Riddle of Fire (2023) Movie Script

Come on.
Let's go!
Come on.
Who the hell are you?
Where'd you come from?
How'd you get in here?
How'd you get in here?
What'cha got there?
Gummy worms?
No, stop it!
Get over here, you son of...
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Otomo, Otomo...
Otomo Gaming.
We're downloading
Demon Blade: Sands of Anaxia.
No way. We're downloading
Kelza Redline 6 .
Here we go.
Did Mom set a password
on the TV?
Your mom set a password
on the entire TV?
I don't know. It's never
been like this before.
What is going on?
- Give it to me.
- Oh my God, no!
My God, this is not working.
You... calyptus!
Good morning, Mama.
How are you feeling?
Ugh. Pretty terrible, actually.
This is probably...
the worst cold I've ever had.
Can you believe that?
I brought you
some nice fresh cool water
and some peppermint tea.
Thank you, sweetie.
Hey, you know what?
Do we still have that pie?
You know...
the blueberry pie
from Celia's bakery?
Um, I think Jodie ate it
for breakfast.
Um, Mama...
Alice came over
to watch a...
educational documentary with us.
So, can you please tell us
the new password for the TV?
Hello, Miss A'Dale.
I hope you feel better soon.
Hello, Alice.
You can call me Julie.
And I know
what you guys are up to.
No video games.
You're gonna play those all day.
Plus, you guys have racing camp
starting on Monday.
You should be training for that.
We'll go outside, we promise.
Can we just play for four hours?
- Three hours? Just three hours.
- No.
It's beautiful outside.
Go get some fresh air.
It's summer.
You're on summer vacation.
You know what I would give
to be on summer vacation?
The world is your sandbox.
Go. Go outside.
Two hours.
Then we'll go outside.
Please, Mama.
Please, Miss Julie.
Please, Mama, please.
Please, Mama, please.
You guys can play
for two hours.
Two hours, if you promise
to go outside after that.
- We promise.
- We promise.
before I give you the password,
I need you boys to do something
very important for me.
Listen up.
It's very important.
I need you to go
to Celia's bakery
and get me a blueberry pie.
A pie?
A blueberry pie.
Just like
your grandma used to make.
When I was your age,
she'd make me a blueberry pie
when I didn't feel well.
It was the best.
It'll actually make me
feel much better.
Of course, we'll do anything.
Love you, Mama.
Drink your water.
Go get it, Jodie.
Hey, see that Charms bottle?
Go tell them to bake one.
- See that gnome?
- What gnome?
Yon garden gnome.
She's sick too, huh?
It's going around.
She's probably faking.
Go find out where she lives.
I'm not going in there.
The cashier bastard wouldn't
tell me where she lives.
But I found this photo.
I think this is Celia
and her cottage.
I know this cottage
is across the street
from Silver Mine Chteau,
where my mom works.
Hello, Miss Celia.
Not so loud, come on.
How are you feeling today?
I've got a scorching fever.
Who are you?
Could you bake us
a blueberry pie, please?
What? No, go to my bakery.
We came here from there.
Your bakery's out of blueberry.
I'm not baking today.
Don't want to be around an oven.
I need to cool down.
Could we have the recipe?
We could trade you
something for it.
Trade me?
Anything you want. We'll get it.
Listen, I'm burning up today.
I need something
to cool me down.
If you bring me something
that's colder than ice,
then and only then,
will I give you my secrets.
The recipe?
My blueberry recipe.
Now haunt me no longer,
sprites of the forest.
It's locked.
Fetch the proprietor.
Don't fetch him.
He'll kick us out again.
Oh yeah, it's that guy.
Stay out!
You dropped the Slurpee.
Shut it, Hazel A'Dale.
I got this, didn't I?
- Gum?
- Peppermint!
If you chew it and then
breathe it in real hard,
it's so cold that it hurts.
That's not gonna cool her down.
What the hell...
Okay, what the hell
you nuts got?
What are you talking about,
Oh my God...
What the hell is that?
I can't look at it.
It just gave me the chills.
I'm not touching that demon.
Let's just go take
a bag of ice from the market.
Yeah, Jodie. It kinda looks
like you. You're cute.
Being cute
is better than being hot.
Cute's a lot better.
