Richie (2017) Movie Script

'This is a story that happened
many decades ago'
'In a seafaring village, a fisherman whose
life revolved only around fish and sea...'
'...stumbled upon a treasure'
'2 words are oft-repeated
in the annals of history'
'The 2nd word is Fear'
'It was fear that instigated treachery'
'Betrayal is the 1st word,
often heard and repeated in History'
'Time ticked by, submerged in tears'
'The fisherman yearned for forgiveness'
'What followed thereafter'
'Realizing his friendship was now
renewed as a ray of hope...'
'The disciple continued
the journey of his teacher'
'He wanted to shower the world with peace'
'But this world did not
give him peace of mind'
'The fisherman faced the same fate
his friendship experienced'
'The mortal remains of the fisherman,
not given a formal burial...'
'...according to common belief is said
to be under a tree in the Vatican'
'The Roman empire declined
after this incident'
'Is the improper burial and the decline
of an empire a mere coincidence?'
'The arrival of a leader was
the answer to fervent prayers'
'Performing what was expected...' grant him the peace
that had been elusive'
'...the leader built
a shrine for the fisherman'
'But can peace be attained so easily?'
'Greed and fury of mankind
hounded and hunted peace'
'Rumors spread that the fisherman's remains
contained mystical powers'
'Therefore wars were waged
Corpses heaped, on a rampage'
'But no one realized
the remains yearned only for peace'
'The fisherman reached
his final destination'
'Can any other dwelling be more apt
than the sea-bed for a fisherman?'
'Having been submerged under the sea
he emerges on every Christmas day...'
' makes amends for the friendship
he betrayed, according to folklore'
'Thereafter he rests in peace again'
'Let treachery sleep'
'That by itself is a balm for friendship'
'It augurs well for this world too'
'Shots were fired
on Christmas eve'
Here, bro
Good morning
Is it a good morning?
What is this, Mani?
I said investigation is pending
but they printed it
What's the tearing hurry?
I don't understand
Swaminathan is to blame, madam
'- Proof reading is done
- Shall I come later?'
'Only printing to be done'
'Mr Swaminathan'
Complete everything in 1 week
What is this, sir?
Try to understand
This is a small crime-beat article
Shouldn't waste so much time
I worked on it for a week
I went to Tuticorin
I did all this research
Came up with so much work
Christmas night
Everybody was drunk
Jam packed crowd
It's quite common
for such incidents to occur
That's what I too thought at first
But only after I spoke
with the locals there I knew
There's more to it
than meets the eye!
In fact
I saw him there
The town too seemed very normal
But so much commotion
the very next day!
Sir, even the cops
have closed the file
As if they will be bothered
1 more in their 10 cases daily
Exactly, that is what I'm saying
This is very trivial
Sir, there are many hidden stories
in this small incident
Even to listen isn't it confusing?
That's why, sir
I want to write about everyone involved
in this incident as separate chapters
When I do so...
...we'll get answers to all the queries
regarding this incident
Why are you so interested?
'Anything personal?'
Nothing of that sort, sir
In case I don't like this article... should go and
interview that actress
What is the title of your story?
He's like my own son
even if I'm not his father
I'll tell you all that I know
Without missing anything
I, Doss will share with you
But he gives a new meaning
to the word 'style'!
That fellow, huh?
He's a scumbag
Son of a mongrel!
I'll tell you the truth
Akka, I'll tell you everything
'Akka, I'll tell you everything'
'Generally most stories begin with
'So and so is a globe-trotter' or else...'
'A stranger walked into this town'
'But my story is out of the box!'
'No need, madam
Please leave'
'Sir, please stop'
I've told him
whatever I know
This is a different question
Peter, she's pleading, right?
Why don't you oblige?
Shut up, you jinxed jackass!
Tell if you're so concerned
- Bloody pain!
- Right, forget it
Listen, madam
Why do you want to
beg him? I'll tell you
Okay, tell me
'So the story goes-'
What is he telling you?
Don't believe a word he says
Jinxed junk of an ass!
You'll crap in your own 'dhoti'!
How do you know what happened?
Move aside
Can't you hear me?
Move your bloody butt!
Foolish fellow!
Fine, I'll tell you myself
Sir, whatever you tell me
I'll ensure confidentiality
'Crow; Peter'
Peter anna, come
'When we threw the net into the sea...'
'...she got caught in it'
'So damn heavy
10 of us had to lug it'
'So thrilled it was such a big catch...'
' was a mere log of wood'
'The other fishermen told me
to throw it back into the sea'
'But I didn't have the heart to do so'
'It somehow found
a place in my heart'
'Of course I know'
'Anything found in sea has to be
shared 50-50 with Isaac annachi'
'Even if it's a pair of sandals'
'But this is just a log of wood'
'Just a log of wood'
'On our way back, the engine stopped'
'We had to jump into the sea
and swim to the shore'
'Without Isaac annachi's knowledge...'
'...the fishermen left
the log of wood in my house'
'That night...'
'...I couldn't sleep'
'Significantly a single crow bugged me
by cawing nonstop till daybreak'
'I tried shooing it away and
hurling stones too, all in vain!'
