Ribbon (2017) Movie Script

Let me see your tongue?
HmmmGet up
Time to take some
deep breaths now.
I need those.
One last
Okay Come.
All Okay.
- Just that
Yes, BP is a little high but thats kind of
common these days like cold, cough.
I am not able to sleep.
And my appetite is also been off.
When did you had your last periods?
- Sorry.
Aaah I cant remember.
I was travelling last month.
You know, that its been very irregular.
Alright, Let me do a test
Give me your urine sample.
If it comes.
Drink water
Yes, Doc!
Of course! I am
coming Rishabh.
I am coming for the meeting.
I am just saying to check
the conference room
and keep the ppt and the printouts ready.
I I have to go now
Yeah Sorry.
Its positive.
Whats positive?
You are pregnant
I am prescribing you some medicines
for two weeks.
Make sure, you take them and make
sure you take good rest.
Ill see you in two weeks.
- Yes
Who are you looking for?
Aaa Karan Mehra
Where can I find him?
Karan Mehra.
He is on the top floor.
Before you go, please wear this.
Please take her to our
Engineer sir.
- Baby!
I am so happy about it?
Are you mad?
We cant have a baby now.
We cant.
What do you mean how?
I mean why cant we have a baby?
There is Dads shop and
then our home loan.
I mean, we have so much
so much responsibilities.
So we will figure something out
Well figure something
OK, what?
Ill figure something out.
Ill handle it.
- You will handle everything.
You are a Superman.
Can you just calm down for a second?
No, I cant calm down.
Im pregnant Okay.
Dont tell me to calm down.
Hello Mam!.....
Hi, Mam! How are you?
How did you find our new site?
What, what happened Ramesh?
Sir, Vijay Sir from
electrical department is here.
What shall I say?
Tell him I am coming
in five minutes.
Okay Sir.
Bye mam.
Nice to meet you.
Can you
Can you stop getting so upset?
What is it
What happened?
What are you so worried about?
Just think about my career?
What will happen to your career?
Its all done.
I have worked my ass off
to get where I am today.
So what everyone works
they all have babies.
They they take a leave.
I mean
Yeah..Yeah.. right.
You are not the one who
is Pregnant?
Its easy for you to say.
Didnt we talk about it?
Didnt we always wanted a child?
After 4 years.
Not right now.
But baby now it has happened.
We have it
We are not ready for this.
We are not ready.
I dont want this.
I want an abortion.
Dont freak out on me.
You want an abortion?
How can you say that?
I mean you havent even
Just think about it for once?
I have thought about it already.
When did you do that?
When you did not pick up my call.
In the last two hours youve
decided everything...
You have figured your whole life out?
I am just saying can we just
talk about it like civil people?
We will go home and talk
about it right now.
Lets go.
How can I leave now?
Im working...
So this is the biggest decision of
our life but you cant come home now.
I have to be
Sir, tea.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen
Count it again
Okay. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
eleven, twelve, thirteen
Its only thirteen. Correct?
and dont forget to add up
the payment tomorrow.
Alright Madam.
And if you dont get your diary from
next time, I will not pay you.
- Ok.
Hello Papa
Im alright...
Okay listen, did you see the webpage
I have created for your shop on the internet.
So did you get any query?
Thats good
I have sent messages to all the candle
vendors in India.
And did you get yourself checked up
from Thapa uncle.
Karan is fine.
Papa I cant hear you
Network is really bad,
Ill call you later.
What happened Maam?
What happened?
Is this a proper report of
our trade show analysis
or a clumsy assignment of
an MBA student?
Sorry Maam
Ill make sure that it
wont happen again.
Yes, you will.
Otherwise, Ill make sure
that HR department...
knows that they are hiring
useless people these days.
What is this?
What is this bright yellow shirt?
Maam, Its a birthday gift.
Ive been wearing it
Rishabh, that was a rhetorical
I dont want an answer.
Jiya dont brush your
hair at work.
- Hmmm.
What is the latest update
on Mongas deal?
Its Doubtful.
I am working on it.
Okay, Come.
as you know, its
their new venture.
So, for their office,
they needed IT infra.
I mailed them a package
which included networking...
and data security and I was
really hoping that it will work
but he said that he will go with separate
vendors as its a cheaper deal for him.
I am really sorry for being
so over-smart.
Theres no such thing
as over-smart.
Just add one more sentence.
Tell Monga to think about
the future.
When they would troubleshoot,
he has to call service
centre Vendors separately...
here we are providing them
a three in one stop solution.
Hmmm got it.
Of course, you got it.
You are over-smart, remember.
Boss!... Here you are.
Hello, how are you?
AhhIm good how are you?
when do you want to check upon
the new strategic plan?
Is it done?
You keep surprising me, Sahana.
- Thank you
Whats that?
This is my poison.
Yes Sir.
What happened to the
Thakurs proposal?
You were supposed to mail me, right?
Sending sir. Sending it right away.
Sending sir
I wish, I could have more of
your replicas in this office.
Bye see you.
Heydont give any execuse.
Just come come man!
Ask him to come, corporate slave
listen to me, come for sometime
and then you can leave.
Come on Bro...
He is not coming right?
- Alright alright
Bye, Take care.
Okay listen tell me honestly,
are you actually busy with work?
Nikhil, Shut up
Give me the phone.
He saying sorry...
he cant make it.
Tell him, Im not surprised.
Im offended. Please.
What is this?
We have been planning this
since ten days.
He just cancels it at the
last moment.
It just kills the buzz of the party.
Totally. Your husband is a spoilsport.
Hey Phone fuck
Why are you always glued to your phone?
Hey, I have found a really
hot chick on Tinder.
Show me
I am chatting with her.
She is super hot.
- Ohh my God!
Cant even see her face.
I mean how do you know? See.
Are you planning to do everything
on the phone?
Of course! If that is possible on
the phone, then yes!
Get comfortable
get comfortable with being alone.
Oh God!
It will empower you.
Thats a quote by Jonathan Tropper.
Thanks for that.
Thats real encouragement.
Really now Mr. Tropper!
May be then I should choose
empowerment over you.
As if I am gonna let you
get rid of me.
