Revengeance (2016) Movie Script

[siren wailing]
Heatseeker Radio, you're
riding with the Shademan!
81 degrees in Los Angeles,
and we got a hot one for you,
babies; don't forget,
Heatseeker Radio presents
Face Cares, a charity
concert brought to you
by none other than Senator
Deathface, himself.
[guitar music]
And Heatseeker Radio!
[guitar music]
We're gonna crank it up now,
with some Night Rattler!
Hey, everybody, how
y'all doing tonight?
[rock music]
[bells dinging]
[chugging and sighing]
Luis Escobar, I'm Rod
Rosse, the one-man posse,
and I'm taking you into
custody for jumping bail.
So if you'll come with
me... [alarmed grunting]
All right, Luis, we're going
to do this nice and easy.
[muffled rumbling and banging]
[unintelligible shouting]
[uptempo music]
[horn honking]
[uptempo music]
[tires screeching]
What's going on with my mind,
I feel so sleepy.
Hey, ma.
I got him.
Yeah, knockout drops
in the beer.
Hey, come pick me up, and
bring some baby wipes.
Lots of baby wipes.
[guitar music]
[dial rattling]
[tense music]
[fire roaring]
[phone ringing]
The phone, get it!
Ah, for the love of Pete.
Rosse Bonds, Rod here.
Yeah, who's this?
My name is Miss Candy,
and I'm calling on behalf
of Senator Deathface.
Mr. Rosse, you did some work
for us a few years back,
the Milsap case.
Yeah, I remember; what's up?
Well, we got a new problem.
It's very time-sensitive.
We need somebody located, and
we need them located fast.
Sounds expensive, lady.
Our pockets are deep enough,
Mr. Rosse.
Be at the senator's
office today at two.
And come alone.
Keep this on the down-low.
My whole life is on the
down-low, lady.
Hello, hello?
[dial tone]
Ma, ma, we got another job!
I need you to look
something up for me.
What's that, Roddy,
I can't here you son!
I got the Taser gun to work,
wrist-release action!
I adjusted the
tension and watch.
Hey ma, what did you say?
[sizzling crackles]
[pained grunting]
MA ROSSE: Well, it
works half the time, Roddy.
ROD: What you got, ma?
MA ROSSE: All's I could
find was the fire last night
at the biker headquarters
in the desert.
ROD: Ah, is
Deathface still using
that biker gang for security?
MA ROSSE: Yes, the
Inland Emperors.
Some real bad seeds there,
Be careful, son, stop
licking yourself.
ROD: What?
MA ROSSE: Sorry, I was
talking to Mr. Butterkisses.
Stop talking to the cat when
you're on the phone with me.
Get down from there!
All right, ma, I'm almost there.
I'll let you know the details
as soon as I know something.
MA ROSSE: Watch yourself,
I hope you're talking
to the cat, ma.
[somber music]
Welcome to my office.
What a fine looking
group you are.
You better stop staring
at my titties!
Odell Braxton, the
finest looking
bounty hunter I ever did see.
Ace of Spades; you're
about as ugly as a badger
in a storm drain.
Jose Tanaka, the
terror of Osaka.
And last but not least, Rod
Rosse, the one-man posse.
You've all done work
for me before.
And each of you possesses
a special gift.
The gift of keeping
your traps shut.
I appreciate that.
I demand that.
Senator, why all the secrecy?
This is one of those "keep
your trap shut" moments, Rosse.
Any of you ever keep a diary?
Odell, you know what I'm
talking about?
Something you put your thoughts
in, your innermost secrets?
Well, I had something
like that taken from me.
You get that girl, and you get
back what she stole from me.
This is winner-take all.
The clock is ticking, baby.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Winner takes all, Rosse.
You wanna just give up now?
Shouldn't you be out
flattening my tires,
or calling the SWAteam on my office again?
Why, whatever do you mean?
I know how you play, Ace:
Dirty like a day-old diaper.
Ah, is someone a sore loser?
If you can't play with
the big boys, Rosse,
then get out of my sandbox.
You're a bearded
little hemorrhoid.
I'm gonna ride you
hard, like a hemorrhoid!
What does that even mean?
It means shut up!
Excuse me.
Oh, hell yeah.
Give me 30 on number three.
What's the rush, baby?
Wait, hold up, is that a tattoo?
Oh, you know I be loving
the honeys with the tats.
Give me 30 on number three
and stop talking to me.
Chill, girl, I'm just
trying to get to know you.
You like house music,
energy drinks?
Oh, wait, wait, hold up,
hold up, listen, listen.
Oh, that's my jam;
that's my jam!
[rhythmic dance music]
Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, yeah!
CHECK IT OUT: I can do
the moonwalk.
But I can do it going forward,
Oh, yeah!
Uh, go ahead, Gary, uh, yeah!
You feel that girl?
Yeah, oh yeah... [shouting]
[thudding and smacking]
[funk music]
I'm about to blow my top!
I'm about to go...
