Ricochet (2011) Movie Script

After 10 days,
during which this rescue mission
has sadly become a recovery operation,
we have concluded...
that to continue this search
would be futile.
We're looking at this
as a suicide,
but we still don't know
what really happened.
I know what happened.
Detective Hatcher,
the defendant, Robert Savich,
has been presentedto this court
as the proprietorof an
import/export enterprise.
Do you have any
knowledge of his involvement
in any other business?
Yes, the drug trade.
And what was the profession
of the murder victim,
Freddy Morris?
Freddy was a drug dealer.
He worked for the defendant.
He was also a snitch.
What does "snitch" mean, exactly?
Objection, Your Honor.
I'd like to hear
the detective's definition.
A snitch provides police
with intelligence
on a suspect's
criminal activities.
And did Mr. Morrisprovide intel
on the defendant'snarcotics activities?
He did.
When you foundMr. Morris dead,
what condition was he in, specifically?
he was was shot in the head.
He had his tongue cut out
of his mouth,
and the medical examiner said
it probably happened
while he was still alive.
did you ventureto the defendant's office
- to question him?
- I did.
Let myself in unannounced.
And Mr. Savich was with a woman
who was on her knees
in front of him, and you...
You get the picture.
I believe we do. Please continue.
There was a gun on his desk,
and I knew if he got to that
weapon, I'd be a dead man.
Objection, Your Honor.
Thank you, Judge.
Detective Hatcher,
did you fear for your
lifewhen you saw the gun?
Of course I did.
I subdued him,
and I let the woman get away.
And she took the gunwith her?
Girl took the gun with her, yes.
And neither...
Neither had been seen since.
Your Honor...
some important information
has just come to light.
May we meet
in your chambers, please?
They've been in there
30 minutes.
What do you thinkthey're talking about?
Plea bargain, maybe?
Savich wouldn't copto a parking violation.
Detective Hatcher's
rule number five...
It ain't over till it's over.
Damn straight.
Seven-letter word
for "surrender"?
That's eight letters.
Stop staring.
How's the judge get a wife
like that?
All rise.
Please be seated.
I don't have a good feeling
about this.
Defense counsel has informed me
that during voir dire,
juror number 10
failed to disclose
that her son was enrolled
in the police academy.
She didn't intend
to deceive the court
but failed to recognize
how such an omission
could affect the outcome
of this trial.
Defense counsel feels
that juror number 10
may have an inherent bias
against any defendant,
especially one accused of
such an egregious crime.
And I agree with counsel
on this point...
And regrettably am
compelledto declare a mistrial.
you are hereby dismissed.
Mr. Adams,
your client is free to go.
You're gonna let this guy walk?
Are you joking?
You see me laughing, Detective?
You blew it again, Hatcher.
I'll be in touch real soon.
You just gave this guy
a passto go kill again!
you are a decorated officer.
Try behaving like one.
Why don't you act likea judge?
Detective, you are in contempt
of this court.
Deputy, take him away
and put him away.
This court is adjourned.
- Just relax.
- I got it. I got it.
Jail stink. Nothing worse.
Did you seeany of our friends?
Oh, yeah.
It's a constant party in there.
Saw old "Fat Face" Chuck.
He said to say "hi," by the way.
Really? I always actually
kind of liked him.
That's good,
'cause he really likes you.
How come your alarm wasn't set?
I keep forgetting the code.
Well, set it, okay?
He said he's coming after you.
Hey, let him. Bring it on.
You know, the captain
isn't too happy
about what went down in court.
Oh, you think I am?
Remember when we got Savich
for trafficking?
Yeah, that acquittalwas messed up.
How about homicide?
the charge wasvehicular manslaughter.
Just sayin'.
He ran over the guy 12 times.
I call that homicide.
Yeah, well, hung jury
didn't know what to call it, so he walked.
He bought that jury.
You're obsessed.
Damn right.
Hatch, the D.A.
Isn't re-trying the case.
What? No, wait.
You know what? I don't care.
Liar. You docare.
Deeply. That's what I love about you.
Hey, did you just say "love"?
Shut up.
When are you gonna
playsomething for me on the piano?
I don't play anymore.
Hatch, Brenda's been gone for,
what, two years now?
How long are you gonna keepmoping around?
All right. All right.
Well, get in the showerand go get pretty.
We got to get going.
W-Where are we going?
Awards dinner.
No. No, no, no, no, no. No. No.
Your commendation. Yeah, come on.
- I'm not...
- We're going. That's that.
Now, give me a diet colafor the road.
Caffeine freak.
- Hey! Hey!
- What? What? What is it?
I think we just found
Freddy Morris' tongue.
Is that you?
- Clear!
- Clear.
Just Savich playing games.
No, this is a warning.
This guy, he gets off
on your obsession with him,
and that makes you a target.
Hatch, he just got access
to your home.
Set your alarm, damn it.
Every day.
I promise.
All right, go take a shower.
I'll call in the tongue.
Promise me you won't get drunk
and do something stupid tonight.
Sure.Hatch. Deedee.
Whoa. You're in a dress.
You look amazing.
- What the hell happened?
- Piss off, Worley.
Just saying.
Bob Worley compliments me,
but you haven't said a word
on how I look.
What? You look nice.
It's too late.
Can I get a Tequila on the
rocksand a diet cola, please?
Ah, Detective.
No hard feelings, I hope.
For the jail time?
I only have myself to blamefor that.
Good answer.
Hello, there, Michelle.