'Perching itself on the roof...'
' watched that log keenly'
'That's when it dawned on me'
'Good lord!'
'This crow has been
following me from the sea'
'I hurled the very same log
it had fixed its gaze on'
'Goodness gracious!'
'I couldn't believe my own eyes!'
A treasure
Telling Her name in Tuticorin is enough
People will queue up to grab Her
Is it that easy to get Her?
Princess of the deep sea, eh?
Why are you referring
to that statue as a female?
Why do you name hurricanes after women?
Tsunami, Katrina, Nila, Nisa
Women = hurricane
Both will be quiet to start with
But if anyone messes around... will turn the town
topsy turvy, in ruins
Then it will whimper
in a corner as if nothing happened!
So where is this?
You mean the hurricane?
That statue
Thought I'll sell Her
and plan my sister's wedding
But do I break or melt to sell Her?
'Ignorance is bliss' is me
I had a friend in the Customs department
I took him into confidence
He advised me,
'Hey, Peter, don't sell it here'
'If we sell it in Calcutta,
we'll get loads of money'
'We can split 50-50' he said
Do you know how much?
When I was wondering
if I could trust him...
...he gave me an advance of 10000!
Imagine 10000!
But my hopes crashed
He ran away with Her
and that was it
Later he called me one day
'Peter, She is missing', he said
'He claimed someone had taken Her away'
Have you heard of Isaac?
He also had an eye on my treasure
When he knew my plan...
...Isaac sent Richie to
crack the whip on me
As in
He threatened you and-
'He instigated me through Richie'
This...this statue...this myth
Your stories about Her
is just local folklore, right?
How can someone from Calcutta know
about Her value and steal it from you?
Today I won't spare you
For sure I'll kill you
'Sir, do you know who stole it?'
'Run Raghu Run'
'I can only say it is
Satan's handiwork!'
'Wonder whose curse it is'
Otherwise why should a chap working
somewhere on the other side of the sea
...come back here all of a sudden?
You tell me
Have you always been
in touch with him?
No, not at all
To collect the counterfeit goods...
...Doss will go to Calcutta
every now and then
On one of those occasions...
...I met this fellow
'Wondering why this face
was so familiar...'
'...Doss put 2 and 2 together'
It was Raghu
Doss got enlightened immediately
Who is Doss?
Arogya Doss
Yours truly!
Oh! Okay
Doss...I recognized him immediately
He is Raghu
'But I found out
it was our Raghu'
'It took a while for him
to recognize me'
The moment he saw me...
...his past would have flashed
before his eyes like lightning, right?
'That day he asked me to stay right there'
'He spoke his heart out to me'
Your mother still lives there
All by herself
'She's selling fish
in Isaac annachi's market'
'She will talk affectionately
to any child she meets'
'Remember the port
you ran away from'
'Rain or shine, she will be waiting there'
'No husband and no son'
'What will a lady at her age do
all by herself, huh?'
Why don't you visit her just once?
What will I do there?
Start some business
Sell import foreign goods
I don't have that kind of money
Also my work is very risky
They won't let go
of me that easily
Only if you inform them!
'Don't whisper a word'
'Silently get into my boat'
I would love to
But escaping from
this hell isn't easy
Don't think
Just come
I can't decide with
a snap of my finger, Doss
They will strangle me
Give me some time
I'll plan something
Okay, the boys will be
waiting in the lodge for me
- See you
- 1 minute
- Keep this
- Hey! What is this?
Take it, I say
Visit my mother when you can
Tell me what she wants
Even if it is money
- See you
- Doss...?
How are the boys?
If you call our town, no one
is around to answer
'Half of them are in Chennai
in the film industry'
'The rest...Sukumar and Senthil
are working in a studio'
'Muthu has gone to Dubai'
- Richie...?
- Antony
'He killed a boy
when he was a kid'
'How do you expect him to be?'
'Same status quo
Thug of the 1st order'
'After you ran away, he was...'
'...sent to a juvenile school'
'He was stuck there
for 8 years'
Somehow when he came out...
...he joined Isaac annachi!
'You know about Isaac annachi, right?'
'Now Richie takes care of
Isaac annachi's entire business'
Legal, illegal...everything
By the way...
...don't know why
...I believe Richie was looking for you
as soon as he came back
Okay, you leave
I'll arrange to take mother with me
I'll call you in a month
- Doss...?
- Huh...?
Let my plan be between us
See you
'Raghu wanted to
go back to his town'
'But he knew Richie wouldn't
have forgotten the past'
'Because what transpired
between them was like that'
'Run...break the pile'
'He's running'
Throw the ball
Stay right there
Pile up the stones...quick
- Lagori...!
- We won...we won
Hey! Why did you topple all the stones?
We won, right?
Then why are you doing this?
We won, right?
What's your problem then?
You had the gall to hit me?
I swear I'll get even with you now
Serves you right!
You deserve this and even worse!
Hey! Look over there
Richie has stabbed Logu
Hey Raghu!
Wait for me
Dai, Raghu...!
Not that way
This way
'That's when I came to Tuticorin'
'- What's the case?
