Revenge of the Gweilo (2016) Movie Script

- Where did I find you again?
- In your dreams baby.
- Am I dreaming now?
- I don't know, maybe.
- And how do I know if I'm dreaming or not?
- I would have to pinch you to find
out, wouldn't I?
- Pinch me where?
- Oh I'm sure I could find somewhere.
Stop it!
I love you baby.
- I've been searching for
you my whole life, Esmay.
You're the one.
- Ready to knock 'em dead honey?
- Always.
It's about time I went back to work.
- Well you haven't got it yet
so don't put all your eggs into one basket.
- I'll be fine.
- A career change is a big thing.
Just take it easy, one step at a time.
- What are you gonna do
for the rest of the day?
I don't know if I want
to go work right now,
you sitting there looking like that.
- Oh, okay.
- Don't tempt me.
- What, you still have energy
in you after last night?
Oh wait, come sit.
- What's this then?
- Open it.
- Okay.
Oh wow, cool.
- Do you like it?
- I love it.
What's it for?
- Well just to say thank you.
Come here, let me do it.
It suits you.
Consider it your good luck charm,
just like your name, Lucky.
- Shit, I better go or I'm gonna
be late for this interview.
- Okay.
- I'm telling you, Lee,
I've never been so sure.
- If you break my sister's heart, Joe,
you know I will kill you.
- Yeah, I know.
Well, I gotta get her out
of that serviced apartment
that's for sure.
- Coming.
I just realized I do need
you to get some groceries.
- Well we gotta meet up for dinner
or something soon I guess.
- Sounds good.
- Oh fuck.
- What exactly are you doing now, Joe?
- I'm on my way to a job interview.
- God, Esmay has really
straightened you out then.
Good to hear.
- Well I've over being a
cop, that's for sure.
- Who's this guy?
- Don't you fucking touch him, bitches!
- Oh shit.
I'm such a dick.
- What is it?
- I've left my portfolio at home.
- Well I better let you go then
Joe, unlucky.
- Ha, ha, ha yeah very funny.
- Tell Ishtar to suffer cause
I won my man fair and square.
And tell her that I found
happiness before she did.
- Die bitch.
Love sucks.
- Talk later, bye.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Yep, bye.
Damn it.
- Joseph?
- Looks like I picked the
wrong day to quit drinking.
- How are you holding up?
- We'd recently been engaged.
I hadn't announced it yet.
- That's terrible.
I'm sorry you'll have to let her go.
- Don't know if I can, B.
- This case,
it goes way deeper than you think.
- But why her?
- Believe me, you have to let this one go.
- Easy for you to say.
Did you see the sign they left?
- Sign?
- Now who do you suppose
is responsible for that?
- Look, I think forensics
are already working on it.
- It's familiar to me.
- It's not your problem anymore.
- I'm gonna find the son of
a bitch responsible for this.
- No you're not.
- Hey!
You can't tell me what to do!
If you're not gonna help me investigate
then I'll fucking do it on my own!
- Can you give us a minute, darling?
- Hey, she's not going anywhere.
She's family.
- Your debts have been paid, Joe.
You've retired from the force.
This is the end.
You've got to forget her now.
You were supposed to start--
- Start fresh?
And I fell in love in the process.
And look where that's got me now.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's right.
So, are we going to do this?
- We?
No, this is over my head.
No chance.
- Even when my blood is concerned?
- I'm sorry, Joe,
but if you do this you're on your own.
In fact, I'm going to
confiscate your weapon.
- Then I'll get another one.
- Where the hell are
you gonna start anyway?
These people,
they swoop in and then they're gone.
They're ghosts.
You see this?
This is signature triad.
Why would you want to get
involved with someone like Ishtar?
It's suicide.
- Thanks for that.
- I'm gonna leave the both of you now.
- Hey!
Is there anyone that can help me?
- Really?
Are you serious?
Personally, I think you're past this.
Are you even in good enough shape?
- I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve.
Now come on, I know you know someone
that can give me a lead.
- I might know one person.
But it's a guess and I seriously doubt--
- Who?
- Her name is DJ.
She's an ex cop who used to work undercover
on the job for a while.
- How come I've never heard of her?
- That's why they call
it working undercover.
- What's her bio?
- She's been retired from
the force for some time.
Ever since her cover was blown
she had to go into hiding.
That's all I have.
- We cool?
- I'm sorry you lost her.
- I'm sorry you had to hear all that.
- It's okay, I'm a big girl.
What's next?
- That's a good question.
- Do you have anything
to report to me today?
- Yes, I'm getting there.
Okay, Mr. Gosling seems to be on track.
We do need to follow
up with Mr. Ray though.
- Tell me something I don't know.
That's why I'm paying you.
