Revolt (2017) Movie Script

Let's keep moving! Let's go, come on!
Let's go!
Go, go, go! Come on!
Come on. On my six. Lets go!
Move it, go!
Come on. come on, Come on!
This way, this way!
-The live is to fight.
The fight is to live.
And when all is lost, I will be found.
-Shh! Quiet!
-Who's there?
- Quiet.
-Who's there?
Are you locked up, too?
-Yes, you need to be quiet.
- What are we doing here?
- Shut up. You'll get us killed.
-Please, tell me where we are.
-The Police Station, you idiot!
- Yes I know, where?
- In Narok.
-Where is it?
-200 km from Nairobi.
Are you lost?
-Nairobi...Where is...where is Nairobi?
-Is that a real question?
-The capital of Kenya.
East Africa.
-What am I doing here?
-You sound American.
-Yeah, I'm American.
-You're not sure?
-What's your name?
-I don't know.
The men who locked you up
probably beat you unconscious.
-Who are you?
-I'm a Doctor.
I was working at the foreign
aid hospital for 2.5 years.
The hospital is gone now.
-So, who's out here fighting?
What the hell is happening?
-They're getting closer.
What the hell was that?
-You really don't know?
What's the last thing you remember?
-Pain. Lots of pain.
I just... woke up here.
I don't know
-You don't remember the invasion?
-Who's invading?
-Not who...
-Why are they doing this?
Why here? Why in Kenya?
-Not just here.
-What do I gotta do?
I'm not gonna die in here.
-You die in here or out there.
- Don't do that!
Men are worse than machines.
- In here
-Machines kill quickly.
- Inside!
- They'll kill you.
And they'll do worse with me.
-Why don't they hear me?
-Who you work for?
Why are here locked up?
-I don't speak Gikuyu.
-I don't speak Gikuyu.
-He wants to know who you work for
and why you are locked up.
-Keep him alive.
She is mine.
-No, she's mine.
- What are you saying?
- I'm negotiating.
-Maybe I can take him
and get him a present.
-Don't you move!
- You came back for me?
- Yeah. Of course.
Are you okay?
-My name is Nadia.
-Look , I still don't know ...
I'll call you Bo.
We'll find my base, get you safe.
-Nowhere is safe.
-I saw a bomber plane out there.
I saw trucks, I saw men fighting.
-And so many dying.
- What did they do to him?
- They're getting foreigners.
Nowhere is safe.
There's a US Army base north of here.
But you'll never make it there.
The machines are hunting everyone down.
-So we'll avoid populated areas.
Stick to the open road.
Behind that red car.
That looks OK.
- Could be a drop.
- Could be.
- Cars make noise and might attract them.
- Yeah, it might.
You said there is a US Base to the north.
How far?
-I don't know. Hundreds
of miles or more.
-Well,we better start driving.
-I'm nothing going with you.
-You got somewhere else you got to be?
-Doesn't mean that I want
to hide out on the road.
All you'll find on that base
is the lot of dead bodies.
-Yeah, maybe.
We could also find them in a bunker
coordinating with the Pentagon.
You don't get it.
8 days ago every satellite
fell out of the sky.
Every one.
There is no more Pentagon.
There's nothing we can do.
Well, I'm not ready to quit.
If you had people on that base, you'd
do anything you could to get to them.
I believe I do.
... and I want you to
help me find them.
You're acting like you're on a mission.
You're not. Just scared.
Yeah, I'm scared.
I don't know what I'm doing here,
but I know I gotta join this fight.
You can do what you want.
We're in luck.
Engine runs.
Axles is in good shape.
Just had to change a
I know how to change a tire,
but I still don't know my name.
Oh, and I found this in the car.
Only picking up static.
We just need a better signal.
We'll need water and food.
I'll check the other cars.
- If you're tired, I'll drive.
- I'm fine.
You... handle a rifle pretty hell for a...
- For a woman?
- For a Doctor.
I was a medic in the French Army, and...
Out here sometimes you have to put down
the vaccines and pick up the gun.
This region, the world, was living
here long before the invasion.
and the militia and the military ...
Get down!
- Are you okay?
- I'm OK.
We're outgunned. Step out very
slowly with your hands raised.
Kenyan Army.
I speak Swahili. Follow my lead.
-Raise your hands high.
0I'm a Doctor.
I work with freedom.
This man is a soldier
In the US Army.
All Kenyan soldiers have a mission
to take me to the border.
- Whose orders?
- The American Army
There is no American Army here.
There is no American here.
If you tell your people to lower
their weapons, do they do that?
They should be under my command.
Now we and the people
all need water.