- He's our town pastor's son'
'He stabbed his classmate'
'That boy died'
'When he tried to escape
we caught him'
'I was explaining to him
his son's crime'
'Any witness?'
'Many were around
during the incident, sir'
'- So we can't let go
- Files the case?'
'Taking him to court tomorrow
Only then we'll know'
'- Juvenile court?
- Yes, sir'
'That was when I saw
Richie for the 1st time'
'How did you know Richie?'
'Friend; Murugesh'
We've been friends
from our juvenile school days
After his release from the juvenile home
Richie hunted down the Inspector
And beat him up black and blue
That's why Isaac annachi
told us to join his team
Like scratching a lion
After that no one could control him
But he gives a new meaning
to the word 'style'
'I came back to my hometown
to get a job'
No one is letting me survive
How fair is this?
I agree we must
pay rent for the boat
Should we share
half our catch too?
If he wanders with 10 stooges... he Jesus or what?
I know his true colors
Why buy trouble
when we are here to work?
If you want you can be sissy
like the chaps in town
I can't do that
'Pretending to be a noble soul!'
You don't know
who Isaac annachi is!
Does Isaac have 2 horns or what?
This town thinks he became rich
by renting boats
All this money was made by smuggling
'He can't any longer'
I'm here now, right?
Just watch me in action
'What is your name?'
What is yours?
He lives life
in his own terms
He cares 2 hoots about anyone
except annachi of course
Richie isn't like a son to me
He IS my son!
Richard K Sagayam
Juvenile superintendent
Reddy's daughter?
Father, the reason I came-
- After the prayer
- Okay
So you're writing the story now
Yes, Father
Do you have any recent photo?
I can't keep my personal stuff here
This is God's abode
But I heard there is
a photo in the juvenile home
'I haven't seen it till now'
Which photo?
It was taken when he joined
the juvenile home
Who told you about this photo?
He searched for long
just for me to see it
I think for some strange reason
it was close to his heart
Anyway how often did you visit him?
He wouldn't have reformed
even if I had visited him often
Wild and hot-headed
'So you never visited him?'
In the beginning I went
quite a few times
Hoping he will change
But even there he was
picking up fights
Do you know him very well?
Actually, no
I've seen him a couple of times
That's about it
After I went to stay with my mother...
...when I used to come here
for summer holidays-
Shall we start the interview?
Father, don't think of this
as an interview
I would like to understand
what happened then
I just want to hear
your side of the story
'On that day many foreign tourists
had come to the church'
He came to visit me that day
'Even now many dive in search
of the statue, Father?'
Statue is not important here
Only forgiveness
That's the page we should
take from St Peter's story
He's my son only
Training a new batch?
You look 100% like a rowdy
'Can't you finish your undergrad?'
Aiyo! Sir, will you please stop
your preaching for a while?
You can see doctors
and engineers in this world
Like that I am a rowdy-er!
Should you come in with that?
Sorry, boss, next time
I'll leave it in my car
Don't act smart in church
God bless you
How do you switch on
to flash a smile in a jiffy?
A smile guides your way always
A gun strengthens me in all ways
3 days ago you got into a brawl
and broke Lawrence's nose
Who is that Lawrence?
3 days ago I fought with so many
and broke countless noses
I'm a professional rowdy, daddy
Mr Francis's son is Lawrence
He came and complained to me
I am praying here
But if my own son does-
Your own son?
Did you ask Francis
why I broke his son's nose?
He ran away before I could
do a good job
Mind your language
Is this how you'll talk
to your father?
My father?
You are the Father for
this entire town, father!
Why are you like this?
Where did you leave me
to be raised?
After all I'm from a juvenile home
Can I become a Reverend?
Richie, you-
Okay, I'm leaving now
The Lord Almighty will bless you
Tell bye to Jesus also
Where did you go after
meeting his father?
Tell bye to Jesus also
Hey! Where can I find Lawrence?
I need to settle some score
- What score?
- Nose account
That's weird!
Hey! Lawrence
You borrow money
You do drugs
If you're asked to repay your loan
you'll go and complain to Father, eh?
School boy!
Now it's a perfect job
Your father is making a big
hue and cry I broke your nose
If I don't bash your nose properly
my reputation is at stake
Shouldn't this be the proof
of a job well done by Richie?
No hard feelings, huh?
Only dealings
It's gone
Vanished into thin air!
'Radha akka is jobless
Look over there'
Pccht! Forget her
'Richie and Radha'ka believed
one day Raghu will come back for sure'
'But both their reasons
were poles apart'
- Lagori!
- 7 stones!!
Yaaay! We won
Hey! Democracy
Come here
'Go to Kumar's shop
He'll hand you a bag'
'Bring it to me'
Why do you send kids
to bring liquor for you?
Won't you take a swig
if he brings it?
If you laugh,
I'll split your mouth
What is your name?
For the people
By the people
For the people
Hey! Democracy
Yov! Wait, I'm coming
'Madurai Boy'
I know Selvam anna
from when he was in Madurai
'Baby showers on Friday
for my dear friend Ilango-Gowri'
My dear friend Ingo
'...and Gori's ba bys how'
'Coming Fry-day'
Go...go, hit the sack
Wait, let me read the rest
My slipper will speak-
I'll clobber you
if I see you here
Illiterate idiot!
