Ride the Pink Horse (1947) Movie Script

Where's the La Fonda Hotel?
Over where?
You talk English?
Where's the La Fonda Hotel?
What's the matter?
Doesn't anybody know?
It's over there by the stores.
Si, way over there.
No, not over there.
What's the name of the street?
What's the matter with you?
What are you looking at?
You, I'm talking to.
Who you
looking at?
I show you...
Why don't you look
where you're going?
Okay, Sitting Bull,
pick up your feet.
Get going, come on.
There is the hotel.
You take this.
put it in your pocket.
Don't lose it.
Her name is Ishtam.
My grandmother
gave it to me
When I come to the city,
so I not be run over.
No, I'm not buying
any souvenirs.
No, no, you on't buy it,
you keep it.
It protect you.
From what?
No, ma'am,
not at all, ma'am.
Positively nothing.
I'm very sorry.
Thank you, ma'am.
If anything turns up,
I have your name.
Room and bath
for one, please.
Nothing available, sir
absolutely nothing available.
No mail, Mrs. Eustace.
You might try
the El Capitan
down the street, sir
but I know they have
nothing either.
My name is Blane.
I reserved rooms
for four with bath.
Oh, yes, Mr. Blane,
I received your wire.
Hey, Bud.
Yes, sir?
Check that for me,
will you?
Be glad to, sir.
You wait here, I'll bring you
a check right away.
If you'd checked
out by 3:00, sir
we wouldn't have charged you
for an extra day.
Not a thing, sir.
We don't have a thing.
Yeah, I know.
Will you put that
in Mr. Frank Hugo's box?
Oh, yes, sir. Would you
like me to call his room?
No, just put it
in this box.
Yes, sir.
Here is the check
for your bag, sir.
Keep the change.
Oh, thak your, sir.
I want to see Frank Hugo.
If you'd telepohoned from downstairs
you'd have found that
Mr. Hugo is not in.
Is there anything further?
Not that I can think of.
Then if you'll allow me,
I'll close...
I told you,
Mr. Hugo's not in!
You his barber?
I'm M. Hugo's private secretary.
That's too bad, I was going
to ask you for a shave.
You can't wait
in Mr. Hugo's room.
Where is he?
If you have no appointment
you'll have to wait downstairs.
I don't like it downstairs.
When will he be back?
I said you'll have to
wait downstairs.
Now look: if you don't leave
this room at once
I'll have to call
the manager.
I wouldn't do that.
Then get out!
Excuse it, please.
Is Frank in?
Did, uh...
Did you do that?
He'll be all right.
Oh, I wasn't worried.
A lot of people will be
very grateful to you.
Jonathan can be awfully stuffy.
Yeah, I noticed.
Do you mind my asking
what you're doing here?
Waiting for Frank Hugo.
He ought to be here
in a few minutes.
I'm having dinner with him.
Do you expect to join us?
Look, why don't you just
sit down and stop pumping?
I was just curious.
You don't intend
shooting me, do you?
Did you really expect
to find a gun?
Good heavens, you really did.
You must led a fascinating life.
You're not through
with me, are you?
Aren't you going to frisk me?
May I have a light?
There's one right
there on the table.
Shall I answer that?
No, I'll get it.
No, Jonathan's not here.
Yeah, this is Mr. Hugo's room.
Oh, hello, Mr. Hugo.
No, there's nobody here.
This is the bellboy speaking.
I just brought some ice.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I see.
Yes, I will.
That was Frank?
Frank himself.
Call the police.
I don't think this gentleman
would approve of that.
Your boss just telephoned.
He said he wouldn't
be back until tomorrow.
Well, that's being stoop
up rather thoroughly.
You're not leaving?
But we could have dinner
in the room.
Frank's already ordered it.
No, thanks.
I'll be seeing Frank early.
Who shall I say called?
Just tell him Shorty's pal called...
and will call again.
Hello there, Mr. Gagin.
How about some lunch?
The grill's open.
Who are you?
My name's Retz.
R-E-T-Z-- Retz.
I don't know you.
Well, come along inside.
