Revolt At Fort Laramie (1957) Movie Script

All right, close up.
Looks like they've
been in trouble.
A pity. They waste
their ammunition
on the Indians.
Soon they will need their
bullets to kill each other.
Yes, dear lady, very dead,
but fortunately,
not your captain.
Come in.
The detail's returned, sir.
It has?
They've been in action,
Major. One dead.
I think it's Tatum.
The Captain is capable of making
his own report.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant, dismiss the men.
Question, sir.
What is it?
Is there any news from the east in that
mail pouch, Captain?
We, we've been kind of
worried about the,
the situation, sir.
The mail pouch will be
opened by your commanding officer.
Until then, try to
remember this is the army,
and not a political
debating society.
All right, Sergeant.
Detail, dismissed.
Jamie! Jamie!
Have a hard day, soldier?
I earned my pay.
Who will I spend it on?
Get yourself a wife
and find out.
Well, supposing you find
me a nice girl, Melissa.
A nice one wouldn't love you like I do.
Er, mail pouch, sir.
Howdy, miss.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
You report to Uncle Seth
and then you'd better rest up.
For the dance?
For after the dance.
Captain Tenslip, you have won
a great victory, eh?
We saved the mail,
The Sioux haven't
attacked a supply wagon
in five months now.
They think the gold
was coming in today?
Shall I question
the prisoners?
We took no prisoners.
For all we know, Sarge,
the shooting's already
started back home.
You don't know,
so let it go at that.
Yeah, sure hate to think
of busting up those pretty
Southern states of yours.
Sergeant Darrach!
I want a burial party
outside the gates.
Right now!
Yes, sir.
Are you sure it was
Red Cloud who attacked the wagon?
It's his warriors, sir.
No doubt about it.
He wants that gold.
Possibly. But his
logic escapes me.
Little more than a week.
We will be placing the gold
in Red Cloud's hands.
Why would he
want to steal it?
For ethical reasons,
I'd say.
Most peculiar
code of ethics.
He didn't learn
them at West Point.
Go on, Captain.
If he accepts the gold,
he can't fight you for a year
without breaking his word.
By stealing it he can
go to war and still
retain his honor.
A war now would be inopportune.
It will come, Major.
This country's being
opened up to the settlers.
That's a clear violation
of our agreement with the Indians.
Of course
you're right, Jamie.
But unlike Red Cloud
I did learn my craft
at West Point.
Our orders are to
facilitate settlement.
I intend to follow them.
Ride into a war?
If necessary.
I've been informed that
the gold shipment has
already left Fort Torrington.
I shall rely on you
to see that it
reaches here safely.
Yes, sir.
You also rely on Red Cloud?
I don't see that
Red Cloud's intentions
alter the situation.
He's already made
one stab at
the gold, Major.
Do you think he will let the
next wagon go through?
No, I think it's quite
possible he will
raid the wagon,
but as I said, Captain,
the gold has already left.
We have no choice
but to defend it as
best we possibly can.
I will inform you as to the
time and place of
your rendezvous.
Very well, sir.
Is there any news
from the east?
That will be all, Captain.
Please tell Mr. Salignac,
I wish to see him here
at once.
Yes, sir.
At your service, sir.
I want a message
delivered to Red Cloud.
Yes, Major?
You will leave immediately.
Tell Red Cloud that
the attack today
disturbed me greatly.
Tell him the warriors
must be punished.
Tell him six days hence
I will meet with him here
to accept his apologies.
Oh, yes. And for this
Red Cloud will
roast me on a fire, uh?
I mean, no more Salignac,
no more Indian scout.
Tell him any way
you want.
That's my message.
And then maybe
he come here
and burn you, eh?
And then perhaps you
have two wars,
uh, Major?
There will be no war
between the States.
Oh, good.
But if there is,
then the good Major
from Virginia
and poor Salignac,
we're not so
different, eh?
I mean, am I Indian
or white man?
The battle, it rages
in here, Major. Huh?
Today I am a white man.
Oh, but tomorrow.
And you, are you of
the South, or you a
soldier from Washington?
How will your blood
battle? Huh, Major?
Sarge, what's Tatum's
wife gonna do now?
Go back to Boston,
I guess.
Don't look so glum, boy.
Sooner or later we will all
get one of these here
wooden discharges.
