auntie Nat?
Why don't you see if Daddy
needs some help upstairs, huh?
It's okay, Mom. I got this.
Come on, Mavlyn, let's go
outside and play a game.
Aunt Nat, I got it from here.
Just let me know
if you need anything.
Thanks, bud.
[door slams close]
Is now a good time
to go over a few things?
You can come closer.
I won't bite.
I can't.
It's okay to cry.
I want you to know
that I will be here
for your kids.
Brian and I even talked about
me moving to Bowen.
The twins will be
off to college soon,
so it'll be perfect.
I'll make sure that
Michael and the kids
have everything they need.
-I know...
that I will never replace you.
But I promise you
I will be here for everything.
I want you to love my kids,
but you don't need
to take care of them.
They are strong.
And Michael can do this.
I know he can.
I thought
you would want me to be here.
I want you to be happy.
[Rachel whispering]
I want you to be happy.
You can come and visit my kids.
You have them
for weekend sleepovers.
You come for Christmases.
You take them sledding.
You take them to that
little market that you love.
You tell them stories
about me and about us.
I want you
to tell them everything.
I'm not going to
tell them everything.
No. [laughs]
I want you
to take care of yourself.
-My sister.
-Oh. [Carrie chuckles]
[both sigh]
-[Carrie chuckles]
-I'm interrupting.
-No, no. Come on in.
How are you feeling?
Can we please talk about
something else?
I met a really hot guy
on Bumble.
-What's a Bumble?
-[all laughing]
[Danny grunts]
Yeah. It's all in the wrist.
You're here to talk to me
like I'm a little kid?
Tell me that
this is what my mom wants
and she'll be at peace
or whatever.
[scoffs] No.
Yeah, well, that's
what everyone keeps doing.
And I'm getting
really tired of it.
Because it's not the truth.
The truth is,
my mom is going to fucking die.
And just because
she believes in God
and Heaven,
doesn't make it real.
When you're dead...
you're dead.
I'm sick of being treated
like a fucking baby.
You should tell her that.
Tell her what?
Tell her how you feel.
And give her the opportunity
to treat you like a grown-up.
[waves lapping]
This is your last chance.
Anything you don't say...
you're going to regret forever.
Trust me.
[Mavlyn sighs] Your turn.
-Um, do you have a seven?
-That looks fun.
And do you have a Jack?
[Mavlyn squeals]
-Keep your heart open.
-[smacks lips] Rachel.
-I want you to be happy.
-[Michael grunts]
-I need to talk to you.
I'm going to need you
to slow down, young one.
Your mother's resting.
[scoffs] Rest?
So she isn't too tired
to kill herself?
Okay, bring that tone
all the way down.
It's fine, sweetie, it's fine.
-Let me talk to her, okay?
Kiss. All right,
all right, all right.
I know that you are scared.
And angry.
I'm angry too.
I'm angry
that there isn't more time.
That I'm not
going to see you grow up,
or graduate,
or walk down the aisle.
I am not going to be there
for all of those moments,
and Isabelle,
I am so, so sorry about that.
You will survive this.
You will.
And you will thrive.
[Isabelle sobbing]
I'm sorry, Mom.
-It's okay. It's okay.
-[Isabelle crying]
-It's okay.
-[Isabelle crying] Mommy.
It's okay.
My baby girl, it's okay.
[footsteps approaching]
It's time.
[birds chirping]
Come on.
No, I can't.
This is it.
You don't get
a second chance to say goodbye.
I know.
It's okay.
Hey. I love you.
[sighs deeply]
[footsteps approaching]
I'm ready.
Two points in time
[Rachel and Isabelle singing]
Two points form a line
And a line makes a horizon
With stars to point our way
Through all of our tomorrows
from our yesterdays
Sometimes we lose our way
Stars reverse themselves
on the lake
Dancing note to note
Elevation, trust
every chance we take
A horizon line
And just enough time
And the stars in your eyes
Look lovely tonight
Join your point to mine
It ain't fixed,
but it's fine
With our bright,
bright stars in the sky
Before you know
Before you even know
Before you know
Before you even know
Before you know
We're way fine
[sighing tearfully]
[Nat sobs] Time of death:
18:52. [Nat sighs]
[Carrie sighs]
[Collin] Ben, let's get the kids
out of here.
[somber music playing]
Lay you down now,
wonder girl
In your dreams wonder worlds

