Ride clear of Diablo (1954) Movie Script

My love went away far away
When he was wanted
Where's he tonight?
Even I cannot say
Away, far away
For many a day
Will we meet again?
And who knows where or when?
From here to Xian
Many men have been wanted
Who is the most wanted?
My love, wanted by me
Come on, Pete, it'll soon be daylight
we've got a long ride to the ranch.
Away, far away
For many a day
Will we meet again?
And who knows where or when?
From here to Xian
Many men been wanted
Who is the most wanted?
My love wanted by me
He's wanted by me
Kate can't hold them much longer.
We'd better get going.
Move along!
Get up son, get up!
- What's wrong, Pa?
Somebody's running off our herd.
Can't you hear it?
I'll go get Jack and Pete.
They didn't get back
from town yet, Pa.
Never mind, come on!
There, Father!
Hi, Ed. Johnny said you had
a letter for me.
Yeah, I have, O'Mara.
Didn't know where to forward it
so, I just hung onto it.
Bad news, kid?
If it's any comfort I can assure you
your father and brother where given
a decent Christian burials.
Thank you, Reverend.
Your father spoke of you often.
He was very proud of you.
I'm not very proud of myself.
Might have been different
if I'd stayed around here.
Don't condemn yourself
for that, Clay.
These things happen without
any apparent reason.
We can't understand them,
we can only accept them.
What do you plan on doing now?
What would you do
if you were in my position?
That's a pretty difficult question.
Many people would be inclined
to seek some sort of retribution.
I'd have to advise against it.
Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.
It's more or less
what I had in mind.
Yeah, but I'm not a minister.
I know that.
That's what disturbs me.
Clay, do me a favour.
Think this thing over very carefully
before you take any action.
That's what I've been doing
ever since I left Denver.
Well, if there's anything
I can do to help.
I'd like to see the sheriff.
I was hoping you would say that.
Get in, I'll drive you over.
Come on, Buddy.
This is his place.
- Thanks a lot, Reverend.
Buddy. Come on.
May I help you?
That is, I was looking for
Sheriff Kenyon.
He's not here right now.
You might try his office.
I already did,
but they told me I might
find him at home.
He's hard to keep track of
sometimes, was it very important?
It's important to me.
I don't know what
to tell you except,
you might ask at the Cantina Felice.
Thanks, I'll do that.
Or you can wait right here
if you like?
If you don't mind?
You're new in town, aren't you?
- Yes, ma'am, I am.
I'm sorry, I'm Laurie Kenyon,
the sheriff's my uncle.
I'm Clay O'Mara.
Oh, I'm sorry about your family.
Did you know them?
Not very well, I used
to see them at church.
You're from Denver, aren't you?
- Well, I work out of Denver.
On the railroad?
- That's right.
That must be very interesting work,
travelling from place to place.
I like it. Have you ever
been on a train?
No, but I'm going on one soon,
to San Francisco.
Oh? I just came back from there.
Is it really as wonderful
as they say it is?
Maybe even better.
If I knew when you were going,
I might be there at the same time.
I could show you some of the sights.
I'd like that but I'm afraid
my husband wouldn't.
You see, I'm getting married soon
and we plan to make our home there.
Oh, I wish you a lot of happiness.
Thank you.
Well, if you show me
where the cantina...
It's right on the main street,
you can't miss it.
Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
What's yours?
I was looking for Sheriff Kenyon.
You're looking the wrong way,
He's sitting over there.
Friend of yours?
- I never saw him before.
Sheriff Kenyon?
What is it?
- I'm Clay O'Mara.
Clay, I didn't know
you were in town.
This is Tom Meredith,
he was your father's lawyer.
Hi, it's a pleasure.
I've heard a great deal about you.
Sit down.
I suppose you got my letter.
- Yes, I did.
I'm sorry you didn't let me know
you were coming,
I could've saved you the trip,
the estate's been settled.
As a matter of fact, I have a bank
draft for you ready for the mail.
No, I didn't come
to settle the estate.
No, I came to find out
who did the killing.
So far, we don't know.
Any ideas?
All we know is, whoever did it
ran off with your dad's cattle.
This county's full of rustlers.
Could you name me a few?
I'd like to talk to them.
They wouldn't talk to you, son.
They might if I was wearing
a deputy's badge.
What did you do for a living
before you came here?