- We do have one issue however.
- Yes?
- The Mr. Wong situation.
- Wong?
I thought we already took care of this?
- Yes madam, um, no it appears not.
- Bring me Mr. fucking Wong!
- Thanks for this.
- I should have my fucking head examined.
- I really appreciate this, DJ.
- The only reason I'm doing this
is because I know you've lost your partner.
But I gotta tell you, this ain't
gonna turn out like you expect
judging by your previous experience.
- Go on.
- This crime syndicate isn't like
what I've come across in the past.
- What do you mean?
- There's this Ishtar.
She's a crazed maniac.
I mean a real schizoid.
Would turn on even her own
people on the drop of a hat.
- What else?
- This bitch has issues about race.
I mean she's Chinese and her
people are from different
Asian backgrounds,
but she does not hold back
just to remind them of
how inferior they are.
- Can she fight?
- My advice to you is
stay retired from the force.
Don't go back.
- I need a lead.
- You need to disappear.
At least, that's what I'm doing.
- Okay, give me a little bit more.
Come on, tell me,
how did you blow your cover?
- Ishtar!
- Mr. Wong.
- Business is good, yeah?
Come dance.
Come on, come on.
All you had to do was ask
- How quickly.
Too quick.
- Your singing is as bad as your business.
Let this be a lesson to anyone
who tries to fuck with me!
Get this piece of shit out of my sight.
- Hang on, I'm just logging onto this.
Is that you?
Hey Joseph, is that you son?
- Dad.
- Ha, there you are.
Hey, lucky you caught me, mate.
I was just about to head
out with a few of the boys.
- Yeah, I thought I'd log in now,
just on the off chance that you were there.
- Yeah, yeah, how are you holding up, mate?
- Pretty bad.
- Yeah well, I thought as much.
It's a bit of a frigging
tragedy, mate, hey.
- You can say that again.
- So what are you going to do, mate?
What are you going to do with yourself?
- I'm not sure.
- Um, have you thought
about coming back home?
- The thought has crossed my mind.
- Look, I'm sure everyone's had a bit
of a piss in your ear, mate
and it's hard to hear things when people
are trying to give you advice,
but I'm sure she was really
a beautiful girl mate, a lovely girl.
But you know what?
Time does help, mate.
It helps you heal these things, you know?
- Any suggestions?
- Yeah right.
I don't know if you're
asking the right bloke, mate.
What do you usually do when
your relationship ends?
- I usually find another one.
- Like father like son.
Yeah well, I know it's hard and painful
but I know you can do it, mate.
I really do, I know you can do it.
- Oh God.
- Look, I know son I know.
Joseph, why don't you just get
the hell outta there, mate,
and just come back to LA?
- I got one more score to settle.
- Right.
Well, I don't like the sound of that.
But you're your own man so whatever you do
just be careful, all right?
Just give me a call, mate
if you need anything, okay?
- Okay, thanks Dad.
- Right, take care.
- You all right?
Take you stances.
Just nice and easy.
One, come on.
- Duck!
Good, good.
Good, and again.
- And you are?
- Your present.
- Looks like an expensive present.
- It's already been paid for, darling.
You got me the whole night.
- But it's not birthday
and it's not Christmas.
- Darling, we can do
anything or nothing you like.
Are you saying you don't want any company?
- Fucking internet.
Did my Dad pay for you?
Mr. Lucky, did he order you for me?
- Ah yes, yes he did.
I believe so.
- Can you cook?
- No.
I mean yes.
Anything you want baby.
- Maybe you can come in
with me for a little while.
- Now you're making more sense.
I like it.
- Okay, maybe you can help me clean.
- So are we alone?
- Apart from the mice.
- You want me to help you clean?
- Seriously, did my Dad pay for you?
- Does that matter?
- Look, you're an attractive
girl and everything
but I've recently lost somebody.
- What was her name?
- Esmay.
- Call me Esmay then.
- What are you reaching for?
- What?
- What's this tattoo?
I asked you a question.
Who are you?
Fuck you, bitch.
You're going to fucking die
if you don't tell me where you came from.
- Fuck you, gweilo.
- Lee, I don't want you to see this.
- Is she one of them?
- One of what?
- What's that?
- Not sure, but it doesn't look good.
- She tried to kill you?
- What the fuck am I going to do now?
- Have you got a toolkit in your house?
This is going to get messy.
- Why do I get the feeling
you've done this before?
- This is for Esmay, you bitch.
- House cleaning?
Your name's Joseph, right?
- Who wants to know?
- I've seen you around.
- Why are you asking
me all these questions?
- I'm just being polite.
I'm your neighbor.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Fucking crazy gweilo.
- Who is it?
- Is that Ms Onna?
- Who wants to know?
- My names Joe.