Rest your head
for the winder of time
Under moon's kinder eye
Night will hurry,
so slumber swift
Worry none, number one
Wake you you happy
under new sky
Smiling like Mother Sun
Little she
[sighs heavily]
Little every girl
Don't you cry
Little she
Is there something I should do?
Yeah. [sniffles]
Pass me my wine.
Your kinder eyes
[heavy breathing]
[panting, sobbing]
[breathing heavily]
[waves lapping]
[sea gulls squawking]
[Collin] It's done.
Let me help you.
[Michael sobbing]
[waves lapping]
Hey ladies.
sentimental music playing]
[Isabelle] Thank you so much
for everything.
-I'm gonna go find my dad.
-[Carrie] Okay.
Two points in time
Two points form a line
And a line makes a horizon
With stars to point our way
Through all of our tomorrows
from our yesterdays
Sometimes we lose our way
Stars reverse themselves
on the lake
Dancing note to note
Elevation, trust
every chance we take
A horizon line
and just enough time
And the stars in your eyes
Look lovely tonight
Rachel would
want us to get drunk.
With our bright,
bright stars in the sky
[Ben] Go, go, catch her.
Before you know,
before you even know
[quiet conversation]
[clears her throat] Hey.
Oh. Can I have a hit?
You shouldn't do drugs.
[scoffs] Pot's legal.
And, uh, I'm an adult.
-Well, that's one of us.
Hey, you okay?
Um, this is for you.
She wrote one for everybody.
Oh, I read it, sorry.
[laughs] That's okay.
What does it say?
You know,
how much she loves you.
And, uh,
something about New Orleans.
I wish I hadn't read that part.
Or about you talking to me
about sex and stuff,
which, please don't.
If that's okay with you.
No offense.
None taken.
Anything else I should know?
["Right Here, Right Now"
by Jesus Jones]
To live.
A woman on the radio
talks about revolution
When it's already
passed her by
Bob Dylan didn't have this
to sing about
You know it feels good
to be alive
I was alive
and I waited, waited
I was alive
and I waited for this
Right here, right now
There is no other place
I want to be
Right here, right now
Watching the world
wake up from history
Oh, I saw the decade in
When it seemed
the world could change
At the blink of an eye
And if anything
Then there's your sign
of the times
I was alive
and I waited, waited
I was alive
and I waited for this
Right here, right now
There is no other place
I want to be
Right here, right now
Watching the world
wake up from history
Right here, right now
There is no other place
I want to be
Right here, right now
Watching the world
wake up from history
Right here, right now
So, what now? I want to be
Right here, right now
We go swimming.

["Meet You At The Light"
by Desire Dawson]
You're the skin
that I lead with
The heart that I love with
The feet that I walk on
You're the words
that I'm singing
The voice
that keeps bringing
Togetherness so strong
The high note in my laughter

And the warmth
that comes right after
You're the peace
in my breathing
My green thumb
and my sweet tooth
You're my drive
and my rear view
You're the voice of reason
And I am here
'cause you were here
And that is clear to me
And every time
I think of you
It's the sweetest memories
I am here
'cause you are here
Always guiding me
The light that shines in me
Ohh, I'll meet you
at the light
I'll meet you at the light
Shining bright,
shining bright
Meet you at the light
Shining bright,
shining bright
Ohh, I'll meet you
at the light
I'll see you in the light,
shining bright, shining bright

See you in the light,
shining bright, shining bright

You're that push
to keep going
That sweet subtle knowing
Where there's a will
there's a way
The hope in the heartache
The lessons in mistakes
Plant seeds for another day
You're all of those things
and more
You help me
have the strength to explore
My first reason to travel
Choose love in a battle
To know
there's so much more in store
And I am here
'cause you were here
And that is clear to me
And every time
I think of you
It's the sweetest memories
I am here
'cause you are here
Always guiding me
The light that shines in me
I'll meet you at the light
I'll meet you at the light
shining bright, shining bright

Meet you at the light
shining bright, shining bright

I'll meet you at the light
I'll see you in the light,
shining bright, shining bright

See you at the light,
shining bright, shining bright

I'll meet you at the light
Shining bright
You're shining bright
I'll meet you at the light