Ride a Crooked Trail (1958) Movie Script

ON THE ROUTE OF PROSPEC What is your name?
Jud Blunt from Fort Smith.
What does the letter say?
You know I do not read.
Take it! Look at this!
Never mind!
The beard is three weeks old.
Our man is shaved.
Come on, Mr. Blunt!
Pay for what you drink,
keep your gun...
and there will be no problem.
How's it going, Tom?
What is it, Judge?
A guy named Joe Maybe
raided a bank in Muskogee.
He did not steal anything,
but they did not catch him.
- How do you know that?
- We're getting civilized.
We have a telegraph for which you can
speak, if you can decipher what you say!
Come on, Tom!
It's delaying the law!
Speak for the telegraph!
Wait there, son!
- Where are you from?
- Upstream.
We're looking for a
man up the river.
Dress like you, it
looks like you...
can even have the same name.
What is your name?
Does it make a difference?
It can look beautiful in
the field we make it.
If not, we'll just
write Joe Maybe.
He tried to rob a
bank in Muskogee.
If you can afford
all the letters!
Check the guy!
Get off the saddle slowly.
Do not try!
You are Jim Noonan
of Indian Territory.
Why did not you tell me?
- Why did not you ask me?
- Are you sure, Judge?
Of course, only Noonan
walks with a broken star!
Only Noonan would shoot
me, because I was a fool.
Deputy, I owe you a drink.
Follow me!
Why does not he fall?
I've already seen him shot six times.
And it never falls...
Unless you're pregnant!
Funny, delegate.
Because we've never met?
Lucky, I imagine, Judge.
I met Old Bill McClintoc...
the one who used the insignia in
the Indian Territory before him.
I drank a lot with him
a week before he died.
It was Sam Teeler from Pecos.
I've never met Sam either.
I've heard of him.
Be careful when you meet him. You
can lose another tip of that star.
I'll be careful.
My, man! A hole is not enough?
Why are you doing another?
Too bad it was not in your head.
The doctor does not like me because
I never send him any patient.
Let's take that bottle,
shall we, delegate?
His whole business goes to
Jepson, the funeral director.
I know he pays you
$ 10 per head.
Only if the deceased has money.
Do I keep them waiting, or do I
say there's no hearing today?
There will be audition today!
Give me my work clothes!
Wait, sir.
Sit down with me,
you're my guest.
Attention, get up!
Get up everyone!
The court is in session!
Sit down, sit down!
What are we doing today? The first case
is the Railroad against Dan Watson.
a conviction of the Railroad.
It will not be long.
Proceed. Be brief.
When the company I represent has
agreed to make this city...
the terminal of your
Western Division...
guaranteed that the passage
by the banks of the river...
would be obtained at reasonable prices.
We offer Mr. Watson, $
1,000 for the warehouse...
a part of which we must
remove for the passage.
His price is $ 20,000...
I find that outrageous!
I'll tell you what's outrageous.
What do you think, Dan?
Lawyer Hutchins
will speak for me.
If he talks, he'll lose.
I demand a change of attitude!
This court is prejudiced
and admits it!
You're right, you're prejudiced,
because you're a liar and a traitor.
If you do not like these words...
Take me to court!
Why do you ask for $ 20,000, Dan?
Because the Railroad
has money to pay.
Well, that's an honest
statement, but it's not fair.
The Railroad is very
important for our city.
Do the following.
Let them get the part
they need for $ 2,000.
They build the loading platforms and
make the leftovers for nothing.
I do not know if I agree, merit.
You'll agree, because it's the law.
The law?
What I say is law in the river.
Pay $ 2,000 to Dan!
And no one leaves.
They knew delegate Noonan!
It uses the badge...
of Bill McClintock,
who died using it!
Old Bill received it from Jeff Taylor,
who handled the law at Pecos.
I will see this insignia very much.
Watch the gun behind her.
The delegate will keep everything
peaceful and quiet here in the city...
Until I can hit the hammer!
I'm afraid I can not
agree to that, Judge.
Agree, it's the law!
I'll close the session...
and the drinks are on the
Railroad until midnight.
I'll give you $ 10 a day,
cartridges and a new hat. Fair.
More than fair, Judge. But there is a
good reason why I can not accept it.
I do not want to hear it.
But I want you to listen.
There's a town in Kansas
called Abilene...
The Railroad will never get there.
It will not do any good!
We want to bring the
cattle trail to dogs.
You'll like this city. I'll even give
you a house without paying rent.
"Yes, but I must-"
Son, talk too much!
It's time to drink hard.
Take it off. Bring my shirt on.
Where is your insignia?
Come on, take it off.
People will be proud
to see this insignia.
And I think you'll be proud to display it.
Two good men and both dead.
