Revelation (2001) Movie Script

South West of France
The Jews.
Quickly, Papa.
South West of France
I'm entrusting you with the Locullus.
The relique was in the posession of
The Knights Templar for seven hundreds years.
And in that time
it's secret was lost.
But now I'm on
rediscovering that secret.
And the prospect feels me with fear.
I want you, as an expert, to locate
his historical resting place and return it there.
Make sure you are not followed
stay out of comunication till you back.
It's very little time.
There has be the chapell to Maria Magdalena
here since the Knight's Templar.
And there are links to ocult symbols
found on the other Templar sides.
Longitude 2,79.
West London
There is lord Martel for you, sir.
I have to see you, Jake.
I kept my mouth shut
and your name clean.
And now here you are after three years..
On a bloody television.
Jake, it had to look like I disowned you.
But, it was understood.
I'd like to join me on the research establishment
I've set up on Sacred lsland.
To my commands.
5 millions pounds.
You give mama decent settlement
before you start talking about making amens.
She won't take a penny.
Stay away from us.
Do you understand?
I'll give you an extra five mills
take care of her. For both of us.
Please come, Jake.
At least, let me explain.
I'm not even stay then I.
I'm here now mom, and I don't
wanna be anywhere else.
I do want you to stay, but first
you have to make a clean break with him.
You're just an innocent lamb.
I don't think lambs hacking to you
finance comission of four major banks.
It was the shepperd.
And now you're all I have.
Turn your back on him, he'll drag you down, just like...
- No one tells me what to do now, mom.
When you're get back, mr Martel?
The tide is coming in.
We need your expertize
with codes.
This time is perfectly legall.
- What kind of codes?
- Ancient codes.
That's all I can say.
You've loved criptography
since before that photo is taken.
Listen Jake, it's a challenge.
Unlocking a secret,
that must remain a secret.
That's all I ask. And you'll get paid
where you succeed or not.
Still the supreme manipulator.
Still my son.
Sorry, friend. We're just wondering if you
knew where we might find any occult stuff.
You're standing on it.
Europe's finest forensic scientist
archeologists, astronomers,
cell biologists...
scholars of ancient history.
All state of art.
What's the use of all for?
I've got to you here to evaluate
the legend. And his physicall evidence.
This is part of what you will
you analysing.
Analysing, dating...
classifying, decoding.
Why keep us laboring in the dark?
Why don't tell us the source?
Because I'm not permitted to.
And why are we join
by student of alchemy, of all things?
We are going to turning letters to gold?
Gentlemen, the wise skeptic doesn't
this miss anything can may have.
One symbol represents
the hope of life in this world...
and the breath of life
in the other world.
The Ankh was unchangeable with the
crucifix in the early Egyptian church.
It's almost the same
as the symbol for Venus.
Which is now the feminine symbol.
What you're looking for?
- Venus.
There is a conjunction of all the major planets
in that style next may.
It hasn't happened for at least
a thousand years.
My project requires need a few
all kinds of sciences knowledge.
To achieve what, exactly?
I wish I can tell you.
There is some fine accounts
of the knights Templar in there.
They said the Templar Order
still exists.
But where once they cultivated silence
and care for the poor.
nowadays they're corupted
by greed and dark forces.
But this been ocult symbolism is a meaning
through our history, even in churches.
The Knights Templar were unlucky.
Take a burnt for it.
You know more then you admit to.
I could share with you, my knowledge
about the Templars.
Please do, I'd like that.
In the 18 century, the Templars form
the secret masonic order.
And brought their the most pretious
relic here, to Sacred lsland.
The Grand Master was determine
to understand and harmless his power.
He recruited England's finest
scientist and alchemists.
The highest level of the noble order
of the Templars.
I will strive myself for decipher
the code of Locullus.
Stand up, First Knight.
I swear to protect you
with my own life...
or if not, to be punished according
Roman's Ritual of Deads.
No disloyalty was accepted.
But the order concentrated
on attaining power, rather the knowledge.
So over time, the meaning
of the relic and his code was lost.
