Revenant (2012) Movie Script

[ no sound ]
[ music ]
Day one in the Browning house.
It's moving in day
Been going at it since
pretty early this morning.
Uh, Stella should be home
in a couple of hours,
and hopefully everything should
pretty much be in its place.
No activity thus far.
All right, house...
show me what you got.
[ music sting ]
[ orchestral Music ]
Hey, lady.
How was your day?
It was good, it was very good.
You got a lot done.
Not too bad, right?
Uh-uh. ready for your
first night in a haunted house?
As ready as I'll ever be.
Oh, hold on one second,
I gotta show you something.
Check those out.
What are they?
Those are pictures of the
house after the crime scene
was cleaned up and there's even
one of the family in there.
So this is them?
It's horrible to think
they all died in here.
Who's bedroom was this?
That was the little boy's room.
I'd like you to play close
attention to that picture
cause I would really love it
if you could decorate that room
to look just like the picture
while I finish
the office tonight.
Why would I do that?
Well, supposedly, if you
recreate the house
to look like it did when
they lived here,
it can actually make
the spirits more active.
Okay, that's a little creepy.
You ready to go to work?
Can't we just enjoy our first
night together?
The box is already
in the room.
But, when it's empty...
[ laughs ]
Doesn't seem right.
Decorating a room
for a dead kid.
What was the kid's name?
Uh, it was Tom.
Sorry about what
happened to you, Tom.
There's definitely something
off about this place.
it's like the air is
heavy or something.
It has a certain
energy to it, doesn't it?
Yeah... it's kind of exciting.
Isn't it?
Yeah... and a little creepy.
No need to worry,
little lady, I'll protect you.
Oh, well that's reassuring.
You're so mean to me
all the time.
Oh, do you think they would
let us paint the walls
while we're staying here?
Yeah, I think so.
Why? What color
were you thinking?
Well, you know how I like color,
and lots of it,
so I was thinking, how about
a deep blood red.
Blood red.
Yeah, it'll match right?
The ghosts will like it.
Yeah, it'll probably match what
the house used to look like.
There was a lot
of blood on the walls.
You didn't tell me that
something actually happened
in this room.
Great, what?
The guy shot his wife
in this room.
Are you--
Exactly where you're
laying right now.
Shut up.
What's that?
Oh, look, it's brain matter.
Oh, my god.
Night. Thanks.
Oh, come on.
I'm just teasing.
[ music ]
[ door creaking ]
[ movement ]
[ bang ]
Paul...Paul wake up.
Huh? What?
I heard something moving
around out there.
And didn't we shut
the door last night?
Yeah, I think so.
It's open now.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go take a look.
Who knows, maybe our experiences
will start tonight.
I know I heard something.
It was probably just the
sounds of the house settling.
We're not used to them yet.
I swear it sounded like
someone moving around out there.
I looked everywhere.
There was nothing there.
Come here.
Ooh, what's the matter?
Haunted house got you
a little spooked?
No, but you sneaking up on me
and yelling "boo"
in my ear does.
Hey, where's Stella?
She break up with you already?
She's at work.
What are these?
Oh, those are from, uh, after
the crime scene was cleaned up.
No shit?
No, why do you have
these exactly?
I'm putting together the house
to look like it did
when they lived here.
That's a little sick, dude.
It's supposed to make
ghosts more active.
You really believe
in this stuff don't you?
Yeah, I do.
So, did you actually find out
what happened here?
Yeah, I did.
And it was definitely the father
who killed the family.
There wasn't a break-in
or anything like that.
Those were all just rumors.
The details are a little bit
hazy but, the gist of it is,
he shot his wife
in their bedroom,
and then he shot the kids
in their rooms.
He covered each of the bodies
with a sheet,
and then he shot himself.
And they found his body
in the living room
sitting up in a dining room
chair, brains blown out.
Kinda weird.
Ah, I got a bunch of boxes
and stuff outside.
Can you help me move those
into the garage?
[ metal banging ]
Hey, be careful with that,
that's my radio.
You still have not
finished this thing yet?
Oh, my god.
All right, I'm putting it here.
Collecting dolls now?
Yeah, Sam.
I'm collecting dolls now.
It's Stella's.
So, how is it?
Living with Stella?
It's... it's great.
I mean it's only been a day,
but, she's still here.
That's a good thing.
What about you?
You got a fling of the month?
Who is it this time?
Uh, Summer?
Chelsea, yeah, her name
was Chelsea.
She was...immature.
Too immature for you?
Yeah, she didn't even
know how to cook.
