Rich Hill (2014) Movie Script

FBLA members,
Drop, Lock, and Bake will be
this Saturday
at Food Fair.
Please remember to have
your three baked goods,
the signup sheet is on
Miss Eld's door.
Have a great day.
Let's win!
Let's go, let's win!
Let's go!
Let's fight!
People around town,
they walk towards us
or walk past us
with their nose
fifty miles in the air
acting like their shit
don't stink.
And acting like
they're better than us.
And I don't fall for that.
We're not trash.
We're good people.
Anything could trigger me.
The smallest slightest thing
you'd think wouldn't
trigger most people
will trigger me.
I think people expect me
to do good things
and have a better future
than I do right now.
I don't even know
what to do anymore.
Origin in childhood,
A's by love of parents,
family ties are treasured things
and far through we may,
um, youth?
Be tender, but our bonds
with those we love
still pull our hearts
toward home.
Yeah, I think someone
just wrote that on there
'cause they didn't know
how to spell.
See, they didn't know
how to spell.
See, look, see,
leaven or "yoth",
"you oath."
Remain youth, wait.
And family heir and elicit.
Stop it!
You're gonna make me fall,
I'm gonna pop your back.
We lived in Rich Hill
then we moved to Branson
then to Ridgedale,
back to Rich Hill
then to Belton, wasn't it?
And moved again
from Belton to Granby then...
Don't forget Lathrop.
I know.
And then from Granby to Raymore,
then to Lathrop,
then back to Raymore,
and then to Appleton City,
back here,
then moved again, well,
in the same town,
but, yeah.
Oh, wait, I forgot
to mention that land.
The Ozarks.
Yeah, the Ozarks.
Oh, and then we moved
to Margie's for a week.
Oh, yeah.
Are you a little baby?
You're not doing it right.
It's like, are you,
I can't do it.
Are you a little baby?
Are you a little baby?
He's like, "Yeah, I think I am".
Are you a little titty baby?
No, you didn't do it right!
Are you a little titty baby?
Okay, the first line,
"if I die young" sounds
pretty bad, okay?
If I die young
Bury me inside
Lay me down
on a bed of roses
See me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the water
Sing our song
My mom, she wants to
get out here
and do things with us,
but she can't
'cause of her problems.
And, I mean, I miss her.
I wish that she, you know,
could actually do
the things that she wanted.
That's sweet.
I mean, my dad,
he's almost the same way,
but he just ignores it
and goes on with his day.
And, I mean, I know
I wouldn't be able
to live without
my parents, so far.
I'm still their little baby,
their little angel or whatever
they wanna call it.
That's right, you two
are my babies.
I really do love my mom
and my dad
and my sister.
The important thing
about Appachey,
it's not really a poem,
it's just a biography,
the important thing
about Appachey
is he loves to skate,
he's competitive
and he likes to skate.
He's competitive, cool,
he likes to skate,
hang out and play ball.
He loves animals,
especially turtles
and he loves his boards
because every one of them
has a story of how he got them.
The important thing
about Appachey is that
he loves to skate.
Stupid ass assignment.
Don't know what the fuck
that is.
My dad left when I was six.
Just walked out.
Didn't even say bye.
I woke up in the middle
of the night and he was gone.
He never came back.
Get up.
This is what happens
when Mom goes to work.
You are so lucky you did not
hit me with that.
Your cuteness have reached
its limit for the day,
knock it off.
AD/HD, bipolar, OCD, ODD.
That's all of them.
I think.
Now they're looking in
to see if he has Aspergers.
And he's not compliant
with medication,
so I don't know if medication
would actually help him or not
'cause he doesn't take it right.
And at 13 years old I'm not
gonna hold him down
and shove it down his throat.
It's a choice if he
wants help or not,
it's all up to him.
Oh, reading Patrick
a bedtime story, I see.
"Snail Tales",
that's a good one.
"Snail Tales"?
I thought it was called
now, now, now.
It's "Kung Fu Panda:
Legends of Awesomeness"
up next on Nick.
