Ride (2024) Movie Script

(rosin rasping on rope)
(ground crunching under foot)
(emotional rock music plays)
(music intensifies)
(crowd cheering)
(announcer): Well, guys and
gals, we've got ourselves
a ride here in the cowboy
capital, Stephenville, Texas.
(cheering intensifies)
(buzzer honks)
Y'all came out for a son of a
legendary rider.
He's a rodeo Hall of Famer,
John Hawkins.
(crowd cheers loudly)
- All right.
(cheering fades)
(bull snorts)
(snouts crashes on gate)
(silent): Daddy!
- Wait!
(buzzer honks)
(inhales sharply)
(grunts softly)
(water trickles)
- Sign looks good.
- Yeah.
- She's gonna love it.
- Yeah.
(indistinct radio chatter)
(soft music)
- My man, Peanut.
- Mornin', fellas.
- How are you?
- Good! How y'all been?
- Ah, tryin' try to stay
outta trouble.
- How ya doin', sir.
- Hey Noah, how ya doin'?
Good buddy, how are you?
- I'm well, thank you.
- See ya again.
- You too, brother.
- Yes, sir.
All right, y'all hang in there,
don't work too hard.
- Oh, don't worry 'bout that.
- Same way?
- Anyway you go. You're the cow.
(Noah laughs)
Oh, oh, oh, oh! Hey!
(both laugh)
I better get goin', son.
- You want me to come with ya?
- Uh-uh.
(John sighs)
Where's the secret to life?
- In the dirt.
- That's right.
In the dirt.
You work hard. I'll let you know
when she gets back. Okay?
- All right.
- I love ya.
- Love you, too.
(soft music continues)
- Hey, doc.
- Mornin', John.
- Look at that sleeping beauty.
(Dr. Kaller): John, I'd like
to all go talk in my office.
I'm so sorry.
We thought that it was just
a false alarm, too.
Virginia has multiple new tumors
and she's too young to face the
chemo needed this time around,
so I want her in a cell therapy
program up in Las Colinas.
It's brand new.
It's called CAR-T.
It's much easier on the body.
And technically,
they've got a spot.
- Huh. Technically?
- Let's go see Dr. Kaller.
Get that exit paperwork started.
- Just did.
She can't go yet.
- Uh, okay. Uh...
...what are we looking at?
- She just told me--
(Virginia): Mommy?
- Hey. Hey, sweetheart.
(John): Superstar.
- How ya feelin'?
- Good. Um...
do I have to do any more tests
before we go home?
- Listen, I know it's early
but we have something important
to talk to you about.
- What?
(Virginia laughs)
- You left Pinky at home
all by himself.
- Yes!
- Now, what kind of cowgirl
leaves her unicorn at home?
- I was dreaming about unicorns
before Mom's snoring woke me up.
(John laughs)
- What? I never snore!
- Sweetheart, we have something
to talk to you about.
- What? Oh, oh, really?
Both of you?
Oh, my God, I can't be...
(John imitates snoring)
That is like the pot calling
the kettle black.
(John laughs)
(gate alarm buzzes)
(gate creaks open)
(Al): Smell different out here?
(inmate): Hey, good luck, Pete!
- Come here.
- Grandpa.
(inmate): Go get 'em, Pete!
- You done with this shit, huh?
Let's get you home.
(door slams shut)
Well, your eyes are clean.
- Sober six months.
(John): Virgie's on Monica's
Texas Employee plan.
That's gonna cover about
half of it, won't it?
(Tanner): Insurance will uh,
cover part of this
but even if Virginia only does
one transmission round,
that's $160,000 you'll owe.
- You ain't gonna give me
a loan that big, right?
- You're still payin'
off the last two.
- Yeah, the one that you made
me take, thank you very much.
I'll be payin' that off
the rest of my life.
But look, I don't give a shit
about that.
I just need to fix
this right now.
- I'd give you the cash in
a duffle bag if I could.
- What about the house?
Oh, what can we re-file
that again?
- Look, I'm praying for ya.
We're gonna work this out.
For now, keep diggin'
for sellable assets.
- I appreciate ya, I do.
Sellable assets, thank you.
- Yeah.
(somber music plays)
(footsteps crunch away)
(tape zipping)
(rosin rasps on rope)
(John): What we gonna
do about it, huh?
What are we gonna do?
(crowd shouting)
(horn buzzes)
(crowd cheering)
(country music playing)
- Well, looky there, Doug,
it's old John Hawkins' boy.
He's fresh out the joint,
you know.
You reckon he can ride
Old Big Money?
(Doug): Doubt it.
- Come on, chicken hog.
Don't ride like Daddy did.
(bull crashes on gate)
That's a good boy, Big Money.
Buc him in the air.
Don't homestead in there, son.
He'll start leanin' on ya.
(bull crashes on gate)
See there?
- Gotta get his head up.
- That's as good as he gonna
get, cowboy.
Better take whatever shot you
get, chicken hog.
(Big Rowdy): You boys ready?
Let's go.
Let's buc a bull!
Big night, cowboy.
(bull grunts)
(Pete): Let's go!
(Rowdy): Open it!
- Let's go!
(handlers shouting)
- Whoa. Get him!
Get him out here!
(bull grunts)
- Pull!
- Hold on, you gunsel.
- That's a re-ride.
- That's up to the judges.
(crowd jeering)
Hey, relax, man! Nobody died.
This time.
- What'd you say?
- I said nobody died.
(men grunting)
(thudding blows)
(crowd cheering)
- You gonna drink that?
(Tyler): Welcome home, welcome
home. You know what I mean?
Come on, man, I've been waitin'
for you to get your ass out.
Eight seconds, baby.