We'll have a cup of coffee
get acquainted, again.
Got my name, huh?
Oh, I got a lot of things.
For instance?
Well, you come in on the 4:00 BUS
sat up all the way
from Washington D.C.
that was a cute little trick you pulled
with your note for Frank Hugo
to find his room number.
You waited till he phoned
he wasn't coming till tomorrow.
Also, you haven't had any lunch.
Neither have I.
How about a bite?
I'll have a cup of coffee
and some Danish pastry.
Yes, sir.
What are you having, Gagin?
Not a thing.
That'll be all, then.
I guess you know
you're not going to find
a room in this town.
The fiesta's got her
filled up to her ears.
It starts tomorrow night.
Lots of excitement.
Floats, dancing in the streets--
The indians put on
a special show.
You a cop?
That's about right.
Government cop.
My, my.
How come you're
tailing me, Uncle Sam?
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
You'll excuse me.
Oh, I'm not tailing you.
I got in yesterday
ahead of you.
Come for the fiesta?
I didn't know about the fiesta.
You and the fiesta are both gravy.
Who's going to ask
the questions-- me or you?
Go ahead.
I'm not used to pumping cops.
Oh, I don't mind.
How come you know me?
Saw you in Washington
at Shorty Thompson's inquest.
Some inquest that was, huh?
You testified you had no idea
who killed your pal.
Yeah, the cops and I
were equally baffled.
I spotted you at the desk here.
Checked on your arrival.
That's the whole
mystery, on my end.
Except what you're doing here.
I'm tailing Mr. Hugo.
I thought you knew that.
I don't know anything.
I been watching him
for six months.
You don't watch him
very close, do you?
You mean you think
he killed Shorty?
I'll leave the thinking
to you, Uncle Sam.
All right.
This is what I think--
You're here to square
things for Shorty
by knocking off
Hugo, right?
Go on.
Also, you are
as dumb as they come.
I am, huh?
Why, Mr. Hugo's a big man
in this part of the world.
He's got lots of friends
in this state.
He's too tough for you.
Why don't you smart up?
Leave him to us.
We'll get him.
Anything else on your mind?
Oh, don't rush off.
You know, I wouldn't
like it a minute
if Mr. Hugo got you.
Wye, you're not a bad fellow.
You're like the rest of the boys--
All cussed up because you
fought a war for three years
and got nothing but
a dangle of ribbons.
Whe don't you let
your Uncle Samuel
take care of him?
How long you
been after him?
A long time--
Too long to let anything
happen to it now.
Would be a shame,
wouldn't it?
Thanks for the advice, Uncle.
Maybe I sized you
up all wrong.
Maybe you're after
something else.
And maybe you're
working for Hugo.
I told you I worked
for the government.
Doesn't the government
work for Hugo?
It did all during the war.
Well, if it isn't Jonathan's friend.
He sends you his love.
Mr. Locke, mister...
Mr. Gagin.
How do you do?
Care to have a drink with us?
If I was thirsty.
Maybe he could use
a little company.
He looks lonely.
I'm a friend of Frank Hugo.
I told Mr. Locke
about your message.
He's going to talk
on the phone
with Frank in an hour.
We thought you might
care to expand it.
No, I don't.
Anything you have
to say to Hugo
you can say to me, Mr. Gagin.
Please, join us. You can
hold your drink in your hand
if you're not thirsty.
No, thanks.
If your business is important
I could tell it to Frank
and expedite matters, perhaps.
No, I don't think so.
I'm afraid Mr. Gagin
can't be seduced.
See you again, Gagin.
Did you find anything?
No, senor, I've been
to all the hotels
they don't have nothing.
No room single, double,
nothing empty in
San Pablo tonight.
Okay, here.
Maybe you try Tres Violetas.
You find something there.
What's that, a hotel?
No, saloon.
Or maybe some
Indian or Mexican
have room in his house.
Pretty crowded, but
give them a few bucks
maybe they move.
What is this...
What's that?
The Tres Violetas.
I take you.
Uh, here is the
Tres Violetas, seor.
What are you doing here?