[tires screeching]
[engine rumbling]
One in the chamber,
one more in the clip
ROD: So, what'd you find, ma?
Her name's Lana Marie Oswald.
16 years old.
Her parents were the
founding members
of the Inland Emperors.
ROD: So this girl's mixed
up with that biker gang then.
Oh, she's not mixed up, Roddy.
She's biker royalty.
Her parents were the founders
of the Inland Emperors.
Looks like they were killed
in a police shootout,
when she was a baby.
I think those bikers
know more about this girl
than they're letting on; I need
to find out what they know.
I got an idea, ma, but
I'm gonna need to borrow
the credit card for this one.
MA ROSSE: Oh, Roddy,
we just paid the card off!
We can't be getting back
in debt like that, Roddy.
[overlapping arguments]
[engine rumbling]
[somber music]
[dogs barking]
Adolf, Lucifer, shut
the hell up, dogs!
Who are you?
Somebody called for a plumber.
Oh, man, did Cosmo
mess up the toilet again?
Come in.
No worries, my good man.
How you doing?
Hi there, how's it going?
[tense music]
What are you looking at?
Here it is.
Have at it, man.
Ah, holy Moses!
[unintelligible murmuring]
Deathface has made it
clear that this cannot
get out of control.
Now, I know he hired some
bounty hunter scumbags
to find Lana, but we gotta
find her first.
Sandman, what you got?
Well, Big Mike said
he saw a girl
a couple weeks back looked
just like Lana.
She was up at Chaw's
apartment, the Wayside, yeah.
I don't know; what do you think?
Use your head.
If you were a girl on the
run, where would you be?
At my drug dealer
boyfriend's house, right?
I never liked that
little bastard, Chaw.
[agreeable murmuring]
ain't gonna like this.
[biker farting]
You head over to Chaw's
and find out what's up.
You run into any of them
bounty hunters snooping around,
you end them!
Take care of it.
Yo, listen up!
If this gets out,
Deathface is done, man.
If Deathface is done,
the Emperors are done.
[guttural groaning]
Do you know the level of
shit that will hit the fan?
[moist exploding]
[disgusted muttering]
[unintelligible conversing]
So the Deathface Cares concert
is gonna be huge, Senator.
Biggest charity rock show
LA's ever seen.
We've already got Night
Rattler lined up.
You a big Night Rattler fan?
Sorry, Senator, I've never
heard of Night Rattler.
Well, they never heard
of you, either. [laughing]
Still gonna rock your ass off.
SENATOR: Good one.
Miss Candy, make sure this
deadbeat pays for lunch.
You idiots, you let this happen!
You were supposed to
be on watch.
Don't you ever touch me again!
[angry shouting]
[hissing deflation]
[wind blowing]
[uptempo music]
[bird chirping]
Thanks for showing up, Ace.
You hungry?
I took the liberty of
ordering some hot wings.
They're really good here.
Cut the chit-chat;
why'd you call me here?
Look, I'm sure you're
missing your soap operas,
or cruising the local
junior highs or whatever,
so I'll make this brief.
I'm proposing we partner up.
Partner up?
Think about it: Rod
Rosse, the one-man posse,
and the Ace of Spades,
a dream team.
Come on, it's a guaranteed win.
Is that what you
called me here for?
This sounds like the desperate
act of a desperate man.
We pool our resources,
catch this kid,
and split the haul 50-50, easy.
Strictly business.
I'll tell you what I think.
I think you can shove it.
We're talking about a
lot of money, Ace.
I don't share my
kills with nobody.
Especially you, Rosse!
I mean... [slurred mumbling]
What's the matter, Ace?
Feeling a bit sluggish there?
Aw, who's a tired little baby?
ROD: Give this guy a
one-way ticket to TJ, Miguel.
[bird chirping]
Give me a pack of
Black Lungs, unfiltered.
A'ight then.
Hey, who beat you boy?
A little girl punch you?
Hey, how you know a girl
did this to me?
Did somebody tell you that, man?
How'd you know that?
A girl did this! [laughing]
Sid, did you hear that?
What girl did this?
What did she look like?
I don't know, man,
she looked like a girl.
Don't be rude!
[heavy thumping]
You don't wanna make me angry,
GARY: Okay, okay,
all right, look, look.
There, there, that's the girl
right there, on the video!
[somber music]
LANA: Excuse me.
I'm looking for a guy
named Big Papa Booyah.
I ain't seen him in weeks,
young lady.
Can't do nothing for you.
Look man, I'm not a cop.
I just need to talk to him.
What part of can't do nothing
for you did you not understand?
I got a business
proposition for him.
Excuse me?
Are you listening?
Hey, man, I don't think
you heard me.
So I'm gonna say this real slow.
Big Papa, now.
Okay, okay.
Come on, this way.
We ain't got all day, lady.
Big Papa, you got a visitor.
Big Papa Booyah.
BIG PAPA: And who are you?
My name is Lana, and I'm
here to make you an offer.
Is this one of them
predator catcher shows?