(chuckles): Eight seconds.
(rap music plays in background)
You pay
or you put in work.
- There's this uh, this rodeo
comin' up.
Grand prize is 10 large.
You gimme a good fill up,
I pay you back with my winnings.
(Tyler laughs)
I'm good for it.
- Hey. Maybe the PBR will uh,
give you some kinda Dallas
high-rise, too.
Ana, get your little ass
out here and two more Oxys!
Now, that's all worth
four grand.
So, I'll front you
and you pay me back with
your rodeo winnings.
But listen to me,
all your winnings.
Wooooo, hell yeah!
Now, let's party.
Now, don't kill yourself.
I need you now.
(table rattling)
(laughing echoes)
(church organ singing)
- Let's pass the basket
and get the church involved.
- Daddy, no.
It ain't their burden.
- Come on, don't do that.
- Don't do what?
Don't take responsibility
for my own kids?
- Well, what do you gotta raise?
- Just $160,000.
- Good Lord.
- Yeah, Good Lord is right.
("Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
plays on organ)
(Melissa): I heard he's out.
Do y'all have a welcome home
party for him?
Must be nice.
- Um, Mrs. Dean,
if you wanna talk--
(congregation gasps)
- My daughter is never coming
Do you know what that's like?
- Mrs. Dean--
- I hope it eats him alive.
- Mrs. Dean,
now is not the place.
- Him and your whole family.
- This isn't the time--
- It's not fair.
- Mrs. Dean, it's okay.
- It's not fair.
- Right now's not the place
or the... Mrs. Dean, please.
- Don't touch me!
- I'm not tou--
- Get off of me.
- Dad.
- Come on, Mrs. Dean.
Come on. Let me walk you out.
(she sobs)
(John): You see, my daughter,
she's being
scheduled for the CAR-T therapy.
I was hoping I could get on some
kind of a payment plan with ya.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yes, ma'am,
I can hold.
Thank you for everything.
- I'll treat him good.
(John): Your cousin still work
for the state school board?
- Sure does, why?
- Well, for the past 12 years
I've been teachin' Future
Farmers of America
down at the high school
every spring.
And uh, you know, I heard that
you can access your pension
before you hit 20 if
the board'll okay it.
- It'll come in at a shit rate.
- I don't care about rates.
Just wanna help out my daughter.
- Gimme the paperwork and uh,
I'll put in a good word
with the board.
- I sure appreciate ya.
- Prayin' for you, John.
("Holy Road" by Bones
Owens plays)
Well, the mornin'
comes on fast
When you're just
above the water
So you wake up with a gasp
Well, the mornin'
Comes on slow
When you wake up
in your mansion
On the end of holy road
And I wonder as I sit
In the seat old Chevy
(Deputy Dickons laughs)
- Only in the Texas
can the Sheriff wear a church
dress to work
and still look like a badass.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hey, d'ya hear about the peanuts
that got stuck in a bad
They were a-salted.
- You really never quit, do you?
I gotta go to Las Colinas today.
- Hmm.
- The station's yours.
- What's in Las Colinas?
- Lookin' at a new place
for Ginny.
- I thought she was comin' home?
- So did I.
- Hey, what's goin' on?
- Well, she's got another
battle ahead. She just...
- She's strong. Like her mama.
- Thank you. That's sweet.
- Got you a coffee for the road.
- Ross got me one.
Look, I have been reading about
this California woman.
She had 32 tumors.
She did this CAR-T treatment
and now, she's in full
- Is he still planning
on running for sheriff?
- He's a good cop.
Knows how to take charge.
- Oh yeah, I saw that.
- You know what?
I think we should start
a conversation with Peter.
- I already called him.
- You're joking.
- No, it don't matter.
He didn't answer
the phone anyway.
- You were the one who decided
we shouldn't visit him.
- Well, he was only supposed
to be in there for a damn year,
he kept gettin' into a bunch
of shit so he made his bed.
- Yeah, we turned our back
on him.
(Virginia): No, I'm good.
- Jail break.
You're on a jail break!
- Dad's gonna be so mad at you.
(Al laughs)
- Hell, it won't be
the first time.
A month or two,
we'll be out here again.
- Hope so.
(hooves trotting)
(somber music plays)
(Al): Oh man, look at that.
(Virginia): Hmm.
- Thanks, guys.
(music continues)
- Pete.
- John here?
- Nah. It's just me.
(Noah): 'Ginia's gettin' so big,
You should see her.
Sorry, I didn't mean
it like that.
Pete, how come you never
told me you were out?
- How come you didn't visit me
when I was in?
- You gonna start riding again?
- Competing this weekend.
- Nice.
You better than Dad yet?
- Bet your ass.
Why don't you come and find out?
- I'm there.
Can I bring my girlfriend?
- Got a girl?
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Yeah, she's... she's amazing.
She even got me to apply
for college and everything.
Virginia's cancer is back.
They're moving her
to Las Colinas.
I think Dad is freaking out
about money
and I know Ma's freaking
about Dad.
And man, I've been prayin'
on it but...
oh shit, I'm scared.
- I gotta go.
- Pete. Pete, hey man, come on!
Wait, hey, Pete!
Come on, I'm...
Man, I'm sorry! I'm sorry
I never came to visit you.
- Stop apologizing to me.
(tense music plays)
(engine starting)
(truck speeds away)
(Al): Hey, in my day,
the goal was to stay on.
Maybe you oughta try that.
- Load him up again, Paul, huh?
(Pete winces)
(Al): Hey, hey. Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
You're wobblier
than a two-peckered billy goat.
- You don't even know
what that means.
- It means that ride was shit.
Maybe I oughta get you a pony,
you could prance around on it.