Whos up for next drink.
Wine wine.
- Repeat Repeat.
I am, I am
Go for it.
- What I am..I am
I cant.
Music sounds better
when you're drunk.
Go for it.
Ohh God!Sad wife of Mr. Spoiler.
You please stop your execuses
and lets get drunk.
lets get drunk
I know right
Transparent is ready to rock
Give a big round of applause
to Rohit and the band.
Wait... wait... wait...
Excuse me and squeeze me.
Leave this, come.
Rock it, Bro!
We got a gift of moments
We got a night in droplets
Let the torrents of desires flow
Adorn the dreams on the eyelids
There are millions of
Stars in your way
Do you know
The spinning wheel is moving
The world is dancing on
The beats of your heart
The spinning wheel is moving
The world is dancing on
The beats of your heart
The spinning wheel is moving
Oh! Wow How did you know?
Keyhole is too small.
You are drunk?
Just a minute
You want a glass of wine?
Are youSahana,
what are you doing?
You are already drunk.
Just stop drinking.
Do you want to drink?
No. I dont.
Please drink with me.
Sahana, just stop it right now.
Why didnt you come to the party?
We were supposed to have
a conversation today, remember?
Yes, you could have come
and spoken to me in the party?
How could we talk there?
People talk at the party.
How can you talk to me like that?
How can we talk about
this at the party?
Yes, why not?
They are all our friends.
What? are you ashamed
to talk about this?
I wanted to talk to you now.
Okay! Lets talk now.
No, we cant talk right now.
You are drunk.
Have some wine.
- I dont want wine.
You should not drink either.
Sahana, just stop it.
Dont do this.
Just you just dont listen.
No I dont listen
- Yeah, You never listen.
No, I never listen.
This is exactly why
I called your Dad.
What do you mean?
I called your Dad.
Are you mad?
He doesnt have
enough problems already?
I meanyou want to put so much
pressure on me...
to just have this baby?
What is wrong with you?
I fucking hate you.
Okay, you hate me.
Im Im twisted.
Just leave the bottle right now.
Just stop drinking Sahana.
Dont tell me what to do?
I will put whatever I want
into my body.
Ill do whatever I want.
Do whatever you want to do.
I won't interfere.
Oh God . Oh...
- What?
O! God
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
- No..
I am so sorry.
You dont love me anymore.
- Of course, I love you,
Of course I do.
- Why did you call dad?
I didnt tell him I was lying.
I just didnt know how to
stop you from drinking.
You are crazy.
What is this?
You were behaving like a
fucking teenager.
Is this a joke to you?
What is this?
How could you do this to me?
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
I just wanted you to stop drinking.
I just drank more
You messed it up?
You messed it up
You shouldnt have lied.
- Okay okay
I am sorry.
you dont have to do this...
If dont wanna have a baby right now.
Lets not do this.
I have been thinking about it.
I just dont know what I want.
Its ok, Its ok.
Its just that when you told me
that you were expecting, I got a little..
Forget about it.
Ok, I love you.
I really love you.
- You dont love me?
Yes, of course. I love you.
You are lying?
No. Im not lying.
Please throw this
in the bin.
Yes, I will.
Lachha Singh,
have you lost it.
Lachha... lachha.. it's lachha.
Wait... wait I forgot to bring
the spoon.
WaitI am getting it Momo.
What is this?
What is this?
Oh! this is a sweet dish
for finishing touch.
Hair growth looks absolutely fine...
and see this....see this,
the little thing there...
this is the nose of your baby.
Baby listen... just check it has
all ten fingers and toes.
Yeah, you cant make out...
only its fists.
See, the baby is moving now.
Can you see Karan?
Excuse me, Sahana...
That password for the sales data folder
doesnt seems to work.
Aaah! You should ask Rishabh
I did... he doesnt seem to
know about it.
He doesnt seem to know about it?
Yeah, thats what he said.
Very simple.
Thank you.
Hmmm.... Alright mail it to me,
Ill forward it
Ok Sir, Ill do it.
See you.
So... whats the matter?
Your count down has begun...
how many days are left?
Fifteen Days.
Fifteen Days?
Nervous... Excited?
Both... anyways,
what is this?
Is everything alright?
Yes, at least it looks like that
you were my star employee.
What do you mean by were?
Ill be back in three months.
Of course! Youll be back.
But you know, how many investments
we have made...
how many proposals are pending?
You used to handle everything
so efficiently for the company.
I understand.
Please understand, how much of
a risk this is for the company?
I know, its inconvenient but...
you know Sachin has been on top of it
and he is very bright...
and I have explained
everything to him.
Sachin is an ad-hock.
He has just joined in...
he is a newbie.
How will he handle these big
investments and portfolios?
You know it better.
Ultimately it will be companys risk,
It has to bear the loss?
Think about it, if 32% of
the employees get pregnant
then I will end up running a
crche in the cafeteria.
I thought you were okay about
all of this.
Of course, I am ok... of course,
Anyways forget it,
I have spoken to the
finance about your salary.
- Ok,
everything will be sorted
- yeah
Thank you.
Youll be back soon right?
Why are you asking me this?
Of course, Ill be back.
Of course!
Alright, enjoy your motherhood
Mrs. Mommy.
- No.
What? No.
Baby, no
Just two more...
two more, come.
Two more... Superb.
I am sick of these medicines.
I feel so hot.
What is happening...
whats happening to you?
I dont know...
Im very uncomfortable.
No position is comfortable,
you know.
- I have headache.
You have headache?
Should I press your head?
- Yes.
What happened?
Why are you getting so cranky?
My entire body feels itchy.
I look like a whale.
No, you dont.
- No.
You still find me attractive?
Yes, you look stunning.
Kiss me again.
Hi Karan,
see dont worry...
It is normal...
this happens... the fetus has
just released the meconium.
Its the first poop...
but yeah...
theres risk that it might just creates
blockages within the airways...
I suggest we go in for a surgery,
a C-section.
Sahana is ok... right?
Yeah! but we need to take a
call really fast.
Yeah... I mean whatever you
think is necessary.
Yeah... so Ill get going with the preparations
while Simmi helps you out with the formalities.
