Revenge is a Promise (2018) Movie Script

Are you Viveca?
Yes, hi.
Hi, I'm Frankie.
Mr. Cosmo's waiting inside, let's go.
Hi, Viveca.
Hello, Mr. Cosmo.
Meet Aglas, my head bodyguard.
Mr. Duncan, he's sick.
He asked me to deliver
this briefcase to you.
Where are we going?
I only came to deliver the briefcase.
Viveca, relax.
I only wanna ask you a few
things while we drive around.
You see, I don't like being at one place
for too long.
What do you want to know?
I have to go back to work soon.
Viveca, tell me.
Do you know what's inside the briefcase?
I have no idea and I don't want to know.
And why not?
Because I like to mind my own business.
You're a very smart young lady.
Now tell me, do you know
what all this is about?
I don't understand the question.
Okay, let me rephrase that.
Do you fully understand the nature
of our relationship with
your boss, Mr. Duncan?
No I don't.
I'm just doing my boss a favor.
And you don't care to know why your boss
wants this briefcase delivered to me?
Why should I care?
You're not the slightest bit curious?
No, because not minding your business
can cost you your life.
Are you accusing us of something?
Not at all.
I made a general statement.
Viveca, are we good guys or bad guys?
I don't know anything about you
so I can't answer that.
Congratulations, Viveca.
For what?
For not disappointing me.
A bullet in the head would
have been your punishment.
So we'll take you back now.
Give Rafer Duncan my regards.
I will.
Did you hear what I just said?
I swear I'll cut your balls off
if you don't deliver in the next hour.
I'm not Cosmo.
I'm Jasper Murrant.
And I'll kill you in a heartbeat.
And that little two year old of yours,
I'll kill her too.
And her mother.
Now get off the phone.
Hello, Jasper.
Call me Mr. Murrant.
Call me Miss Fouquier.
You don't fear me.
I fear only God.
You wanna be a gangster?
No, I'm simply making the best
of an unfortunate situation.
Rafer Duncan is putting you in danger.
We're always in danger.
Even in our sleep, we may never wake up.
Give me the money.
Are you the new boss?
Cosmo's out of the country on business.
I'm in charge of it now.
One more question.
No more questions.
And tell your boss to stop sending you
on these errands.
You're too smart for your own good.
At least we have something in common.
I swear I'll cut your tongue out
if you say one more word.
My boss wouldn't like that.
You know what, come work for me.
I'm not a criminal.
I'm only a victim of circumstance.
Goodbye, Jasper.
Be careful, Viveca.
Mr. Duncan, it's time
for another glass of water.
You're trying to drown me.
You don't drink enough water.
That's probably why you are sick.
I'm sick because I
don't get enough sleep.
And why is that?
Drink the water first.
You sound like my mother.
Drink, or else.
You have to.
I'm not giving you a choice
because it's good for you.
That's why I trust you.
You care so much.
I see how you treat others.
It must take so much energy emotionally.
It just happens.
I think some people are born that way.
Drink up.
I'm gonna tell you something
I never told anybody.
Sit down.
Okay, Mr. Duncan.
Still having a migraine?
Yes, but sit down before
I decide not to tell you.
What do you have to say?
Viveca, I wish you were
the daughter I never had.
Mr. Duncan, sometimes, I
think of you as my father,
my uncle, my big brother and
my grandfather all in one.
Gee, don't turn me into a holy ghost.
Give me your hand.
You'll crush my
bones squeezing that hard.
I squeeze so hard because our actions
speak louder than our words.
It's loud and clear.
Much love.
Thanks, Viveca.
You're welcome.
Now I can tell you something
that I've been dying
to say to you.
What, may I ask?
Please, I want you to stop.
Stop what?
The bad things that are going on.
The way I see it, either the police
catches up with you,
or Cosmo and his people
might decide to kill you just
for one reason or another.
How much do you know?
You know I'm not stupid, Mr. Duncan.
I don't know everything but I know enough.
I'm now talking to you like your daughter.
Not as your trusted caring employee.
I feel for you.
You need to stop.
You are rich.
You don't need the money.
This isn't about me, Viveca.
This is about a little
boy who's brutally damaged
by society many years
ago who said to himself,
revenge is a promise.
I don't understand.
My mother died in childbirth
when I was only nine,
leaving me and my father with a family
that didn't wanna be
bothered with either of us.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's life, it's tough.
But my father did a great
job taking care of me.
He was a great guy.
He worked hard, never got into trouble.
And then one night, there
was a knock on the door.
It was the police.
They arrested my father for murder,
a crime he did not commit.
Yeah, really.
He was sentenced to life in prison.
I was sent out to live with strangers
when I was 11 years old.
Dysfunctional foster parents
who gamed the system,
beat the daylights out of
me and got away with it.
That's really terrible.
It got worse.
After 22 years in prison, my
father gained his freedom.
You know how?
During a prison riot.
He was stabbed in both eyes.
Oh my god!
He became blinded in both eyes.
He was lucky to be alive.
He spent six months in the hospital.
That's so heartbreaking.
Well two days before he was
scheduled to go back to jail
from the hospital,
he went to sleep after
he took his medication.
When he woke up, both
of his legs were gone.
It was a mixup, doctors
operated on the wrong patient.
They cut off my father's
legs instead of the patient
with whom he was sharing the room with.
That is so wrong.
It happens.
Well, the story made headlines.
A couple weeks later, the criminal
who committed the crime
came forward and confessed.
He did?
My father was finally
set free after 22 years.
The hospital paid him five
million after they were sued
and the state gave him two million dollars
for putting the wrong
man in jail for 22 years.
But nobody, nobody told me or him
that they were sorry.
Innocent man was sent
to jail for 22 years.
He was stabbed in both eyes and blinded.
He was crippled.
Nobody said they were sorry.
I am so sorry, I don't
know what to say, Mr. Duncan.
All they did was throw money at us.
My father couldn't deal with it all.
So one morning, he found my gun,
killed himself.
That's so heartbreaking.
Well on that day, I decided
I will never have a family.
I wasn't going to bring
a child into this world
to suffer like I did.
I am so sorry.
I don't know what to say, Mr. Duncan.
I'm sorry I made you,
You didn't make me do anything
that I didn't want to do.
I'm not making excuses.
I just wanted you to
know that I've carried
a deep grudge all of my life.
When the opportunity presented itself
I was already predisposed
to hurting other people.
I guess in a way I'm exacting revenge
against the society and system
that failed both me and my father.
Does that make sense to you?
You should have gotten
therapy, Mr. Duncan.
Now it's too late.
And as I said, I have a
feeling this isn't going
to end very well for you.
And maybe for me too.
I will never hurt you, Viveca.
Promise you will never betray me.