Why is not your name here?
I'm not dead.
I'll tell you, Judge...
I'm worried about
our new delegate.
Did not I like to dance
with these beautiful girls?
You know I liked it! This is not it.
Noonan looks too young
for a delegate.
They are all young people in the Territory.
They have no time to grow old.
You did it!
Because they do not
do elegant gun shows.
I do not give a damn about
who likes to shoot.
Judge Kyle!
Madigan's in town! Bbw and evil.
I see. I told him to
stay away from him.
"But you forgot to tell him!"
"I told him not to come to town."
It's a good way to
be killed, delegate.
? His girlfriend?
"Madigan thinks I am."
And come here to taste!
Give me the shotgun!
I will not let him be killed!
Not Madigan!
Stop talking nonsense
and give me that gun!
He may have known
of his wounded arm.
I still have a good one!
Judge, we're paying Noonanm
to take care of men like him!
And he liked to meet
Madigan, did not he, chief?
Not exactly, but I'll be here.
"Will you be faster than Madigan?"
If I have to.
You're right. He's kind of young.
I'm going to put some age into it.
Come with me, son!
Give Little Brandy a glass.
"Well, alas!
We do not even see who comes back!"
This is on me.
From tomorrow, you have to
keep the city in peace...
Deal with the shake.
Come to heaven, son.
- Why do we hide?
- Shut up!
Old goat!
He's lying on the floor!
The best time to shoot.
Never give another hypothesis to the other!
I forgot to tell you!
Madigan's pack fights the same way.
Let's go!
The others are inside!
- I'll buy you a drink!
- It's empty!
Two left for themselves.
It's ten minutes to
get out of town. All!
That does not include the girls.
For them, a drink.
Throw me a bottle!
Son, you will not last!
What would you do if you
fired two cartridges?
- I do not think I thought.
- I'll teach you to think.
We pay to keep order...
not to give gun shows!
This is a tough city.
There's only one way to keep it clean.
Yes I know!
"Never give the other a hypothesis."
Give me a bottle!
The steamer is coming, Judge!
Where did I arraign it?
"He did it."
- Where did I find him?
- It's your new delegate.
- I was very freaked out?
- To fall out of bbbado.
"And the deputy?"
The same thing.
Put a piece of gold in your jar.
I have pus.
You'll be the richest
boy in college...
if I continue to drink.
Take $ 20.00 from the delegate.
He's tough!
"I'm going to pay your fine." Wake him up.
- Who are you?
- Jimmy.
Who am I?
He's been charged and
will be fined $ 20.
Jimmy is the court guard.
He takes care of the house for me.
The washing basin
is there, Deputy.
Move it, boy!
We have a lot of work to do.
Have coffee.
Great for hangovers.
You should not be hung over.
Not you.
Very well observed.
His father must be a lawyer.
Jimmy does not have a father.
His mother worked at the River Palace.
She died.
And the other girls seem
to have adopted him.
- How do you know that?
- It happens.
Decent city folks did not
find it appropriate.
They think you'll learn
more things in the room.
You may be right.
Can be.
I heard the ferry's
coming, Judge.
Eat fast, delegate.
It's time to work!
- Can I take my gun?
- Of course! What else would you take?
Do you like rabbit stew?
Jimmy's good with the gun.
Sometimes it brings the good ones.
You get a very good baked.
Judge, are we at your house?
Of course.
It was what I feared.
Being single, it's
the house I need.
Jimmy likes it, too.
Now let's separate the
sheep from the goats!
Stop here, sir. They will
put your luggage back.
I'm not going back on board!
"Yes, yes."
We have all the players
we need in town.
And of all the members we need, too.
Stand by him, girl.
Sir, this is a free
country, I go where I want.
You're absolutely right!
You just can not stop where
you want, if it's in my town!
Go to there, like a good girl.
Get moving!
Good morning, Mrs. Wheelright.
Did you have a good trip on the river?
Very nice, thank you.
I brought something for Jimmy.
I brought it from Natchez.
And it's not a weapon!
Thank you, ma'am.
I'll wait to have it.
Good morning, Mrs. Ray. Good morning, Sam.
Good morning, Judge!
- Stay there with your friend!
- Who's in charge?
I do not want to fight the law.
- Good morning, Mrs. Bilbo.
- Good Morning.
- How's it going, Judge?
- Maybe!
Maybe, dear!
- Do not say my name here.
- You're hurting my back!
I'll break them, if
you do not shut up!
What did she call you?
It's a nickname, Judge. Tessa
always calls me "baby."
- I wish you did not call.
- Why not, baby?
"Baby"? I would not accept
this from any woman.
She would have, if
she were his wife.
She went to N. Orleans to shop.
You've found me here, and
then we're off to Abilene.