The best things in life
are cute.
Like little puppies and kittens.
Little cheeseburgers.
Erasers shaped like penguins.
Oh God...
Let's just go steal some ice.
Oh, you've returned.
What'cha got?
Peppermint gum!
Yeah, this ain't gonna cut it.
I already told you:
ice ain't working.
What is that?
Oh my God.
You actually took it?
A doll?
This thing
just gave me the chills.
You kids are something else.
I'll go get you the recipe.
Demerara sugar,
maple syrup...
Who's gonna bake this?
I'll bake it.
We'll use your kitchen.
Yes, I do. My mom and I
bake all sorts of pies.
Chicken pot pie,
shepherd's pie, apple pie...
Remember the peach cobbler
you two stole
off our window-sill
in 3rd grade?
Well, I baked that.
I helped bake that.
Lemon juice,
Vermont maple syrup.
Demerara sugar...
Why is it open?
Crab legs. Crab legs?
They don't go
in no blueberry pie.
I guess so. They are delicious.
Good thinking, Jodie.
Corn starch, flour, and eggs.
Those are pickled eggs, Hazel!
The recipe says
one speckled egg.
"Speckled for luck."
One speckled egg let's get.
What the...
You mind if we have
one of them eggs there?
That's the last box.
We just need one.
Just one, huh?
I know what you're up to.
Just making sure none are broke.
Trick time, Jodie.
That woodsy bastard thinks
he's so cool?
Guy looks like he plays the jug
in a hootenanny band.
I'm gonna crack him like one
of those crab legs. Crack!
I want to feed
that woodsy bastard
a bad cereal buffet.
Snap, crackle, pop-pop-pop!
Trix, Trix, Trix, Honey Smacks!
Gah! I wanna crush that guy!
Put your shirt on.
We're gonna get a speckled egg
from that woodsy bastard!
He thinks
he can treat us like that?
No one treats us like that.
No they do not.
Son of a bitch must pay!
Move out, boys!
Uh, yeah. Hi! How you doing?
I've seen you guys
around here a bunch.
I know what you've been up to.
I know that you took stuff
from the store.
So you're gonna
have to get off your trikes
go back inside
and put everything back
right where you found it.
Then the four of us
are going to have a meeting
in the manager's office.
We're going to call
your parents,
your school,
the whole nine yards.
You three are going down
once and for all.
Ah! Gah!
That's one spooky ranch.
What do you think
lurks in that lair?
A hunchback?
Uh... Hi, Mama.
Hazel, where are you guys?
Hi, Miss Julie. It's me, Alice.
We're at the bakery.
They were out of blueberry,
so they're baking one now.
How you feeling?
Oh, you guys are the sweetest.
Thank you.
You guys are too sweet.
Take a nap and get some rest.
When you wake up,
we'll be home with a lovely pie
all for you.
Thank you.
I love you, sweeties.
What are we gonna do?
Let's sneak in there,
grab the speckled eggs
and replace them
with the crab legs.
We'll go steal more.
What? No!
Come on, Jodie, think
how beautiful it's gonna be
when the woodsy bastard
wakes up in the night,
tum-tum a-rumbling,
hungry for a delicious
midnight snack
of a soft omelet
or scrambled eggs or whatever.
He'll get out of bed,
shivering and starving,
tip-toe to the kitchen,
licking his lips like a dog.
And instead of his eggs,
he'll find out he's had a visit
from the crab leg faeries.
That's amore .
Come on!
Back, Anna-Freya.
Got the groceries, batteries.
Pack it up.
I just went out
and did the shopping.
I just went out and did that.
So you don't speak to me
like that.
Go pack it up.
Was that a gunshot?
No, I think
a tractor just backfired.
You two ready?
Not quite done yet.
Almost finished, Anna.
Go pack.
Go pack!
So, uh...
You gonna make your John Redrye
Egg Wonder Cookout tonight?
Thinking about it.
You get the Chel Sriracha?
I got Tuerto instead.
I don't see why
you couldn't have just got Chel.
Like, I told you to get it.
Do you listen?
Why couldn't you just get it?
- Come here.
- What?
Come here.
Why? What?
Marty, just come here.
You really
got some sun yesterday.
