Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire (2013) Movie Script

The end of time
has come at last.
Long ago
in the Holy Scriptures
it was written that
the fate of the world
would not be
swift and painless.
No, after the faithful
have been chosen,
the earth will endure
for a while longer.
And in this final time, the
souls left behind will suffer,
they will see the earth
tum to darkness;
they will see the horsemen
ride and the serpent rise.
Men will tum against
each other in fear and hate
and all will be lost,
the choice is made
to turn away from evil,
the choice is made
to forsake the darkness
and look within where there
ever burns an eternal flame
and there ever ows
a tranquil sea.
In the nal days there
will be little hope or joy,
but there will be choice.
You're gonna
overcook that bird.
I think the bird
will be fine, thank you.
Could you be a doll though
and go and set the table for me?
Sheriff, we've got a problem.
Lightning strikes all over...
Fires breaking out-
Eddie Bunson's field's on fire...
reports of earthquakes...
power lines are
down on Symmes Creek...
Sheriff, you copy?
Well, hello.
Did you remember
to go to the grocery store?
I did not and I didn't remember
to go to the pharmacy either.
Hey sweetie.
So it just
slipped your mind?
As a matter of fact,
it did.
Get out of there.
Come one, we're
about to eat dinner.
It's been
a big, big news day.
What happened?
Can I have a cup of coffee
and relax a minute?
Lynnette, honey, do you
have any clean placements?
Oh... Kathy?
Hey Sis.
So, what?
So you said it
was a big news day.
You didn't hear?
There was a robbery
at Frank's place.
I heard
people were killed.
How do you know that?
Can't anyone keep
their mouth shut?
It's an ongoing
Frank is fine,
his granddaughter too.
It was a biker gang.
Abiker gang?
Okay, shh,
I'll start at the beginning.
Okay, this fellow
rolls into town,
name of Josh MacManus.
Normal guy, sort of guy you
wouldn't think twice about.
Hey hon.
Hi sweetie, how are you?
When are you
coming home?
I'll be home tomorrow
I promise.
Will you pray with me?
He stops by Frank's place
to do some business.
molecular-weight polyethylene.
it's enough to stop
a high-caliber sniper round.
Stop now, on.
And bam, just like that these
three suspects run in there
armed to the teeth.
No beginners either;
these guys were killers.
I'll waste you!
Hands up!
Fill this bag up with
automatics and cash now!
We're in, Boss.
Three minutes, tops.
No witnesses.
Sorry partner,
you heard the boss.
So this guy Josh,
out of nowhere, he swoops in,
takes these guys apart.
It's over in seconds.
The craziest thing
I have ever seen.
Well, who is he?
Well, that's the best part.
We don't know.
Who are you?
He just sprang into
existence bout 5 years ago.
There's no record of him
before that at all.
The man is a ghost,
probably CIA or military.
You killed those
three boys today
and your hands
aren't even shaking.
Three of our own
died today.
What service
were you in, son?
Those that did it
are still out there.
And what did
they do to you?
But I now know
who they are.
There's some things
about me that I-
I haven't told you.
Things that I...
thought I could contain.
I think you're running,
vying to escape from
the things you've done.
Josh, you're
not a bad person.
You don't know me.
Tonight we
exact our vengeance.
Jesus is a bridge.
A bridge that
can take you home.
Blood for blood!
But none of this leaves
this table, right girls?
Of course.
No, Ennis,
we say grace rst.
Of course we do.
Lord Jesus, we thank you for
the food we're about to receive.
We pray for Frank,
Marion, and Beth.
Protect them, watch over
them in this hour of need.
We pray for Josh MacManus, the
man you sent to protect them.
Be merciful for all those
who have lost their way, Lord.
We pray that everyone will
see the light of your glory.
What in the world?
Find the tar...
kill the target.
No mercy.
Your life is nothing.
How is he responding?
Kill the target.
Better than expected.