Mrs. Noonan, the plans
have been modified.
Your husband is staying here.
- He's not my...
- She's stubborn, Judge.
If she says we're not
staying, get another deputy.
She may change her mind when
she sees the house I got her.
Judge Kyle!
What does this outrage mean?
To understand that these
people can not come down?
You understood, and so did they.
Now take them on board.
"And the ticket money?"
"Do not bother me with minarias.
I have to show this girl to her
new house before I lose a deputy.
Ben, tell Jackson to come
here with the load, okay?
- I'll pack, sailor!
- Yes sir.
- What are you trying to do?
- Stay alive. Do you mind?
- I do not care.
- You'll call when I explain.
- I'm listening.
- The judge, too.
Help the girl up. I sit with
Jackson and the luggage.
Take it, Ben. See if there is not
something spoiled in the lot.
If you have difficulties,
Jimmy will help you.
The Railroad will cross
our town, ma'am.
When the gang of rails arrives,
your husband will get very busy.
Stop here, Jackson.
This is the bank.
I'll bring you here, briefly, for Mr.
Curtis to show you the coffers.
We have a steel door.
I do not even bust a cannon.
- They tried to blow it up already?
- Some people.
You're living in the Land
of the Dead together now.
Remind me to show you
the plates I put on it.
Come on, Jackson!
Stop here, Jackson!
No one lives in this house.
It's totally empty.
Not for long!
here, Mrs. Noonan.
All yours and no income!
I did not expect that!
"You're quite right."
It's a nice neighborhood.
Mr. Curtis and his wife live
in the house next door. There.
A house like this will
need a lot of furniture.
It's all there.
When Ms. Prentice died, she
took nothing with her.
Come in.
It might be that they
want to be alone!
Do not tell me what to do,
I'll leave them to you.
Come on, get her up.
Carry your wife
through the door.
"You're wonderful, Tessa.
Tell me if I'm right."
Somehow he got the badge, and
they think he's a deputy.
And somehow, I'm going to get into
the bank safe without a cannon.
Maybe, smart as always.
Tell me everything.
"There's plenty of time to tell."
So, just do it.
For the same reason I
gave you in Natchez.
When Sam Teeler
buys me clothes...
I do not like any
man to crush them.
What if I buy them?
- Teeler might not like it.
- And you?
I'll never know.
Inside the house?
Yes, it must be raining a lot here.
- We were talking about you.
- We were talking about Teeler.
"And the clothes you bought."
He paid for the trip, too.
We do business.
I'll be happy to take
over his business.
I'd be surprised how
many people you tried.
Well, this one's a lot better.
We've discussed this before in Natchez.
The answer is still no!
But this time, it's Mrs.
Noonan, remember?
Be Smart, Maybe! I did not come
here to play the little houses.
Teeler is interested in
that bank, and so am I.
When I learn how
this city works...
he will arrive with 10 men,
and do what you wanted.
- You still talking about the bank?
- Nothing else.
When writing for Teeler, tell
him that I arrived earlier.
And I'm not just talking about the bank.
Shift and fall!
Breakfast is ready!
Come on, it's 9 o'clock!
"Who eats at dawn?"
Good morning, Paddlefoot!
Where did you come from?
You came with the house, did not you?
Are you hungry?
You do not feed
dogs in the house!
on the back porch, you will not
have milk all over the floor!
Paddlefoot, we have to send
him back to Sam Teeler!
- Then we will live in comfort.
- We'll have a good life!
When Teeler arrives, the
thing will be short.
What I have in mind will
surprise Teeler and you!
You were lucky even now, Deputy.
Do not abuse her!
What is this?
My laundry.
I'll need it tomorrow.
If we're going to play little
houses, I need a maid!
Someone to wash
clothes and cook.
And repeat everything we
say to Judge Kyle. No!
You wash the clothes and
I'll teach you how to cook!
Where will you learn?
At that bar at the River Palace?
I saw you last night at the window.
Walking through the garden.
She was on top of
herself, like a tent!
Little Brandy? She is a grace.
He was not smart!
What kind of married
man are you?
In town, he's a
respectable US delegate.
"It was in the line of duty."
- The banker. Get dressed.
- I'm dressed.
So, put more.
This can be elegant
in New Orleans...
but you must be the respectable
wife of a delegate, remember?
Let's go!
Walk fast!
- Mr. Curtis, come in, will you?
- Good Morning.
Good morning, chief.
Sorry to be late, but...
We understand.
Our honeymoon was
also interrupted.
I introduce you to Mrs. Curtis,
patient and understanding.
"How are you, ma'am?"
It's a surprise, delegate.
I did not dream that you were so young.
So young and...
beautiful and friendly.
basket of "welcome community".
Little things that
can be useful.