Give me a Rob Roy.
Yes, sir.
- What'd he say?
- He said you look hot
and he can't figure out
why we're not having sex.
Well, I hope you told him
it's 'cause I like sex thatlasts
more than 60 seconds.
- Mm!
- Mm!
It gives me great pleasure
to introduce our next honoree,
a man of integrity and courage,
and a mentor
to his fellow officers...
Detective Sergeant
Duncan Hatcher.
Thank you, Captain Gerard.
Thank you, everybody.
I, um...
I can't really accept this award
because I didn't crack
that case.
The one who solved it is
someonel'm proud to call my...
My friend and my partner,
Deedee Bowen.
Deedee, come on up here and
accept this award. This is yours.
Come on,
give it up for Deedee, everybody.
Come on. Take this.
So now you're gonna goget drunk?
Thank you so much.
Mrs. Laird.
Hi. Duncan Hatcher?
That was a very nice thing
you did back there.
I'm not always nice.
You know what pisses me off?
Apart from my husband?
A woman who's... too beautiful...
for me.
How sad. A hero
who underestimates himself.
Good night, Detective.
Hey, um...
When will we seeeach other again?
We won't.
Yes, we will.
Any judgethat sends me to jail,
I make it a pointto seduce his wife.
Why is itafter a few drinks
you turn intosuch a complete ass?
Who the hell are you?
Hey, Deedee.
Something's gone down
at the Laird house.
- A shooting.
- What?
W-Why... why you got all
thesebaseball cards in here?
I collect them.
Why? Is that a problem?
No. I didn't think we had secrets.
You okay?
You feel funny about this?
I mean, you and the judge...
Just 'causewe got a history
doesn't meanl want him dead.
Uh, the shots woke me up,
and I ran as fast as I could,
and that's...
That's when I saw my wife,
slumped in a chair.
Lord, sometimes I think Savannahis
nothing more than a swamp.
What do you got?
.38 caliber, straight through the heart,
frontal entry.
The CSI boys are in there now
trying to get a name
off the guy.
You got the shooterin custody?
What? The shooter is Mrs. Laird.
Watch your step.
He jimmied a window to get in.
They found a tire iron
under some bushes.
No car keys, no money, no I.D.
And supposedly, neither the
judge nor his wife recognize him.
Let's go talk to them.
Mrs. Laird,
please go overeverything that happened.
Things got hotin the Jacuzzi,
so we went upstairsto make love,
and she forgotto turn on the alarm.
Judge, please,
you're sitting in as a courtesy.
Now, Mrs. Laird?
Well, you heard my husband.
And then at around 12:30,
I came downstairs
to get somethingto drink.
Every night. Chronic insomnia.
This is not your courtroom, Judge.
It's a crime scene, okay?
Mrs. Laird?
I was in the kitchen,
getting myself a glass of milk,
when I heard a noise.
I grabbed the gun
from the drawer.
Why didn't you call 911?
I should have, I know.
If I had to do it again,
I would.
I own several guns. She
knows where they are.
I had her take lessons to learn
how to use them properly.
If you don't shut up, I'm gonna
throw you outof your own house, okay?
You got it?
You're a good shot, Mrs.
Laird. Now, can we continue?
You get the gun and...
Who the hell are you?
I was so scared.
I couldn't believe
what I had just done.
And that was it?
And you said you found
your wifeslumped in a chair.
So I'm allowedto talk now?
Yeah. Please.
I thought she was dead. And I ran to her.
And that's when I saw the manon the floor.
Elise was in shock, but it was clear
that she had interrupted
an attempted burglary.
we might have morequestions in the morning.
But that's enough for tonight. Thank you.
Sorry to put you through this, Mrs.
Laird. Judge.
Just doing your job. I'll see you out.
Actually, Judge,
there's just one more thing
I'd like to check out
in the study.
Do you mind?
I won't be long.
I was drunk.
And, uh... and angry and...
I know it's no excuse
for what I said.
I just wanted you to know
that it wasn't...
It wasn't about you.
Hmm. Wasn't it?
Yeah, you're good.
Come on, come on.
This is a nice surprise.
I need a favor.
Cindy, will you give thisto
Jackson when he comes in?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Hey, everybody.
- What's up?
- Hey.
They identified the
bodyfrom the Laird house.
Gary Ray Trotterfrom Baltimore.
Small stuff. And no burglary charges.
All of a sudden,
the guy's a burglar?
Yeah, and why Rob a homewithout gloves
or tools of the trade?
Just a handgun? Makes no sense.
Mrs. Laird's hiding something.
Then there's the
trajectoryof Trotter's bullet.
See, it doesn't matchher story.
His round, it went straight up.
So, what we got
on the Laird case?
We were just talking about that.
Sounds like to me a burglarshot in the act,
Maybe not. We're checking it out.
Sorry for showing up
We just need to clear up a few things.
is there anythingthat you thought of
that you might have left out?
I didn't get the memo.
What now, Hatcher?
Your captain's already told me
this is being wrapped up.
We just need to clarify
a few things.
The dead man...
His name's Gary Ray Trotter.
Repeat offender.
He ever end upin your courtroom?
Maybe he had a grudge?
No. I've never seen him before.
Why would he burglarize
your home?
I'm rich.
Look, all I know is that
this man tried to kill my wife.
You sure he shot first,
Mrs. Laird?
Yes, that's what I told you.
The trajectory of Trotter's bullet,
it suggests otherwise.
This is the way we see it.