Because I ain't trying
to hear that, young lady.
No, Big Papa, this is
about Revengeance.
[rock music]
[static hissing]
Hey man, who are you?
My name's Detective
Harry Callahan,
with the US government.
What do you want, man?
I'm clean.
Clean, huh?
Then what's this, oregano?
CHAW: That's medical man.
Listen up, Scarface,
I'm not here for you.
I need to find your friend,
It's a matter of
national security.
Where is she, Chaw?
I don't even know where
Lana's at, man.
She disappeared.
Yeah, we were all
hanging out and chilling,
and then she gets all
weird and starts asking me
all these questions
about them biker dudes.
Hold on, you're talking
about the Inland Emperors?
Yeah, it's like she was
obsessed with those dudes.
What's up with that?
Do you have any idea
where she might be headed?
She's got a
step-brother named Eric.
He works up at the Cha-Cha Boom
Club, up in the desert, man.
Eric, huh?
[engine revving]
Ah, you expecting any company?
BIKER: Open the door, Chaw!
Chaw, I'm not gonna
say it twice.
Hey, is there a back
door out of this place?
[shouting and crashing]
SID: Hey, come here!
[rock music]
Dude, that dude was the
same dude as the plumber.
No, dude, that dude was
the government.
SID: Shut up, both of you!
[rock music]
I've done some bad things,
Miss Candy.
CANDY: I know; you've
done some of them to me.
You know, I'm a good person.
I can bench like 400 pounds,
and ah, I'm a good guy.
Bench press all you want,
Deathface, but you'll never
lift the weight that
girl Lana's got on you.
She got you all twisted.
Dammit, Miss Candy!
I love our little talks, girl.
Come here!
[uptempo mariachi music]
Oh, that no-good, dirty
son of a bitch!
[engine rumbling]
I'm gonna get you, Rod Rosse!
[unintelligible shouting]
Right there, right there,
see that?
The leg, my leg was on the rope.
See there, the ref was
supposed to stop the count.
What's up with that?
Deathface was my homie,
yeah, so I thought he was.
Then that Royce
Vargas got to him,
started talking all
greasy in Deathface's ear.
Built up his ego
something fierce.
Sometimes, old
wounds never heal.
They just fester.
So what you got for me, girl?
It's not what I got
for you, but more like,
what I got of his.
Something that can bring
him to his knees.
Together, we can bring
down Deathface,
and that turd, Royce Vargas.
Say no more.
Them fools stabbed Big
Papa in the back.
But you know what, girl?
Big Papa kept the knife.
Hell yeah!
Come one, come all, to the
Face Cares charity concert.
A day full of mayhem,
carnage and rock and roll!
I'm Senator Deathface, and
I freakin' love kids, man.
Deathface bought my
mommy new boobies.
Deathface got my dad
acquitted of murder.
Hey kids, come to my concert.
Get your asses rocked off!
NARRATOR: Rock out
with Deathface
and all your favorite bands!
Night Rattler, Tickler,
Side Saddle,
And more!
Deathface cares; do you?
LANA: Jackass.
Talk to me.
Odell, it's Big Papa Booyah.
Hey, what you know
about a girl named Lana,
running from Deathface?
I know that girl's
worth a lot to Deathface.
What might you know, Big Papa?
Well I might know she
came to me for help.
And I might know she
in my house right now.
And I might know I want 50
percent of that reward, Odell.
You keep that little
trick right there,
and I'm gonna be right there.
[tires screeching]
I got a lead, ma.
I think I know where
Lana's headed.
Be careful for those bikers,
Roddy, they're bad news.
Stop worrying about me, ma.
I can take care of myself.
Well, don't try and be a hero,
You're not your father.
Yeah, thanks for the
vote of confidence there.
Oh, Roddy.
You better not poop on my rug.
Stop talking to the cats when
you're on the phone with me!
LANA: So, what do you
like in your tea?
BIG PAPA: Big Papa
don't drink no tea.
LANA: Then why do you have tea?
BIG PAPA: I don't know.
Why do I have nipples?
LANA: You know, this type
of greasy food's okay once
in a while, but you
should really
think about eating healthier.
I got like raisins in
there; they're healthy.
Chocolate raisins don't count.
You know, at first, I wasn't
even sure if I could trust you,
but I gotta admit, I'm having
fun with you as a partner.
BIG PAPA: Lots of fun, girl.
LANA: I don't see how
you could partner
with Deathface in the
first place.
That guy, he's such a
No loyalty.
[somber music]
If there's one thing I
value, Big Papa, it's...
[pistol cocking]
Put down the breakfast, Lana.
And put your hands in the air.
You're coming with me.
Oh, you did it now.
[gun firing]
You wanna play me, bitch?
Get her, Odell.
[gun firing]
You gonna pay for that door,
[booming explosion]
Hope you like your
bacon extra crispy.
[uptempo music]
Hey, there's a $12 cover.
$12, what, is there a
seafood buffet in there?
[uptempo music]
Hey there, baby, what can
I get you to drink tonight?