Mr. Duncan, I can't explain why
but I'm not afraid to die.
You need your rest.
Are you thirsty?
You're more than I
bargained for, young lady.
Some people are predictable.
I am not one of them, Mr. Duncan.
Good night.
you will never betray me.
Mr. Duncan, I can't explain why
but I'm not afraid to die.
I have a feeling this isn't going to end
very well for you, and maybe for me too.
Meznick insurance corporation,
Jennifer Strand speaking, hi.
Hello Miss Strand.
My name is Viveca Fouquier.
Please, I have to speak with
your Chief Claims Officer.
May I ask
what this is in regards to?
I know some big secrets
that are causing your company
millions of dollars.
Miss, can you
please be more specific?
Yes, I know for certain some people
have been murdered for
life insurance money.
And your company has been paying out
millions of dollars to the murderers.
You're kidding.
Who are these people?
I'm sorry, I can't tell you that.
I need to discuss it with
your Chief Claims Officer.
May I speak to him?
Certainly, you may.
I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to put you on hold
for just a minute or so.
Please don't go away.
Thank you.
Miss Viveca, I believe.
Viveca Fouquier.
Hi, I'm Christopher Lombard.
The Chief Claims Officer
here at Meznick Insurance.
I heard you have some very
disturbing piece of information
to share with us.
Yes, may I ask what you do
as the Chief Claims Officer?
Miss Fouquier, my job
here mainly involves
the processing of high claims.
That's a million dollars or more.
I directly supervise a
team of investigators
to uncover any fraudulent claims
and identify legitimate ones.
Then I make recommendations to the CEO
to deny or approve the settlement.
Good, you're the
person I want to talk to.
And you have my undivided attention.
Would you like to come in and
discuss this in my office?
I'm sorry Mr. Lombard, I can't.
You sound distrustful, Viveca.
May I call you Viveca?
Yes, you may.
Call me Chris.
You have a beautiful accent.
Where are you from?
My father is a Nigerian.
My mother is South African from Cape Town.
And I was born and raised in
Cap-Hatien where they met.
Where is that?
West Indies.
Cap-Hatien is a city in
the northern part of Haiti.
Got it.
How long have you lived
in the United States?
About six years.
You should come out and meet me
and I'll tell you everything that I know.
Viveca, give me your location
and I'll be right there.
Are you in any imminent danger?
I have no way of knowing.
Have you reported
anything to the police?
No, I haven't.
May I ask why you have not?
It's because I don't have my papers.
I'm living in this country illegally
but not by choice.
I am a victim of human trafficking
and I'm hoping that your
company will help me
in return for helping you
save millions of dollars
and more innocent lives
waiting to be taken.
We'll certainly do whatever we can.
I have one more question
before I run out of my office
to meet with you.
Have you talked to the press?
Have you talked to any
journalist, newspaper,
radio or TV station?
Have you talked to anyone on
the internet regarding this?
That's more than one question.
I'll answer when I see you.
You have 20 minutes to find me
or you will never see me again.
I'm waiting in Fort Lauderdale park
in the parking lot.
That's only a few
minutes from your office.
Okay, on my way.
But before I hang up, listen, please.
I need you to answer just
that one question for me.
You see, bad publicity can
hurt our company's image.
And harm us in the stock markets.
You have nothing to worry about.
I have not spoken to anyone.
And right now I'm beginning
to have second thoughts
about talking to you.
Maybe I'm better off
talking to the police.
What's the worst that can happen?
They'll get immigration to send me back
where I came from.
But that isn't what you want
or you wouldn't be
talking to me right now.
Listen, Viveca, I'll bring you a gift.
As an immediate incentive
so as not to talk
to anyone else.
I'll bring you 10,000
dollars cash right away.
How does that sound?
Sorry, I meant 50,000.
50,000 dollars for what?
Not to go to the police?
For your cooperation in this matter.
Please, do not get the police involved.
Do not talk to anyone.
Wait right there for me.
And in less than 20 minutes,
you'll have 50,000 dollars
and our gratitude.
Viveca, do we have a deal?
I'm thinking.
Make it one million dollars.
Excuse me?
I want protection, not money.
We'll protect you, Viveca.
I'm on my way.
Okay, see you.
It's me.
We've got a big problem.
Your assistant Viveca
has just betrayed us.
No she didn't.
She would never.
She just called our office and began
blowing her whistle.
I'm on my way to stabilize the situation.
Just wanted to give you a head up.
Please don't hurt her.
She's a good girl, she's all I got.
Rafer, you'll spend the
rest of your life in jail
if I don't do this.
And so will everybody else on my team.
Please let me handle it, Chris.
Sorry, I can't.
We can't.
I've got to go now.
We're running out of time.
Wait, Chris.
I'll give you 10 million
dollars to save her life.
I haven't spent any of my share.
In fact, I'll give you
all of it to spare her.
You don't get it, Rafer Duncan.
My freedom is on the line
and that of the entire team.
Obviously, you don't
care about yours anymore.
Well let me tell you right now.
If you kill Viveca, I'm gonna
turn myself into the FBI
and blow this racket wide open.
You got that?
You're bluffing, Rafer, you're bluffing.
The feds will never let you cut a deal
once they find out you've
committed five murders already.
You'll rot in jail.
I'll take my chances.
I know you don't mean that.
Let me go take care of
this for all our sakes
before it's too late.
Gotta go now.
Hello, Mr. Duncan.
I saw your name on my call ID as usual.
Nothing usual about this call.
You betrayed me, Viveca.
You called the insurance company.
I'm so disappointed in you.
You promised that you
would never betray me.
No, I never promised you that.
You wanted a promise but
I never gave that promise.
Because I'm tired of
dealing with criminals
on your behalf.
I begged you to stop.
You told me a very sad story
and I felt so sorry for you,
for that little boy in you.
But at the end, you still did not tell me
what I wanted so desperately to hear.
That you will stop doing these bad things.
I'm sorry, Mr. Duncan.
I can no longer be a part of that.
I want a better life.
Find a good man, get married, have kids,
live a normal life like so many people.
Well Viveca.
Because I love you like
the daughter I never had,
I must inform you that sadly,
none of the good things
that you wish for are ever going to happen
because you made the wrong move.
And as a result, you've
now become a major threat
to the freedom of a group of people
who are quite resourceful
and will stop at nothing
to destroy you.
Viveca, I apologize
that I couldn't tell you
what you wanted to hear.
The damage that was
done to me was complete.
There's something inside me,
that angry little boy inside me
would not let me do the right thing.
It's a very powerful demon
that I can't seem to overcome.
Sometimes it feels like
an angel and a demon
are both living inside of me.
And on very rare occasions
the angel is able
to subdue the demon.
But more often than not, the
demon clobbers the angel.
Are you still there, Viveca?