If you or your sister
talk to me like that again,
order me around,
I will cripple you.
I'm done
with Anna-Freya
and her charlatan ways,
her manipulations, her magic.
I'm done with her ordering me
around like a scullion.
"Johnny, go get gas.
Make us breakfast.
Babysit Petal.
Make us lunch, dinner, dessert.
Make all my problems go away."
Her reign
over the Enchanted Blade
and the Hollyhock family
are coming to an end.
Do you read me?
I just want
to have a good time, man.
I just want
to have a good time too, man.
But you're all under
your eldest sister's spell.
My sister's might be, I'm not.
I'm not under
anyone's spell, man.
When you planning
on telling her all this?
Soon enough, Marty.
Soon enough.
Can you brush my hair?
It's got lots of knots today.
Nope. I'm busy, Petal.
Not today. I'm working.
We packed.
Please, Mama?
I'm busy.
Suds, can you brush my hair?
Suds is busy too.
Those words are not for you.
Guns, Marty...
Are you leaving again?
You're staying.
Can I go this time? Please.
You're staying here
and you're gonna be a big girl.
You always make me stay here!
You never bring me anywhere!
You wish I was just like
one of your animals.
We will be back
tomorrow afternoon.
There's yummy lunch stuff
and dinner stuff in the fridge.
Johnny Redrye got you a cupcake
with rainbow sprinkles.
Come here and give me a hug.
Unlock it.
When I was your age,
I was alone all the time.
You had your brother
and your sisters.
They were weak.
You need to learn
to take care of yourself
and survive.
Especially now
that your papa's gone.
You need to be a big girl.
I want you to impress me.
You are the princess
of the Enchanted Blade.
You are the heir
to the Hollyhock family.
Your life and destiny,
that's yours for the choosing.
But you have to choose
and you have to create it.
This world is ours.
Need a hug?
Come on!
Door's locked.
It's stuck.
Get in there.
Yeah, baby.
Get down!
Shh. Be quiet. Stay quiet.
- Yeah, baby!
- Yeah, baby!
John Redrye,
you got the 30-06 cartridges?
Marty packed them.
Marty? Cartridges?
Uh, yeah, I got the bullets.
What's this?
Did you buy these
from the grocer, Johnny?
They're still cold.
I love crab legs.
- Get going.
- Yeah.
We could boil them up
for an appetizer tonight.
Put them in my duffel
on ice, Marty.
Yeah, baby!
Yeah, baby.
- Stop!
- Stop the truck!
There's kids in here!
How can't they hear us?
We're going zero to sixty!
Goddamn woodsy bastards
sons of bitches!
Hold on, boys.
Where the fuck are we?
- I'll be right back.
- Me too.
Faery Castle Mountain?
They think
they're so cool, don't they?
How the hell
are we gonna get home?
Call your mom, Alice.
Can she come pick us up?
There's no service up here.
We've been kidnapped.
Up that trail.
Who gives a shit, Jodie.
Racing camp starts on Monday.
We only have two days
to play the Angel .
We're hitchhiking home,
so our two days
don't turn into two hours
and then two minutes, okay?
Alice! Alice!
I am not going home
without those speckled eggs.
- Put these on.
- What?
We did not just stow away
in that four-wheeled
outhouse for nothing.
Who put you in charge?
I'm not in charge,
I just take charge.
Get away from me, boys.
You bother me.
Oh my God...
What are they doing?
Camping trip?
Nah. They got too much gear
to just be camping.
They're up to something spooky.
Well then, you boys coming, hey?
Kels, Suds...
John Redrye,
unpack, set up camp,
and go collect firewood.
What do you see, Kels?
A forest of fox fire,
a wolf land of magic and dreams.
The Prince of the Mountain
remains in hiding.
What do you see, Suds?
Crystal spirits.
An elk's past,
present, and future.
The Prince of the Mountain
remains in hiding.
They're setting camp here.
They'll leave soon
and we'll raid it.
We should find
another place to take cover.
Someone's camping here.
Whoever was here left days ago.
The coals
in the fireplace are cold.
They left their fly rod though.
I'm starving too.
Me too.
I got an idea.
Dang! Monstro Six.
You kidding me?
You're gonna catch a fish?
How we gonna cook it?