Hey! Dressed to kill!
When did you come?
All set for tomorrow, huh?
'Can't you see the banner?'
Hello, bro
Selva, you're going overboard
They have cooled down only now
Why are you provoking them again?
Not to worry
Just for tonight
I'll dismantle it
right after the function
Hurry up
Where are you off to
so late at night?
I'll be back after
1 cup of coffee, dear
- Coffee now?
- 5 minutes, we'll be back
Bro, don't go too far
into the next town
We'll go close by
'Thanks to you, she agreed'
'My good reputation precedes me, eh?'
Let's return
- Why, da?
- The shop is closed
Grease his palm and get it
Cops are all around and
you want me to bribe him?
Selva, I need a drink badly
Let's buy illicit liquor
in the next town
Why are you hell bent?
Is it okay if those residents
catch us and skin us alive?
I got away kidnapping my fiancee
This bottle is child's play!
Spineless sissies
Let's go
'They threw Gowri akka's words
of caution to the winds'
You have a flat tyre, bro
'I checked the air only yesterday'
'Let me see'
Bloody scumbags!
Ilango, you're fine
Look at me
'I can't bre-athe'
I told you we should go back
I trusted you and
sent my husband, bro
'I trusted you and
sent my husband, bro'
'Selva bro couldn't stay there
after that tragic incident'
'I don't have anyone either
So I accompanied him here'
They drink in broad daylight
Why do you talk to them?
They spoil innocent kids
Get me the spanner
- Selva
- Hello, Peter
Come home at 1 for
the feast I'm offering to God
Shall I come after your prayer?
Why not attend
the prayer also?
Your guests are from this town
What if they insult you?
Let all their tongues wag
My house, just come
My sister Philomena is
cooking the finest fish gravy
Then it's your call
- You bet bro will be there
- Hey! Shut up
I must go to the grocer's
Drop me at Konar's shop
I have a small job to finish
in the fish market
Make sure sir lands up
at my place for lunch
We'll make a killing today
You haven't even professed
your love to his sister
He's jumping the gun and
thinks you're his family
Don't be too glad
He might refer to akka
as 'our' sister!
Smart ass, zip your lips and come
"He plans to profess his love
But ends up evasive somehow"
"Whatever advice worthwhile"
She should powder her face, not you
'He flashes his million $ smile"
Give way to 'sir'
Move aside...!
"Looking into her eyes soulfully
Exchanging smiles joyfully"
"Only intention simple
To become a couple"
"Crossing the seven seas
he falls in love with ease"
"Not getting what he set his heart on
he quickens his stride all forlorn"
"How much longer will this dude
be all alone in solitude?"
"If she nods her head, willing
straight head for the wedding"
"Poor lad! He is so smitten
Fell into this trap eyes wide open"
"Love is wings on a bird when alive
A feather when it doesn't survive"
"Love can be dried leaf also
Bewildered, I float in love's halo"
"Love can be a prison too
Can prey on us two"
"It is an experience
I live in its existence"
"To lure this Bay of Bengal lassie"
"This lad is casting his net earnestly"
"Crossing the seven seas
he falls in love with ease"
"Not getting what he set his heart on
he quickens his stride all forlorn"
"How much longer will this dude
be all alone in solitude?"
"She nodded her head favorable
This girl who is ever so lovable"
"Poor lad! He is smitten forever
He can't imagine life without her"
Yov! Powder won't do the trick
You should be bold and speak up
Tomorrow I will-
Express your love
That's it? Come
Serve, dear
I bought everything
with utmost care
I wasn't tight fisted at all, eat
But you don't have a job now
How did you get cash?
All that is-
Tell him I am not at home
Hey! Peter
Dai! Peter
Come out, I say
Debtor dog, damn you!
You don't have the nerve
to repay your loan
And he'll host a feast it seems
Peter, where are you hiding?
Bro, Peter isn't here
Did I ask you?
Don't interfere in this, Selva
He owes you money, that's all?
I'll make sure he pays, please go
Hey! Will you step out now?
Or shall I take it
from your sister?
This feast is for a specific vow
He will repay, please go
Don't, Selvam
You're an out-of-towner
You are well aware
the backup I have?
Whether you come
all alone or in a pack
Hey! Peter is inside
For your information
Behind that door
Oh! Hello
When did you come?
Try hitting him now!
Peter, you'll come back
to borrow money
I'll deal with you then
Thinks he is a big shot
If not him, I'll borrow
from someone else
Selva, why do you lose your cool?
Come, dear
Serve us
Come on, serve this fish too
Shouldn't waste it
Yes, that's very important!
What is your problem?
Why do you borrow money
all over the place?
Today these thugs came
God knows who'll barge in
What will I do if I'm alone?
You are better off
working for Isaac bro
He is a bigger fraud
than these thugs
I won't work for him've rubbed him also
the wrong way, eh?
He will send his goon now, right?
'Last straw!'
We can move to another town
and be a fish vendor
Why stay here and suffer like this?
