Ride Like a Girl (2019) Movie Script

NARRATOR: Michelle Payne
was just six months old
when her mother Mary
died in a car accident,
leaving her father, Paddy,
a single dad to ten children
ranging in age from 16
to a tiny baby.
PADDY: She was being breastfed
when her mother was killed,
and, uh, that was a worry.
But she came through it good,
took the bottle straightaway.
MICHELLE: I think all the kids
helped out and it wasn't too bad.
Bernadette used to look
after me. [CHUCKLES]
Stevie and I
were the little kids,
so we'd always get left out
most of the time,
but we still had a lot of fun.
NARRATOR: The bond between
Stevie and his little sister
was plain to see.
MICHELLE: Growing up
in a family of ten kids
is like you would imagine.
Without our mum in our lives,
it was just crazy,
hectic as anything.
Everybody had to work
at the stables.
It was just like
everybody had their set chores
and we all had to work.
That was just the way it was.
NARRATOR: Eight of Paddy's
ten children became jockeys.
INTERVIEWER: What do you find
the hardest part?
MICHELLE: Probably keeping
my weight down.
- INTERVIEWER: Were you always going to
be a jockey?
- Yep.
INTERVIEWER: Did you ever think
of doing anything else?
Um... no, not at all. [CHUCKLES]
of jockey would you like to be?
I just want to win
the Melbourne Cup.
Mum, Bridge, stay with me.
Stay with me.
[WHISPERS] That's a good boy.
He's a good boy.
Here I am, Lord
Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling...
BERNADETTE: Come on. We're late.
Come on, Stevie.
Come on, Michelle.
I will go, Lord
If you lead me
I will hold
Your people in my heart.
Lord, we pray,
- that through faith, we will survive
all trials...
...in the full knowledge
of your resurrection.
THERESE: That's disgusting!
- PRIEST: Prayer is our path to hope.
- THERESE: Such a pig.
- PATRICK: ...dealt it!
- PRIEST: If we
truly believe, then miracles can happen.
Like a long shot
in race six at Randwick
getting up and paying at 40/1,
as it did last Saturday.
- God be praised!
CATHY: And it's Canny Boy
in with a chance
moving up the straight.
But now it's Let's Elope
coming up on the inside.
- Let's Elope has spotted the gap--
- Faster!
...and is making a break
from Canny Boy,
who doesn't seem to be able
to handle the weight.
- PATRICK: Get up!
- Wait!
From out of nowhere,
Canny Boy pulls
herself up out of the mud--
MAN: Come on, Canny Boy!
...and makes
one last desperate move!
- Food's up!
- I told you, no whips.
- Since when?
Need some help, bud?
PADDY: Come on, little boy!
Oh, Therese, the salad! Wilbur!
- BERNADETTE: All right, lunch is up!
- This took three hours!
BERNADETTE: Can you please
sit at the table?
MARGARET: Guys? Shh, shh.
Bless us, O Lord...
ALL: ...for these, thy gifts,
which we're about to receive.
May the Lord make us
truly thankful. Amen.
BRIGID: Four wins, I've had
for Ginger Hern.
The moment Sapphire Rose gets
Group 2, I'm off for a bloke.
- Can't we say something, Dad?
- It's not my place, Brigid.
You just keep doing the work
and I'm sure Ginger will
give you a ride eventually.
Yeah, work twice as hard
and get half the rides.
- BRIGID: Exactly, it's not fair!
MICHELLE: Dad, Patrick's eating
Come on, son.
It's not worth the risk.
J. Pender will be there
- He'll be looking for a lightweight.
- Dad!
I'm a lightweight.
He's never asked me.
But, Dad, Brigid is better
than Patrick.
- PATRICK: Thanks a lot, Stinky.
- ANDREW: Dad, Steadfast Lad,
too randy to run straight.
Just rub some Vicks on his nose.
If he can't smell the fillies,
he'll be right.
Should try that on Andrew.
- PATRICK: Oh, yeah, take that!
MAN: [ON TV] Well, that horse
is gonna be a champion.
Well, can't anyone
understand that?
He's gonna be a champion!
- Can't anyone understand that?
- A champion!
- ANDREW: Cut it out! Cut it out!
THERESE: [GASPS] There it is!
Shelly ate the plum pudding!
Leave me alone!
Stevie did it too!
Stevie's got Down's syndrome.
You should know better.
ANDREW: Come on, smelly Shelly.
You're up next.
Stop it. She's on kitchen duty.
- ANDREW: Come on.
- It's Cathy's turn!
- It is not!
- ANDREW: Gloves on, Stinky.
It's your turn, Michelle.
I've done the schedule.
- Your turn, your turn!
- Stop pulling my hair!
- Just let go of me!
- PATRICK: Just let go!
You can all go get stuffed!
Where are you going
with that?
I'm going to dig up Mum.
Well, you won't find her
out there, little girl.
If Mum was here, she'd stop
them pulling my hair.
Well, she is here.
She's up there looking after us.
Is she an angel?
You bet she is.
She was when
she was alive as well.
Wish I could see her.
Yeah, that'd be good.
Melbourne Cup, 1965?
Light Fingers.
The Professor. Roy Higgins.
Empire Rose.
Think Big?
I reckon those horses will be
getting hungry now.
MICHELLE: Green and yellow
stripes with red sleeves.
PADDY: Yeah.
God bless Dad and Brigid,
Margaret, Patrick,
Therese, Bernadette,
God bless Maree and Cathy,
and even Andrew.
God bless Wilbur,
and all the horses, and Mum.
PADDY: Not bad. Once again.
Come on, come on!
You're going to be a champion!
MARGARET: Okay, Black Elastic
has been scratched from race six.
I carved a T in it, see?
BERNADETTE: That's not a T.
It doesn't even look like a T. It's a B.
- THERESE: Don't you know your alphabet?
- That's mine. B for Brigid.
Hey, that's Therese's! Brigid!