- We have water, we can share.
- How much water will you share?
Hands up!
Do it now!
-You have to go.
-You'll never be safe on the border.
He came from the Radar.
- What do you mean?
- Quiet!
Shoot him.
Drop your weapon. Drop it now!
Stand up!
Enough of this bullshit.
We're speaking English!
What did he mean the Dish?
What does this symbol mean?
The radio station. American.
Heavily guarded.
Big satellite dish
with that symbol.
Where is this compound?
Through the border.
West from the mountains.
West of the mountains.
Why did your men attack me?
Many believe that this
machine's American made.
... or that the Americans use
those dishes to call them here.
That's a lie!
Everything else is destroyed,
But those dishes are still standing.
Kill me!
Please kill me.
Do it!
What did you say?
We need to go. Now!
Get on your knees.
Move it!
The car's shot.
That's OK.
These guys are giving us their Jeep.
You're dehydrated.
Drink some water.
I can't believe you got out of there.
I thought you'd be killed.
Those guys were trained soldiers
and we were outnumbered back there.
You know what?
I bet you're a Special Forces or something.
Special forces?
You clearly have advanced combat skills.
And you speak several languages.
So, that's where we're going
now, the Radar Station?
To the border, west, into the mountains.
It's big. We'll find it.
Find the Americans, find food, shelter...
Maybe someone there who knows your name.
Is that it?
What if it is not safe?
Like you said, nowhere is safe.
I mean, what if the Kenyans are right?
What if the Americans are involved?
- That's not possible.
- What if it is?
We show up at the
door, and then what?
Then we kill them!
Didn't we say we'd avoid towns?
Looks like we don't have a choice.
Wait, wait, wait, wait stop!
It's not good.
Could be a power surge.
Or something else.
The car is shorting out.
Go, go!
Don't stand there, run!
We have to do something.
We can get its attention.
We couldn't help them.
Someone's out there.
Someone's listening,
- No one is listening.
- You don't know that.
Can I get a large Pizza?
Actually, make it two large pizzas
with everything and extra cheese.
My whole family was in Paris.
All the big cities was
hit first in the heart, so...
Truth is I just think how I ...
... lost everyone.
Maybe I'm all alone.
It sounds easier that way.
Maybe I was always the guy with the gun.
Maybe I was an asshole.
You know...
I don't know how to say this.
Fighter jets.
You see? Someone is out there fighting.
We haven't lost yet.
- I heard it again
-I don't hear anything.
- Oh, I do.
-You hear the birds.
It's not the birds.
We can't keep stopping like this.
We gotta go faster.
- The car was faster.
-Yeah, the car was faster.
Do you hear it now?
...missions have to move in two days now.
Look,it's just a tape.
We don't know if you can hear or...
We have multiple reports of
explosions in downtown Nairob.
Multiple explosions
downtown I tell yous.
Ok. Everyone, I was told we
have to leave the station
Yes, yes, yes!
Yes, yes, OK
We must fight... these final hours...
... to refuse whatever
we were ever asked
to by the United States,
Europe, Asia... is the final days...
Right here in Africa, in Kenya
in the streets of Nairob...
the cradle of civilization may now...
may now be humankind's last hope...
Kenya, we must come together.
We must stand together,
we must fight together
Peace be with you Kenya.
- You hear that, don't you?
- Shut up!
But they will kill us, all of us.
Hurry, they come, spread!
We are all on the same side here.
Let us go.
Let her go!
Come on, come on, come on.
Watch out!
Keep low.
- Why are they doing this?
- They're poachers.
Look at them.
They're hunting.
Waiting for their prey
and we're their bait.
Just don't look.
That's one down.
Drop your weapon now!
Sun glinted off your lens.
I thought you were a sniper.
I could have shot you.
If I was a Sniper,
you'd be dead already.
Luckily these shots don't kill.
- Are you hurt?
- No.
Hurts when you graze your knee.
- I'm dying.
-I'm a Doctor.
Oh, congratulations ,
but you're a bit late.
- Let me have a look.
- No, please. Don't.
Seeing the wound the first
time was bad enough.
If we take this bandages off,
I don't think we're gonna get them back on.
Do you?
It's good to see you both.
You are the first people I've
seen in days that are actually,
breathing, moving around.
I was in Kosovo in 1998.
I saw terrible things.
Kandahar, Congo.
Nothing like this. Nothing.
So, what were you doing here?
My job.
When the ships came down,
I made a promise to myself..
... that I wouldn't stop shooting
until the battery died or I did.
The ships pulling people into the sky.
Where have you been, under a rock?
I got some great shots of the
ship landing. You can see this...
