Richard the Lionheart (2013) Movie Script

Another wretched remnant,
rancid leftover of humanity.
More than a thousand years
have passed, witch, and
where is your lion?
Where is your King?
I am here
and I am waiting for you!
Filthy peasants.
Honor our illustrious
English guest Richard.
Philippe, let it be!
The descendant of the
King of england!
Hey, son of King!
Kiss my Italian ass!
- Ow...
- Give thanks, you villain.
I've just honored your ass
with a hearty English kiss!
Drink up, all of you!
It's on my Royal family.
Thanks for
this disgusting piss.
Now where's the good stuff?
More wine!
Sorry, friend.
Didn't mean to deprive you
of this poisonous piss, Sir.
Gutta cavat lapidem.
Penetrate the rock,
prepare for the end.
The time has come.
- Get out of my way!
- Lord, my Lord!
Rest assured, I will
offer you the best.
Your end is nigh.
- Get out of my way.
- My Lord, my...
Did you wish to say something?
You are beginning to bore me.
And your stench makes
me want to vomit.
My Lord, please please.
What are you hiding
out back there?
Nothing, my Lord!
Save yourself
while you still can.
- Who is she?!
- Please.
- It's my daughter!
Look what a spicy
morsel I've found!
Richard, look, a
present for you!
No no!
Henry! Let me introduce
the young King... my brother!
Filthy traitor!
Bloodless brother!
Silence, renegade!
As of today...
You are forgotten.
I have followed your orders.
Richard is imprisoned.
You know what to do.
The journey we have undertaken
leads in one single direction.
Well, take it then,
right to the end.
You risk his life.
Does not a King
risk his life every day?
Show no pity.
I must be certain that
he is still my son...
Like you.
Who are you?
Do you know?
I am selector and
you are nothing!
You are lost.
You are forgotten.
You don't deserve names.
You don't even
deserve to live.
You have rejected
the very essence
of what is human!
Well well well,
a volunteer.
He will do.
Arrogant, foolish
and naive.
Ah stop!
Stop, no!
That's how it begins.
A woman,
as written in mythology...
is the inspiration
of every battle
that is worth fighting for.
They open the gates of hell...
To predatory beasts:
Lost souls who are not allowed
to speak their names,
and hopeless.
But as in the epic tales,
the hero comes
between the tragic
and the tragedy.
No no no.
Sword! Sword!
I have waited
a thousand years
for someone with Royal blood
to be imprisoned.
There is only one way for you
to be free from this place.
You must pass
three torments...
Three tests.
Give peace to all
who have suffered,
avenge my death,
break my curse.
Destroy this prison
and free yourself.
Defeat the three torments.
You need it.
Por favor.
What's the point?
To be strong.
- No! - You need to
get me out of here.
- No no!
- I am of Royal blood!
Come back here!
Come back here!
What happened?
Stay still or your
wounds will open.
It will heal you.
I don't need your
vile potions, moor.
Yeah, moor!
Look in my face!
I'm from the great
kingdom of Spain.
We fought the moor
for centuries.
First of all,
I'm no idiot.
you still seems to me
indeed like a moor.
Then you also know that if you trust
the medicinal cures of your people,
that that there would
fester in a day.
And by the second day, would
have become infected.
By the third...
Well, it would poison you.
A wise choice, King's boy.
King's boy?
I am Richard!
You are nothing more
than a renegade.
When you passed those gates,
you lost your name.
You can never
pronounce it again...
Or death will be
your punishment.
It pleases you to see me so.
But if I had the strength,
I will rip out your heart.
- Rip out my heart?
- Yeah.
I've heard that one before.
- Oh.
- Drink.
When I recover, you will die.
It's disgusting!
Drink it.
You need it.
Happening to me?
damn moor!
You damn...
- you...
- It's the black water of dreams.
You can thank my
woman for it later.
Rest and you will heal.
How alike we are...
Both trying to repair
broken things...
Both disposed
even to suffer...
For those who don't
deserve our dedication.
But can
a broken flower bloom again?
Must I show mercy?
It is a hard and narrow
road we walk, isn't it?
Until you can fill that
hole you call your mouth,
it would be difficult
to rip out my heart.
I am a knight, just like you.
You are not here by choice,
but that doesn't concern me.
But if you try to
stand in my way,
I will kill you.