I was waiting.
I'm glad to see you again.
You don't say.
I... I thought I would
never see you anymore.
Look, do you know
where I can get a room?
A room. Why?
To sleep in.
Mama mia has a room.
Do you know her?
Where's she live?
I don't know, I am lost.
I thought you knew this town.
I knew where the hotel was
because I passed it before.
I never been to
San Pablo before.
I live in San Melo,
75 miles away.
Okay, okay.
What do you want?
My two friends went
away and left me.
Where'd they go?
Inside, looking for muchachos.
For what?
Do they know where
Mama Mia lives?
I don't know what they know.
Maybe I go with you?
No, not tonight, Sitting Bull.
You will need me, seor.
What's going on
inside your head, huh?
Oh, nothing, seor, nothing.
Only I... I don't know
what to do tonight.
Why don't you get
yourself a muchacho
like your girlfriends?
I don't know how.
You're Excuse me.
Yeah, I was talking
to your friend outside.
Oh, all night
she will be outside.
She's crazy.
Yeah, I would'n be surprised
She said something
about Mama Mia.
Do you know where she lives?
Oh, si, I know
where she live.
I take you.
She don't know nothing
about Mama Mia.
Excuse me.
No, I want a big whiskey.
Big one, big one.
Tequila, eh?
No change, senor.
Too big, too big, no change.
That's the smallest thing I got.
Seor, my name is Pancho.
I would like to help you.
I will be your friend.
I tell you what I going to do...
Is 20 pesos.
Is your 20, huh?
He can change only ten, eh?
So we drink ten,
and everybody is happy, eh?
You want to make
everybody happy, si?
Sure, let's make everybody happy.
Make mine whiskey.
I don't want to burn
a hole in my neck.
Amigo, you are
the blood of my heart.
You are true friend.
To you.
Down the hatch.
Manito, fill up my friend's glass.
Full! Big!
The big drinks is most best.
Hey, listen.
You know why that man
sing, amigo?
He sings because tomorrow
we burn zozobra.
He's god of bad luck.
He's got face more worse than me.
Tomorrow we burn zozobra--
and we have fiesta.
No more zozobra, no more bad luck.
Big drink for everybody.
So quick we drink up
all the change.
There's a lot more
where it came from.
When I see you, I say
"this is kind of fellow
more proud than you, Pancho."
Pancho very proud man.
Oye, chato, give everybody drink.
Big drink for everybody.
Pancho is buying!
Yeah, you lend me ten dollars.
I pay you tomorrow, eh?
Amigo, my beautiful amigo!
You got kind of face I like.
You come in here for something.
You tell Panchito
what you look for
he get it for you.
Yeah, you tell Panchito.
I'm looking for
a place to sleep in.
What, you
got no place for sleep?
That's the kind of man I like
The man with no place.
I will give you the most
fine place to sleep
in all San Pablo.
I'm your man.
Fill them up.
Hey, what's the matter?
You don't feel good?
You drink whole bottle
and don't feel good?
That's bad.
I feel fine.
No, something is wrong.
I sing and something
says, "Pancho, shut up."
That's you.
I didn't tell you to shut up.
Your heart tells me.
What's the matter, you're
not Pancho's friend?
I'm nobody's friend.
What's the matter?
Somebody follow us.
I don't hear nobody.
Somebody walk soft.
Oh, it's a girl.
Oh, she no good... too skinny.
I told you once
before tonight. no dice!
Oh, she your girl, eh?
I don't know her.
That's all right,
you can tell Pancho.
I don't know her
and I don't want to know her.
Now, go on home
and play with your buffaloes.
Hey, that's right.
She's too skinny... no good.
Ah, them kids--
The fiesta bring them like honey.
They come for sing, for dance
for get fellow, have a good time
then go home and pull
the plow for a year.
That one pretty skinny.
You get much better
more later on, eh?
Hey, ski...
Oh, she gone.
My goodness where she go, eh?
Where we going?
I show you.
Where's the house?
The house, seor.
You're drunk.
Is possible.
But never too drunk
for know my own house.
