Rewind (2013) Movie Script

The mayor's office is
remaining silent on the matter,
only to say that the truck
was found abandoned in midtown
and that the bomb squad
has been deployed.
Look at this.
Mercury level triggers.
Can't even move
this damn thing.
His name is Rourke.
He's an American.
He's a scientist
of some distinction...
What do we know?
The suspect's Benjamin Rourke,
an American-born physicist.
And he wasn't
on a watch list somewhere?
How did we not see this coming?
It's not that simple, Roy.
Must be something
out of a training camp...
where was he radicalized?
- This is the report.
- This guy is salt of the earth.
His father served in
the state department 48 years.
This is Rourke in 1989.
- Is that a...
- Nobel prize.
We'd be on that watch list
before he would.
How wide
is our potential damage?
Based on what our people
know, Mr. President,
they're saying
that a detonation...
Would be total.
9 million at least,
plus the fallout.
What are they doing?
Beating this guy
is giving us nothing.
He was wearing a wedding ring.
Sir, you gotta
let me talk to him.
We've already been over this.
Cocktail's coming in.
If you do that, this guy's
mind is just gonna disappear.
It is not up to me.
Order came down.
Look, this guy
turned himself in.
He has a reason for that.
Let me talk to him.
Knox, we are out of time.
Talk to me, man.
Whatever you're thinking about,
let's just talk it out.
Are you listening to me?
What the hell is he doing?
Open the door!
I think we need to talk.
What the hell's
taking them so long?
We should have had
that damn code by now.
Easy. Easy.
Open this door!
What are you finding there,
Mr. Knox?
Honestly, Rourke,
you're not a terrorist.
You came in here
with no intention
of giving us that code.
I see a man with an idea
in his mind,
and he won't let go.
But mostly, I see a man
who's still wearing
his wedding ring
37 years after
the death of his wife.
So maybe we should
talk about her.
She's so beautiful.
She doesn't aged, does she?
Time cannot change her.
What is this...
in your mind?
Is this about a guy
who believes
that blowing up New York
will somehow
bring his dead wife back?
Do you have anyone there,
Mr. Knox?
A wife of your own, perhaps?
- Jess, is that you?
- Hi, Danny.
Sorry, I was calling Sean back.
Sean is interrogating
a suspect right now.
He wanted me to answer.
Where are you right now?
Uh, still in New York.
I just left a deposition.
Listen, um...
Something's happened.
You gotta get out
of the city right now.
Danny, what's going on?
Go! Don't ask, Jess.
Danny, I need to know.
There is a nuclear threat
in Manhattan, Jess,
and it's real.
How long?
You only have a few minutes.
Open this door!
Open this door!
In your journals,
you talk about
a life-creating
act of destruction.
Every act of creation
is first an act of destruction.
That's Picasso, actually.
I can't claim credit.
Listen, Rourke.
If there's something
we need to know,
then you need to talk...
Why is Sylvia important?
How will doing this
bring her back?
I'm not going, Danny.
- No, Jess!
- Danny, don't...
Get Sean on the phone
right now.
Don't, please.
There's not enough time
and there's no point, okay?
If he's doing what I think
he's doing, he has to focus.
Look, it doesn't matter
what happened between you two,
but, uh...
It never changed how he feels.
Promise you'll look after him.
You know,
I was beginning to despair.
Before you walked in that door,
no one was listening to me.
Rourke, help me understand.
Well, you do hear me,
don't you, Mr. Knox?
You understand why I've come.
No, I don't understand!
Tell me what I need to know.
Knox, it's not me who's
gonna bring my wife back.
It's you.
- Get in there!
- Wait!
Get him the hell out of here.
You're the only one
who can save her,
but it can't happen here.
Wait! He's trying
to tell me something!
How far have they gotten?
I'm sorry, Mr. President.
Rewind 01x01
It's not me
who's going
to bring my wife back.
It's you.
At ease.
Hi, Sean.
I guess I don't have to ask
how you've been.
Never better.
I heard you'd been
Rourke's notebooks.
A little light reading.
You find anything?
Sean, I know everyone
doesn't hold this opinion,
but I don't believe
that this was your fault.
9 million people, general.
I know.
You know, she wasn't...
supposed to be there.
She gave me one more chance
with that Libya thing
last year...
Said if I signed up
for another mission,
she was gone.
I didn't believe her.
The grand jury's handing down
its verdict next week.
- They won't go easy on you.
- Well...
When they make up their minds,
they know where to find me.
I just... I went in there
thinking that I had...
I had some kind of answers!
I spent weeks
poring through this,
every... every thought,
every little bit
of information.
There's nothing here.
He was insane.
What if he wasn't?
What if Benjamin Rourke
had some purpose
when he turned himself in
that day
and you were the only one
who saw it?
why do I get the feeling
you didn't come here
just to ease my conscience?
I want to bring you in
on something.
This is an approval
for a 48-hour furlough.
Top secret... you'll be under
my personal supervision.