I am of Royal blood!
By birthright, maybe.
Yes, you have blue blood
running in your veins.
So what?
The soul is something else.
- And you are here to earn it.
- I don't have to earn anything.
Then yours will be a very
short journey indeed.
your poison has worked well.
Eat everything,
it's our turn tomorrow.
For what?
For your brief journey.
I must talk with you
about your brother.
Don't move one
inch closer to me.
Your visit disgusts me more
than your obscene ways,
more than this accursed place.
It was not my desire that a
member of the Royal blood
should end up in
your grubby claws.
Of course not. It was
the King's desire.
And so here he is,
in my grubby claws.
So what about my brother?
I fear he will never give in.
And this causes,
among the forgotten,
Richard is of Royal blood, of
course he will never give in.
It's only our father who
hasn't yet grasped the truth.
You'd better pray that my father
doesn't suddenly change his mind
and charge in here to destroy
this abominable place...
Even with my dead body inside.
As you wish...
And as you know,
I follow the King's orders!
What are you doing?
I am practicing the audaces,
as any warrior
worthy of the name.
Oh. It's child's play.
No use whatsoever.
My father taught it to me.
But in real combat,
such stylized blows serve...
That's because you've
never done it correctly,
son of a King.
How dare you talk to
me so, moor? I am...
you are nothing more
than a forgotten,
and a pathetic one at that.
Where are they taking us?
I guess we're gonna
find it out.
Silence, you two!
A demon!
A demon!
Save yourself.
You have fought well.
Maybe you're not such a fool.
I had a nightmare. There was
this man...
- Uh, with sores and...
- Yeah.
It wasn't a nightmare.
You have passed
your first torment.
You faced your
first challenge.
Because there are more?
You shouldn't be afraid.
There are only three.
But only by passing
all of them...
Can you take your rightful
place in this world
and free yourself
from this place.
How many have succeeded?
How many?
As far as I know...
No one.
But the next is...
"gutta cavat lapidem. "
"The drop that
erodes the Stone. "
How did you know?
A warning, which I ignored.
That woman,
who was she?
That is ghaliya.
She is why I am here.
I abandoned everything
to give her her freedom.
- So she's your woman?
- Uh, no.
She's my promised bride.
She was captured in a cowardly
attack on our village.
And you came to a place from which
there is no escape for her?
For her.
For her I crossed
the endless plains.
I faced pirates on the
mediterranean sea
aboard my ship, lost
all my friends,
all my companions-in-arms.
And I would do it again.
I would do it again.
We need to be ready.
All is in motion, my Prince.
Your highness' younger
brother is safe
and your mother has
sent the messengers.
And the nobles I have
asked you to contact?
They have received the
message and accepted.
They will arrive, but not
before three weeks have passed.
Will he make it?
He must.
Take this.
It is for to our father.
And when he receives it,
nothing will be
as it was before.
I will give you the signal.
Inform me when the
heralds will arrive.
I will.
...And then
bring me news of my emissaries
on the Brittany coast.
They should arrive today,
but I have a bad feeling.
I don't trust King Louis.
He is up to something.
And if I know my
wife well enough,
ensconced in her
damned aquitaine,
the two of them will
already be plotting
my demise.
Sir, stop scribbling!
What I've said is
not official.
He has passed the
first torment.
Well, what he has faced
until now is nothing.
Gutta cavat lapidem.
The drop that cuts the Stone.
Well, I hope the
drop within him
digs as deep as possible.
All right, go now,
bring news of my men.
And send a message to
Henry immediately.
Richard must bend
to our will...
The only way for him to get
out of that accursed castle.
We must forge him...
Or we must kill him.
Gutta cavat lapidem.
blooming flower,
today you may leave
your cares to others.
The animals of the audaces
have the perfect characteristics.
They must be swift
and poisonous as a serpent!
You have a gift
for saving lives,
for redeeming them.
It is so pure!
But what about you?
Silent and ferocious
as a tiger!
No orders today.
A pact, perhaps.
Strong and upright
as an elephant.
Your love is here,
isn't he?
He came here to save you,
didn't he?
As perceptive as a falcon,
his senses are more acute
than any other
living creature.
True love is a rare
and precious thing,
especially when it survives
among such walls as these.
I would give you my blessing.
I bet he's your favorite.
I belong to the air.
