Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014) Movie Script

Across oceans,
through endless days and weeks.
As a 10-year-old, it's an adventure.
But a child's eyes,
they haven't learned to
recognize fear, or sacrifice
or the pain that comes
from losing everything.
This is a story about coming to America.
Only, it's not that story, the one where
everyone lives happily ever after.
No, this isn't that story.
...on the air-bridged harbor
that twin cities frame.
Through this golden door,
under the gaze of that mother of exiles,
has come millions of men and women
who first set foot on American soil
right there on Ellis Island,
so close to the Statue of Liberty.
In 1980 President Carter signed into
law the Immigration Reform Act,
granting immigration status to any
individual able to show well-founded fear
of persecution in their homeland...
Border Patrol officials speculate the number
of illegal aliens entering this country
rose from 30,000 a year
to almost 190,000.
I'd like to see something done
about the illegal alien problem
that would be so sensitive and so
understanding about labor needs
and human needs that that
problem wouldn't come up.
This is an interesting day, August 19th,
because today we will have 500,000
or half a million applications
for legalization or amnesty.
It is true our borders
are out of control.
It is also true that this has
been a situation on our borders
back through a number
of administrations.
Hot dog.
The irony is, this country
was built by foreigners.
And yet, if you ask Americans today,
more than half of them
are anti-immigration.
These families came here to work,
they came to grow.
Others came to America in different
and often harrowing conditions.
But this place symbolizes what
they all managed to build,
no matter where they came from.
They didn't ask what this
country could do for them,
but what they could do to make this,
this refuge, the greatest
home of freedom in history.
When you come to a new country,
who you were before,
none of it mattered.
You had to play by new rules.
And in Flushing, it was the Green
Dragons who made all the rules.
They were always on the
hunt for new recruits.
School day.
Don't need books to scrub a pot!
This is no fucking Cordon Bleu, okay?
White devils only know
fortune cookie, okay?
Two spoons MSG! Two spoons!
Yeah, yeah.
With Chinatown bursting at the seams,
Flushing became a landfill
for the hundreds of Chinese
arriving every month.
Most of us lived near
the Orient Express,
the 7 train.
To the Greeks and Jews who lived there,
it seemed like overnight their
quiet little neighborhood
became littered with
Chinese restaurants,
and of course, mahjong parlors.
Hi, Uncle Charlie.
Darwin noticed that the beaks of
the finches were shaped differently
depending on the type of food
found in their environment.
So, upon his return from the Galapagos,
Darwin realized that the
survival of the species...
We only got half an hour.
I can't hold it!
Yes, Mr. Wong?
Yo, man!
Tell you what, you stop bleeding,
we'll stop.
You having fun?
Come on, man!
Another one! Get the fuck out of here.
- I gotta shit.
- My boy has to shit!
So? Shit!
No. No! You wanna shit?
Hey, how about right here?
You want some shit?
Pop a squat right here.
No, stop! Stop!
Come on, right here.
You wanted to take a shit, right?
Here, let me help you out.
There you go. There you go.
Don't forget chapter 11 for tomorrow.
Class dismissed.
Oh, shit!
Where is he?
- I don't know.
- Liar! Go find him! Go, go, go!
Hey, I'm looking for a kid. Steven Wong.
You seen him around?
Come here, I'll tell you.
Fuck you!
Get him!
Come on!
Harder! Hit him harder!
Hit him! Harder!
Chicken Wing, take his pants off.
I'm gonna cut his fucking dick off.
You brought it upon yourself.
Say goodbye to little Steven!
Wait for Prince Handsome?
I tell you...
I got 20 girls that wait
for your shitty job.
I'm looking for...
Fuck you!
Get out!
When you're a kid,
a day can seem like a week.
Steven wasn't missing for long.
Those were the longest days of my life.
Hey! You, you, come! Now!
I already paid Green Dragons money.
What do you guys want here?
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck you, dog.
Get lost, maggot.
Come with me, brother.
Yeah, go. Tell Paul I said no problem.