- Goin' after Twister tomorrow.
- Twister's impossible to ride.
That rank old bull won't even
be in the draw.
- Can't make PBR ridin'
easy bulls, Al.
(Tyler): Tryin' to go pro
or win that cash?
(Pete): I ride the toughest bull
they got, we both win.
- PBR don't want no ex-cons.
What're you really tryin'
to prove?
(Al): Come on.
- Gonna win that money.
- Yeah, I know you will.
You better.
(foosball players clunking)
- What'd you do, rob a bank?
- Ah, you like horses?
- I do.
- I used to like 'em as well.
- Even the coffee's nicer here.
- Let's go ahead and max these
two out right here, okay?
And I got uh,
this is my debit card,
we just take it probably
for 500 on this thing.
I think I can go up to $1,500
on there.
That, for sure 12.
So, 18... 80...
- So, sir, the uh...
(clears throat)
...the first payment's $40,000.
- That's right and this is
the first payment
on the first payment.
That's the plan.
- Right, I-I mean, I'm just
saying that we...
we're gonna need
that first payment
before we transfer her
on Monday. In-in full.
First payment in full.
Is that gonna be a problem or--
- 40 grand?
- 40 grand.
- How's that supposed
to be a plan?
You expect me
to just walk around
with 40 grand cash
in my pocket?
- You don't have to pay in cash.
- No, but how's it a plan
if you're comin' in,
asking me to lay down $40,000
all in once.
(players clunking)
- I can get my manager
if you want.
- You sit there and you ask me
if that's...
Sit there and ask me
if that's a problem?
The hell kinda question is that?
- They told that you over the--
- Is that gonna be a problem?
- I mean...
- Hell yeah, it's a problem.
You're supposed to help me.
(clerk): They should have
told you over the phone.
(John): Yeah, well, I had a nice
conversation with Ellie,
45 minutes.
Actually, scratch that.
Actually, I was on hold for
40 minutes, we spoke for five.
(coffee burbling)
Thank you very much.
(clerk): If you want the tours
to the--
(John): Just have a nice day.
- You have yourself a good day.
If you wanna take the tour,
it's down the hall to the left.
(clears throat)
- Everything good?
- Oh, yeah. I love this place.
You all right?
- I'm good.
(Pete grunting)
- Can anybody hear me?
(emotional music)
(Virginia retches)
- Ginny? Baby?
Oh, my God, what--
(John): Noah!
- Baby, baby, no,
what's happening.
- Where's... Noah!
- Honey.
- Where the hell's Noah? Nurse!
- Dad.
- What're you doin'?
(Monica): Honey, it's okay.
It's okay, baby.
- You left her alone right here.
- She asked for ice.
- She was sick.
Why're you getting mad at me?
- Excuse me, ma'am, why is my
daughter left alone right here?
- John, please come down.
- I'm calm,
I'm just wanting to know.
- I just left, Dad.
- I'm sorry, okay?
(tractor rumbles)
(Al): It was three shots of Beam
for me in the morning.
I know.
I've been you.
Hell, I am you.
- Can you sign this uh,
AA sheet?
I need it for my parole.
- Still goin' after
Twister tonight?
- I don't know.
- Uh. Champs ain't made ridin'.
They're made in them few seconds
right after they fall.
- Grandpa?
Why didn't you tell me about
Las Colinas?
- There's a lot to carry on
your first week out.
Virginia has still got that
unicorn pillow you got her.
She loves that stupid thing.
(footsteps shuffle away)
(John): My sweet baby girl.
(indistinct background chatter)
(guitar strums softly)
Daddy was an outlaw
Rode from town to town
Robbing banks
and stagecoaches
Was the meanest man around
Run a buckskin horse
Carried a 45
12 proven men were
in his gang
To help keep him alive
Daddy ride
Daddy ride
Well there's
six feet of earth
Waiting on his soul
Nobody's ever beat
the devil to the door
What you do between
now and then
Well, that's the measure
of a man
Daddy, ride
Virgie, you ride
(electric guitar plays
"The Star-Spangled Banner")
(music intensifies)
(indistinct chatter)
(Star-Spangled Banner continues)
(anthem ends, crowd cheers)
(announcer): Now a little bit of
noise for Bones Owens,
ladies and gentlemen.
- That'll be you tomorrow night.
- Yeah, and about 10 people.
- Eleven.
Oh, here we go.
Look at this guy.
Come on, get 'em, kid!
(announcer): Wow! Hot dang,
that was a nice ride.
(Noah): He's got a mullet.
(announcer): You're never
too young to cowboy.
- Oh man, I miss this.
- Hey, tea sippings over.
It's time.
(Pete blows out breath)
Full house. Yee haw.
I'm gettin' the shivers myself.
(announcer): Let's go!
(crowd cheering)
- Grandpa's wanting to get on--
(Tyler): Yo, Pete!
Good luck, brother.
- Hey! Get your mind in
the middle here.
You've gotta harness that bull
in ya.
Be the bull. Be the bull.
Let's ride!
(announcer): Tonight's events
are brought to you
by our proud sponsors,
Ringers Western Wear.
And bringin' the big bucks,
$10,000 on the line for bull
riding here tonight.
(crowd cheering)
(dramatic music plays)
(Tyler): Bring me my money, boy!
(announcer): Oh, and here comes
our next cowboy.
And here's a name we haven't
heard in a minute folks,
Peter Hawkins.
And he's up ridin' Heartbreak.
- Hey, there he is, there he is.
(wrangler): Here we go!
(Al): You ready?
(Pete): Yep.
- All right,
now let 'er rip, bull.
(glove scratching on rope)
(Pete grunting)
(Al): Ready?
(Pete): Yep.