Yes I am.
I heard everything that you said.
It is quite unfortunate
that it has to end like this.
I tried to save you Viveca,
but it's an impossible situation.
Hopefully it will not be painful.
Don't worry about me, Mr. Duncan.
We all have to die sooner or later.
Take good care of yourself.
And promise me one thing.
That you will always stand
up to that angry little boy
or you will never be free.
And I want you to because I love you.
I still consider you my father.
Take care of yourself, Mr. Duncan.
I think Mr. Lombard has just arrived.
I wish it never came to this, Viveca.
Please, run for your life.
It is too late now.
There's no escape.
I have to prepare for what comes next.
Forgive me, Viveca.
Mr. Duncan, it's the
people who damaged you
that I blame.
Society turned a little
boy into a monster.
Farewell, Mr. Duncan.
I'm assuming you're Viveca.
You are Chris Lombard?
Yes, I am.
Hello, how are you doing?
It's quite lonely out here.
We could have had this
meeting in my office.
It's okay, we can talk in my car.
Are you sure?
Why not, come on in.
Are you comfortable?
Yeah, please go ahead and tell me
everything you know.
And what would happen after that?
We can then figure out
the best way to help you.
Okay, I will tell you everything.
I was an elementary
school teacher in Haiti
for three years.
Then one day, there was an earthquake.
My parents, my brothers,
my sisters, cousins,
nephews, friends, neighbors, and the man
I was about to marry all died.
Everybody I had died.
That's quite unfortunate.
The ground simply opened up
and swallowed my entire village.
And about 50 others, about one
third of the whole country.
I survived because I was
attending a convention
for elementary school
teachers in another town
that miraculously was spared.
I'm sorry that you lost everybody,
that so many lives were lost.
That must be quite traumatizing.
I cried so much.
After a while, I could
no longer shed tears.
I don't cry anymore, no
matter how hard I try.
No matter how much somebody hurts me.
I think you suffered
severe emotional shock.
A psychological damage which
may or may not be permanent.
How did you get to America?
An American man that I met
at the hotel I was staying
for teacher's convention
promised to help me
start a new life in the United States.
He arranged for everything.
It didn't cost me any money.
And he didn't try to make me a prostitute.
Before you ask, he did
not have sex with me.
And never tried to make me his girlfriend.
The only catch, he wanted me to work
for a certain company in America
for at least one year.
Because that company
pays him a lot of money
to find good foreigners to work for them
for very cheap wages that
are illegal in America.
That's interesting.
Please, continue.
I need to know everything you know
before I can help you.
Okay, although the man
treated me very nicely,
something about him made me very uneasy.
But I went along because I felt
that I needed an escape
from all the misery
and suffering that surrounded me.
That's quite understandable.
He was my only chance to
get out so I took that chance
but I kept my eyes and ears wide open
and I learned a lot.
Like what?
Well, for one, I learned that
he worked for a man named Cosmo.
C. Cosmo.
You know him, right?
No, I don't.
What do you know about Mr. Cosmo?
He runs an organization that smuggles
a certain kind of people into this country
from all over the world.
People that are so poor and have very few
or no relatives so that if they die
or disappear in America,
nobody will bother
searching very hard for them.
These very unfortunate
people are then used
for life insurance scam.
Is that true?
I know it's true.
And I know that some shady employers
secretly take big life insurance policies
on these helpless illegal aliens
without their knowledge.
And then after a while,
maybe one year or two,
something bad happens to them.
They die and your
insurance company pays out
millions of dollars to the
owners of these companies.
Tell me, are you getting
kickbacks from that?
Because I overheard so many conversations.
You have some balls.
I'm a real woman.
I don't have testicles.
I have a vagina.
And I fear only God.
You're dead!
Rafer, I'm alive and
talking to you right now
because body armor stopped two bullets
from ripping through my heart and lungs.
Armor didn't stop the bullets all the way
because I was shot at
extremely close range.
I suffer flesh wounds but
nothing life threatening.
Who shot you?
Your girl Viveca.
She's on her way to get you.
Viveca would never hurt a fly.
Well I guess you didn't
know her well enough.
And another thing, she
was prepared for me.
You tipped her off, Rafer.
I did not.
Viveca's a very smart girl.
I hate that it's come to this!
Well she's angry as hell.
And she told me you're next, Rafer.
You need to contact the
contractor right away
and arrange for him to
take care of this problem
like the others, as quickly as possible.
Your life is on the line now.
Also, my team and I have
another proposal for you.
What proposal?
Not something we can
discuss over the phone.
I'll come by your place.
Are you sure Viveca's
threatened to harm me?
Have I ever lied to you, Rafer?
You're a former spy, a trained liar.
Never caught you lying to me before.
But that doesn't mean you're
not lying to me right now.
Take your chances then.
I'll do it.
The demons won.
It's for all our sake, Rafer.
Call me after you've
met with the contractor.
We'll talk later.
Mr. Duncan,
can you get me a gun?
What do you need a gun for?
For protection.
Protection from who?
From any of these bad guys
that we've been dealing with.
Cosmos men, I think something
bad is going to happen.
Sooner or later.
And it's good to be prepared just in case.
We're careful.
Nothing bad's gonna happen.
Besides, you don't know
anything about guns anyway.
They could hurt you.
I know a lot about guns, Mr. Duncan.
In Haiti I attended the police academy
where they taught me how to
use different types of guns.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, at first I wanted
to become a police officer.
That's a big surprise.
But I left the academy
after only six weeks
and became a school teacher instead.
Because I realized that I
really love being around kids.
That's wonderful.
So are you going to get me a gun?
Because if not, I'll
get one on the streets.
No, I can't buy you a gun.
And you shouldn't be
going out on the streets
looking for one either.
You can get yourself into a
whole lot of trouble like that.
That's good advice, Mr. Duncan.
Thank you very much.
But something tells me you're gonna
get yourself a gun anyway.
You've got to be careful, Viveca.
Let's change the subject.
Can I come use the swimming pool tomorrow?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sometimes it feels like an angel
and a demon are both living inside of me.
And on very rare occasions
the angel is able
to subdue the demon.
But more often than not, the
demon clobbers the angel.
The angry little boy inside me
will not let me do the right thing.
It's a very powerful demon
that I can't seem to overcome.
The damage that was
done to me was complete.
I'm coming.
Hi, Rafer.
Ordering a hit on
somebody you care about
wasn't part of the original plan.
But things happen.
It's all right Chris, we all must do
what we have to do.
You want a drink, Chris?
Sure, that's the right attitude.
Coming right up.
What's the matter, you look miserable.
Anger can be such a destructive force.
In what way?
Well, this whole thing started
because I was angry at the
owners of the insurance company
and the greedy and stingy Chief Executive.