Come on.
"Land where my fathers died.
"Land of the Pilgrim's pride.
"From every mountainside..."
See anything you like, little brother?
Dai Lo wants to see your friend.
What's up?
We Chinese, assholes of America.
We need to take power.
Be in control of our destiny.
What your old man do?
He's living with my mom.
What's your mother do?
Slave at Tien Chau.
Check out his mom.
That you, in 20 years.
Me? I'm Green Dragon.
I know who I am. I know where I'm going.
What the world don't
give me, I fucking take!
So you can stay with us, if you want.
Or you can go home, become like his mom,
a fucking nobody.
Listen, Sonny,
like Dai Lo say,
no one give a shit about us.
We nobodies.
But if you Green Dragon,
at least you somebody.
There are six gangs in Queens.
Tung On Boys. Pussies.
Fuk Ching Boys. Faggots.
Born to Kill. Assholes.
Korean Power, losers.
White Tigers. Pieces of shit!
Always trying to steal our territory.
But we Dragons, we the baddest
motherfuckers in Queens!
There are four simple
rules to a clean kill.
One, use dump gun.
Two, never shoot whites.
'Cause cops, then they
gonna give a shit.
leave no witnesses.
And four,
always shoot guy in head.
Like taking candy from a baby.
We thought a long time
about what you say, Paul.
Flushing. Why we need to go there?
I can help with that.
Today is your lucky day.
This is from Paul.
We're the Green Dragons.
Paul liked to say,
when you walk into a room
know where the exits are,
and always have a back-up plan.
The day Steven's gun jammed,
I was the back-up plan.
Asshole got his cherry popped.
Fuck you.
Earlier they marched
again in huge numbers,
in what could be the last great
demonstration of this current campaign.
Tens of thousands calling for
people's law, not martial law.
What an asshole!
You think that kid's an asshole?
I know one thing for certain,
he's a fucking dead man.
Steven, what do you see?
I don't know.
You don't know?
What about you, Sonny?
What would it take for you
to put it all on the line?
To stand down a tank.
Either the tank lives or I do.
There's no way both of us
walk away, not from that.
Two immovable forces,
neither side willing to back down.
In every crisis there's opportunity.
Paul made it a point to ask questions,
to encourage us to
see things differently.
He was our leader, and we
would've done anything for him.
It's a blast from the past
Rear view mirror
Take a trip
Back up the hourglass
It's gonna be a great year, Dai Lo!
Green Dragons, the most
powerful gang in Queens!
Green Dragons!
This is a great man.
Teddy Sham had a hit single in Hong Kong
before bringing his family to America.
His son, Ricky, was Paul's best friend.
He was killed one night when
he and Paul were out drinking.
Ever since, Dragons kept an eye
on Tina, Teddy's daughter.
For Paul it was a matter of saving face.
For the rest of the Dragons,
Teddy and Tina were the relatives
who came for the weekend,
but were still sleeping on
the sofa a month later.
Hey, Bobo.
So you came here with your dad?
Eight years ago, yeah.
You must get a kick listening
to your father sing.
Look, Sonny, I should go.
Hey, hey, hey!
Whatever you think I am, you're wrong.
What do you want, Sonny?
You want to be my boyfriend?
Let me tell you something.
I don't date Green Dragons.
It must be hard living a lie,
pretending to be who you
are just so you can fit in.
Have a good night.
Dai Lo! Dai Lo! White Tigers!
Steven! Steven! Steven!
Stay awake! Steven!
Open your eyes! Open your eyes!
Open your eyes!
Open your eyes! Steven!
Open your eyes! Stay with me.
You did good tonight.
From now on,
you're in charge of collections.
I'm not your brother.
Speak English, motherfucker.
Look, I just wanna see
you guys stay alive, okay?
Let me guess, you heard nothing,
saw nothing.
But your friend is in there with
eight bullets in his chest.
Help me out, little brother.
Go fuck yourself, big brother.
If you think of anything, call me.
You know, Big Nose
going to be all right.