We have to stop.
He won't last much longer.
Give him the maximum dose.
You're asking me
to murder him.
Find the target.
I'm not asking you.
No fear, no mercy,
believe nothing.
Josh! Jesus loves you.
No sign of him.
What do we
do now, Boss?
So, what do we
do now, Boss?
That's a lot
of work, old man.
You sure you're
tough enough for that?
I want it to be
done proper, you know?
In a church,
with a preacher.
We say the words
in front of God and Jesus.
That sounds right.
What do we
do now, Boss?
We keep ridin.
We ride until it's done.
Anyone who
can't keep up...
Shoot 'em.
You can't hold us here
like prisoners!
There's no food.
What are we supposed to eat?
Use the vending machine.
There's no power
and we don't have any money.
Nobody leaves
'till get my money!
All of you,
get back to your room!
Hey, where do you
think you're going?
Get back,
nobody leaves!
All of you,
get back in.
I said nobody leaves.
Nobody leaves
tiH get my money.
Hey, get back.
I'm leaving.
H you wanna stop me,
shoot me.
You think I-
you thinkl won't?
Look, I don't know
what happened last night,
but I have a feeling the
pomrefs not coming back on.
You are a thief.
You're all thieves!
You need to stop
worrying about money
and start thinking about
your family, people you love.
You even know
if they're okay?
\m mming y ou.!
Get away from the car!
Hold on.
Come on,
come on, come on.
Hold on.
Get down!
Stay down!
Let 'em through!
Sheriff's department!
Put your weapons down!
Do it now!
That boy belongs to me.
He murdered three of mine
and we ain't kill nobody.
Tell me that's justice.
I suggest you head
north and stay there.
I'm not gonna
ask you again!
This ain't over.
Move on!
You're not
gonna arrest him?
Things have changed.
You head into town,
you'll see.
I saw his face.
It was | ove... joy.
The light.
I touched the light.
It burned, no pain.
It was love,
so much love.
It was endless.
Are you feeling okay?
I touched
the light of God.
That's where he is,
my husband.
I'm gonna get you to
the Sheriff's station, okay?
I never believed
in my heart.
Can I still be saved?
Alright, I want a man posted
on every road out of town.
Wherever this boy jumps
we're gonna be on his tail.
You disagree with that?
You got something to say?
No disrespect Boss,
but I was just thinking...
It's too much.
It's just one guy.
Things are different now.
It's like martial law
or something.
We need to go back
to our own turf
where it's easy pickens.
We could live like kings.
You need to let go.
Live like kings.
Sounds to me like
you want your shot.
You want this?
You think you can do better?
And just as you pledged
to ride with me,
I pledge to lead you
down the right road.
You're a part
of our family now
I'll ride with
you to the end.
Welcome home, brother.
Nowtake your
place in line.
Cat, did you
have something to say?
This is the one
I told you about.
His name's John Dean-
Name's John Dean Carver.
I hear y'all looking
for some good men.
I wannajoin up with you.
Yes, I am.
We got no
need for that here.
We're doing only
legitimate business now.
You got that?
Legitimate business.
Do you vouch
for this man?
Well, then you can start
by sweeping the floors.
Any problem with that?
Whatever you need, Boss.
You think you can do better?
May be I can.
Well, then
it's a challenge.
Come and take it.
Maybe I will.
I've had enough of you!
It's over.
You hear me?
ifs over.
Now get back in line.
I said it was over.
Now y'all need
to decide right now.
Are you outlaws
or ain't ya?
Cause I only ride
with outlaws.
We're with you, Boss.
That boy is gonna pay.
Then saddle up.
Ain't we gonna
bury him, Boss?
Bury who?
Mr. MacManus,
good to see you.
How are things
at the motel?
Yeah, there was a-
there was a little trouble.
Anyone hurt?
I'm not really sure.
Her husband, a few others-
I don't know what happened.
