Revenge for Jolly! (2012) Movie Script

Are you Everett Bachmeier?
I can't tell you how the story
ends but I'll tell you how it begin.
Yesterday started out like
a lot of other days.
I woke up, combed my hai, drank
some beer and played with Jolly.
My dog, Jolly.
I loved her more than
anything in the world.
Look, it's a bunch of
bacon on TV.
It's a little ham on TV,
a little glazed ham.
I'm not a bad guy.
I'm a good guy
but, I've done
some bad things.
Yeah, I understand.
Well, what do you
want me to say?
I never lived
a normal life.
Never had a normal job.
Never wanted one.
You could say... You could
say I had my own business.
I did stuff.
Sometimes business was goo,
sometimes business
was bad.
Yesterday was one
of those days.
Whenever stuff got soar for me...
Jolly knew.
She loved me.
Things were about
to get pretty ugly.
My brain was like
a washing machine.
I had to get out of the house, so
I went to see my cousin, Cecil.
I never talk to
a lot of people.
People are hard to trust but I had
to tell someboy what was going on.
Cecil's a good guy too.
He's got his issues
like anyone else.
He was just
in the hospital again.
Sometimes things
get really hard for him
when his head doesn't wok the way
it's supposed to and he shuts down.
He just shrinks away.
Mary Ann is
Cecil's girlfriend.
She loves him a lot,
she takes care of him.
She knows how he is,
he makes his mistakes,
but she's always
there for him.
That's how Jolly was for m.
Can we talk?
Mary Ann honey.
Come here for a second?
Um, Harry and I just need a little
bit of quiet time. Just me and him.
Mary Ann?
This is the best chocolate
cake I've ever had.
It's so chocolaty.
It's very, very chocolaty.
I don't...
I don't know how you get that
much chocolate into one cake.
Thank you.
I am glad that you like it.
I like it and thank
you for making it for us.
She great?
She's so great.
Yeah, she's great.
So what? What, what?
What's wrong?
I'm in a lot of trouble.
No, you're not.
They're gonna get me.
What? Who? Who...
Who's gonna get you?
You know that thing I was supposed
to do for those guys from Eddie's?
I couldn't do it.
And now,
they say I owe 'em.
Hey, I owe 'em
a lot of money.
How much?
A lot.
Well, I could probably get Mary Ann
to, to give me a couple hundred bucks
if I ask her really nice.
It's more than that, right?
What are you gonna do?
Leaving town. Tomorrow.
I'm bringing Jolly with me.
She's all I need and I don't
care about anything else, so...
You're gonna leave?
You wanna get really drunk?
Yeah. Okay.
Yeah. Yeah.
Everything's gonna
be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
That's right.
Can I have a little bit of
my chocolate cake back?
Yeah. Sorry.
That's fine.
I wasn't really finished.
Okay. Sorry.
I just... Yeah, I thought
you were finished.
Nah, I just felt...
I was taking a break.
Me and Cecil
stayed up all night.
Drank a lot of beers,
played Candy Land.
Usual stuff.
I was just gonna pack a few
things, grab Jolly and go.
I didn't even know where. Figured,
get there when I got there.
No. No!
All right.
Stay there.
...was the only thing
that made me...
You know, she...
She knew how much
you loved her.
The man that killed her...
I'm gonna find him.
And I want you to help.
Help me.
Yeah. Of course.
Is that everything?
We'll make it right.
Jolly's dead.
The man that killed her t
a thousand pins in my he.
Nothing could make
that kind of pain go away.
And nothing could stop me
from finding him.
It's early.
Even for you two.
Yeah, two beers, Thomas.
Just put 'em on my tab.
Uh, Eddie capped
your tab, Cecil.
Just put 'em on my tab.
You... You don't have one
anymore either.
Yeah, I don't think
that's gonna cover it.
Somebody killed my dog.
His dog.
It's a little girl.
She's dead.
I wonder why somebody
would do something like that.
You do?
I do.
You wonder?
has anybody come by?
Asked where I lived?
I, uh, I'm not...
- No.
- Maybe,
or no?
Yup, what? What the fuck
are you trying to say?
I'm trying to say that...
That maybe there wasn't a guy.
There was.
There was maybe this guy.
This guy...
What about him?
Tell us about this guy.
This one guy,
Comes in every so often.