Railroad surveyor.
Then go on back to it.
It's got a future.
I can't say the same for being
a deputy in this country.
I'm not asking you to.
Furthermore, I don't hand out
tin stars as licences for murder.
I don't want to kill anyone,
I just want to talk to them.
Take my advice, get your money
from John and get out of town.
I guess that means
I don't get the badge?
That's right.
Well, in that case, I'll have to
get along the best way I can.
Be reasonable, son.
I've done everything anybody could
you're just asking for trouble.
I'm not asking for trouble but I
might deal out a little of my own
when I find out what I want to know.
Wait a minute, Clay.
I think he's right, Fred,
he's entitled to ask questions
and it would help if
he were wearing a star.
Thanks, Mr Meredith.
That's all right, glad to
do anything I can to help.
Could you give me an idea
where to start looking?
I think maybe I can.
There's a man by the name of
Whitey Kincade
that's in trouble with the law.
Still have that reward poster, Fred?
I think I have.
Here it is.
Where can I find him?
That will be a little hard but he
used to have a girl over in Diablo.
Might get a line on him there.
Where's Diablo?
That's a few hours ride
east of here.
I'll be ready to go in an hour.
All right.
Stop by the office
and pick up a badge.
Whitey won't be very hard to find.
- I didn't think he would.
Kind of tough sending a kid
like him up against a gunman.
One thing I've always
liked about you, Fred,
you're sentimental.
Hello, Laurie.
Hello, Tom.
Uncle Fred, you didn't tell me
you made Clay a deputy.
I didn't think it was important.
Why'd you do it?
He wanted some authority
to go looking for
whoever gunned his dad and brother.
Kincade didn't do it.
We can't be too sure of that,
Kincade's a killer.
He'll kill Clay, too.
That's a chance he has to take
if he wants to be a police officer.
Why are you so upset about it?
Well, it's...
I just think it's unfair
to send someone so young and
so inexperienced out after a...
He asked for it.
If he wants a man's job,
he has to do a man's work.
We both tried to talk him out of it.
There's no reasoning with him.
Just the same, I think
it's disgraceful.
You both ought to be ashamed
of yourselves!
I wouldn't worry, chances are
he won't even find Whitey.
Come on, Laurie, I'll walk you home.
Can you feed and water my horse?
That I can.
Can you tell me where I can find
a Mr Whitey Kincade?
That I can't.
In case anybody's looking for me,
I'll be in the saloon.
You lost, sonny?
Is that for real?
Yeah, why?
Strangers don't ask questions in
Diablo, they just answer them.
What do you want here?
I'm waiting for somebody.
Who is this somebody?
That's a question.
Whitey Kincade.
If I was you, I'd be drinking
while I'm waiting.
See what he wants.
Name it.
Can I just have some water?
- To drink?
Another badge for Whitey's
Looking for me?
- Are you Mr Kincade?
Skip the Mister,
everybody calls me Whitey.
I've got a warrant for you.
- Who ain't?
For the murder of Frank Whiteside.
That wasn't murder,
he had a gun in his hand!
I wonder how it got there.
Whiteside wasn't packing a gun.
A friend of mine put it there,
after I shot him.
We figured it would look better
in case I ever got arrested.
Good thing you thought of it.
You're under arrest right now.
You hear that?
Well, what do I do now?
I ain't never been arrested before.
Makes us even, I never arrested
anyone before.
But you can start by putting
your gun on the bar.
You better high-tail it back where
you came from
before I stop laughing.
Put it on the bar.
Wasn't luck, boys.
Stay right where you are.
Yeah! Take it easy.
I don't want to see him
shoot an unarmed man.
Now what do we do?
We're heading for Santiago.
- Santiago?
Relax, Larry.
Me and um...
I didn't get your name.
- O'Mara.
Me and O'Mara got a nice little
trip ahead of us,
and one of us is just
liable not to make it.
This is a good a spot as any.
- What for?
A smoke.
A smoke.
You mean my arresting you?
Yeah, you trying to make
yourself a reputation
or you just trying to ruin mine?
I'm only interested in one thing,
that's finding the cattle rustlers
who shot my dad and brother.
Cattle rustlers?
You think I'm a thief?
I think you know the answer to
some questions I have in mind.
You picked on the wrong party.
- Not what I heard.
Who you been talking to, kid?