- Be the bull.
(music intensifying)
Go for it, bull, let 'em rip!
Move, boys!
Yeah! Yeah!
- Yeah, get me some, Pete!
(Al): Banking!
(Noah): Five, six, seven, eight!
(crowd cheers uproariously)
(Rowdy): Get outta the way.
- Yah.
(announcer): Welcome back
to the arena, Peter Hawkins.
Score of 94 points. That put
Peter Hawkins in first place.
- Woo!
- Two more.
- Two more!
- Two more.
- Two more!
- Woo!
(Al): Soak it up.
Take it. Earn it.
- My insurance has
signed off on the co-pay
but it says here the first
payment has to be made in full
before the transfer.
Is that right?
'Cause if they say
they're not gonna take her
then someone's ass
is going to jail.
- You know, when I quit
I wasn't really that sad.
Bust your ass every day,
come home sore and tired.
Sometimes you're so damn sweaty
you can barely peel your jeans
off. But I'll tell ya somethin'.
Every goddamn morning when that
sun came up,
I knew what the hell
I was doin'.
My pension came through.
We can use that.
(man): Middle America feeds
Yeah! So I'm thankin' y'all
for coming here tonight
and supporting my culture
and my heritage.
That's what y'all doin'.
Ya ain't just watching a rodeo.
Supporting the western
way of life.
God bless America!
(crowd cheering)
(dramatic rock music)
(announcer speaks indistinctly)
(crowd cheers)
(Al): Hey, buddy.
You gotta earn it.
- Every second.
(announcer): Get up on your feet
folks, we're on the semifinals.
Peter Hawkins is back
in the chutes riding Tempest.
(Pete): That good, Al.
(Al): You liking it?
- Yeah.
(Rowdy): You better get
his head up.
(Al): We'll get him up.
(bull crashes on gate)
(Peter groans)
(Pete): God dang it. I can't
handle him, Al.
(announcer): Uh-oh,
he's off to a rough one.
(Pete grunting)
(announcer): He's running
out of time in there.
(Pete): Rodeo clowns, take over.
- Let's go.
(Pete): Come on, boys.
Let's go. Let's go!
(somber music plays)
(bull grunting)
(announcer): Ouch! That was hard
to watch, folks.
It's gonna drop Peter all
the way down to fourth place.
(gate clangs)
- I can't breathe.
- I can't imagine your dad
doing this back in the day.
- They used to do it together.
Grandpa, too.
It's in the blood.
(Al): Hold still, damn it!
Come on, I'm done with this.
Stop it for a second!
(bottle clatters)
Now let me see it.
Ah, shit. Damn it! Hmm.
You got one more in ya?
(Pete wheezing)
I know it hurts, pard.
One more. You bear down?
Get it done?
Okay. Clear you mind.
You're a bull rider.
This is what bull riders do.
Go for it.
(door slams shut)
(tense music)
(crowd cheers loudly)
(dramatic music)
(announcer): Well, that was
a nice ride.
Hank Stockton with an 88!
That will put Stockton
in first place.
Ladies and gentlemen,
just got word,
Peter Hawkins has one more
ride in him.
And get this, the nastiest
of the nasty,
Twister has been added
to the card.
We got ourselves a Texas-sized
(hand rasping on glove)
- This is your world.
(poignant music)
(Pete): Ready?
(Al): I'm ready when
you are, buddy.
(Twister snorts)
Yeah, he's ready.
There ya go.
(glove scratching on rope)
All right. Got this?
It's all you now.
It's all you now.
Be one with the bull.
Be one with the bull.
(Pete breathing intensely)
(Twister snorts)
(poignant music continues)
(gate creaks open)
(Pete): All right, Virginia,
how many Cokes you gonna tell
Dad I got you tonight?
Just one, right?
(young Virginia giggles)
So, you have a favorite event?
Do you like bulls,
do you like horses?
(Virginia): I think I like
horses, maybe. Please?
- No, I ain't sayin' it.
You got it.
- I just always forget.
- What is it? What does Dad
always say? He says uh...
He was the meanest
man around
He was the meanest
man around
Daddy ride
(whiskey splashes)
Daddy ride
(car horn blares)
(Virginia): Peter!
(loud crash)
- Well, could you see heaven
or hell?
- I make eight?
- Nah.
You just won the whole
damn rodeo, though.
(crowd cheers uproariously)
(Tyler whoops)
Soak it up. Take it in.
This is for you, son.
You did this!
(announcer): Somebody slap me.
I think I'm still dreaming.
(despairing music
drowns out noise)
(announcer): Peter Hawkins
ridin' Twister
and notching 95 points.
Peter Hawkins takes home...
(music intensifies)
(crowd cheering and clapping)
(zipper closes)
- I know this isn't the life
you wanted.
- I never said that.
- You never say anything.
(phone rings)
(Tanner): You've reached Tanner
Bell, Texas Bank.
Leave a message.
- Sorry for calling so late.
I'm just hoping that pension
could come through
so can you just gimme a call
back, please?
It's... whenever you can.
(Noah): Pete!
Hey, hey, that was awesome, man.
- You came.
- This is my girlfriend, Libby.
- Noah's told me
so much about ya.
- Y'all want a beer?
- Pfft. Is Troy Aikman the best
quarterback of all time?
Come on. Toss it here.
- Yeah. There ya go.
- Cheers, man.
- Cheers.
- Congrats, for real.
- Thanks for comin'.
(Tyler): Woo! Ha, ha!
My boy! Woo!
(Pete): Hey, man.
- Oh, come on, baby.
So, they give you a big,
fat check, huh?
- Uh.
- Ooh!
Hey, this must be little bro.
Heard a lot about you.