I'll take a beer, Old Gold.
Sweetie, does this look
like the type of place
that serves Old Gold?
All right then, just
give me something fancy.
BARTENDER: All right,
here's one tough cookie, guy.
Hey, I'm looking for a
guy named Eric.
He's supposed to work here.
Oh, you mean DJ E-Money;
he's over there.
[uptempo music]
Our girl Lana.
Well, it's time for Rod
Rosse, the one-man posse,
to go to work.
[uptempo music]
Who, excuse me.
No worries.
So, what's your name.
Hey man, she's not into you,
all right.
Just leave her alone.
Why don't you mind your
business, Eric?
Wait a minute, how do
you know my name is Eric?
Lana, get out of here, go!
Hey, let go of my arm!
Come on, hey!
[strained grunting]
You're adorable, look at you!
ROD: Hey, hey, put
me down, put me down!
[muffled shouting]
The senator has been
looking for you.
[pained shouting]
You fight me, I fight back!
I'll clean up your ugly face,
Come on, Rod, don't
pass out yet!
[heavy thumping]
[somber music]
Would you like some CheeziO's?
Breakfast of champions.
You're costing me a whole
lot of money, Rosse.
Because of you, I lost her.
I'm not gonna kill you.
No, I'm gonna let nature
take its nature-y course.
Good luck with the heatstroke
and rattlesnakes, Rosse.
[bird screeching]
[somber music]
Hey, Rod Rosse, you're
gonna die! [laughing]
Hello, Roddy.
Okay, now I know I
have heatstroke.
Been a long time, son.
Look where you find yourself.
Abandoned, alone in
this hot desert.
Oh, fine thank you,
and how are you, dad?
Roddy, you can throw your
own life into the shitter,
but there are two ladies
out there who need you.
Your mother, and that girl,
Why did you sign me
up for football, daddy?
Don't let your mind wander.
Concentrate, son!
Coach made me run laps.
Focus boy!
You need to help that girl,
You're all she's got.
Those bikers are gonna kill her.
Do the right thing, son.
Make me proud.
Where are you going?
Daddy! [groaning]
[somber music]
what the desert
has revealed to us, brothers!
Who is this guy?
MAN'S VOICE: Could he
be part of the prophecy?
We must take him to the master!
I'm sorry, what?
[eerie music]
MAN'S VOICE: Master, we
have a visitor.
We found him alone
in the desert.
Uh, thanks for the ride,
but where am I?
[cultists chanting]
Hey, could I get some water?
Greetings, traveler.
Welcome to Zornatopia.
Children of Zorna, behold!
We have received a gift
from the stars above.
Ah, yeah, thanks, but seriously,
does anybody got any water?
The prophecy has been fulfilled!
All praise Zorna!
Do you guys get cell
service out here?
Now at last, the
awakening can begin!
Water, tea, diet soda;
I'll take anything.
Ladies, if you will?
[ominous music]
[chanting] Zorna!
All praise Zorna!
Zorna, Zorna,
all praise Zorna!
Hey, I don't know if you
guys are having some kind
of desert rave or what,
but I gotta get outta here.
[chanting] Zorna, all
praise Zorna!
Zorna, Zorna,
all praise Zorna!
Come forth, and bring thy
gift to the altar of Zorna.
Hey, can somebody call me a cab?
MASTER: It's time!
[cheering and applauding]
Oh great Zorna, queen
of the stars,
we thank thee for
they sacrifice,
which we shall now partake in!
I'm sorry, what?
Look, whatever you're
planning to do, don't do it.
How about I write you a check?
What the?
Oh great Zorna, goddess
of the space armada,
we sacrifice this star
child to thee!
[ominous music]
Let him go.
By Zorna, I command
thee to kill them!
Kill 'em both!
[guns firing]
[engine revving]
[guns firing]
[zornites screaming]
[tires screeching]
Don't let them get away!
[guns firing]
[shouting and thumping]
Get me out of here!
I hope you have an exit plan.
Open the glove compartment.
[guns firing]
[tires screeching]
[all chanting] Praise Zorna,
praise Zorna, praise Zorna.
Praise Zorna!
[muffled speaking]
Remind me to stay on
your good side.
[phone ringing]
[unintelligible murmuring]
You let me know if
anything changes.
What is it?
That was the chief of police.
Lana was spotted at the
Cha-Cha Boom.
Our bounty hunters
just missed her.
Goddammit, Face!
I told you, those bounty
vermin are useless.
We should have just
hired a hit on that girl!
You wanna say that a
little louder?
I don't think they heard
you on the 13th floor.
You shut your 10-dollar
mouth, you hussy!
Look, I'm just saying,
I have a lot invested
in all of this, the
stakes are too high.
We don't have room for mistakes.
If the press gets wind of
what that little puta stole,
we're all ca-ca!
Royce, why don't you
just put a lid on it.
You gonna let her talk
to me like that, Face?
Would the both of you
shut the hell up?