Oh God!
Here, look at this!
I was on assignment.
6 weeks doing a story on child soldiers.
These kids may have had nothing,
but they have all the
strength in the world.
I traveled with them.
As we move toward the city,
a storm closed in.
I didn't know it then, but
they taking over our power grid.
Using it. The world started to fall.
Everyone fled, but the child
soldiers, they pressed forward.
Then came the ships. Look!
I left the city,
as the ground forces moved in.
So, shot of a lifetime.
A child facing down a giant.
This is it.
This is the human spirit!
Tomorrow this picture could
rally the resistance.
That's why it has to live on.
That's why the heavenly
father sent you here.
-We have to go.
-We can't just leave him here.
- Yes you can!
- No! I won't!
Come on!
-Drink this!
-Don't spill on me.
Is that where you're from?
That's where we're going.
Do you know it?
I came that way.
Northwest of here across
the mountain plateau.
- So it's still standing?
- Yeah. was a few days ago.
We've seen it from a distance,
but we've lost it.
I took a picture of the dish.
I took pictures with ????????????.
If you're a clever little soldier, you
could work out where I took each picture.
Then you can track the way there
like digital record.
I'll trade you.
My camera for a bullet.
I have seen soldiers bleed
out on the field for days.
It's not gonna happen.
Now,you want my camera
And I want to give it you.
You can either pry it out
of my hands and be off,
or you can honor a dying
man's last request.
-Don't make us do this.
-Don't make me beg.
I know she won't do it. She's a doctor.
She's taken a bloody oath,
But you, you're a trained soldier.
You only kill people who want to live.
Stop talking.
Every second you delay,
is a second you put her life in danger.
You know that, now, come on.
You do your job.
I'm not gonna shoot you!
Doctor. Soldier.
Your sole purpose is to
heal, his is to harm.
And to get out you got to cancel
each other out, now don't you?
You have to kill me!
-And wouldn't someone...
-Be quiet!
You're useless, aren't you? Aren't you?
-Be quiet.
-You want me to be quiet?
You're gonna have to shut me up.
Shut me up, you son of a bitch!
Is this what you want?
The fight is to live and when
all is lost, I have to find it.
He took the picture standing right here.
He came this way.
-Damn it.
The battery.
Are you kidding?
This camera was our only chance of
finding the dish, now it's dead.
- I told you we would never get there.
- We'll get there.
Look, we're close. There are
only few more pictures left.
Damn it.
Now this...this is an awesome car.
It's an American car.
-It doesn't look like it will run.
-She'll run.
Come on. Come on.
Get in!
When the invasion began, people were
saying there were unmanned drones.
No pilot inside. Just
machines programmed to kill.
Drone warfare from god knows where.
They must have some weakness.
Something we can use against them.
We should go
Go! Go!
Go, Go, go, go!
- Come on.
- Come on, go faster.
-They are too fast.
-Oh, god, there's so many!
Go fast, the house. Go for the house!
I'm going.
Come on. Come on.
Hang on!
Nadia, here!
Come on!
Go, go, go, go, go!
I got you.
-Look at me. Look at me.
I'm out of bullets...I'm out of bullets.
Foxtrot this is Bravo One.
- Foxtrot, do you copy?
-You gotta kill me.
You got to kill me.
There's no one coming.
No one!
Someone's coming, somebody's coming. I'm
gonna get you help. I'm gonna get you help.
-You'll gonna kill me?
-You need to be quiet.
No one's coming. Please, you gotta do it!
To live is to fight.
Say it one more time.
To live is to fight.
To fight is to live.
When all is lost,
... you will be fine.
There he is.
-We're the ones who found you.
-We carried you, you big bastard.
-Where am I?
-On Day One ...
Some of the staff members from a
nearby medical center set up a triage.
-You're safe down here.
-Yeah, safe, for now.
You have to forgive my friend.
He worries too much.
Now, we are friends.
... I feel born again.
I'm Kara, He's Juma.
What is your name?
-And then they took her.
-Yeah, that's what they do.
They didn't kill her, they...
They took her and
then they vanished.
-We've all lost people here.
-I've got to find her.
-You can't find her; they have her now
-You don't understand.
I didn't know who I was.
-...and now...
-Now she's gone.
Look man, the ships, they take
people and don't come back.
But you are here now with us.
So an American soldier wakes up alone.
... in a jail cell somewhere near Nairobi.
Then no memory.
Walks god knows how many
kilometers to get here.
... and then the ship comes,
they take her friend.
So why didn't they take you?
We should take him to see Roderick.
Sorry, I didn't hear.
-This is the guy we found on the street.