Sir, its an added surgery...
and for that you have to pay
some extra charges...
and you need to fill this consent form...
and pay the cash downstairs
at the counter.
Yes, tell him that I will solve
the drainage of the fifteenth floor.
you make note of it.
Ill see you in the evening.
Yes, alright.
What happened Karan?
They are suggesting for a caesarean.
There are some complications.
It doesnt happen like this?
What are these people upto?
I am telling you they are all
set to fleece you.
Dad, this is one of
the best hospitals around.
This is not a hospital...
this is a hotel.
They are waiting for a patient to come and thinking
he is on a vacation so let just bleed him dry.
Thats what they want to do.
Please calm down.
And stop blaming him.
Let him do what he feels right.
So let him do what he feels right.
I am not stopping him.
None of this would have happened if we would
have gone to Sharmaji in Daryaganj.
I dont understand
what is there in Mumbai?
Sir, please listen now-a-days even doctors in small
cities like Nainital suggests for cesarean.
There is nothing wrong in that.
Its very common.
Please dont get tensed.
Sir! I understand all this...
but Delhi is our home.
Whatever happens, it should
happen in Delhi...
why Mumbai?
I understand
Uncle, Karan has bought his house here,
so whats the problem?
(Priest chanting Shloks)
The baby is named "AASHI".
- Aashi
(Priest chanting Shloks)
Brother, you are the first one in
our group to hit a home run.
You really look like a father
in these spectacles.
Daddy cooool.
Okay see,
this is fifty thousand.
Will it be enough?
- Yes! Yes! It is...
lets have a smoke man.
Im screwed right now...
so many things are
happening at a time.
Its alright brother...
just a passing phase.
Its just for three months...
Ill return you after that.
What is this... chill Bro!
By the way, after meeting your father
I feel my father is very cool.
My father has lost his wisdom,
he has taken a left...
hope, he did not hear this.
you want Colgate...
we dont need it.
We have it at home, okay.
Hmmm... Huggies.
We need our Huggies.
This is too big.
Ooh... Just wait...
What happened?
What happened, what happened?
Ok... ok.
Who is there?
Wait for a sec, Im going.
Who is there... lets see.
I have come from Babybest.
Oh Yes!
Please come inside.
Is this the one?
Is this that kid?
Easy easy... she is crying.
Please have a seat,
Ill just come.
Yes, I am alright.
That nanny has come from Babybest.
She is getting cranky...
you wanna sleep, you sleep.
No, no
Hello Madam.
- Hello.
Please sit.
- No, I am okay.
Whats your name?
I am Usha...
I stay at Khar Danda...
Its very close by.
Since when you are...?
I used to stay in Dombivali
then we shifted towards....
No... no.
I mean... how long have
you been working as Nanny?
Okay... that?
I am working since seven years.
Its a mandatory in Babybest...
we must have atleast three
years of work experience.
What about your police verification?
Everything is there in the computer...
havent you checked it?
Can I see the baby?
Yes... Karan!
Lets just give her the baby.
Aww my baby, my baby.
Easy, please be careful, watch
her head.
My little princess...
what happened to you?
Calm down.
Alright... but fifteen
thousand is a lot of money.
Madam you can check it
with someone...
no one takes less than
fifteen thousand.
I used to take seventeen thousand
at my previous work place.
See the work I have to do...
I need to wash babys clothes,
have to take her out.
Madam you need to keep a pair
of extra clothes.
Ill come and change here.
- Alright.
There is a danger of infection
for the baby.
Alright, Alright.
You can come from tomorrow.
I wont be able to join from tomorrow.
I have to go to Shirdi temple.
Cant you cancel it?
No Madam!
It was planned few months back.
Our entire community goes...
we hire a bus... we go there before
the monsoon.
Okay! When can you join?
I will be back in two or three days.
Surely Ill be back in two days.
Two Days?
- Two days.
Is it okay?
Aashi... is it okay?
Okay... okay... okay.
Does anything happen by
putting cucumber, honestly?
Well... people put cucumber
slices on their eyes.
Okay, yes...
It keeps the eyes cool and
prevents dark circles.
Nikhil is getting engaged and people
are coming to meet him.
- Yeah...
he has covered his eyes with cucumber
slices since morning.
He is saying first impression
is the last impression.
I told him while he is at it,
he should also get a wig...
what if the girl rejects him
for his baldness?
You are looking damn hot in formals.
Seriously, you are turning me on
right now.
I am looking fat...
thats what I am looking.
Of course not, its not fat.
Hi, Sachin.
Hi, Sahana.
Its nice to see you here.
you look great...
how are you doing?
I am okay.
Thats nice... and...
oh, yeah...
your baby ... how is the baby?
She is fine.
Lovely ... Whats her name?
Aashi, that's right...
this is Aryan.
this is Sahana.
Hi... nice to meet you Maa'm.
You know her...
she is the youngest achiever
of the company.
Oh Please!
- Oh yeah.
Nice to meet you Maam.
Aryan has replaced Rishabh now...
he is leading the sales team.
- Yeah.
- Recently.
One minute Aryan.
Lets just finish this.
- Yes.
Take these out.
I am rejoining today...
has nobody informed you?
But the admin should have...
Informed you?
- what they
Sahana! I think its
best you speak to the boss.
AwwwNo Sachin, I am speaking to
you because you are at my desk.
Aryan! We are done...
you send me that mail.
- Yes.
You should wait
and speak to the boss.
Look Sahana...
now you have
Aashi in your life... okay.
It's difficult to manage your time...
there are meetings,
sessions... so many things.
What is Aashi or my pregnancy
got to do with my work?
Why dont you sit?
I dont want to sit right now.
- No.
Please Sit.
No one is giving me the answer
I dont know whats happening
in this office...
you at least need to tell me
the truth, Mahesh.
Sachin is going to continue as the
Strategic Manager of this company...
and going by your analytical skills,
I guess you should be the Market research
analyst of this company now...
and work alongside him.
You are...you are demoting me?
Dont overreact Sahana.
Boss, I have been working
for three years...
does none of that count?
See Sahana, at this point of time,
this is what I can offer you...
take it or not...
