Ride Him, Cowboy (1932) Movie Script

So don't come
back without it.
All right.
We'll get him
when he comes out.
Come on.
What was that?
Sounds like Duke.
That's just why I've got to go
Get back there.
Get out of here.
Take this.
Hurry up, boys,
and be careful.
with a horse
that's gone bad.
Granddaddy. You're not
gonna let them kill Duke.
We'll have to abide
by the judge's decision.
over a poor
little horse.
All ready, Your Honor
what all this ruckus is about.
Uh, I'd like to
say a word, judge.
Oh, you must believe me.
Why, yes. He don't seem
to bother her.
I'm trying this case.
Miss Ruth, I'd keep away
from that horse if I was you.
I am about to pass sentence
in this case.
Just a moment, judge.
I'll fine you
for contempt of court.
Shut that gate
He's ready to go.
It's a bet,
Stay on him!
Foul! He throwed
the horse!
He sure knows
horse flesh, honey.
All right.
Yes they could,
all right.
Because it's a meeting
of the vigilantes.
of this killer and his
gang for good and all?
Maybe he could tell
us how to catch a hawk.
We need 'em.
Sit down, old man. Sit down.
now's the time
to speak up.
like to back up his own idea
It's the least
we can do for him.
I'll be on hand.
Well, I guess
that's about all.
Well, good luck, Drury.
Thank you.
All right. John.
if he met up
with the Hawk.
Oh, gosh,
I sure love to dance.
Well, why don't
you try it sometime?
A birth of a teardrop?
The birth of a smile
When we meet
In the after a while
Do you wonder that
we're all afraid of him?
I promise to be on guard.
I don't think it's right.
What on earth
is Duke up to now?
if I know what
Duke's up to.
Well, Duke, would you like
to go Hawk hunting with me
But that settles it.
Don't worry, Ruth,
I won't forget
All set to go.
Let's go.
We may as well
rest here a while.
Stay here, boy,
and cool off.
You won't be needin'
a guide much longer.
and a dead shot.
with a shootin' iron
yourself, Sims
You can take care of
yourself, all right.
Why, n-no.
Well, that's the kind
of shooting I'd like to see.
Come on. Get up.
Go ahead.
Ah. Let's keep back.
Catchin' hawks is
out of your line.
You won't have much use
for this, I reckon.
with old Sol
to keep you company.
Well, you're gonna
play it all by yourself.
food in
your saddlebags...
Just a step away.
Adios, amigo.
Oh, here he comes now.
He's inside, boss.
Howdy, boss.
All right.
Saddle up, men.
Come on, boy.
Keep it up, boy.
Come on, Duke.
My boy!
Oh, my boy. Jimmy!
But Sims is just the man
I want to see.
All right, Grandpa.
There. Hm?
Looks like a mouth organ.
What's this?
and scour the desert
for John Drury.
Let's go.
Whoa, boys.
Come on.
Stick'em up!
All right, boys,
let's get goin'.
with you now, Ronald?
Bring him over there.
till after the trial.
And the prisoner will get
every consideration.
Heh. It's my duty to stay here
and protect this sick man.
the court appoints you
persecutin' attorney.
in plain cow-countryman talk
He sure is.
you may proceed.
Hey, here he comes now.
Oh, look.
Who's this comin'?
Get out of sight, men.
Why, uh...
They may be
hanging him now.
Let's ride, men.
when we were
out on the desert.
Objection overruled.
and extraneous.
Have you got anything furt
her to say for yourself?
That's all.
I forgot.
All right, miss.
retire to deliberate.
The jury will rise.
And don't spend
too much time arguin'.
and you can
recommend hanging.
from hanging
an innocent man.
I know John Drury
is innocent, judge.
Henry Sims.
I tell you that
Henry Sims is the Hawk
Come on.
Stick'em up.
We got 'em
all covered.
and I'm takin'
Keep back, Gaunt.
Let me go. Stop!
Get in there.
Get around
that wall there.
Duke, come on!
And be sure you're slow
about doin' it.
Hold 'em now.
All right.
Come on, boys.
Ronald, wail till I-
Aw, Ronald.
Oh, it's the boss.
Take care of him
on the inside.
Lock that door.
Let me go.
Make yourself at
home for a while.
you and I'll be on our way
across the border.
Ronald, come on.
Now, now- What-?
I've ever seen.
Come on, quick.
The boss is in trouble.
A little harder, fellas.
Look out,
Stick 'em up!
Get their guns,
Get back there!
Reach for the ceilin' there!
Go ahead.