Go to another town
And try making ends meet
like me? Vagabond life
Has Peter killed someone?
He just borrowed money
We can handle it
How much longer will we
live off my earnings?
How could you say this?
I've lost my appetite
Selva, drop me at the school
Bro, eat and then go
You can enjoy it all
Bro, don't get up half way
Come back and eat
Fish gravy is soooper
No betel leaf, huh?
Get up and come
Bro, don't be angry
Come and eat
It's alright, bro
'Don't be pissed off'
Hey! Who is that?
Stop, I say
Raghu? Landing here
at this time of night?
- Come in
- Get the car, I have to go
Selva, how much does it cost
to buy an A-1 boat?
- Which one?
- Like the one Isaac owns
That's too expensive
Tell me how much?
What will you do knowing the cost?
Will you buy a boat?
You think I can't buy one?
I'll show you
Annachi, I don't know the chap
But the boat is from Calcutta
Fiber boat
Calcutta registration
I haven't seen it before
I didn't recognize the chap who got down
But he was clutching a bag
I don't know what's brewing
So I had to tell you
I'll take leave now
Peter's 80,000 is still due
I'll send Selva
- Peter?
- What?
Hasn't anyone come
from your house?
- Why?
- Someone has to paint your body
Selva will do it
Isn't your uncle
or Philomena with you?
No need
Selva will do the needful
So Selva has become
your brother-in-law, huh?
Even I know about your
rendezvous in the fish market
I wandered in here as a vagabond
I would've left like that
The reason I am still here
Only you and Philomena
Don't pull a fast one on me
I don't count at all
Only Philomena
'I know even if you are with me
your thoughts flit around her'
'Peter, wait and watch'
'Tomorrow by this time
I would've told her'
'In your dreams!'
'First come and paint
Then confess or profess!'
'It must be 10-15 years
since you left this town?'
'Just see for yourself'
'How happy your mother will be!'
"I search for my mother without a clue"
"I land up late at night out of the blue"
"Don't look at me as a random stranger"
"That would be a cruel curse to bear"
"Eyes burdened without sleep"
"I want to bask in your love so deep"
"Only then I'm certain
my life will sustain"
"You give up a slice of your life daily
You feed me unconditionally"
"You look in every street and alley"
"Reaching a dead end sadly
not able to find me"
"Heartrending, you wept woefully"
"Filling your heart to the brim"
"I burdened you with pain within"
"If only another chance you gave me"
"I would be your perfect son eternally"
What...what do you want?
"My legs quake and quiver"
"Do your eyes decipher my fear?"
"My very own mother"
"The path I chose however
strewn with thorns and stones, mother"
"Blackness and burglary"
"In broad daylight as a fallen tree
I rotted in my own destiny"
"I stood as poison, mother"
"As a polluted flower"
I'll go now
Wait, son
How did you get so much money?
Keep it safe inside
I'll tell you later
Stay for some more time, dear
- Let me see you to my heart's content
- Please understand, ma
I'll come tomorrow at 1:00 p.m
I'll stay longer
It's getting late
I'll leave now
Tomorrow I'll make
your favorite sardine curry
Eat lunch here
Okay, ma
I'll leave now
Doss told me how much
you suffered all alone
Enough, I don't want
my mother selling fish
I'll take care of you
See you, ma
I can carry it for you
Let go
What is in that bag?
Okay, I've stocked some bread
and food for you, eat if you're hungry
My mother will come with me, right?
What kind of question is that?
She'll come galloping
like a sea horse!
Go and sleep now, Raghu
We'll deal with it tomorrow
I'll call you at 12 noon
I need the car
to pick up my mother
I'm leaving for Dubai
tomorrow night
You have no clue
about the Calcutta goons
I have to run
before they trace me here
Will you always be on the run?
This is my final run
Call me tomorrow
'Come, Radha akka'
I can send my boy
to collect the rent
Why do you take the trouble
to come in person?
I won't be selling fish hereafter
You can rent the shop
to someone else
What happened?
My son has come back you know?
The boy who ran away 15 years ago?
He has a damn good job in Calcutta
So what?
You can still be here?
'My mother's hands shouldn't
even touch any fish'
He said very firmly
- When did you say Raghu returned?
- Yesterday
Oh! Yesterday
Tell your son I wished him
a 'Merrrry Christmas'
If I hadn't told you...
...Peter flouting our rule would have
escaped your attention, no?
Not at all, bro
We have 140 boats
I supervise
the entire fleet
Damn that boat!
I missed it somehow
Missed, huh?
What crap!
Murugesh, you're a bad influence on him
This isn't about money
It is about gratitude
What he finds in the waters...
...doesn't he know
the share is 50-50?
Today Peter will defy us
Tomorrow someone else
This won't happen again
I'll keep a strict eye
You will lose your temper
at the drop of a hat!
Don't be too harsh on him
That's his nature
You ask him to move an inch
he will cover the whole 9 yards!
You should've seen him
in action yesterday
He twisted Lawrence's nose
like a pretzel, annachi!
This is why I chose
not to send you last night
Everything will look
like nail to a hammer!