I wont force you.
Shall we leave?
Yes, lets leave.
Lets eat out.
Where do you want to go?
We've got food at home.
Yes, but lets eat out today.
No, Usha is waiting.
Call her up please.
Then, she will be late tomorrow.
Atleast, call her up and ask.
Why are you forcing me...
I dont want to go.
Im not forcing you.
Yes, you are.
I dont want to go out
for dinner and...
I dont want to leave this job.
Momo... just because you are not
getting paid for this maternity period...
does not mean you have to
get humiliated like this.
Do we have to start this again?
Im telling you, well manage.
Im sure you will find a better job.
Ohh... no, no I wont...
over the last three months
my appraisal is zero...
no company will hire me right now.
Give me that,
give me the Cigarette.
You want sugar?
This is without sugar, okay.
This is her milk.
Did you get her teether?
No, Mohan has not delivered it yet.
Okay, Ill call him.
Bye Momo.
I know papa is going...
I know papa is going.
I know its so sad...
Its so sad.
Sorry, Im not on time today Sir.
Momo, Usha is here.
- You are very late today.
Sorry sir.
Whats the time?
Sorry, madam.
You know it's so chaotic for us.
I had gone to Dombivali madam...
my father- in- law is unwell,
that's why.
Yes, alright...
keep this milk bottle in the fridge
but use the older one first.
Yes, Madam...
can I first get Aashi.
O my baby!
I have kept Rs.500 in the drawer...
please buy some vegetables.
Alright, madam.
And yes, the carrots you got
yesterday were not fresh...
please return it.
Everything is there.
Bye, my Ashu... bye I love you.
She is mad at me...
I am sorry.
Say bye bye.... bye, bye
bye, bye.
No, you wont do?
Bye, bye.
Please say bye once...
please say bye.
You see, since the product packaging
has changed and that too so drastically...
the change in TG focus has shifted
from MNCs to startups here.
Yeah, I can see that so we need
to think on an alternative model.
Aryan, do you have the sales sheet...
where are they?
It must be here.
See, so these are the last
quarter sales sheet.
what have you done?
What do you mean?
What is this?
Why did you re-designed
the Mittals proposal...
when I have already approved it.
Because, I have known the
Mittals for years now and...
So Sachin, there are some flaws in this
and I think that is good if we...
Who asked you to think Sahana?
Excuse me.
Who asked you to think?
I dont think you need to
talk to me like that.
I dont think I need to care what
I need to talk to you like.
What you need to know is,
I am your boss over here.
No, you are not my boss.
Of course, I am.
No, theres no hierarchy here...
We are a team.
Oh really?
- Yeah.
Aryan! Am I not your boss?
Are we crazy over here to
sit in these cubicles...
and somebody sitting
in that cabin over there?
Mahesh Kumar is our boss.
Sahana, get a grip of the situation...
I think you need a reality check.
You are not paid here to use
your brains anymore...
you are here to do what
I am gonna tell you to do...
am I clear on that?
Am I clear on that Sahana?
Yes.... yes you are very clear.
- Alright...
then within the next ten minutes...
I want this proposal just
I had framed it earlier on my desk...
otherwise I am gonna take
to you the board.
Ill look at this later.
What happened?
You know,
I used to have this study table.
Papa had made it for me...
the base was made with the paddle
of my mothers sewing machine...
and on top he had put
the sesame slab...
and painted the whole thing mauve...
that was my favourite color.
- Yes.
And then after mama died...
I didnt have the option to go to
my grieving dad...
so I would hide under the
table and cry.
I dont know why I am thinking
about that table today...
I mean...
I dont even know where
that table is anymore.
What happened?
I feel so...
What happened?
Did someone say something?
That Sachin...
What did you do?
In front of everybody,
he said that I dont need to use my brain.
Anyways... it doesnt
Its just...
Its ok... calm down.
If there are any problems
or in case of emergency...
there are safety exits within 5 feet
from your working area.
Got it?
Got it?
Lets go.
One minute... one minute
just wait sorry...
your clothes and lunch boxes lying
on the staircase must be removed right now.
- Yes sir.
Lets go.
Yes, Usha.
Have you fed Aashi?
let me speak to her.
Hi Aashi...
what are you doing?
Yes, Usha.
No problem...
call me if you need anything.
Sachin I am going out...
Ill be back by four.
Good Afternoon.
- Good Afternoon.
Come in.
Take the seat please.
So Sahana.
Yes, Sir.
Would you like to explain to us your
current work profile and achievements?
Sure, I have been working with Electroquest
for the past three years now.
I am handling the market
research analysis team...
and I have backed over 20 models
in the past 3 months.
Well, it seems like you were operational
as a strategic manager...
for the last one year.
Yes maam.
I was actually awarded in the
star achievement category.
Well... but dont you think
its a rather dramatic move...
I mean from the star strategic manager
to an analyst now.
Maam I had to be on the leave for 3 months
and when I got back I was demoted.
Sahana, time is everything
in our industry.
Yes, sir.
And if they had to remove you because
you could not cope up over there...
how do you think you will manage
the pressures over here?
Well, Sir you can look through
my sales model success rate.
Alright, we will get back to you Sahana,
you may leave now.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for your time.
Sir, I was due three months ago...
when I rejoined I was demoted
to the post of an analyst.
Let me guess this right...
In a current job interview...
you are slandering the company you work
for over gender discrimination.
It is the truth, sir.
As far as we know, our industry has been
giving equal treatment to men and women.
Mam if that were true I wouldnt
be here today asking for a job.
What if there is another reason
and pregnancy is just an excuse.
Sir, with all due respect...
its really upto you to decide if you
are here to judge me on my character...
or my professional merits.
Yes, Sachin...
No, I cant come.
I dont know, you manage it.
Who are you?
How did you come inside?
Who are you?
Madam, Im...
- Usha!...
where is Aashi?
Oh my God!
I was changing her nappy madam.
She had done...
What is wrong with you?
Oh my God Aashi!
Who are all these people?
These are all my children madam...
he is my husband.
My youngest child is ill so he...
- What are they doing in my home?