I'm Tyler!
- I'm Noah.
- You killed it out there.
Represented, huh?
What is with the long faces?
Y'all acting like a couple wild
horses stuck in stables.
Come on, now.
How are we celebratin'?
Noah, does your fine lady
like to party?
(Pete): I'm gonna come
by tonight.
I get my cash,
I'm gonna come by.
We'll party. Right?
- That's right.
- Hell, yeah.
- All right.
- All right.
All right, cool.
Nice meetin' y'all. Ma'am.
- See ya later.
- You know, we should probably
get goin' too, Pete.
- Y'all can stay.
- Nice meetin' ya.
- Congratulations, Pete.
Congrats, bro.
Sorry 'bout that.
- You know, Peter, you,
you stand for everything Ringers
Western is all about.
Family, faith, and strong
American values.
- Helluva ride, man.
Ringers is proud to present you
with this $10,000 grand prize.
You earned it, cowboy.
- Proud of you, son.
Mighty proud.
Dang sure earned it, cowboy.
A great bull ride.
Don't spend that money
all in one place now.
(imitates crowd cheering)
(lights clunking off)
("Sometimes - Zinck"
by Bones Owens plays)
Sometimes it feels like
I'm stuck inside
the belly of a whale
Been gone so long that
I hardly even recognize
Sometimes it feels like
God fell asleep while
he was makin' things
And I've been tryin' but
Can't seem to make
no sense of what it means
(fire crackling)
(Pete): 'Sup, boys?
(tense music)
- Figured I'd come to you.
(Pete grunting)
(Pete): Your money's gone.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
Do what you're gonna do.
Let's go.
(buttons rip)
(fire hissing)
Come on!
(skin sizzles)
(Pete groaning)
(Monica): John? Hey, John.
- Hmm? Yeah.
You're back.
- Which one do you think
Virginia'd like best?
- What are you talkin' about?
- Which one?
- For what?
- For her funeral.
(inhales sharply)
(truck door clunks)
(breathes heavily)
(door creaks open)
- It's for Virginia.
Just pretend it didn't come
from me.
- Mm-hmm.
- Should be easy for ya.
- Ya think I'm stupid.
- Nah. Just a asshole.
- Where the hell'd you get
10 grand from, Pete? Huh?
Yeah, I figured you wouldn't
have anything to say about that.
- I learned from the best.
- Oh yeah, bullshit!
I never stole nothing
in my goddamn life
and I didn't raise a thief.
- I just wanna help her.
- I don't need help raising
my daughter, Pete.
- Then take the money.
No matter what I do,
you're never gonna let me
be a part of this family.
- You don't frickin' get it,
do ya, Pete?
- What?
- You don't know how much money
I need to pull her through this.
And let me tell ya somethin',
even if I do figure it out...
(breathes heavily)
...she's gon' die.
- I'll get more.
- You ain't never gonna change.
You just gonna spend
your life out in this box?
(engine starts)
(truck rumbles away)
(sorrowful music)
(phone buzzing)
- Hey, John.
- Tanner, give me some
good news.
(Tanner sighs)
Tanner, I-I think you dropped
out there for a second.
Gimme some good news, come on.
- School board denied you.
- Well...
what'd the hell they say?
- They said uh,
maybe in a few years.
- What do you mean
in a few years?
We-we-we need this right now.
- I'm so sorry, John.
I'm... I'm sorry.
- I don't, I don't need
your sorrys right now.
We need a little bit of help,
okay? She's 11 years old.
What the hell am I supposed
to do now, Tanner?
- Prayin' for you, John.
- You-you prayin' for me?
- I'm so sorry, John.
I'm prayin'...
- Start prayin'
for your own ass.
(Monica): Las Colinas called.
They're not takin' her.
(John): I'm tryin'
to fix that, okay?
- They're not taking her.
- I understand that.
I am trying to fix it.
- They're telling me
that we didn't pay.
Why? Why, why?
Because you said,
you said that your pension
came through.
You said you had it handled.
- I know that.
I'm trying to fix it, okay?
- Why would you hide something
like that from me, huh?
Why wouldn't you tell me,
like I'm some fool?
I am here!
- What?
- Right here.
- No, you're not here.
You don't stay here. You don't
sleep here. I never see you.
- So, you lie to me?
- I...
I'm the father of this family.
I gave up my life to be a dad,
just give me that.
- If she dies, it's your fault.
(car door opens and closes)
(melancholy music plays)
(Pete): John!
You're gonna take this money.
Even if I gotta jam it down
your throat,
you're gonna take this money.
- That money can't help me, son.
That ain't enough.
Hell, I ain't enough.
- Dad?
Let's go for a drive.
(rain pattering)
(John): Wanna tell me what
we're doin' here?
- Five minutes in that house,
Virginia lives.
- One minute inside that house
and you're goin' back to jail.
When you gonna figure shit out,
- You still don't think
I figured it out?
Cowboy up, John.
- Fuck.
(ominous music)
(billiard balls clatter)
- Ross.
- Boss.
Noah. You're lookin' slick,
buddy. Ha, ha.
- Shit, come on.
- Did you know she was gonna
be here?
- She ain't here.
(ominous music continues)
(crowd cheers and claps)
- Pete, come on, let's just go.
- I'm Libby Browning, and I'm
from right here in Stephenville.
I love this town so much.
We're not perfect
but we're all heart.
Just good people.
Tryin' to do what's right,
no matter what it takes.
- Holy shit, get all of it.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on.
(Libby): And no matter how small
we might feel,
or how many times
we get beat down.
- There's more in the back.
- No, no, you come with me.
Come on.
- I just really believe
the worst situations in life
can be what bring us together.