Last time he came in, he,
he asked me if I knew where
Harry Dennis lived.
And you told him?
Well, Eddie was here, too.
And, and, and he...
why did you tell him?
Why did you do that?
Why'd you do that?
Well, where can we find him?
I don't know.
I don't know.
He... He came in with Tina
from the hotel.
Tina fro...
I know Tina from the hotel.
...shouldn't have told him
where I lived.
Hey. Relax.
No, no, no!
Wait, gun? Hey, Harry, come on.
What are you doing? Just...
We're friends.
I'm your friend, right?
Sorta. Just please, put the...
Put the gun away.
Harry, please.
I mean, it's...
It's just a dog, right?
Oh, shit.
Just a dog?
What kind of...
Yeah, I know, I know,
I don't know!
I'm sorry.
I realize that
sometimes pets...
Thomas, you all right, buddy?
Oh-kay. Okay, okay.
Okay. Okay, okay.
I'm gonna get some,
some travelers. All right?
Fuck, man.
Oh, shit.
We gotta get out of here.
What happened?
I was thinking,
you probably
didn't need to kill Thomas.
I needed to.
I just, I didn't think we were
gonna start this early.
I figured that we'd...
I don't know...
Maybe he was right.
Maybe I didn't need to kill
Thomas, but I couldn't help it.
Too right now.
I miss her.
In "the thing"
they gave us cats.
to care about.
My little girl, Patty.
I took really good care
of her. I'd comb her hair.
And I'd read to her.
I taught her how to count.
Every morning I'd wake up and
she'd be half on my pillow,
sleeping right next to me.
And she'd crack open
her eye just a little bit.
And she'd just purr...
And then one day I woke up,
she was gone.
Where'd she go?
I miss her.
Can I have a chip?
Take the beers?
We should carry
our beer in a box
or a bag.
Can you grab that?
Or a carton
or something.
I'm the one
carrying the beers.
Are you gonna knock?
I'm a shitty knocker.
I got the beers.
Just knock.
Fine, fine.
Come on.
We got beers, come on.
I don't want
your piss warm beer.
Do you have money?
Yeah, yeah.
We've got money.
Who's he?
It's my cousin, Harry.
It's all right, go ahead.
Harry, huh?
You don't look like a Harry.
Why not?
Your hair. It's...
I like it this way.
Do you have
any friends?
I could call Vicki.
Yeah! Yes. Vicki.
You're gonna like Vicki.
This'll be good for you.
I don't wanna have sex.
You don't have to.
Why, you don't like me?
You're fine.
I just wanna watch this.
I'm having a bad day.
What? Why are you
having a bad day?
He's having a bad day because some
piece of rotten fruit killed his dog.
You know him
and he did it.
Please tell us
where he is.
Sorry about your dog.
You pay me
for the fuck just now,
you pay me for
the fuck last week
and I'll give you this
fucking number.
I thought you said the one from
last week was on the house.
You said that. It wasn't.
Pay me!
I can't, I...
I'm saving up.
Just fucking... Give us
the fucking number, Tina.
Mmm. Okay, okay.
Is that real?
I don't know.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on
a second. Just hang, hang on.
Wait here for a minute.
Tina, why are you being
such a fucking jerk?
Are you crazy?
Okay, all right!
Playtime is over!
Go put away your toys before I
start getting really fucking...
Oh, fuck!
Are you fucking kidding me?
What the fuck...
I don't
like when people choke!
Ow! Ow!
Ow! Fuck!
Am I gonna die?
She tried to choke
me to death!
And now you've... You've...
You shot my good hand
with your little gun.
It was a warning shot!
You aimed it right at me!
How much do I owe you?
You just said I owed you
a bunch of money for...
No. No, it's good.
We're fine, we're fine.
Look, there's the number.
She changed her mind.
I changed my mind.
Come on!
I can't.
I can't.
Why did you do that?
You missed.
On purpose! I'm...
I didn't want to kill her!
Look what she did to my hand.
It's my good hand.
Now it's my bad hand.
I would've paid her.
Now you don't have to.
Could you get
the beers, please?
Law offices.
You guys still
on Butterstile Road?
Um, down by the fluff factory?
No, we're on Ashby,
just north of Rumple Cre.
We've always been on Ash,
just past the creek ther.
I don't know
where the gas is.
Where's the fucking gas?
I really wish
you didn't kill Tina.