Thank you very much.
Mrs. Noonan is getting dressed.
It's already coming down.
- Dressing up?
- Outfit.
She cooked and washed for me
and wanted to freshen up.
Did she finish the laundry
before 9 o'clock?
Delegate, there's a jewel among the women!
Where did you find it?
In N. Orleans, madame.
- Do not you want to sit down?
- Thank you.
Ms. Prentice, who owned this
house, was kind of outdated.
But I'm sure Mrs. Noonan
will make her shine.
- You can write that.
- Do what?
He said he can be sure.
Mrs. Curtis would like her wife
to meet some of her friends.
The news spread. There's a bunch
of them waiting at the Emporium.
I'll pretend it's a surprise.
But they did everything.
It's not true, and you know it!
Mrs. Curtis, this is my wife.
How are you?
And this adoring creature
has washed all the clothes?
She's going to be a threat
to the whole community!
I'm the other half of
the Curtis family...
to which it is kept
locked, behind the bars.
Behind bars?
Mr. Curtis owns the bank.
Mr. Curtis, it's a pleasure!
If you do not mind, I'll borrow
your husband for an hour or two...
so you know the bank staff
and see how the city works.
Weird. We talked about
this this morning.
Mrs. Noonan, I brought
you a basket.
Little things.
I hope you enjoy piccelilli.
Taste, especially home-made.
I see you like
canned strawberries.
Well, it's from
last year's supply.
But we were lucky. Let's make
new preserves on Saturday.
It's a kind of community thing,
of course you're invited.
Now I'll know if Mrs. Watkins...
knows how to make Creole
peaches in brandy.
- Are you Creole?
- Yes, but French.
From New Orleans. Let's go?
Excuse me, one moment.
Your insignia.
Good morning, Jimmy! How's the judge doing?
Let's go! Ask him!
If you know him so well, then.
Ask for what?
The boys want to
play on your badge.
Touch my badge?
I told them I could fix it.
Come on, Shorty! the first.
Is that where the bullet struck?
What did Mr. McClintock kill?
Yes, that's where it hit!
Come on, the deputy's busy.
Prono, they played.
Give me what you promised!
When you get back from
college, come to the bank.
I have a job for you.
If he stays with Judge Kyle,
he'll never get to college.
- The judge is good people.
- Not like his father.
Jimmy needs a home.
Do not you agree, Mrs. Noonan?
Well, I do not know
much about Jimmy.
I do not think so.
It's a wonderful boy.
But he lives on a
boat with Judge Kyle.
And even if you only have good
things to say about him...
their manners are, at the
very least, very strange.
And the boy needs parents.
If it was just you and the delegate...
Come to think of it, you have
an extra room in your house!
I'm going to shoot the next
one between your eyes!
I have an order that says this
job should start already!
You're disrespecting the court!
And I disrespect him, too.
Disappear, or it will be dead!
Mr. Stark!
I advise you to let
Judge Kyle handle it!
Mr. Watson is a
very dangerous man.
Why do not you let the
sheriff handle this?
If I were the
judge, I'd be dead.
You're not the judge! Stay still!
If I left the front, I
would have noticed him!
You were lucky, Officer.
I saw Dan kill men
much bigger than you.
They were taller.
How is work?
Go to work, or we will not be
able to make the Railroad line.
I understand now, because
your wife trusts you so much.
But not for long!
It will not last long, son.
I know Mrs. Noonan is not
interested in banks.
I'll introduce you to my
friends at the Emporium...
and you accompany
the delegate there.
But I'm interested!
Only in the safe combination.
I do not think I
should let her loose.
The men and their jokes!
I wanted to know what they would
do if someone stole the bank.
Yes, I wanted to know!
Very well! Very well!
Stop the music now!
The judge will speak.
When you want, Excellency.
This is a great day on the river!
And a little while ago, here was
just a place in the meadow!
And we built a dock!
And we've heard that
whistle since then!
The River Queen brought
us a lot of business.
And it also brought us
many good citizens.
I bought a shotgun and
things to calm down.
But it was still a hard city.
Then one day a man came
down the river road!
With him, he brought
a broken star!
Dai, the River Queen brought
the wife of the delegate...
and the whole city was full
of flowers, as in the spring.
Now we have a new whistle!
Because we brought the Iron Way.
It might bring more
unrecognized citizens.
But let's not worry
as delegate Noonan...
be here to receive them!
Let's hear the delegate's words
and we'll take the gold tip.
Then you can go out for a drink!
It's hot.
Ladies and gentlemen, they
are not good at words...
but from my point of view I
see wealth and prosperity...
to get to this city pretty soon!
And maybe some trouble.
But if you want one, you
must accept the other.
They always seem to come together.
Thank you.