(John): Pete!
- I'm right behind you.
(Libby starts playing
"I'll Rise")
Stand back, enjoy the show
Hand clap and watch 'em roll
Man, can't nobody
out there know
First round they
got him down
(John sobs)
Been pinned against
the ground
Paybacks are awful
now you know
There ain't no glory
in defeat
Don't you worry about me,
I'm fine
(truck rumbles, approaching)
Just when they think
they got me beat
I'll comin' back
another time
And I'll rise
I'll rise
Just got the wind knocked
outta me
And I think I'm gonna
need a little time
'Cause paybacks
are hell these days
Writhing out on the stage
Won't make the same
mistake twice
There ain't no glory
in defeat
Don't you worry
about me I'm fine
Just when they think
they got me beat
I'll be coming back
another time
And I'll rise
I will rise
(glass shatters)
(music stops)
- Look what you make me do.
(gun cocks)
(rope swishes)
(Pete screams)
- P...Pete.
(Pete grunts)
Pete. He's... he's dead.
Pete, Pete.
(both breathe heavily)
(bell tolls)
(siren wails in distance)
(Libby and Noah laugh happily)
(Libby): Thank you so much.
(Monica): Good job, Libby.
So good.
- Thank you.
- Monica.
(Monica): Good job.
(Libby): Thank you.
- Monica.
- What's up?
- Shots fired.
They're askin' for ya on site.
- Okay.
(clears throat)
Good job, Libby. See ya later.
(ominous music)
(siren wails)
(Noah): I never heard
ya sing like that.
(Libby): Noah, we gotta get
outta here.
What's really stoppin'
you from leavin'?
(brush scrubbing harshly)
- My dad.
Yeah, he was a rodeo star.
(scrubbing continues)
A star.
He gave it all up
when he had Peter.
(scrubbing continues)
They just stopped cowboying
altogether when I came along.
(scrubbing continues)
Gave up the only two things
he really loved doing.
For us.
I don't wanna know what
he'd give up for Virginia.
(scrubbing continues)
- I figured you'd want her on
the first ambulance outta here.
She starts the program tomorrow.
- How? How?
- Just wouldn't take no for an
answer. I told ya I'd fix it.
- John yesterday,
the things I said--
- Don't worry about that.
Don't worry about that.
I know you're goin'
through a lot at work.
Is everything all right?
- Yeah, uh, yeah, just a-a B&E
gone wrong.
Possible homicide, too. But
there's this girl, a witness.
So, just a matter of time.
The Lord is finally turning
things around for us.
(ominous music)
(phone rings)
(Monica): This is Sheriff
- Hi, this is Dr. Chase,
Las Colinas Oncology.
Now a good time, ma'am?
- Uh, yeah, yeah,
now's a good time.
- I'm looking forward
to meeting Virginia.
Bet she's quite a cutie.
- Huh, she sure is.
And uh, thank you for working
with us.
- Hey, don't thank me.
Thank your husband.
- He's somethin', isn't he?
- Oh yeah. When I heard
a father got his church
to raise that kinda cash
overnight, I mean,
I'm a man of science but today
I believe in miracles.
You must have quite the
community down there, huh?
- Uh, yeah, we sure do.
- I love it.
Well, I'm looking forward
to meeting you in person.
- Yeah. Thanks again.
(clears throat)
- That female witness
say anything yet?
- Not much.
- We get the name
of the homeowner?
- Tyler Harrah.
- Pete?
Pete? Wait a second.
Listen to me. We can't do this.
- We already did.
- Listen to me. They got
a goddamn witness
that seen everything, okay?
- No body, no murder.
Secret's in the dirt, right?
- You're gonna hit limestone
three feet down right there.
There ain't a hole big enough
in Texas--
- Don't matter,
that girl ain't sayin' shit.
- I'm not gonna wait
around and find out, son.
- This guy...
this guy was a piece
of shit, John.
Not goin' back inside for him.
- This ain't about him, son.
All right? Listen to me.
Hey, look at me, look at me.
Look at me, this is about
us. All right?
This is about who we are. Now,
you don't gotta say nothin'.
You don't even have to say you
were there.
I'll take the whole rap
for this.
- First thing they'll do
is take the money back.
You wanna do the right thing?
You wanna be my dad now?
You dig Virginia's grave
(Ross): Now, I-I filed this
as a robbery, missing person.
But when there's this
much thunder.
- There's lightnin'.
- Sheriff...
I found this rodeo ticket.
I haven't filed it yet.
- Why not?
- I checked Tyler's file
and uh, he and Peter
were cellmates.
And Peter competed
in this rodeo.
How do you want me to handle it?
- Like a cop.
("Mama" by Bones Owens plays)
I'm all alone
Don't know which way to go
Now Mama
It's getting cold
Can't find my way back home
Ooh, ooh, ooh
I feel fine
When I'm not
Losing my
(music intensifies)
(music stops abruptly)
- I've been havin'
these weird dreams.
All kinda stuff happens
but they...
...they seem to tell me
the same thing.
I'm runnin' outta time.
Shoulda come to visit you when
you was in jail.
Sorry 'bout that.
- Gotta get rid o' the truck.
(Monica): Ana, do you
recognize this man?
- That's Tyler.
- Hey.
Feelin' better, Anna?
- It's Ana.
- What about this man? You
ever see him at the house?
Take your time.
- No.
(Ross): You sure?
I mean, really look at it.
- She said no.
- This means he's never coming
back, right? Tyler?
I wanna move back home.
I wanna move back home.
I'm really, really sorry.
- Got anyone you wanna call,
- My dad.
- Okay. I'll give you a minute.
- I got a line on Tyler's
missing truck.
- Okay.