I've cracked
the outer codes...
but nowadays, codes with in codes may not be just
consonance, similarly from different alfabets.
Mystic jews consonance without raws...
so that one group of letters
could mean many things.
The second part is 'Genesis'.
It's a birth of creation in greek.
And now PLN.
Palin means 'again'.
'Born Again'.
It's an alchimist term.
It's symbol signifies
Life from death.
The meeting is over.
Is this relic a box?
What is the significance of it?
Lord Martel? The secure satelitte line...
In your private chamber.
My commander?
Who is this?
No telephone communication
is permitted concerning the order.
Where is the Locullus? As Knight Commander
you took of all, never to let it out of our possesion.
It is safe.
- But where, where you've got brought it?
Who are you? What's your rang?
I don't recognize you.
Well, you should.
Without your Order's help, you would not have
attain imense power and wealth.
Have the Loculus ready.
...and in the 1980's carried out numerous
asassination and masive money laundery.
Illegaly masonic orders,
such as P2...
linked the mafia, CIA
and even the Vatican.
Several these secrets societies are
controlled by one particular grand master...
whose identity remains unknown.
Washington is anxious to prevent
recurence that could affect his interests.
Mister Chairman sir,
I make my mission in NSA
to maintain total vigilance against the kind
of penetration made of resource is the P2 achieved.
General Demolay, has your agency have reports about powerfull
secret society operating in Europe, dating back from the Middle Ages?
I don't think so. Unless you mean
some kind of jousty club.
Dad, open up for a second.
Did you find the resting place?
Will you back it?
They won't negociate.
Destroy the Loculus.
You didn't tell me
what I want to know.
Martel Traitor
Jacob, it's me.
We're out of time.
But here, have you join the encryption code.
The files will point to
the resting place of the Loculus.
I've send someone to return it,
but I don't know if they succeed it.
You were right, it's a sort of box or
the high knew that, I don't know.
There is an Order, of powerfull individuals
and they want to find it.
But they no longer possesed the ancient knowledge.
- The Templars?
But why they want this box?
I can't tell you that now.
It's all on that CD-ROM.
But you have to decode each section separately,
that's why if they capture you, you won't know the final answer.
- And what you want to do with it?
- Destroy it. Before they find it.
This five millions sterling it's in
a safety deposit box.
You'll get the bank details
when you'll decode.
Please Jake, I can't undo the past
but I've stopped just in time.
It's up to you, now.
I beg you. We can't allow
The Order to succeed.
Give me the whole picture
to make my own judgement.
When you'll find the Loculus, you'll
understand how important this mission is.
Don't save me, Jake.
Don't even try.
Mira. Where are you going?
'Is a full moon
like to a battle stage.
- Beautifull night pleasure.
- Stay up till morning.
- Why?
- Please, it's vital you do as I ask.
I can't tell you.
It's been destroyed.
Who destroyed it?
Take him down.
- You're with them.
- What?
Did you see them?
- Who?
-You must be heard.
Heard what?
I was meditating.
Listen to me.
My father is dead.
Everyone is dead.
They've been murdered.
Come on.
The headlines sudden dissapearence of billionaire Lord Martel
and leading academics from Sacred lsland.
Since police investigating the EU corruption
scandals, where...
intending to interview Lord Martel.
The exclusive businessman,
was recently nobiled by the prime ministre...
along with several others, now accused to fraude.
In the last tough hour a press conference was...
Don't believe this.
The Fraude Office has been investigating
the disappearance of almost 2 billion pounds...
alocated by the EU
to the Martel foundation.
We called Lord Martel...
We gonna go.
You go. Probably the whole work of
your father's is fakes it.
It's logical for the Order
to cover up as fraude instead of murder.
Blame one missing man
and protect the people at the top.
I've heard enough.
Let me go.
You can't imagine your home
is can be safe to go to.
Do they live your parents?
Anyone close?
This is it.
How did you even know
your mom will be at home?
Mira, call an ambulance.
Hurry up.
Your father tried
to warn me.
Who did this?
Do what Magnus Dei...
Step out.
Challenge Star, here is Jupiter.