Maybe they left
a lighter here too.
Here we go.
Come on.
Was this here before?
Don't know. Is someone here?
The woodland fire faeries
blessed us.
We probably just missed it.
I'll fry the trout.
Head for cover!
Don't mind if I do.
Monstro Six!
Thank you very much.
The woodsy bastard
just stole the trout!
- Turn him off.
- Shut up, Jodie!
What? No I'm not!
Get up and say it.
Yeah, baby!
Bagged a beast!
Yeah, baby.
Damn, just now?
Crazy. Somebody left
a fly rod over there,
mouse fly still on it.
Saw this guy sunning in a pool
around the bend,
so I roll cast out.
Strip, strip, strip... and bang!
Set the hook,
pulled him in, first cast.
Do a little dance
with him, maybe.
It's none of your faults.
It's the woodsy bastards'
who kidnapped us.
We need revenge on them.
Not Jodie.
- Yeah!
- Yeah?
Ah! Ow!
- Shh.
- Ah!
What the...
Something bit me!
What the hell is that?
Looks like one of those blue
blood-sucker bugs exploded.
- You want the bug screen?
- Nah.
What the hell?
Kels, Suds...
Goddamnit, Hazel!
- Wolf girls coming.
- Let's get.
You two stay here.
Lie down, let the sun dry you.
Where you going?
Gonna check their camp,
see what they're up to,
and find a way
to slip in and get the eggs.
I'll come with you.
You stay. I need a break
before I clunk
your heads together.
Alright. If there's trouble,
hoot like an elf owl.
What's that sound like?
- Hey, Hazel.
- What?
Yeah, so do I.
So what?
What? Why you ask me that?
What? Why do you think that?
Jodie, we were never married.
Who's there?
- Don't interrupt though.
- Okay.
So, back when me and Alice
were in playgroup
in kindergarten,
along with Trevor Stebbins,
Michael Masters,
Shannon, and Emily...
We were all
at Alice's house one day.
Everyone was bouncing
on the tramp,
Alice grabs my arm
and takes me into her house.
We go
into her parents' bathroom,
she made me step
into the dry bathtub with her.
She said we were getting married
and the tub was the aisle
at our wedding.
After we walked up and down
the empty bathtub
a million times,
she said: "Hazel,
you may now kiss the bride."
I didn't know what to do
so she grabbed my head
and pulled my face close to hers
and kissed my lips.
After that,
she said we were married.
Forever and ever and ever.
It's getting cold.
Um, you packed
another pair of pants, right?
You're not wearing my pants.
Packed your waders too?
You're not wearing them either.
You let me wear them before.
You pissed them.
Yeah, we had
that thirty-rack of Ali Baba,
the Hukilau,
Trevor's bathtub liquor...
- I washed them out.
- Mm-hmm.
You should've
packed pants, dude.
Yeah, but you packed two pairs.
We're gonna set the blind.
I want to set that Spirit Trap.
you're gonna stay here
and fix dinner.
Of course.
Had different teachers
in 1st and 2nd grade.
But in 3rd grade,
we started racing.
And we all became
the Three Immortal Reptiles.
Alice is a Reptile.
It's quiet time.
Where is Alice, anyway?
Better go and find her.
Come on.
- Alice?
- That's not Alice's laugh.
Who are you?
Oh, just a fire faery.
Oh, certainly.
'Twas me
who laid the fire lighter
upon yon tree stump
for you to roast your trout.
Sorry, since you won't
be needing it any longer,
may I have it back?
Thank you, Hazel.
Fire faeries know
everyone's names, Jodie.
And furthermore,
I can tell Hazel is in love
with Alice.
I heard everything you said
up on the rocks there.
I think she's cursed.
Maybe she's both.
I don't know.
A rich person?
They're leaving camp in a sec.
But we should definitely
avoid them.
The lady's really scary.
I think she's a witch.
- She is.
- Whoa!
Who is she?
Actually, I'm not a real faery.
I'm just a princess.
Hello, Alice.
Who are you?
Petal. Petal Hollyhock.
Okay but...
who are you?
I've been following you
for a while.
That's my family down there.
Oh shit.
Do they know we're here?
No, they don't even know
I'm here.
They wouldn't let me come,
but I did anyways.