I work with DJ.
- You're a detective?
- No, yes.
- Can I see some ID please?
- I'm an ex cop.
- I can't help you then.
- Hang on a second.
I just want to ask you some questions
about the Ishtar organization.
- Listen, I've already been
through protective custody.
You shouldn't even be here.
- Okay, understandable.
Trust me, you're safe.
It's a favor to me.
- You're on the case?
God help you because these
guys, they're monsters.
- I'm just going to ask you
a couple of questions and then I'm gone.
Is that okay?
- Mm, ah.
- Put it away, bro.
- It's in my fingers.
I feel the power!
- I said put it away.
We have a visitor, hide it.
- Fellas.
- Anyone see you coming?
- No, not that I think so.
- Ah, don't think.
You should act.
- Nobody saw me.
- Hey.
- So why are we meeting here anyway?
What's wrong with Ishtar?
- Don't ask questions.
- Okay.
I was just--
- I'll ask the fucking questions, man.
- All right.
- So why are you late on the payments?
- Oh come on, you know I'm good for it.
I mean, you guys gave me a second chance.
- Do we give second chances, bro?
- No bro, we don't do seconds.
- No, no, no,
Ishtar gave me a second chance.
- That I'm not so sure of.
But this would be your third chance, Ray.
- This is bullshit.
You know I'm good for this.
I mean how long have I been
hustling for you guys for?
- Do we give third chances, bro?
- This is fucking bullshit, okay?
I am good for this.
Do not treat me like one of your amateurs.
- Well, you know what they say.
- No mate, I don't know what they say.
What do they fucking say?
- Three strikes, you're out.
- Snap, crackle, pop.
- Yeah, work it baby.
Mm, nasty booty.
- Good evening, Mr. Gosling.
- He's going to become deaf
if he keeps listening
to his music like that.
- Can I get you a drink?
Cool mask.
Where can I get one?
- This will conclude
our business for today.
I will inform Ms Ishtar
of Mr. Ray's unfortunate incident.
Keep up the good work.
Goodnight to you then.
I'm off now.
I need a full body massage.
Too loud.
Has anyone tell you that?
- What?
- Exactly.
- Bunch of kill joys.
- Who the fuck is that?
Bro, where's the other chick gone?
- Huh?
- Get the fucking door, man.
Dude, they're your party girls.
You look after them.
- Oh for fucks sake.
- Bro, wait!
- Please!
- Shut up, bitch.
Get the fuck outta here,
it's going to get messy.
You tell Ishtar that the
gweilo is coming to get her.
- Where the fuck are you going?
- Who the fuck are you, man?
- I'm Mr. Question and you're Mr. Answer.
- Uh, uh, uh, uh.
I have unfortunate news to report.
The Gosling brothers have been attacked
and their hideout penetrated.
- Are we talking Mr. Raymond?
- No, no, no, no, he's been taken care of.
I told you that.
- Don't, don't correct me.
- Sorry, I'm sorry.
- Fucking who then?
- We're still trying to identify him.
Gosling Junior turned
off the security camera
when trying to have
threesome with African girl.
- I don't need to hear about that.
- Sorry.
- I knew that fake shop
front wouldn't last.
Our cover's been blown.
Lasso the black girls and
bring me the Goslings.
- It seems that Gosling Senior disappeared.
Gosling Junior is in a coma.
The black girls do not know them,
it may take some more time.
- Masked avenger.
- I'm coming to get you, Ishtar.
You stole my world,
and now I'm going to destroy yours.
- Watch where you're
going, you fucking idiot!
- Hi, how can I help you?
We're not open.
- I'm here for Ms Woo.
- Hello, may I help you?
- I'm hoping so.
- I'm sorry, do I know you?
Excuse me, are you here for business?
This is a secure area.
- Is it?
- Yes.
If you don't state your name or business
I will have to call the security.
- I don't think that's
going to help you very much.
- What is this about?
Is that real?
- You wanna find out?
- No, no.
- Tell me where Ishtar is.
I asked you a question.
Tell me where Ishtar is.
- Don't know what you're talking about.
- Your organization killed my fiance.
- No, not me.
- You what?
- I'm only just working for her.
I'm not a bad person.
- Yeah, that's what they all say.
- No, no, no, what do you want?
- Tell me where she is?
- Who?
- Ishtar!
Back up, bitch.
- Move!
Tell me what I want to know
or you're going to die.
- Okay, okay, I'll tell you.
What do you wanna know?
- Keep it to English!
- Okay, got it.
- Ishtar, where is she?
You tell me Ms Ishtar or you're done now.
- You'll never get her.
They'll kill you white
man before you get there.
You're finished.
- We have a situation at the restaurant.