I bet my hair's
all poofed up, ain't it?
I use a lot of water
so you might wanna stand back
with your equipment.
I'm very easy to make mad.
Actually, that one there.
I don't have
something like that.
That one's $14.
I take pills for it now.
Ten bucks, it's nice.
But like, I'll be
fighting with somebody,
next minute I don't even know
what I'm fighting about.
I'm pretty sure
I don't got no money.
How old are you?
I'm 15.
Yeah, I couldn't sell it
unless you're 18.
Have to be someone 18 buy it.
I had money in here
the other day.
I must have spent it
on Burger King or something
'cause I remember
eating Burger King.
You have to borrow some money
from somebody.
Right now my mom's in prison.
She's been in since July so...
July, August, September,
October, November, December,
January, February, March,
so about nine months.
Mom's not with it, I had the
rest of my teeth pulled today.
You had the rest
of your teeth pulled?
And how many was that?
Now it hurts really bad.
Yup, I won't be getting
my teeth pulled.
Just hang it to, just hang it
to a door
and have somebody else
pull on the other end.
I'm being recorded
and you're being recorded.
You know how I'm being recorded?
Because every call you make
I'm recorded on.
But this time you're
being recorded by my people.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Have sweet dreams.
You, too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The caller has hung up.
I always gotta wait for
"the caller has hung up."
That way I know she has hung up.
But, yup, that's what it's like
talking to my mom.
I work with my dad.
I make 20 bucks a day
whenever I work a full day.
He does oddball jobs and stuff.
Right here is the garden
we've been working on.
And, I mean,
it's still a work in progress,
everything is, basically.
Hear that lonesome
It sounds too blue to fly
The midnight train
Is whining low
I'm so lonesome I could cry
Pretty much just
dumping the water in it.
But just can't bump that iron,
it's gotta set real easy.
Take an electric skillet,
put it over there
and heat it up quick,
it's like five minutes,
you got hot water.
See, that one's steaming now,
that's almost good enough.
Put a little water in that tub.
Then the coffee pot.
And by the time this one's done,
that one will be ready to go.
It's steaming now so it's ready.
Take the whole thing in there.
When you're in a place
where there's no work
and you can't pay the bills
and it gets shut off
you learn to survive,
the survival.
There's other people
waiting to take a bath.
One minute.
Minute's up, move.
All right.
Get that bath,
get that ass washed, boy.
You're ready for
your next school day.
I don't know why
he wears shorts.
I guess he's just
crazy like that.
My little, bitty,
baby twin sister.
I'm not that short.
Yeah, you are.
She's just great.
I mean, we have our times
where I'll throw down
and do a little bit of this.
And there's times whenever
she goes...
"Come on,
you wanna tussle?"
I don't know if he thinks
he has something to prove.
I have no clue,
but he's totally changed.
Now he's Mr. Big and Bad
and gonna fight
everybody out there.
Here, baby, tuck it under ya
and then when you sit down
you tuck it under you.
My air is on
and we don't have a dog.
Keep that door shut.
Get out of the kitchen, you'll
eat supper when it's done.
I'm hungry!
How can you be hungry, Pac?
You ate a whole can of raviolis
meant for three people.
I don't think you need
anything else right now.
What do you want?
I said no, get out of my face.
I don't think it's funny.
I don't fucking care.
I never got to have any
dreams or ideals about my life.
I turned 17, moved out
of my mom's house,
started working,
met Jeremy and got married.
I never had a life,
I never had any dreams or hopes.
It just went straight from
being at Momma's house
to being a mother.
I didn't get any
time in between.
Which I don't really regret it,
I don't regret having my kids.
Sometimes I wish I would
have had time
to grow up a little bit more.
Instead of just being thrown
from being 17
to boom, you're an adult now.
But I made it.
Not always made
the right choices,
but I made it.
Get out of my freaking room!
Keep this outta here!
Shut up!
Get out of my room then.
Beat feet, hit bricks.