He wrote his letter.
Now, Mr. Curtis will
carry the golden tip!
And all go to the tracks.
- Did you see what arrived?
- Yeah, I saw the people.
"Do you know who they are?"
I've seen them before.
I did not see them, but I did
not like their appearance.
I'll talk to them.
Maybe I should go with you.
Help Mr. Curtis take the cart.
I'll tell you myself.
Do not you want to walk with us, Mrs.
Thank you, but I'd better
wait for my husband.
Disappear, boys!
We have visitors, Teeler.
Serve a drink to the delegate.
Drink it.
This is on me, Teeler.
Tess said he's good with the gun.
Said he killed Joe Noonan.
- Now she already knows that.
- Use his badge!
Only I'll empty that bank.
What you will not do. Drink it!
You're not going to empty it. That's
why I'm here, among other things.
Tess wrote to me that they're
playing the little houses.
I do not like it!
And I do not like him.
Have a drink to wait.
Do you know how the bank works?
Imagine that I have
an open mind...
And forget about you and Tess.
There is nothing to forget.
Knowing Tess, I believe that.
There is a payroll in the bank.
It will disappear
tomorrow, and so will we.
No problem, I'll
give you a piece.
We do not need it.
We do not want the guy.
I top that.
Anyone know how to
get into that safe?
This will be your job.
Not for a mere payroll.
The tracks of the herd will arrive soon.
That's money.
My kind of money.
Come on, when I call...
and get rich quick!
"That seems reasonable..."
- it's interesting.
- Not for me!
I've never trusted a man
who hides behind a star.
And I will not trust now.
Decide, Teeler!
Now, get out of town!
I still have nine men,
and you have five shots.
You do not know how to count, boy.
I got 500 shots on this
and I'm ready to shoot!
I told them they can leave.
I heard, but it does not make sense.
Maybe not, but I'm the law! Out!
Business closed! Send me a call!
- I do not understand you, son.
- I'm sure it will not.
Next time, I'll write.
"I think Pecos was right.
That's why he's dead!"
I'm talking about the bank!
We should have brought
the payroll with us.
The others agreed with me.
Who else agrees with Durgin?
Say it! Who thinks I'm wrong?
I! I came from far to the bank! And I
do not like to come home with no money.
What I think, too.
We can go hungry until
Maybe tells us.
I think the same.
In two weeks, these hills
will be covered with flesh.
Every cow is worth money!
Before they are sent east, they
will have to be paid with money.
A lot of money! We may
need mules, to carry it...
after we've emptied the bank!
Is not it worth waiting for?
There is no law against
robbing a bank twice!
Look! I have a woman down the river!
She is expensive
- and I will not go back empty!
- I have a woman here in town!
I did not want to leave, but I will.
Not with me!
We do not need Maybe!
We can rob them in the morning
when they open the bank!
Anyone come with me?
It was an adoring night, Mrs.
Noonan. Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, chief.
- Good evening.
I can not stand it anymore!
"Your husband is so brave, Mrs.
"I think he's wonderful."
I think it's disgusting!
Thank you.
"Would you like another
cup of tea, Mrs. Noonan?"
No, I want a drink!
"We have a church meeting next week.
Do you want to come?"
No! I want to go to
the River Palace...
and dance! I want to
laugh, sing and scream!
Go on, Mrs. Noonan.
"I'm leaving now!"
"Any particular reason?"
Many reasons!
Is Teeler one of them?
I got tired of this theater.
I do not like this city
and I do not like it.
"But you like Teeler.
Leave me alone!"
He's coming back, you know?
When I send for you.
We emptied the bank and
left the city together.
When will it be?
As soon as the cattle arrive.
It will not last that long.
I saw the judge watching you.
Like a cat to a mouse.
He knows something.
Are you worried about me?
I still wear Teeler's clothes.
He needs a change.
I decided to move in with you.
When did you decide that?
Today, in the room.
- When did you get here?
- It's been a while.
I hope you do not mind.
I made dinner for him and him.
Hear us in?
I heard.
What else did you hear?
I'm going to do my homework.
It's late, better to go to bed.
Well, where shall I sleep?
I'll show you, Jim.
- Can I take him, too?
- Of course. Why not?
Come on, boy!
You can lie down!
Is not it necessary to pray?
The judge always made me pray.
So, pray.
Bless Shorty, Red, Bucktooth,
the judge and maybe...
Maybe everything will be fine.
Bless Little Brandy
and the delegate...
and Ms. Noonan. men.
- I brought milk and cookies.
- Thank you.
It's a good room.
I think you'll like it.
I will like.
- Well, good night.
- Good evening.
So where do you think he heard it?
I do not know, but I'll just
worry about it tomorrow.
Not here.
So, where?