I did all the cooking.
Treated her like a queen.
And what did this queen eat?
Macaroni and cheese? Hot dogs?
A little grilled cheese
on special occasions?
And hamburgers...
Frickin bomb.
You know what you need?
You need to find a girl who's
exactly like your mom.
Somebody who'll take care
of you, and will cook you
three meals a day.
Which shouldn't be that
difficult, seeing as your mom
really was not a good cook.
Better than your mom.
You're mom never cooked.
Yeah, that's cause she
died when I was seven.
That's what I'm sayin'.
You realize we're getting old.
It's not even 11 o'clock
on Friday and we're in bed.
You're getting old, I'm not.
Nice try,
You're older than I am.
Ah, so, grandma wanted
to know something.
I know...
I know you want to write a book
about the house and all, but...
I think it's a good time
right now.
I mean, everything that has
anything to do
with paranormal activity
is huge right now.
I know, but, what's driving you?
Seriously, what's behind it?
I want to prove to myself
that I can actually
finish something I start.
I'm thirty.
I'm a part-time ad writer
for a newspaper.
My biggest accomplishment
has been writing an obituary.
I want to be somebody that
you can be proud of.
I am proud of you.
You are?
And I'm excited to see you
really excited about something.
[ door shut ]
This isn't funny, Paul!
[ phone ringing ]
Hi, mom.
I'm good, how are you?
He's doing good.
What do you want me to tell him?
[ laughs ]
[ banging noise ]
Yeah, you want us
to be over there Sunday?
Yeah, I could bring
whatever you want.
[ dragging sound ]
Mom, can I call you right back?
Yeah. Okay, bye.
[ radio static ]
[ whimpering ]
Oh my god, what happened?
Hey, Stel, are you okay?
I can't stay here anymore.
Please, don't go.
I can't live in this house
anymore, Paul.
There's something bad here.
I thought you wanted
to have experiences.
I did, but, I thought it
was gonna be orbs of light,
maybe...maybe silhouettes...
something friendly.
This is not friendly.
Just, wait, wait, wait.
Please, sit down.
Please, just stay the night.
I won't leave your side,
I promise.
And if you still want to leave
in the morning
then we can talk about it.
Just don't run out like this.
I'm scared, Paul.
This thing could hurt us.
Come with me.
I can't.
Why not?
If I walk away from this, this
is just one more thing that...
that I didn't finish.
Stel, I need this.
So, you'd pick the house
over me?
I didn't say that.
And that's not fair.
I'm asking you, just stay
the night.
We'll figure it all out
in the morning.
For me?
Come here.
[ music ]
[ phone ringing ]
Hey... hey, I just
got your note.
Just had to get out of there.
That's okay, you had
quite a scare last night.
So what time are you
gonna head back over?
I can't live there.
I know it means
a lot to you but...
I'm just not comfortable
staying there.
Well, this sucks.
I know...
Can I call you later?
my mom's taking me to breakfast.
Yeah, all right.
Okay, talk to you later.
[ noises ]
[ Children Whispering ]
- I told you to be quiet.
- I didn't do it on purpose.
- If you're gonna play this
game, you have to be quiet.
We don't want to wake him up.
- I'm sorry.
- Just don't do it again.
- Okay.
- You ready?
- Yes.
- Okay, go hide.
One, two, three, four, five
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Ready or not, here I come.
I hear something.
He's coming.
[ child laughing ]
I could hear you talking.
Can you do what you were
doing again?
I just want to talk to you.
Can you give me some sort
of sign of your presence?
Can you knock on something?
Or move something?
COMPUTER: You've got mail!
[ laughs ]
What the hell is this?
[ scream ]
[ phone ringing ]
Sup, dude?
You asshole!
What the hell are you doing
sending me this for
in the middle of the night?
I didn't think you were
still gonna be a awake.
That was a cheap shot.
Did it make you jump?
Yeah, it made me jump.
It scared the crap out of me.
They have this website
that you can go to
to make all this cool stuff.
I mean, they have know
obviously the photo editing
aspect of it but they
got the audio too,
I mean it's fantastic.
You got the crossfades,
and the delays even,
[ music sting ]
[ doorbell ]
Hey, Paul.
Hey, Skip.
Here to pick up the rent.
Oh, yeah. Come on in.
Here you go.
Uh, Skip, while you're
here, um...
do you mind if I ask you
a couple questions
about the house?
Do you wanna have a seat?
Let's go outside, it's nice out.
Can I get you something?
Water'd be good.
So, Skip, how long have
you actually
owned this house for?
Um...about eleven years now.