Who the hell are you?
Of course he fired first.
After the trauma
that my wife has been through,
you're gonna stand there
and accuse her of lying to you?
Our apologies.
We just had to check.
Thank you. We'll see ourselves out.
Detective Hatcher?
Can I have your card?
In case I remember
any other details.
Thank you.
- Hey, give me the keys.
- Hatch, I'm driving.
Just give me the keys.
I'm driving. Deal with it.
I don't believe a word she says.
She's pretty.
You think?
I saw how you twowere
eyeballing each other.
Think with your brain, okay?
You know what I see
when I look at her?
One lonely person.
Funny. That's what I seewhen I look at you.
Guess what I found outabout her.
She was a waitress athis
country club when they met.
But before that, she was a waitress
at a low-rent strip cluboutside of town.
Every strip club's low rent.
I wouldn't know.
She killed Trotter for a reason,
but it wasn't burglary.
Well, her marriage to the
judgesure raised some eyebrows.
She has her critics out there. And enemies.
She gives women a bad name.
Wow. Kung Pao chicken.
Put in some money, or get lost.
Meyer Napoli has gone missing.
That private investigator? That scumbag?
Yep. A lot of people
didn't like him very much.
Then you should have
a lot of suspects.
Yes, I will.
Why didn't you reply to my note?
You got somethingto say to me,
you come down to the precinct,
okay? Got that?
It's too sensitive.
Did you tell your partner
about my note?
No. Come here.
This better be good.
I know why Gary Ray Trotter
came to the house.
He was hired to kill me.
By who?
By my husband.
Why would Cato Laird
want you dead?
I can't tell you that.
I risked a lotby coming here.
Cato left the house early
toplay golf at the country club,
so I came to youbecause...
I underestimate myself?
Because I trust you.
The guy who said
he wanted to sleep with you?
A hit man? Come on.
Why would your husband
want to knock off the woman
who gets him all hot and
steamy in the Jacuzzi?
You're a bastard.
Yeah, I can be.
Don't speak.
Worley found a Post-It
notein Napoli's office
with the name "Gary Ray Trotter" on it.
Maybe we should talk to Laird.
Napoli's been a witness
in his courtroom.
Pick me up in 30.
Come on, talk.
I always set the alarmbefore going to bed.
That night, Cato stopped me from doing it.
Before or after the hot sex?
He wanted Trotterto get into the house.
After I was dead, he could truthfully say
that he had prevented
mefrom setting the alarm,
blaming himself, winning everyone's pity.
It's brilliant.
He has you all fooled.
Oh, please.
If I'm gonna buy this sob story,
I got to hear a motive.
So give me one.
I can't risk telling you, not yet.
Hey, this isn't a game!
You went into that study
to kill Trotter.
You fired first.
It's called murder.
You know, I made a mistakecoming here.
Yeah, you're right.
'Cause you thought
we'd end up in bed together
and I 'd drop the investigation.
Unh-unh. You can leave now.
You have tolet go of me first.
- Is he eating alone?
- Supposedly.
Well, even you can't spoil
my mood today, Hatcher.
I just shot the best round
of my life.
Join us?
My wife insisted on
celebrating with me.
Ah, there here she is.
Hi, sweetheart.
Detectives. This is a surprise.
Ever heard of a private
investigator named Napoli?
Yes. Uh, he's been in my
courtseveral times as a witness. Why?
Mrs. Laird, do you know him?
No. I've never heardof him.
The man you shot and killed
made an appointment to see him,
but his secretary says
Trotter never showed up.
What are you implying?
Don't you find it odd that after
Trotter is killed in your home,
his name ends up
on the desk of a P.I.
who happens to havegone missing?
Ever had any contact with Napoli
outside of the the courtroom?
No. None.
Where were you
this morning, ma'am?
She was at home.
Look, my wife and I have
told you all that we know,
so if there isn't
anything else...
Nothing else. Enjoy your lunch.
I will.
- He's lying.
- Yep, and what was that.
"Where were you
this morning?" All about?
Trying to trip them up.
They're both lying.
Hey, no secretsbetween partners.
You taught me thatmy first day.
- What, you think I'm holding something back?
- You tell me.
I'm gonna stick around here
and keep an eye on them.
Go see if you can help dig up
something on Napoli,
find out if he's dead or alive.
And ifhe's still breathing?
We'll have a little chat
with him.
Yes, darling.
You tell me he's here to getme here,
then you waltz in?
are you trying tothrow me off my game?
No, I'm here to help,
in case he lies.
What about your lies?
I've been watching you.
He sure doesn't look like a
mantrying to kill his wife to me.
Oh, but I look like a killer?
You areone.
- You're still here?
- Just leaving.
I need to speak with you
Okay with you?
Of course.
I'll be in my office.
What'd he say to you?
He thinks
you're covering something up.
Are you?
Hello, my lovely.
Did you getwhat I asked for?
Tomorrow night at the club.
Robert Savich always delivers.
Should have told you this
before, but...
I couldn't say anything about
Napoli in front of my wife.
I hired him. To follow her.
I thought she was having
an affair.
Was she?
Yes, but then I decided to...
not do anything about it.
I love her, and...
I don't want to lose her.
Who was the affair with?
Coleman Greer.
Coleman... Coleman Greer,
the baseball star?
The onewho killed himself?
You want to have sex
with my wife, don't you?
If I said no... you'd be insulted.
I don't usually pick up womenlike this.
I picked youup, remember?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, what wasyour name again?