They just-
they just vanished.
We got 22 people
missing I know of.
They disappeared
right like you said.
Hey, lieutenant,
go help her.
I saw it
with my own eyes.
My sister,
one minute she was there,
the next minute there's a bright
light, poof, she's gone.
I told you, it was God.
He took them up to heaven.
You mean, like,
from the Bible?
Yeah, that's what some people
have been saying, yeah.
What do they call it?
The Rapture?
There's no way.
I'm a Christian
and I'm still here.
I was with the pastor
about an hour ago.
I mean, that doesn't
make any sense.
Bill said you have to
accept him in your heart
and you have to repent
of all your sins
and ask Jesus for forgiveness
before it's too late.
Here, come on,
let's go.
Come on.
You have people saying
all kinds of crazy things:
aliens, terrorists.
We have to deal
with what's real.
We got no power,
we got no communications,
people are hurt,
they're scared.
And you haven't
heard anything?
Well, we heard some
chatter on the CB radio.
So far as we can tell,
this, whatever it was,
it happened everywhere.
Cities are bad.
Riots, lootin,
a lot of bad stuff going on.
It's best you stay in town
with people you can trust,
at least 'til things
get back to normal.
That's very kind of you,
but I gotta go.
My family needs me.
Hold on a second.
Where you're going,
you're gonna need this.
It's loaded.
I'm coming with you.
No, absolutely not.
You're staying here
with your grand parents.
Grandma and Grandpa
are gone.
What do you mean?
The bikers came back
looking for blood.
I went out there last night,
but I got there too late.
House was-
was all tore up.
Frank and Marion?
Well, she walked in last night
with quite a tale to tell us.
It seems Frank
and his wife,
they just disappeared
like the others.
I'm coming with you.
L.A.'s on the way,
besides, I'm supposed to.
He told mel would.
Who told you?
you're a good kid,
but there's no possible way
I'm taking you with me.
It's not gonna happen.
Put that on.
Ew, this is gross.
It'll save your life.
No, it won't.
What's that?
Just put it on.
What are we doing?
What are they doing?
Back in the car,
What was that about?
I don't know
and I don't wanna know.
Come to me, Cat.
Hey Cat,
come here for a second.
Not you.
Have a seat.
This scrap heep again?
You can't save it.
Look honey, I know that
we have never been close.
I was way too young
to have you.
I admit that.
I didn't know
what! was doing.
I probably still don't.
I want to apologize for all
of the mistakes that I've made.
I just want you
to know that...
That I love you.
You have nothing
to apologize for.
Maybe I'm tougher
than you think.
Is that what
you're trying to prove?
That you're tough?
You're so smart
and passionate.
Now, don't
get stuck here.
Go do something
with your life.
I like it here.
I belong here.
You're never gonna get
the love that you deserve here.
Not from me,
certainly not from your father:
He lost interest in you
the moment he saw
that you weren't a boy.
Who are you?
What have you done
with my mom?
My eyes have been opened
and I have a peace
thatl have never had before.
If you open up your
heart to Jesus, Cat,
he will show you the way.
I'm finejust
the way that I am.
And just like your mother.
Just remember,
when you're in need,
you can call to Jesus.
He'll be there for you.
Oh, now what?
What's going on?
Look, up ahead.
What are they doing?
Nothing good.
What do we do?
It'll take hours
to go another way.
I gotta get home.
Get your head down!
Hold on!
What is wrong
with these people?
It's been, what, 12 hours
since the power went out?
They can all feel it.
It's the end.
Can't you feel it too?
It's like all the beauty
and love in the world is gone.
God's grace is gone.
I don't feel much since-
Now, fear the target.
Kill the target.
You believe nothing.
Kill the target.
Fear is impossible.
Find the target,
kill the target.
There's no fear;
there is no mercy.
Good ladies and gentlemen,
once again,
this is Gene Daughtry
from the Power on Glory
Broadcasting Newark.