Shouldn't we ought to
do something for Molly?
Well, I got a half-month's
pay check I don't
know what to do with.
I will match it.
It's all right with me.
Well, if it ain't
the noble savage.
Well, who you spying for
today, Salignac?
I go to see Red Cloud.
You are a brave man.
Maybe you wish
to come with me, huh?
Me? I ain't got enough
Indian blood.
No. You are a gentleman
of the South.
And you, Sergeant,
you have a great thing
to celebrate at the dance.
What do you mean
by that, Salignac?
You have a new president.
A man called, er, Davis.
But maybe your Mr. Lincoln
will have him shot, huh?
Old man Jeff Davis will
show 'em.
I just bet he will.
The only thing he will show
is his renegade back
when he starts running.
You ain't calling him
no renegade.
Who you reckon's
gonna chase him,
I always thought a company of
Union troops ought to see
the color of your rebel guts.
Corporal of the guard!
That's enough.
Well, what about it?
What started this?
The South, sir, like always.
And we will finish it.
You're at attention!
Sergeants Darrach and Cooper,
you're confined to barracks
until further orders.
Now return to the Fort.
What're you gonna do,
They've been building
this for weeks.
The sooner it's
forgotten, the better.
That fight isn't the end
it's only the beginning.
Not here.
Not, on this post.
You can't just ignore
what's happening.
What do you want us to do?
Choose up sides and wait
for someone to declare war?
No, if there is a war there
won't be much happiness
passed around, will there?
Oh, Jamie. Let's take
what we can now, Jamie.
Darling, marry me.
Marry me now.
I'm afraid. I'm afraid
the whole earth
will crack wide open
and swallow us.
Will our marriage
save us then?
You're so sure...
Of loving you,
of each other.
And the other loves? Your
family, friends, everything
you've ever known.
Everything I might have
to fight against some day.
Darling, I don't want
to be a statesman,
or a soldier,
or even a Virginian,
I just want to be
the captain's wife.
And I promise not
to shoot at you
across the barricade.
We will have to get
your uncle's permission.
Oh, Jamie.
Major Bradner!
Captain, what was that
brawl about between
Darrach and Cooper?
Only a difference
of opinion, sir.
I dare say.
In the future I expect
you to restrain your men
from such differences.
Yes, sir. Uh...
Is there something else?
Well, sir, it's about
your niece.
Yes, Melissa told me.
Do you think this is
a propitious time
for such a marriage?
I do, sir.
I quite agree.
Permission granted.
I hope you will permit
the honor to announce
your engagement
at the dance,
tonight, Jamie?
Why, yes, sir.
If you'd do us
the honor, sir.
Congratulations, Jamie.
Pleasure to have you
in the family.
Thank you, sir.
I beg your pardon,
sir, may I?
You may.
Thank you, my dear.
Bless you, my children.
Thank you.
We're the victims
of a rumor.
Evening, Captain. Miss.
Charming couple, Jamie.
Thanks, Doc.
Poor Uncle Seth.
He will make such
a lovely speech
and nobody will
be surprised.
I will.
Oh, will you now?
You know, Melissa,
when you came out here
three months ago.
I thought to myself,
now there's a bold
and beautiful girl
to kiss in the moonlight,
but don't get
too involved, Captain.
And I thought, there's
a fine young man to
kiss me in the moonlight.
I think I will involve
him permanently.
Jamie, you will be riding
escort for the gold,
won't you?
In a few days. Routine.
No, it isn't,
Uncle Seth told me.
It will always be routine,
Melissa. For the both
of us from now on.
Yes, sir.
I got myself a soldier.
Sergeant of the guard!
Sergeant of the guard!
You will pardon me,
Mrs. Ricketts. Major.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
Pony express. I guess
he heard about us, too.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your
attention, please.
I want to make
an announcement.
It will come as no
surprise to any of you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
as commandant of Fort Laramie,
it's my duty to report
to you the news that
has just reached me.
Fort Sumter
has been fired on.
President Lincoln has
called for immediate
military intervention
against the
Southern states.
Better go to your
quarters, Melissa.
They sure didn't waste
any time splitting us up
into separate barracks.
We ain't got any time
to waste either.
Everybody's here now
and it's coming.
Anybody wants to pull out.
Now's the time.
You know my feelings, Sarge.