Your 2 operatives were eliminated.
I wait for other orders.
- Sir, they want to actives.
Remove the bodies.
Destroy the location by fire.
Remove the bodies.
Destroy the location by fire.
The subject and the operatives are
all dead. No result of what we're looking for.
- Who killed your operatives?
- We have no idea.
The son would come around
this time from the prison.
Why did you run away?
- You've just provoked two men death.
- You left my mother die.
I tried the phone, it didn't work.
I was the only witness, I was terrified.
Jake? You've just out from the prison
and you're in smellish, already?
And who the hell are you?
Ray Connolly. Chaplain
in the prison service.
Well padre, I haven't eat no junk
anything since yesterday.
What's this?
The chaplain is a vegetarian.
Talk to me, Jake.
I've stopped fighting for her majesty's
government, several dodgie wars ago.
I'm still alive cause a way you took me inside.
- I'm glad to hear it.
Jake, I think there is a pattern
to this murders.
These technics are
remarkable familiar.
Piercing with stakes...
Roman rituals used against
the Christians.
Ray, wake up.
I've been scrambled the message.
Jacob, find the Loculus. Then you'll
realize what my sacrifice has been for.
Sacred geometry should lead you
to the sights where the Loculus could be resting.
Certain early christian buildings
was sided to reflect the stars and constellation.
The Book of Revelation frames
everything in your search.
The Second Coming of Christ...
a struggle between Him and
the Antichrist, a false prophet.
- And what means all these images?
- I'm afraid I'd never heard little about.
Don't tell me.
We could use your help.
Why should I help you?
And this is what lies inside the Loculus,
that the Order wants to possese.
All these symbols linked
to Loculus...
and the Apocalypse.
Palin Genesis.
Reviving the dead.
If we can find this document , might lead
to the resting place of Loculus.
lsaac Newton?
The relic were performed divine service
when the Apocalyps drow it now...
and Venus be in a perfect position
in the heavens.
l, Newton, am certain of this.
With an initiate can perfect the Great Work
from death and putrefaction...
he will have achieved
eternal goal on the Underground Stream.
The Essence of Life.
No Divinity to call apart.
I'm creating the Divine.
Alfa and Omega.
Sire, I think he is failed.
Magister, perhaps the conjunction
of the planets was not propitious.
- Perhaps next year.
- Well?
The Underground Stream will need
to flow several centuries more...
before the Great Work
can be wrote.
Can you be ready in 20 minutes?
How did you already know when you told
your father that Loculus is a box?
lsaac's papers was been
imaculately preserved.
So I should be inspecting them
very carefully when you finish.
For stains and so on.
Is that quite clear?
You two don't look like academics.
I expect you're alchemist.
The Underground Stream does possesed my secret relic
that is shown to the book of Revelation.
So what is the 'Underground Stream'?
Since ancient Egypt, each master of Alchemie on his
generation passed on secret knowledge to his succesor.
The 'Underground Stream'.
Newton was the great alchemist
in scholars at his age.
And a member of the Order?
He spent 20 decades study alchemie
for extort this relic.
And failed.
Are you saying the man
who discovered the laws of gravitation...
No, these all was just a site line.
- Stop or I fire !
-Why are you spying us?
The library is closed.
I'd mean to tell you that lost 2 hours...
but the work hard is so fascinating
so I've just listening.
Put your hands on your head
and walk to ward doors.
Did you contact the Order?
- What Order?
- You know what I'm talking about.
The Order of Shipwriters, perhaps?
They do put some fine vessels on the camp.
- How can an idiot be a librarian?
- How can a gunman be a priest?
A reference of the Grand Master trieving
the relic, in 1220th in Rennes-le-Chateau.
Now, I think that's the way
the Templars cause was in Southwest France.
You've got a fax-copier?
The relic is capable of unleashing
both Great Good and Great Evil.
That's why is imperative
that you find and destroy it.
That way the oposing forces
remain balanced.
One last thing: obtain Subluminal in
a UV light from a forensic lab.
You can research how and when
to use them.
The bank account details
are in the next file.