I was not playing with you!
Come to think of it I think
we might need
some barbecue sauce.
Do we have barbecue sauce?
Got some.
Yeah, nevermind.
We got barbecue sauce.
I been back and forth
from Mom to Dad.
All right, bye.
But like, finally
I just told Dad, like,
I didn't like his wife.
So he kinda gave me
the opportunity
to go live with Grandma.
While you're, while you're out
will you get me either
a four pack of regular Monster
or a two-,
two mangoes?
Do, you could get mango
on food stamps.
Yeah, but I only have like
two-hundred dollars.
Two-hundred dollars
to hold us over.
Now, that's not much for
everybody to last a week,
if not longer.
Just please try to get one,
love you, bye.
I don't know. Bye.
I wish I di-, kept my change
that I gave her back
the other day.
I would have kept that
and got me one.
'Cause I'm tired,
I wanna go to bed.
There's just half a day left,
I'm not happy.
I'm a demented little kid.
Well, not little.
'Cause I got
a pretty big stomach,
but I'm not little,
but I'm not huge.
You gonna lay there
and go to sleep?
He has absolutely no patience.
Like, five minutes to us
seems like an hour to him.
And I don't know, you know,
what it is
that makes him that way.
He didn't used to be
quite like that.
And he flares up real easy.
Mostly to me, I think.
Because we kinda, you know,
battle back and forth
and everything and I can
say one word
and he'll take it wrong,
you know?
So then he's mad.
But he's gotten pretty demanding
and stuff like that.
You wanna go see
my new knife now?
Not right now.
I got one.
Quit it.
It's stuck.
Oh, I need butane
and cigarettes.
You already mentioned that
about four times.
At least I got it
in your system.
Like I said, I don't know
about the butane.
Quit pounding.
Told you about that.
Get crunk.
I'll just get the cheap ones.
Hey, man, I'm trying to find
something that's 15 cents.
Then I'll buy it.
You light it, run like hell,
and yeah, it makes one of those.
All right,
there's your synthetics.
You guys have a good day
and have fun.
All right, dude, you gotta
give me one package.
Yeah, give me one, too.
Give me one.
Here, I'll race Wesley.
To what?
The stop sign.
On your mark, get set, go!
Hey, I got boots on.
All right, lay down.
Lay down.
There, I laid down.
Turn off that light.
The other light,
I have a cigarette.
Are you fucking asleep?
Okay, all right.
Get up on your pillows.
There you go.
Just because you owe me.
I don't owe you anything.
Yes, you do.
She's on this
medicine, you know,
sleeping medicine
and it puts her out.
But, yeah.
She's always cooped up
in the house in her room
watching TV or something.
And I wish that she could
actually be there
to experience the world,
you know?
All right, here we go
moment to go, get on in,
got two pies left.
Here we go...
Who give a 100 dollar bill
there for Randy Bloomfield.
Hundred dollar bill there.
Two hundred dollar now,
gonna get three hundred.
Gonna get three.
Five, six.
Don't let him run away with it!
Fourteen, fifteen, we're
getting close to the record.
Nineteen hundred now, 2,000!
I got 2,000 now, looking at 21,
28, now nine, now nine,
3,000, 3,000,
We all know that records
are made to be broken.
We got four more pies here.
If we can break that
four more times
then wouldn't nobody
challenge Rich Hill would they?
Let's go after them.
It's not fair.
Fucking idiots didn't even
give me a straw.
You're lucky you got the pop.
Keep bitching and
I'll throw it away.
How could I drink a pop
without a straw?
You gonna push me?
Shut up about it.
We did good, girls.
High five.
High five.
Once I finally got here and
actually started helping.
Now we'll get
all this shit taken home,
get all these people taken home,
I'll go up and get lunch,
we'll veg out while we eat lunch
and then my kids are gonna
start deep cleaning.
This straw sucks,
I've broken it.
No, that's how it was
whenever I got it.
You can have my straw.
Thank you.
I just want a straw.