I say we light out for Texas,
and join the
Confederate Army.
Shoot, there isn't
enough of us.
We'd never get through.
How many can we count on?
Ten, I know that
many will ride with us.
What about your barracks?
Got nine.
Two or three
and that's all.
I can deliver six, maybe more.
What about you?
I got nothing but Yanks.
Well, I got a dozen myself.
How many's that make, Ezra?
Not enough.
They outnumber us
three to one.
How about the Major?
He's from Virginia,
ain't he?
You didn't expect to see
him here tonight, did you?
Use your head, mister.
When we ride out of here
the Major will be
first in line.
Three to one against us.
That won't matter,
if we strike first.
Now the Sarge's got
it all worked out.
We will split up into
three detachments. The
first will take the arsenal.
That will be me. You take
a third of the men and take
the quartermaster's store.
Ezra, here, he will
cover the stables.
We will have the
horses, the supplies
and the ammunition.
The Yankee's will
have to surrender.
Or fight with nothing.
When do we move?
The day after the wagon
gets in with the gold.
And then, when
we get to Texas
with $50,000,
they will turn the
place over to us.
We will be lucky to get
there with our hair on.
We gotta go right through
Sioux territory.
I will fight with the
next man, I just don't
like to see no massacre.
Are you in or out,
I'm in. Got a right
to talk, ain't I?
The rest of you
with us?
Count on me.
Count on me.
Let's go, come on.
All right, let's
everybody split up.
Ezra and I will
go talk to the Major.
Did you talk to Caswell?
Yeah. He's waiting to take
us to the old man now.
All right, let's go,
I made some fresh coffee.
Oh, good.
You'd do best to get
some sleep, my dear.
It's quite late.
What's gonna happen,
Uncle Seth?
To the Fort?
I'm sure I don't know.
To me, I will try
to do my duty,
whatever that may be.
Have you discussed the
future with Jamie?
There's nothing to discuss.
You will still marry him?
Of course.
I wish my decision
was so sure.
God grant you
peace of mind, Melissa.
There will be little enough
of it in the days ahead.
Come in.
Request to speak
to the Major, sir.
Personal matter.
Well, yes, very well Melissa,
my dear, would you...
I will stop over at
Molly Tatum's for a minute.
Goodnight, Uncle Seth.
Goodnight, my dear.
What is it, Caswell?
Two of the men, sir.
Like to talk to the Major.
Can't they see
Captain Tenslip?
It's only for the
Major's ears, sir.
Wouldn't take a minute.
Can't it wait till morning?
No, sir, it can't.
They're right outside, sir.
Very well, send them in.
Thank you, sir.
I'm sorry, Major, but...
Did you ever hear of
military channels, Sergeant?
I have. But this
concerns us, sir,
not Captain Tenslip.
Who is "us"?
Confederate soldiers.
I've received no orders
regarding Southern troops.
Sure, Major, we just wanted
you to know you can
count on your friends.
I can? And to accomplish
precisely what?
Well, sir, we're outnumbered,
but the way we see it,
if we hit first, we can grab
the guns and the supplies,
and the gold when it comes in.
Then light out
for Texas, sir.
In short, an act of mutiny
and of theft.
An act of
patriotism, sir.
All quiet, Johnny?
Like a real quiet fuse.
I keep waiting for
something to explode.
Well, it won't be tonight.
Molly Tatum's asleep.
There will be no more
war for her.
She bargained for
that when she married
him, Melissa.
Oh, Jamie, it's such
a cruel bargain.
The enemy he fought
was her enemy.
It won't be that
simple for us.
But, Jamie, your job is here.
You won't be fighting
the Confederacy.
I could be ordered
back east tomorrow.
But you're needed here
at Fort Laramie like,
like Uncle Seth.
Melissa, my government
was attacked
at Fort Sumter.
My comrades were shot at.
It's my war, Melissa.
I will do my best
to fight in it.
I see. Of course
you will, Jamie.
Shall I go back to Virginia
and wait for your invasion?
You will have to decide
that for yourself.
Will you marry me?
It won't work,
will it?
I was so sure
it wouldn't matter.
The war won't
last forever.
Oh, Jamie,
I do love you.
Captain, I gotta talk
to you. It's important.
Hendrey, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
All right, come in.
All right, trooper.
Well, what is it?