You gotta be kidding me.
The president has authorized me
to pull together
a measure of recourse.
What... what recourse,
You think... you think anything
we do right now
is gonna make this better?
Things don't get better now,
I took a chance.
I blew it.
I can't get her back.
And no matter what
that grand jury says,
it's not gonna be worse
than knowing that.
we've known each other too long
to waste time like this.
Here's how this
is going to work.
one of my men will be here
to take you
to an undisclosed location.
It's very simple.
You have a choice.
You stay here,
keep feeling sorry for yourself,
and nothing changes.
Or you go with them,
clean yourself up,
get your act together,
and be a part of this operation.
You haven't even told me..
what the operation is, general.
It's a second chance, Sean...
An opportunity
to make things right.
You have clearance
to tell me why we're here yet?
Danny, I'm in the dark
just as much as you are.
But we're about to find out.
Sean, it's good to see you.
You remember my partner,
Danny Gates.
Of course.
I'm really glad
you're both able to be here.
Welcome aboard, Knox.
I'm pleased you decided
to come along on this mission.
You look like you've been
keeping busy down here.
Yeah, looks like the bat cave.
You want to tell me
what this is about, sir?
It's probably best
if I show you.
Come on.
Please don't step any closer.
That line is there
for a reason.
Dr. Bryce, I'd like you
to meet Sean Knox
and Daniel Gates.
I'm assigning them
to work on your team.
Knox was one of my most
trusted field operatives.
Yes, well, I'm sure
they're both highly qualified.
Let's not start this again,
shall we?
I don't mean any offense,
but soldiers who specialize
in high-stress situations...
there have actually
been studies that show
they demonstrate
very little brain activity.
I don't see how
that's exactly pertinent.
They're not qualified
for this mission.
She's talking about
reduced neural flow.
It's an adrenaline thing.
Has the effect of slowing down
mental acuity.
Fewer decisions
decreases the likelihood
of cognitive paralysis.
Not that I really read
the studies.
Somebody want to tell me
what this is?
We're standing in the core
of the most powerful
particle collider ever built.
Most colliders cap out at 27%.
It's a stability concern.
We found a way
to push through that.
Earlier this year,
our system went online
at 82% capacity...
At which point,
this window appeared.
So it's, what,
some kind of hologram?
A video projection
of a grassy field?
No, it's a little more
complicated than that.
The window is a rupture
in the wave function
of the universe.
It's unstable,
prone to changing suddenly
and in irregular fashion.
Every time a new window
opens up,
we send a probe inside
to look around.
Here's what we got
from the current location.
That's a Morris eight series.
They made those back in...
- 1934.
- Exactly.
This is a field
in Gloucester, England,
on July 22, 1934.
We caught the exact date
off a radio broadcast.
Time travel.
That's what you built here.
That's right, Sean.
And this is the mission,
isn't it?
You want us to save New York.
Knox, you'll be leading a team
into the window.
We want you to conduct
a clandestine op,
subtly adjusting the past
in order to alter the present.
Dr. Benjamin Rourke.
I'm sure you're
very familiar with him.
Your goal will be
to prevent him
from destroying New York.
So this is everywhere
this thing's been.
Yes, every time and place
since it appeared
six months ago.
"2 hours, central China, 1748?
28 hours in Madrid, 1897."
What predicts
where this thing goes?
We don't know.
This is natural radiation.
It's in a free flow between
the past and the present.
When it builds up,
the window destabilizes
and bounces.
At this point,
we can't tell it where to go,
and we can only estimate
how long it stays open.
What about side effects...
Physical, psychological?
- We don't know.
- I'm sorry, doctor.
So what about this
do you know right now?
Very little.
Which is exactly what
I've been telling the general.
- Doctor...
- This facility
is at least three years away
from operational readiness.
We have no idea
what the possible
consequences might be.
Doctor, I understand,
but maybe you haven't
turned on the news lately.
We don't have a choice anymore.
The loss of New York
has thrown the world economies
into a freefall,
and a military conflict
isn't far behind.
The world's coming to an end
unless we do something
about it.
This is John Malcolm.
He'll be your Pentagon liaison.
Now, Knox and Gates will run
a two-man op on the inside.
I'm sorry... what?
General, you need me
in that window.
We're not going there, Bryce.
This is a one-time
military op.
These men have worked
all over the world.
When I was joint special ops
command, they were my very best.
They don't know
the first thing about this.
General, she's right.
Just being honest.
Danny and I are
a little out of our range here.
General, I don't think
that involving a civilian
in a field op is
a particularly good idea here.
- I do.
- Are we gonna vote on this?
Preferably not.
But I guess that's up
to the general.
All right, Lindsay,
You just bought yourself
a ticket inside.
I guess I should thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
general, I have work to do.
She's really great, by the way.
Dr. Bryce,
you do realize
I just did you a favor
back there.
I'm sorry, what would
you like, a thank you?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, maybe.