Can't anyone ever sleep in
in this house? [GROANS]
BERNADETTE: I can't believe
she just took it like that.
Yeah, I'm taking her helmet
for that.
Why are you in the sick chair?
Patrick moved when I was trying
to punch him. Ankle's swollen.
- Can't even get my boot on.
- PADDY: Give it here.
"Can't even get my boot on."
- Don't be such a sook, Andrew.
- THERESE: Watch this.
MARGARET: Can you go
help Patrick load the horses?
- BERNADETTE: Why can't Maree help?
- MAREE: I've got a broken arm.
ANDREW: There's no way
I can ride.
Hold that, little girl.
Foot in the air.
Put this in there.
Good as gold. Okay.
Righto, load up!
In the back.
Come on, boy.
PADDY: Shut up.
[SHOUTS] Shut up!
It's history at Ballarat today.
Five of the Payne family siblings
will be taking part in race four.
A Guinness Book of Records
So, the field is set,
and they're off!
How are they doing, little girl?
Therese is in front.
It's too early. I told her.
What about the others?
- Brigid's fourth.
- PADDY: Patrick?
- Seventh.
- Smart boy.
Could hear your girls
screaming at each other
from the other side
of the track, Paddy.
Wouldn't be my girls, Joanie.
[LAUGHS] I got you two
an ice cream.
Andrew's coming last.
Good for Andrew.
They're bunched tight
on the turn.
JOANIE: Shelly...
PADDY: They'll drift out
somewhere round the 400.
- Shelly, ice-cream.
- Therese is dropping back.
- Brigid?
- MICHELLE: She's moved to the outside.
Go, Brigid!
- Brigid, right?
- MICHELLE: By a length.
Then Patrick.
Therese come third.
Andrew come last.
Well, I hope
J. Pender was watching.
A few more races like that,
and Patrick will get a run
at the Melbourne Cup.
But Brigid won.
Girls don't ride
the Melbourne Cup.
PADDY: I'll make you a cuppa.
- No. I can't have anything.
- Listen.
Every jockey feels like this
before the Melbourne Cup.
PATRICK: But the odds
are so long.
It's just gambling.
It's nothing to do with
riding a horse.
The only thing that matters
is the odds you give yourself.
I've got my money on you.
Oh, thanks.
Hang on! No, no!
Careful, careful! Careful!
And there's an air of excitemet
before the 1991 Melbourne Cup.
Australia's most important
race card about to begin.
All set to go for
the Melbourne Cup.
Stand by for the race
that stops the nation.
The light's on. Away and racing!
- Go, Patrick!
Oh, Patrick's out in front!
- MICHELLE: Go, Patrick!
- WOMAN: Come on, Patrick!
Go, Sunshine Sally!
Oh. No, up, up, up, up.
Right. Go right.
Yes! That's it! Perfect!
MICHELLE: Come on, Patrick!
Go, Patrick! Go!
Go, Patrick! Let her go!
Here comes Super Impose.
At the 200, Let's Elope
races to the lead...
WOMAN: Oh, he's fallen
right behind!
Shiva's Revenge is late.
But Let's Elope bolted
in the Melbourne Cup!
Shiva's Revenge,
a Cummings quinella!
- Third, Magnolia Hall and then-
Patrick come last.
How can a horse
that was winning come last?
PADDY: Because he went fast
at the wrong end of the race.
Yep. That's the Melbourne Cup.
It's an upside-down race.
Anyway, if you can go
from first to last,
no reason you can't go
from last to first.
- See you. Have a good day.
- See you, bud.
- Bye, Dad. Thanks. Hey, good luck,
- CATHY: Thanks.
- GIRL: Stevie!
PADDY: Come on, Stevie.
Stop staring.
Oh my life
So, it's not that she's falling
behind in her studies, then?
No, Michelle is
an above-average student.
It's just that...
she keeps asking
to be excused from class,
sometimes as often
as four or five times.
Well, she does have
her mum's bladder.
I am concerned that
she may have the bulimia.
The... The what?
It's an eating disorder.
Eating disorder? She's
the only one that does eat!
It is not healthy
to starve yourself.
Sister, I take it
you've never been a jockey?
Come on. Come on. Come on!
Because it came from you
That's it. That's it!
Yes! Yes!
What the dickens
is going on here?
I just wanted to see how Brigid
was going at Sandown.
Five Payne girls I've lost,
and all for what?
So they could sit on the back
of a quadruped for $5 an hour?
That's it. You don't have to
follow your sisters.
Commit to your education.
Make your own choice.
Oh my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way
Pull up. Pull up!
What was wrong with that?
PADDY: Your timing's out.
I counted it right.
You're my apprentice.
If I say you're out, you're out!
Now, six at evens,
last two furlongs at 12.
In your head, "One monkey,
two monkeys, three monkeys."
MICHELLE: [WHISPERS] Four monkeys,
five monkeys, six monkeys...
PADDY: Always walk the track
before you race,
but between races,
not when it's looking like
a bowling green.
And memorize
where the divots are.
There's no point
after they've filled them in.
Now, feel it.
How much moisture's in it?
It's damp.
What about over there?
- Harder.
- PADDY: Which means?
- Faster.
- Good.
So, no matter
what barrier you draw,
you want to get to
the hardest part of the course,
quick as you can.
How you race...
is written in there.
Come on, little girl.
A horse gallops with his lungs,
he perseveres with his heart
and he wins with his character.
PADDY: It's not just about speed.
It's about patience.
You're all bunched in,
you can't breathe,
you think it's all done,
and then the horses all start
fatiguing at different times.
And suddenly, a gap opens.
And that's God talking to you.
And you'd better listen to God,
because he will close that gap
quicker than you can say
your mother's name.
You're riding slow. Pick it up.
Use your knees. Use your hands.
If you don't take the gap,
they'll say you're a coward,
because you're a girl.
It's all about strength.
You've got to keep enough petrol
in the tank for the last 100.
It's not about strength.
It's about positioning.
You don't rely on the whip.