It seems someone threw a hand grenade
at the building and in
the process killed Ms Woo.
- Who the fuck is going
to throw a hand grenade?
I mean, where is someone
gonna get that in this town?
What happened to our avenger on site?
- Our second was at the scene
so we fear that she's also a fatality.
I'm still trying to locate the others.
- Well maybe you'll try
to find your brain too.
- I'm trying my best!
- Gosling down.
Woo down.
Avenger down.
Who's next?
Whatever happened to Ling Ling?
- You mean the prostitute?
- She's an assassin!
- Ah yes, sorry, you mean the assassin
disguised as a hooker sometimes.
- Where is she?
Don't tell me they didn't
clean up Esmay's mess.
Get me the security camera
footage from the restaurant.
I think we might have gweilo on our tail.
- I eat gweilo for dinner.
- Yeah, but I think this
one might be an ex cop.
- I eat ex cops for dinner.
- And for lunch?
- Italian stallions.
- And breakfast?
- Black mambas.
- Be careful I
don't cut your balls off.
- Hey!
- Speak of the devil.
- I'm surprised.
No guns.
- We've been expecting you.
- Oh?
Should I be flattered?
- In my company, yes.
I should think so.
You're standing in the
company of the elite.
- And in the company of murderers.
- Yes, but you'd know all
about that wouldn't you.
- I must hand it to you though.
You're the first gweilo
who's gotten this far into my organization.
- Wasn't that hard.
- Oh really?
How so?
- I just followed the trail of death
and destruction and your
sloppy organization.
- Awful lot of trouble
for just one China doll?
Esmay was good, very good.
But not my best.
She had it coming.
- She was my fiance.
- She was a thief!
She disgraced us.
- She was my world.
- A world very different to ours it seems.
- Who made you judge and jury?
- You know nothing of my world.
My gods.
My power.
My rule!
Let's just see how good
you really are then.
Hm, can't even do the splits.
- Karate.
- Kung Fu.
- How many styles does
this mother fucker know?
- Oh God.
What now?
- Muay Thai.
- This is a disgrace!
- Please, don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
- Go.
- Thank you, thank you.
- White meat.
Must I do everything myself?
You all abandoned me!
Now feel my wrath, gweilo.
Got you now, don't I, fucker?
Who's gonna help you this time, huh?
Sorry, what's that darling?
- The cops are coming.
They're on our tail as we--
- Do you think I'm fucking stupid?
You're on your own this time, Lucky.
You and your little revenge mission.
You've gone all lone ranger on us.
Everyone knows the cops
aren't helping you this time.
Christ, you signed your own death warrant.
Now just like that little
she bitch you're gonna learn
that no one fucks with I-S-H-T-A-R!
- Now let's just see what Esmay
was all worked up about, shall we?
Hm, what have we got here?
Come on baby, let's make up.
Don't worry,
you'll forget about her in no time.
Your heart says no but your head says yes.
I changed my mind.
You're not my type.
- What are you going to do to me?
- Oh, what I do to all my prey.
Can the goods.
- Ishtar,
if you are going to finish me off,
if you are,
just let me ask you one last thing.
- What?
- You ah, kind of got me
all worked up over here.
- Well, I'm not asking
you to finish me off, but.
- Oh, I am gonna finish
you off mother fucker.
- Would you permit me just one last kiss?
- Are you serious?
- Mm-hm.
- All right, darling.
I'll make your dreams come true.
You can call it the kiss of death.
You're a cocky little bastard, aren't you?
But I like that.
- I hope you don't mind
I borrowed your gun.
- Works for me.
I think she liked me.
- It's over.
My sister now can rest in peace.
- That's true.
Not sure if we can though.
Get me out of here.
What's up?
You're not talking.
- Oh nothing.
- Come on.
After all we've been through,
you can pretty much tell me anything now.
- Nothing that bad.
I'm just curious.
- What about?
- Do you know that day Esmay was
killed, you called me.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah I did.
- Well, you said you were
going for a job interview.
What was it for?
- Would you believe me if I told you
it was for a job as a butcher?
This feeling's sweet
It's bittersweet and it's all that I need
You keep me safe
You keep me safe in a shield of my rage
These freezing nights
They're turning my soul into ice
Without you here
No evil shall I fear
When dark is closing in
And the thunderstorms begin
When skies are torn apart
Love will reign once again in your heart
Revenge is sweet
It's oh so sweet
And it's all that I need
And when you die
You've got to die
It's an eye for an eye
These freezing nights
They're turning my soul into ice
When dark is closing in
And the thunderstorms begin
When skies are torn apart
Love will reign once again in your heart
When dark is closing in
And the thunderstorms begin
When skies are torn apart
Love will reign once again in your heart
When skies are torn apart
Love will reign once again in your heart