There is a thick carpet below.
Why do not you try?
I do not like carpets. And how am I
going to explain it to him tomorrow.
There's more to it than that.
There, Jimmy.
Go to the porch.
You can not go with me.
I'm late for school.
- What are you doing there?
- I'm not taking a shower.
But if you want, I'll
gladly rub your back.
And they are beautiful backs!
I could have slept in the
sofa and you know it!
Yes, there are many places
where I could have slept.
Street! Imagine that Jimmy
comes in and finds him here!
To rub my wife's back?
Why, it's an old family habit.
Delegate! They are back!
They all came back.
- They're robbing the bank!
- What?
They're mugging! Swear!
My bank?
Are you robbing my bank?
Teeler made a deal,
but he did not.
Stay at home!
I'll tell you what happened!
Give me that shotgun!
Who is next?
- Quiet, is not it?
- Very quiet.
Where is Sam Teeler?
I do not know.
You should know. She let him
go with these renegades.
How are you so sure?
He said he'd never seen Teeler.
I did not have it until last night.
Then I moved the files
and found his photo.
Below it was written:
"Wanted by Assassination."
- I've never seen this picture.
- Funny.
I found it in your study.
On top of the pile!
You get $ 10 a day to watch.
Let's say I made a mistake.
If he committed, he
corrected him this morning.
Glad you saved my bank.
I feel like my bank, too.
Very kind of you!
Very kindly!
But if he put Teeler and his
pack in jail yesterday...
today, there was no fight.
And Teeler would not be loose.
I feel he's coming back.
Thank you very much.
For telling me about the bank.
Can I talk to you, Officer? A.
I lose many men like that.
Why did not you lock the gate?
You should move your office
to the River Palace.
Been here every night last week!
It was accurate. The
tubs here are softer.
You can use Jimmy's bed today.
He's gone.
When did he leave?
When neither of them
showed up for dinner...
I went to his room.
Your things and the
dog were not there.
Officer, are not you
going the wrong way?
Can be.
What are you, Mrs. Noonan?
Do not you train your husband?
No, but I'm good
at training cats.
Mainly street cats.
You did not like our house?
It was getting full.
You had your own room.
A beautiful room.
Very good. Maybe
that's what was wrong.
I'm not used to
beautiful houses.
I was born in a saloon.
Funny. I met a guy...
who was also born in a saloon.
His mother was one of the
girls who worked there.
Her name was May.
May what?
I do not know.
She died very young.
And the members adopted the subject.
"That's right.
"Did he have a name?"
No. The members called
him "son of Mother."
After a while, it was
abbreviated to Maybe.
He needed a name and
called himself John Maybe.
Then the women of the
city did not let...
that he lived more in the room.
It was so?
"It was a different city."
Nobody cared much
for the children.
Much less for those
kind of children.
They did not even care if they
learned anything, or not.
You can learn things in a room.
What, for example?
Slim Jack, the player,
taught me how to distribute.
He promised to teach me how to shoot
fast, when my hands got bigger!
This guy, Maybe, where
did he learn to shoot?
In a room.
Like you said, you can
learn a lot in a room.
Joe Maybe learned to steal
gold from mined miners.
Then he learned how
to rob a bank.
Too bad he did not have someone
like Judge Kyle around...
to tell her that this was bad.
A feather.
What happened to Joe Maybe?
He knew a beautiful girl.
The girl of another kind.
And met cool people.
It was confusing inside.
How to try to be
someone he was not?
More or less.
It's getting late.
Tessa will be worried about us.
You're going to break your back,
to sleep in the tub again.
Jimmy, why are not
you in school?
Because today is Saturday!
The judge is?
Yeah, but you know he does not
like dogs in the courtroom.
But this is my dog.
"That makes a difference, does not it?"
He's getting ready to kill.
- What about your shoulder?
- Improved.
Give me a little gun shot,
so I use leather inside.
Will you like this death?
Not exactly.
No one in perfect
judgment likes to kill.
And the worst is when
you're someone you like.
I would not do such a thing.
You're seeing Paddlefoot over there.
Imagine that he is angry.
You would not want to kill him.
But it was necessary.
What is anger?
when he gets sick and
crazy in the head.
And bites everything you see.
And everything he bites, dies.
He's not crazy in the head.
And he's not going to kill
anyone unless it's necessary.
Maybe he's wrong
about this crime.
Imagine Paddlefoot
coming home one day.
With a piece of dog
collar in his mouth.
Maybe the collar
has a name on it.
And the one who wore
it never came again.
It would be reasonable to think
Paddlefoot killed the dog.
He did not kill! I swear not!
Maybe he's confused inside,
but he's not crazy!
He may be evil.
This happens to a man or a dog.