I want you both to be free.
Yes, it's true!
But there's a small
price to pay.
- What?
- The companion of your love
must not survive the
second torment.
Make it happen, convince him
to find a solution and
you will both be free.
You forgot the last one.
Ah yes.
Is that all clear?
Above them all there
is one animal
that possesses all
the characteristics:
Strength, speed,
and most importantly
That is why he is
known as the King.
Love cannot fail.
Do you hear that?
It's empty beneath
these boards.
Here, give me a hand.
Maybe... maybe out of this castle.
Maybe I don't want to escape.
Ha! I think we should
keep our options open.
- Maybe.
- Huh.
It goes a long way down.
I'm gonna see where it leads.
Hurry, someone is coming!
Look what I've found.
Gutta cavat lapidem.
We have our drop.
No no.
We had an agreement.
Do not disappoint me.
Help help!
Take my hand!
No no!
- Come on.
- Take my hand!
- No!
Your majesty, I
beg your pardon,
terrible threat is looming.
Three days ago the
count of Chester
mobilized his troops
to invade Brittany.
It seems as though he has
the support of King Louis,
who is besieging verneuil.
It was inevitable.
Most of the breton nobles
are behind count Chester.
This means that
sooner or later...
They will control the ports
and prepare to invade
our English shores.
I managed to unite my
son John in matrimony
to the count of
savoy's daughter.
In doing so...
I relinquished control of
the alpine Mountain passes
and the right to succession
of those very lands.
In France,
at King Louis' court...
Hurls insults against me...
his father!
If only Richard
were ready now.
His temperament would be
of the utmost use to me.
Considering his ascendancy
over your wife.
Rarely does a conquered land
stay in the Victors'
hands for very long.
Blood, however,
It carries on through
the centuries...
In our chronicles
and in our lives.
That is why we are here...
for our blood.
The same blood that is now
turning against us.
When you are a King
you must father enough sons
to secure your succession.
At the same time you must
pray that your sons die
so as not to put you
in too much danger.
A crown can only be carried
by one head at a time.
This is why
this rebellion pleases me.
"Pleases," your majesty?
What more of a fitting
test can it be for a King
to go in a battle against
his own lineage?!
Stop! This is not the test.
Get him in the
middle of the arena.
When I saw him
falling, I thought,
"that beast will crush the head
of that presumptuous moor. "
Oh, but what about
me underneath?
- Mmm. - I saw a
Mountain fall upon me.
I just closed my
eyes and I prayed.
Well, your gods listened
and your animals
protected you.
I swear, not even the
pain I feel right now
can wipe away the
smile from my face.
Today was a good day.
Where's ghaliya?
Forgive me.
What are you doing?
We've got to go.
We need to get out of here!
Come on!
Come on!
Hey, where are we going?
Towards the tower.
This is the first time you
see it like this, is it?
What do you mean?
The world.
Your world.
Far different from the pain and
suffering that man creates.
My time has come, my friend.
But it's not the end.
She's waiting for me.
And I can't let her
wait too long.
Follow your destiny;
Reveal your true nature.
Your journey in this land
is only just begun.
This must finish.
things have gone too far.
No man should
suffer in this way.
This fight that our
father has commanded...
It was the King that
ordered me to put you here.
things have changed.
The rebellion against
our father is imminent.
One word from you
and all this...
Will end.
Our destiny is
beyond this place.
Just one word.
Leave this place;
Lead the fight
against our father.
Don't... Waste your life...
In this way.
The heralds will
arrive at sunset.
The time has come.
Then Richard is safe?
Not yet.
But I can do no more.
His destiny is in
his own hands.
Above them all
there is one animal
that possesses all
the characteristics:
Strength, speed,
and most importantly
That is why he is
known as the King.
For millennia
- he has waited for the coming
of the lion. -
It could have been you,
but no amount of
pain, no suffering
could redeem this
spoiled child,
this King's baby.
You are no lion
and you and your
name die here!
After all these years,
a wasteful Prince
fulfills the prophecy.
I did not foresee this,
but I am still
nevertheless the hammer
and the anvil of your forging.
I salute you,
you are...
The lionheart.
Is it true?
Is there is a rebellion
against our father?
Our mother awaits
us in chatillon.
We can fight
together this time.
Prepare my horse.
We're leaving.
For where, your majesty?
For war.