Come here
Annachi, Selvam has come
Ask him to wait
- Selvam, how are you?
- I am good
- How about you?
- I am fine
Where's Peter?
I don't know
Ask your father to attend
the Christmas function at my place
Will you call him
or shall I invite him?
I'll tell him
I painted him last night
for the tiger dance
He must be rehearsing
in some alley now
Any problem?
Nothing that I can't handle
Richie can't be controlled at all
It isn't good for anyone
He doesn't know to deal with
anything in a simple manner
Keep an eye on him
I'll give you a small task
Richie shouldn't know about it
Okay, annachi
I'll take leave, annachi
Good morning, annachi
Selva, the boat Peter rents from me
is moored in the dock, under repair
Did you check it?
Will the engine run?
The engine needs to be repaired
though I can start it
It can stop half way
if we leave it like this
It's risky, annachi
God knows what the hell
Peter did with it
Okay, repair it, go
Okay, annachi
I have an important errand to run
Can I service the boat post lunch?
Alright, you can go now
Thank you, annachi
Hey! What's next?
Aren't you Peter the tiger?
'All the tigers look the same'
'Hope I didn't hit
the wrong man'
Hey! Give me a cigarette
Play Superstar's song
Where are you going?
Annachi asked Murugesh to
go to Doss's farmhouse
I'm just going to pick up someone
Who is it?
Leave it, no?
Don't cross examine!
You expect me to
stand here till then?
No, annachi asked me
to do this by myself
Look at that!
My assistant's 1st job
Shouldn't I see it in person?
- Listen to me
- Hey, get inside
Hey! What are you doing?
Go away...go away
I said go away
What are you gawking at?
- Richie
- Hey...!
Tie up Peter and
take him to our boat
- I'll come over
- Okay...okay
I'll clobber you!
Asked you to hold it
Get lost!
So Murugesh...?
1st assignment, huh?
Are you nervous?
Don't be scared
I'll do it myself
Tell annachi you finished the job
Everything is happening
differently today, eh?
The car cleaner is now driving the car
You don't even know to stab or shoot
But annachi has assigned it to you
Radha akka who always
has a long face-
'She seemed happy today, right?'
What are you hiding from me?
Er...not hiding
Annachi asked me
to carry this out
Started dealing with Isaac annachi
directly these days?
Not like that
I believe Raghu is back in town
He is settling down
with his mother in Dubai
So annachi told me
he has a bag in his custody
He asked me to fetch him
along with the bag
If you find out, you'll harbor
grudges from your past
And think it is payback time
Annachi assigned it to me
Start the vehicle
Where are we going?
To meet an old friend!
'7 stones'
Hello, can I talk to Rafiq bhai?
This is Raghu from India
Please ask him to
call me in this number
- Doss, Raghu here
- 'Tell me'
Can you send the car
in half an hour?
'Okay, Raghu'
Hold...1 minute
Did you squeal to anyone
about my return?
'I didn't even utter a single word
What happened?'
Someone is at the door
Until I call you, I don't want
your car or any crap!
Listen, if Raghu is armed...
'Why I'm asking is-'
'Your 1st assignment
I shall give you'
Ladies and gentlemen
Your attention please
Like the Cuban kid always said
Here we meet once again
'You may ask who that Cuban kid is?'
'Behind that...'
' an interesting story'
About 2 young boys
One boy came from Cuba
The other is a boy from Madurai
Don't worry
I will take care
Automatic pistol
Er...what was I saying, huh?
Here, catch it
Hey Murugesh
Chill, I say
He's one of us
So anyway
These 2 boys
What can we name them?
Dash and Dash-dash
Every morning the boys will come
to the school canteen to eat
But what Dash will do is... at Dash-dash, pass a comment
in Spanish and go away
Poor Dash-dash!
Dash-dash never understood
what Dash was telling him
This was a daily routine in their canteen
Dash-dash was very patient
and tolerated it
It continued...continued
and continued
How long can a person be tolerant?
One day Dash-dash made
a lightning fast move
He grabbed Dash, pushed him down
and punched him on his face ruthlessly
Bang bang bang!
His nose broke and blood oozed
like tomato ketchup!
Both these boys were
taken to the warden
'Dash-dash complained'
Accusing Dash of scolding him
in a language he didn't understand
Then warden questioned Dash
'What was your cussword?' he asked
In front of everyone...
...he uttered the same
cuss word again!
That too in front of the Principal
Sir, am I narrating the story right?
Are you here to check
if I got the story right?
Go in and look
for the bag, nitwit!
This is the most important
point in the story
The warden called the professor
And enquired what Dash said
Daily our Dash looked
at our Dash-dash
In his language had said
'Good morning and
here we meet once again'
This was the crux of his 'cussword'
Some kind of Cuban tradition
Once they understood this
they became inseparable friends
That is not my point
Think about it for a second
When Dash was getting beaten up...
...what thoughts would
have flashed in his mind?
Just because he laughed
and was friendly...
...he must have thought
'why is Dash-dash bashing me?'
'He must have been confused, right?'
Like you!
You have a bag
Where is it?
I don't have anything
You have it
Even if you don't
return it on your own...