One of Savich's dope dealers
was booked for assault.
Gordon Ballew.
Eh, maybe we got lucky
and Gordie's ready to deal.
I'll be right down.
Hey... I got to go do a work thing.
Yeah. Me too.
Savich wants to knowif you're a good lay.
I'll tell him you were okay.
- Savich?
- Smitty's is a total dive.
How could you pick someone up
in that dump?
She picked me up,
and I don't need a lecture.
I got to get my house checkedfor bugs now.
Yeah, well, you better
get yourself checked, too.
Yeah, Gordie?
I got to go to the bathroom.
Me too.
We're gonna book youon
second-degree murder.
You know that, right, Gordie?
What? I just hit him
with a bottle.
I was high.
He called me "shorty."
I hate that.
It's all right. Relax.
The man you assaulted last
nighthas been treated and released.
Talking about Freddy...
Freddy Morris, one of Savich's boys.
I had nothing to do with Freddy.
Look, Savich scares me.
And if Freddy
had been smarter, he...
He what?
Would have been scared, too?
Wouldn't have been
cooperating with us?
Is that what you're saying?
What? What do you want?
I want Savich.
You give him to me, something that sticks.
I'm gonna make all your problemsgo away,
Is that what you told Freddy?
I'd like to keep my tongue,
thank you.
You ready?
What's up?
Elise Laird was having an
affairwith Coleman Greer.
When did you find that out?
Wait, and you didn't call me
Is there anything else
you're holding back?
No. Nothing.
Okay, if Elise Laird
had something to do with
Coleman Greer's suicide,
I'm gonna kill her.
Spoken likea true baseball fan.
All right, look,
I want to get her in here alone,
see if there's anything to this.
If you get her here alone,
I'll give you 10 bucks.
Say, make it $20.
I didn't think Cato knew
about my relationshipwith Coleman.
And I didn't knowhe was having me followed.
Now, just so we're clear,
I was not having an affair with Coleman.
We were friends, since high school.
You expect us to believe
that you and Coleman Greer
were sneaking around
from one hotel to the next
and you're not...?
My supposed sex lifedoes
seem to intrigue you.
What does Coleman
have to dowith any of this?
Napoli was blackmailing you
about this affair,
sent Trotter to your place
to collect the money,
and that's why you killed him.
To keep your little sugar daddy.
you detectives havequite the imagination.
Are you arresting me?
Not today.
Have a nice day.
I know those eyes.
They're the "I want to
get you into bed" eyes.
She was flirting with me.
You owe me 20 bucks.
I just got a messagefrom one angry judge.
Any ideawhy he's calling?
I have contacts, Detective,
all over the place,
so I learn about thingsquickly,
including when the policedrag my wife
into the station house.
Good for you. Why are wehere?
I felt we should clear the air,
all around.
Now, I've told Elise about
hiring Napoli to follow her.
I'm not proud of that.
Now, I deeply regret
my business with him,
especially if it led to the
shooting of Mr. Trotter,
no matter how roundabout
the connection was.
But I'm hopingthat by being open with you,
we can put this
regrettableincident behind us.
Tell them what you told me.
I was a shoulderfor Coleman to cry on.
He was depressed.
His boyfriendwas leaving him.
Wait. Boyfriend?
Tell them everything.
Coleman was gay,
and he was in love withhis
teammate Tony Esteban.
That woman is a snake.
Coleman Greer was not gay.
No way.
Hey, let's just be objectivehere, okay?
Shut up.
Look, everything
Elise Laird says is a lie.
She has that judge wrapped
around her little finger.
And you know what?
I think she's pretty close
to having you
wrapped around it, too.
Oh, yeah? You got something
tosay about how I'm doing my job,
just say it.
Hatch, be careful.
All right?
That's all I'm saying.
Be careful. Okay.
Note to self... be careful. Got it.
Let's go.
How does it feelto be back?
Feels like a lifetime ago.
Hatch doesn't believe
a word I'm saying.
Oh, you'll convince him.
One personnel file, straight up.
A real-life hero.
Master's degree in criminology.
Son of a Baptist preacher.
And a bitof a righteous rogue,
which means you're in a tight spot.
What's going on in
thatpretty little head of yours?
What are you looking for?
The repairman didn't doa
good job on the bullet hole.
I was just looking for
the contractor's card
to have it re-done.
Got something for you.
A dress.
You go to Atlanta alone?
Without telling me?
And did it ever occur to you
that I would have
liked to have met Esteban?
He's on my fantasy team!
Let's stick to the case.
So, what do we think?
I'll tell you what I think.
Coleman Greer wasn't gay,
and neither is Esteban.
Deedee, I met the guy. He's gay.
Captain, here's the way I see it.
Napoli... he knows
aboutColeman and Esteban,
so he's blackmailing
themthrough Elise Laird.
She shoots Trotterto save Coleman's career.
I don't think this issome
burglary gone south.
And maybe Mrs. Laird
is also involved
in the disappearance of Napoli.
All right.
Let's get the Lairds in here
in the morning, 10:00.
Tell them to lawyer up.
You got it, Captain.
Tony Esteban signed cardright there.
And that's supposed to stop me
from being pissed off at you.
His penmanship sucks.
All right,
what's your motive, Hatch?
Same as yours. Solve the case.
Elise? What's taking you so long?
I want to see youin that dress.
You have great taste.
Judge, it's Hatcher.
Detective. What now?