The previous tenants that
lived here, um, did they
tell you why they moved out?
No, they had their reasons.
Did any of them mention
things happening in the house
that they couldn't explain?
Like what?
Like ghosts?
Why? You seen something?
No, not personally.
But with all the stories
about this place,
I was really hoping to.
Sometimes, stories
is just stories.
Have you seen anything
in the house?
Well I have to say, there...
there is something off
about this place.
Why did you move out?
Oh, I never lived here. parents owned it
and they rented it out
and when they died,
I inherited it.
Did your parents own the
house when the murders happened?
Yeah, they was rentin' it.
What were those people like?
I didn't know 'em that well.
They was good people though.
It's a shame what happened.
Any information that I can get
from you on those people,
or any of the other tenants,
I'd really appreciate it.
Why you so interested in this?
I'm writing a book on the house.
But, don't worry,
I'm not gonna use names.
I'm not gonna use addresses
or anything like that.
This is just a story about me
living in a haunted house.
That's it.
That's the stupidest thing
I ever heard.
I will tell you though...
Somethin' scared those
people out of this house.
One lady was worried
about her kid.
Can you tell me how I can
get in touch with her?
No, they didn't leave
no forwarding address
or nothin'.
Can you give me her name?
I just want to track her down,
and see if maybe,
she might be willing
to talk to me.
That's it.
Some things are just
better left alone.
I seem to be hearing that
a lot lately.
Well, maybe you should listen.
Look, I gotta go.
I got a delivery coming
this afternoon.
Thanks for stopping by.
And I do have some more
questions for you
at another time.
Yeah, I'll be in touch.
If you need anything,
I'm the house in the back.
[ bang ]
[ strange noise ]
[ music sting ]
[ bed creaking ]
[ music sting ]
Hi, is this Judy Peterson?
Hi, Judy, my name
is Paul Anderson.
I live in a house that you
used to live in.
Uh, 8928 Maple Street.
I was just hoping that maybe
I could ask you
a couple questions about
the time that you lived there?
What a bitch!
Don't go in there.
That lady's crazy.
[ doorbell ]
[ doorbell ]
Said I was coming.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Are you Sue Dryer?
Who are you?
I'm Paul Anderson.
Yeah, what do you want?
I live in your old house
on Maple Street.
I was really hoping that you
and I could, uh,
talk about your time living--
Is this some
sort of a sick joke?
Did my husband send you?
I don't know your husband.
Do you people get some
sort of sick thrill
out of tormenting me.
I just...I live in the house
that you used to live in,
and I thought maybe we could
talk about it.
Get off my property
before I call the cops!
Look, I'm really sorry if I
upset you, I wasn't trying to.
I just wanted to find out
if maybe you had
some strange experiences
in the house.
I'm looking for validation.
Here, I'm gonna leave my
business card in your mailbox.
You can call me any time.
[ radio static ]
[ music ]
I just don't get it.
I mean, I'm trying everything
and nothing is working.
I'm even setting my alarm
to wake me up
in the middle of the night
cause that's when they say
ghosts are more active.
I mean, I have
a lot of testimonials.
nothing crazy you know, like,
like someone getting attacked,
or...or possessed.
Those are the things people
want to read about.
They don't want to read about
cabinets opening by themselves.
Okay, uh, would you actually
want it to attack you?
But I do need something
big to happen to me.
You're out of your
frickin' mind.
You, sir, are obsessed.
I just need that one
big thing.
This book.
It's gotta be great.
[ music ]
[ door creaking ]
[ covers rustling ]
[ music sting ]
[ music sting ]
[ music sting ]
[ phone rings ]
This is Paul, who's this?
Oh, Sue, hi.
Yeah, I would love to, um...
uh, yeah, I'll be over in just
a couple of minutes.
Great, thank you so much.
I'll see you soon.
Okay, bye.
Thank you for calling.
I didn't think
I was gonna hear from you.
I wasn't going to, but...
when you said "validation,"
well, I could use some to.
So, um, how long have you
lived there?
Just over two months now.
So what are you
interested in, in me?
I rented the house, because I
had heard of the stories of it
being haunted, I'm writing
a book on the house,
and my experiences in it.
And I know that you lived there,
so I was really hoping
that maybe you could share some
of your experiences with me.
I think maybe you should leave.
Please, Sue...
just talk to me?
I would really love to hear your
experiences, and get your story.
Can I?
If at the end, if you don't want
me to use any of this,
I'll give you the tape,
and...and you can keep it.
Interview with Sue Dryer,
former tenant of the house.