He is very ill. and
they had came downstairs.
Everybody out... just get out.
Please go, go home.
Why didnt you inform me?
Madam, I tried calling you.
I didnt have my phone with me.
I messed it up.
Dont lie.
I swear...
I swear I tried calling you.
Mama is here now.
Madam, Ill change her
nappy in two minutes.
just leave her...
I cant believe this.
Madam never ever
happens like this.
Madam I am not that
kind of woman.
You can check with the watchman...
no one ever comes in this house.
This is the only time that
they have visited me.
My kid needed medicines so he brought
him up and I gave him some chips to eat.
I gave it to them...
You are lying, I know it.
- No... no...
Ill clean everything up.
Get out... get out...
why are you still here?
I love Aashi very much Madam.
Is this the way you love... get out.
Get out of my house.
- My kids will suffer...
Get out...
I dont want to see your face.
please my kids are very young...
Ill call your company Babybest right now,
get out from my sight.
Madam, please check my credibility...
I am not a bad woman.
What are you doing?
Get out of my house.
Why is your bag still lying here
this is it ... right?
Take it and go.
I am sorry Aashi.
I am sorry my baby I am sorry.
What is this?
Madam, Where will I...
Dont show me an emotional drama.
Maam, please dont fire me.
Get out Usha.
I am the sole bread earner in my family
Leave right now or Ill call the cop.
Get out.
Please have mercy upon my kids.
I am sorry my baby.
I know, I know
Mama is here.
Ok... ok... ok.
Its gonna be, ok.
Sahana thought she has
entered someone else's house.
No no, the kids were hers but the way
they'd created a ruckus was quite weird.
Yes, we are on our way to look
for crche.
We dont wanna hire nanny anymore.
Ok, bye.
Food is here.
Junk food.
Thank you papa.
So whats the next stop.
Laxmibai, down road...
Aashi is excited.
So far, none of the crche we
have seen looks good.
That aunty in the crche was
really scary.
Aashi started crying as
she saw her.
I too got scared.
did you like that aunty?
Did you like the dot on her forehead?
- Its work one second,
Yeah Sir I told Mish...
Yes sir, I understand.
All ok?
I asked for three days leave,
they have just fired me.
How is that possible?
They were looking for an excuse.
Now what are we going to do?
Nothing, we will manage.
At least she is smiling.
Come here.
Dont worry.
We will manage.
You okay?
hated that job.
You send me the layout plan today,
the clients are coming tomorrow.
Finish it and send me by tonight.
Are you sure you are sending me?
Yes... yes.
Ok, see you.
how is the Lonavala project
shaping up?
First class, first class.
Its fabulous.
Im going there tomorrow morning.
Nothing, I was just asking.
Is there is any problem?
Sahana has just got
fired from her job.
I had told you before...
you should never trust
these corporate fuckers.
Is this why, you were
asking about Lonavala project?
can you do something?
When I had offered you the position with 30% hike,
you should have taken it then.
At that point,
the situation was different.
Now all of a sudden,
I am in crisis.
I have already sent 7-8 engineers
over there...
now we cant send any more.
My home loan is looming
over head.
Please try to sort this out.
Ill talk to my dad once again,
give me some time.
The thing is Ill...
Ill have to look for another job,
Im screwed right now.
Have you gone mad?
Dont talk about quitting the job.
I will speak to my Dad,
will take care of this.
Dont worry.
And dont think much,
What do you want, Aashi?
Please let me finish this...
wax is hot now.
I have to do it when the wax is hot.
Aashi dont come here,
its dangerous.
Stay away...
please stay away.
Please switch it off.
Switch it off.
Give it to me, switch it off.
Thank you.
Thank you,
Aaah so much better.
Naresh how long will it take?
Sir, at least another 4-5 hours.
Ohh God!
Give me the wrench.
So how do you cope up
without Karan?
Don't you argue with him?
Me and Rohit also fight.
- Of course.
But Rohit always balances
things between us...
he always smoothens out things
for me which is sweet.
See here...
I know.
Why dont you just tell him?
Tell him what?
Tell him what you are telling me
that you love him.
Are you mad?
I mean no ways.
Firstly, I need more time.
I cant just commit like this.
And this is too soon.
Dont you think so?
I mean there is just too much
happening in life babe, so no.
If Aashi wasnt fast asleep,
she would give you the same advice.
I would marry Aashi.
Thats amazing, I dont know
how she sleeps so much.
Its really...
She always sleeps in my car.
- My Phone, phone.
Quickly pick up,
she might just wake up.
Who is it,
Dont know?
Yes, speaking.
I mean...no no I havent considered
any other company yet.
Yes absolutely, thank you.
I got the job.
I got the job.
I got the job.
Oh my God! Sahana.
Congratulations babe.
Ok I cant kiss you right now but...
I am so happy, I am so happy.
I am so happy for you.
Good Morning.
Good Morning.
I am here to see Yogita from HR.
Okay... please have a seat.
I will inform her.
- Sure.
Hi, Sahana.
Hey, I am Brendon Mathews
head of Marketing.
Yes, sir, hi.
Welcome to Deal @ your door.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Let me show you around.
- Alright.
Here we have the illustrious
human resources...
and here we have the
accounting department.
Yeah, and I want you to know that
everybody was very surprised...
by your performance specially
Mr. Vice-president, Ramchandani.
- Yeah.
Here is marketing
and right here we have sales...
and this is gonna be the
backbone of your team.
Hey guys, this is Sahana...
and this is our resident
couch Potato Anand.
- He is from the sales...
and over here we have Sagar
and Merenla.
- Hi.
They are head of market research
and demographic analysis.
Yeah, you can bother them 24/7.
I know, I do.
I most definitely will bother you.
I am Sahana.
Nice to meet you.
Pack your new brush.
Yes, I have.
Take these warm clothes.
No, I have already
kept a leather jacket.
But that will not protect you.
Come on, I am only going to
Lonavala not Nainital.
She is passed out.
Yeah good,
at least she is not crying.
Why dont you both join me
over the weekends?
You dont go there.
How is that possible?
Just dont go.
Just dont go.
What you are saying baby?
I have agreed to this.