You push up the neck
with the heel of your hands.
And if you take the gap
and lose,
they'll say you're reckless
and lacking in technique,
because you're a girl.
PADDY: Good!
Finally, you're listening to me!
- Yours is over there, love.
- No girls in here.
MAN: Love.
You're in here.
PADDY: Now, remember
what I taught you.
Wait till they fan,
look for the gap.
That's where
you'll win or lose the race.
You good?
Michelle come last, Dad.
Thanks, Steve.
MAN: Keep going!
STEVIE: Michelle come last, Dad.
Yeah, I noticed that, Stevie.
She come last, Dad!
Get out of there, Michelle!
Don't say it, Stevie.
- Want a pie?
- Yes, please.
Come on.
MICHELLE: I saw the gap.
How come you didn't take it?
[SIGHS] I couldn't.
The gap was moving faster
than my horse.
PADDY: Maybe you just
don't have it in you.
I think we could give your old
school a call tomorrow.
Yeah. Might have to repeat the
school year, but, you know...
You can knock me down
But I know
I will stand back up
You can tell me
what I can't do
But you know
I'mma call your bluff
Mm, yeah
I don't care
What you think I need
I'll never be
What you want me to be...
- MAN: Clear!
- ANNOUNCER: Stand by.
I'm gonna fight like a girl
Gonna take on the world
With this fire in my soul
Run for the diamonds
And gold
I'm making my own way,
Own way
And I'm never gonna break
Oh, I...
PADDY: It's not just
about speed.
It's about patience.
ANNOUNCER: She gets the upper
hand and draws away.
A big moment
for Michelle Payne.
ANNOUNCER: Michelle kicks off
her career in great style.
MAN: Good on ya, Shelly!
Top ride, love!
ANNOUNCER: So the dynasty that is
the Payne clan continues.
Remarkably, an eighth
Payne sibling jockey
comes back a winner.
She's had a fall.
Our... beloved daughter...
sister and jockey.
She was just the second woman
in the state
to ride professionally.
She didn't just
break down barriers.
She knocked them
right over. [SOBS]
She's with her mother now.
PADDY: Hi, little girl.
You go good?
Yeah. I won.
I want to ride with Ginge.
No way. You've still got a year
of your apprenticeship to go.
You let the others ride with
different trainers. Why can't I?
Because you're not ready!
I'm ready.
PADDY: You're ready
when I say you are!
I'm ready, Dad.
I'm lucky if I get
a ride a month.
You've only got Chattanooga
and Percival's Pride left, Dad.
How am I supposed
to get race-fit
when you've only got two horses?
Patience, little girl.
You just need more time.
I've been patient for two years.
You could have a fine career
in the country.
I don't want a fine career
in the bloody country!
I want to ride Group 1s.
I want to be the best.
How long do I have to wait for?
Till I'm dead?
You will do as I say,
little girl!
I'm not your little girl.
Hi. I'm Michelle Payne.
Uh, I'm a jockey.
I'm available for track work.
I'll just be outside
if anyone needs me.
How'd she run?
JOCKEY: Yeah, clean in the wind,
big, strong action
on the straight.
All right, well,
take her round again. Easy.
Another Payne, eh?
Is that tap ever gonna
be turned off?
Oh, I'm still an apprentice,
but I'm happy to ride--
How's your dad?
Good! Yeah. Yeah, good.
Say g'day to him for me.
MAN: You reckon she'll be ready
by Saturday, mate?
See you get him
stretched out a little.
- Ollie.
- Ollie.
- Hey, fellas.
- G'day, son.
- D. Oliver!
Ah, the great man.
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Ollie, how are you, son?
- Good, good.
JOAN: How's Shelly going
in the big smoke?
PADDY: Well, Cathy says
she's struggling.
Therese tells me--
Hang on, why are
Cathy and Therese
telling you about
your own daughter?
I think she might need someone
to manage her down there.
If you're looking at me, I've
never managed anyone in my life.
See, all the others, they...
they had their time with Mary,
but Michelle,
she's never had any, um...
Someone more than a manager.
Someone to look out for her.
More of a...
female type.
Suppose that roughly sums me up.
I know you won't give me
a race ride yet,
but, um... I'm happy
just to do track work.
You don't even need to pay me.
WOMAN: Thanks, Garry.
Your brother Patrick's
going well as a trainer.
Yeah, he is.
And Andrew's
moved into training too?
Yeah, he has.
You as good as your sisters?
So, will you give me a ride
or not?
That depends on whether
you give me one.
I stand in the corner
Like a tired boxer
One hand on my cheekbone,
One hand on the rope
And all my veins
Pump blood into my throat
So I can hit the note,
Go do it all again
Tell 'em all I said hi
Tell 'em all I said hi...
How'd you go today? Any luck?
Yeah, good.
Got a couple of possibilities.
CATHY: Yeah. Thanks, Dad.
No, I know.
I'm over the moon. Yeah.
Hey, Michelle just walked in.
I'll hand you over.
Okay. Okay.
Bye, Dad.
Said he had to go
feed the horses.
So, Kerrin and I have
some news...
Do you reckon you could
introduce me to Lee Freedman?
I told you she'd do this.
I'm retiring.
CATHY: [LAUGHS] Kerrin and I
are getting married!
No, why are you retiring?
Because I've had
over 3,000 rides
and there's other things
I want to do
than get up at 3 a.m. and ride
round and round in circles.
Cong-- Congratulations!
- Thank you!
- Thanks.
Bairdy wants me
to take him out again.
Really? Well, he never told me.
Yeah. Give us a leg up.
Who's that riding
your horse, Bairdy?
No bloody idea.
It's the Payne girl.
BAIRDY: Not bad form.
Hard to tell
with her jodhpurs on.
Tell 'em all I said hi.
JOAN: Yes, she's got
great balance in the saddle.
Yes. "She".
It is a female name
for a good reason, Clive.
A woman jockey.
No, we've covered that, Rusty.
Yeah, female.