-Roderick Mburu, Army engineer.
-You' looks like you're
building a weapon here.
-Not just a weapon, an EMP.
A high-voltage burst of energy,
just like a lightning bolt.
We have been running
test on smaller devices
and just yesterday we got
the frequency just right.
Now I can calibrate
the big girl.
The chief is getting her to
the right spot.
You see, Rod's got this crazy
idea to detonate it under a ship.
Do some real damage.
It's not crazy.
The problem is the ships only hover
low enough over huge crowds of people.
... a crowd surrounded by drone.
The idea is to put a grenade
under a hornet's nest.
We've never even gone close.
Rod, they didn't take him.
-What do you mean?
-They took his friend and left him behind.
They didn't take you?
Roderick, over.
Can you hear me?
The drones are revering into the
city, I've never seen this before.
-How many?
-A lot.
They are very fast.
They come from two sides.
-How long do we have?
-We need to move fast now.
-Every single person.
-The drone didn't take him.
- They must have tracked us.
To live is to fight. To fight is to live.
-It's me.
I remember.
They planted something in me. In my spine.
-What are you talking about?
-I lead them here.
I think they attack some of
us to find the rest of us.
They always follow me. They follow me
and then they killed everyone else.
They took Nadia. They are on
their way here right now.
There's your proof.
You never should have brought me here.
I've just killed all of you.
If the drones followed you here,
maybe they'll turn away if I
blow your goddam brains off!
Kara, put down your weapon.
-Kara, they're already coming .
-He brought them here.
Don't kill each other, Kara.
If you don't kill me, they'll follow me.
Let me lead them the way.
Well,it's too late for that!
You can shoot me
or you can let me help.
You need me.
I am the only one who can
get the CNP under the ship.
Every day I watch the drones throw out
people into this passage over here ...
... and the ships just take them away.
Beneath the station there is a
network of service tunnels.
Thats our best shot.
And the closest endpoint
is the tunnel over here.
So we've got to get the EMP
across town, through the tunnels,
- ... and then under the drones.
- And under the ship.
Then what happens?
Well, I do not know how they work,
but I do know Electromagnetism.
And once the ENP blasts off, the
ships and the drone are gonna fall.
What happens to the
people inside the ships?
Look, the people that we can save
are the ones on the ground, now.
America off the map.
China, Europe, all of it's gone.
For all we know, we're the last ones left.
Though, we have to do this, for everyone.
Let's go, guys.
Come on guys, come on! We
don't have much time.Come on.
Alright. Here are the
magnetic grenades. here.
Shoulder-fired rockets. Real stealthy.
Alright, guys. This is my baby, OK?
So I'm gonna make
sure she delivers.
Just in case I am not the one
hitting the fuze, listen up.
The four power packs, they go over here.
To detonate, we first hit the
primal switch,
-Then the kill switch.
-Primal switch, kill switch, let's go!
It's here, it's here.
Let's go.
-Everybody got out of this level.
Get back to the main camp!
We're leaving this area now. Come on guys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
That is not our exit. Let's keep going.
Come on!
There's more to come, come on!
Go, go! No, we took you.
-Get out of here.
-No, we'll carry you.
Give me your grenade!
-I promised I was going to take you back.
-You must never look back.
-You have 3 seconds after you pull the pen.
Roderick, Come on. Let's go.
So many people.
The blast radius is 100 meters.
It get to detonate
directly underneath the ship ...
But these people will be taken.
Got to get it just right.
We got to get these people out of here.
See, those drones form a cage.
We gotta open the door.
Find the grenade count.
Last one.
To live is to fight.
Everyone's out. Come on, guys.
Let's go, let's go!
They're coming. They're coming.
Come on. Come on. , get out of here.
Let's go!
You got it! Come on!
Over here, Roderick.
Theyre coming through the vents.
Come on. Come on.
Battery damaged..
It's not gonna work.
-Look at me. Look at me.
-I'm out of bullets.
Foxtrot Foxtrot Bravo One.
We have to evacuate everything.
-There's no one coming.
-You sound American.
-I'm not gonna die in here.
So shoot me.
-To live is to fight.
-There's no more time.
To live is to fight. To fight is to live.
And when all is lost, I will be found.
-What am I doing here?
-You sound American.
-You're not sure?
-I am confused.
-What's your name?
-I don't know.
-You come back for me?
My name is Nadia.
OK, Mr.I don't know, I'll call you Bo.
It worked.
It worked.
Are you okay?
337 Washington Boulevard .
That's where I learned to ride a bike.
That's where I grew up.
Okay, okay, soldier. So what's your name?
I'm going with Bo.