She's already dead.
You should save your wishes.
For what?
Better stuff.
Hit me.
I'm hungry, are you hungry?
Yeah, I guess.
You know, Mary Ann's
been cooking for me a lot.
Every night she makes me
dinner, almost every night.
She's very talented.
And she's got a really
good way with words.
She wrote me all these beautiful
letters when I was gone.
What'd they say?
Just that, you know...
She missed me and I'm very
handsome and stuff like that.
How'd she say it?
I don't know. Just...
"Cecil honey, I miss you.
You're very handsome.
I can't wait for
the day you get out
so I can see
your handsome face every day.
She wants to go
far away with me.
Jolly used to watch me put
together my puzzles.
This one night she watched me put
together a thousand piece puzzle.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Yeah, I know where that is.
Well, it was the Eiffel Tower
in Paris at night.
It was all lit up
and fountains on the ground
and fireworks in the sky.
She stayed up
the whole night with me,
and watching my fingers
move everything into place.
It was like we were on
a journey there together,
like piece by piece.
And when the last one was
locked in and my work was done,
I made us bologna sandwiches
to celebrate.
She hated the crust,
so I cut them off for her
and gave her a little bit of beer
and she ate her little sandwich.
It was such a great night.
That's very nice.
I'm sorry. We're closed.
That's fine.
Is there a lawyer?
Somebody here named Bachmeier?
No, there isn't.
But, um,
we're closed for the evening.
If you're looking
for attorney...
We're looking
for Bachmeier.
I'll be back
in just a minute.
A couple of guys out here.
They're asking
about Bachmeier.
What'd they want to
see Bachmeier for?
I don't know.
I don't know who these guys are.
They won't leave.
I'm trying to fix
my VCR, I don't...
Could you just come
out here and deal with it?
Fine. I will.
Bobby will be right with you.
This says that there's, um,
there's a particular gene variant that's
linked to those who resist marriage.
You believe that?
That makes sense.
Hey. Bobby Fidazzo.
Look, I don't know who you
guys are or what you're doing,
but there is no
Bachmeier here.
So, unless you
have a legal matter
that you would like
to discuss with either myself,
my brother, Danny,
or Mr. Eichelberger,
I suggest you fucking get the
fuck out of here, all right?
Door's that way!
You know the guy.
Just tell us
where he is, Booby.
I'm sorry, I...
I thought I just heard you
refer to me as Booby.
Am I correct in thinking that?
Yeah, what is it?
We got
a code blue over here.
I was about to brush my hair.
I know.
I've just got Olive Oyl
and Pablo Escobar out here.
Yeah, they look like assholes.
Smell like assholes.
Give me a second.
You guys want some ice cream?
When we were kids,
the ice cream truck used to park
up the street from our house
every night after supper.
Every night except Sunday.
I used to beg my mom to
let me get some ice cream.
I said, "Mommy, let me get...
Let me get a Bomb Pop,
"let me get a creamsicle, let
me get a little cone maybe. "
She always said no.
She didn't like
to let us have sweets.
Said it could rot our teeth,
we could get cavities.
Plus the infection.
She said
that it could get inside
our brains.
What is the point
with the ice cream?
You cannot have any.
I don't get that.
You don't get it?
There's no ice cream here.
This is a law firm.
No, that's not... Ah, God.
Fuck it.
Forget it. Just go.
Get the fuck outta here!
You're not leaving.
All right.
boys should really go now.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on. Come on.
What do
you two scumbags want?
You guys ever look at these?
The, uh, women's magazines?
Cause they...
I don't know, I think...
They just...
They get it right.
They're on to us.
Look at this.
Look at that.
Look at number two.
Ah, fuck!
My hand.
Today's been a strange day.
We've been to a few places,
talked to a few people.
Now we're here.
We just want Bachmeier.
He killed my dog.
My little baby girl.
And I'm gonna find him
and nothing else matters.
Never heard of him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa! Oh! Oh!
You okay?
I'm fine.
- What? What?
- What the fuck?
What? What? What?
You almost shot me!
Somebody stabbed me.
It doesn't
matter where.
In the leg.
What the fuck?
Okay, watch out.
I think we got everybody.
- Wanna get the light?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on!
Letter opener.
Fucking cocksucker.
This is big.
I wanna keep it.
Sir, would you please
tell us where this gentleman,
Bachmeier, is?