Talk to Vinayak and tell him that
you dont need to do this project anymore.
I cant do that,they have
already started the work.
Ive got the job now.
You dont have to go anymore.
Baby, when we had decided it you
didnt had the job.
This is one and half years
long project Karan.
One and half years again youll go.
Youll leave us.
You will miss everything.
Ill keep coming back on
the weekends.
Come on... you are not making
it easier for me.
Its not like Im not...
When we will be a family?
I dont want to do this anymore.
Please dont cry.
Please dont.
Please I am driving.
Do you want chocolate?
You promise, youll stop crying
if Ill give you a chocolate?
Take this.
You dont want it.
Aashi, please.
Aashi I know what you want...
On the pavements of the city
Even after the sounds of
several footsteps
From the cracks of two rocks
When a little bud peeks
In the cacophony of that city
This is a silent victory
Move your gaze around
There is a hope on every turn
There is a hope on every turn
After Listening to
The dreams all day
Eyes counts Memories in the night
In the tiredness of these eyelids
Believe dear that the hope is alive
Just hold your gaze
And turn towards that bud
Please finish your toast.
If the earthen heart breaks,
Fix it's cracks with gold
Go... go...go... go
you will miss the bus.
And this time what you will tell
Rishi and Aryan to share your tiffin.
You wish to share right?
- Yes.
What will you say?
What will you say?
- Yes!
Yes, please share.
Come on finish it now, fast.
You have only finished one...
eat it all and also drink your milk.
Okay, Is everything ready?
Lets go.
I am done.
O God!
Come on show me your ribbon.
Your school has again sent
me complaint about it.
Can we learn to tie?
Big rabbit goes around the tree
and then what did he do...
goes into the hole.
Lets go.
Ding Dong whos there?
Lets see.
Wait a minute.
Hi, Shibu.
- Good Morning Maam.
Good morning.
Good morning, Aashi.
Aashi... Aashi, Aashi...
papa has sent a gift for you.
Dont open it now.
Have a nice day maam.
- Bye.
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you three.
I love you four.
I love you five.
See lift is here.
Yes, Sagar.
No, listen, there has
been 6% decrease.
Yeah... yeah in video watching
because of social media.
Seven little monkeys
jumping on the bed...
one fell down
and hurt his head.
Mama called the doctor and
the doctor said...
What did the doctor say?
No more monkeys
jumping on the bed.
Aashi, what digit is this?
Aashi, this one?
Very good, find seven.
Sahana, Maam.
You've come early today?
Aashi, come.
Aashi, wear your shoes,
Ill get your bag.
Wear your shoes.
Did she finish her lunch?
She had her lunch but she did
not eat those fruits.
That is normal.
But I gave her juice.
Really, did she drink it?
- Yes.
What are you saying?
Excuse me maam.
Excuse me maam.
Aabid. Sorry, Sorry...
- How are you?
I am good.
Did he find any job, no?
Ill talk to Karan about it.
Lets see what we can do.
Please let us know.
Ill surely inform you.
Please, thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Say goodbye to everyone.
Bye, Aashi.
- Bye.
Baby, how many times have I told you,
keep the toilet seat down.
Earlier you asked me to keep the
toilet seat up...
now youre saying to put it down.
Up down, up down.
Alright, so I was telling you,
she was saying Picy picy.
Im thinking why is she talking
about the star sign Pisces.
She knows she is Piscean?
No, no.
She was saying spicy pizza,
but she cant say the S...
Not Spicy, picy... picy.
So cute.
You know what also Pacchal.
Whats Pachhal?
Chappal (slippers)?
- Yeah.
And I used to say Khampa,
instead of pankha (Fan).
You never told me.
I didnt tell you.
No... no.
Khampa, Khampa.
Picy mama.
Chappal, Pachhal, Khampa.
O God!
I have not even made her lunch,
packed lunch thing I have to do that also.
Are you eating?
Have your breakfast properly.
Finish it.
Just dont eat Jam.
Phone... who is it?
Your school.
Yes, speaking.
No... no... of course,
I understand.
Thank you for informing.
Ok, bye.
I dont want to drink it.
Please darling, drink this.
I love you, please drink it.
I need you to take Aashi
to the bus stop, please.
Come on, get up.
Take her to the bus-stop.
Shibu is not coming today.
Why isnt he coming?
Come on, she is late.
Please, I have too much to do Karan.
Come on... come on... come on.
Bag and water bottle and you have
not drank the bournvita again.
What to do?
What happened that Shibu uncle
didnt come only today?
No ...no, he did not come.
He is not well.
Okay, say bye to Mama.
Bye, I love you.
I know how to...
I love you two... three.
Go, go go press... open the lift.
Okay...down floor it is
I think its the down floor.
Now it is ready.
I am going to fall over.
Press zero.
This is zero floor.
We are going ground floor.
I know this.
What happened?
Papa Chocolate.
No... no
Are you sure, she wasnt
signalling for the bathroom?
How is it possible?
No... no, no.
Mama, I am hungry.
- I am hungry.
Do you want chips?
Are you sure about this?
Look Sahana, what youre
saying is next to impossible.
We have such strict surveillance.
I mean, you can see
the cameras also.
do you doubt anyone in particular?
Firstly we thought it's Shibu...
because he is the one
who comes everyday.
Shibu, okay.
Then we thought it could be any one,
peon, staff, teachers.
Absolutely, it could be anyone.
- Yes, It could be anyone.
Does Aashi go to crche
after school?
Yes... yes.
And who picks her up from
the school bus?
Shabnams husband, Aabid.
I know them since many years.
They are very trustworthy.
Have you spoken to Aashi
about it?
Have you asked her anything?
- No...
I dont know what to say?
I dont know how to tell?
- Of course no.
I understand.
Thats why we came here,
you know.
I am glad you came to me...
yes, yes.
Sahana I feel you should
consult a doctor.
You know once it gets confirmed
in the medical report then...
I will certainly take this
matter forward.
Right... right... of course.
I did not even think of it.
I am so stupid.
- No... no thats absolutely okay.
We have to call a doctor yeah,
okay yeah.
Where is Aashi?
She is outside with Karan.