A human mare, if you like.
No, Andrew's a trainer now.
Okay, I'm not gonna argue, Nate.
Your loss.
Dad asked you to be
my manager, didn't he?
No. I offered.
Okay, yes, he did, but I'm not
supposed to tell you.
And, yes, I have no experience,
and clearly I'm no good at it.
Oh. Hello, Colin.
Gee, I don't know.
She's pretty busy.
Yeah, look, we should be able
to make that work.
Okay. She'll be there. Bye.
And we're off and racing!
JOANIE: No, Mick, Werribee's gonna be
too tight for her to get to.
MICHELLE: No, it's not.
Kyneton 11:20,
Kyabram... See, 2:10...
- Hands on the wheel.
- And back to
Werribee at four o'clock. It's fine.
Oh, dear Jesus, Shelly.
Pull over. Let me drive.
I'll call you back.
Sooner or later,
I'll find my place
Find my body
better fix my face
Please don't ask me
How I've been getting off
No, please don't ask me
How I've been getting off
It's a fine line
Between pleasure and pain
You've done it once,
You can do it again
Whatever you've done,
Don't try to explain
It's a fine, fine line
between pleasure and pain
Think that'll show
under the dress?
Unless I get a Group 1,
my career's going nowhere.
You need to call
the owners directly.
Shelly, it's my one day off.
I'm trying to get an outfit organized
for your sister's wedding.
"Weapon of Mass Reduction"?
Now we're talking!
Have you called your father yet?
I tried.
Well, please try harder. You're
both as stubborn as each other.
"Slims, shapes and sculpts".
What am I, the Venus de Milo?
I have tried twice.
He hasn't even tried at all.
Twice! Really? That hard?
Ooh! You must be exhausted.
JOANIE: Hello, Peter.
Oh. Um...
No, I'm afraid
she's solidly booked.
Oh! Oh. H-- Hang on.
No, I might just be able
to squeeze you in...
It'll be tight, but I think
she'll be able to do it.
Excellent. Bye!
- You've got a Group 1.
- Are you for real?
Peter Summers. Krasky.
Moonee Valley!
- Stevie.
- STEVIE: Hi, Shelly.
Hey. Hey, buddy. Um...
- Is Dad there?
- STEVIE: Yeah, he is.
Do you reckon you could
get him for me?
Dad. Michelle's on the phone.
He said he's too busy.
Hey, can you tell him
that I got a Group 1?
- Thanks, bud.
- See ya.
ANNOUNCER: And a big welcome to
Moonee Valley on a major Group 1 day.
The track is in
magnificent condition
and it's rated a good four,
and the rail is in
the true place today...
WOMAN: Oh, hi, Damien, hi!
So excited to meet you!
- You made it!
- Sure did.
- [LAUGHS] Did Dad bring you?
- STEVIE: No. Cathy did.
I put ten bucks on you.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, thanks, buddy!
Fourth place. [GIGGLES]
Slow on the rail.
STEVIE: It's okay, boy.
Hey, boy. Just relax.
How you going?
You're a good boy.
Gonna win today.
Good boy.
You know that you're not
supposed to be in there?
It's okay.
I'm Down syndrome.
You like horses, do you?
Some I do, some I don't.
Yeah, some give me
the shits too.
What do you think of this one?
He's lonely.
But I love this horse.
What's your name, mate?
Stevie Payne.
- You Paddy's son?
- STEVIE: Yes, I am.
There's a good boy.
Left on a pretty good line, to.
Krasky showed
not a great deal of speed...
JOCKEY: Oi! Keep going!
- JOCKEY 1: Get back! What are you
- JOCKEY 2: Get off me!
Coming through!
JOCKEY 1: You're bloody on me!
Get off!
Get out of the way!
- MICHELLE: Get off me!
back to the bush where you belong!
But Michelle Payne is in
the winner's circle tonight,
and she gets Krasky home
by three-quarters.
Eldehara second, ahead of Smooth Crew,
then Twisted Heart,
a gap in the race
in to Princess Tippity...
You should be hauled in front
of the stewards for that.
You put the entire field
in danger.
I put the field in danger?
You're the one in the wrong.
You moved when there was no room.
What do you want me to do?
Roll out the red carpet for you?
MICHELLE: Just remind me who came first
and who came second.
Correct weight.
I'm pulling you
from Cranbourne tomorrow.
The wedding's at 1:00.
It's too tight.
No, it's not. No, I've done
the timings. It's fine.
Nice ride out there, Michelle.
- Thanks, Rusty.
- RUSTY: G'day, Joan.
Do you reckon you can get your
weight down to 50 by Saturday?
No, Rusty, she definitely
can't. She's 53 kilos.
- Horse?
- Vladivostok. Sandown.
Group 1.
Sure can.
- Three kilos? No way.
- Easy.
- Great.
- MICHELLE: Thanks.
PRIEST: What terrific conditions
we have here today, folks.
We've got a fine young filly
from a great pedigree
and a terrific young stallion.
PRIEST: But seriously,
we gather here
to unite these two people
in matrimony.
Their decision to marry
has not been taken lightly,
and today, they publicly declare
their private love and devotion
to each other.
PADDY: K. McEvoy,
what can I say?
I would thank him for
taking Cathy off my hands,
except look at you, mate.
You're punching
above your weight.
- Oh!
He's a terrific bloke.
Uh, more importantly,
a terrific jockey.
PADDY: And a lucky one too,
because he's got our Cathy today,
and, um... like all my girls,
she gets her looks
from her mum, and, um...
we remember her today,
but, um...
Anyway, I want to toast
the bridal couple.
Please raise your glasses.
To K. McEvoy and Cathy.
- The happy couple.
PADDY: And if I could just
take a moment
to toast someone
who has done more work
than anyone else I know
and has finally been
rewarded for that.
Our Stevie...
has last week been offered
a full-time job for D.K. Weir
at his new training outfit
at Warrnambool.
- So, here's to you, Stevie.