A lawyer in San Diego by the name of
Meredith and Sheriff Kenyon.
Kenyon, did he send you after me?
There's a man who knows how to play
both ends against the middle.
What do you mean?
We got something in common, kid.
We've both been framed.
That doesn't make sense to me.
It does to me.
Kenyon's going to be the most
surprised man in the county,
if you bring me in.
When I bring you in.
You've got a right
to your own opinion.
So, you figure I know who
killed your folks, huh?
That's what I was told.
Is that why didn't kill me
back in the saloon?
That's part of it.
- What's the rest?
There used to be a marshal
up in Colorado.
He told me any police officer
can bring in a dead man,
the trick is to bring him in alive.
And what happened to that marshal?
He was killed trying the trick
once too often.
That could happen to you.
Don't gamble on it.
Relax, I'm not sore
because you grabbed me.
As a matter of fact,
I'm growing real fond of you.
I'm even considering
making you a deal.
You offer it, I might consider it.
Take these off of me
and I'll put them on the party
you're looking for.
I'm as good as my word,
sometimes better.
I thought you didn't know
anything about it.
I don't, but I got ways
of finding out.
Don't let that tin star
go to your head.
I happen to have regard
for the law, Whitey.
There's only one law around here,
'Get yours while the getting's good'
there ain't other law!
You're forgetting the one
that'll hang you.
You're still wet behind the ears.
I'm growing real fond of you.
Hey! What are you trying to do?
You were just telling me
how much you liked me.
That's the truth, the gospel truth,
so help me Hannah!
You're sure set on
taking me back alive!
Who's the reception party?
- Oh, probably some of my friends.
Friends, huh?
What have they got against us?
If it's who I think it is,
one of them's got a sister.
A man could get real unpopular
associating with you.
She was a real nice girl, too.
I hope so, it looks like
I'm going to get shot for it.
If you need any help you can always
give me back my gun.
What's the matter,
don't you trust me?
You might get to like me
real well again.
They're making a run for it.
Ain't you going to shoot them?
- Not in the back.
It's safer that way, they can't
shoot back at you.
I don't fight that way.
I don't know where
you were brought up, kid
but wherever it was,
you were brought up wrong.
It looks like one of us
is going to have to walk.
You going to guess which one?
From the way you do everything else,
I figured it will be you.
Guess again, Whitey.
That's the trouble with you,
you ain't consistent!
Here comes our man, he's bringing in
Whitey Kincade.
Hey, men! O'Mara's back and
he's got Whitey Kincade with him!
Looks like you're pretty popular
in this town.
I'm more popular away from it.
You could get elected Mayor
for bringing me in.
Who wants to be mayor?
Right now I wouldn't mind it.
Yeah, he got me!
Hey! How you doing?
Kate, I don't believe it.
I wouldn't have missed this
for anything.
I've waited a long time to see
Whitey Kincade get cut down to size.
Right cosy place you got here.
I heard you got home cooking, too.
I sure hope it's good.
You won't be here long enough
to get tired of it.
Now then, son.
Do you mind telling us
how you managed to do it?
I beat him to the draw.
Maybe you were just lucky?
Whitey has a fair reputation
as a gunman.
It might have helped if you'd
told me that before.
I thought you knew what
you were doing, son!
Everybody around here
knows Whitey Kincade.
I know him now.
From now on, he'll know you too as
the guy that brought him in.
That's a reputation
I wouldn't want to have.
It's like digging your own grave!
Did you have anything to eat, son?
- No, not since morning.
Go to my house and have my niece
fix a meal for you and Whitey.
We'll have to feed him
till we can hang him.
Looks like we guessed wrong
on the boy.
What am I supposed to
do with him now?
Get rid of him.
- I'll leave that up to you.
You killed his father
and his brother,
you may as well take care
of this one, too.
This one is your concern, Fred.
He won't be and he ever finds out
that you're the party
to come looking for...
He won't find out.
O'Mara isn't afraid
of taking chances.
All you have to do is see to it
that he takes one too many.
Just a minute!
- Hello.
Come in!
I never expected to see you again.
Your uncle sent me to fetch
some food for Mr Kincade.
Whitey Kincade?
Yeah, he's starved, so am I.
I don't believe it!
We haven't eaten since this morning.
How'd you do it?
We just tightened our belts.