It's born wrong, it's created
wrong, it only learns things.
So you live badly.
"What if he tries to change?"
These kinds of people never change.
I think you're right.
If you're born in a saloon, it's bad!
Everyone says it's bad,
so there's nothing to do!
I did not mean it.
You know I did not want to!
Judge, the cattle are coming.
"Where are you now?"
They must be at the top of the
mountain, coming to town!
What are you doing here?
The cattle are coming.
The court is closed!
It's a great day, Officer.
It's going to make our
city the Westbound.
Yes, sir, go.
Let's hope that those who pass
by will do it silently...
especially cattle drivers.
I did not care about
that, Reverend.
I met many of them.
They're good people.
I've been looking all over for you.
Did you visit the judge?
Think you can sit
in this saddle?
Mr. Peter, from the harness,
made this special for you.
Where did you steal the horse?
It was a gift from Tessa!
You want to help bring the cattle?
I can?
Stay here, Paddlefoot! I'm coming back!
Wow, a saddle rifle, too!
Of course! A man can not
ride without his gun!
Besides, you need
to train a little!
It's many, Jimmy!
And they got in shape.
Can we talk to the guys
at the starting point?
Of course! Why not?
How are you, delegate?
I'm Sam Mason, the
head of the trail.
I brought in hundreds of Texas heads.
Can you handle them?
I can if we do not get in the way.
Take a few hundred to the city. You're going to
find yourself surrounded at the end of the road.
Leave the others in the
pasture and feed them slowly.
It's all right. Say "hello" to Teeler
and the boys as I pass the warning.
Son, go with the head of the trail.
I'll pick you up later.
We decided to ride with the pack.
Take many decisions!
Some not very wise!
You mean the bank?
Durgin and the others wanted to
assault him. I was against it.
When I make a deal, I keep it.
Is that why you're here?
"Why would there be another reason?"
He said there was a lot of
money to pay for the meat.
And we're here to help you collect!
Do you know Yuma and Clovis?
No, I do not know them.
Do they know I'm the boss?
Of course, delegate.
We understand everything!
We'll do what we say, Maybe!
Do whatever I tell you!
And forget the "Maybe".
Stop it, boy!
You'll all be able to run!
Go up and hold them!
What happened?
What happened to Jimmy?
He fell. It is going to be alright.
Bring some uky!
I did not mean to run!
I did not mean to!
Do not worry, everything
will work out.
It was my fault.
I let him put the rope on the bullock,
and he took it out of the saddle.
I do not care how or why!
He's hurt!
It was nobody's fault.
I am fine.
It takes more than a
fall to bring it down.
- What are you doing?
- Treating him!
Treating him? Call the doctor.
I take care of him!
I do not need a doctor!
I'm going to get up!
You'll do as I say! Both!
Now I'm going to clean
everything that's hurt!
Can you get him to leave?
If you leave.
- You do not like us?
- You know that's not it.
So why do you want us to leave?
The judge will get you!
Keep an eye on him. Watching!
You're sure he killed Noonan!
He did not kill Noonan!
Joe was being chased.
They arrived at the edge
of the gorge and...
Stay here!
If anyone comes, let me know!
Stay there!
I am. Maybe he did not tell
me he was going to call him.
Did not call.
Where is the boy that
Maybe brought to the dog?
Why? "He saw me with the flock."
I do not want him to
tell that shooter judge!
He will not tell.
If you say so, I believe!
You and Maybe have a beautiful
family arrangement...
with children and everything.
Now it's all over!
She's crumpling my dress.
I buy a new one!
I buy a dozen clothes...
with a diamond brooch
to wear on each.
As soon as we rob the bank, you'll
be the woman best dressed...
in New Orleans!
When will it be? "Tonight."
- Did you talk to maybe about this?
- For what? I do not need it!
Clovis and Yuma opened
better coffers than this!
It only takes two
or three hours.
Make it clear that we
will not be interrupted.
I have some things to say to you.
Things have not worked
out the way they should.
Why not? The bank is full of
money, and we've seen him look!
It's not a good time!
Judge Kyle is suspicious!
He watches every step Joe takes!
If something happens to the bank
today, it will know the answer.
Only half answer!
He does not know I'm in town.
He knows Joe Maybe is in town.
Luck of the Judge! You'll
have to blow your shotgun.
What do you plan to do?
I guess Maybe will be dead,
if that's what you mean.
Hear! I want it to keep the judge
and Maybe occupied at night!
Keep them away from the bank.
Got it.
As soon as Maybe hears the safe
explode, he'll ask questions.
Tell him I picked up the river
road and the meeting in Natchez!
What if I do this?
We'll go to the cattle.
I will not leave any signs.
o Yuma! Someone is coming!
How do I get out of here?
There is a gate at the back of the yard.