How do you know that?
You probably don't know this, but
I can read someone's future
by looking at their face.
Can I?
Our entire life is
mapped out in the eyes,
the nose, but most
importantly the mouth.
It tells how your life will end.
You have a beautiful mouth, Sonny.
Lies do not come easily for you.
If you live past this year,
you'll live a long life.
Authorities say a Venezuelan trawler
ran aground tonight in
the Long Island Sound
in an apparent attempt to smuggle dozens
of Chinese men, women and
children into the country.
Once the ship was
marooned on the sandbar,
many were left to swim for their lives.
I think we tell the families
it was an act of God.
We could've made a fortune today.
Winning at mahjong doesn't
mean winning every hand.
How many Chinese are there, Paul,
waiting to get here. A billion?
Now this, Sam, this is different.
They ran the fucking boat
right up onto the beach.
Don't you get it? They're like rats.
You let one in, you get 10.
The next month, that 10 turns into 100!
Yeah, no, I will.
You all right?
I was nine when my mother died.
I can still remember her eyes.
She was so scared.
They fished me out,
gave me to another family.
It's a risk, bringing people to America.
It takes 20 men to get one of you here.
Still, only three in five make it alive.
So why do they do it?
Why do I do it?
'Cause they pay you, what...
Ten grand?
Look, a dishwasher here
works like a slave.
But he has hope. He can
dream of something better.
A fisherman in China,
he'll never be anything
but a fisherman in China.
Listen, little brother.
I know how you feel.
Please, Dai Lo, let me have my revenge.
You'll get your revenge.
You want back at the White Tigers?
Yes, Dai Lo.
Then obey me.
Always, Dai Lo.
You take eight bullets and live.
More than any Dragon ever!
I swear to you on my honor,
you get revenge you deserve.
On the streets,
you learn to protect what's yours.
There were always the back and forths,
the eye for an eye.
When the White Tigers shot up our place,
they were looking for trouble.
We were more than happy
to return the favor.
Let's rock 'n' roll!
It's a trap, motherfucker!
Let's go!
You ain't shit, I Chung.
You Dragons ain't shit.
We Tigers wipe our asses
with you pieces of shit.
- That's right, bitch!
- Can't believe this motherfucker!
You beat him like a dog,
he's still talking shit!
Dai Lo.
Look at his mouth.
Get up!
Open up!
Dai Lo! Flashing the bird, Dai Lo.
That's right.
Motherfucker flashed me the bird.
Don't move! Don't move!
Don't fucking move. Don't fucking move.
Don't fucking move.
Look who's flashing the
bird now, motherfucker!
You touch your woman
with this fucking claw?
No respect for the pussy.
You better kill me...
'Cause if I live, you're dead.
All of you, fucking dead.
What did you say?
What the fuck did you say?
See you, motherfucker, in the next life.
You Tang?
Boyer, your new partner.
Who did you piss off?
White Tiger.
Looks like our guy flipped off
the wrong people.
You work the Gang Unit?
No, but I know these guys.
Now, you touched him already, right?
How long have you been a detective?
Two weeks. You?
Almost six months.
They assign this to two detectives
and not even a year's worth
of experience between us.
- So, what about it?
- So...
I've seen missing dogs get
more attention than this guy.
'Cause he's Asian.
What? Tang? Did I say something wrong?
I hear your boys have been
playing a little rough lately.
I have no boys. I'm a businessman.
You look familiar.
Have we ever known each other?
Yeah. You and your boys used
to beat the life out of me.
Look at this.
Can't be good for business.
Do you know what
bo ying means, Detective?
What goes around comes around.
Bringing me in,
middle of the night,
is disrespectful.
How the hell you eat with those
damn things is beyond me.
You know, they're coming, Sam.
Whether you want to believe it or not.
In case you forgot, let me
remind you, we're the FBI.
We don't investigate tourists
who overstay their visas.
You assume whoever
comes here is a saint.
Remember the Irish?
They put every convicted criminal
they had on a boat to Ellis Island.