Well, if you're so clever,
you can help me cook.
I can do that, too.
I thought we had a deal?
We do. I operate in Santiago,
you operate in Diablo.
Why did you send the kid
over there to arrest me?
There was no stopping him.
What's more, I never figured on him
beating you to the draw.
Next time you send somebody after me
make sure he can't shoot first.
You ain't hurt, Whitey.
What am I doing in jail?
Stop worrying, there will be
a trial in the morning.
Is that supposed to make me happy?
I understand capital punishment's
legal in this county.
You won't be here.
Where am I going to be?
Anywhere you like.
You can shoot your way
out of here tonight.
Who am I going to shoot,
Clay O'Mara?
Maybe, unless you give him another
chance to outdraw you!
Just a minute, Sheriff.
I just thought of an easier way.
Get me a witness who will say that
I killed Whiteside in self-defence.
Why bother?
I'm giving you a way out.
I know a guy who broke jail once,
he got shot in the back.
Do you think I'd double cross you?
I wouldn't trust a jury if my name
was Whitey Kincade.
I got a lot of confidence in you,
as long as I can still talk.
The jury might hang me
but I'll hang you first.
I didn't bring you in, O'Mara did.
If anything goes wrong at that trial
I might get O'Mara, too.
Right in the back.
What's so funny?
Oh, kid! I wish I could tell you
but you're too young to hear it!
Stay away from her!
Ringer! That's enough of that.
Why don't you stay out of trouble?
- They were mauling Kate.
I want you to lay off the bottle
for a couple of days.
Sounds like you need me
for something.
Yeah, you're appearing in court
tomorrow morning.
Court? Are you crazy?
- Shut up and listen.
You're appearing as a defence
witness for Whitey Kincade.
Why should I defend him?
I hope they hang him.
You'll hang right alongside him
if they do.
He knows enough to ruin us all.
He won't mind talking if he
doesn't like the verdict.
I'm not going to lie for nothing.
You've been lying for
nothing all your life.
Once more won't hurt you.
You know Sheriff, one of these days
I'm going to surprise you.
The only way you could surprise me
would be to quit drinking.
Meredith will be around tonight.
- With some cash?
With a little speech you're
going to make in court.
You want something?
Yeah, I want some company.
I'm lonesome.
Go on back to bed.
I can't sleep. Too much on my mind.
That figures, they can only
hang you once!
But that once can be
awful permanent.
Is there a bottle of whiskey around?
I wouldn't know.
How about going across the street
and getting me one?
You're in jail, not a hotel.
If I was in a hotel, I'd ask you
for more than whiskey.
You got a girl, kid?
- No.
Like some advice?
- About girls?
I was thinking about something else.
Look, you nabbed the notorious
Whitey Kincade.
Why don't you quit
while you're still ahead?
I didn't come here to go gunning
for you, Whitey.
You're up against a cold deck, kid.
Go on back to Colorado and don't
run after nothing but women.
You got some reason for saying that?
Yeah, I'm sentimental.
You're a good kid.
But you're going to bullet in
the back if you stay around here.
Who's going to do it, Whitey?
- That's a good question.
But I can't give you the answer
until tomorrow.
Not guilty!
The verdict is not guilty!
Good verdict!
- I think he ought to have been hung.
Stick around, Clay, I want you to
escort Kincade out of town.
You look put-out, Clay.
I am, I don't understand the verdict,
especially with you being foreman
of the jury.
You heard Ringer testify Kincade
shot Mr Whiteside in self-defence.
I didn't believe him, I don't see how
you or the jury could either.
I held out for a verdict of guilty
until it was pointed out
that Mr Ringer had sworn
on the bible
to tell the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
As a minister,
I couldn't ignore that.
No, I guess you couldn't.
We're having a church social at my
house tonight why don't you drop by?
Thanks, Reverend. Maybe I will.
I'll see you there.
Kate, you look real pretty.
That gal with the corn silk hair,
the one I threw you over for.
She don't look pretty no more.
You'd look better to me
with a noose around your neck.
You should have told that to your
boyfriend before the trial.
I did.
Oh, join the revival meeting,
you know these gents, don't you?
I met Mr Meredith.
Shake hands with the gent who did
the reviving, Jed Ringer.
I didn't catch the name.
- It's O'Mara.
Oh, yeah. I heard about you.