You're gonna finish your room,
the boys are gonna
do their room.
What the fuck?
This is disgusting.
Can someone help me with this?
Tara, I have
no fucking room to clean.
Yeah, I'm gonna laugh
when you get in trouble.
All the chores are done?
That's why we're all
out here playing?
He's in the shed, Mommy!
I can't clean 'cause
there's baskets everywhere.
You can clean.
You can put this stuff back
where it goes, now.
I can't, Mom,
there's baskets everywhere!
There's not baskets by the wall!
What am I supposed to
do with it?
Get it picked up.
Mom, I, I can't
move both couches
'cause there's shit everywhere.
So move the fucking baskets.
Where am I supposed to put them?
In here!
Where does it look like
I'm putting them?
The whole goddamn couch
on top of them.
I fucking do it
and everybody starts
fucking acting stupid.
Fucking ridiculous.
No one wants to listen.
I would get a bag and start
picking up the trash
on the floor.
I'm tired of spending
my fucking days off
doing this shit.
No one will fucking do
what they're told to do.
I work hard enough
during the fucking week,
I shouldn't have to clean
on my days off.
Shit should already
fucking be done.
How are you doing the face?
The eyes are done?
Not reddened in yet,
but the outline's done.
Oh, all right.
Get a picture!
What, what.
You ain't got no pancake mix,
Can't handle all this.
Did you take one with
the cigarette
in my mouth, though?
Yeah, I got one with
the cigarette in your mouth,
but you might not be able to
send one to your mom with it.
Trick or treat!
Yeah, trick or treat.
You love us!
Ain't we too old for this?
Uncle Jimmy!
What are you doing?
Y'all out having fun?
Man there's been peeps
all over the place
running around here,
you know that?
Is there?
Here, you need more.
I need more.
All right, Uncle Jimmy.
He gave me a handful
and then he gave me
another big handful and said
"You need more."
Man, we need to hit more houses
'cause no chocolate's
not working for me.
I ate all my chocolate.
I think.
Yup, I ate all my chocolate.
That's for sure.
That's what I go
trick or treating for.
I don't even check the candy.
I mean, what...
The worst thing they're gonna
do is shove a razor blade
and if they're that
if they got that much
stupidity in them
then it's not even worth
having them alive.
I don't think so.
I mean, who wants to kill
a couple of kids?
That's why I got strong feelings
about rape, too.
I don't like it.
I'm against it.
'Cause there are some things
that have happened to me
that I don't really talk about,
but they still happened.
I mean, I ain't
forgot about 'em.
I I basically try
to forget about 'em,
don't think about it,
and then it don't really,
it don't come up too much
in conversation.
That and anybody that,
anybody that rapes a kid
should be murdered,
should just be shot.
Like, the cops
should just shoot him.
Is the way I feel about it.
That or the kid
that was raped by that person
should shoot them theirself.
I don't see nobody.
Grandma, you're gonna
have to get on my eyes.
Do up around my eyebrow ring
and stuff.
Like that, please.
You gotta kinda
squat down a little.
I'm gonna try not to hit
the eyebrow ring.
It don't matter.
Does it hurt?
We wanted to get out
of Rich Hill
because we
couldn't make it there.
So we ended up packing up
and moving here to Thayer.
I was so desperate when
I first got here.
I got this old time push mower.
And I went out and mowed
three yards with that
and made $20.
I went and bought me
a cheeseburger
and some football gloves.
I'm so tired of moving.
It's like a joke now.
Moving, packing and moving.
I honestly think that
God's gonna give me friends
and God's gonna give me
people that hate me.
God's gonna give me
girls that like me.
So I just let it all
form together,
I just stay to myself,
and whenever I get friends,
I have friends.
I want you to read
one of your questions here
from lesson one.
I mean, I hate moving,
but I know if we do, we do.
I have no say in what happens.
They're the parents,
I'm just a kid.
Your cheating heart
Will make you weep
You'll cry and cry
And try to sleep
But sleep won't come
The whole night through
We're so much happier.