We are back
on the air for now.
Those of you just tuning in,
Pastor Kelson, well...
well he's been
taken up to heaven,
but before he went he
recorded a special message.
It's a message! think
we all need to hear.
We'll be repeating it
for as long as we can keep
the generators running.
Stay safe
and God have mercy on us all.
This is Pastor Kelson.
In the Gospel of Matthew
our Lord says,
No one knows about
that day or hour,
not even the angels
in heaven, nor the Son,
but only the Father.
No man can know the hour.
The Lord will come for us
in his own time.
We're told to look towards
that day in anticipation
of laying down
our earthy burdens,
but we cannot know the hour.
So worry not about
the signs in the sky
and instead sanctify yourself
to living as he commands
and letting the light
of his strength
shine through you, to your
friends and to your neighbors.
Teach your children his ways;
don? waste a day,
for no man can know the hour,
but the hour will come.
And in the blink of an eye
those who are faithful
will receive their reward.
For the rest, there is
still hope of salvation
if you would only-
A lot of cars,
no people.
What does that mean?
Means ifs a trap.
What are you doing?
Well, trap or not,
if we don't get gas here,
it's the end of the line.
Stay down.
Drop the gun, mister.
I know you don't believe,
but Jesus does love you
and he can forgive you
if you wanna be forgiven.
It's never too la re.
On your knees,
hands behind your back.
Well, hey cuz,
you remember me?
This is for my truck.
Hey, I can't
thank you enough.
The generator will keep the
gas flowing for a few days.
What about him?
Oh, uh, don't
worry about him.
The deputies will be by
later to deal with him.
Well, thanks for the gas.
Good man, Dale.
What do you think?
What is it with you and
other people's property?
Those people
tried to kill us.
What is it with you
and this old hunk-o-junk?
What's wrong with my car?
I'm a good man.
I'm a good man.
I'm a good man.
That was a very dangerous
thing you did back there.
You gotta be
more careful.
Don't do it again.
I had things right
where I wanted 'em.
I had to save you.
What are you
talking about?
I'm the one
protecting you, remember?
That's not what I heard.
Okay, obviously you
wanna tell me something.
I'll tell you my secret, but
only if you tell me yours first.
What secret?
Alright, whatever,
be that way.
There's no fear.
You believe nothing.
Fear is impossible.
Alright, I was
in the service.
I volunteered
for special ops,
where I received
extreme training.
So, what, you have like a
robot brain or something?
I don't... feel fear the
same way that other people do.
Fear makes a person
hesitate in times of danger;
it clouds the mind.
They burned it out of me.
Howd they do that?
We have definitive proof
that in certain rare cases,
soldiers who are exposed
to massive battle trauma
do not become ineffective;
instead the opposite
effect occurs.
Find the target.
Kill the target.
There is no fear,
there is no mercy.
Kill the target and anyone
that stands in your way.
Your target is Mehrzad,
son of an elder warlord
and a symbol of hope
for the resistance.
These unique soldiers
emerge from their trauma
completely fearless.
Fear is impossible.
You fear nothing.
You believe nothing.
Your life is nothing.
Only the mission matters.
My scientic team has isolated
the emotional conditions
and the chemical triggers
that allow for this
phenomenon to occur.
an army of soldiers
without fear of pain,
loss, or death.
Completely loyal,
free from any emotional or
moral or spiritual attachments.
I present our prototype.
Find the target.
Kill the target.
There is no fear.
There is no mercy.
Find the target.
Kill the target.
Find the target.
Kill the target.
How'd they do that?
It was extreme.
Look, what is this nonsense
about you saving me?
I met a man.
stand behind me.
I'll protect you.
Only he wasn't a man.
That's impossible.
Are you him?
He talked to me
and he told me
what I needed to do.
You have a very important
pan in God's plan.
What you need to do
is to get back to your
parents as soon as possible.
They're not there.