Of course you heard about him, he's
the one who beat me to the draw!
Drink up, kid, drink up.
No thanks.
You know it ain't polite to stare.
Not even at the star witness?
- What's your objection?
Just thinking, it's probably
the first time
anyone ever shot an unarmed man
in self-defence.
The trial's over, it's futile
to argue points of law now.
Anyway, what do you know about it?
Just what I heard from a man who was
on one end of the shooting.
He means me, ain't that rich?
Are you admitting that
Ringer lied to the court?
Are you or ain't you?
Well, now that you bring
the point up, I am.
That's the way it is
with revival meetings,
somebody's always
getting the spirit.
Let's go.
This is as far as I can go,
here's your gun.
It's loaded!
Wouldn't do you much good empty.
Listen, kid, you're talking to
Whitey Kincade.
Nobody hands me loaded guns.
I shoot people in the back.
All you got to do is pull the trigger
when I head back for town.
I got a real good reason to.
Sure! I ruined your reputation
as a gunslinger.
How did you ever manage
to live this long?
If I was smart,
I'd shoot you right now.
Except, I think I'll keep you
around for a while,
just to see what makes you work.
Maybe you're getting soft, Whitey.
Maybe you're turning into
a human being!
If I ever feel that coming on,
I'll shoot myself.
So long, kid.
So long, Whitey.
I'll leave you with a little advice.
Don't ever turn your back
on Jed Ringer.
Could he be one of the reasons
that brought me to Santiago?
He's a good bet.
Know any others?
Sheriff Kenyon.
I guess you got to have your joke.
Sure, but that ain't it!
I'll keep it in mind.
I'm Whitey Kincade.
Draw on him, Clay!
Why didn't you draw, Clay?
Because I was scared, that's why.
- You ain't scared of anything!
Imagine him being scared!
Excuse me. Can I speak with you, Tom?
- Surely.
Laurie, you must forgive me,
something urgent has come up.
I'll try rush right back.
- All right.
Would you men excuse me for a minute?
- Hi.
I haven't seen you
out there dancing.
I don't have anyone to dance with.
You can ask someone.
A girl can't very well ask you!
I guess I'm just bashful.
I know a girl who isn't dancing
right now and her escort isn't here.
Well, it wouldn't look very nice
for her to be dancing with
strangers then, would it?
I guess it wouldn't.
Besides, if she asks you, you would
probably think she was forward.
I probably would.
Do you like forward girls?
I don't know any.
I think they're pretty
dreadful myself.
Oh, would you care to dance?
Come in, Tom.
- What's the trouble?
Silver Bullion.
I got word from Wells Fargo
tonight about the shipment.
They changed the time?
And the route, we've got to
map out a new plan.
Miss Kenyon,
she's a very charming girl.
I'm just wondering about her uncle.
- What's your opinion of him?
I was just about to ask you
the same thing.
Fred Kenyon?
He's always struck me as a kind of
an unhappy, disappointed man.
The job he as here is difficult,
thankless, the pay is poor.
Has anyone ever questioned
his honesty?
Why do you ask?
- I heard talk.
Clay, there's always talk,
even about ministers of the gospel.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
It was a lovely dance.
I'm pleased you and the others
enjoyed yourselves.
Clay, would you mind
walking Miss Kenyon home?
Not at all.
Good night.
- Good night.
You didn't have to do it, you know.
Do what?
- Walk me home.
I know the way very well and
I'm not afraid of the dark.
I don't mind.
In that case, you won't mind if I
walk the rest of the way by myself.
What are you so mad about?
I've been insulted.
Who did it? I'll see if
I can get him to apologise.
You can start right now.
Are you talking about me?
Naturally, you're the only one here,
aren't you?
I didn't do anything.
That's exactly what
I'm talking about.
I had to throw myself at you
to get you to ask me to dance
and then you walk me home
and won't even talk to me.
I'd be wasting my time if I got
too interested, wouldn't I?
I don't see why.
I understood you were
engaged to Tom Meredith.
What difference does that make?
I've known people
to get awfully jealous
if someone paid too much
attention to their girl.
Tom's not the jealous type,
besides he wasn't there.
He isn't here now, either.
- I didn't think you'd noticed!
You know what I'd do
if you belonged to me?
You tell Meredith if he isn't
jealous, he's a halfwit.
That is, I...