Your cheating heart
I think the last time
that my son
tried to wake me up in Rich Hill
and I wouldn't wake up,
that was a turning point.
I remember that night.
It was on the Fourth of July.
Yeah, that's when I woke up,
was on the Fourth.
And I went out on
the first of July, that night,
and when I finally
did come to Willie told me,
Willie told me what day it was
and I'm like, no way.
You know, that's enough.
You're gonna run a red light.
Yellow means proceed
with caution.
No, it don't.
It's on your side, right?
Yellow means stop
and proceed with caution.
Hear that lonesome
He sounds too blue
To fly
The midnight train
Is whining low
I'm so lonesome I could cry
I'm so lonesome I could cry
Thank you.
Thank you, Willie.
Give him a hand.
It feels good to have
all the bills paid for once.
Caught up, pretty much.
But I hate money.
So this summer's gonna be
a whole new ball game.
Be lots of work.
Get the kids some things
they might want, for once.
Like to take a day
and take the kids
down to WalMart
or the dollar store
and just let 'em buy
whatever they want,
in a reasonable amount.
About $400 apiece
worth of stuff.
They'll love that.
Each year we always try
to get a strategy
to do something different
to better
the whole, whole program
of them growing up
and us being a parent.
I was wondering where
everybody went.
Just out here.
Oh, okay.
It's too cold out here,
I'm going back in.
You wanna go in?
Let's go in.
I was thinking about
moving to China.
Think about moving to China
and becoming an art teacher.
'Cause paintings and stuff
from China are friggin' awesome.
You get to sit there
and draw dragons all day.
I praise God, I worship Him.
And I pray to Him every night.
Nothing's came,
but that ain't gonna stop me.
This is what goes
through my mind.
God has to be busy
with everyone else.
Eventually He will come
into my life.
I hope it happens.
It's gonna break my heart
if it don't.
You wanna hear something
really loud?
Me and my mom used to
listen to this song
before she got locked up.
Freedom ain't
getting no closer
No matter how far I go
My car is stolen
No registration
Cops patrolin'
And now they don't stop me
and I get locked up
They won't let me out
They won't let me out
Well, the first time I even
found out she was in jail
is one of my other daughters
was down at the grocery store.
And they ask her what
Joanne got arrested for.
And she says "I don't know,
I hadn't heard
anything about it."
So she called me up,
I was babysitting her kids,
and she called me up
and she said,
"Mom, what'd Jo
get arrested for?"
And I said, "I don't know,
I'm up here
babysitting your kids."
And she said, "Well, I'll see
what I can find out."
And when I, when I actually
heard what it was for
was the next morning
when she was on TV.
Yeah, it was all over
the news, the internet.
Oh, I know.
The prosecuting attorney,
every time he opened
his mouth up,
he said that she was
a danger to society.
Which she wasn't.
She's always done everything
she can for the kids.
And she wasn't a danger
to society.
There's only a few people
that really actually know
the whole truth.
I was raped.
By my stepfather.
The cops didn't get called,
nothing happened.
We, it was best to just
leave it alone.
They didn't even bring up
charges against him.
They won't.
No, they said they wouldn't
because there wasn't
enough evidence.
Yeah, there wasn't
enough evidence.
So she's locked up for nothing
and he goes scot-free.
I'm just a waitress and
a mother that loves her kids.
There's nothing really
special about me.
Never has been, never will be.
It never came out until after
I had already been sentenced.
The judge sat there and ask me
why did I try
to kill my husband.
And I told him because my son
had been sexually abused
and all he had to say was
"I'm sorry about your
I don't understand
this whole thing.
How the state can take
a mom away from her kids,
but don't do anything
to the person
who hurt him so bad.
He is an angry kid
because of it.
And right now,
little phone calls,
he's stronger than I am.
He tells me keep my head up,
"Mom, we'll get through this
And this is a 15 year old boy
telling his 33 year old mom
that it's all gonna be okay.