PADDY: Good on ya, mate.
We're so proud of you, mate.
Stevie! Stevie! Stevie!
I am so proud of you, buddy.
You don't give nothing to me
You painted a smile
And you dress all the while
to excite me
Don't you know
you're turning me on...
- I'm gonna sit down.
- Yeah.
I can't stop...
How's it going, Stinky?
Come on. Haven't seen you
eat anything all night.
What weight are you
trying to get to?
50 by tomorrow.
[CHORTLES] Are you nuts?
I'm still two and a half over.
I finally have a chance
to ride a good horse.
I've spent a year
riding all the hacks.
Group 1s always get
pulled off for the blokes.
No, no, no. Every apprentice
gets pulled off rides, Stinky.
I was pulled off,
what, ten times?
[SCOFFS] Try 100!
ANDREW: He'll come 'round,
No, he won't.
He's stubborn and selfish.
He only thinks about himself.
Right. So you must
take after Mum, then.
He only ever wanted me to stick around
to help him run this place.
You really think that's why?
Maybe he didn't want to lose
another one of his girls.
- MAN: Fifty-two.
- MAN: Fifty.
Correct weight. Good job.
You all right?
- Yeah, good.
- Good.
- MAN: Forty-eight.
ANNOUNCER: So, the last
of them loading in now.
Vladivostok for Michelle Payne
takes her place in the stalls,
and they're ready
in the 1,300 meters.
MAN: Clear!
ANNOUNCER: Starter has them now.
They're set.
Ready to go.
ANNOUNCER: Vladivostok
for Michelle Payne jumps okay.
But doesn't muster early speed.
Space Lab and Future Perfect
first to begin
from Midnight Storm
and The Flag Is Flying.
JOCKEY: Come on,
give us a bit of room!
ANNOUNCER: ...the lead now and settles
in front of South Island.
Future Perfect
gets into a good place
ahead of Midnight Storm
and Space Lab, then Realign...
- JOCKEY: Keep going!
- ANNOUNCER: ...Door Fly, behind them...
JOCKEY: Get off me, jockey!
ANNOUNCER: Schumpeter well back
with Generalissimo
and Vladivostok well back
and held up for a run.
Turning in, Butt Out has it.
Tackled by South Island,
Midnight Storm and Future Perfect.
Running on now is Generalissim.
Schumpeter making ground.
Not a lot of room for Vladivostok,
but he is making ground.
In fact, he's charging
through the field.
South Island got to Butt Out
and Future Perfect.
Generalissimo running on.
But Vladivostok
bursts through late,
takes the lead for Michelle
Payne and gets up to win!
ANNOUNCER: Ooh! One down after going
over the line. Vladivostok there.
Vladivostok having a heavy fall
after the winning post.
The horse is quite okay
and the ambulance attendants
are rushing over
to help out Michelle Payne now.
Dad, Dad! She had a fall!
ANNOUNCER: She's not moving.
This looks to be a nasty one
as the ambulance attendants...
I know. I know. I'm on my way.
Oh, shit!
Andrew! Michelle's had a fall.
Michelle Payne
still unresponsive.
Tell me she's alive.
- What's the story?
- She in surgery?
- We don't know yet.
- PATRICK: Is it her neck?
Have you heard from Dad yet?
- No. Have you seen him?
- It's okay.
Anyone see her fall?
Where's the doctor? Is he here?
- CATHY: Here's Dad now.
- Who are we speaking to?
- I heard it was bad.
- CATHY: It looked really bad.
PATRICK: Hey, mate.
CATHY: Dad, they've intubated her
and they're trying to stabilize her,
but we don't know
anything else yet.
For the moment, she's better
in a comatose state.
The scans reveal
a lot of bleeding
inside and outside the brain,
and there is some evidence
of damage to the right
frontal lobe.
- What does that mean?
- DOCTOR: It means we wait.
The blood clots
will slowly reabsorb
and we'll be able to assess
the extent of Michelle's damage.
I'm sorry it's not great news.
It's your mum's.
I was selfish, I know that.
But I was right.
If... If...
If only I hadn't let her go.
No, stop kicking yourself,
You've done a grand job
under impossible circumstances.
I've lost two of them, Father.
You're a good man, Paddy.
God sees that.
It's not God's forgiveness
I'm after.
Come on.
Let's pray for her together.
BOTH: Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus...
Yeah, much better now.
Hey, Stinky.
Why the hell are you
giving her that?
Thought it might cheer her up.
She can't read, you moron.
You know, even if she could,
it's the last thing
she should be reading.
- Coffee?
- Sure.
In the second at Doomben,
we've got C. Webb
on Craig-Lee Rubble.
I hear he goes
like the clappers.
NURSE: Ready?
Gently, gently.
THERAPIST: Can you lift
that hand for me, Michelle?
Good girl.
Tell me...
do you remember
how to spell your name?
THERAPIST: That's okay.
How many fingers
am I holding up?
THERAPIST: That's enough
for today.
You did really well.
And we'll carry on tomorrow.
Who won the 1983 Melbourne Cup?
Jimmy 'Pumper' Cassidy.
- MICHELLE: Phar Lap.
- Colors?
Crimson, black-white sleeves.
See, you've got to ask
some questions
that she might at least
be interested in.
PADDY: Righto, Stevie.
All right, mate.
[GRUNTS] Here.
Right, let's have you,
little girl.
- There you go. Good.
Okay, mate.
Yeah, Andrew made that.
[SOFTLY] Shit!
DOCTOR: Well done.
You've made great progress,
But another injury to the head
could be fatal.
You've got to do
whatever you can to protect it.
When can I ride again?
CATHY: You're out of your mind.
Get married, go travelling
and have kids.
There's a reason they call it
the most dangerous sport
on earth.
- [SIGHS] Who'll look after you
if you're permanently brain-damaged?
Paralyzed? Dad can't.
I will.
JOAN: Shelly, I can't be
part of this anymore.
If I get you a ride
and something happens...
So, what do you want me to do?