...I'll take it myself
Along with it
I'll take your life also
I'm telling you
I don't have it
Is that right?
Self help is the best help!
The moment I lay my hands on it
I will shoot you
Found the bag
Shooting time!
Hey Democracy, come here
What happened?
Richie came and
bashed up Peter anna
'Took him away in an auto'
'Beat him to a pulp'
'His lips split and
he was bleeding'
Hey! Where did it happen?
'Market side'
Before I shoot you... you know why
I narrated this long story, huh?
Don't you know?
'Try to think'
'Use your gray cells'
What did I say when I stepped in?
- Your attention please
- Your attention please!
- What did I say after that?
- We meet once again
We meet once again
Yeah, we meet once again!
After 15 years...
...only now we are
meeting each other, buddy
Yes, you good-for-nothing fellow
'Richard K Sagayam'
Won't you even meet
your childhood best friend?
I planned to meet you
this evening, but before-
I heard last night
you met your mother
Will you take
only your mother to Dubai?
Won't you take me with you?
Found the bag
- Come, let's go
- No
I've told my mother
I'll come home for lunch
You already saw your mother once
You'll be going
to Dubai together
- Reunion time
- Richie
I have to go
I'll drop you later
He looks even more
stylish than me
We left a job half way through
Let's finish that first
Hey, stop
Junk of a fellow!
'Whatever you find in the sea...'
'...don't you know, you should
give 1/2 to annachi?'
Scream your lungs out
'Are you trying to cheat?'
"Don't hold a grudge, forget everything"
"Shoot the past that has no meaning"
Come, dude
Come in
I want to know
how a tiger will roar
Come on, I say
You are only huffing
and puffing air!
Come on
Roar now
What's this?
If I ask you to roar like a tiger...'re mewing like a cat!
He has a sister who is
dependent on him
Sister sentiments, huh?
Tell me
Where is the bag?
Have I shared that Cuban boy
and Madurai boy story?
Dash and Dash-dash
You know that story, right?
Will you narrate it?
...are not used to
opening your mouth
You know only to run away
'Let me go, Richie'
'I won't do this again'
Whatever I get is only for him
Let go of me please
Please forgive me
Forgive me
- Tiger has understood I think
- Forgive me
But the fox we brought along with us
'Did that wily fox understand?'
Runaway bloody dog!
Selva, what brings you here?
Did Richie come here?
I didn't see Richie's boat
What are you doing here?
I came to service
Isaac annachi's boat
Okay, carry on
A day like this will dawn
I was well aware
St. Peter will never let me down
He has brought him back to me!
8 years, man
8 years!
Do you know how life is
at a juvenile home?
It's sheer hell!
Every damn dog there
has manhandled me
You fled from there
thinking to hell with everything
Did you ever think about me?
I'm the Reverend Father's son
Look at me now
I am standing with a gun
All because of you
Forgive me, Richie
Please forgive me
I was very young then
I got scared, Richie
I'll come in person and explain
everything to your father
Oh! Yes, you will come
And you will explain
As soon as you tell him...
...he will give my life
back to me on a platter, huh?
Sorry, Richie
I didn't have a choice then
You did!
But you were blinded by cowardice
What I did was wrong
Think about my mother just once
She suffered like an orphan all these years
If not for me, forgive me
at least for her sake
We'll runaway
and survive
Please, Richie
You know only to
run away all the time
You ran that day
Today you'll again run
You are begging me to spare you
I stood and faced the music that day
Even today I stand to face life
Give me a cigarette
Give it
Do you know something?
If I decide to whip someone...
...then every time only your face
will stare back at me
A burst of anger
will seize me then
I'll punch that fellow
to a pulp you see
You are my motivation
Whichever way I see it... aren't worthy of
standing in front of me
I'll spare your life
Run away from this town
Run away
Is it enough?
Finished it very simply, right?
Hold this bag
Tie Peter at my place, I'll deal
with him when I get back
Until I come back,
make sure the bag is safe
Hey! Don't gawk at something
and lose sight of it
'The day before Christmas'
'On that day I saw him again'
How long has it been?
Don't you come often these days?
It's the same camera, right?
Don't block me
when I'm taking a snap
Take a picture of me
No, thanks
I'm not interested
Only in the juvenile home
you hounded me to click snaps, eh?
Let me know when you hit
someone next time
I'll get some snaps
That won't be long
Let's do it right now
Very good
You only take pictures
Don't you print them?
- Who said I don't?
- Then where is my snap?
'How many times do I tell you?'
'I don't have a photo of you'
If a girl...
...has a boy's picture
what does it mean?
Are you hinting
I'm in love with you?
I am not the one saying so
You are
It's getting late
Why are you sitting here
instead of coming home for lunch?
'I thought there was money'
'When I opened the bag
I found only this statue'
'I thought I'll sell it
and go to Dubai'
'Richie grabbed the statue from me'
I won't let him get away with it
He doesn't know me
All because of you!
You told the whole town I was back
Damn your sardines!
Wha...what are you blabbering?