They're gone like all the others
and my grandparents.
How do you know?
Because they followed Jesus.
They all did,
but I chose not to.
They tried to warn me,
tried to help me,
but I didn't listen.
You really believe that?
Didn't you see what
happened last night?
That was like the
express elevator to heaven.
I don't know what I saw.
I mean,
I believe in God.
I'm still here.
What about that pastor?
The deputy said that
he was still here too.
How do you
explain that?
I think that
there's believing
and then there's
believing... in here.
And that's
only half of it.
You still have to ask
Jesus for forgiveness
and accept him
as your Savior.
That's the only way
to heaven.
it says so
right in the Bible.
The Bible says
a lot of things.
God has a plan
for you, Josh.
He wants you
to do something.
The man
in the desert told...
I think you hit
your head, hard.
I'm the normal one here.
Raise your hand
if the government
didn't do weird
experiments on your brain.
I seen him.
They passed this way
about an hour ago.
Headed down south.
Rig ht decent folk.
He was with somebody?
Sure, teenage gin',
you know, pretty.
Alright then.
You, uh...
you gonna pay for this gas?
Yeah, let me get
you my credit card.
What happened?
We were on
that security gig.
What were you securing?
It was legit, escorting a truck
of TVs to Reno, that's it.
It was the Skulls.
They came out of nowhere.
They jacked the truck.
They shot D-block;
he ain't gonna make it.
And this one?
This is the one
we caught.
Boss, this is no accident.
They knew we'd be there.
Well, then we got
a rat in the house.
Let's find out who.
No, no.
Get out.
I'm not going anywhere.
You made a promise to me and
God that we were done with this.
What about my
promise to them?
If I can't protect my
own men, I'm nothing.
I'm weak!
And I refuse to be weak.
Any man can kill.
That's not strength.
Only a few can forgive.
We'll find another way.
God wants us...
God wants us
to take the right path.
We've been
down that hole.
Just remember
where it ended.
It won't be like that.
I cannot lose you again.
I need you by my side
in this life and the next.
Let him go.
But Boss!
I said let him go.
Get me out of here, man!
This guy's crazy!
He said he was gonna
make steaks out of me.
No witnesses.
Come on, man.
Wait, wait!
Come on, that boy
you're looking for,
I can help you
catch him, okay?
I know these
pans real good.
There's a shortcut.
Keep talking.
Hey, nub-uh,
those are mine.
Hi, this is Rachel.
I realty wanna hear from you,
so leave a message.
Rach, it's me.
I just got cell service.
I'm coming home soon.
I love you.
Right down there, bout
2 miles down is the highway.
H you hurry you'll get there
just before he does, okay,
just like I said.
Let's head south, knock off
a gun store, light security.
Isn't that what you said?
You're so eager
to prove something?
Well, you did.
You proved how completely
worthless you are to me.
Now I got a job
even you can do:
I just need you to stand there
and look pathetic.
Why do you
talk to me that way?
Why do you
hate me so much?
Listen man-
stop talking and listen to me.
I don't care what you heard;
they are doing it tonight.
Yes, tonight.
Another shipment,
cell phones, Woodrow Road.
Yes, I'm sure.
They're leaving in a
few minutes; be ready.
L gotta go-.
No, no, baby.
Baby, baby,
I can't see you.
I'm right here.
I can't see-
What do I do, Boss?
I'm here.
Stay with me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here.
I'm right here, Mom.
Stay, don't go,
don't go.
Stay, stay, Stay-
stay- - '
You broke your promise!
Because she's gone.
You ruined everything.
What is it?
Another trap?
I don't know.
ifs a woman.
It looks like
she's hurt.
Come to me, Catherine.
Is that really you, Lord?
Are you listening?
You know what I am,
the life that I've led.
But I don't
wrant it anymore.
Tell me what to do.
Please help me.
Hey ma'am,
are you okay?
It's you!