The captain wants
you and your wife
to come down
to headquarters tomorrow,
- 10:00 A.M.
- Why?
I don't know.
You're the judge. Figure it out.
You might want to bring
an attorney.
I just might do that. Thank you, Detective.
What is it?
Don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
I lied.
Whose house is this?
It belongs to a friend.
It's not about Savich.
I figured using his
name would get you here.
What, you sneak out
on your husband?
He wentto the country club.
Look, please,
just... just put away your gun.
I shot Trotterin self-defense.
That's the truth.
You lied to get me here.
And now I'm telling youthe truth.
I talked to Tony Esteban
about you.
He don't like you very much.
Yeah, well,
I don't like himvery much, either.
I met him at a party once.
Yeah. He told me about
the party.
You got naked,
and then you stalked him.
Oh, right. And you're gonna believe that?
More than I believe you.
Tony came on to me.
He has issues. I did nothing with him.
He treated Coleman badly.
Oh, he treated Coleman badly,
but Coleman still was
in love with him, right?
I don't think we get to
choosewho we fall in love with.
Do you?
See, when I first met you,
I thought you shot Trotter
to save Coleman's career.
Then I figured you did it
to save yourself.
What did Napoli have
on you, huh?
Pictures, videos?
Do you even care?
Here's how I think it went down.
Your husband...
He pays Napoli off,
but Napoli is
an enterprising scum.
So he comes after you
for more dough,
sends Trotter to collect.
You shoot him.
Your husband buys
that self-defense story.
Now we're down to Napoli, huh?
He's the only way
that can ruin it.
Where's he? I get it right?
What's it gonna taketo
get you to believe me?
What, turn up dead?
Yeah, that'd be a start.
Pleasestop investigating me
and start investigatingCato Laird.
Oh, come on!
Why would he want youdead?
I can't tell you that.
Not until I know for
surethat you believe me.
- Then you're out of luck.
- Hey!
Don't leave.
I know you have feelingsfor me, and...
I feel...
You know,
you can stop acting now,
'cause you got what you wanted.
My career is probably over.
So is this case.
Captain's gonna have my ass.
Well, that's not what I wanted.
Well, it's what we got, okay?
'Cause I crossed the line.
I got to come clean.
You know what's crazy?
If I had the chance,
I'd do it again.
Even if you are a murderer.
I'm in danger. You have to believe me.
Be at the station tomorrow
at 10:00.
Lawyer up and don't be late.
Hello, Mrs. Laird.
My name is Meyer Napoli.
Start the car.
Okay, thanks, Tony.
We'll be right there.
- Morning.
- All right.
What's wrong?
They just found Napoli dead.
I'll bet you 50 bucks that
bitchElise Laird is involved.
They just found his bodynext
to a car registered to her,
and she's missing, too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What do we got?
We got a license, purse.
- Hatch.
- What you got?
It ain't pretty.
A gunshot to the abdomen,
close range, probably bled out.
All right. Thanks.
All right, they found a purse,
wallet inside,
and an I.D. belongingto Elise Laird.
And a woman's sandalright there.
What's it gonna taketo
get you to believe me?
What, turn up dead?
Hey, Gus, let me see those.
Well, look at that.
What is it?
I don't know. Piece of a clothing, maybe.
What's the story? What happened?
Where's my wife? Tell me what happened.
We don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Judge, you recognize this?
It's from my wife's dress.
Was she pushed? Or did she jump?
However it happened, she ain't alive.
Okay, guys, this case is
our number-one priority.
I mean, how the hell does
Napoli get to Elise Laird? Huh?
Kidnap her from the house?
No sign of a struggle there.
Napoli's dead. Where's Elise?
Well, we've got choppers,
dive teams,
and K9 units looking for her.
Maybe she shot himand then jumped.
What? Why would she
want to kill herself?
Judge, you know what? It's not good for you
to be here with all this.
Maybe you should go home.
Don't you worry about me,
All right, ballistics confirmedthat
the .380-caliber pistol
used to kill Napoliwasn't his.
Napoli's gun was a .38.
What does that mean?
That means your wife was armed.
We checked your house.
One of the guns you listed is missing,
the .380.
I don't believe this.
You people think
that my wife left our house
on her own with a gun
in order to meet up
with this man and kill him?
Judge, I think you should go home.
When we have some news,
we'll... we'll let you know.
Elise did not kill herself.
You find her.
see if you can find outwhere Napoli was
before he met up
with Elise, okay?
I'm on it.
What are you thinking, Captain?
I think her life went
from good to bad real fast.
This thing with Trotter could
wash down to self-defense,
but no matter what happened
with Napoli,
that gives her a second
dead man on her hands.
Even if she didn't go to jail,
Laird's life is finished,
his career is finished,
and so is her fancy way of life.
Maybe she jumped
because she wanted to end it.
You all right?
I'm just kind of exhausted.
This case and...
and complications.
Two victims died staringat
the face of Elise Laird.
That's not complicated, Hatch.
You have feelings for her, right?
Isn't thatwhat's going on?
How's it going?
Couple days, still nothing, huh?
Well, the captain
just told the media
that the rescue operation
is now a recovery mission.
We really messed this one up.
No. We're still following leads.
Worley found a taxi driver
who took Napoli to Miss Laird's Mercedes.
CSI found a tracking
device planted in her car.
We're making headway.
And the judge just offered
a reward to help find her.
We got a witness who saw
Elise Laird with Robert Savich
the night before
Napoli's murder.
With Savich? Who's the witness?