There's guys in Flushing right now,
illegal aliens,
and they're building empires.
And just like the Jews and the
Irish or the Italians before them,
you and everybody else doesn't think
that there's an immigration problem.
And there is, and it's about
to become a crime problem.
You listen to yourself?
If you wanna investigate a couple of
delivery boys, you go right ahead.
But don't do it on government time.
You are dead wrong about this.
Sure I am.
How was your trip, uncle?
Listen, tomorrow I want
you to come with me.
We're gonna pay a visit to Ah Tai.
White Tiger Ah Tai?
I've known him longer than
you've been alive, Sonny.
He used to walk my sister to
school, carried her backpack.
When was the last time you were home?
Five, six years.
You wanna go next week?
Bring me back some mooncakes?
I'll buy you the ticket.
I can't. I got Thursday nights.
You can find someone for that.
Right, Sonny?
It's Hong Kong.
You tell me what I got to do,
Dai Lo, and it's done.
Good man.
I'll have Sonny arrange everything.
Since when can't an old
friend bring you mooncakes?
Might be an old bastard,
but there's not a lot I don't remember.
- What do you mean?
- Your sister.
Fuck you. She never liked me.
That was a long time ago. People change.
Good to see you, my friend.
About that night...
Fucking kids can't keep
their dicks in their pants.
That mess got nothing
to do with you and me.
I'm glad you feel that way. Listen.
I was in Hong Kong last week,
made a great new discovery.
You want in?
I have another batch coming next week.
You got connections. Why you need me?
I had a couple of deals turn bad,
which now limits my ability
to self-distribute.
- What are we talking about?
- Four kilos to start.
You get 10% after sale.
I need 50,000 up front.
In good faith.
Considering the risk,
15% seem more reasonable.
They pick you up from the airport,
get a big dinner, stay at a nice hotel.
The next day, you deliver
the mooncakes, you walk away.
I'm sitting in First Class, right?
You're lucky you're even going, Teddy.
2,500 now, 2,500 after.
Hey, Teddy. Don't fuck this up, okay?
Don't be such a downer.
I'm Agent Bloom with the FBI.
From what I understand,
you're the closest thing there is
to an Asian Gang Unit here in Queens.
There's a lot of shit
going down in Flushing,
some of it involving a person
of interest to the Bureau.
Paul Wong?
I've been tracking Paul's gang,
the Green Dragons, for a long time.
Okay, and?
It's the freaking Wild West out there.
And law enforcement,
when it comes to Asian folks,
white guys like you,
you don't give a shit.
It's a numbers game. You'll learn that.
You speak Chinese?
Chinese isn't a language,
it's a family of languages.
Some speak Mandarin,
Shanghainese, Fookinese.
Then there's the non-Chinese languages.
Vietnamese, Korean...
You're not even listening.
I'm listening. Do you know who this is?
She runs a grocery store on 45th.
Would she have any
connection to Foochow Paul?
There's an easy way to find out.
Come on, come on, come on.
That's for me?
I don't know, you know...
They were lit before,
but the wind's all strong.
Go ahead, make a wish.
Hands up!
This way, move, move!
Hands on the wall, now!
Fuck! God damn it!
We can't just leave him in jail.
I can fix this.
Is this about Teddy or the girl?
Paul, please!
Please, we have to...
Sonny, listen to me.
Look at me! Look at me!
The mooncakes?
This is just the beginning.
I want you to leave it alone.
You fuck with the wrong man!
- We had a deal!
- What deal?
You rotten, rat piece of shit!
We had a deal!
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
They found heroin in
the fucking mooncakes.
I get 15, maybe more for this.
The DA want me to talk.
So how is he?
He's in jail, Sonny! What do you think?
What did Paul say?
The Dragons have
nothing to do with this.
It wasn't us.
The White Tigers, they ratted him out.
Paul said all of them,
they're going down.
But we can't be brought
into this. It's done.
Did you know he was
carrying heroin, Sonny?
Did you know that?
