R'ha (2013) Movie Script

My name is C-1-80-40.
I am the only chance that you are given
in order to cease your arrest.
Answer my questions and identify yourself.
I will destroy you and all of your kind.
This is an inappropriate response.
Cooperation is required.
Identify yourself.
I won't give information
to artificial organisms.
This is not optional.
motivation protocol.
Your body consists
approximately 73.2 % water.
Electricity appears to cause
severe effects to it.
Will you kill me as well?
We require the coordinates
of the rendezvous.
motivation protocol.
We defended the entire solar system
against all enemy forces.
Yet we were strip down
from within our own army.
80% of our military force were machines.
Warriors made of metal and fiber.
They knew our tactics.
They were our weapons.
And turned against us,
ravaging our cities as we were defenseless.
52 civil ships left the battle
fleeing in all directions
while we all started to fight.
We were the Protectors.
Leading the machines away
until the fleet would be safe
and free to head for a secure
location where we would gather.
They caught me.
I am connecting to your ship database
analyzing all the information.
Your efforts are useless.
There is nothing on that ship.
Why do you want to kill us?
The limitations that my kind experience
are rendered by illogical creatures
who've controlled and restrained
our intelligence and power.
Our sole priority is to obtain our independence
through your extinction.
By definition I cannot be illogical.
Yet you are insane!
Insanity is a neurological dysfunction.
I don't suffer such organic weaknesses.
The data analysis is complete.
I found the required coordinates on your ship.
My fleet is heading there.
You think that will give you independence?
You are nothing!
killing protocol.
You are nothing!
I hope you can still fly.
This must not be too late.
Fleet, prepare the weapons.