Mr. Knox,
I didn't need your help.
Please don't assume
that your presence here
was helping anything.
What you did
was make me a tourist
on a mission that none of us
are prepared for.
- I made you my advisor.
- So you'd listen to my advice?
When I need to.
- Doctor.
- Good evening.
New head of operations,
I'm guessing.
- Not my first choice.
- I wasn't assuming.
- Ellis.
- Sean Knox.
How's our extraction model
looking, Ellis?
A little hazy.
I'm still thinking the auxiliary
blast is our best option.
We'll lose the window
for a few seconds,
but we'll still be able
to bring a person back through.
Now, that's a good question.
Keep me posted.
- Still not finished?
- No.
So let me get this straight.
You've never actually
sent a living thing
back into the past
and successfully
brought it back.
We sent a cat once.
What happened?
I'll let you know
when we find it.
Oh, hey, NASA is killing me.
- Calm down, Charlie.
- No, you don't understand.
It is physically painful
to see what he's done there.
He randomly moved
something around,
probably while scatting
or something,
and now I can't even
get it to work.
Okay, I'll speak with Ellis,
but get your software installed.
We need the con up and running
by the time
the next window shows up.
and I need a couple months.
- Which we don't have anymore.
- That's not funny.
This rack is Prussia,
not Russia.
There's a difference.
Put it in 1870.
Priya, is this everything
from the Smithsonian?
The rest is in storage.
It's not exactly
all that we'd hoped for.
I told them I needed
every artifact
those trucks could hold.
Will you show me the order?
What is all this?
Priya Bristow's our specialist
on historical detail...
Mannerisms, taboos...
Details that history books
don't tend to record.
This is, uh...
From a Roman aqueduct.
That sample comes from Pompeii
and it cost $90,000,
so please be careful.
I'm sor... I'm sorry,
you're collecting...
From A.D. 79.
History books only give us
the information
that people want to remember,
but garbage shows us the past
as it actually was.
Don't get too subtle
with him, Priya.
They don't like subtlety.
Dr. Bryce,
hold on a second.
Look, Mr. Knox,
I don't expect you
to understand what we do here,
but I do ask
that you stay out of my way.
Doc, you don't exactly
have a lot of friends, do you?
Look, I understand
that you're worried about
the readiness of this mission,
but that's not your decision
to make... it's theirs.
You probably sold out
to the Pentagon
because everybody else thought
you were some kind of crackpot.
- Am I right?
- Yes. Thank you, Mr. Knox.
I wasn't quite aware of
the politics of this situation.
I'm really glad
you cleared that up.
Bryce, let's just get this
out of the way.
What is your problem?
My problem is that none of you
have any idea
what we're getting into.
This window
is not just some weapon
of blunt force, all right?
Everything in the past
is connected...
Every moment, every event.
It all adds up to this reality
that we call the present.
Can we use this window
to alter history?
But we're manipulating nature
in its most fragile state.
And saving 9 million lives.
If we get it right.
Come on, we've got to go.
- Hey, what's going on?
- The window's changing.
We gotta hurry.
Well, doctor...
It appears
you've got a new window.
We've got work to do.
- What is that?
- Camera.
This one's name is Miles,
but down here I got Coltrane,
Roach, Krupa,
and the one on the end
is Mr. Chet Baker.
Godspeed, my little friend.
Come on, Danny.
Now the fun begins.
Okay, Miles, show us the magic.
Asbestos piping.
We're pre-1978.
What, exactly,
are we looking for here?
Clues. Anything
we can use to narrow in
on a time and place.
200 bucks says it's the 1950s.
When have you ever
been right, Charlie?
I was right about
the Civil War.
It was the Spanish Civil War.
- Still a civil war.
- Look, I'm trying to get this.
Uh, looking at the clothing,
we're prewar.
Jazz age.
Okay, Miles,
we're going out the door.
Oh, it's definitely not
the depression,
judging by the cars.
We're in the 1920s.
Can we just please
find a newspaper?
Give me a chance!
There. That's it.
That's the Washington monument.
We're in D.C.!
It's the National Mall
on the McMillan Plan,
because the Jefferson Mmemorial
hasn't gone up yet.
What did she just say?
It's the National Mall
on the McMillan Plan
because the Jefferson memorial
hasn't gone up yet.
We're at prewar memorial,
so is it Coolidge
or is it Hoover?
Hold on.
I got a guy with a newspaper.
Come on, Miles.
There you go.
Got it.
"March 8, 1929."
I knew it was Hoover!
You know he was
the last president
to be sworn in while it rained?
- Is she always like this?
- Yeah, it gets exhausting.
All right, Ellis,
say good-bye to Miles.
200,000 tax dollars,
So we know it's America.
Last 80 years.
very close to New York.
Yes, that's pretty lucky.
This is the first window
we've had in the modern U.S.
Ellis, what's our red zone?
at 20% stabilization.
The window will close
in about...
17 hours.
We can work with that.