How did you get here?
Well, to tell you the truth,
I'm actually kind of...
How I got here's a secret,
but I guess I can tell you guys.
Follow me.
my secret is...
I love to sneak to out.
Earlier today,
when my mama said goodbye,
I climbed out my bedroom window
and scurried to the driveway,
climbed into Johnny's truck
and went to my hiding place:
the tool crate.
The moment I closed the door,
I saw you guys come aboard.
I was thinking to say hi,
but it was better
to stay stowed away.
After we arrived
at the trailhead,
I popped out slowly.
I followed you
and listened to you.
I gathered
you were following my mama,
so I just followed you.
While I was following you,
I found treasures in the woods.
Such as a fire lighter,
a four-leaf clover,
and a cool rock.
I followed you to the rockface
and heard Hazel
and Jodie talking
about when
Hazel and Alice were married.
You can have the clover, Jodie.
- You live in Ribbon?
- Mm-hmm.
What grade are you in?
I haven't seen you around.
Oh, I don't go to school,
but I wish I did.
You don't go to school?
You stay home all day?
No school at all?
No, my mom says
school is for suckers.
Can I ask you guys
a question, though?
Um... Uh...
Can you be my friends?
If you say yes,
you'll be my first friends.
- Besides Britney.
- Who's Britney?
Oh, just her.
She's beautiful.
where'd you get your necklaces?
We got them at the Blue Roof.
They sell 'em there.
- Blue Roof gas station?
- Uh-huh.
My mom made them.
Blue Roof buys her stuff,
mostly lucky rabbit foots.
My mom does taxidermy.
She made Britney too.
Petal, your dad stole
some speckled eggs from us.
Oh, he's not my dad.
I don't have a dad.
Me and Jodie
don't have a dad either.
Our mama said he went to Alaska
when we were babes.
My mom said my dad
is in the clouds beyond the sun.
It's okay,
there's always tomorrow
for dreams to come true.
Anyways, the old man stole
some speckled eggs from us.
We need them back.
You followed him
all the way out here for eggs?
Are you so hungry?
No, we need
a very special speckled egg
so we can bake a blueberry pie
for their sick mama.
- Is she a nice mama?
- The best.
I understand.
Pie always makes me feel...
Can you go get the eggs?
Oh, no, no...
I cannot. If they know I'm here,
they'll be super mad and angry
and cra-zy.
No. I will lurk in the shadows
until we get home.
You got it, Jodie.
- What are they doing?
- Huntin'.
This is a national park!
That's illegal.
That's poaching.
They're poachers?
They're hunting animals,
- We should call the rangers.
- No service.
I don't know what a poacher is.
My mama and me came
down here days ago, tracking.
We were searching for the Prince
of the Mountain.
the Prince of the Mountain?
A great reindeer elk
who rules Faery Castle.
My mama's gonna get him
and sell him for a lot of money.
She worked for the museum
of natural history,
but she got fired
a long time ago.
They're leaving.
The woodsy bastard's
still there.
Now's our chance.
Okay, here's the deal.
Jodie and me will go
to the north part of the dell
and distract him.
Then, Hazel will run in and grab
the speckled eggs. Good?
Got it.
Move it out.
When Jodie and me
see you close by, we'll leave.
What do I do?
- You stay and keep a lookout.
- Okay.
Hi, Jodie!
Fine, thank you.
Okay, move it out, Jodie.
What is it?
Gifts for the Prince.
His physical death
is not enough.
We must ensure
his spiritual death as well.
We place this
one beside it.
Which contains
the soul of his father,
whom I shot
in ages past.
It will bring him to us.
Nah. Mm-mm.
What is that?
Johnny, thisaway...
This tastes
like the hot tub in Cabo.
He's here.
The Prince of the Mountain.
I see him.
We don't have them.
I don't think we have them.
Do you want my 9?
get it.
- Okay.
- Quickly.
One, two, three!
Who's there?
What the hell?
- Oh shit!
- What are you doing here?
Whoa, whoa, wait!
What do we have here?
What's your name?
You ate our dinner?
What are you doing
out here, boy?
Hey, come on.
Put me down, playboy!
Whoa, playboy?
I know you.
How do I know you?
You're the kid from the market
this morning, ain't ya?