How could you? Fuck you, Sonny!
Names, addresses, anything you want
to know about the Green Dragons
and how they're smuggling
illegal aliens into this country.
Where'd you get all this stuff?
I've been working this guy
that I told you about.
Flushing police.
No disrespect to the boys in blue,
but if these people have a problem
with the people in Flushing,
that's their problem.
These guys are part of a crew that's
pulling in millions of dollars a year.
Only what they're smuggling are people!
Now, I don't understand why you
don't wanna do anything about this.
All right.
Suppose I wanna know more
about these Flying Dragons...
Green Dragons.
They're called the Green Dragons.
So what else do they do?
Word on the street is they wanna
start bringing in heroin.
You owe me a lot of money, Georgie. Today.
I need it today.
Sorry, man. Business is bad.
Business is bad...
Then why the fuck are you gambling
in my joints and fucking my whores?
See, I'm willing to work something out,
but my brother here
is one angry motherfucker.
Hey, old man. I got trees for sale.
How many you want?
Look at this motherfucker.
Get those marbles out of your mouth, bitch.
What the fuck is up your ass?
Get the fuck off me,
you fucking piece of shit!
Fuck you!
Put the fucking knife down!
Okay. Okay.
See, he's a fucking pussy.
- That's it?
- That's all he had, Dai Lo.
I know a place full of cash.
Yeah, a fucking ATM.
My Uncle Charlie runs a
mahjong place off Broadway.
My mother said he's
sitting on a gold mine.
That's why you're my favorite Dragon.
Wait, are you out of your fucking mind?
What difference does it make?
A few thousand to him,
that's like a tax or some shit.
I don't support what happened.
But out on the streets,
how can the Dragons, or anyone,
prevent this kind of destiny?
I just want the fucking
asshole who killed my son.
The Dragons will honor your boy's death.
But we do it our way.
Where's the fucking money?
Don't fucking move!
- ATM! Go!
- I need a PIN.
Asshole, what's the number?
Don't you fucking look at him!
Look down! Look the fuck down!
- Hey, trash the house!
- Let's just go!
- What is the number? Go!
- 8-2-8.
If I find even one dollar,
you are going to pay, old man!
Leave them alone!
Leave her alone!
If you're hiding anything, I'm gonna
hurt you in ways you'll never forget!
This one looks tasty, Dai Lo.
- Talk to me!
- I'm begging you!
- Dai Lo!
- No, leave her alone!
Dai Lo!
Dai Lo, look, I got the money. Let's go.
I told you not to lie to me.
Now I break your heart.
It's mahjong time!
- No!
- Let's get some pussy!
This is your own fucking fault!
Hurry up, boys!
Rip her fucking clothes off!
Hurry up!
She's a fucking tease!
Right, boys. Chicken Wing, I'm next!
No. No, not my baby!
I'm begging you!
Leave them out of this!
You missed out on the fun.
You fuck your auntie?
Shit, the bitch was wearing
these granny panties, man!
Shit, don't be jealous.
Yeah, there you go.
There's your fucking tax.
Eat up, you dog.
Hey, hey, hey! You pay. You pay!
- Fuck off, old man!
- You want to fuck me?
No money, no problem! You still pay.
You know who my boyfriend is?
Get lost, you bitch!
You're fucking dead!
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Watch it! Watch your back!
You're gonna let that piece
of shit get away with that?
Okay, all right. Stop talking, bitch!
Sonny! Steven!
Yeah. I specifically
asked for no MSG. Okay?
Look at my mouth.
It's completely swollen. You see it?
- Oh, wow.
- It's all swollen.
Yes, yes.
Yeah, well, that's why I asked.
That's why said, no MSG.
I'll give you another one.
We can pack this.
- Your wife is in line, right?
- I can't even feel my mouth.
What the...
Shut the fuck up!
Come with me or I'll
waste your fucking ass.
- Easy, man.
- You hear me?
I don't know what is
happening here, but...
It's you!
Go wash dishes,
you pot-scrubbing assholes!