Oh... good, good she is with you.
Thank you.
Thank you for talking to us.
Most welcome.
Could I have a word
with Karan also please?
Yeah, of course.
Ill just...
Ill just go and get him.
Thank you, thank you.
principal wants to speak to you.
Aashi, come here.
Mr. Mehra,
please...please come in.
I am... really sorry to hear
about this.
I mean its absolutely shocking,
I will personally look into
this matter...
dont worry I will do
everything that is needed.
Just one thing.
Aashi is very young...
we have to be careful about
who we share this with, you know.
Thats all...
take care.
Take care of Aashi.
O my God!
Whos here?
See that its puppy.
O my God!
Is that a puppy or a sheep?
That is the sheep.
Sheep... very good,
how are you doing?
- Yes.
Yeah... beautiful dress, Mama.
Who got it for you?
- Yes.
You wanna give this to Mumma?
- Yeah!
And we are going to ask
Mumma and papa to wait here...
and we are going to chat. Alright?
Mama we are going to be back, Alright?
Come here... come here.
Remove your shoes baba...
remove your shoes quickly.
Very good girl.
I love your dress.
Where did you get it from?
Oooh nice, come... very good
girl... come.
O my God!
Lie down.
O my God! You know it.
Keep your legs straight.
You know what I love blue color.
Open... open your mouth.
I used to wear blue ribbons
to the school.
Why are you not wearing it now?
I do sometimes but you know what...
look there... look there
I do sometimes...
but now you know what
I have lot of blue scarfs
and dresses.
What it means scarf?
Scarf is something that your
wear around your neck.
Yes, that is helmet means.
Yes... but not as beautiful
as yours.
Such a lovely...
- I have a black helmet.
You have a black helmet?
but such a pretty dress.
I dont have small helmet.
You dont have.
Okay, now you are gonna relax
and aunty is going to check you.
Okay... does it pain here?
No... okay come...
fold your legs...
very good girl...
very good.
Its going to get over in a minute and...
a minute and...
okay its done.
Come... get up... get up...
good girl.
You know what...
we are going to play a game...
A secret game...
I will tell you one secret of mine...
and you will tell me yours.
Done? Give me five.
Very good... you know what?
There is a doll in this drawer.
She is my best friend.
I play with her when
nobody is around.
Do you know what her name is?
Putty Chutty... say that.
She is like mini-cooper.
whats her name again?
Putty Chutty.
- Putty Chutty.
Ok, do you have any friends
like that you play with?
Who are your friends whom
you play with?
Aryan, Vaidesheel Gupta.
Oh! Very good... and?
And Ashish sir.
Ashish sir?
You play with him...
thats awesome.
What game?
Is it also a secret game?
What is it?
That is saree game.
Oh! Does he touch you like this...
like this sometimes he is playing?
- He gives me one...
Puppet Mansion.
Puppet Mansion okay.
Who touches you here Aashi?
Tell me.
Shiii.... Shibu uncle.
In the school right?
No... in the lift.
Mamma is calling.
Will call her later.
Yes, sweetheart.
Get up.
Im getting up...
just give me two minutes.
O God, you are so...
Again do Papa also.
Wake up papa... come lets go.
He did...she did.
I did not do, she did.
Who did this?
No, no... Aashi did it, not me.
Who... who?
- No... I didnt.
You only did it, I know...
I know.
- Its her...
Its her, tickle her.
- I know ... I know...
Im gonna tickle you.
Ill tickle Papa.
No... no...
Thats someone...
Ill just go and see.
No... no... wait.
Sahana wait Ill check.
Good Morning Sir.
- Shibu uncle...
Good Morning Aashi.
Sir, what happened?
Sir, Sir...
Karan, stop please...
leave it.
Get inside...
Aashi, go inside.
Come, come quick...
You wait here, ok.
Im just coming, ok.
Mr. Varma, how does it matter?
I have been telling you... its Shibu.
Mr. Mehra Its not possible.
I have got his files.
I have checked it yesterday only...
and he has been working
with us for so many years.
What are you trying to say,
am I lying?
No...please, please.
See this...
this is his file with police reports
and verification...
also here is the school
assessment report...
everything is clean.
Sir, what are you trying to do?
I dont want to see these files.
I am not interested in this.
Please... please calm down.
No...I am telling you...
this has happened to my daughter.
Can you do anything about this?
Can you take any action?
Sir, on what basis can I take action?
There is no evidence against him.
Sir, I have this evidence in front
of you, the medical report confirms it.
I have explained everything to you.
How difficult is it to figure out?
You know what sir, this has been
a really futile exercise for me.
I didnt even want to come here.
I am going to the cops...
and Ill file FIR against Shibu
and your school.
- This is rubbish.
No... no... please, please...
calm down.
No one is going to benefit
from this, trust me.
Aashi is like my own child.
Mr. Mehra,
I have always helped you...
you know that.
Just allow me to consult
my management and...
Sir, I am not interested in what
your management thinks...
you are not understanding what
I am going through right now.
Mr. Mehra please calm down.
- We are done here Sir.
I am going to the cops.
No... no...
we will take action.
We will take action.
Shall we meet today at 5 O clock
in the evening...is that okay?
Just give me a little time to contact
the trustees and the management...
and form a committee and
we will take necessary
Is it good?
Let me try it as well.
Its a big piece.
Mr. Mehra, Mrs. Mehra,
Please come in.
Hello Aashi, my child.
Come, come sit.
Please have a seat.
Mr. and Mrs. Mehra, may I
introduce to you our secretary.
Sir Ghanshyam ji Thakur.
Of course,
you know the Vice-Principal...
Mrs. Sunita Kothari.
And our school counsellor
Mr. Ashok Raman.
Thakur sir, would you like to start
the proceedings of the committee.
We are sorry...
what had happened was
very unfortunate.
And now I would like to
talk to Aashi first.
Aashi can I talk to you...
Is it okay?
Uncle will ask some questions.
- Okay Aashi...
please tell him the truth...
- Alright.
Do you like coming to school?
Good...very good and who is
your favorite teacher?
Pal teacher.
Pal teacher... okay.