- Ranch owner mighta seen it.
- Where?
- At a ranch where Peter's
been workin'.
- Okay, well, I'll go with you.
- Mm.
It's probably better if
it's just me anyway, right?
(Ana): I'm sorry.
(brush scrapes on truck bed)
(Pete groans)
(pills rattle)
- Peter?
Grandpa said I might
find you here.
(Pete breathing heavily)
Jesus man, what happened
to your face?
- Why are you here?
Why are you here right now?
- 'Cause I wasn't before.
(siren wails, approaching)
What? What?
(Pete): You tell Monica
you were comin' here?
- No! No!
- Did you?
- No, dude, what?
- Did you?!
- No. What is happening, Pete?
Talk to me!
- Just gotta get this truck
to disappear, all right?
Get outta my way.
(tarp rustles)
Stop. Stop.
- Then tell me how to help you.
- Go hide back there.
Get back there!
(car rumbles, approaching)
Hey, you wanna go to college,
right? Right?
- Yes!
- Then just go.
- Peter.
- How ya doin'?
- Mind jumpin' in the back
so we can chat?
- I got a choice?
- Ha, everyone has choices.
Shouldn't take long.
(door opens)
Appreciate ya.
(door closes)
(tense music)
(engine starts)
(tense music building)
What happened with your friend,
Tyler Harrah?
(Pete): You tell me,
you're the cop.
- How long you been out?
I talked to your neighbor.
He saw a truck matching Tyler's
goin' out to that old frontier
creek. Off the bosque.
And that poor girl.
She gonna sober up eventually.
- Then why ain't I cuffed?
- 'Cause the sheriff
is your mom.
I heard you put on quite a show
at the rodeo.
Lot can go wrong
in eight seconds, huh?
- Yeah? It's probably
how you came to be.
- You know, no matter how hard
you fight,
whether you make eight or not,
the bull always chucks ya
eventually. Always.
- I am a bull.
- Say, Peter,
when's the last time you went
an entire night without usin'?
(engine starts)
(Al sucks air)
- Atta girl.
Git up!
- It's a lotta horse
for an old drunk, innit? Ah.
- Gettin' her ready
for the veteran's program.
- Let me show ya how it's done.
- Come on.
(John clicks tongue)
(sucks lips)
Come on.
- Yep, keep it up right there.
- Whoa.
- Ha, ha, there it is.
- Oh, sweetheart.
- Break 'em gentle, they stay
Ha, ha, I shoulda used
that on you.
(both laugh)
- Yeah. Yeah.
You know, when Virginia started
losing her hair, I...
I promised her it would
grow back.
- 'Cause you're bein'
a good dad.
- But I didn't know.
It was a lie.
You really think prayin's gonna
save her life, Daddy?
Like it did yours.
- I believe, son,
if you pray to God to dig you
out of a hole,
you should get up the next
morning and look for a shovel.
- Yep.
(truck rumbling)
(tense music)
(license plate clatters)
(car rumbles, approaching)
(engine cuts off)
(door opens and closes)
- You remember that one day
you were playing in the yard
with the boys
and that truck drove by goin'
like, 80?
By the time I got my bearings,
you were already on Roscoe,
galloping bareback after
that damn truck.
I always wondered
what would've happened
had you actually caught him.
- Am I talkin' to my wife
right now or to the Sheriff?
- I'm always your wife, John.
But I am not the only cop
in this town.
And everything is pointing
him to you.
And to some creek.
Where my son works.
The world put pressure on you,
and I put on more.
(sighs heavily)
(John): Pete! Pete!
(rattlesnake hissing)
(emotional music)
- Can I get some water?
Y'all hear me?
(exhales deeply)
(lantern clicking)
Toes out.
(fist pounding)
(Virginia): Peter,
where have you been?
You're my big brother.
I needed you.
- I need some water.
(Virginia sings)
Daddy was an outlaw
Rode from town to town
Robbin' banks
and stagecoaches
He was the meanest
man around
Daddy ride
(Monica): Peter.
(hooves clopping)
Hey, Peter.
Here's some water.
Just electrolytes, in case you
can't hold down the fluids.
I shoulda visited you.
(inhales deeply)
12 months became four years
and I...
I'm gonna have to live with
that for the rest of my life.
But I know you love your sister.
And I know you'd do anything
for her.
So, you gotta do
the right thing.
- I think I am.
- You know, the morning
after the crash,
they gave Virginia a CT scan.
Just to be safe.
That's when they spotted
a tumor.
Did you know that?
That's what gave her a fighting
- Really?
- Hmm.
I don't have enough
to charge you.
You're free to go.
- You ever hold an addict
overnight without water again,
you are fired.
- I have a job to do.
We both do, Monica.
- It's Sheriff.
- Oh, you're gonna
pull that shit?
- Don't test me.
- Or what?
(somber music plays)
(Pete): I'm gonna tell 'em it
was just me.
They can't take the money
back that way.
- Save her and give up you.
- Why not?
Hell, I'm already gone.
- I don't believe that.
you wanna be a bull rider,
you gotta know yourself.
You gotta be a good man
and you gotta be willing to look
into the goddamn mirror,
whether you like it or not.
Now, I don't care if you're
a world champion bull rider.
But I want you to be a good man.
- Then lemme do this.
- Where is everyone?
- When I first heard about
Las Colinas,
I was so scared.
- Look, I can't imagine
how hard--
- Because...
...because if Ginny got better,
that meant I would really
have to look at my life,
at things with John.
What an ugly thing to think.
(solemn music plays)
- You know why they call
it the cowboy capital?
(Libby): Toughest cowboys
come from here.
- Stephenville's smack
in the middle of Texas.