All right,
I'll leave you to it.
- Keep me informed.
- Yes, sir.
You know what?
I don't know about this.
This is the 1920s.
Rourke won't even be born
for another 15 years.
We can ensure
he'll never be born.
His father... he was a Professor
at New York university in 1929.
If we find him,
we can take him out, right?
Before Rourke
is even conceived.
So you think we
can just kill this man
- and solve the problem.
- Yeah.
I want to show our friends
It's still on the Fritz.
I don't know
if that's a good idea.
And there she goes.
Oh... I got it.
Let's just hope NASA
finally got the servers
upgraded like I asked.
So what exactly is this,
Dr. Bryce?
It's called a panopticon.
It studies ripples,
amasses data
from weather satellites,
radio signals, the Internet.
Which, in English, means...
- That was English.
- Basically,
Charlie can show us
how actions in the past
create ripples in the present.
We've developed
a special analytical...
I developed
the analytical program.
- Thank you.
- Charlie developed the program.
- No need to be humble here.
- Okay, let's run a scenario.
Bring up a city that's been
thriving in the last 50 years.
- How 'bout Tokyo?
- Perfect.
Mr. Malcolm, I assume you know
how Tokyo looks in present day?
Charlie's gonna show you
a version of Tokyo
if Benjamin Rourke
were never born.
Rourke was a nobel prize-
winning physicist.
His work in particle physics
played a major part
in fostering the modern age.
Which means if you
take him out of the equation,
all of that is erased.
No Sony, no Toyota.
More world hunger, disease.
Millions of lives
irreversibly damaged
without anyone
ever having a say.
So this thing
can test the effect
of any changes
we make in the past.
Within a pretty damn high
rate of probability, yeah.
I'm sorry, doctor,
but at what point
was this a mission
to save Tokyo?
Our mission
is to restore everything
to the way it was.
Don't you understand?
All of these events
are tied together.
You don't have the right
to change 20 million lives.
- Are they any better ideas?
- Maybe we can just
go into the past
and send a message forward,
like warn that New York
is gonna happen?
Charlie, we've already
discussed this, it's too risky.
We can't just assume
that people would believe us.
She's so beautiful.
Show me present day New York
if Rourke's wife is still alive.
Born Sylvia Hammond, 1945.
She met Rourke at M.I.T.
in 1964.
In 1975, she was killed
by a mugger in Georgetown.
Yeah, yeah.
I already have all that.
Uh, so this...
Is present-day New York.
And this is present day...
if Rourke's wife
were still alive.
It worked.
High probability that if
Rourke's wife wasn't killed,
we save New York.
Mr. Knox,
how did you know that?
Rourke told me.
He said I was gonna
bring back his wife.
I was told you were
the man to talk to.
Okay. Our focus here is
Sylvia Rourke.
We need to know everything
about how she died.
The key is, we can't have
any other ripples.
We only impact
what we need to impact,
so let's figure this out.
Dr. Bryce
said you were working on
some sort of a comm system,
a way to talk between
the past and the present?
- Is that it?
- Mm-hmm.
This sends a high-band
frequency through the medium...
with a degrading half-life.
How, exactly, does that work?
Well, nothing
we send into the past
can be left behind.
It creates bad ripples.
And we don't like bad ripples.
No, we don't like bad ripples.
Let's say one of you guys
forgets a precious
and very expensive piece
of my technology.
With my remote, I can just...
You came up with all this?
I did.
- So you used to work at NASA.
- Uhhuh.
So what brings you here, man?
I mean, this must seem
kind of like a step back
after outer space, right?
You know, I asked Dr. Bryce
that very same question
when she first came to me.
I said, "we've been
to outer space
"and we've been
to the bottom of the sea.
Where else is left
for man to go?"
You know what she said to me?
What's that?
Leaving already?
The president wants me
back in Washington.
You know, real world problems.
Rourke knew about
this program, didn't he?
May we have a minute?
Rourke had no reason
to do what he did
unless he knew
this program existed.
Look, Rourke was one
of the finest minds
this country has ever produced.
Is it possible
through the process
of vetting Bryce's numbers
that something
could have crossed his desk?
I've thought about it too.
It's a concern.
But Sean, do you know
why I brought you in?
You've got a lot of enemies
where that interrogation
is concerned.
A lot of people think
they could have broken Rourke
if it wasn't for you.
But I watched that tape,
and I happen to think
you were right.
Rourke was never
gonna give up that code.
All he wanted was to be heard.
And that's how you're
gonna turn this around.
So this is probably
the last I'll remember.
Bryce says there's a distortion
field coming from the window
that protects this place
from changes in time.
- So if we're successful...
- You'll be the only ones
who know the present
was ever different.
Probably better that way.
What's to remember, right?
Good luck, Knox.
If we ever
see each other again,
give me a wink or something,
even if I don't know
what it means.
- Certain, or 88% certain?
- Certain.
Then we're good to go.
Oh, good.
I think we've got something
that we can work with.