This is the first time
I'm hearing this, Chris.
About time, right?
Rafer Duncan.
I'm one of the best
insurance fraud investigators
in the industry.
Along with my dream team of investigators
which I put together, we solve hundreds
of fraudulent claims every year,
saving the company hundreds
of millions of dollars.
Our work has helped law
enforcement put many behind bars.
What did I get in return?
200,000 dollars a year
and a 35,000 dollar bonus.
While the Chief Executive takes home
four to six million plus
hundreds of thousands
of dollars in bonuses plus stock options.
I pleaded with him to up my salary
and give my team a 20 percent increase.
They cost the company two million
while their tireless
efforts earn the company
more than 100 million a year.
He turned you down.
He not only turned me down,
he threatened to fire me if I persisted.
Can you believe?
I see where you're going with this.
You were the good guy who
was unduly compensated.
So you got angry
and you decided to seek revenge.
You came up with a concept
but you needed an evil genius
to flesh it out and execute.
And wallah, Rafer Duncan,
your old neighborhood friend
to the rescue.
We had a good run.
We made a tidy fortune in
a short amount of time.
Now that something's gone wrong,
you have deep regrets.
And you wanna leave me holding the bag.
Nobody's leaving you holding the bag.
Instead, we'd like you to
consider leaving the country
as soon as possible.
Retire now to a country that
has no extradition treaty
with the United States.
So this is the new
proposal you had in mind?
You're asking Rafer Duncan
to become an international fugitive
while you stay and eat apple pie
in the good old U.S. of A.?
Just a thought.
Why didn't you just quit your job
if you were so unhappy with your employer?
We wouldn't be in this situation
if you would have just done that.
Rafer, I couldn't just quit.
There's another aspect to all of these
that I've never discussed with you
nor with anyone else outside
of a very close circle
of investigators at the firm.
Well, you've got my attention.
People were getting away with murder.
Using exotic poisons to murder
their spouses and children.
Chemical compounds that
law enforcement labs
were unable to detect.
It turns out there is an
international black market
for these untraceable and deadly poisons
developed by a foreign
intelligence agency.
How did you find out?
Back in my days as a
defense intelligence officer,
I spent plenty of time overseas
and made good friends with some
of my foreign counterparts.
We kept in touch over the years.
One of them not only tipped me off
but trained me how to detect the poison.
But the CEO would rather
pay off millions of dollars
on these claims knowing people
were getting away with murder
because he didn't want any link whatsoever
between the firm and a
foreign intelligence service.
Wow, that's a bombshell.
The payouts were a drop in the bucket
compared to the kind of
money the firm brings in.
People are living longer.
More and more are
surviving ghastly accidents
and life-threatening diseases.
And the premiums keep flowing in.
Bankrolling sound investments.
So what did you do?
I just couldn't live with myself, Rafer.
I went to my contacts in law enforcement
and shared what I'd learned.
Some cases were reopened.
And it led to several murder convictions.
So you disobeyed your Chief Executive
for the good of your country.
Now look at what you'd become.
A co-conspirator.
In half a dozen murders.
I just said that anger is
such a destructive force.
I apologized to the CEO
for doing what I had to do.
He said not to worry about it
and that he was relieved and
happy that law enforcement
now had a new capability
in solving more homicides.
Then, three months later,
two listening devices
were found in the boardroom
at the Chief Executive's office.
No kidding?
Who found them?
A private security
firm had been contracted
to perform weekly sweeps for bugs
before I even joined the company.
As a Fortune 500 company,
it's part of a series
of countermeasures to guard
against hostile takeovers,
insider trading and industrial espionage.
I see.
Is there a punchline?
We found out through my
contacts in the intelligence
and law enforcement
community that both devices
were manufactured specifically
for FBI foreign counter
intelligence division.
The implication being
that the US government
is taking a closer look to be sure that
your insurance company
which invests heavily
in our high tech industry
has not been infiltrated
by a foreign spy agency.
Smart move, I can't blame them.
And my guess is that's what
your CEO wanted to avoid.
And probably why you
didn't get your raise.
But you still haven't
answered my question.
Why didn't you just quit?
Why didn't you move to another company
of start your own business
if you're so unhappy?
I wanted to hurt him.
Really hurt the company.
But I can only pull that
off working from the inside.
We've taken 25 million dollars from them.
We've also taken innocent lives.
They're illegals.
Undocumented aliens who had no right
sneaking into this country.
They didn't deserve to die.
Well, what's done is done.
You're a very complicated man.
You sound like you have regrets.
And you sound like you
have a mental illness.
Yes, I regret going along with your plan.
I allowed greed to cloud my judgment.
Now in order to save myself,
I have to destroy a very
compassionate young woman
who's been just like the
daughter I never had.
I resent you for that.
Maybe I'm better
off talking to the police.
What's the worst that can happen?
They'll get immigration to send me back
to where I came from.
That isn't what you want.
That isn't what you want.
That isn't what you want.
To the police, to the police.
They'll get immigration to send me back.
What is so urgent, Rafer?
Have a seat, Mason.
There's plenty to talk about.
Your timing is terrible.
My mistress was really
upset I had to leave her.
Which mistress are you talking about?
The prostitute or the drug addict?
She stopped being a call girl.
It's her drug habit.
It's a 5,000 dollar a month drug habit
that she's trying to kick.
She makes me happy, Rafer.
I just bought her a gorgeous
penthouse in South Beach.
It set me back a million dollars
but she's worth every penny.
You went and bought
your mistress a penthouse
for a million dollars while
your wife of 27 years and you
live in a three bedroom condo?
I just want to fulfill my
fantasy of being a playboy,
screwing hot young women
and throwing money around.
Let me guess.
She's got you doing drugs.
Just for recreation, to
enhance sexual performance.
Nothing serious.
You finally found a new way of life.
Throwing money around and doing drugs.
Whatever happened to that smart, cautious
Chief Medical Examiner
that I partnered with
for the last five years now?
I'm careful.
Enough about me.
You said it was urgent that we meet.
So let's get on with it.
Well there comes a time in life
where a man must do whatever he has to do
for self-preservation.
I'm not following you.
Nothing lasts forever, Mason.
There's a beginning and
an end to all that we do.
And the end is here and now.
Are we alone?
As far as I know, yes.
Look Rafer, I've been good to you
covering up year after year
and victim after victim.
You've gotten away with so much.
And you've been well paid.
My partners inside the insurance company
have to be protected.
By killing me?
Why, what the hell happened?
They found out somebody
tried to blow the whistle.
It wasn't me, I swear it wasn't me.
I know.
Turns out one of my employees figured out
a small part of our grand design.
And rather than going to the police,
she called the insurance company
and set up a meeting with
the Chief Investigator
who quickly alerted me.
I've taken steps to control the situation.