It was last week.
The day I got arrested.
Saw Mrs. Laird
at the White Tie & Tails.
The strip club.
She was with Savich, talking.
They seemed, like,
real friendly.
You're lying, Gordie.
You just want that reward money.
I don't buy
the Savich connection.
You don't always think
straightwhen it comes to Savich.
It was postmarked the day
that Napoli was murdered
and my wife disappeared.
It was in a pile of mail
that's been sitting there.
This is why Napoliwas
blackmailing your wife?
I got a witness that saw
her with Robert Savich
a week ago, but these...
these were takenover a period of time.
It would appear so.
Since he sent these to me,
I suppose he intended to do
the same thing in my case.
He must have stumbled on these
when he was following
Elise for me.
Coleman Greer... that's one thing.
But Robert Savich? That's another.
That son of a bitch.
You let him walk, Judge.
My wife is dead, isn't she?
I don't know.
I'm gonna talk tomy witness again. Maybe...
maybe he can remembersomething else.
I don't think so.
Gordon Ballew's dead.
You hadGordie Ballew killed?
I didn't know you and Gordie
were so close.
You sent her to me?
The brunette?
Why would that
even occur to you?
Is your self-esteem that low?
Is that what I've done to you?
You sent her to me, and then you kill her?
You're unraveling, Detective.
You're enamored with a ghost.
Maybe Napoli made it quick.
You found me.
Well, I ama cop.
Yeah. A good one.
And by the book.
Learned from the best.
She got to me from the start.
You know,
Elise came to me twice.
And I refused to help her.
What are you saying?
Did you two...?
I know. I broke my own rules.
No lecture.
Just punch me in the face, then.
Hatch, it's over.
Unh-unh. Not for me.
Let me take you home, partner.
What the hell's going on?
I had to do it.
I had to make it look likel was dead.
Why? Why were you with Napoli?
No. No, I wasn't withNapoli.
He was in my carwhen I got in it.
He forced me to driveto the river.
Get out.
Come on. Get out.
- Don't hurt me.
- Get out. Over there.
Come on. Move, move, move, move.
- Ah! Don't push me!
- Come on, move.
- I can't walk in this.
- Just move.
Damn it!
What? What?
My shoe just broke.
Well, take it off. Hurry up.
Hurry up!
I fought him off and got away.
I hid in the bushes till I
could figure out a plan.
Why didn't you just run?
I was freaking out, okay?
He had a gunand the keys to my car.
I figured the busheswere the safest place.
He didn't come looking for you?
He did.
Then after a while, he... he just gave up.
It's done.
No, she's fish food.
Okay, hurry. Yeah.
About 10 minutes later,
a car pulled up.
Where's my money? Wait, wait, wait!
I saw Savich kill Napoli.
That's when I knew
I had to do something.
So I torea part of my dress,
and I put it under the bridgeto
make it look like I jumped.
Well, aren't yougonna say something?
They just pulled a body
from the river.
Looks like it's Elise Laird.
I'll meet you at the morgue.
Do you hate me?
You don't want to know
the answer to that.
Oh, jeez.
Body's bloated.
Been in the water for a while.
Fish have been biting,
so there's not much of a face.
She is a blonde,
and the dress we found
matches the one
that Mrs. Laird was wearing.
- You hungry, darling?
- No, thanks.
Your Honor.
You ready?
That's her. That's... Elise.
I'm gonna need, uh,
dental records, of course,
something to match the DNA with.
All right.
Now she can rest in peace.
I'm gonna take a couple days off
just to process
everything, okay?
Uh-huh. I'll keep working the case.
Why? It's over.
I want to know whyshe
was involved with Savich,
why she jumped.
You gonna tell me
where you're going?
Nope. Thanks for everything, though.
This wasmy grandmother's place.
No onewill find us here.
You ever gonna take these off?
Why'd you become a cop?
To do good, right?
Something like that.
You still don't believe me,
do you?
Well, you answer my questions,
I'll answer yours.
Go take a shower. You stink.
Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for coming.
The body of Elise Laird
has been found
and positively identified.
Judge Laird would like
to say a few words.
I want to, uh... express
my gratitude
to the police department,
the, uh, search teams,
the volunteers...
I'm sorry.
Uh, everyone involved
in this effort.
My wife was a...
Was a wonderful woman,
and her life
was tragically cut short.
Please turn that thing off.
Obviously, we all wish
that the outcome...
Why would Cato Lairdwant to kill you?
Cato and Savich are partners.
Have been for years.
That doesn't answermy question.
Cato is on Savich's payroll,
to get his boys off in court,
but not all of them.
That would look bad, right?
So once in a while,
a sacrificial lamb has
to get sent off to prison.
And then the lamb has to die
there so he doesn't talk.
What's thatgot to do with you?
My brother Chet Rollins
was one of those lambs.
He worked for Savich.
Knew way too much.
In prison,
he was raped in the shower,
a bar of soap
put down his throat.
Well, sorry to hear that,
but let's try it again.
Why does Cato Lairdwant you dead?
Before Chet went to prison,
he sent me a letter
through our mom,
so it couldn't be traced
back to me.
He told me everything
about Cato and Savich.
Why didn't you just go to the cops?
A judge was crooked.
I figured the police were,
as well.
So I decided to avenge
his murder on my own.
I went to work
at the strip club,
only as a waitress.
It was financed by Savich.
I hated the place,
but I had to gain
Savich's trust.
Yeah, by having sex with him?