Have a look.
The palace of Pancho!
That's a fine ceiling,
that's good walls
Especial for you.
Yeah, give me the bottle.
How you like my house, amigo?
I've been in worse houses.
Who owns that outfit?
Tio vivo?
She is mine.
I own everything.
12 beautiful horses...
Three beautiful chariots...
Whole beautiful orchestra--
All Pancho's.
Hey, you drink pretty
good for a gringo.
Some people is happy
when they got money.
Me, I'm only happy
when I got nothing.
Nothing and a friend.
So long as Pancho got somebody
he can tell: amigo, I love you
that's enough.
They can keep everything else.
Keep the whole world.
Give Pancho...
Only Pancho.
What do you want?
You want a ride?
Wait a minute,
I'll wake up fatso.
Hey, Pancho.
You got a customer.
All closed, no more customers.
Come on, come on, get up.
I told you, she too skinny.
Lots more better manana.
Come on, Pancho, she wants a ride.
Turn it, will you?
No, no ride.
Is late, Tio Vivo closed.
Music wake the peoples.
Okay, no music
but turn it, huh?
I don't give no
free ride, is rule.
Break the rule.
Ten centavos--one ride.
Okay, here.
Did you ever ride on
one of them before?
Well, go on,
get going, go on.
Which one?
Try the pink one.
Okay, Sitting Bull
Why don't you give us
a war whoop?
You know...
That's all.
Diez centavos, ten cents,
one ride.
Ishtam, the good goddess.
What's she good for?
To keep away death.
Very fine charm.
I got a better charm.
Soldier gun.
Best charm in the world.
Keeps away the bogeyman.
Someone is here.
Someone is here.
Who's here?
Someone is hiding out there.
Sorry to wake you up
but I got to thinking
maybe we ought to have
a little talk.
We had a talk, Uncle Sam.
Sure, but another one.
I got a couple of new ideas.
Go on, beat it, Scrambo.
Go on over there,
way over there.
I told you I didn't want you
removing Mr. Hugo from the scene
but I'm not worrying
about that anymore
not the way
you're handling it.
Walking in here
and telling him
Shorty's pal is looking for him!
Playing it tough, huh?
They've got a couple of bad boys
out looking for you.
This interest you?
Yeah...kind of.
Those mugs that
Mr. Locke put on you
will be arount to
the Three Violetas.
They'll find out
the same lead I did.
What time does it open?
Around 9:00.
I got an extra bed in my room.
You'll be a little more
comfortable there.
I'll stay here.
Kind of figured
I was wasting my time.
Hey, Retz.
Don't mention it.
Say, fine beautiful morning, mi amigo.
How you feel?
How you sleep in Pancho's palace?
Like a baby, eh?
Yeah, like a baby.
Where'd you get this razor?
It's a very fine razor.
I shaved with it myself once.
What time is it?
About ten minutes past 7:00.
I have a fine deam last night.
I dream all my horses is alive
and we all riding on desert
for hunting lions.
And I am young again.
Service, eh?
Where you get that new bucket?
I find it.
That's very fine bucket.
Is sign of good luck
when you find new bucket.
I got a looking glass, small one.
I don't need it.
I'm all through.
Why do you have to look like that?
Lile what?
Like you come out of a sideshow.
What's a sideshow?
Place where they keep freaks.
I look like a freak?
You look like zip-what-is-it?
Why do I look like that?
Well, I don't know.
Maybe it's the dress.
This is my granmother's dress.
She gave it to me when
I come to the fiesta.
I never had a dress
so nice as this.
Well, it might be all right
if you took some
of them spangles off.
I take them off.
You might also comb your hair.
My hair?
Is not right?
All right for mice to sleep in.
Give me my coat.
Go get yourself
a permanent wave or something.
Maybe a manicure, huh?
No, I can't take the money.
Why not?
Is too much.
You can count, that's something, huh?
Go on, take it, make
yourself look human.
You like me if I look human?
Look, Sitting Bull
I'm not buying any trouble this trip.
I got other things on my mind.
Go on now, beat it.
Ten dollar?