So he's,
he's stronger than I am.
And I give him that.
So let's fight
let's win the night
Let's go
Let's fight
Let's win
It's all going fairly nice.
Everything's starting to
come together
in little pieces.
I just have to stick
the glue in there
to make 'em fit, you know?
We're probably gonna end up
settling down here.
This is, like whenever
I'm antsy, you know...
How you do it, you're like this?
Wait, wait.
Like this, and then...
All right, move.
Mom, but look,
whenever I'm on defense
playing safety
I'll sit there and be like...
I gotta show you all
my battle scars
with this helmet.
You know, that's how
you tell someone's good.
Go, go
Bobcats, win the show
Go, go
Bobcats win the show
Go, go
Bobcats, win the show
The River, super hits,
just like you like it.
When you first saw me
go out there for kickoff
what'd ya think?
I think ya did good.
No, I mean, what were
you thinking
when I ran out down the field?
There's my boy.
I still think
I could have done better.
I seen you jump on that guy
on the fumble.
Where they fumbled the ball.
I gotta find a job tomorrow.
Do like I do.
Walk around until you see
something looks like
it needs done.
Painting or something.
Pulling some weeds.
I don't know.
Might be able to go down
and get you
a little bank account,
save you up some money.
Trust me, I always,
I always thought, you know,
well, there's always
next week's paycheck
and I'd spend mine,
not put none up.
You seen my shoes, you know,
what I've had to do
just to get to the next day.
Some of the things.
So be ahead of the game.
Be putting you some funds away.
Then when you're out
on your own you got some,
you don't have to do
like what I did.
That was not the train
that was there
the last time we came.
Man, what the fuck's up with
all this ice and shit?
Hey, you guys wanna see
really fucking amazing?
Look at this shit.
On the shoe.
That did not go through.
I'm trying to break all the ice,
but I don't think
it's gonna happen.
That was amazing.
You know what?
Fuck it.
I'm walking through it.
The amazing splatter art.
I'm tired.
Too early for me.
I'm ready to go back to sleep.
Today's gonna be fun.
Today's my birthday, man,
I'm 16.
Yeah, today's gonna be fun.
I got told I dress
like a hoochie.
I'm not a fucking girl.
Today's awesome.
Come on, what's today?
Nothing you could think of?
Got anything to say to me?
Nothing at all?
'Sup Chi?
All right, whatever.
Have you been to see the nurse?
The nurse? Yeah.
This morning you have?
What'd she say?
She just said it was 98.
So you don't have a fever.
I know you don't feel 100%,
I don't even feel 50%.
We've been at school
for a month and two weeks
and every day except one you
have shown up in this office...
No, about five or six. call your grandma
and go home
and that's not an option.
I can't barely breathe
and you want me to stay here
and suffer through it.
Harley, there is a lot
of people here
who aren't 100%.
And they're still
gonna make it work.
And I need you to make it work.
I barely can breathe.
On your contract
that I have on my desk,
the contract you signed
with the juvenile office,
and I said...
I didn't even wanna sign that!
But you did.
I had to.
There was no choice in it
for me.
You're right.
You have to be in school.
I have to be in school,
but if I can't...
You played the sick card
too much.
I can't...
You wanna go to...?
You're gonna...
I'm just gonna lose it.
You're gonna see me
lose my temper and I...
You don't need
to lose your temper.
I cannot breathe.
If I need to be treated for it,
then I need to be treated.
I'm just letting you know
where I'm at
on the situation.
If you sign out and leave
without your grandmother's
you are truant.
You know where I'm at
on this, right?
I'll walk home because
I honestly don't care if they...
You understand if you walk home
I have to call Anthony
at the juvenile office
and they're gonna come
and pick you up.
Well, you're not giving me
any more options.
You have given yourself
no more options.
The most important thing for you
is your education.
Most important thing for me
is my family,
that's all I need.
I don't need a education,
I could make it out there
on my own
without an education.
I'm just going home,
Mr. Ruddert,
'cause my grandma's not here.