How did you get out here?
What's your name?
Do not do that.
Jesus, are you drunk?
Oh my... Oh my God.
What did you...
Did you follow me
all the way out here?
Where are your parents at?
Your parents around here?
I only got a ma
and she's sick in bed.
I need to get back to her.
Let me go!
Johnny, where are the bullets?
Anna needs them right now.
Who the hell's that kid?
This little imp just robbed us.
He followed us
out here from Ribbon.
No, no...
Nope, nope. Ugh...
Okay, alright.
So gross.
Never again.
Never again.
Johnny, where's the ammo, man?
- I need it now.
- Shut up, Marty.
Where your friends at, huh?
They out here with you?
They was singing at me,
weren't they?
Oh, them!
They ain't even my friends.
Them's wimps.
Too scared to go after you.
- Johnny...
- Shut up!
What do you mean go after me?
Get the eggs you stole from us.
You followed me out here
to get them eggs?
I don't believe it.
Ain't important
what you believe.
I know why you're out here.
I'll report you to the rangers.
- Poachers!
- This isn't how this plays out.
Whoa, dude.
This is how
we're gonna play this, playboy.
Yeah, yeah...
Toss that rope.
What's going on,
what are you doing?
His parents are probably
out here somewhere.
Oh, no, no...
His parents are far, far away.
You know bad things happen
to kids
who go into the woods alone?
You know that, right?
Just let him go, man.
He's a kid. He doesn't know
our names or where we live.
What's he gonna do?
You're John Redrye
and you're Marty.
You both live
in the creepy old ranch
on Rhapsody Lane in Ribbon.
How about that?
Okay, we'll try this.
It's cold, right?
No more shrieking.
Read me?
Just in case.
This child is trouble.
He's trouble.
Let me think.
Got to think about
what to do with him.
Give me the rum.
It's empty.
Little bazuzu drank it all.
Got some Magpie.
Out here...
All alone.
Could hurt himself.
We tied you up
for your own good.
You hear me?
It's for his own good.
- Is Hazel back?
- It's really bad.
- They got him!
- What?
- I'm going!
- Jodie, no.
John Redrye is a scary,
dangerous man.
He's been to jail. Be careful
or something bad could happen.
Petal, what are you doing here?
Oh my God.
Oh, hi, guys.
I stowed away again.
Where's Mama?
She's way over there.
Who are these kids?
My friends, Alice and Jodie.
You're in a lot
of trouble, Petal.
Shh! Stop it!
Now, girls,
my friends and I need your help.
- Will you help us?
- Yes, Petal.
Now, say hello
to Alice and Jodie.
Hello, Alice.
Hello, Jodie.
These two souls are
disciples of my mother,
Anna-Freya Hollyhock,
crescent wolf-mother
of the Enchanted Blade.
When my mother speaks
the magic words, they obey.
I'm not supposed to use
the magic words.
But I do anyways, sometimes.
And when I do, they obey.
I am Petal Hollyhock,
princess of the Enchanted Blade.
you will help us rescue Hazel,
the other boy
over at the campsite.
Do you understand?
Yes, Petal.
So... What should we do?
One minute.
Okay, I got it. Huddle up.
This ain't my fault.
I don't know what
you're gonna do with this kid,
but Anna needs the ammo
right now.
Where is it?
Ain't my fault.
This ain't my fault.
We got to get rid of that kid.
The Prince is dead.
She shot him.
She got him?
How? It's night.
Lured him ten paces away.
Bang! He's a mammoth.
She needs help skinning
and dressing him. Both of you.
She needs both of you.
I'm not leaving.
I got to deal with this thief,
he ate our dinner.
- What?
- Thief!
We'll stay here
and watch this trickster.
You all get out of here.
you go with Marty and Anna.
Leave now!
Come on, come on...
Hi, John Redrye!
What are you doing here?
I stowed away in your truck.
Mama's going to be very mad
at you if you don't catch me.
I am losing my goddamn mind!
Petal, get back here!
Hazel, shh! It's me.
Oh my God...
Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much!
I love you both.
Alright, alright. Shh...
Shh! It's us!
What are they doing here?
Let's get out of here.
You aren't going anywhere.
Oh God...
I'm gonna get you kids!