You can talk in front
of the lieutenant.
Sir, I think you
ought to know, there's
gonna be trouble.
It's the Southerners.
What about 'em?
They had a meeting
tonight, in the stables.
Well, you're from the South
yourself, aren't you?
Yes, sir, I am. I was at
the meeting and I tried
to talk 'em out of it.
Only they wouldn't listen.
Talk 'em out of what?
They're gonna take over
the Fort, sir. They got it
all worked out.
They're gonna grab the
weapons and supplies, and
head for Texas with the gold.
You're sure of this?
Yes, sir. They figure
they're at war
and it's them or you.
How do you feel about it?
Oh, they haven't got
a chance, sir.
Why, if you don't
wipe 'em out,
the Indians will.
Sounds pretty wild
to me, Jamie.
A bunch of hot-heads
pumping themselves up
in the dark.
They will forget it
in the morning.
Begging your pardon,
Lieutenant. But I don't think
so, the Major's in with them.
Do you know what
you're saying, man?
Yes, sir, they went to
see him tonight.
He will have 'em all
in the guardhouse.
They left there
five minutes ago,
and they went back
to the barracks.
You'd better get back
there yourself. And keep
this quiet, understand?
Oh, yes, sir. I'm not
about to advertise it.
I only reported this
because I thought I was
doing my duty, sir,
I'm sure your devotion
will be rewarded.
Thank you, sir.
Goodnight, Captain.
Do you think he was
telling the truth?
Of course he was.
But the Major... Jamie,
he's got 20 years service.
He's a West Pointer.
And a Virginian.
Well, what're we gonna do?
What would you suggest?
Arrest him?
He's Commanding Officer.
All we can do is sit
and wait for it to
blow up in our faces.
Took me a little walk.
Spring sure is in the air.
What's the matter, Sarge?
Did I forget to put my
pants on or something?
Look away, look away,
look away Dixie land
I wish I was in Dixie
I didn't tell 'em,
I had to see the Captain
about something else.
I didn't tell 'em anything.
I will take my stand
to lib and die in Dixie
Away, away,
away down South in Dixie
Away, away
Away down South in Dixie
I wish I was
in the land of cotton.
Old times there
are not forgotten
Look away, look away
Look away, Dixie land
I wish I was in Dixie
Now ain't that just awful?
I bet we can do a lot
better than that.
John Brown's body lies
a-moldering in the grave.
Come on!
John Brown's body lies
a-moldering in the grave
John Brown's body lies
a-moldering in the grave
John Brown's body lies
a-moldering in the grave
But his soul goes
marching on
I will take my stand
To lib and die in Dixie
Come on, sing, sing.
Look away, look away
John Brown's body lies
a-moldering in the grave
But his soul goes
marching on
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Look away, look away
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
His soul is marching on.
What is it? What's wrong?
Stay inside, Melissa.
Looking kindly down
The stars of heaven are
looking kindly down
The stars of heaven are...
Yes, sir.
Of old John Brown.
Those maniacs.
Bugler, blow assembly!
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Within the walls of this
fort is a company of the
Army of the United States.
The States
are no longer united.
Each of you has chosen
his own loyalty.
Perhaps there are some
of you who have yet to
make that decision.
Whichever way you chose,
you will for the present time,
continue to exist together.
In anger,
if necessary with hatred,
but within this fort
you will remain
a company of soldiers.
That order doesn't come
from me or from Washington.
That order comes
from Red Cloud
and his warriors.
Captain Tenslip, be good
enough to come to my office,
first thing in the morning.
Yes, sir.
All right, Sergeant,
dismiss your men.
Company, dismissed.
Jamie, I assume you
know the ring leaders
of last night's outbreak?
Yes, sir.
Most of them.
They will compose
your detachment to
escort the gold.
You will leave immediately
and you will meet the wagon
at Tomahawk Crossing.
Will my men include
the ring leaders on
both sides, Major?
Or just the North?
Both sides.
Now suppose you
explain that remark?
I'm fully aware of the
rebel plot to take over
this fort and steal the gold.
I'm also aware, Major,
that last night you met
with their leaders.
Captain Tenslip,
I do not intend to
submit the conduct
of this office to you
for your judgment
or your approval.
You will please
carry out my orders.
If my suspicions are wrong,
Major, I apologize.