It would help us a lot
and we'd really
appreciate it.
That wasn't very helpful.
What kind
of dog was it?
Miniature Pinscher.
Oh... I love those.
Fuck you and your little
lump-a shit dog to hell!
He wasn't gonna tell us.
Where the fuck is this fucking guy?
Just... Just tell us.
Just tell us.
I am not going to kill you.
Lady, please.
He's... He's, uh...
He's at a wedding reception...
That's the one that
looks like a castle?
Very good.
You stabbed me.
I was gonna shoot her,
but Cecil already told her
he wasn't gonna kill her.
And he said if I did,
I'd be making him a liar.
He got really upset about it.
I thought I was gonna
lose him and I needed him.
So, I decided to let her live.
And I knew exactly what wod
Cecil feel better.
Still hungry?
Let's get Mexican.
Ooh, cheese enchiladas.
I love cheese enchiladas.
Not as much as I do.
Wait, wait.
What if I'm in more of a burrito
frame of mind though, you know?
And then I get the enchiladas
and then I realize like...
You wanted the burritos instead?
Have... Have you decide?
Okay, okay. Um, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
- Uh, 34. 34!
- 34!
- How could I not do it?
- Mmm-hmm.
How could not do it?
How do I not order it?
Have you decide?
Ah, fuck.
I don't know, there's
just so many good choices.
Let's see.
Bean burrito plate?
That's a really good choice.
Thanks, man.
I think so.
And can we have
six more beers, please?
Can you pass me
a new beer?
You have a new beer.
Shit, I forgot.
Um... Can you pass me
another new beer?
I'm gonna use 'em both.
This is great.
I'm fucked up.
Me too.
Should we smoke
some more weed?
Definitely not.
Fuck it.
# I just did it
I just did it #
Big party.
Where am I
supposed to park?
Over there?
Is that a spot?
Right there, is that a...
Is that a spot right there?
Oh, no.
Yeah. Right in there.
All right. Is it still okay?
You got this,
you got it, you got it.
No, I can't, I can't.
Now go.
Go. Turn right.
I can't!
Turn right.
I can't.
I can't do it!
You have it. You can do it.
I can't do it.
You can do it.
I can't try.
You can't even try?
I'm just gonna... I got it...
No, you see...
I'm not even
saying anything.
Just go straight back.
All right. All right.
Now go straight left.
Okay, but there's... No, wait.
Straight back or left?
Straight left.
Straight left?
Yeah, yeah.
And now hard straight right.
That's okay. That's just paint.
Yeah, it's just paint. Yeah,
it's just paint. Just paint? What?
Come on, another one?
Wife! I got a wife!
I'm gonna fuck the shit out of
you tonight in the car. Okay.
Gary! Gary! Gary!
Did you see how narrow that spot was?
The Fleetwood wouldn't fit.
It was impossible!
Well, then, you
attempted the impossible.
There's no shame in trying.
Will you
shut the fuck up?
I'm just gonna go in here.
I'm just saying that I...
I admire the effort.
Wedding reception.
I haven't been to one of
these in a long time.
I mean, I know we're not
really invited.
Just... These things
are usually kind of fun.
This will be fun.
Gary knew just... You know, he
knew just what to say to me.
He said, "You gotta go out
and find the love. "
Since I wasn't finding
the love at home.
Now I might not have found the
love that night, but, um...
I did find some, uh...
You know, I did have a good time
with this girl named, uh...
Oh, God, what was her name?
I can't even remember... I
don't remember her name.
Just know that Angela
and Gary will never sink
as low as Jenny
and I did because...
Because, um...
Because Angela's
a hell of a girl.
And, uh... And Jenny's just a
filthy, stinking piece of crap...
...who deserves everything
I ever did to her.
Sorry, kids, but it's true.
Mary Ann wants to get married.
I don't know.
Sometimes I want to,
sometimes I don't,
I don't know.
Right now
I love her.
If I was gonna
marry anybody,
it would have been Jolly.
In India they marry dogs.
Ward off curses,
stuff like that.
It makes sense.
She was perfect.
When this is all over, you
want to go to India with me?
What do I pack?
Pack light.
You're too good for that guy.
You're too for Gary.
You're too good for him.
Look at him. Look at him.
It's true.
I'm just fucking
with you, Gary.
Yeah, I just wish I had
gotten in there.