How did yougainhis trust?
I saw the club's manager
pocketing money.
I told Savich.
I became the bookkeeper,
and I made sure
that club turned a profit.
With Savich,
it's all about the money.
What's it all aboutwith you?
Now, I needed proof of
Savich's dealings with Cato,
so I decided to go after
the judge.
I got a job at the country club.
I despised every moment
with that man.
I made sure
he didn't get me pregnant.
And I 'd pretend to have
insomnia so I can search the house
for proof of his dealings
with Savich.
But after a year,
I've come up with nothing.
Cato became suspicious.
That's why he had me followed.
That's why he wants me dead.
Now do you believe me?
I believe you, Elise.
That's the first time
you called me by my name.
Hey. Got us some food
and got you some clothes,
some... women's things.
Women's things?
Well, I can seewhy you're still single.
Hey. It's me. How are you?
- So-so.
- You gonna tell me where you are?
- Nope.
- All right, well, listen.
I found something linking
Elise Laird with Savich.
She had a brother, Chet Rollins.
He was one
of Savich's dope dealers.
- You're good.
- Yeah, I am.
They had different fathers,
different last names,
so it was easy to miss at first.
Yeah, what do you make of that?
Like brother, like sister.
Elise worked for Savich,
and maybe their relationship
went further.
Yeah. Maybe you're right.
Hey, can you check and see if
any of the Savich boys' cases
were presided over
by Judge Laird?
Why? What are you thinking?
I got to go.
I'll, uh, call you
when I get back into town.
Okay. Bye.
Just leaving a message
for Deedee.
- You look nice.
- Liar.
Is the food all right?
Are you sure?
Yeah. It's good.
You know, if I had goneto the police
straightawayafter Chet's letter,
I neverwould have met you.
But you got to get cozy
with Savich
and jump into bed with Laird.
I did what I had to do.
I know what you did.
With Laird. With me.
Probably Savich,
although you deny it.
Oh. You can besuch an ass sometimes.
Yeah, I know.
That's what they tell me.
At least I'm not a, uh...
Go on. Say it. "Whore."
Or do you want meto spell it for you?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.
No. Yes. Yes, you did mean it.
What, are you're jealousor something?
Oh, look,
don't go turning this into some love story.
Don't flatter yourself.
You've been in love. I can tell.
What happened?
She walked.
It's tough beingwith a cop.
Is this...
is this something
you're gonna regret?
You and me...
We're hunters,
always searching for someone,
You lied to me.
You are playing again.
Want to knowhow I found you?
I called your mom.
Told her you were in trouble,
which you are.
Said I wanted to help, which I did,
but nowl'm not so sure.
Detective Bowen,
I know you're upset...
Don't talk to me. Dead people don't talk.
I don't talk to dead people.
Will you talk to me?
You've got a whole lotof explaining to do.
Not only have you
ruinedyour career for her,
you've destroyedour partnership.
Deedee, I'm sorry.
It's too late. It's way too late.
I mean,
how can you sneak offwith this slut?
Hey, Deedee, she's not a slut!
- I should arrest her.
- For what?
Shut up. You're dead, remember?
Look, you got every right
to be angry, okay,
but this is not about you,
It's not even about me.
It's about what's right.
She faked her own death!
To save her life!
Hey, if I'm gonna stop
being a cop,
I'm gonna make it right.
'Cause we got an eyewitness
to Savich killing Napoli.
- Who?
- Me.
Oh, like you'rea credible witness.
'Cause Judge Laird and
Robert Savich... they're a team.
Excuse me?
Now, I'm gonna tell you
all about it,
but I'm gonna get you
a diet cola,
you're gonna sit down, relax.
I got a plan.
Got to take the gloves off,
bend some rules.
Will you help me?
You okay with all this?
You trust me, don't you?
Can I trust you?
I'm scared.
Not for me, for you.
All right, you got my truck,
so be careful.
We can't have
any Elise Laird sightings
till this thing's over, okay?
Detective Bowen...
I really am sorryfor everything.
Hey, just wait here. I'll change,
and I'll be right back.
Why couldn't youhave told me?
Why couldn'tyou have trusted me?
Deedee, I trust you.
Come on. I made a mistake.
All right, Brenda bailed on me.
I was empty.
I met Elise, and I, uh...
you know, I'm sorry.
I checked all of Savich's
boysthat went to trial.
Laird was on every case.
Only one in fourgot a conviction.
Well, we're gonna convict
that bastard... Savich, too.
What happensif this doesn't work?
I'll take the fall.
You won't be affected.
I amaffected, damn it!
Everything has changed.
You want to back out?
Shut up.
Go get changed. Are
we gonna do this or what?
That's my girl.
Hey, Judge. How you doing?
As well as can be expected,
I guess.
You broke into my car?
That's right, Judge. Get in.
Suppose I don't?
Get in.
Implied threat. Very effective.
So, tell me, um,
did you manage to screw my wife?
Or did shejust leave you hanging?
'Cause you're notthe only one.
You're not unique, Detective,
and you're not half as
toughas you pretend to be.
Sorry, Judge.
Sometimes I can't control him.
What do you want?
Hey, we know you're dirty,
but I don't care.
I want Savich.
Good, 'cause tomorrow
he's being arraigned
for the murder of Napoli.
I got a witness who saw him
do it by the bridge.
Is he serious?
Yes. The eyewitness also
saw Napoli murder your wife.
Well, then, she di...
She didn't kill herself?
It appears not.