And I'd suggest you allow
me to convoy the gold
directly to Red Cloud.
In view of our own
I have no assurance
that Red Cloud
will honor the treaty.
He will get no gold
from us until we hear
from Salignac.
Salignac? Major, I'd sooner
trust Red Cloud himself.
Well, it appears, Captain,
that you're just short
on trust all around.
Come in!
Sir, the body of one of
the troopers was just
found outside the gate.
Whose body?
Hendrey, sir.
He was scalped.
But not by a Sioux.
That's all, Serrell.
You know anything
about this?
Hendrey, Major, was
the man who informed
me of the rebel plot.
I will make a complete
In the meantime,
you will convoy
the gold.
Back to the Fort, sir?
Back to the Fort, Captain.
This is all Sioux
territory over to here.
They will hit the supply
wagon either here or
at the bend of the river.
Well, if they come from
here they will have to
attack from the south.
That's right.
We haven't seen a Sioux
in the two days
we've been
south of the river.
They're down there
Any trouble?
No, sir. Got close enough
to eat with them.
Where are they?
About two miles
due south, sir.
A large war party.
Very well. Go get
yourself some rations.
Thank you, sir.
A surprise attack before
dawn might scatter 'em
before the supply wagon
comes through.
By the time we got down
there we wouldn't
even find a campfire.
You think they've been
scouting us, too?
A trooper passed you
that tin of rations a few
minutes ago, didn't he?
Who was it?
I didn't notice.
It was too dark to see.
Next time, Lieutenant,
take a better look.
Yes, sir.
Lash the horses together
and detail a few men to
ford the stream with them.
We're gonna walk
the rest of the way.
The men are
awfully tired, sir.
Tell that to the Sioux,
Let me in on it.
They've established our
presence here. Now we're
gonna slip past them on foot.
That will put the Sioux
between us and the Fort.
We will never be able
to fight our way back.
We will fight
some other day.
Tomorrow we run.
Men, Carl, Come on.
Take them across
through there. Hurry up.
Come on, let's
hurry it up.
We will be sitting
out there like ducks
on a pond.
If we'd slip back
downstream while
it was dark.
It will be tough enough
to run it in the daylight.
Great, we get ourselves
shot full of holes
and the rebels get the gold.
They haven't
got it yet.
All right, shove off.
My congratulations,
Where'd you come from?
From your enemy.
From Red Cloud.
You know, one of these days,
Salignac, you're gonna
happen along either too early
or too late.
Then we will know
which side you're on.
You men, unload it.
The gold's intact, sir,
but we lost two men.
I will take charge
of the gold.
Jake, the Major will
need some help putting
that gold in the safe.
See that, he gets it.
Yeah, I know
what you mean.
You men are dismissed.
That will be all,
Please have
Mr. Salignac come in.
Have a hard day, soldier?
Earned my pay
I'm sorry, I didn't get
a chance to say
goodbye before you left.
We both got
kind of busy.
Jamie, I'm going back
to Virginia.
As soon as I can arrange
it with Uncle Seth.
Like a fellow once said,
"The war won't last forever."
If you play your cards
right maybe you can ride to
Texas with your Uncle Seth.
Or do you already
know about that?
What do you mean?
He and the rest of the
rebels are planning to jump
out of here with the gold.
That's not true.
Ask him.
He wouldn't do that,
Jamie, he couldn't.
Why not?
The Mason-Dixon line
runs right down the
middle of that square.
The only neutrals are out
in that graveyards.
Then you will not want
to be consorting
with the enemy.
The war goes well
for you, huh, Major?
You may go, Mr. Salignac.
Red Cloud refuses to
come to the Fort.
Is that Salignac's
Salignac was merely
the intermediary.
No, Red Cloud has offered
to meet us in two days
at the bend of the river.
What would you do?
I'd ride it in full force
to meet him, sir.
And pay over the gold.
If you recall, my orders
are to withhold the gold
until we are aware of
Red Cloud's intentions.
Are those Union orders,
or Confederate?
There you have it.
The bitterest choice
of all. Whether to break
your oath or your heart.
I've always had the
greatest admiration for
your decisiveness, Jamie.
Which call would
you listen to?
I don't have any choice
to make, Major.
You have now.
I've just received word to
release all Southern troops
whose loyalty to the Union
is in doubt.