I don't know what I'm doing!
Have a good time at the dance?
Yes, I...
I did!
A simply wonderful time.
Laurie, what's wrong?
You should know.
You didn't even come back
to call for me.
I had to come home with Clay O'Mara.
- I thought you liked young O'Mara?
I do, that's the trouble.
He kissed me goodnight,
I liked it.
He said if you weren't jealous
of me, you're a halfwit.
I'm beginning to think he's right.
You don't mean that, Laurie.
- I'm afraid I do.
Let it go, Tom, let her think
about it through tomorrow.
Goodnight, Laurie.
I'd like an explanation, Laurie.
So would I.
I don't know how it happened,
I didn't want it to happen.
But it did.
You really think you're in love
with Clay?
Listen to me Laurie, forget Clay
and save yourself a lot of grief.
I've seen kids like him time
and again in every boom town.
He's out for revenge,
headed straight for boot hill.
Where's the sheriff?
- He's not in right now.
When do you expect him back?
- He didn't say, can I help you?
What can you do? I need a posse.
My white stallion's been stolen.
It cost me $10000!
When did you see him last?
My stable boy saw somebody riding
toward Diablo this morning.
Why didn't you go after him?
In the first place, my stallion is
the fastest horse in the South West!
In the second place,
catching horse thieves
is a Sheriff's job, not mine!
Now, can you raise a posse
or can't you?
I think I can take care of that.
- Who you taking with you?
You mean you're going alone,
just one man?
He only stole one horse, didn't he?
Kenyon push you into this?
- He doesn't even know I'm here.
Don't take any bets on it?
How about this horse?
Matt Grove's stallion, huh?
A real white beauty.
Fast as the wind.
I wish I'd stole it!
Any idea who did?
Any reward?
Grove didn't say.
Sorry, I don't inform on my friends.
I'd like to meet them.
You going to be hanging
around Diablo a while?
It appears likely.
I got a friend named Rosita and
she's got a friend named Sally.
You're informing!
Maybe you'd like to see some
cattle ranches around here?
That I would.
- Come on, I'll show you.
Thanks, Whitey.
Don't thank me, I'd probably be
thanking you or one of my friends
for a very interesting afternoon!
Any relation to the Lowerie gang?
- No relation, this is them.
Say hello to Clay O'Mara.
- What are you doing here?
I was showing Clay around
and I figured he ought to see
the Lowerie ranch.
Yeah, it's a pretty nice spread
you got here.
They had to steal a lot
of cows to get it!
I'm not interested in cows,
I'm interested in horses.
Any horse in particular?
Yeah, the white stallion out there.
You can buy him for $1,000.
Matt Grove says he's worth ten.
How would he know?
Because he happens to own the only
white stallion in these parts.
That's him.
Relax boys, he's your guest.
Maybe you ought to make up your mind
whose side you're on, Whitey.
I'm on my side, right now I'm
looking for a little excitement.
I'm sure Mr Grove would be glad
to get his horse back.
Where did you say you found him?
- I said I bought him.
You better ask for your money back.
I think the man who sold him
to you is dishonest.
Thanks for the sightseeing tour.
Like I said before,
don't thank me yet.
When he gets past your trespassing
sign you can start after him.
It ain't exciting enough to see
a man shot in the back.
Saddle up.
Well, Tom.
No word from O'Mara?
I expect to get word
about him not from him.
What do you want?
- I want some money.
I told you to stay out
of this office.
This won't wait. I need $200.
Sorry Jed, you already got
all that's coming to you.
I stole Grove's stallion,
that ought to be worth extra.
You got paid for it!
Not enough, I'm tired of doing
dirty work for no pay.
From now I'm going to get my share
the same as you.
From now on, you'll take whatever
we want to give you, get out.
Throw him in a cell.
Take it easy, we still need him.
Looks like he's hurt.
He must have run into trouble.
I'm Doc Hiatt.
I didn't want you to mistake me
for the Archangel Michael.
You don't look much like any of
the pictures I've seen of him.
Hi, Laurie.
How do you feel?
Care to dance?
Save the next one for me, will you?
Make it a nice slow waltz till he
gets on his feet again.
Young man, there's nothing
wrong with you,
except you lost a lot of blood.
A little rest will
take care of that.
I'll take good care of him, Doctor.