Meaning the whistle blower is dead?
I'd say it's a work in progress
that has turned into
something quite distasteful.
Who else knows?
And why didn't the
whistleblower go to the cops?
Would you have preferred
that she'd gone to the police?
No, I'm just asking.
It's all messed up, it's really messed up.
Sorry, I have to cover my tracks.
So do I.
What a waste.
I need a hard drink.
I must confess that I invited you here
under false pretenses.
Yeah you did?
It's okay, Cosmo.
This meeting isn't about business.
It's of a personal nature.
What are you getting at, Rafer?
Well, simply out of curiosity,
I wanted to find out if we might have
more in common from a
psychological perspective.
Cosmo, my soul is in a very unique place.
It's a place of perpetual sadness.
All the money that I've made
has not altered this
dreadful feeling inside me
that is invisible to others.
So sorry to hear that, Rafer.
Cosmo, do you ever feel that way?
Nah, never.
Rafer, it's kind of late.
And I have to go.
What, you just got here.
Did I say something that offended you?
If so, I'm sorry.
Please sit down and finish your drink.
Rafer, I'm a professional.
I don't talk about my personal life.
Okay, I'm sorry that I went there.
It will never happen again.
We'll talk politics.
That's always a safe bet.
I hate politics.
Okay, we'll talk tennis.
I hate that too.
I hate everything.
Why do you hate everything?
Rafer, you have just opened the door
that has been closed and
locked with several keys
for so many years now.
Please walk me through
the door before it closes.
It might do you some good.
It might cost you your life
if I don't like the outcome.
It's a chance I'm willing to take
because it appears we
may have more in common.
Why do you want to be so
reckless with your life?
Because I don't have a life.
And knowing another soul
that's also trapped in the same place
might give me a life.
As the saying goes,
birds of the same feather flock together.
And there's the other one.
There's strength in numbers.
39 years is a long time
to work for a single company
and not miss a single day
of work or show up late.
That's almost a lifetime of work.
Who might that be?
My father.
But 40 years earlier, when he
graduated from high school,
he spent only two weeks
packing asbestos in a factory
so that he can have enough
money to buy my mother,
his high school sweetheart,
an engagement ring.
It caught up with him 40 years later.
Lung cancer.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Please don't feel sorry for me.
I don't deserve pity.
My father got very sick.
Decades after the asbestos
factory had got out of business.
The company he had given
39 years of his life
was quite helpful and
understanding for quite a while.
But my father wasn't getting any better.
When his medical bills
reached 800,000 dollars,
they fired him.
Can you blame them?
Quite unfortunate.
Nine months later, we were
facing foreclosure on our home.
Then the electricity was disconnected.
Friends and relatives
had done all they could
and you couldn't raise money
on the internet at the time.
My mother and I worked two
jobs to keep my father alive
and sustain our family.
But it was only a drop in the bucket.
That winter was quite brutal in New York.
You grew up in New York?
A few days after the
electricity was shut off,
I bought a used generator
at a bargain price
at a garage sale to keep my dad
and the rest of my family warm
since there was no heat in the house.
I left home at night to
work the graveyard shift
leaving my mother and my three brothers,
and my sister who had just
had a baby boy, Hector.
He was only nine days old.
when I got home that following morning,
they had all died.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
That's one of the saddest
stories that I ever heard.
The Fire Department found
the generator defective.
It leaked poisonous odorless gas all night
while my family slept.
We had smoke detectors in the house.
But not carbon monoxide detectors.
My deepest sympathy, Cosmo.
I already told you, don't pity me.
Believe it or not, the person
who sold me the generator
admitted to the police,
he knew the generator
leaked poisonous gas.
And instead of getting
rid of it the proper way,
he decided to make some money.
I killed him a few months later
and got away with it.
And that's how I became
a ruthless criminal.
Miss Fouquier, I'm
on the road right now,
I have a flight to catch.
But I'll give you free advice right away
since your predicament
appears to be quite serious
and potentially life-threatening.
Thank you, Mr. Princeton.
Don't thank me until you
hear what I have to say.
I've been practicing
immigration law in this country
for over eight years, Miss Fouquier.
And I can tell you right
now that the US Government
can not and will not grant
you a legal residency status
just because you reported
this hideous crime
that you alleged is taking place
because first and foremost,
you have unwittingly
become a criminal.
Well according to you, Miss Fouquier,
you delivered the money to the traffickers
on several occasions
and you've had knowledge
of this operation for quite a few years.
You've known for quite sometime
that people were being murdered
and you essentially have
been functioning as a courier
enabling these felonious activities.
What is felonious?
I don't know big English.
It means very serious crimes
that are punished more severely.
My advice to you is to
get out of the country
as quickly as you can.
Before the authorities catch up with you
because I can assure you
that you will be sent
to prison for several
years if you're caught.
Me, a criminal?
Mr. Preston, I am not a criminal.
I'm a very good girl in
a very bad situation.
And I did what I had to
do in order to survive.
Can you understand that?
Miss Fouquier, I will
not have a debate with you.
I'm just giving you my
professional opinion
and advice free of charge.
What you do is up to you.
You're certainly welcome to consult
with other immigration attorneys.
But I doubt that their
opinions will differ.
I wish you luck in resolving your dilemma.
Thank you for the free consultation.
I'm sorry I'm mad at you.
I know I'm a good girl.
Miss Fouquier,
sometimes the truth can be
a very bitter pill to swallow.
And in the event that you're picked up,
you can hire me to defend you.
I have experience working the system.
I bill 250 dollars per hour
and I must be paid a
retainer of 7,000 dollars.
Wow, I do not have that kind of money.
Miss Fouquier, we live by
the choices we make in life.
Best of luck to you.
Same to you, bye.
Oh my god, I'm in big trouble.
Hello, Mr. Duncan.
Mr. Lombard tried to
kill me as you had warned
but I'm still alive.
Viveca, I'm so glad to hear that.
Where are you now?
Who is asking, the angel or the demon?
The angel.
Sometimes, the demon
pretends to be an angel.
Viveca, do you have faith in God?
Then you have nothing to fear.
I'm not afraid.
I am being cautious.
I checked into a motel.
I'm going to hide out
there until I figure out
what to do next.
I'll come by, give me the address.
Okay, you got a pen?
Cosmo C. Cosmo, welcome.
Hi, Rafer.
Punctuality is one of
your strongest qualities.
How you been?
Ah, I've been better.
But, no bodyguards tonight?
Bodyguard's off for the night.
Since most of my enemies are dead.
Speaking of the dead, I've
got two corpses in my bedroom.
Can't quite figure out
how to dispose of them.
Persons I may know?
Yeah our partner at
the insurance company
and the Chief Medical Examiner.
As I hinted over the phone,
the cat is out of the bag.