Now I'm just gonna have
to improvise.
What is it?
Well, it looks like Deathface
just raised the
stakes to find you.
Look, my name's Rod Rosse.
I'm a bounty hunter.
Bounty hunter?
You look more like an
accountant to me.
Deathface said you
stole something from him.
You're a fugitive.
Oh, is that what you heard?
Well, it's time that
you learned the truth.
[somber music]
By the way, you totally
scream like a girl.
[engine rumbling]
Good girl, Lana.
You did it, baby!
That's my daughter.
Nice shot, good form.
Watch your elbows, sweetie.
That little girl is gonna
be something special, sis.
Lana, one day you'll be ready
for the Olympics, honey.
You and Kurt should really
think about sending her
away from this place,
give her a chance.
Don't lie to me, Deathface.
Just the other day, Lana
said she saw you
all dressed up in your
wrestling tights.
Little kids make up stuff.
You know, like unicorns.
Are you calling my
little girl a liar, Face?
No, no, Kurt, no man,
I'm just saying,
I'm a biker man, not a wrestler.
You step into my face and
you lie to me, and you lie
to my daughter, you're asking
for a chin check, my friend.
Look, Kurt, I'm sorry man.
The kid's confused, that's
all, that's all I'm saying.
You need to stay away
from that rat, Royce Vargas.
He's trying to turn you
into some kind of Bitchface,
the Wrestler.
By the way, a little unicorn
found these behind the shed.
Watch yourself, Deathface.
KRISTI: Kurt, it's late,
come on.
Come to bed, baby.
He's up to something, Kristi.
I think he's plotting to take
the Emperors away from me.
Deathface is your vice.
You've ridden together
for years; why would he?
Because he's a greedy
sum'bitch, that's why.
And I'll tell you what,
I started the Emperors.
I'll be the one to end them.
Not Royce Vargas.
[sirens wailing]
What is it?
Attention, Kurt Oswald,
you have officially
been impeached.
That back-stabbing sum'bitch!
ROYCE: There's been
a change of the guard
in the Inland Emperors.
Chrissy, get Lana and
get out of the house!
Come out and let's
do this the civil way.
Or you can die in the
street like a dog.
Which I personally prefer.
You wanna take the
Inland Emperors from me?
Come get it.
Kurt, I'm taking this
from you man.
One way or another.
After all we've done for you,
We started the Emperors,
this is ours!
OFFICER: Come on,
lady, get out of here.
Let's go.
this a hostile takeover.
ROYCE: Let's do this
already; I'm sleepy.
DEATHFACE: Burn it down.
Oh no.
Oh, oh no!
I promise, one day
you'll understand, baby.
No, mommy!
Daddy, no!
Mommy, no!
Why'd you come back?
I told you to go.
We started this together,
and we're gonna end this
together, Kurt!
[somber music]
My aunt took me under her wing.
She never stopped
coaching me in archery.
It's like she was
preparing me for something.
We hit the road,
traveling the US.
Staying under the radar.
My auntie was an interesting
character to say the least.
She'd meet the lowest of
the lows in dive bars.
Predators, ex-cons, you name it.
She'd lure them back to
he motel room,
and give those perverts
what they deserved.
They would never know
what hit them.
She called that: fixing that
which needs to be fixed.
And now I got one
thing left to fix.
[somber music]
Deathface took
everything from me.
Now I'm gonna take
everything from him.
So Deathface took out
your parents for his own,
personal gain.
What a douche-bag.
You don't know the
half of it, Rod Rosse.
You see, my aunt got
sick a few months back.
Real bad.
Before she passed, she
made me promise
to let go of this anger.
Child, you gotta let it go.
Letting go is easier
said than done.
My aunt told me about this
secret Deathface is keeping.
Something he doesn't want
anybody to know.
It was in my daddy's
vault, but now I got it.
Right here.
I started sweet-talking this
small time weed dealer, Chaw.
He sometimes sold to
the Emperors.
A perfect way for me to
keep tabs on them.
NEXT STEP: payback.
Ah, this is twisted.
So Royce Vargas finds
Deathface as a bum biker,
turns him into a wrestling
champ, and then a senator?
So what do you want
from Deathface?
I'm pretty sure
that's not a word.
[phone ringing]
Hold that thought.
Yeah, ma?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine,
Ma, ma, things are not
what they seem.
Yeah, no, no, no.
I'll explain, hold on, hold on.
Hey, Lana, Lana what
are you doing?
Great, there goes my ride.
[guitar music]
Long time no see, bounty hunter!
[engines revving]
[pained shouting]
Greetings, son.
My, what happened to you?
Oh, man, some fools came in
starting some mess with me.
But I'm like, you know, I
handle myself.
Child, I'm wondering
if you've seen this girl,
and the man that was with her?
Hey, that's that girl
that sucker-punched me!
Why everybody looking for her?
Now listen, child, this is
of great universal importance.
Well hey now, hold up
a minute there, old man.
It seem like Gary got
something that you want.