As my last official act,
Major Tenslip,
you are now
Acting Commandant
of Fort Laramie.
Effective immediately, sir?
For your first command.
Good luck, Jamie.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir?
Will you send
Sergeant Darrach in.
Reporting, sir,
Sergeant Darrach,
pass the word along
that any Southern trooper
who desires it
may receive an
honorable discharge.
I'm ready to ride South
to Texas with them.
What about the gold,
Son, we can either
leave the gold or
our honor behind.
Which would you choose?
We've never questioned
the Major's orders before
and we ain't about
to do it now.
The gold in the safe,
We will ride whenever
you're ready.
Yes, sir.
Major, you don't stand a
chance of getting through.
You've got a 100 miles
of Sioux territory
to cross.
We're no longer soldiers,
the Sioux have no
quarrel with us.
I'm sorry, Jamie,
this is between
Red Cloud and you now.
Now may I borrow
your office?
Major, so Major Bradner
has made his decision.
Someday I must
make mine.
I will save you the
trouble, Salignac,
I will give you exactly
15 minutes to clear out
of this Fort.
You are a foolish man.
No, just a careful one.
You can ride out
with the Southerners
or go back to the Sioux.
Oh, but you see,
again you ask me
to make a choice.
Uncle Seth,
have a good ride.
My dear,
if I could take you...
I know. I wouldn't
want you to be
wasting your time
protecting us
womenfolk out there
I will stay here
with the others.
If a relieving garrison
comes through, I'm sure
Jamie will see you get home.
If it's up to Jamie, I'm
more likely to see the
inside of an internment camp.
I suppose that's what
this is now, isn't it?
No, it's still Fort Laramie.
Jamie's the same man.
You're the same woman.
Bye, Uncle Seth.
Bye, Melissa.
He will get through,
If you're very lucky, Major,
one day you may have the
opportunity of fighting him.
I will move my things
from your new quarters.
Isn't that Red Cloud himself?
Yes, Major.
I guess he is here
for the powwow and to
receive his tribute.
I'd almost forgotten.
Yesterday seems
a year away.
Well, we will deliver
Major Tenslip's message.
They're not hostile.
They think we've
come here for
the powwow.
Remember, we're not
soldiers this time.
Tell Chief Red Cloud,
The Chief returns the
greetings and hopes the
white chief is well.
Tell him I'm no
longer white chief.
He asks why you have
come to the powwow if you
are no longer soldiers.
Tell him we're on a journey
and that Major Tenslip
is now in command.
He will powwow with the
chief when we're safely
through Sioux territory.
What does he say?
He thinks it is a trick.
If the gold is not paid today
as was promised, he will
not be bound by the treaty.
Well he's bluffing.
Without that gold
he can't fight a war.
Lies, lies.
White chief not tell truth.
Make treaty with
Red Cloud, no keep word.
Drive Sioux off his
hunting grounds.
Scare game away.
Not pay gold.
Red Cloud fight.
We will ride on.
Gentlemen, if you know
any prayers, say them now,
Circle the wagons!
Cease fire.
Here comes some more.
Over here.
Sergeant Darrach,
are there any casualties?
Doesn't appear to be, Major.
Mr. Updike, strengthen
the perimeter for
the next attack.
Look, Major,
a flag of truce.
This attack was to show us
they mean business. Now, we
will be invited to surrender.
Mr. Salignac, please
go out and talk to them.
At your service, sir.
Sergeant Darrach,
build up the defenses.
All right, Major.
Some of you men, let's get
these wagons closed up.
Well, Mr. Salignac?
Chief Red Cloud
sends his respects, Major.
He says he has no
quarrel with men who are
no longer soldiers.
What does he want?
You Major.
You're crazy!
Quiet, Go on,
Mr. Salignac.
Red Cloud wants you
as a hostage.
He does not believe that
the Fort will refuse
to pay a bounty for you.
If you surrender your men
will receive safe travel
through Sioux territory.
Otherwise, you will be
killed to the last man.
Tell Red Cloud I accept.
You can't do it, sir.
When he finds out Tenslip
won't pay the ransom,
he will have you killed.
No, but not without certain
unpleasant ceremonies.
I am quite aware
of that, Mr. Salignac.
We won't stand for it, sir.
Not one of us.
If you go out there, Major,
we will all go with you.
We will all be killed.