I've taken steps to protect us.
Have a seat, I'll get us a drink.
Stop, Rafer.
Rafer, I'm sorry.
I will not be having a
drink with you tonight.
Obviously so.
A very reliable source
has just informed me
that the government is
preparing to crack down
on human trafficking in the
most aggressive manner ever.
My syndicate won't survive what is coming
if I don't get out of the business now
and cover my tracks thoroughly.
At least it's nothing personal.
No, it's strictly about my survival.
Which lead me to my next subject, Viveca.
She's on my hit list as well.
I'm not surprised.
Quite logical.
I have to get my men involved
and get rid of her very quickly.
Please, is there any way I can possibly
negotiate my way out of this?
Go to a foreign land that
has no extradition treaties
with the United States government?
Where I can live out the
rest of my life quietly?
Please, have mercy on an old man
who's made you so much money.
What do you have to offer?
I know where you can find Viveca.
Or at least a starting point for your men.
Write down the address.
Sure, there's a motel.
You have 24 hours to get out
of the country, my friend.
I'll start packing right away.
Much appreciated.
Good luck, Rafer.
Jasper, I don't care what it takes.
Put a dozen men on it if you have to.
If by the time you get to
the motel, she's not there,
find out if she checked out already.
I swear, I'll kill every single one of you
if that girl gets away.
Don't worry, Cosmo.
I'll take care of it.
Do I get a bonus for making this happen
in the next 24 hours?
50,000 dollar bonus.
No loose ends, man.
Good deal.
I'll find her if she's
still using her cellphone.
Done it before.
It was quick and bloody,
but it cost extra.
How much extra?
About 20 grand.
Well the hackers whose services I use
are based offshore.
They're pricey but extremely reliable.
They successfully hacked
all the phone companies within minutes.
You might want to spend the extra cash
for your peace of mind.
In case she never returns to the motel.
How soon can you pick up the cash?
In 10 minutes.
All right, I'll see you then.
Good deal.
All right, Speedy, we could talk.
What's on your mind?
Jasper, we have been
very loyal to Cosmo.
Yes, yeah we have.
And he's about to
shut down this company.
That means we're all
gonna be out of work soon.
Get another gig,
that's what I'm gonna do.
Yeah but what if we could
all make a couple of millions
for ourselves and never
have to do the dirty work
for people like Cosmo again.
I mean don't get me wrong, he pays well.
But we all could retire
from this shameful life
if we put our cards right.
And how do you plan on doing that?
Since he's scared the girl
may turn government witness
against him someday, I
say we use her to extort
some cash from Cosmo.
But after he pays up,
we kill the girl for him
but not before.
No, he'll hire his best, hunt us down
and execute us.
And for that reason, and that reason only,
this conversation never happened.
Case closed.
Are you sure, man?
Everybody else is in.
Look, I know Cosmo better
than everybody here, right?
Stick to the gameplan,
do exactly what he says.
Catch up with Viveca, take her out,
the money's good enough.
All right, okay.
I'll tell everybody let's forget about it.
Viveca, how are you?
It's good to see you, Isabella.
You scared me on the phone.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I cannot wait to find
out what is going on.
Are you all right?
No, but I am strong.
Good for you.
Let's go sit in the park and talk.
Wow, Viveca, they are very nice.
I want to be rich too.
I will start my fashion company soon.
I've been saving money to
start my first daycare center.
I want to have a daycare center
in every city in America.
More than 400 cities.
But I still have a very
rough and long way to go
if I survive.
And that brings me to why I asked you
to come out and meet me.
I am holding my breath, Viveca.
Because we're just coworkers who are sent
to clean office buildings
for 300 dollars a week.
Well, you became an assistant to the boss.
You say hi to me with a pleasant smile
and I say it back to you.
Sometimes, it's the other way around.
I say it first.
Sometimes you say more than that.
You will say, smile, life
is too short, cheer up.
Yes, when you look sad.
Half of the time you look sad.
Isabella, I want you to know that
being nice to somebody
that you barely know
can save your life.
You're here now because
you were always nice to me.
Well, not always.
You had a couple of bad days.
I called you a bitch once.
But you know that I didn't mean it.
I was having a really bad day.
I know.
I also know a lot of things about you.
Like what?
I know how you came to America.
There's a powerful human trafficker.
His name is Cosmo.
Please, look at me, Isabella.
I came the same way so we
have a few things in common.
We are both illegal aliens, no papers.
So what else is new?
What may be new to you is that
I saw documents for a
secret insurance policy
on your life for five million dollars.
Life insurance, me?
That is impossible.
My husband is dead.
He died a long time ago in Colombia
before I came to this country.
I didn't say your husband.
It's your employer.
The man we both work for, that
bought the insurance policy.
Duncan Enterprises.
And has been secretly paying the premiums.
Oh my god.
This cannot be true.
Remember the Mexican guy you liked?
The handsome guy you
couldn't keep your hands off?
He was very good to me.
Very obedient in my bedroom,
if you know what I mean.
Too bad he died in that car accident.
Isabella, he was murdered.
The hit and run driver was never caught.
And you might be next.
Oh my god, two years
ago, the Jamaican woman.
She had a heart attack and died.
And before that, a burglar
killed the old Haitian guy
with a knife and got away.
There is more.
You don't need to tell me.
I already know.
Isabella, I need your help.
In what way?
When you lived in Bogota, Colombia,
you helped the American
government in a big way.
What are you talking about?
Please, don't pretend
that you don't know
what I'm talking about.
It could be our way out of this mess
before it's too late.
I heard a small part of
a conversation about you.
And I have to ask why you're still
an illegal alien in this country
after what you did in Bogota?
I lost contact with
a very important man.
And after a while, I
stopped searching for him.
I was not a spy for CIA.
I saw something down below on the street
from my 12th floor apartment in Bogota.
Kidnappers brought six
American missionaries
to a cartel safehouse across the street
from my apartment building.
So I called the American
Embassy and told them
because I recognized the hostages.
I already saw their
photographs several times
during news broadcasts
on Colombian television.
That was very brave.
I was not trying to be brave.
I just wanted to do the
right thing as a human being.
Anyway, CIA sniper and
Colombian army sniper
used my apartment windows
to shoot and kill the kidnappers.
when they killed one of
the American hostages.
The remaining five
missionaries were saved.
How did you feel?
I cannot describe the good feeling.
Especially since I was
offered a lot of money
to use my apartment.
But I could not accept money
to save my fellow human being.
Even though they were totally strangers.
My husband felt the same way.
Wow, Isabella, you are an angel.
I am not an angel.
I just wanted to be a real human being.
What happened next?
My husband and I worked
at a small bank in Bogota.
And our two kids Sonya and Emilio
were in a private elementary school
not far from the bank.