I bless you.
The money...
Of course.
Do you think I'm doing this
to get rich?
I'm sorry.
I know you're doing at for.
Will you come with me?
To France?
You can't trust her, Jake.
Maybe you're right. But she's got
the knowledge I need.
I'm not staying here visiting smelly prisons.
- You can't do, in case we need backup.
Look, I have to go with you.
You might be great in codes, but you have not
milleniums to get the crypt in alchemie...
I'm the ocult.
The Occult is always
being part of religion.
Why the women talk such mambo-jumbo?
- You're picked, too?
Millions of people were been killed through fanatic.
- Tell me millions were killed by black magic.
I don't have yet enough time for that, Father.
Thank you.
Partner, now?
Not prisoner.
Made of composites wich
can avoid metal detectors.
We've got 20 piece of phones.
We use new pass for each call.
With false identity, no one can trace us.
- Luminal. For what you need this.
- Thanks.
Call on every 12 hours. With the cash
you left behind, I can hire an army.
Disgraced of The Cross.
The Order influence this.
But, the rest of the geometry
leading to any relic here...
Can I help you, miss?
Yes, father.
- We would very much like to visit the tour of Magdala.
- Magdalen's Tour?
Let me solve this, mr reverend.
- That's my problem.
It is not permitted, you know...
This Tower was built by one
of our predecessors.
No secret compartiments.
We've got all the time
looking for the Templar's treasure.
Crazzies with mine detectors.
But you two, are diferrent.
Thank you for your time, father.
- Curiosity strangled the cat.
- Just 'Kill the cat'.
You did not do your homework.
For the poors.
One of my predecessors was
strangled. But no one knew why.
New traceling between this site
and another Templar building?
What about The Maltese Cross?
Is the symbol of the knight of St. John
you have closeling to the alchemists.
You're allright?
Why you've asked?
Did you heard someone?
Have you given the message box
details to anyone?
Of course not.
Where did they go?
- I have no idee. l swear.
Don't leave me here.
I beg you, brothers, save me.
We've gotta start with the churches.
'Malta has more churches per square mile than
anywhere else in the world'. That's fuckin' marvellous.
Yes, but how many is deeped
in the occult?
The symbol of healing
and transformation.
That split snakes
the female energie...
the male is the straight road
between them...
conducting energie of the spine
to the brain.
Emerging here.
Alfa and Omega. The beginning
of the end of time.
Life from death.
Palin Genesis.
I think is something
underneath here.
- The Ankh.
- With what is it connected?
Did my father said something about
the Ankh being almost the same
as the symbol of Venus?
There she is.
At what latitude
to receive Venus best?
Is almost here, near Turkey.
Was Asia Minor in Roman times, right?
I've been seing things.
ln dreams.
Have you?
What I especially see,
is my mother dyin'.
John The Divine
was banished here by the Romans.
This is where he wrote the revelation.
Thousand years before Christ
is a cult of Venus on this temple.
Sacrifices was made on this.
Animals and people.
Maria Magdalena was worshiped with Venus,
until the church called her a whore.
She stood for love,
lust, penitence.
The believe that she made love to Jesus,
costs several thousands people slaughtered.
Not far from Rennes-le-Chateau.
- Listen, I feel like we've been followed.
- Since when?
Soon, after we left Rennes-le-Chateau.
- I should fly out. Also I bring some backup.
Great, I send you
an encrypted map reference.
We'll speak tomorrow then, ok?
Bye, Jake.
Venus Temple is there.
What do we know about
Magdalen's Chappel?
Crusaders built around 1096 when they
eliberated Patmos on rit to the holy land.
A thousand years after John
wrote revelation.
Let's have a look at the night sky
in 1096.
They saw an eclypse in july.
And this should be the view
from Patmos, when it happened.
A pentagram with Venus at the apex.
This is it, Jake.
Patmos must be the resting place for the relic
when the knights meet the eclypse...
and the planets
in a pentagram.
We are standing in the precisely
apex of the pentagram.
Which points true north to
the fifth element...
The heavens.
Do you think that is safe to open?