They're gonna
kill you, go!
Beth, Beth!
Go, go faster!
Hands up.
Don't move!
Beth? Beth!
Stay back!
Who are you?
What are you doing?
I don't know!
I don't know, okay?
I don't know
what I'm doing.
Get out of the car.
Please. I can't go back.
He'll kill me.
I'm supposed to trust you?
Please, just drive.
I need to get away.
I can't be
with him anymore.
Josh, you have
to help them.
You have to help them all;
it's what you're supposed to do.
It's okay.
This is what was
supposed to happen.
The vest.
That bullet went through.
A vest can't save you, Josh.
Only God can save you.
You heard his voice too,
didn't you?
I gotta get you
to the hospital.
Josh, you have
to listen to me.
You have to hear
what he said.
It's important.
He told me-he told me
that this would happen.
He said,
"Don't-don't be afraid.
"Soon you'll be reunited
with your family...
And abide in my love forever. "
But first I need
you to find Josh,
go with him, keep him safe.
Your sacrifice
will point him to me
and allow him to be
the hero I need him to be
in these final days.
I'm no hero, Beth.
I'm no you.
What are you doing?
He's gonna keep
coming for me
hurting anyone
who gets in his way.
He's not gonna stop
unless I stop him.
He's my father.
Then choose.
Are you with me?
Are you with him?
I'm with you.
Then buckle up.
Don't hurt him.
That chain,
why do you-
How do you-
Do you believe in that?
That was my mother's.
She was murdered.
You still wear that?
Forget that!
Come on!
Are you a warrior or not?
God has a plan
for you, Josh.
Jesus is a bridge, a
bridge that can take you home.
Jesus does love you
and he can forgive you
if you wanna be forgiven.
It's never too la re.
Joshua, come to me.
Enough killing.
You wore that to remind you
of someone you love.
Don't you
talk about her!
We finish this!
We're not warriors
or monsters or titans.
We're just-
we're just men.
Your mother...
Did she believe?
In her heart.
Don't you dare
talk about her!
Maybe she's not gone.
Maybe she's up there,
waiting for you.
Maybe this is your chance
to be forgiven.
No forgiveness!
I've waited a lifetime
for a worthy challenge
and you're not
walking away from me.
I am done fighting!
It doesn't solve anything!
It doesn't
change anything!
I just want-
I just m/ant peace.
I just want-
I just m/ant peace.
I'm afraid.
It's not possible.
It's not possible.
It's not possible.
Are you really there?
Can you really
forgive my sins?
All of them?
I think he can.
Jesus, forgive me.
There's no forgiveness.
You fight me.
You ght me!
Stop it! ifs over!
He beat you.
The better man won.
Accept it.
Because you betrayed me!
Jesus, forgive me.
I am not your enemy;
I'm your daughter.
I don't hate you;
I love you.
I just wanted you
to be proud of me.
AH' of this death and misery,
don't put it on any of us.
It's all on you.
Listen to him, she's
up there waiting for you.
She loves you
and wants to be with you again,
but you have to take
the rst step.
Let your anger go.
Let it go.
Are you ready?
Will he be okay?
Worry no longer
for the world, child.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
To the most
glorious celebration
this universe
has ever known.
Are my parents there?
Your parents and your
grandparents are there
waiting for you.
Do I have to die?
A caterpillar isn't afraid
to leave its cocoon
to become a butterfly.
Have no fear.
Trust me.
I'm ready, Lord.
You gonna be alright?
For the first time ever
I knowwhol am
and where I'm going.
What about him?
No one's ever
beaten him before.
He'll find his way.
God bless you, Josh.
Thank you.
Rac h?
Rac h?
"if we confess our sins,
"he is faithful and just
"to forgive us all our sins
and to cleanse us
from all unrighteousness. "
Take care of them, Lord.
Take care of them.
Tell them I'm coming, Lord.
Tell them
I'll see them again.