You know what's gonna happen
if you do.
You're gonna be truant,
I have to call it in.
Well, you won't let me
call and speak
with my grandmother.
That's right, 'cause
you abused that privilege.
Alls I'm doing is asking her
if she's still coming in.
That's all you did
the day before
and the day before
and the day before.
So you want me to walk out.
No, I do not.
Yeah, you do,
'cause you're not...
You know what I want you to do,
I want you to go to class.
I don't want you to walk out.
He's getting to the point
where he's really volatile.
You know, and I think we had
talked about that before
and stuff and it's
escalated from there.
What's your opinion
on what we need to do about it?
I would say, you know,
have the meds checked first,
like, 'cause I don't think
they're working.
It's... something has to
get figured out.
Right, yeah.
We're doing no good right now.
Yeah, yeah.
If something has to be done,
it could mean removal
from your home.
- All right?
- Okay, bye-bye.
What I'm afraid of
is Anthony picking me up
and taking me to DYS
or something.
Let me tell ya,
you keep walking out, he will.
If you agree, you know,
to go wherever, you know,
for a week or
something like that
and have your meds evaluated
then maybe they won't
be so hard on ya.
But if you keep
walking out of school, yes.
He will pick you up and I
won't have any say-so in it.
Yeah, all right.
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right.
Whenever I move I always say,
"Oh, I don't wanna move, Dad,
I have friends here," you know?
God wanted us to come back here
for a reason.
I haven't found it out yet,
but I will.
My dad,
he's having troubles
making money.
We're living with my cousins.
We have clothes on our back.
We have food in our stomach.
But we don't have a roof
over our head.
It ain't ours.
It ain't ours to do
what we want with it.
Out in the Big Bend
Doing it all to ghost town
baritone campfire songs
Wild like a roadrunner
I belong
To the far out post
to carry on
There just isn't no work.
Dates changed, plans changed
and everything changes.
And it all could have
probably been fixed
with $1500 which makes it sad.
And just can't make that,
I mean,
you can't make that
in a week or two or a month,
and down there
it really slowed down.
He does not like to hold
a steady job,
he does not like to hold
a steady career.
And that's another reason
why he isn't a top dog,
you know?
He wants to start to
try to do new things.
Like, first he was into
inventing stuff
and singing and then
went back to inventing
and now he's wanting to
go dig for gold or silver
or something like that,
I mean, that's my dad's thing,
it's his life,
he has to live it, you know?
He only has one life to live.
Only thing anybody wants
is money.
A lot of people are like that.
And me, I don't care.
I mean, I'm tired of money,
I'm gonna go get gold.
Whether it's Alaska or Australia
or go to England.
That's the solution.
Can't find a job,
go get some gold.
Platinum, silver, whatever.
Oh, fuck.
Don't fuck with me.
Kind of gun you got, bitch?
He's jamming our radar.
I got in a fight at school.
A kid kicked me in the nuts,
so I punched him in his face.
And then I went to court
'cause they kicked me out
for 45 days and I can't
go to school.
Assault is the charge
they're using against me.
So we contacted them
and they wouldn't
forgo the suspension
so I have to go
to Cass County Detention Center
to finish out school.
Yeah, he killed me.
Fuck, yeah.
All he has to do
is go to school,
keep his hands to himself,
keep his mouth to himself,
do his schoolwork
and he could succeed
and go on to the middle school.
And the day after we had
this conversation with him,
again, is the day that he
assaulted another student.
That fucking sucks.
I know how it's gonna happen
We'll go before the judge,
the judge'll lift
the suspended sentence,
and he'll go to detention
until he goes to DYS.
It's kinda like a prison
type procedure.
I think it'll be
the best thing for him.
It's a structured environment.
His attitude will
definitely change
within the first two weeks,
and they'll keep him till
he's ready for society again.
I do think it'll be
the best thing for him,
but it still breaks my heart
that he has to go.
That's my baby.
But I've done everything
I can for him.