If I were younger and had
an offer like that,
I wouldn't mind getting shot.
I'll drop by tomorrow.
Thank you.
How long are you going to let
Meredith kick you around?
Until I get ready to leave town.
- And when's that going to be?
Any day now.
You've got a lot of nerve coming here
haven't you done enough already?
You can wait outside, Kate.
Jed and I have a little business.
That was $200 you wanted, wasn't it?
Could you use another 1,000?
You know the answer to that.
What do I have to do for it?
Doc Hiatt says Clay O'Mara's
going to live.
I say he's wrong.
Doc never was
very good at guessing.
That Silver shipment's
due in four days.
Just before you leave town, drop in
on O'Mara at the Sheriff's house.
We're going to do like you say.
We'll kiss this town goodbye
right after the Bullion robbery.
Why do we have to wait for that?
- There's $100,000 on that shipment.
Not for you, there isn't.
- Why not?
When Meredith and the wagon show up
for that silver, I won't be around.
I'll be driving hard to Diablo.
That's the first place
they'd look for you.
I'll be there long enough to hide
the silver till things cool down.
What happens to me?
- We get together in Dallas.
Here, this will take care of you
till I get there.
Did Meredith give you this money?
- It's a present.
I'll bet, what kind of dirty work
does it buy?
It buys nothing, I'm going to double
cross Meredith right down the line.
Kind of late, ain't it?
Start your trip without the Bullion,
we've been double-crossed.
By Jed Ringer?
- By no one else.
What went wrong?
- Everything!
Is O'Mara still at your house?
He is, I thought Ringer was
supposed to take care of him?
He was.
- What happened to him?
He got a little greedy.
He killed the driver and two guards
and ran out on both of us.
Any idea which way he's headed?
- Diablo.
Let's go.
- No.
You're not going to let him
get away with this?
You bring him in,
you bring the silver in.
What good will that do?
- Keep him from enjoying it.
There's a better way.
You still have a deputy.
Let him take Ringer for us.
He doesn't have to
know about the silver.
We got to have some reason for
sending him out.
He's looking for the man
who killed his folks.
Why couldn't that be Ringer?
You still got a deputy
named O'Mara around here?
Yeah, he's still around.
That calls for a celebration.
Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
You're looking almost well.
It's because you're such
a good nurse.
You ought to make a career
out of taking care of me.
I intend to.
When are we leaving for Denver?
As soon as we can.
Doc Hiatt said you'd be able
to travel by tomorrow.
Who else have you been talking to?
Reverend Moorehead.
He's free tomorrow morning.
Has your uncle got
his shotgun ready?
You're not going to jilt me!
Look, I didn't come to Santiago
to find a bride.
You happy that you did?
No, just that I haven't finished
what I came here to do.
But you...
I got something to show you.
Ringer left town last night
I checked through his room
and found this bill of sale
for your father's cattle.
Looks like he's the man
I'm looking for.
It's pretty strong evidence
against him.
Think he headed for Diablo?
- Probably.
That's where I'm headed.
Clay, you're not going!
Don't try to stop me, Laurie.
I can't mean very much to you
if you think nothing of risking
your life and our future.
My father and brother thought
they had a future, too.
I'm sorry, Clay.
I guess I wasn't thinking right,
I know you have to do this.
Hey, O'Mara!
Well, hello.
I brought a bucket of beer for Clay.
He's not here. He's gone.
Did he go looking for me?
No, Jed Ringer.
What's old Jed done now?
He's the one who killed
Clay's father and brother.
Who said so?
- My uncle.
Where's your uncle?
- He's gone, too.
My compliments.
Come in.
No, I always like to keep
in touch with old friends.
They running you out of town, Kate?
That's a habit of mine,
losing interest.
Of course, I might always
get it back.
Is that what you
came up to tell me?
As a matter of fact, I was wondering
where I could locate Jed.
What do you want with Jed?
Nothing, but Clay O'Mara does.
They found out about
the robbery already?
What robbery?
All I heard is O'Mara found out it
was Jed who killed his folks.
Who told him that?
- Kenyon.
That dirty, double-crossing...
- Jed was in on the deal someplace.
He only helped them move the cattle.
It was Meredith
who did the shooting!
Meredith? That ain't the way
the Sheriff told it.
I think I'll go see Mr Kenyon.
Now get out, Whitey.