Go back to being
the youngest of ten,
doing as I'm told
by everybody else?
Like you ever did
what you were told!
MICHELLE: I don't see you telling
your husbands to give up,
- and they've all been injured.
- CATHY: Dad, please,
just tell her.
I did try to do that once.
Didn't work out so well.
If that little girl's
made up her mind...
there's no-one here or in heaven that
can make her change it.
I was born in a thunderstorm
I grew up overnight
I played alone,
I played on my own
I survived
I wanted everything
I never had
Like the love
that comes with light
I'll pick you up in a week.
I'm getting the train home.
And I hated that
But I survived
DARREN: Stevie boy! All good?
- STEVIE: All good. Yep.
- Right.
MICHELLE: Hi, boy.
What are you doing in there?
What's going on?
What's wrong?
What's wrong, buddy?
DARREN: His name is
Prince of Penzance.
He's had more medical issues
than you.
It's a shame
you're out of action.
Could have taken him for a spin.
I'm not out of action.
I'm just on a break.
Doctor's given me a month.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
WOMAN: Prince's injury's healing
nicely. I've put it up for you.
- DARREN: Good. Thanks, darl.
DARREN: You can take him down
to the beach if you like.
MICHELLE: Beautiful boy!
We'll see if that
eases the tendon.
- Where's Stevie?
- MICHELLE: I have to ride that horse.
That is probably the best horse
I've ever ridden.
Hey, Dusty, when you've finished
your little beauty treatment,
take Trident out for a trot
and see if the hindquarters
are still tight.
DUSTY: No worries, Mr. Weir.
"Mister"? Do I look like
a bank manager to you, Mick?
- Not to me.
- Good.
You're still following me,
aren't you?
I will do whatever it takes.
I will drive every day
to Warrnambool.
- I have to ride that horse.
You've fractured your skull.
Now your back.
Both your elbows. Your neck.
Is there any part of you
that's not damaged?
My ability to win.
Fine. You can bunk in
with Stevie.
But... no promises.
You won't regret it, Mr. Weir!
You'll regret calling me that.
- DARREN: Don't. Good.
STEVIE: You're looking good.
MICHELLE: That's it, boy.
Oh, much stronger, Prince.
- STEVIE: Looking really good.
- MICHELLE: Much better.
- That's it, boy.
- STEVIE: That's it, boy!
He's getting better.
Good as new.
- Good boy.
- MICHELLE: Good boy.
Maddy, can you take him down
to the water walker?
- Put him on for ten minutes.
- MADDY: Yep.
- DARREN: He looks good.
Let's try him on a short run.
...Spirit pulled out, raced up,
but Prince of Penzance
has beaten off Laid Back Larry!
Prince of Penzance
and Oregon Spirit.
Down to the back, 50 to go.
Prince of Penzance
digs in hard, finds plenty,
and the Prince gets in by three-quarters
In the running,
here comes the Prince.
He said, "See you later, boys."
He moves up on the outside
and, in a bonanza performance,
goes home and wins well...
MAN: You managed him beautifully
in the final 400, Shell.
He sure runs well for you.
- Cheers!
- Sure does.
- Michelle Payne.
- Michelle Payne!
Now looking at the Moonee Valley Cup,
a qualifying race
for the Melbourne Cup,
and Opinion is the favorite.
Prince of Penzance,
Michelle Payne,
four runs back from a spell.
He's had his issues
with injuries,
but he might be a chance here.
This distance looks
ideal for him.
Ready to go.
They're off and racing.
And Opinion jumping well
over on the outside,
the favorite...
Opinion got away well,
and going through
is Black Tycoon
soon after the start.
Precedence is now
drifting back.
Black Tycoon, Au Revoir,
Albonetti are up there
ahead of Epingle and Le Roi,
who holds the rails.
ANNOUNCER: And on the outside,
Prince of Penzance strikes hard!
Prince of Penzance draws away
and wins it for Michelle Payne!
ANNOUNCER: Your attention, please.
There's a protest.
A protest
on the Moonee Valley Cup...
Don't antagonize them.
We need this win if he's gonna
get a run in the Melbourne Cup.
Just keep your cool.
MAN: Come in, riders.
Clearly, there was insufficient
room for you to take the run.
There was room when I went.
The runners ahead of me
shifted position and it closed.
Michelle, you of all people
should know better
than to put
other jockeys at risk.
I didn't.
Okay, let's... let's have
another look. Bernie?
MAN 1: This will tell the story.
MAN 2: She isn't holding
the line at all.
- MAN 1: That gap's tight.
- MAN 2: Gutsy.
She's forced Damien over
so far...
MAN 1: No, look at her! She's...
ALL: Ooh!
STEWARD: You are charged
with careless riding.
Any jockey worth their salt
would have taken that run!
STEWARD: Are you telling me
how to do my job?
No, I'm just saying that...
the gap was there when I went.
Just keep your cool.
Keep your cool.
You're suspended for 20 meets.
MICHELLE: I did not
cause that fall!
If that was an appeal...
- it's denied.
- This is not fair!
STEWARD: Do you want me
to make it 40 meets?
I'm taking this to the tribunal.
Oh, and how many times
have you done that, Michelle?
What about the win?
MAN: Well done, Darren!
MAN: Congratulations!
Next stop, Melbourne Cup!
I'm sorry, Michelle.
But you are the one that's suspended.
Not that horse.
I just qualified him
for the Melbourne Cup.
So, what do you want me to do?
Sit him in a paddock
for 20 meets?
I've been on every one of his
starts. I have had six wins.
Yeah. It was all you.
Dunno why they pay me.
STEVIE: Okay, Maddy.
DARREN: Keep going, Drew.
I'm proud of you.
- DARREN: All good, Drew?
- DREW: Yeah.
STEVIE: See you, Michelle.
Come on. Close up.
PADDY: I am not dead yet and I
do not want to be resuscitated.
If the Lord's will is
that I go, I go.
So just don't let them
put me under the knife.