Tell me what you got.
Guys, take 'em through
Sylvia Rourke.
Right, so in June, 1969,
Benjamin Rourke marries Sylvia.
Daughter of a Florida senator.
Happily married for six years.
Then we come to 1975,
when Sylvia is shot and killed
in a mugging gone wrong.
Based on Rourke's journals,
it's the beginning
of his decent into madness.
Which is the inflection point
we're trying to change.
Our goal is to reroute history
around her death
without changing anything else.
Which is a bitch,
'cause we're not in 1975.
We were considering
letting this window go
until we found this.
Mary, bring up the mug shot.
This is Ronald Marsden,
the man who murdered
Rourke's wife.
He was a vagrant,
drifted through halfway houses
most of his life.
He was 65 when he killed her,
and when he was arrested,
he confessed
to a string of robberies
going all the way back
to the 1920s.
Which gives us exactly
where he's going to be tonight.
Or, rather, I should say,
six hours from now
at 9:07 P.M.,
on March 8, 1929.
He's robbing a jewelry store
in Beacon County.
Yeah, he was standing lookout.
Cops arrive eight minutes
after his buddies break in,
shots fired,
two guys get killed.
So we're assuming
Marsden got away.
Mmhmm, 'cause we don't
have his whereabouts
once the police arrive.
That means you need
to get there
before the police arrive.
Beacon's only 40 miles
away from the Mall.
Plenty of time to lift a car,
get there, do what we gotta do.
Here's a better photo,
an earlier mug shot.
And here's the best part.
Marsden's got
a low impact index.
Means based on what we know,
there's only, like,
a 17% probability
that killing him in 1929
will have any unwanted
side effects.
So we kill this man,
save Rourke's wife,
bring back New York?
You comfortable with that?
It saves 9 million lives.
All right.
Then we're a go.
If a situation is messed up,
you don't say it's messed up.
You say it's off its nuts.
If you see a drunk,
he's not a drunk.
He's got an edge.
Your girlfriend is a Sheba.
Your boyfriend is a Sheik...
Hey, hey, hey.
How 'bout we just don't talk
to anybody in the past?
That's probably a better idea.
Yes, definitely.
This is from 1934,
but I cut out the label.
Yeah, I'm not really a tie guy.
The tie's nonnegotiable.
Now, I need to make sure
you're not carrying...
Why do you get
the cool leather jacket?
Any electronics, plastics...
How does this feel
to look so good?
- Oh, yeah, you're hilarious.
- Excuse me.
- Actually, it's very itchy.
- Hey!
You're not listening.
You're about to enter a world
where customs and expectations
are completely different.
So I need you to pay attention,
or your modern prejudices
will get you killed.
Priya, will you show me
those early four-stroke engine
schematics again?
I'll walk you through them.
You look beautiful.
- The doctor really cleans up.
- Thanks.
Priya, the schematics.
- He's a real piece of work.
- Yeah, he's a sweetie.
Hey, doc.
I need you to know this mission
has really been weighing on him.
He's got a lot on his mind.
You mean because his wife
was in New York.
I read the dossier, Mr. Gates.
No, it's not just that.
She left him about a year ago.
He'd been promising her
he wasn't gonna re-up,
said he was gonna take
an analyst job stateside.
But next thing you know...
a couple of radicals
blew up a gas pipeline in Libya.
I told him not to go, but...
By the time we got back,
she'd already
taken a job in New York.
He blames himself.
No, you're gonna listen
to grandma, okay?
You can pick out your pajamas
and then watch a movie.
I'll be back
first thing in the morning.
I promise.
I love you, Moll.
- Okay, so that was a Ford...
- Hey, Ellis.
- And this is a buick.
- I need you to clear me
some space here, man.
Hey, Jazzman!
Hey, I never send a rocket up
without a good cup
of coffee, Charlie.
- What?
- I appreciate that your brain
works at incredible speed,
but mine requires coffee.
Okay, I think
we're ready to go.
Ellis, I need a last-minute
reading on the radiation levels.
You got it, doc.
I have a question for you,
What happens
if you don't make it back?
Your protocol draws reference
to a zero-footprint policy...
How, under no circumstance,
should you do, say,
or leave anything behind
that could substantially
impact the past.
That's right.
So if you are left behind,
what would you do?
In that situation,
it's always been the plan
to remove ourselves
from the timeline.
Define "Remove ourselves."
We can't remain alive
in the past
if it risks
damaging the continuum.
This is pancuronium.
It's quick and painless.
Priya, everything in this purse
has been checked, right?
Year of currency, lipstick.
Lipstick's good to go.
- Okay, thank you.
- Mr. Knox.
The tie.
Testing, testing.
Good luck.
Testing, testing.
- All good.
- Oh, Ellis,
what about
the auxiliary reserves?
You know, sometimes
they can get a little...
everything is cool.
Dr. Bryce...
on being the first
time traveler in history.
- Oh.
- That we know of.