So Gary got to gets paid,
you know what I'm saying?
So I'm thinking like, hey,
hey! [strangled grunting]
[rock music]
[engine revving]
Hey, wait, wait, wait,
fellas, fellas wait!
Hey look, look, whatever you
guys are thinking of doing,
you don't need to do it.
We can make a deal!
This ain't Wheel of Fortune,
you stupid bounty hunter.
Hey man, you're thinking
of Let's Make a Deal.
Shut your pie-hole!
Look, we're on the same team!
Shut up!
I've been caught by
your kind before.
Yeah, you're always a
step ahead, right?
Always thinking, huh?
Like a cop without a badge.
Bounty hunters are
lower than scum.
How does it feel to be the
hunted, and not the hunter?
He ain't hunted no more;
we caught him!
Shut up!
[radio] You're rolling
with the Shademan,
and Heatseeker Radio!
81 degrees in Los Angeles,
and we got a hot one for you,
Don't forget, Heatseeker
Radio Presents: Face Cares.
A charity concert brought
to you by none other
than Senator Deathface, himself!
[horn blowing]
I'm gonna get you, girlie!
[uptempo music]
[tires screeching]
[uptempo music]
[doors slamming]
[engine revving]
Where's she headed man?
Tell us, man, where
is she headed?
SID: Did you tell her
we were onto her?
Did you tell her we're
onto her, man?
Quit repeating my questions,
you idiot!
[phone ringing]
Oh, it's your mommy.
Oh, I'm sorry, the bounty hunter
can't come to the
phone right now.
He's about to get his face
ripped off. [laughing]
Why don't you turn around
and say it to my face, punk?
[sizzling crackle]
[pained groaning]
How did you find me, ma?
I told you these bikers
were trouble, Roddy.
So I sewed a tracker into
your underwear.
No wonder I'm all chafed.
We gotta get the hell
out of Dodge.
Come on, get on!
[tires screeching]
[uptempo rock]
[sizzling and shouting]
[uptempo music]
[moist bouncing]
Oh, you've done it now, girl.
[uptempo music]
Where you going, girlie?
You can't run, and
you cannot hide.
[struggling groans]
That's what you get.
Well hello!
Going my way? [laughing]
[bell dinging]
[struggling groans]
Yeah, Deathface, like
I was saying,
this big, Navy Seal guy came in.
He had a strike team and stuff.
And that's how the bounty
hunter escaped.
He had a helicopter, yeah,
yeah, that's how it happened.
Now why'd you have to ruin
my workout with such bad news?
Deathface, you got a phone call.
Somebody better tell me
something good, real soon.
What's up?
VOICE: [on phone] Hey man,
Sticky spotted
that bounty hunter down
in Long Beach, man.
Sid, Cujo, get to that
bounty hunter's office, pronto!
[engine sputtering]
Looks like we got a package, ma.
You expecting anything?
We need to get in there.
You need to feed the cats,
ROD: Those two apes
are guarding the door.
Mister Butterkisses
needs his worm medicine.
Well, do you got any
bright ideas?
Signed, sealed and delivered.
DEATHFACE: Why is she
still breathing?
ACE: I thought we had
some options with that.
Just give me the bag already.
There's something very
important missing from this bag!
Look, I've been
driving all night.
You idiot, she tricked you!
Deathface, you're
scheduled to go on stage.
We gotta go.
You just wrote yourself a
one-way ticket to Deadville,
my darling.
What the hell was that?
I think it's the meter;
it's expired.
Well, then pay it, dummy.
I'm not gonna pay,
It's your turn this time.
I ain't gonna pay it.
If I say it's your turn,
it's your turn.
Why do I have to pay?
It's your turn this time.
I already got like
50 tickets man.
I can't afford another one.
I mean, no you listen, now,
I'm not paying this time.
[muffled arguing]
[muffled arguing]
I got a ticket, I could
go to jail for 15 years.
No, I'm out of quarters anyway.
[tires screeching]
[engine rumbling]
[uptempo rock]
Hey everybody.
How y'all doing tonight?
[uptempo rock]
I know y'all came ready to rock,
You ready to rock with me?
You got a beautiful face,
I got a beautiful place
So do you wanna
rock with me?
[uptempo rock]
This is Connie Sanchez,
reporting live for
Channel Three News.
Excuse me, ma'am, how do you
feel about the charity work
Deathface Cares is doing?
Party, dude!
Who's here to party?
You're rolling with the
Shademan, and Heatseeker Radio!
I've got wristbands for
any of the ladies
who wanna do a little
flashing for the Shademan.
[shouting and cheering]
I bet you're thinking I
ain't such a nice person.
Is that right?
You know where nice gets you?
Nice gets you working at
some scumbag strip bar,
in Victorville.
It's sleeping with the
greasy, toothless manager
so he pays you for
overtime that he owes you.
Until the day some coked-out
professional wrestler
comes along and takes you to
his condo in Redondo Beach,
promising to change your life.
That's where nice gets you.
That right there was reality
slapping you in the face.