Just wish I had snuck in
there once before Gary did.
I'll take the big one.
You can't. Your hand.
No, I can handle it.
I was gonna take the big one.
Come on, just let me have
the big one.
Fine, I'll take
the two little ones.
Yeah, take the little ones.
Think so?
You think we should lose the hats?
Do you think we should
lose the sombreros?
Uh... Uh...
Yeah. Yeah.
Okay, this is it.
This is it.
Yeah. Let's get
this motherfucker.
You ready?
I'm ready.
What the...
Please don't scream.
We haven't killed anybody yet.
We don't have to kill anybody,
but we might. We might!
Especially if they act like
a bunch of fucking jerks,
and don't cooperate!
we came here...
They have some garlic bread.
You want to continue?
Sorry, I got hungry.
We just ate.
I said I'm sorry.
Somebody in here
did a bad thing.
He did a very bad thing.
And we came...
Which one of you is Bachmeier?
Raise your hand.
The Bachmeier.
There's a shit-ton
of Bachmeiers here.
Who are you looking for?
The one that killed my dog.
Nobody here is leaving
until the man that killed
my dog admits it.
I want a confession.
I want to see his eyes.
Fuck you, asshole!
No, no, no. Come on, come on, come on.
It's just ranch.
But she got it all over my boots.
I know.
And it's on my jeans too.
What the fuck?
You can't just go
and throw ranch at people!
- Ranch?
- You can't.
- No. No!
- No!
- You can't throw ranch!
- It's okay.
We're gonna wipe 'em
off later. All right?
All right.
You see?
Stop, please stop!
Please, just stop! You're
looking for my brother, okay?
He's not here!
Why is he not here?
Why is he not here?
Because our family is...
It's dysfunctional.
Put it like that.
I still love you, baby.
Fausto. Fausto?
This your place?
It's very nice.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Fausto, can I... Um, could
you get me a beer, please?
Is that okay?
Whatever you have is fine.
You motherfuckers picked
the wrong...
Fuck it.
Tony? Tony.
You fucking dicks!
This is my wedding reception!
This is our wedding reception.
You know what I mean.
Where's your brother?
Don't you tell him, baby.
I know where he is
and I'm not telling.
Why don't you bitch pussies put down
your fucking guns and fight man-to-man?
You just call us
bitch pussies?
Give me a...
A minute here.
the old fashioned way.
I love it.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
- One handed.
- Forgot to mention...
Former Garfield High
Bronze Gloves champ...
You broke my nose.
You broke my fucking nose.
Gotta stick with guns,
you big pussy.
Hey, Gary?
Jesus Christ!
I could've handled that.
We gotta do it!
Come on!
I was gonna kill him
with my own hands.
Uh... Your brother?
He would've
killed you for that.
The thing you
people don't realize,
is that we...
Should we...
Should we finish him off?
Oh, fuck, I'm freaking...
I'm freaking out.
God! God, somebody help!
You're looking
for Everett?
Everett lives
on Old Goose Road.
Little white house,
top of the hill.
So there you go.
Something to know
about Everett.
Everett handles
delicate business.
It's his bread
and his butter.
It's an awful thing.
A man killing
another man's dog.
But I am sure he's been put
to task on that there.
I don't have an inkling
what kind of predicament you
fellas got yourselves into
or who it's with,
but I do hope this
bloodshed stop real soon.
Sometimes the hands
get so dirty,
no amount of washing
can ever get 'em clean.
Even never comes.
Thank you.
Will you turn the music
back on?
This is beautiful.
Reminds me of Grandpa.
Like him and Grandma dancing
together when they were younger?
How much they
loved each other,
how they looked
at each other.
Smiling, their eyes.
I wish...
Thank you for helping me.
You don't need
to thank me.
I do.
I'm thankful
and I want you to know.
I know.
He's in there.
Killed a lot of people today.
I'm gonna take it from here.
It's my thing now.
I've been going with you
the whole way.
I know.
I thanked you,
but this part's mine.
What am I supposed to do?
Stay in the car.
No, I'm coming with you.
Stay in the car.
Remember when I told
you that I wasn't a bad guy?
Well, it's true.
But sometimes good
people do bad things,
especially when you push 'em.
Today I got pushed,
and I pushed right back.
But the day isn't over yet.
Are you Everett Bachmeier?
You killed Jolly.
Come in.