I just made some tea,
would you like some?
Yeah, that would be great.
So, did you have any strange
experiences in the house?
If you're referring to the house
being haunted,
yes, I did.
Did it... uh, start as soon as
you moved in?
At first it was great.
I loved the house
And my son's school was right
down the street.
I was the president of the PTA.
My husband's work was close by,
and the yard was great
for my son to play in.
He loved that yard.
He would spend hours just
running around,
he never got tired.
So, when did things change?
About two weeks in.
Drawers and cabinets opened,
At first I thought it was neat.
I've always been fascinated
with the idea of ghosts.
I even bought one of those
tape recorders,
I was starting to try
to communicate with it.
Did you get anything?
Not really.
Some strange sounds
and things, but...
no voices or names or anything.
Thank you.
But then... it got stronger.
Things started happening
more often.
What kind of things?
Doors would open and shut
on their own.
Shadows... and those sheets.
People under sheets?
You've seen them too.
Did they ever interact with
you in any way?
I got pushed.
I was going down toward
the bedroom, and I got pushed
from behind.
Was it Like a shove
or just a soft push?
Hard enough to knock me down.
I told my husband about it,
he didn't believe me.
I was worried about my son,
I didn't want anything
to happen to him.
What did you do?
I told him I wanted to move.
And he just kept saying that I
was making excuses,
trying to get him to move
back to Colorado.
But those things that were
happening were real.
-I know.
I believe you.
It had this way of alienating me
from my husband and son.
It tormented me, but it never
showed itself to them.
So, your husband and your son
never had any experiences?
Well, my son had
an imaginary friend.
He's so creative.
Your son's imaginary friend...
Did it have a name?
Yes it did, what was it?
It was um...
it was Tom.
so, what... what happened in
the house after you got pushed?
My husband and I started
fighting about it all the time.
That house killed my marriage.
He even took me in
for a psych evaluation.
A psych evaluation?
So never did show itself
to your husband?
I think it purposefully
did that to separate us.
I think it liked torturing me.
I think it wanted to kill me.
Did it do anything that would
give you the idea
that it wanted to kill you?
The day of the psych evaluation.
My husband came home and told me
he had enrolled our son
in day care because he didn't
trust me with him.
We had a huge fight about it.
And then, he took off.
And I started screaming
at the house.
It was ruining my marriage.
And then...
everything got still
the doors slammed shut.
I felt a hand on the back
of my head,
and my face slammed
into the floor.
What happened?
What did you do?
I don't remember anything else.
I woke up in the hospital
to a restraining order.
My husband thought I slammed my
head into the floor
because of our fight.
He got full custody of my son.
I ended up back on the psych
ward for three months.
That house.
It took my life from me.
All the more reason
for your story to be told.
I think you should leave now.
Hey, Sue?
I'm really sorry for everything
that you went through.
You have to get
out of there now!
Don't you understand?
It's trying to kill you!
You're hurting my arm.
It'll alienate you
from everyone,
and then it'll come after you!
If it's showing itself to you,
it's only gonna get stronger!
You have to get out of there!
It's going to kill you!
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Hail Mary, full of grace!
[ radio static ]
[ loud noise ]
[ dragging noise ]
[ radio static ]
[ "Pop Goes the Weasel"
instrumental playing ]
[ music ]
[ radio clicks off ]
[ door creaks and shuts ]
Tom, is that you?
You don't have to be
afraid of me, Tom.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Why don't you bring
the flashlight
out here and play, Tom?
[ recorder recording ]
[ recorder plays silence ]
I know you're here,
so just talk to me!
[ recorder plays silence ]
[ music ]
Where are you?
[ frustrated yelling ]
Yeah, you're a big man!
You can shoot your wife in bed,
and you can kill your kids
and you won't even come out
and show yourself to me?
[ frustrated yelling ]
Where are you!
[ music sting ]
[ sinister music ]
I Just...
Want to talk to you.
[ music sting ]
[ tape recorder squeals ]
[ electrical clicking ]
[ electrical clicking ]
[ squeaking ]
[ traffic noises ]
[ Phone rings ]
Hey, Sam.
Hey, buddy, just calling
to check up on you.
Did the guys come by and drop
off your stuff or what?
No, the movers said
they probably wouldn't be here
until tomorrow.
Hey, thanks again for getting
those last couple of boxes,
I just couldn't go over there.
Dude, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
But I should probably
get back to it so, um,
I'll talk with you later.
Don't be a stranger.
All right,
talk to you later, Ciao.
[ music sting ]
[ orchestral Music ]