Mi amigo, you crazy
for waste time on a stick.
Fellow like you can
get princess, fat one.
Yeah, I've had princesses,
all kinds.
I got one now back East.
That's crazy.
Why don't you bring
her to the fiesta?
She's busy...
with another guy.
I don't think I like
him, that other guy.
Ah, don't say that, he's okay.
He's got what it takes.
Mr. Hugo in?
I said is Mr. Hugo in?
Who is it?
The man who was
here yesterday.
Oh, Shorty's pal--
let him in.
Mr. Hugo will see you.
You want me
to come back for the shampoo?
I'll call you later.
Mr. Locke in his room?
No, Mr. Hugo,
he left ten minutes ago.
Wait downstairs.
You want me in, boss?
No, out.
All right, Mr. Gagin,
what can I do for you?
Yes, this is Mr. Hugo.
No, I can't talk to him now.
No more calls
till I let you know.
Would you like to look around?
I don't mind company.
Sit down.
I'm glad to see you, Mr. Gagin.
How's our friend, Mr. Retz?
He's okay.
I hear you been talking to him.
What would I have to
talk to him about?
I don't know.
Comrade in arms.
You're both shooting at the
same target, aren't you?.
He's no pal of mine.
Good for you.
No, thanks.
So you're Shorty's pal.
That's right.
Shorty was a nice guy.
Yeah, he was.
Weren't you in the same
outfit together--Pacific area?
Tried to get in myself.
Too bad they had
to turn you down.
I gave Shorty a job
when he got out, a good job.
Yeah, I know.
Hundred a week
just to see
that people didn't
bother me too much--
Should have solved
all his postwar problems.
Too bad Shorty turned
out to be a crook.
Got himself all crumbed up
reaching for easy money.
That's kind of funny talk
coming from a guy
who's done rather well
out of the government--
Kind of like spitting
in my own face.
That's what you're thinking,
isn't it, Gagin?
I'm thinking.
Our friend Shorty was
the kind of crook that nobody
likes, not even me
who am rather broad-minded
about such things.
Short took something from me
and tried to sell it back.
I don't like blackmailers.
Nor would you if you
were in my business.
They constitute a very
bad industrial hazard.
He refused to give it to me,
there was a fight.
Your pal Shorty wasn't as
tough as he thought he was.
So you had him killed.
Let's say he lost the argument.
To three guys with blackjacks.
Were there three?
Three pretty stupid guys, too.
Yeah. They didn't get
what they were after.
They didn't?
No, I got it.
A cancelled check
for a hundred grand
on a Mexican bank, signed by you
and made out to a guy who was
making patriotic speeches
about the time
I was getting a tan
in a place called New Guinea.
You sound like a
disillusioned patriot.
The number of the check is 6431.
You've got me convinced.
It wouldn't be
on you, would it?
No, of course not,
you wouldn't be that dumb.
All right, Mr. Gagin,
how much do you want?
30 grand.
Shorty only wanted 15.
The extra 15 is on
account of Shorty.
A real friend. Don't kid yourself.
You're doing it for you
just like I did
what I did for me.
Look, do I get the 30 grand
or do I turn the check
over to Mr. Retz?
So that's the way
it's gonna be.
That's the way it's gonna be.
Look, Gagin, let's
hit it on the nose.
You and me, we, eat out
of the same dish.
You used to think if you were
a square guy, worked hard
played on the level,
things would come your way.
You found out
you were wrong.
All you get is pushed around.
You found people are intested
in only one thing--the payoff.
That's all I'm interested in.
You know, Gagin, I like you.
There are two kinds of people
in this world:
ones that fiddle around
worrying about whether
things are right or wrong
and guys like us.
Do I get the 30 grand?
It'll be pretty hot--
Are you sure you want it?
I'm sure.
You know the spot I'm in.
I'd be a dope to pay blackmail.
And if you don't?
There might be a photostatic
copy of the chek.
Then you have to pay again.
Now he may remember
the check number and bank.
I'd be buying practically nothing
for my 30 grand but a headache.