Let's go! Let's go!
How bad?
He's dead.
I shot someone else.
A white.
- Someone else...
- What did I say about whites?
Get the fuck out of my sight!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck off me, man.
What are you doing?
I'm walking. What are you doing?
Your mom just saw you kill a man.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
Fuck that dude. He deserved to get shot.
Hey! Hey!
Is that your answer now?
What, you're just gonna
go shoot everybody?
You think I don't feel fucking pain?
Shoot me!
Oh, man. Look at your
fucking face right now.
Cops come looking for you, this will
put you away for the rest of your life.
You're fucking paranoid, man.
Come on, what are you doing?
Sonny, what the fuck are you doing?
You think that's gonna save me?
You think that's gonna save my life?
You think Paul doesn't talk to the cops?
- I ain't scared of them.
- Yeah?
Maybe you should be.
Do you remember what he looks like?
His eyes, a lot of hate.
And his hair was curly,
like all the boys wear.
- We're off the case.
- What?
I got a call on the way over here.
Are you serious?
That white guy right there,
he's gonna be on the front page tomorrow.
Hey, Fu Manchu, take a hike.
I hear there's a dead
body in there, though.
Damn it!
Yeah, yeah. I know, man.
I know how you feel.
Egg roll?
I heard there was a
problem at Tien Chau.
Fucking Steven. He's got a death wish.
When the time is right,
let's make it come true.
You look just like your picture.
Agent Bloom, FBI.
And I know who you are.
And what you do here, and in Guatemala
and in Singapore, Hong Kong.
Anywhere you need to send
your Chinese illegals. I know.
Clients, Agent Bloom.
They're my clients.
I know about every pisshole
you use to get your clients
into this country.
You like to read? I do. Helps me sleep.
A famous Frenchman, he said,
"Behind every fortune there's a crime."
Now that, I don't know,
but one thing I have learned.
The FBI, men like you,
takes a lot of money to catch someone.
I'm just a small potato.
Yours is like any other business,
you do a good job,
people tell their friends.
You've got a lot of happy
customers out there.
That's for sure.
But there's always gonna be some
unhappy ones, and all I need is one.
You see, in this country,
the people who stick around, they know.
They don't need to get revenge.
They just call me.
I got you.
Hold on, will you? Stop.
Hey, hey.
Tell me what the DA said.
Depending on the information,
she might consider dropping the charges.
What information do you have?
The White Tiger, the one that
was killed in the safe house?
You got to be kidding me.
Tina, they'll kill you for that.
What am I supposed to do,
watch while my father dies in prison?
Come on.
Testifying against the Dragons
will get your father out,
but then you get on
a bus, you disappear.
Promise me you'll do that.
Sonny, I...
Thank you.
Make sure they guarantee.
Witness Protection.
NYPD! Nobody move!
Fuck you, Tang!
Hands behind your back!
Don't move! Don't move!
Fuck you!
- Sonny Tan!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You have the right to remain silent.
Order in the court!
Speak up, we can't hear you.
- Quiet!
- Speak up!
- Keep talking!
- Quiet! Order in the court!
And who was present when
the victim was murdered?
Chicken Wing Feng.
Dumpling Choo.
- Chen I Chung.
- You're a fucking liar!
Quiet! Sit down!
Hi Wu,
Hia Wu,
Steven Wang.
Oh, man...
Anybody else?
Anybody else, Miss Sham?
Hiu Man Tang. Sonny Tan.
And what are these men
collectively known as?
The Green Dragons.
You're fucking dead,
you don't even know!
Don't turn your back on the
fucking street, you're fucking dead!
- You hear me, Tina?
- Sit down!
She identified them.
They promised to put Tina
in Witness Protection.
They promised.
The DA thinks Tina Sham would
never make it through trial.
She's dropping the case.
Your boys are free to go.
Nice work, Moss. Good to see
you finally earning your money.
Our friend with the
death wish? Make it so.
- Get the fuck off me, man!
- You're crazy.
- Not you.
- What?