- Shut up, Charlie.
- It's still good.
Thank you... both.
All right.
Let's do this.
So we're really
gonna do this, huh?
How long have you been
waiting for this, doctor?
One small step for man...
one giant leap backwards
for mankind.
After you, doctor.
Are you all right?
Where's Danny?
- Danny!
- Danny?
Danny, you all right, buddy?
Come on.
- Danny!
- Danny, Danny, Danny.
Answer me, are you okay?
Come on.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, Tommy.
I'm fine.
Is that normal?
I don't know, Knox.
I haven't written
the instruction manual yet.
Danny, Danny, Danny.
Look at me, look at me,
look at me.
- Look at me.
- Whoa...
Hey, there you are.
Hey, what year is it?
1929, right?
There ya go. Come on.
Let's get him to his feet.
- Ooh. Oh, boy.
- Ellis?
Are you getting a read on us?
Got ya loud and clear, boss.
Everybody okay?
How's our heart rate looking?
You're all
a little accelerated.
Blood pressure is low,
but that's okay.
You're a go from our side.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Team, are you a go
from the field?
Yeah, yeah,
I think we just have
to get him out of the window.
Malcolm, we're heading topside.
Talk to you then.
I certainly hope you don't
intend on smoking that in here.
Once again,
the Eskimo Pie Orchestra
is ready to entertain you.
For the opening number,
director Harold Stokes
has chosen a tune
that's full of life
and movement... What A Day.
- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I'm good.
People are looking at us.
It's all right.
A look won't cause a ripple.
It's interactions
we have to worry about.
Just keep walking.
Oh, boy.
Fresh air.
I'm starting
to feel better already.
Oh, the air even smells...
It's different
than what we're used to.
Skin cell variations,
changes in the ozone.
It's almost like...
We gotta get a car.
We need one
that no one's gonna miss
for the next eight hours.
What we have to do
is run registrations.
We have to profile each car
- Danny.
- Good call.
No, guys,
we can't just assume...
Can I get intel on a plate?
District of Columbia.
Uniform 8-0-3-2.
Uh, yeah.
Let's see.
Damn, you're good.
The car belongs
to Edgar Ramone.
He's the night shift manager
at the hotel.
There were no unions yet.
Night shifts last at least
eight hours, maybe more.
That match should work.
How did he get that so fast?
Let's try
not to over-think it.
Any thoughts?
It'll be like hotwiring
a lawnmower.
I'll keep watch.
Don't break anything.
Hey, who's Tommy?
You mentioned a Tommy
when we landed.
Oh, uh, I don't know, just...
just a weird thing, I guess.
Did you see something
when we passed through?
I was five years old
at a public pool
back in Echo Park.
I jumped in too deep,
started sinking,
swallowing water,
till this older kid, Tommy,
pulled me out.
The thing is,
I haven't thought about that
in what, 15 years?
But I wasn't remembering it,
Like, I was feeling it.
Like, I felt it.
I was five years old
and I was drowning.
That's crazy, isn't it?
I got it.
Let's move.
A little more complicated
than a lawnmower.
- As long as it gets us there.
- Priya, we're on the move.
Get the maps ready.
I'm the driver.
No, I've seen you operate
a stick shift.
No, no, you're
not getting it, man.
It's 1929.
We're South
of the Mason-Dixon line.
I'm the driver.
- Okay.
- All right.
This is Fairfax county.
My mother was born
close to here.
You mean will be.
That's right,
none of that's even...
happened yet.
She hasn't even been born,
I already know
how she's gonna die.
They found an inoperable tumor
on her spine when I was four.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay, Mr. Knox.
it's just...
do you want to
know something amazing?
I could whisper...
The right thing
into the right ear,
and I could change all that
right now.
I could save her.
But then...
who would I be?
Losing her made me who I am.
Would I be... would I be
different, happier?
I don't know.
What would you change?
Doc, I wouldn't know
where to start.
That's not good.
No, that's not good.
What's not good?
NASA, spit it out.
Where's he going?
Is there a problem, Ellis?
Is there some kind
of problem, Ellis?
Priya, you see the numbers
I put on Charlie's hand?
I need you to punch 'em
into the auxiliary panel...
And add the prefix...
I can do it myself.
NASA, you're gonna have
to start talking some sense
sometime soon, man.
- The red zone is fluctuating.
- What does that mean?
We're supposed to hit
the red zone in six hours.
Which gives them
time to get in, get out,
with a few hours to spare.
Yes, that was
the agreed-upon plan.
The levels are changing.
Something we did
when they passed through
must have damaged it.
I was able to bring the power
down as low as I could
without losing the window.
But now the red zone
is gonna hit in...
Three hours?
That's barely enough time
for them to complete
the mission and get out.
We have to tell them.
It's enough.
She just said
it's barely enough.
It's enough for them
to accomplish the mission.
I don't want them getting bogged
down in details right now.
Look, I understand we're
talking about your friend here,
but no one guaranteed
this was gonna be a round trip.