20 years for stealing
from the government
is also a headache.
Yeah, that's worth
thinking about.
I'm getting tired of
that check haunting me.
I'll take a chance on you
being a square blackmailer.
I'll give you 15 grand.
Well, I came to enjoy the fiesta.
I'll charge it up to pleasure.
You'll want it in cash, naturally.
Right here in my hand.
I don't carry that
kind of money with me.
It'll take me a few hours to get it.
Where can I reach you?
I'd rather you didn't
clutter up my rooms.
I'll let the money around,
say, 7:00. See you then?
Couldn't we find
someplace more public?
More public?
Yeah, it's a sensible precaution.
You know where
the Tip-Top cafe is?
I'll find it.
And you'll have
that little item.
Youll get the check
when I get the dough.
I don't even trust my mother.
And I guess a blackmailes
can't be too careful.
Must be an exciting way
to make a living.
I'll have to try it sometime.
I'll see you at the Tip-Top cafe.
At 7:00.
Good morning.
Waiting for you friend?
Known him long?
You like him?
Well, why don't you help him?
He's in trouble.
I know.
You mean you know the
kind of trouble he's in?
What kind of trouble
would you say it is?
He will die, maybe.
How soon?
Before long.
How do you get that?
I saw.
What did you see?
I saw him dead.
Beats me how you get that.
You saw him dead?
Oh, you mean you dreamed it.
No... I saw it.
Yesterday when he came
to the merry-go-round.
I saw his face.
His eyes were closed,
the skin was white.
He was dead.
Not a bad hunch.
I don't see things like that
but I got it figured my way.
Listen, I'm trying to help him.
Do you believe that?
If he tells me.
Hi, Retz.
Why, hello there.
I just been talking to your friend.
How'd you like to take a wald?
Lots of fiesta doings starting up.
No, I'm not here for
the fiesta either.
That's what I figured.
You didn't come for the show.
You come for the money.
You know, I been a
little slow on the pickup.
I don't know why.
I just didn't figure you
for a shakedown job.
I'm after Hugo.
You've got some evidence
that can help me send him up
but I haven't any idea
what it is.
You're trying to sell it to him
but the chances
are ten to one
you'll wind up like Shorty.
I'm asking you for that
evidence, officially.
See, I'm not talking for myself.
I'm talking, like you
say, for Uncle Sam.
You tell Uncle Sam to go
take a walk for himself.
And look Copper,
don't wave any flags at me.
I seen enough flags.
Well, I've spoken my piece.
I've heard enough pieces too.
They don't register anymore.
Okay... soldier.
I'll be seeing you around.
I'll be around.
What happened to you?
Do you like?
Do I look human?
Oh, brother.
What else should I do?
Well, you can't do anything
else-- you've done everything.
Are you hungry?
I ate an apple.
No, no, no, I mean food.
Come on, it's a little early
but we'll have some lunch.
In the restaurant.
Oh, no, I can't.
Why not?
What's the matter, don't
you answer questions?
Aw, you don't have to be
afraid of a restaurant.
All you have to do is
walk in, sit down
and pretend you're a human being.
Yeah, I want to sit over there.
See anything you want?
Look, if you can't read, say so.
I can read.
Go ahead and read it.
See if there's anything
you want to eat.
I'm not hungry.
Uh... two fruit cocktails
two trout with au gratin potatoes
two orders of salad,
thousand island dressing
got that?
Yes, sir.
We'll order dessert later.
Yes, sir.
Where you been living,
in a barrel?
I live in San Melo.
You know, it's funny.
For a minute I thought I was
back in New Guinea, again.
Only in New Guinea they're darker.
Who is?
You like them darker?
You going to laugh
at me, I''ll go away.
Nobody's laughing at you.
What a goon.
Lot of different kinds
of fruit, all chopped up.
Go ahead, eat it, it's good.
That smells very good.
That's to kep it cold--
that's very nice.
In San Melo ice is
very hard to get.
We put everything
down the well
by string and...
I must talk to you, Mr. Gagin.
It's very important
and I've only got a few minutes.
Frank is coming down.