Go, go!
Where are we?
Heading south.
A mile from the trailhead.
Are you sure? How do you know?
Well, the Moon is right there,
and the Drumming Mouse
constellation is right there.
You're looking south.
If you wanna get back
to Ribbon, it's...
that way.
My mama taught me.
She's a great mama,
but not really a good mama.
- What? Look!
- What?
The eggs are gone.
The carton's empty.
We did all of this for nothing?
John Redrye cooked them all?
Well then,
where the hell are they?
I think I kind of cooked them.
They went in my omelet.
You cooked the eggs?
I'll see if we can get a ride.
404 dollars
for a ride from Buckle?
Start hitchhiking, boys.
No one's gonna come around now.
The rangers might.
We gotta get moving.
This one's open, Alice!
We don't have the keys, Petal.
It's for sale.
Maybe we could buy it.
It has the phone number on it.
Wait a minute...
What year is this thing?
What year is this?
This bucket is a '76.
Solenoid starter. Thought so.
What are you talking about?
It means you can start it
with a piece of metal.
Tacks, screwdrivers...
Literally anything
made of metal.
Told ya. Let's go.
We still don't have
a speckled egg.
Let's see what markets are open.
There's free eggs
at the Hall of Fortunes.
Is that a grocery store?
No. It's this huge place full
of everything you could imagine.
It's really great.
It's ruled by this flashy man
named Dana Troubadour.
He keeps a lovely golden chicken
named Valentina in his backyard.
He has fresh eggs
every morning for his breakfast.
It's in Ribbon.
My mom
and her friends party there.
Sometimes she brings me.
But are the eggs speckled?
Oh yes. Very.
- You sure?
- Yep.
Mapped you back to Ribbon.
To the Hall of Fortunes, please.
Wake up, Jodie.
There's a chicken in there?
Yeah, in the back.
We'll come inside with you.
You can stay in the car.
We should really
come inside with you.
Dana! Dana!
Hi, how you doing this evening?
Uh... I'm good.
Who are you?
- What?
- Petal.
Anna-Freya's my mom.
Your friend, Anna-Freya.
Oh, yeah!
You're Anna-Freya's daughter.
I remember.
Is Anna-Freya here?
Not tonight. She's hunting.
Guys, this is Dana Troubadour.
Dana, these are my friends:
Jodie, Alice, and Hazel.
I see.
Don't you work at
the Winter Shoppe gas station?
Chuck? No... Chet?
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
My name is Dana Troubadour.
No, it ain't, it's Chip.
And you sling Slurpees and gas.
we've come calling on Valentina.
We need a speckled egg, please.
Alright, sure.
Go see if she laid one
and bring it back to me.
Good evening, Valentina.
Oh my God, we got it!
Any luck?
Valentina laid one.
She's my girl.
Why you need an egg
at 4 in the morning?
To bake a pie for our mama.
You could use a normal egg.
Not for this pie.
Let me see, give it.
How much?
How much will you give me?
What? Just give it to us.
Nah, sorry. No can do.
These are my special eggs
and I can't just give them away.
How much?
We don't got any money.
It's an egg. Give it to us.
It'd be truly nice of you, Dana.
30 dollars. Take it or leave it.
30-dollar egg?
We're not paying no 30 dollars
for no speckled egg!
If you want
this perfectly speckled
Valentina egg,
you gotta do something else.
Follow me.
If you want the egg,
one of you guys
has to perform a dance.
It's gotta be good, creative.
You really got to wow us.
It's gotta be a dance
we've never seen before.
If you can do that,
I'll give you the egg.
Tell Marz what you want, the DJ.
There's no way in hell.
No, no, no...
- I am not...
- Come on!
Oh my...
Give it.
I changed my mind again.
I need a hundred dollars
for this thing.
A hundred.
Go get it.
Give me that thing!
Run! Go!
Go get 'em!
Kill 'em!
No! No...
Get off me, you creeps!
No, get off!
I'm gonna break his arm.
Hold his arm out, Tucker.
Hold his arm.
I'm gonna break his arm.
Ow! Oh my...
Don't you touch him, Dana.
Jesus Christ!
What the hell you doing,
John Redrye?
Back off.
Back off!
They attacked me.