Let's take up, to the light.
The human form divine.
What is this mean?
A powerfull male
and female
the triangles also represent
body and spirit.
The circle shows
that all are linked
no join without pain,
no life without death.
Hermes, messenger of heaven.
And Aphrodite or Venus.
Forming the hermafrodit.
We've got to get away.
We have to wait...
Focus on a special idea.
A special hope.
I'am focusing on you.
All of you.
I breath out...
you breath in.
Exchange our energies.
What is there?
Tell me, Mira.
Someone is here.
Quick get dressed.
We have get out from the crypt.
This way.
Thank God you can't shoot straight.
You nearly fuckin' ventilated me.
What did you expect?
- Why didn't you advertise us?
Because I didn't know you're down here.
You could be the enemy.
It's magnificent.
Well, let's just take it and go.
That's the weekly tour.
A half hour in the chappel,
then the rest of the island.
They don't come here down.
- How do you know?
I asked at the monastery.
They don't allow visitors down here.
- Why didn't you say you're following us?
And for a how long?
The Order is everywhere.
I had to be close enough to help.
- How close?
Templar knights.
Kneeling in front if her, Magdalen.
Who scratched all those faces?
- Sarasins.
And Turks.
All these images of Mary Magdalen
and Jesus went lost.
Perhaps all these images has been done
by people who have known them.
Those their faces knew.
What links all of this?
The sign of the Truth Cross.
I think this wood was found on
the cross used in the crucifixion.
Disgrace another cross.
- No.
Mozes spearred serpent
to help lsrael recover from disease.
John wrote that Jesus has to be transfixed,
just as the serpent was...
to release his essence
in healing power.
The snake is the symbol
for the palin genesis.
The mount Hermon
is on the holy land.
C - L...
V - S.
I must look at dictionary
see what we find going between.
Clavis mean ' key '.
And clavus mean ' nail '.
I think the key...
could be in more actually
holds the Loculus together.
The nails transfixed the flesh
and also the spirit of Christ.
What is that?
The Luminal.
I have discovered something.
If you spread...
and this object goes violet...
then is signifies...
organic matter.
Organic matter?
What kind? How old?
Christ matter.
Christ's DNA.
Newton saw the picture
in the Loculus.
I think The Great Work was to ressurect
Christ for the flesh and blood, from this nails.
Which is why he related
the Loculus to revelation.
So the Loculus is a smoke curtain?
It has no purpose in itself?
We should try find out.
How go the alchemists attempt to clone?
The DNA must be so degrated.
Not necessarily.
Several ancient specimens survived
because they were freezed by the conditions.
So long as they never
caught wet.
It must it happened
on the mount Hermon.
Perhaps my father guessed that soon
will be possible to salvage the Christ's DNA.
Ressurect Him.
And maybe even manipulate His genes,
which is what that Magnus stop.
And in the meantime The Order
came looking.
They can't be far behind.
What now?
What do we do?
My father and mother, both said
that this had be destroyed.
How can we take such a decision?
Destroy this forever...
As a god creatures we don't have
right to decide the faith of such holy relic.
I'm not God or anyone
of these creature.
But I do know that enough
people already died.
Your father said that it could
accomplish also much good.
Let me take it to the Vatican.
To the most trust man I know, cardinal Chisamba.
His faith is beyond question.
Why should the Vatican decide
when the Messiah will come?
Dogma has no place anymore.
Man and woman can find
the Divine in itself.
The age of Aquarius?
The age of bollocks.
Of tolerance.
Is someone wants those nails then wants the power comes with them.
And I won't let it happen.
You're bewitched, my friend.
Get away from him.
You've calculated the seduction,
but it failed.
You do not let use by her.
Come with me, side by side. Leave her.
We all stay together.
Open up.
Stand by, Jake.
Forgive me.
Have you food? Water?
- A bit.
How long you think
of leaving us here?
After this story of Loculus is over,
I'll be back to set you free.
We still stood beside each other.
- No, Jake. You stood with her.
We rehydrated the cells of a freezed dried
2000 year old human sample...
transferring the nuclear
to host cells for replication.