Savich shows up after Napoli
does his dirty work.
Savich shoots him.
So tomorrow when that bastard
comes to your courtroom,
I want him held
with no bond, right?
No one else knows what we know
about what happened
to your wife.
I want a conviction
and a sentence
that puts him away for life.
'Cause I got enough to put
you away for life.
Do we have a deal?
Well... I guess ghosts doexist.
What are you doing here?
Hello, Robert. I'm here to save your ass.
You don't seemall that
shockedto see me alive.
I don't deal in surprises.
So, is your husband aware
of your current condition?
That I'm alive? No.
So where have you been?
With Hatcher.
How does it feel to have that
man give up his soul for you?
Mm. He wants youmore than he wants me.
I'm flattered.
And I'm here to offer youa way out.
Are you prepared to deal?
Hands up.
Oh. What, you think I'm wired?
What can I say?
I'm suspicious by nature.
Blame my mother.
So how'd you do it?
My death, the body.
Oh, Robert Savich always delivers.
You know that.
I saw you kill Napoli.
And based on my testimony,
Hatcher will arrest you.
He's with Cato right now,
preparing to put you awayfor life.
By coming here,
you're betraying your new boyfriend. Why?
We have different goals.
He wants you. I want Cato Laird.
I'm listening.
If I testifyto what I saw,
you will be convictedof murder.
But if I recant,
say I shotNapoli in self-defense,
well, then Hatcher's gotnothing on you.
A generous offer.
But if you recant,
you'll incriminate yourself.
Oh, please.
You think he'll send me off to prison?
That man has fallenfor me hard.
I've made sure of it.
So what do you have planned
for Cato Laird?
I want him destroyed.
Out of commission.
We have a deal?
Put the gun away, Robert.
I know who you really are,
Chet's sister.
Cato and I knew all along.
Why didn't youkill me then?
Well, you were useful for me
to keep tabs on my partner.
I don't trust anyone,
including you.
I'm the bookkeeper.
I record every transaction.
Cato works for me,
not the other way around.
Bye-bye, Elise.
You're about to be dead again.
Cover her.
I called for backup.
Backup? I don't want backup!
Shut up! Check her purse.
She's probably got a gun.
Yeah. Gun.
You know what I want? Right now,
a confession.
Hatch, don't do this.
Wait for backup.
Deedee, get out of here. Take her with you.
I don't want youto see this.
It's between me and Savich. Right?
I want a confession. Right now.
Chet Rollins, Napoli,
all of them.
Give it to me.
Hatch, you're losing it!
Don't do this.
You'll lose everything.
Say hello to Freddy Morris.
Drop the gun, Hatch!
Put the gun down now, you idiot!
- Hatch, please, don't.
- Shut up!
I'm gonna kill you,
or I'm gonna die doing it.
Confess. I'm gonna kill you!
Okay! Okay!
I did Freddy, Napoli.
I ordered the hit on Chetand on Gordon.
Hatch, you good?
Worley, this jackassneeds an ambulance.
That was quite
the performance, you two.
Yeah, I'd say the samefor you guys.
What? This was all an act?
I had to make you believe
I was on edge, right?
So you were wired?
No, actually, I wasn't.
You know, it's not very high-tech,
but it still does the job.
Come on.
Come on. You know you want to.
Just do it. It's the only way we're
ever gonna get back to normal.
Orangeisn't his color.
Sure looks pretty on him.
All right, nine-letter wordfor "confound"?
That's good.
All rise.
Be seated.
Your Honor?
Yes, Mr. Adams?
Before we begin, may I request
that we remove these
restraintsfrom my client?
This is a bond hearing
on a murder charge.
Ms. Nelson?
Your Honor,
due to the seriousness
of the charges against
the defendant,
and with his extreme
flight risk,
we respectfully request
that bail be denied.
Cato Laird, you're under arrest for
conspiracy to murder Chet Rollins.
Deputy, remove this man
from this courtroom immediately!
- Stand down, deputy.
- This is my courtroom!
What is this?
You're under arrest, Judge.
You killed my brother.
He was gonna expose you and Savich.
Captain, this woman is delusional.
She killed a man in our home!
Oh, for years, Cato,
you've been takingmoney from Savich
in exchangefor favorable rulings.
Who is gonna believe this woman?
She's unhinged and unstable!
She's totally insane!
Save your breath. We have Savich's
computer with all your transactions.
All the payoffs,
the secret bank account
in the Cayman Islands...
We got it all.
You set me up?
You can thank your wife for this,
and her boyfriend Hatcher.
You are doing her.
Now, that's damn hard
to believe.
What a shocker, huh, sweetheart?
It's time to pay
for your sins, Cato.
You two deserve each other.
Cato Laird,
you havethe right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you...
It's clear.
My parents invited us to Sunday dinner.
That's the third invitationin three months.
They're driving me nuts, okay? Come on.
Your father's
a Baptist minister.
I'm like his worst nightmare.
my dad is notin the condemning business.
He's in the forgiving business.
But what's to forgive? Nothing.
Savich is evil. So was Cato Laird.
Not you.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Babe Ruth. 1933. Mint condition.
Welcome back.
We got to go downtown.
They found a dead body
in a sewer.
That's what
the captain gives us?
A body in the sewer
on our first day back?
This job stinks.
That was sonot funny.
- You smiled.
- No, I didn't.
- Yeah, you did.
- Hatch, I'm driving.
Just give me the keys.
I'm driving. Deal with it.
It's good to be back.