Deathface ain't gonna
play so nice.
[guitar music]
Give it up for US senator
and undisputed heavyweight
wrestling champion of the
world, the man, the myth,
THE REALITY: Senator Deathface!
Welcome to Face Cares!
Who's ready to party?
I can't hear you!
Who's ready to give me
all your money?
Okay, Roddy, now if what
you're telling me is true
about this Lana, there's
no turning back.
Ma, I've seen what's
on this tape.
Believe me, I wish I
could un-see it.
Now, are you ready to do this?
[engine rumbling]
Hey, go and see what she wants.
What's your problem?
I gotta go to the bathroom, man.
You gotta go to the bathroom?
Look man, just untie my feet.
I really gotta go.
Ah, I don't know.
Hey, hey Sid?
Look at you, you're a huge dude.
I don't even weigh three digits.
What, you gotta ask your boss?
Is that dude your boss?
I knew you were a big chicken.
CUJO: I'll show you a chicken!
[bashing and groaning]
All right, everybody, I
know when some of you think
of Deathface, you think
of championships.
But I'm gonna be the
champion of charity!
Deathface Cares will
make it a better world
for the children of the world.
Bring out that kid.
What's your name, kid?
Tell everybody, Reed, how
has Deathface Cares helped you?
Deathface Cares has
helped me to go camping
and fishing, and do all
kinds of fun things.
And the future?
And to build my future.
All right, kid, thanks a lot.
So, are you all ready to party?
[whooping and cheering]
I want you to dig deep
into those pockets
and give to Deathface Cares!
[tense music]
[surprised shouting]
Well, so nice to see you,
Mister Rosse.
Looking for your friend, Lana?
Oh, I'd like nothing better
than to snap your little
pencil neck like a twig,
you back-stabbing son of a...
I need to talk to the senator.
Well, you are on the
senator's naughty list.
You've been a bad, bad boy, Mr.
Look lady, I don't
want any trouble.
Well, trouble's got
you by the neck.
Deathface ain't the only
one who was a wrestler.
Aw, come on!
Everybody knows
wrestling's fake.
Ow, ow, ow, ow!
[guitar music]
Great job, Face!
The money's rolling in!
Why don't you get out there
and make sure the money's
collected then, Royce?
Do your job.
Hey, Mr. Big Shot,
don't bark orders at me.
This dog barks when he
wants to bark.
And I bite, too.
Face, we got a problem.
What do you mean, problem?
Hey, I just found him
like this, man.
The girl's gone.
When that idiot wakes
up, knock him out again.
Well, I might have
found something
that will help with our search.
Hello, Miss Sanchez.
Yes, what can I do for you?
I think we should have a word.
Let's just cut to the
chase, bounty hunter.
I know you're running with Lana.
I just wanna know why.
How'd you let that happen?
Yeah right about now, I'm
asking myself the same question.
I want you to listen to me
and listen to me real careful,
Rod Rosse.
Ugh, where'd she go?
DEATHFACE: Where is the tape?
This footage is incredible.
Have you taken it to any
other stations?
No, Connie, I'm
offering you an exclusive.
That story you did on the
kittens in the storm drain,
oh, it was just adorable.
Surely there must be
something you want for this.
Well, there is one little
thing you could do for me.
When's your next live feed?
ROD: Senator, I came
here to make you a deal.
A deal?
You call off the hunt for
Lana, and we give you the tape,
simple as that.
How about this deal:
I cut your head off,
use it as a punch bowl,
throw a party for my dogs,
and feed them the rest of
your body, piece by piece.
This is not quite how I
saw this negotiation going,
to be honest with you.
[pained shouting]
Choose your next words
very carefully, Deathface.
Are you gonna let him go,
or do I gotta shish
kebab this bitch?
Baby, do something.
[pained grunting]
Go ahead, Lana, kill her.
See what I care.
Deathface, she ain't
playing around.
She's really gonna do it.
But the second you let
that arrow fly,
you're done.
How could you?!
Now, we can play nice,
or we can... [chomping]
[pained shouting]
ROD: Let's go!
We got a situation!
Lock the front gate; don't let
them get off the perimeter!
[engines rumbling]
[dramatic music]
Scoot over!
[dramatic music]
[guns cocking]
At last, by the power of
Zorna, we have found you!
You have escaped my grasp
once before, star child.
But now you're screwed.
[engines rumbling]
Back off, Yoda.
These are my prizes.
I beg to differ,
motorcycled man.
Zorna demands a sacrifice.
[tense music]
[gun firing]
One sacrifice, paid in full.
They killed the master!
[angry shouting]
[guns firing]
[dramatic music]
Lana, I think it's
time we split this party.
[sirens wailing]
[rock music]
Lana, I gotta thank you again.
You keep saving my life.
It's becoming a habit.
You're not saved yet, Rosse.
Please tell me you got the tape.
Oh, it's a doozy.
The tape is safe.
Which is more than
I can say for you two.
Oh, crap.