I don't want it.
Barry over there's crook
as a dog, but I'm--
ANDREW: Dad, just calm down,
all right? You've had a heart attack.
I'm all right, aren't I, Nursie?
If the Lord wants me,
he can have me.
No, Dad.
The Lord doesn't want you.
I've lived a full life.
I did want to see you
settled down and happy,
like your sisters.
It's okay, Dad.
I've found the one.
I just... just hope
he's good enough for you.
Oh, he is, Dad.
He's a Prince.
How many legs has he got?
NURSE: Excuse me, guys?
He really does need his rest.
I'll give you a call
if anything changes.
See you tomorrow, Dad.
See you, Dad.
STEVIE: Michelle?
What will happen
if Dad goes away?
What will happen with me then?
I'll look after you, buddy.
Because you haven't got
a boyfriend.
No, you dingbat! [LAUGHS]
'Cause you're my best friend.
And... we're gonna build a home,
and I'll have a ton of horses.
I'll train 'em up and you'll be
my number one strapper.
What will happen if you die?
- Hello?
- THERESE: Michelle?
Michelle, he's gone.
THERESE: Michelle?
Stewards and doctors!
They know stuff-all!
Go fight for your Prince, love.
DARREN: She's served
her suspension.
She was the one that qualified your
for the Melbourne Cup by taking
So why not take one on her?
We've put thousands into this
broken horse's medical bills.
- Three bone chip operations.
- Major abdominal surgery.
Six years old.
It's a miracle he's racing.
- Exactly.
- This is our last chance to
make something back.
And if he doesn't end up
in the top ten,
that's money
we'll never see again.
Face facts
- no woman jockey's even come
close to winning the Melbourne Cup.
It all comes down to strength
in that last 100 meters.
Bottom line, she's too reckless.
That's why she got susp--
You've never had a problem
with me riding Prince.
And now all of a sudden
you want to replace me.
Shell, it's nothing personal.
We're just trying to give
the horse his best chance.
I have ridden him
in almost every race.
I get that horse and he gets me.
He's mine.
The Cup is a hard race.
You need strength.
I'll tell you what you need.
You think
it's all about strength.
It is about
so much more than that.
You need to understand
your horse.
You need the skill
to read the field.
And most of all...
you need to be patient!
And if you all think
differently, then...
well, then...
you're all a bunch
of bloody idiots!
Do you want to know how to win
the biggest race in the world?
Like that.
Busy Cup Day?
Are you for real?
[CHUCKLES] You're on.
- G'day, Darren.
- Hey, Neil.
If you get barrier 18,
just put it back.
Yes. 'Cause no horse
has ever won from 18.
- Stevie?
- Yep?
- Where's your tie?
- I don't wear ties.
- Why?
- I don't like 'em.
Neither do I.
All right, you need
to get me one or two, okay?
I'll get number one.
PRESENTER: [ON TV] And the best strapper
is gonna come forward
and pick the barrier.
Steve told me
he's after barrier one or two.
- And he's picked barrier one!
the magic touch, your brother..
PADDY: The only thing
that matters
is the odds you give yourself.
What do you think
his chances are, Stevie?
I reckon he'll beat
the lot of 'em!
Well, in that case...
I know you don't like them,
but today, you might have to
make an exception.
There we go.
Load it up.
MICHELLE: Hi, Therese.
Yes. Yes, I've eaten.
Uh, a Berocca and a Coke Zero.
[LAUGHS] That...
That does so count!
Okay. Bye.
Don't go too early.
I know. I got it.
Thanks. Bye.
Could you tell me
what the odds are
on Prince of Penzance, please?
Ooh. Impossible to one? Nah.
Female rider, up against
D. Oliver and F. Dettori?
But, happy to take your money!
Come on! Come on! Ooh!
I'd like to place $5 on her
each way, please.
It's a boy horse, ma'am.
I know it is.
I'm placing it on the girl.
Ah. $5 it is.
Love a woman who
throws caution to the wind.
Actually, make it ten...
each way.
No, 20. The win.
Thank you.
JOANIE: Sister.
- Morning, Trevor.
- Good morning, Sister.
Number 19, Prince of Penzance.
$148.55. For the win.
She's one of yours, is she?
Thanks, Trevor.
P.A.: Jockeys to
the mounting yard now.
All Melbourne Cup jockeys
to the mounting yard.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's time now
to meet the jockeys
aiming to write their name
into the record books
as the winner of the 155th
Emirates Melbourne Cup.
Number 8, Max Dynamite,
Willie Mullins.
Ridden by international star
of the turf, Frankie Dettori.
Number 13, The Offer,
the legendary trainer
Gai Waterhouse,
Damien Oliver!
of the 24 riders are male.
Just the fifth female
to ride in the race,
say hello to a young lady,
Michelle Payne--
- [CHEERING] Come on, Michelle!
- ANNOUNCER: ...Prince of Penzance.
A girl's never gonna win
the Melbourne Cup, mate.
Not in my lifetime.
I could improve those odds.
Number 23, Excess Knowledge,
ridden by the man who won
the 2000 Cup aboard Brew,
Kerrin McEvoy.
Don't go too hard too fast.
You want to be between
8th and 14th.
On the fence, smothered away.
Yeah, okay. What are we at?
Hundred to one.
You'd be at half that
if you were a bloke.
Just try and finish
in the top ten.
- All right?
- MICHELLE: Right.
- Good luck, Michelle.
- Good luck, Shelly.
- Hey, sis.
- Good luck, Shell.
- MAN: Good luck, Kerrin.
- WOMAN: Hey, Kerrin!
- Hey, good luck out there.
- Hey, Shelly!
- MAN: Good luck with 18.
- See you on the other side.
- WOMAN: Good luck out there!
- Bye.
[WHISPERS] Hey, boy! Hey, boy.
Hey, Prince. Beautiful boy.
- STEVIE: Nice boy.
- Stevie?
- Yeah?
Can I do this?