Go to the River Palace.
Very practical.
I'll see you in New Orleans.
Well, Mrs. Noonan,
let's see your boy.
He's up there.
Are you sure you do not want
any more strawberry cake?
I ate almost the whole cake.
But I would take more cognac.
Of course!
Serve her more coffee, ma'am,
I'll take care of the cognac.
And you, delegate?
No, thank you, Judge.
I'm getting sleepy.
I'm sorry, my dear.
An old Creole custom.
Stay seated late at the table!
In New Orleans we sat down to dinner at
7:00 p.m. and stayed until midnight.
We beat this record hours ago!
I need to sleep!
What a shame!
The night has just begun!
Not to me, my dear.
I want to sleep.
And I want to dance!
We have not had a party
since we got married!
And this is a beautiful
night to dance.
Would you dance with me, Judge?
I can try a few steps if
someone whistles a song.
I do not know how to dance without music!
There is music at River Palace!
I stay up almost all night
while my husband works.
Madame, serious ladies do not
dance at the River Palace!
They dance, yes.
If you are in a new dress and
you want everyone to see it!
I realized. When did you get it?
Since it's payday, I
gave you your salary.
Listen, Judge, I'm the
man of the family.
And she wears the dresses!
And she's prettier than you!
Let's go! Show your beauty!
Let's go through the back.
Judge, you made a good house
for a newly married man.
Sometimes we can only sleep
at four in the morning.
And complain?
Are not you being reckless, delegate?
There are two sides of
the street in this town.
And your wife's place
is not on this side.
Or is it?
And, perhaps, the same
is true for you too.
- A lot of people asked.
- Oh yes?
Where are you, delegate?
Say it in the middle of the street.
Let's dance?
Here is a beautiful
little thing to you.
She's not very smart,
but she's very pretty.
Tonight is my night, remember?
I'm wearing a new dress...
that you bought me.
It's okay if I crumple it.
What if he told her that
Teeler was in town?
- He wants to rob the bank.
- And what are you going to do?
- What do you want me to do?
- Dance with me.
- All night?
- Almost all night.
"And when do I see Teeler?"
You will not see it.
Me neither.
The River Queen leaves in the
morning for New Orleans.
We'll be on board
when he leaves.
"And what about the bank?"
Does it matter?
It matters to him.
And for many people who
think we are good people.
How long it will last?
The judge knows who you are.
He's waiting for an
opportunity to kill him.
Let's get out of here while we can.
one of the trail drivers.
To celebrate.
With a cannon?
Did you hear what I heard?
It looked like dynamite.
I'll take a look.
The bank!
They robbed the bank, Judge!
You're your beautiful new dress.
Turn around!
Judge, he did not know!
Been with him all night!
He did not know anything!
fast with the gun.
Make your move!
Funny. I thought I never gave
the other guy any ideas.
And I was right!
Teeler caught the cattle track!
Thanks again, Jimmy.
- Do you see them, son?
- Watch.
Were they on the river road?
And my horse, too.
- Is it a private fight?
- Not yet!
Ride, and I make you oath
as adjutants as we follow!
You heard what he said! Let's go!
I can not imagine who
threw the candlestick!
He may have been one
of Teeler's men.
Shoot from the bank?
Be smart, and we can trade.
What kind of business?
I got what we brought from the bank!
Come with me and we'll
split it in half!
I'm going back to the city.
How I'd like to tell
the judge about you.
"You'll get your point."
You want them to start running?
Have you ever been in the
midst of a herd overflowing?
Decide quickly,
before they reach us.
I have already decided.
I should not let it go.
Only when the judge
says you can.
She did not do anything!
He's right, Jimmy.
We will not argue.
If that's the way it
has to be, well...
They will not go far!
I'll telegraph every city on
the river to wait for them.
Thank you for your help, boys.
If you asked me, I
could have told you.
Said what?
That he did not catch
the river road.
Let me handle the judge!
I'll get your boy on the River Queen.
Mrs. Noonan wants to
go down the river.
She's not Mrs. Noonan,
and she knows that.
Know! I know a lot,
and so do you.
She did not do anything.
She lied. What right does
a decent woman have?
No right.
Everything that Teeler took from
the bank, will find in these bags.
He has some things he wants
to tell you about me.
Maybe he does not have to tell me.
That's what I thought!
"What else did you think?"
That Tessa and I should leave.
Goodbye, Jimmy!
Turn around.
You're not going anywhere.
Hands up!
Raise your hands!
It's already spoiled,
stay with it.
But if you write your name
on it, write "Joe Maybe".
I'm glad I did not
give you the shotgun!
Have you slept in a bathtub?
"So, you better get them married!"
Be in my office at 9 o'clock!
This is the Law!