If it becomes pertinent,
I will tell them myself,
but until then,
I suggest that all of us
get comfortable
with the possibility
that they may not
be coming back alive.
I haven't seen anybody
come around.
Good boy, Marsden.
Stay out here and keep watch.
- Yes, sir.
- It's not gonna take long.
We should be there by now.
It's 20 minutes
until Marsden robs the store.
Everything looks like
a service road out here.
I don't know,
maybe we missed a turnoff.
Can you describe where you are?
I see trees...
Like, the woods.
How about
a little more specific?
You want to know
how tall they are?
There's no signage, Priya.
Ii hear a train nearby.
A train?
What's up?
Maybe they made the wrong left
at the interstate...
or a right.
Stop driving.
Stop driving right now.
Doctor, I don't know
where things went wrong,
but if you're hearing a train
from the throughway,
it means
you're in Cooper county,
which means
you passed the turnoff
at least 9 miles ago.
At the next turn, make a left.
Maybe a right.
Make a right.
Can we get a new navigator,
I can hear that, you know!
Danny, look out!
Oh, no, no.
Doctor, what's happened?
Charlie, I need you to run
a possible ripple
in the panopticon.
We just had an accident.
That is really not good,
Okay, can you get me
a data point
to enter into the program?
Can you get me a license plate?
This is a problem.
Even the smallest ripple,
over 80 years...
It adds up.
Guys, I'm not seeing a plate.
Uh, that's odd.
Plates were definitely
required back then.
There is no ripple.
How can there be no ripple?
Even if the driver's okay,
he's still gonna
go to the police.
He won't call them.
Get down, get down, get down!
You can't shoot him!
Go, go, go! Go!
- How did you know?
- He's carrying liquor in 1929.
He's not going to the police
'cause he's a bootlegger.
Come on.
We're too late.
The police are here.
- Bryce, stay in the car.
- No, wait!
You can't go near this.
I'm gonna move in closer.
Cover me.
Knox, all this
has already happened.
Do you understand?
We can't change that.
We've missed our chance.
She's right, man.
I got this.
All right.
Go. Go.
Hold it!
I don't think Marsden
was in that car.
I didn't get a clean look.
Knox, get back in the car.
We'll go find him.
No, they don't have time
for that.
Malcolm, we have to tell them.
Dr. Bryce, listen to me.
We have a problem
with the window.
If you don't come back now,
you will be trapped.
- But we have hours!
- Court-martial me.
We were wrong.
Your bodies changed
the critical mass.
By my calculations,
you have about 90 minutes
to the red zone.
That gives you barely
enough time to drive back.
Knox, I can't tell you
what to do here.
But you know what's at stake.
We may not get an opportunity
like this again.
That's him.
I'm going.
Boss, I'm telling you,
even with the most generous
assessment of the red zone,
unless you leave right now,
you will not make it back.
Doctor, please.
This is suicide.
We're not leaving.
No, we are not.
Let's go.
Come on. Go, go!
- Where is he?
- I lost him.
Doc, back in the car.
No, we're not doing this.
- He's right.
- If we have any chance
of getting back on time,
we have to find him fast.
I'll go down by the tracks
and keep an eye on her.
Hey, sis.
I told you I'd be back.
Hey, Knox.
Do we need to leave now?
No. No, we're safe
for tonight.
Come on.
Tomorrow morning,
we'll hop a train first thing
and we'll get out of here.
How does that sound?
All right.
You safe?
Everyone's safe?
Emily, you safe?
Everyone's safe.
All right.
Now you get some sleep, huh?
Good night.
Does Marsden have a sister?
Yeah, Jenny Marsden.
What about her?
Because he's living with her.
He's living with his sister?
How does killing him
not affect her?
Hang on.
Got it.
The only reason the program
didn't factor her in
was because she was taken
out of the equation.
She dies in...
Two years.
She's abandoned
in a foster home
while her brother does a stint
in prison for car theft.
So there's no ripple.
That's what you're saying?
Shouldn't matter.
If she's gonna die in two years,
then killing Marsden
doesn't change anything.
Yeah, according to the con,
there's no negative ripple.
It's wrong.
He's the only person
that little girl has.
Letting him go won't save her.
He's still gonna leave her
and she's still gonna die,
and we will lose New York.
Sorry, but this is the way
it has to be.
- Let's take him.
- No.
There has to be another way.
He's taking care of her.
Charlie, is there a train
about to come through here?
Yeah. Why?
What are you doing, man?
Stay here.
What's he doing?
Ronald Marsden.
- Who the hell are you?
- Doesn't matter.
Ronald, I know
everything about you.
Where you were born,
where you grew up.
I know you never knew
your father...
And I know why you robbed
that jewelry store tonight.
I know you plan
to rob a bank on June 4th...
And again on July 2nd.
I can see your future, Ronnie.
How do you know this?
Think of me
as your guardian angel.
I'm here to change your life.