I feel bad because
I'm gonna be relieved,
but I don't know.
He's just,
he's hard to deal with.
I love him with all of my heart,
but I need a break.
Guess they cut, they took down
the clothesline pole
I put up last year.
Maybe one of the boys'
friends will come by
and have a crowbar so I
could take the tire off,
take the wheel and the spindle
and all that off.
Everything seems to be
all right for today, though,
except that wheel.
Just waiting on the tools.
Andrew wants to get a Charger,
that's what he wants
for his birthday.
By the time he gets
of age to drive
no telling what I will have.
Four wheel drives or
probably some dune buggies.
Maybe even a four wheeler.
Good, maybe she has
a four way in her trunk.
Hey, Andrew, ask her if
she's got a four way
in the trunk.
Something to take the wheel off.
Mine's in Dina's van.
If she got time.
I forgot it was in there.
Well, I'll just have to
do it later.
Come here.
I don't think I like him
running with this new crowd
that he's starting
to hang around with.
He's getting distant.
Getting distant.
Kids are hard headed.
My dad,
he has goals that he
wants to achieve in life
and I'm kinda
right there with him,
wanting to help him, you know?
All he really wants
is someone to be proud.
And I don't think
that he understands
that I'm proud of him
whether or not
he does anything, you know?
Just get on it.
I know that my dad's gonna
end up finding a decent place.
I mean, we might end up
moving a couple more times,
but I'm gonna be
settling down somewhere.
I don't know where yet,
but, I will.
I don't know.
You can't ever plan the future.
I've always thought
that I could,
but it don't work like that.
Keep practicing.
Dear Mom.
I've been out of school a month.
I broke my neck.
Just kidding.
The principal said that
I ain't getting
any credits for this semester
so they unenrolled me.
No, I don't have
a girlfriend yet.
Big capital letters.
Love ya, from Harley.
Um, what did I do
with those stamps?
Oh, God, please tell me...
Can I put it upside down
and would it matter?
Does it?
I'm gonna put it upside down
'cause that's what she did
to this one.
I'm gonna put it upside down
'cause that's what she did
to this one.
What I do with that other stamp?
Did anybody see me,
what I did with it?
I took one off...
There it is, okay.
Got it, just in case.
This one goes back in here.
Thirty-one, two.
Thirty-one hundred now,
make it thirty-two.
Thirty-one, two,
thirty-one, are you done?
We did it last year
and we did it again!
How about that?
It's only money.
Arm wrestle, punk, arm wrestle.
Oh, no, it's not.
Don't think so, buddy.
I don't think so!
Do you think about
how it will be for your mom
when she gets out?
She'll have a job,
she'll have a job.
Why are you so confident?
'Cause it's my mom,
I gotta have some confidence.
What, you're not
laughing no more?
I gotta tell some jokes
for you to laugh,
looking at me through the lens
like it's some special
lens or something.
It's just a special face
behind the lens.
Yeah, see, there you go, laugh.
Yeah, I'm a smart kid.
I might not be book smart,
but I got a lot
of street knowledge.
Maybe not a lot, a lot,
but I got some.
Oh, this is my bus.
Love you.
I'll see you tonight.
I'll see you all later.
Are you gonna be at school?
You're gonna go back
to sleep first.
No man is an island
Oh, this I know
But can't ya see
Maybe you were the ocean
When I was just a stone
Black flies
on the windowsill
That we are, that we are,
that we are to know
Comfort came against my will
Every story must grow old
Still I'll be a traveler
A gypsy's reins to face
But the road is wearier
With that fool
found in your place
No man is an island
This I know
But can't you see
Maybe you were the ocean
When I was just a stone
No man is an island
This I know
But can't you see
Maybe you were the ocean
When I was just a stone
So here we are
And I don't wanna
beg your pardon
And I don't wanna
ask you why
But if I was
to go my own way
Would I have to pass you by
And I don't wanna
beg your pardon
And I don't wanna
ask you why
But if I was to go
my own way
Would I have to pass you by