It's just the most central place
for cowboys to base out of
so they can make it to all
their rodeos.
This place helped 'em
save on gas money.
- What're you doin'? Dad?
Where're we goin'?
- Should've done this
a long time ago.
- What're you doin'?
- Nothin' I need
to involve you in.
- Deputy?
- That rancher said Peter parked
by an old rock wall,
just off the creek.
I got my warrant.
I'm goin'.
- Hold on.
- What're you doin'?
- I'm goin' to work.
(Al): I was havin' these
vicious, vicious nightmares.
I was scared to just sleep.
I-I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't ride. I couldn't do
nothin' but drink.
And wait for the devil to come
after me every night.
- This is the only place
I'm takin' you.
- I was really,
really messed up.
So, sure enough, the next
rodeo would come along
I... screwed up.
I fell off one I shoulda rode
and won the rodeo on.
Then uh...
I was headed for that bottle.
As I'm walkin' outta the back of
the chutes with my rigging bag,
some cowboys that knew me
and they knew I shoulda rode
that bull,
they asked me what was goin' on
with me.
I told them about the dreams.
And uh, they just dropped
their rigging bags,
put their arms around me,
and asked Jesus Christ to come
into my heart and into my life.
With them cowboys havin'
my back,
with me doin' my steps
every day,
I've slept like a baby
ever since.
(group): That's right.
That's right.
(car rumbles, approaching)
(poignant music)
(Al): Now, we got a one yearer
here, huh?
All right, Don,
good job, bud.
(group claps)
- I don't drink.
(Al): You don't drink.
Good man, Don.
We got any monthers?
(group claps)
(Ross): There. There's the wall.
(Al): How 'bout weekers?
Anybody got a week?
- We got one day
right over there.
- Oh, man.
(Ross): There. There it is.
Hey, keep your light on me.
This is it.
- One day.
(group claps)
It's the hardest day of all.
- Peter, I'm an addict.
(group): Hello, Peter.
Hey, Peter.
- I've let a lotta people down.
Let a lotta people
down in my life.
And I let myself down.
My family.
Had this uh...
car accident.
It killed somebody.
I killed somebody.
My little sister
was in the car, too.
Spent four years in prison
for it
but that wasn't really
my sentence.
(snap clicks)
I don't sleep. I don't...
I don't have nightmares.
But that night plays in my head
like it's on a loop.
And it never stops.
Except when I'm high.
And when I'm ridin' bulls.
When that chute opens,
all my pain, all that...
just goes away.
(shovel clunking)
For eight seconds,
it's like all I gotta do
is hold on.
(tense music)
(shovel clangs on metal)
- Sheriff.
You gotta see this.
Come look.
Just come.
Take a look.
(lock box clunks)
This ain't right.
What is this?
- Rattlesnakes are still
poisonous after they're dead.
You have to bury the head away
from their body.
That's the old way.
(poignant music plays)
- Hey, John.
- What do you know about people
burying rattlesnake heads?
- Hell, I don't know.
Sounds like the old way to me.
- Yeah, that's what I keep
You know, I hope Virgina
makes it.
I always have, John.
- Careful backin' out.
I'll tell you whatever
you wanna know.
- Secret's in the dirt.
(music intensifies)
(announcer): ...ridin' bulls
in the cowboy capital,
Stephenville, Texas.
(crowd cheering)
(announcer continues
- Peter!
Go kick butt.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Go get it, baby.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Hey, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Listen, I hear this son of a
gun can get nasty in the chute
so I want you to use your head,
just get by him, all right?
(Al): Just keep your mind
in the middle, brother.
- Yeah.
- What's wrong?
- Nothin'.
(Al): All right.
Well, hey, what is it?
- Ain't never rode sober before.
- If you can ride stoned,
you can ride sober.
- Hey, we can leave right now.
Nobody's gonna give a shit.
- That's right.
- Or you can cowboy up.
(crowd cheers)
- Yeah, yeah! All right.
("I'll Rise" by Bones
Owens plays)
Let's go ride one.
(Al): Go for it now.
(Pete): Let's go for it!
(Al): That's it, brother.
Stand back, enjoy the show
Hand clap and watch 'em roll
Man, can't nobody
out there know
First round they
got him down
Been pinned against
the ground
Paybacks are awful
now you know
There ain't no glory
in defeat
Don't you worry
about me, I'm fine
Just when they think
they got me beat
I'll comin' back
another time
And I'll rise
And I'll rise
Stand back
and watch me breathe
Just got the wind
knocked outta me
And I think I'm gonna
need a little time
But paybacks are hell
these days
Writhing out on the stage
Won't make the same
mistake twice
There ain't no glory
in defeat
Don't you worry about
me I'm fine
Just when they think
they got me beat
I'll be coming back
another time
("Ride" performed by C. Thomas
Howell and Zia Carlock)
Daddy was an outlaw
Rode from town to town
Robbing banks
and stagecoaches
He was the meanest
man around
Rode a buckskin horse
Carried a 45
12 proven men were
in his gang
To help keep him alive
Daddy ride
Didn't know him very well
Sure know what he did
Some even say he was
quick as Holliday
And meaner than
Billy the Kid
Wanted in thirteen states
Murder in the first degree
Said Daddy did it for
my mama and my sister
And for me
Daddy ride
Well there's six feet
of earth
Waitin' on his soul
Nobody's ever beat
the devil to the draw
What you do between
now and then
That's the measure of a man
You can run
But you can't hide
Daddy was an outlaw
Rode from town to town
Robbing banks
and stagecoaches
'Til Rob Ford shot him down
Mama told me he died
I didn't even cry
I just looked up
to the sky and said
Ride, Daddy, ride
Daddy ride