Get them against the wall.
Kids, against the wall!
Sit your tails down,
shut up, and pay attention.
You three,
you're in real trouble now.
How'd you find us?
You stole my cowhide duffel.
And inside it was my phone,
which we tracked here.
Right to you.
I guess
this is how the world ends.
Your bag's in the car outside.
The Thunderbird.
Go get it, Marty.
Johnny tells me
you were with my daughter Petal
in the mountain. This true?
She's here. She was with us.
- Don't hurt my friends!
- Petal?
You are in
some big trouble, miss.
- No...
- Johnny.
Come on, Petal.
- Upsy-daisy, Petal!
- No!
Upsy-daisy, come on.
Let's play quiet cakes, huh?
That's good cake.
Good girl, smart girl.
You wasted my time,
you wasted my money.
You ate my food,
you stole from me.
And you cost me
the Prince of the Mountain.
Don't hurt my friends!
Quiet cakes!
So no one gets hurt!
The twins are out in the car.
You're gonna need
to wake them up.
Will you hold her?
Keep feeding her quiet cakes.
Keep your piece
trained on them for Anna.
This is all they wanted.
Let them go.
- They only wanted an egg.
- What?
This is all they wanted.
Let them go now, please.
A' egg?
Sorry, Petal.
Alright! I've had enough
of this goddamn madness!
Now, before I do what I decided
I'm gonna do to you,
I want to know
who shot me in my hand
and in my face.
Go to the corner.
Excuse me.
Go stand
over there.
Don't touch them.
Leave the discipline to me.
Who do you really think you are?
I'm not going to have
this conversation.
No, no...
Let's get something straight.
I am through with you
and the Enchanted Blade.
- Where'd you get these?
- From you.
No wonder
you've had so much luck tonight.
You know...
Reptile claws
are very lucky talismans.
Do you know how
to tell if a blade is sharp?
The more resistance
on your fingernail,
the sharper the blade.
I think it's only fair,
since you took
something from me,
I get to take something
from each of you.
But those reptiles
didn't steal from me.
And reptiles who steal from me
don't get the easy,
quick cut of my blade.
Oh, no.
They get the rip
and the tear from my teeth.
let's have the bravest
go first, shall we?
That would be you.
Come on.
Don't worry, this will be quick
and mostly bloody.
Let's do this nice and easy.
Don't worry,
I sharpen my teeth every night.
Get back!
Get back!
I swear I'll pull the trigger.
Give me the gun, boy.
Give me the gun, boy.
We're going right now.
Cops, Anna.
How we doing tonight?
Wonderful, yourselves?
Doing alright, doing alright.
Doing alright? Come on.
Up you go.
Let me guess,
tequila night, huh?
Yeah, thanks.
That's them, officer!
Kids, how you doing?
I need you
to watch something real quick.
Is this you three?
Is this you three?
Is this you?
It's them. They're wearing
the same clothes.
Why are you here?
I party here.
What are you doing here?
Are your parents here?
Do they know you're here?
We're gonna contact
your parents.
Let's go wait in the car,
it's warmer in there.
Guess you weren't able to shoot
the elk at Faery Castle.
Better luck next time.
Can I get a look at your ID?
You know...
You know what?
I left my ID at home.
Is this your truck?
- This truck?
- Yeah.
It was open from the outside.
We didn't get it.
We didn't get the egg.
When's the market open?
Well, I got one.
What! How?
When I ran away from Marty,
I hid with Valentina.
And while I was hiding,
I checked her again.
Should we bake the pie now?
Good morning, Mama.
Good morning, Miss Julie.
Boys, is that you?
How long was I asleep for?
What time is it?
Thank you, sweetie.
It's only 10:30?
You guys were only gone
for two hours?
Oh my gosh,
it feels like
a lifetime has gone by.
I had such crazy dreams.
- Who is this?
- This is Petal.
I'm their new friend.
It's a wonder to meet you,
Miss Julie.
Hi, Petal.
She helped bake the pie.
Thank you, Petal.
Oh, it was nothing.
She can stay
as long as she likes.
Oh gosh,
I am starving.
This looks beautiful.
Is it good?
It's perfect.
Oh, that's right!
I almost forgot...
I owe you something, don't I?
Come here.