I know the horse can.
He's gonna be a champion.
BOTH: A champion!
Let's do this.
...champion rider.
So, Ollie, for Gai Waterhouse,
on The Offer.
SIMON O'DONNELL: Look, I'm sure,
even though Gai is probably
the most positive person
I've ever met in my life,
she would have liked the skies
to have opened
and taken some cut
out of this ground
and given the horse
his best chance,
'cause that's where
he's a chance
of running a place
in the Melbourne Cup
if the ground's wet.
- It's not today.
- MCAVANEY: He won the
Sydney Cup last year.
This year's Sydney Cup winner
is Grand Marshal...
Hey, Ollie, you want me
to stay up with her?
MAN 1: Riders up the back!
Come on!
Come a bit closer!
Go on! Move up again, please!
Get closer! Thank you!
MAN 2: Come on.
- Good boy.
- MAN 2: In you go. In you go.
- Good boy.
- MAN 2: Come on.
That's it.
MAN 1: We'll have to lock
behind this one.
Keep coming. Keep coming!
- MAN 1: All right, a bit further.
- MAN 2: Yeah, locked in.
MAN 2: Grab her head.
Grab her head.
Come on, go in.
Come on. Up you get.
MAN: Hang on. Hang on!
JOCKEY: Can I have a hand?
Can I have a hand?
Mum, Brig, stay with me.
Stay with me.
[WHISPERS] That's a good boy.
There's a good boy.
Make sure you give Max a good
ride, 'cause I'm following you.
What are you doing
after the race?
MAN: Clear!
ANNOUNCER: The Offer jumped
well with Trip to Paris.
Prince of Penzance missed
the start from the inside gate.
Who Shot Thebarman
got away nicely
- from Criterion and Sertorius.
ANNOUNCER: Over on the outside,
and Quest for More
going forward with Big Orange.
ANNOUNCER: ...as they both
go up towards the frontrunners.
It's a bunched field
at the 2,800,
joining the course proper.
And Quest for More led
narrowly from Big Orange,
Excess Knowledge,
Snow Sky and Criterion.
Max Dynamite getting back,
and so too is Red Cadeaux,
Preferment, Who Shot Thebarman
and The United States.
They're followed by Hartnell.
Bondi Beach a good way
back in the field.
Behind them is Hokko Brave
and Almoonquith.
They're followed by Kingfisher.
They've settled fully.
Not a lot of pace about.
- MAN: Come on!
- And the favorite, Fame Game,
has only four or five
behind him.
Quest for More
has a narrow lead,
being pressured on the outside
by Excess Knowledge and Big Orange.
Trip to Paris is up there
with Criterion,
Grand Marshal and Sertorius,
followed by Our Ivanhowe...
That's good.
ANNOUNCER: ...and then followed
by Gust of Wind...
ANNOUNCER: ...on the fence,
followed by
Trip to Paris, Max Dynamite...
- Come on! Go, Brett!
- Go, Kerry!
PADDY: Not yet, not yet.
Not yet.
Wait for the sweet spot.
Come on!
ANNOUNCER: ...to Paris is coming into
the race.
Snow Sky's wide out...
Come on, Stinky,
get out of there!
Come on, Michelle.
Where are you?
ANNOUNCER: ...Fame Game and The Offer,
and then Sky Hunter...
Get out of there!
ANNOUNCER: ...Big Orange still narrowly
from Excess Knowledge.
Snow Sky a bit wider.
Trip to Paris joining in...
PADDY: Not yet, not yet...
No! No!
Now! Take it! Run! Take it!
PADDY: Suddenly a gap opens.
That's God talking to you,
and you'd better listen to God,
because he will close that gap
quicker than you can say
your mother's name.
- Go!
- Guys?
You've found it, little girl!
ANNOUNCER: Criterion trying
to find a way through.
Round the outside
came Sky Hunter
and Bondi Beach off the track
is making ground too.
- Our Ivanhowe...
- Come on, Michelle!
- Yes! Come on!
- Come on! Let him go!
...on the extreme outside
with The Offer...
- Come on!
- Come on!
ANNOUNCER: Snow Sky joining in
and now Trip to Paris is comin.
They're followed then
by Who Shot Thebarman.
Going for a run on the inside
is Our Ivanhowe.
Coming past the 300 meters,
Excess Knowledge
with the lead narrowly.
Here's Prince of Penzance
coming on down the outside.
Prince of Penzance
for Michelle Payne.
Now Max Dynamite
starts to charge home.
Prince of Penzance
from Max Dynamite.
Prince of Penzance!
It's history at Flemington!
Michelle Payne!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
ANNOUNCER: Michelle Payne
has created history at Flemington.
The first lady to win
the Melbourne Cup!
Thank you, girls.
JOCKEY: Michelle! Great ride!
MCAVANEY: Prince of Penzance,
a horse that's been dogged
by injury, came back.
He really got himself
into the Cup
with that great run
at Moonee Valley.
And this young lady,
who's ridden the horse
22 times before today,
and the best thing possible
in Australian racing
and nearly the world now,
to the Melbourne Cup.
That was a great win.
Great ride. Ten out of ten.
- Correct weight!
- Woohoo!
STEVIE: Woohoo!
- STEVIE: Whoo!
I reckon this one can go...
You went a bit early.
Couldn't wait.
You never could.
Do you want to give me a hand
getting Andrew's horses
up from the bottom paddock?
- Yeah.
- PADDY: Righto.
MICHELLE: I put in
all the effort I could.
I galloped him
every gallop he had
and did everything I could
to stay on him,
because I thought
he had what it takes
to run a race
in the Melbourne Cup and, um,
I just wanted to say that
everyone else can get stuffed,
'cause they think women
aren't strong enough,
but we just beat the world.
Our family's so blessed to have Stevie
and to share that experience
with him,
who we've been
so close our whole lives.
And it's just funny to think
two little kids
that used to run around
together, on the main stage
beating all the horses that
come from around the world,
is absolutely incredible.