I appreciate your
loyalty, gentlemen,
even though it's a
foolish one but I'm
making this an order.
Begging your pardon, sir.
Civilians don't take
orders. They vote.
The polls are open, men.
All in favor of staying
with the Major say aye.
You got your answer,
Now take it back
to Red Cloud.
Major, you are in command
of a troop of imbeciles.
But I congratulate you.
Here they come.
They will wait
till morning now.
And we will still be here.
Major, Salignac's gone.
He sold us out.
Dirty half-breed.
It wasn't his battle.
How's the ammunition
holding out?
It ain't very good, Major.
I'm about out.
We can't fight
with our bare hands.
We better keep an eye on him.
He will slip out after dark
and surrender himself.
He won't go alone.
Well, let's make sure
he doesn't go at all.
I've got to see Major Tenslip. Open the gate.
Open the gate.
Come in.
Sir, Salignac's
at the gates.
But he left with
Major Bradner's men.
Yes, sir.
He's awful anxious
to see you.
I told you to stay clear
of Fort Laramie.
Oh, you will
forgive me, sir,
but Major Bradner's
men have been ambushed
by the Sioux.
They are surrounded.
To the south
of Devil's Gorge.
The truth?
Yes, the truth.
Salignac, if this is
a trick I will see you
hanged from that gate.
Serrell! Send
Lieutenant Waller
to my office.
Yes, sir.
I perform one honorable act
and he wants to hang me.
Salignac, what are
their chances?
They don't have any.
You can't just take
Salignac's word for it,
And if I refuse his word?
The Major dies
and every man with him.
And Red Cloud
will run wild out there.
Now if it's a trap you will
be committing the worst
military blunder since
the Charge of the
Light Brigade.
The Major always knew
everything that
happened in this fort.
You see most of it
from this window.
Things look different
from in here.
Maybe you can
see the view for
yourself some day.
Call out the men.
I will take a volunteer
Yes, sir.
Jamie, you are going?
You know, you don't have
to do this for my sake.
Melissa, if I'm sure of
nothing else,
I know this is right.
And that's not easy
to decide any longer.
Oh, it used to be simple
enough. Fight the enemy,
hate them, defeat them.
But with men like
Major Bradner
on the other side, it's...
Well, I can say no worse
of them than they fought
for what they believed in.
I believe I have
to go to his help.
That's the best answer
I can give you, Melissa.
Jamie. Uncle Seth says
we're the same people,
we've always been.
Have we changed,
you and I?
I will always love you,
Oh, Jamie.
Something I could do,
Yes, you should get
as much sleep as
you can, Caswell.
Yes, sir.
So should you, sir.
Oh, I was just
stretching my legs.
Well, I will walk with you.
What is it?
Sioux campfires.
Make a circle.
The Major's men
must be in the center.
Yes, sir.
I want to get through
the Sioux lines and make
contact with Major Bradner.
Think you can find
an opening?
I think I can make one.
Take as many men
as you need.
I only need one hole,
I'll only need one man.
Major! Major, wake up.
Wake up, wake up.
What is it?
The Sioux, I think
they're sneaking up.
What is this?
I was afraid you'd walk
in your sleep, Major.
Well, of all...
Take it off.
Yes, sir.
Over here.
Some mess you Rebs
got yourself into.
You alone?
Major Tenslip's out there
with a detachment,
right on the other side
of the Indian lines.
Can you get through?
I will go back
and bring them back.
But you make sure
you hold your fire
when we get here.
That won't be hard.
We ain't got very much
ammunition left.
Is that right? You Southern
boys must don't know
how to fight a war, do you?
Now listen, mister...
As you were.
We need all the help
we can get.
We will be back
before daybreak.
Hey, Coop.
Good luck.
You know, I bet you
really mean that.
We still have a surprise
waiting for them.
Yes sir.
Oh, you will
need this Major.
I resigned
my commission.
That doesn't take effect
till after the battle.
You're still
in command, sir.
Serrell, look out!
Eighteen dead.
They fought good.
They were soldiers.
I'm sorry about
the Major, sir.
Men, Red Cloud
will lick his wounds
for a few weeks.
Now you can ride on
or re-enlist.
The choice is still yours.
Thank you, Major.
It ain't gonna be any easier,
but I think we better go on.
We will take charge
of the casualties.