I have to get dressed.
Don't mind me.
Get out.
Is the sheriff in?
Not right now,
could I take a message?
Yeah, you can take a message.
Tell him if anything
happens to Jed Ringer,
I'm going to come back and kill him.
I don't understand.
Your Uncle told O'Mara
Jed killed his folks.
I know.
Jed didn't do it.
- Why would uncle...
Because he's trying to frame an
innocent man to save his own hide.
You can't mean that!
You mean to tell me you don't know
what's been going on?
No, I guess you wouldn't at that.
You're engaged to Tom Meredith,
aren't you?
Not any more.
You don't know how lucky you are!
He's the one who did the killing.
You get rid of the wagon,
I'll meet you when I finish here.
I didn't know this is
a Wells Fargo station?
Ain't said it was.
How did you come by it?
I found it sitting on the road,
nobody around.
You're under arrest.
I had nothing to do with it.
I told you, I found it.
Hey, I've been looking for you.
I heard you was
looking for Jed Ringer.
I didn't know it was advertised.
- Your girl told me.
Where'd you see Laurie?
At the house, I brought you beer
but you'd already left town!
Why don't you let me know what
you're going to do?
That's why I was looking for you.
I forgive you, kid, as long as
I didn't miss the fire works!
Who stole the express wagon?
That's what I aim to find out.
I ain't talking.
Better change your mind, Frank.
He's a friend.
Are you going in after him or are
you going to wait till he comes out?
What would you do?
I'd wait, he's bound
to get hungry sometime
and he can't eat
that silver shipment.
I've waited too long already.
It's more exciting this way.
Some folks run to fires,
I run to shooting.
Don't get yourself hurt, Whitey.
It's me, Whitey Kincade!
And don't waste no lead on me!
I'm just stringing along to see
you and O'Mara shoot it out!
You're cornered, Ringer.
Throw out your gun.
Don't you do it, Ringer!
Shoot it out!
You don't want to hang, do you?
It's your last chance, Ringer.
Come on out.
Nice shooting, kid, I wouldn't have
missed it for nothing.
Looks bad, Whitey.
Think you can sit on a horse?
Sure I can, just give me a hand.
Ha, what a laugh!
I can see the marker now,
"Here lies Whitey Kincade,
an innocent bystander".
Sort of off your range, ain't you?
- Your brothers around?
Haven't seen them
since yesterday, why?
We're riding after O'Mara, thought
you might like to go along.
All right.
What happened to you, Whitey?
Help me get him inside.
Get me some clean rags
and a bottle of that whisky.
Is there a doctor in this town?
- Not even a horse doctor!
Rig me up a buckboard. I got to get
Whitey to Santiago.
Looks like O'Mara's in the saloon.
Whitey Kincade must be with him,
there's his horse.
Maybe we're lucky.
Whitey, Sheriff Kenyon's outside.
- Who's with him?
Tom Meredith and Tim Lowerie.
- That figures.
I better tell him about Ringer.
You go through those swinging doors,
and you'll be dead before me!
What do you mean?
Why do you think Kenyon
sent you out after me?
And the Lowerie brothers?
Because he figured
you'd never come back.
You tried to tell me that
once before.
You thought I was making jokes.
Then it wasn't Ringer.
No. Meredith shot them both down.
Why didn't you tell me that
back at the mine?
Because you thought it was Ringer
he had a good chance to kill you.
I figured if you was going to die
you might as well die happy.
Still hard to believe
that Kenyon has...
Why, because you're sweet
on his niece?
Hold it, kid.
If you're so anxious to get shot,
I can do it right here
and save you the trouble of going
through those doors.
You getting real soft, Whitey.
I told you once before,
if I ever started feeling like
a human being, I'd shoot myself.
It's all right, Laurie.
There's something I got to tell you.
I already know.
Uncle Fred?
He's dead. Meredith's in jail.
Have your tickets ready, please.
Well, hello Clay, I haven't
seen you around lately.
I took a leave of absence, Henry.
- Been thinking of taking one myself!
This pass looks all right for you
but what about the young lady?
That reads 'and family', doesn't it?
Sure does.
- Meet Mrs O'Mara.
Well, I'll be! Congratulations.
Excuse me, I've got to close the
windows, we're coming to a tunnel.
Is it a long tunnel?
It's long enough.
Let's not waste it then.