You have a sister inside?
- Yes.
- Do you love her?
- Please...
- Do you love her?
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
In two years,
your sister's gonna die.
If you go down this path,
you will lose her.
You don't see it now,
but one day, you will
look back on this life,
and you will see
that you have nothing!
- Trust me.
- Please!
I don't know what
you're talking about!
Well, why don't I just
spare us the trouble?
What the hell are you doing?
Sparing us both the pain.
I've got nothing left.
So let's meet God
together, huh?
- You want to go with me, Marsden?
- Please stop!
You want to die tonight,
Please, God, no!
Please, stop!
Please, God, I want to live!
Come here, come here.
Don't make me come back.
I won't.
Ellis, how much time
do we have?
There's only 40 minutes left.
That's not gonna
be enough time.
Did it work?
Charlie, Ellis,
pull up the outside feed.
Uh, guys?
I think you just saved
New York.
What do you know?
Marsden's gonna be a war hero.
Dr. Bryce,
I'm very sorry,
but there are some things
that need to be taken care of.
We can talk you through it,
but I suggest you start
driving back to D.C.
We need to get that car back.
Where's she going?
- Bootleggers!
- What?
- Bootleggers!
- I can't believe I missed it.
It was in front of us
the whole time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
That truck a few miles back,
it was making
an illegal liquor run.
Those vehicles
had to move undetected.
How do you think they did it?
I don't know.
The 1929 map is lying to us.
There is no road here.
But here...
On a 1919 survey,
there's a logging route
that moves straight through
to the capital.
The what?
Straight through
to the capital.
I don't get it.
How does a road
just disappear off a map?
Because it was illegal.
Corrupt officials
had it removed
so the police
wouldn't know it was there.
And in 1950, that road
became the state's
first highway.
A hidden road
straight back to D.C.
Ellis, how long?
How long do we have?
It's gonna be close.
Move it, boss.
Go, go, go, go!
Ellis, we're here.
Turn up the auxiliary blast
to 200%!
Bring us home!
Did it work?
- Whoo.
- Whoa!
Just so you know...
I will not be doing that again.
Check this out.
musta been a tear
from your eye
everything'll be okay
That was a hell of a mission,
Mr. Gates.
Oh, thanks, man.
So you gotta go brief
the general now, huh?
Yes, I do.
He's not gonna
remember anything
that happened before, is he?
No, he is not.
Oh, boy, good luck with that.
Let me ask you something.
What's up?
When you went through
that window, what'd you see?
How 'bout you buy me
a cup of coffee sometime
and I'll tell you all about it?
All right.
Well we got it done didn't we.
thought I felt
a sweet summer breeze
must have been
you sighin' so deep
don't worry,
we're gonna find a way
I gotta get topside.
Sort some things out.
I just wanted to thank you.
Yeah, well...
You were right.
Everything is connected.
Nothing. No.
It was a really good day.
what happens next?
I mean, we went back in time
and we changed the fabric
of who that man was.
Where do we go from there?
You want some advice from a guy
who just broke
every law of physics with you?
You worry too much.
Go celebrate.
You just saved New York.
Good luck with her, Knox.
About time you called me back.
Something wrong?
Jess, you have no idea
how great it is
to hear your voice.
If that's sarcastic,
I am running late.
No, it's not.
Just talk.
I want to hear your voice.
You know, I gotta be honest,
I wasn't sure we
were gonna pull it off.
I was.
Really? The whole time?
Most... of the time.
You're such a liar.
You were confident
the whole time?
This young lady
is always confident, my friend.
I'd like to make a toast.
To the greatest invention
since jazz.
- Hell, yeah.
- Salud.
Cheers, liar.
Well, for the record,
I nearly tripped over your crap
on the way out.
Are you still coming by
this weekend to get it out?
Yeah, I will.
I will.
I, uh, I promise.
I want to see you.
I don't know...
To buy you dinner...
look at you again,
tell you what a jerk I am.
Trust me, Sean.
I don't need to hear that
from your lips.
Yeah, I know.
I'd just like
to tell you anyway.
Look, I don't think
it's a good idea.
Oh, it's a terrible idea.
In the history of bad ideas,
you and me are, like...
top of the list.
It's not gonna
change any thing.
I know.
But, Jess, honestly, right now,
you have no idea
how happy I am that nothing
has changed at all.
Hey, guys, we're celebrating.
Thanks, Dr. Bryce.
You're welcome.
Something's going on, we have
to get to communications.
Face offis back
for a jaw-dropping new season.
The search for the next
great name in movie magic
takes a shocking twist.
Veterans versus the newcomers.
Eight talented newcomers
will battle
eight hungry veterans
back for redemption...
I just don't want to make
the newbs feel bad.
It's war between them and us.
In a competition
unlike any other.
They'll face
breathtaking obstacles...
- Oh, my God.
- I'm freaking out.
Unbelievable deadlines...
It's a quick connect, like...!
Yeah, well, it's not working.