Let me out.
Put him in the fucking bin.
You think I don't feel fucking pain?
Shoot me!
Dear daughter, take this money
and start something new
and exciting with your life.
I'm sorry I was not a better
father to you and Ricky,
I hope you will remember the happy times
we had as a family in Hong Kong.
Love, Baba.
Everyone has responsibility.
Captain leads, sailor sails.
Green Dragons, I've never interfered,
but this I will not accept!
Her brother saved my life!
They're watching you now!
Probably listening to your phone calls!
We built this.
With our own hands.
Get rid of the girl.
Captain leads.
Sailor sails.
When I was six,
my father took me far into
the forest and left me there.
Without food, without water.
First two days, I cry and I cry.
Then, I started to understand
the beauty of forest.
How big it was. How small I was.
Soon I come to road, truck take me home.
Neither father or mother
say anything to me.
Not a word.
I loved them even more after that,
because they show me
how strong I can be.
- No!
- Shoot.
Please, no!
- No!
- Shoot!
Time to find your
way home, little brother.
And in The People v. John Gotti,
the public may be given a rare
window into the inner workings
of one of New York's original
top five Mafia families.
Prosecutors are expected to
call several star witnesses
including Salvatore
"Sammy the Bull" Gravano,
who may be breaking his Cosa Nostra oath
in order to testify against
Gotti and the entire family.
In related news, authorities in Flushing
are calling the death of Wilson Yu
part of an ongoing war
between rival gangs
the Green Dragons and the White Tigers.
No arrests have been made.
The investigation continues.
Where's Paul?
Tell me! Where the fuck is he?
He's gone. Back to the old country.
Why do you bring us here?
Maybe you're young,
so you don't understand.
We all come here willing to
be servants for our children.
I died many times, Sonny.
In the name of America.
That look... I know it so well.
The hate, it's what
this country's built on.
Look at me, Sonny! Remember...
I am the American dream.
You think of anything, call me.
If any of you had told me
we'd be here today,
talking about doing
business the new way,
I'd shoot you dead.
No offense, I Chung, but where is Paul?
How do we know you're not
gonna rat us out to the cops?
Who made you the fucking boss?
Anyone else with a stupid question?
- Tang speaking.
- I can get you Paul Wong.
Who is this?
They're bringing them
through San Francisco,
Hong Kong, Mexico City.
And that lady who's running things?
The ink hasn't even dried yet.
Nice work. You hear anything
about Paul, you call me, okay?
Paul's the boss, yeah.
But it's bigger than business,
bigger than family. He's our religion.
And now Chung is gonna replace him?
There's a storm coming, Detective,
and I don't know of any umbrella
that's gonna keep this city dry.
Not how these guys play.
What do you know about
Tina Sham's disappearance?
Sonny, I know more than you think.
Easy, easy, easy on her.
She's a citizen of the United States.
So today ends a very
special collaboration
between the New York City
Police Department and the FBI.
Agent Bloom! Agent Bloom!
Is it true Paul Wong had a deal with the FBI,
allowing him to flee the country?
Paul Wong is a fugitive
of the United States.
We have agents in the field who
are tracking his movements.
That's all I can say at this time.
Agent Bloom, have all the
Green Dragons been arrested?
I finally made it to Central Park.
I heard you raised
hell back in Flushing.
Took the whole world down around you.
Neither of us had a choice.
You had a choice.
She'd testify against the family.
And what about Steven?
Don't talk to me about family.
Come on, Sonny.
No grudges.
Paul gor.
You know what bo ying is?
That's bo ying.
You look familiar.
Have we ever known each other?
You work the Gang Unit?
No, but I know these guys.
When it comes to Asian folks, white guys
like you, you don't give a shit.
Sonny, I know more than you think.
President Reagan did sign the sweeping
new Immigration Reform Act today.
He said it protects "The sacred
possession of American citizenship."
Authorities in Arizona made a shocking
discovery over the weekend,
a tunnel two-and-a-half miles long
running from across the border
into the United States.