You two are making this way
too easy for me. [laughing]
I mean, look, no witnesses.
I'm not afraid of you,
And I'm not afraid to die!
Hey, whoa, whoa, slow
your roll there, Lana.
Well, Lana, you tried,
just like your folks did.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Deathface, you back-stabbing
son of a mud duck!
You were gonna let her
kill me, weren't you?
Easy there, Miss Candy.
Put the gun down.
Look into my eyes, Miss Candy.
And after all the
things I've done for you.
And to you, you slimy,
piece of human garbage!
You were gonna let her put
an arrow through my head!
I'ma kill you!
Who's the one who found
you in that strip club?
Who's the one who turned
you into Miss Candy,
wrestling superstar?
Who's the one who made you?
Do I need to remind you?
I still got it.
Now you're gonna get it.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I
have your attention please?
My name is Connie Sanchez,
with Channel Three News.
You probably recognize me.
I have in my
possession something
that I need to show you.
Something that Senator
Deadface and Royce Vargas
do not want the world to see.
Now, I must warn you, it
is quite graphic in nature.
Freddie, roll the tape.
Okay, Deathface, we're rolling.
Whenever you're ready.
[cutesy uptempo music]
Oh, you bad little girl!
[smacking and slapping]
[bestial braying]
I try not to need
you so much
You were the one,
right from the start,
Your eyes are
saying the same
[smacking and bouncing]
Now you show Royce how
bad you wanna be
heavyweight champion
of the world!
Oh, no.
[grunting and smacking]
[dramatic music]
Stop the tape.
We could show you more, but
it would literally cause
this reporter to vomit
I think we can all agree
that this shocking video
may signal the end to
Senator Deathface's career.
[dramatic music]
[gun cocking]
[gun firing]
[whistling exhalation]
The funeral for
Senator Deathface
will be led by a
precession of bikers
from the Inland Emperors
motorcycle club.
Full honors for the
senator's burial.
Wrestling fans, bikers, and
a who's who of politicians
will be there to pay
their respects.
Rest in peace,
Senator Deathface,
from the Shademan, and
Heatseeker Radio.
[bird calling]
After everything
Deathface has done,
they still give him a
hero's sendoff?
Well, he was a senator.
I guess the scumbag part
was just an added perk.
What's going to happen
to Royce Vargas?
After all that money he
embezzled from that charity,
I'm sure he'll make somebody
a good body pillow in prison.
Hey, when we first met, you
said I scream like a girl.
You were kidding, right?
LANA: Yeah, so anyways.
ROD: So, I heard a
bunch of those bikers quit
now that you're taking
over the club.
Yeah, those are the ones
that were loyal to Deathface.
The rest, they'll report to me.
After all, I am biker royalty.
Look, you've helped me a lot.
I want you to have this.
Wait, what's this for?
It's for the services of
Rod Rosse, the one-man posse.
You never hired my services.
In a roundabout way,
you actually helped me
find Deathface.
Keep hunting, Rod Rosse.
One day you'll find it,
whatever it is.
By the way, you totally
do scream like a girl.
[tires screeching]
Where you going in such
a rush, Rosse?
Ah, long time no see, Ace.
How you been?
What's in the bag?
ROD: My lunch.
ACE: I guess this is
your lunch money, then.
I'm taking it, Rosse.
Hey, what's this?
That's just a thing
I'm keeping from my mom.
A thing?
Well now, let's just see
if this thing does a thing.
No, Ace, you don't wanna
mess with that.
It really is a...
[sizzling crackle]
[grunting and thumping]
[uptempo music]
[engine rumbling]
[uptempo music]
[enthusiastic shouting]
[horn blaring]
[crashing and screaming]
I'm about to blow my top
I'm about to make a fist,
and make them suckas drop
One in the chamber,
one more in the clip
You about to test my nerve,
I'm about to test that lip
Watch your back
Some suckas don't even know
Watch your back
[funk music]
Watch your back
I'm about to lose control
Watch your back
Oh, yeah!
You see me on the street,
you'd best go run and hide
Because if you sit and wait,
you're waiting on suicide
I bet you think you're
slick, you do me like you do
You thought you got away,
but I got a way to you
I'm saying watch your back
Some suckas don't even know
I said, watch your back
[funk music]
I said you better,
watch your back
Hey, watch out, baby
Watch your back
Oh, yeah!
I said: I'd like to
break it down,
I'd like to break it down
I think I'd like to
break it down,
I'd like to break it down
I think I'd like to
break it down,
I'd like to break it down
I think I'd like...
Luis Escobar, my name is
Rod Rosse, the one-man posse.
And you're under arrest!
Hello, Mr. Rosse.
You did some work for us a
few years back.
The Milsap case?
The Inland Emperors; those
are some bad seeds, Roddy.
Be careful!
This is one of those keep
your mouth shut moments,
Any of you ever keep a diary?
Children of the stars, behold!
We have received a gift
from Zorna herself!
What else does he say?
[funk music]
[bluesy rock music]