Don't stand in front of me
Just go
Leave now
What is the problem you are stuc-
No need, son
Listen to me
Be quiet, just go home
and pack everything
I'll call and tell you
where to meet me
If you're doing all this
for me, don't, just stop
We can somehow survive
with the money on hand
Listen to me
Don't get into-
'Leave now, ma'
Did you see my brother anywhere?
He didn't come here
- What did he say?
- No, it seems
- You went to the market?
- No one saw him there, bro
Poor thing!
Akka is so upset
Okay, it's late
You take her-
I said right then
let's move out
'Sir' said he'll handle everything
Look at our plight now
'I trusted you and
sent my husband, bro'
Past 2 days you've been
standing here
What a surprise!
Did you do something wrong again?
Nothing of that sort
Annachi invited you home
for tonight's feast
- I can't
- Why?
Our Mother Mary's procession
goes past Isaac annachi's house
Chariot passes every house here
She showers Her grace on everyone
I can't come specially
to a house and eat
God doesn't show favoritism
Your Father also has no favorites
God bless you, child
Neither does my father!
He won't bless me alone
He'll bless the whole damn town
Advance happy birthday wishes
If you want to you can come
Its your wish
I have never questioned you
when you bash up someone
When you forgive someone...
...I can't even ask you why
I'm following you all these years
like your faithful shadow
Even I am unable
to understand you
Hey! Careful
I am begging you
Please spare my son
Akka, how can you
fall at his feet?
Why are you twirling your moustache?
Poor Radha akka
Raghu has made her suffer so much
Richie, don't take it to heart
Hey! Sudhie
I told you to wait here
Won't you fasten the lock?
I swear I locked the door
Where is the bag?
'I kept the bag saf-'
'Richie, bag is missing it seems'
Mr Murugesh
Please pass me the car keys
'Hey! Raghu'
'Not that way'
'This way'
'Raghu, wait for me'
'Don't leave me alone'
Things change, man, huh?
Let's go
Come along
'Richie, you know what
Raghu is thinking now'
I escaped from such a notorious
mafia gang in Calcutta
And got caught with pipsqueaks who don't
even know to button up their shorts
Richie, I can't go to Dubai
without this bag
Please understand
Even if I return the bag
you can't go to Dubai
I have decided
your final destination
Richie, please
If someone returned your life and
asked you to run, what will you do?
I'll thank God and my lucky stars,
run for my life, out of this town
See, you are smart
But our wily fox
isn't as smart as you
When I expected you to stand by me... ran away
I am telling you to run
You do the opposite
and stick to my side
No, Richie never intended killing him
'True, he was angry with Raghu'
'A murderous kind of fury'
'All said and done
they are childhood friends'
'Forgetting the past and grudges...'
'...he wanted to take him
to his mother with the bag'
But before that, Raghu-
Some people cannot be reformed
'Do you know the pain of betrayal?'
It never comes from your enemy!
'If something happens to me
you'll take care of my sister, won't you?'
Clean the car thoroughly and bring it
Richie, I want to come
to watch the Tiger dance
Start the auto
Bro, did you see Peter?
No, he didn't come here
Bro, give me booze
Sudhie, I am leaving
Drop me at Isaac annachi's house
Okay, come soon
No one can lift his little finger
without my knowledge in this town
But the sound that night...
...still echoes sweetly in my ears
Disappointed, huh?
Even when I was in the juvenile school
...not 1 family member of mine visited me
I was wondering what I'll do in life
My Richie clasped my hand
This is nothing
I'll do anything for him
'Madam, time's up'
2 minutes
Nothing is in our hands
Beginning and end
Determined only by God
'I realize this story is now
reaching a full circle'
'Have I shared that Cuban boy
and Madurai boy story?'
'Dash and Dash-dash'
'Think about it for a second'
'When Dash was getting beaten up...'
'...what thoughts would
have flashed in his mind?'
Wouldn't he have wondered
'why is Dash-dash hitting me?'
'He must have been confused, right?'
'- Good job, Megha
- Thank you, sir'
'Can publish this
as a special series'
'Is Richie's father aware his son went
to jail for a murder he didn't commit?'
What will change
by knowing now, sir?
Irony, right?
A man who believes all his life
in a God he hasn't seen
He didn't believe
his own son, eh?
Such a pity he never knew
who his son really was
Do you still have the 1st photo
you took in your life?
'Everyone here is
a victim of circumstances'
'A father who lost his son'
'The boat mechanic who died
without professing his love'
'A mother's anguish
unaware of her son's plight'
'As far as I know...'
' one knows how stories begin
and how they transcend to the end'
'We presume the ending we like
as the conclusion of the story'
'But stories don't end'
'It's like a Pandora's box
filled with secrets'
'What will be the contents
of a box no one has opened?'
'No one can guess accurately'
'I don't know if he needed
this photo or not'
'Using this as an excuse...'
'...he'll come often
to chat with me'
'Appa, wait'
'Appa, don't leave me here'
Assisted by harini
'Steal, huh?'
Those who stole 'Her'
thought they planned it
Destiny's handiwork
Where and to whom
She should go
Only She will decide
Like a tsunami
Wonder whom She is with now
What is the name of the boat?
Santa Maria
'Must have submerged
somewhere in the deep sea'