So we all leave together in the morning
in my husband's Range Rover.
We will drop the kids off at school
and then go to work.
One morning, seven days after
the kidnappers were killed,
we got in the Range Rover to
leave for work and school.
Me and my husband and kids.
As my husband was about to start the jeep,
Sonya said "Mama, I forgot my homework.
"I left it on the dining table
and it's due this morning.
"Can you go get it for me, please, mama?"
My Sonya was a bright, happy
and pretty 10 year old.
I got out of the jeep and
hurried back inside the building.
Then I heard an explosion behind me
that knocked me off my
feet and broke glasses
on the doors in the lobby.
Oh no.
When I turned around on
the floor in the lobby,
I saw that the Range Rover
was covered in flames
on all sides.
Its roof and windows had been blown away
and nothing was left inside.
It happened a long time ago
but it still haunts me.
In part because CIA
offered to help my family
move and settle here in America.
Isabella, I don't know what to say.
There is so much wickedness.
Obviously, you didn't take the offer.
The CIA man in charge
warned me and my husband
that the cartel has promised revenge.
But my husband didn't
want to leave Colombia.
He had a lot of faith in God.
He said God would never allow anything bad
to happen to us because we're good people
who did the right thing.
So I stayed.
Every day we pray to God to protect us
from evil people.
I cannot explain why God allowed my family
to die like that.
But I still have faith in God.
You got out of the jeep
just before it exploded.
You survived.
And I think God had a hand in that.
I also think that your daughter Sonya
who sent you to get her homework
just before the explosion
was an angel sent by God.
It could have been worse.
But you're here and talking to me.
Be thankful, I know I am.
Isabella, you and I have
more in common than you know.
Please tell me what happened next.
I ran.
I left Colombia and went into hiding
in Caracas, Venezuela.
I was there for eight years
and it was a very tough life for me.
Why didn't you go to
the CIA man in Colombia
since they had offered to help you?
I became a mad woman after the car bomb.
I blamed Americans for losing my family.
I did not want to have
anything to do with them.
But it was a miscalculation
by a traumatized woman.
And by the time that I realized
that I should have taken the offer,
it was already too late.
When I called that number in
Bogota that he had given me,
I heard that the CIA man had retired
and I could not get in touch with him.
I am so sorry to hear that, Isabella.
Me too.
The new officers of the
American Embassy in Bogota
didn't know me,
nor the role that I had
played eight years earlier.
In Caracas, I could not
get a visa to America.
I was homeless, did not have a passport,
no relatives even because the cartel
had killed off my relatives.
Within the first two years
before CIA and Colombian army
finished off that particular organization.
So from Caracas, I came
to America as an illegal
to start a new life.
Have you tried looking
for that retired CIA man
since you arrived?
Because even though he is retired,
I'm sure he can still help you
and maybe me too.
Our lives may depend on
finding that man fast.
I have tried.
You see in Bogota, his
name was John, John Doe.
I knew it was not his real name.
Then one day last year,
I turn on my television
and I saw him on the news.
He was talking about
terrorists as a consultant
to the television network.
I saw his real name.
This is exciting,
Isabella, you found him, yes!
I know where he lives.
But I have been to ashamed
to approach him for help.
I don't understand.
Please, tell me why.
When my husband refused
to leave Colombia,
Mr. Powers, Jeffrey Powers.
That's his real name?
He wanted me to leave with my children.
He pleaded with me to save my children
and myself by coming to America.
Because CIA could not
protect us in Colombia.
You could have done
it for your children.
Just because we have faith in God
does not mean it's okay to
put ourselves in danger.
Because we might be doing so
when God is tired and taking a little nap.
That's when bad things
happen to good people.
I can never forgive myself.
Not forgiving yourself will
not change what has happened.
Also something tells me that you may have
already been in contact with Mr. Powers
but the meeting didn't go well.
Is that so?
Isabella, you can tell me the whole truth.
We are in this together now.
He was not happy to see me.
Said I wasted my children's lives.
CIA had a private jet waiting
to fly us out of Colombia.
They were ready to give my family
anything we wanted in America.
My children would have
had the best education.
My husband and I would have
had better paying banking jobs.
But I allowed my husband's
blind faith to ruin everything.
He threatened to call the police
if I come to his place again.
Wow, that is very bad for me and you.
I had a big hope just a few minutes ago.
A way out, a possible happy
ending to our troubles.
And now?
I don't know what to tell you, Viveca.
Bad luck follows me around.
Bad judgment, not bad luck.
And it's not following you around.
The man has a right to be angry at you.
But you have to take me to him right now
or we're all going to die.
Let him call the police
after I've told him
everything I know.
He just might change his
mind and decide to help.
Let's go, Isabella.
You are a
troublemaker, Viveca.
I'm just desperate to survive.
Isabella, if anything happens to me,
if I die before we get to Mr. Powers,
promise me you're not gonna
change your mind and back out.
Because these bad people
we are dealing with
will kill you sooner or later.
I promise, but I hope
nothing happens to you
because we're in this
together now, as you say.
That man is your ticket to freedom.
I just have a bad feeling
there is a car behind us.
It's been following us
since we left the marina.
Are you sure it has been following us?
I am positive.
I will try to lose him.
If that doesn't work, I
think we should separate
so that at least one of us will survive.
Are you sure you want to do that?
I think we have a
better chance that way.
Hi, Viveca.
Hello, Mr. Cosmo.
Viveca, I have both
good news and bad news.
The good news is that today's my birthday.
So I'm in a better mood than usual.
And what has that got to do with me?
Everything, Viveca.
Rafer Duncan is dead.
I killed him last night.
And if you tell me who
you've been talking to,
except for Isabella Rodriguez
who is with you right now,
I will consider sparing your life.
Mr. Duncan is dead?
As a businessman, I
did what I had to do.
And I'll continue the
housecleaning until I feel safe.
How did you know Isabella is with me?
You're being followed
by my men right now.
They tracked you down a few minutes ago.
Can't tell you.
Answer my question right now
or you and Isabella will die in an ambush
the moment I hang up this phone.
Why would you want to kill Isabella?
Because you've been running your mouth
scaring her for no reason.
If it wasn't for me, you
two wouldn't be in America
eating happy meals.
Other traffickers would
have kept you in brothels,
got you hooked on drugs
and forced you to have sex
with 50 or 70 men and
women every single week.
Wow, Mr. Cosmo, so this
is the better option?
Killing illegal aliens
for life insurance scam?
I don't know about
others but Isabella and I
have lost everything.
But we are still full
of hope and want to be
very productive in this great country.
But not by having sex with
2,000 men and women every year.
That gives a whole new
meaning to being productive.
We don't want to be murdered
for life insurance money either.
Can you understand that, Mr. Cosmo?