Tell me something,
who gives you chocolate in the lift?
Who gives you chocolate?
- Please tell him the truth.
Shibu uncle.
Okay... okay.
Aashi, my child...
does Shibu uncle...
trouble you?
He takes care of you,
you know.
He is a nice uncle.
She is saying he takes care
of her and that...
Of course! she is gonna say that
because she is a child...
she doesnt understand.
She is a little nervous...
and you guys...
The child is saying that actually
she likes Shibu...
they have a good relationship.
Still you took matters in your own
hand and you beat him up.
Anyway let bygones be bygones.
- No.... no what is the point here...
what is the point you are trying to make?
What are you trying to say?
What we are trying to say that....
He is saying that your child likes
Shibu and you are accusing him?
Accusing...excuse me?
Firstly there is...
Its clearly Shibu.
Theres no proof that it is Shibu.
I dont want to repeat this again...
She goes to so many places like
we spoke... crche.
At crche, she is picked up by your friends husband.
- I cant believe this is happening.
Now this could happen....
Mrs. Mehra.....Mrs. Mehra,
tell me something...
why don't you pick up your child,
why don't you drop her to the school bus?
Why you never bother to drop her
or pick her up from the school yourself.
So what?
Does that give you license to your employee
to come and molest my...
to do whatever you want with my child.
This is ridiculous.
You are not careful about
your child, at all.
You are a big school...
Mrs. Mehra, please come back.
Mrs. Mehra please.
What is this kind of behavior?
Come back.
Come back.
- I thought you are here to help us.
We are not coming back
we are done here.
Please calm down,
please calm down.
All I am saying is this
could have happen anywhere.
You know its not necessary...
she goes to so many places
after school...
It could have happened anywhere,
that is all we are trying to say.
Okay, let me ask her,
let me ask her...
okay, my child tell me...
when Shibu gives you chocolate
in the lift...
where does he touches you?
What are you doing?
How can you ask such a thing
from my daughter?
Are you a doctor? Shut up!
- Security...
Shut up.
- Security, call them.
How dare you talk to my daughter
like that?
I am suing your fucking school.
Mr. Mehra, please calm down.
Please calm down.
You are running a fucking sham here.
Get out of here.
Ill kick your ass right here.
- You touched my kid.
Sit at the back.
Its okay,
we are going home.
will you stop pressurizing me?
- Its good right?
Shall I put in this?
I have explained everything
to the engineer...
you go and meet him.
Why are you calling me
and not him?
What am I supposed to
do from here?
Vinayak, this is important for me...
can you be a little considerate.
No, the problem is your company is...
full of dickheads,
thats the problem.
Ill come in a while, then we will play.
- Then I will not be able to do it...
you do whatever you feel right.
you eat the toast.
- Yes I cant come.
Alright, then dont eat.
I don't want to work with you.
Go fuck yourself.
Don't get angry
upon someone else.
Just stay out of this...
its my problem I am handling it.
Look at me.
We cant give up so quickly,
we have to file an FIR.
Are you crazy?
You want to
go to the cops now.
I want Shibu to go to jail,
thats what I want.
And what about the policemen...
they will come here
and interrogate Aashi.
Isnt the incident which happened
at school enough?
Then, we shouldnt do anything?
We should just
forget about everything?
I am not saying you to sit quietly.
Can you just let me handle this?
I am here now, I here I am
not going anywhere.
Yeah, so let me handle this.
- I am here for good.
I am not going anywhere.
Thats good.
Yeah yeah...
- Baby...
I am gonna be here for
my daughter...
I am gonna take care of Aashi.
What do you mean
for your daughter?
Where were you for the last three
years for your own daughter?
What do you mean?
I was working my ass off
in Lonavala.
Yeah, so was I.
What are we doing here
Is this some sort of a competition
between us?
No its not that.
I was working really hard for us.
I was working really hard for you,
for our family...
so that we can have this house
this fancy fucking house
this fancy furniture.
You think I want this fancy
fucking furniture?
You think I want this?
I had asked you...
not to take up
that Lonavala project...
I had said that to you...
maybe if you have been here and...
you had contributed to the family,
yeah maybe
- This wouldnt have happened.
Its my fault?
I went to Lonavala
- Its not what I said...
thats why this has
happened to Aashi.
What are you saying?
Just saying that be here for us.
You know what you are right
actually if I was around
none of this would have happened.
I thought I could trust you
and you fucked up
thats what happened.
Stop shouting okay
and dont tell me I fucked up.
You fucked up.
- No I didnt
you dont remember...
I wasnt ready to become
a mother...
you manipulated me into doing that.
- I manipulated you?
Yeah and now you are blaming me.
- How can you say that?
You are blaming me for everything...
because I couldnt handle it
on my own.
Wow, wow, you said it...
you know what you just said it.
You never wanted the child in the first place.
- What?
No, dont twist my words
that is not what I said.
That explains everything,
that explains your fucking ignorance.
That is not what I said, ok
dont push it Karan.
For once will
you accept your mistake
you were not around.
You will not be belittled
by accepting your mistake.
Yes its my fault my fault
and my fault only and no one elses.
It cant be yours for sure...
because you have never
taken responsibility...
for anyone in your life...
not your mother, not me and
definitely not your daughter.
You condemn your father...
but you have become like him.
Then leave me,
If you think Im that bad.
Why dont we end it,
lets end this.
You said it...
not me.
What are you doing,
get out.
Get out.
Thats what you are best
at anyway.
Eat your toast.
I dont want to eat.
Okay, Ill eat it.
I will eat on my own,
Ill finish it.
while I was fighting with Dad,
did you get scared?
Why Shibu uncle
and Papa was fighting?
Is it because of the chocolate?
why chocolate?
You think papa is fighting with
Shibu about chocolate?
You know Shibu uncle did
something very bad...
and papa was just angry
about that.
No, what?
You like Chocolate?
But I dont want to eat
chocolate with Papa.
Papa loves you very much
you know that.
I dont want to eat chocolate
with Papa...
he gets very angry.
Just like,
he got angry with you, now.
Sir, we are closing in 10 minutes,
any last order?
Ill have Coffee.
- Ok.