How about adding the external DNA
into the developee embryon?
We can make changes to the DNA
as the host cells multiply...
creating a new individual.
And how can this affect
its personality?
Genes influencing personality can be manipulated
as they grow by introducing doses of donor.
Who will the donor be?
I'm sorry, sir,
I should have realise.
The child when grow up
will be like me?
Genetic make-up is only a part
of what determines personality...
education and environment
are also crucial.
So coercion, fright and fear...
can break even the spirit
of most saint child?
I'am afraid so, yes.
May I ask when the subject DNA
will arrive?
I suspect very soon.
Come on, hurry up.
The wood...
and the nails, you say?
- Yes.
Follow me.
Tell me everything. How did
the Loculus come to your possesion?
- Your eminence, can we find some more private?
- Of course.
Where did you find the box?
Who gave it to you?
Cotton or synthetic?
Now, talk.
Tell me where did you find it
until the irons burns right through.
Don't ask God to receive you, yet.
Where did you find the box?
The murder of the cardinal
and the its employee were no surprise...
for the Guardia di Finance who
investigate the corruption.
We have discovered that the cardinal
and his british assistant...
millions have laundered by means
of a chain of bank accounts in Moscow.
We will examine this thoroughly.
But sergeant, how we know
or your organisation deeply enough...
Since the church man didn't talk...
how will you find and eliminate
Martel's son and the alchemist?
Flying tickets. Patmos to Piraeus.
From the thrash hotel of father Connolly.
We will triumph...
with Magdalen...
queen and bride of Christ...
and mother
of the Merovingian line...
and the Martel's.
Mary Magdalen.
ln Hebrew: Miriam.
What did you see..
when we made love?
Please, tell me.
Perhaps father Connolly was right.
Maybe I've brought you
into danger.
We're taking every step together.
Come on, Mira.
Take my hand.
This sand can let fill up
to the passages.
I think is a sort to prevent damage
of the graves, in times of prosecution.
Come on, you bastard.
We also sit in the fall.
This does not survive we.
We have still even, I think.
We remain here to that sand
almost have passed through.
Then the passages have been blocked.
- Not in the high chamber there.
'If I have not return, 2 people
are trapped, or even in more danger...
you must help them
but do not call the authorities.
Keep going.
Come on, Jake.
Come on, Jake.
Save yourself.
And what is your progress?
- Development is normal.
- Excellent.
Presidents, ministers, generals, we have
succesfully replace the...gene
influencing behaviour and personality
whith those of the external donor.
But if anyone examines the 2000 years
on DNA on the nails will still match with...
The cells of the child
and those of the historic sample...
have similarities that no other human being
on earth have possesed
unless they are Christ's direct
descendant, of course.
Thank you.
Leaves our now.
After 300 years, The Order
has reclaimed his place within science.
Once more the Underground Stream
flows for us.
How will the Vatican be persuated
that this is the new Mesiah?
ln 1981 in the Vatican
a prophecy was sealed...
stating that a baby
will be delivered to the church...
during the great conjunction
of the planets.
Our baby will be left to the Vatican
hospital door.
His holiness will hurry himself
proclaim prophecy.
The appearance of Jesus Christ...
but the might and character
of a very different being.
Thank you, Sister.
He choose to follow Christ example of sacrifice.
Your can't blame yourself of that.
You must.
And you know why.
And the dragon stood before the woman,
which is ready to be delivered...
for to devour her child,
as soon as he was born.
The Pope has proclaimed that after
2000 year, Christ is been born again.
The holy child will be educated under
catholic supervision of ' Cardinal Modesto '...
because of his unknown profile ,
until now. Cardinal?
The millennium of peace
has done.
Few voices of the dissidents sounds
does not fall in the large mass.
a chain of slightly of hundreds
of miles forms a clear message.
A new conjunction of the planets
is appeared in the night sky...
of a kind not witness
for 2000 years.
I've been waiting
for this moment.
To understand why Jake and I
were brought together.
and why he died...
saving us.
You must be
the hope for us all.
The sign of your birth.