Viveca, your situation is not unique.
A man wiped out three
generations of my entire family
in one night for only 100 dollars.
I even gave him a tip without knowing
I was paying him to kill my family.
And that's how cruel some of
my fellow human beings can be.
And that's why I don't care
how many people I kill or hurt.
Your time is up, Viveca.
You just ruined my birthday.
Mr. Cosmo, you are one very sick man
who belongs in a mental hospital.
You too are probably
damaged beyond repair.
I hope the police catches up
with you sooner than later
and put you out of business.
You wish.
Goodbye, Viveca.
This is it, Isabella,
we have to separate now.
Do you want the address again?
Mr. Powers' address?
I already memorized it.
Go, go, go!
Be careful.
Don't even think about it!
Alfredo, you're gonna die right now.
Cosmo, please!
Have mercy on me!
I will never steal from
you again, I promise you.
The devil made me do it.
Aglas, seems like the devil's
been working overtime lately.
Tell you what, Alfredo.
Since today is my birthday, even though
I don't celebrate it because
it reminds me of my family,
I will give you an
opportunity to save yourself.
Answer one question for me
and if I like your answer,
I will forgive you.
Thank you, Cosmo.
Don't thank me yet because
it's not an easy one to answer.
I have spent most of my adult life
searching for the right answer.
So please tell me, Alfredo.
Why do some good people turn bad
after going through some
very traumatic events
while others seem to keep their sanity
and move on to live honorable lives?
My best friend Emilio had it worse than me
and yet, he turned out okay.
He became a judge.
Please, tell me why.
Your life depends on it.
Oh my god.
Papi, can I give more than one answer?
One answer only. Wrong
answer and you're dead.
Please, Cosmo.
I cannot answer.
I don't know, nobody knows.
Please, have mercy.
Then you die.
Wait, wait, we're born that way.
There's some are born
with the gift to sing
or to see the future.
Or to see what others do not
see in a piece of artwork.
Or the strength to keep standing
when others are tired and
have fallen.
It's something that
cannot be bought or sold.
It is god-given but only to a chosen few.
You can kill me now, Cosmo.
Don't ever steal from me again.
Aglas, let him go.
Thank you, Cosmo.
Hey, Cosmo.
It's Speedy, we got Viveca.
What do you mean you have Viveca?
She's supposed to be dead by now, Speedy.
Put Jasper on the phone right now.
I'm the one calling
the shots now, Cosmo.
Jasper's asleep somewhere.
On second thought, I
should have killed his ass.
I don't like what I'm hearing.
What's going on?
Change of plans, Cosmo.
Bring two million dollars in large bills
to the warehouse by,
three o'clock, that's in about two hours.
We take the money, shoot
the girl in the head.
Fair enough?
Speedy, how can you
turn on me like this?
It wasn't my idea, Cosmo.
Some of the crew came up to
me and made a suggestion.
It was a sound idea.
So I embraced it.
I see.
Two million dollars.
I'll see you guys at three o'clock.
You're a little too
cool about this, Cosmo.
Look, we're all just trying
to look out for ourselves
since you're about ready to shut down.
Nobody else has to die besides Viveca.
I gotta go now, bye.
Please understand this is not personal.
It's strictly business.
We're expecting a large sum
of money to be delivered
any moment now.
And once the transaction is
concluded, we'll let you go.
You are lying, you are going to kill me.
You're extremely valuable to us, Viveca.
No, we're not going to kill you.
We'll do whatever it
takes to keep you alive.
Until you get the money, right?
You are not going to heaven when you die!
I prefer Miami.
Beautiful women, fresh
mojitos, the nightlife.
Who needs heaven when you got Miami?
Hello, Miss.
Do you live here?
Yeah, can I help you?
I hope so.
Please, can I speak with
Mr. Powers, Jeffrey Powers?
Mr. Powers is dead.
He died a couple of months ago.
Oh my god.
He suffered a stroke.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
He was a very good man.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you for your sympathy.
At least he's not suffering anymore.
Are you his daughter?
Yes, I'm his youngest.
I am Isabella Rodriguez.
I'm Janice.
Miss Powers, I am here
because my very close friend
and I are in big trouble
and we were hoping that
your father might help us.
He was our only hope.
What kind of trouble are you in?
We are victims of human trafficking
for a life insurance scam.
Some bad people are after us.
They have killed some of our friends.
But we cannot go to the police
because we don't have our papers.
Isabella, you're the lady from Colombia.
Yes miss.
Please cut out the Miss.
Thank you for your help in Bogota.
My father told me about you.
You're quite brave.
And he wished that he wasn't
so harsh the last time you came
but he instructed me to make
some calls on your behalf
if you showed up again.
Oh my god.
I can't believe this.
Oh my god.
Wait till you
speak to his former boss.
The station Chief in Bogota at the time,
he's now President of the United States
and his son Michael was among the hostages
that you helped rescue.
Your problems just flew
out the window, Isabella.
I have to tell you
about my friend, Viveca.
She may be in grave danger
as we speak right now.
Come inside the house,
tell me all about your friend Viveca
and I'll start making some phone calls.
Sure, god bless you.
You're welcome.
Help, somebody help me!
What the hell?
Somebody help me please!
Help, somebody help me please!
Keep your head down.
Viveca, I owe you a big explanation.
I've been waiting to hear it.
At first, I was gonna kill you
'cause Cosmo gave the order.
Plus a big payday.
So what made you change your mind?
I was pistol whipped by
Speedy and knocked out.
When I regained
consciousness I had a minute
to think clearly.
And I realized that the
house that Cosmo built
is falling apart.
If the police catch up with me,
maybe, just maybe, I'd get
a shorter jail sentence,
if I came up to the warehouse
and got you out of harm's
way before it was too late.
Well thank you very much, Jasper.
You're welcome.
What are you going to do now?
I'm gonna run like hell.
From Cosmo and the cops.
What about you?
I'm gonna find out if
God has chosen an angel
to save me and my new friend Isabella.
I hope so for your sake
'cause Cosmo will hunt you down.
I will be better prepared just in case.
Where did you learn to shoot like that?
That's a long story
and we don't have time.
You can stop the car now, I have to go.
Take care, Viveca.
You too, bye bye.
Viveca, are you okay?
Yeah, Isabella.
Did you talk to Mr. Powers?
Mr. Powers is dead.
Oh my god.
Then why are you so excited?
Because we have very
powerful friends now
who are going to help us.
Who, the CIA?
And the President of the United States.
I am feeling so intoxicated right now
even though I haven't had a drink yet.
Come on to Mr. Powers' home quickly.
His daughter cannot
wait to speak with you.
Cosmo is going to be out of
business in the next hour.
Oh my god, I'm so happy right now.
On my way, bye.