You said you put things
down the well, huh?
Please, couldn't we
go to another table?
No, we couldn't.
Can't you see
we're having lunch?
But I must talk to you alone.
I'm terribly sorry.
Please, Mr. Gagin, I'm only
asking three minutes
but they're very important
minutes, for both of us.
You go on over
and sit at another table
over there. I'll call you.
You will excuse us
for a moment, won't you?
What's on your mind?
Frank just told me what you're doing
and I rushed right down
here hoping to find you.
You don't know me.
You have no reason to
believe anything I say
but you can't lose
anything by listening.
All right, I'm listening.
He's very clever, Frankie.
He's seen to it I have
everything except money
But I could get out...
with money.
I know what you're thinking.
What's she up to?
Why do I even listen to her?
You said it, sister.
You're such a fool
asking for only $30,000.
Do you know what he'd
have asked for, in your place?
A million, and gotten it.
Let me do it--
I'll get you twice as much
and get what I want too.
Will you let me?
I asked you how.
Don't give him the check.
Give it o a lawyer in Tulsa
or anyplace else, New York,
Chicago- some honest lawyer.
Put it in a sealed envelope
and pay him a thousand-dollar fee.
And tell him that if anything
happens to either you or me
he's to send the envelope to the F.B.I.
Then you tell Frank
what you've done
and ask for $100,000.
When that's gone, ask
for another $100,000
and we become sort of...
partners with Frankie.
I've learned this
sort of high finance
from Frankie himself.
Too rich for me.
But don't you see
it's more than the money?
It's only way to keep alive.
You don't think Frank's
gonna let you enjoy it
even if he gives it to you.
I'll enjoy it.
All right, I know you're not afraid
But why not get more?
It's so simple.
No, I don't play.
But why?
I don't trust that lawyer
The one who clips us
for a grand.
I said we've find
an honest one.
Hugo buys them all,
even the honest ones.
But he won't know who he is.
You'll know.
Oh, I see...
And of course
you can't trust me.
Then do it yourself.
I'll trust you.
Too many angles.
Please, it's tremendous
if you do it right.
He has millions.
You're a smart cookie,
aren't you?
But I'll do it my way.
But it's stupid.
So stupid.
I found out something though.
There are a lot of
people smarter than me
and they aren't up nights
figuring out how to help me.
But I'll buy you a drink.
What'll you have?
Nothing, thank you.
Come on back.
What's your name?
Pila? Yeah.
Pila, I want you to meet
Miss Marjorie Lundeen.
How do you do?
I'm terribly sorry
about intruding like this.
This must be dull town
after the fiesta
dusty and hot and full of flies.
I'm glad I don't live here
because I like bright lights
and nightspots and lots of people.
I'm afraid I wasn't cut out for...
I'll try to see you later.
Please think over what I told you.
It was nice meeting you.
She make you feel bad?
I guess you're not used to
her kind of ladies, huh?
She's very beautiful.
Yeah... they usually are.
She has very nice
clothes, and diamonds.
Diamonds... and a dead fish
where her heart ought to be.
I known a lot of them babies.
She's not a baby.
Babies is what you call dames,
do you understand that?
Do you understand
what a human being is?
Well, they're not human beings.
They're dead fish with
a lot of perfume on them.
You touch them
and you always get stung.
You always lose.
You do not like?
My friend Maria is like that.
Jose bought her a
new pair of shoes
and she wouldn't
wear them for him
but tonight at a dance
she's going to wear them
in front of other men
and I told her she
shouldn't be like that
because Jose bought them for her
and she should wear them for him
because a man doesn't like
for a girl always to go barefoot.
Go on, eat your lunch.
I got some business
I got to attend to.
Sounds like the fiesta's started.
No, not till 8:00.
They're taking old Zozobra
to the plaza for the big burning.
There's still time.
Who ordered squab?
I did.
There's not much there.
I'm not very hungry.
Bring the wine now, will you?
Yes, sir.
How is everything, Mr. Hugo?
What's that?
Well, look who's here.
Must be 7:00.
On the nose.
You're on time.
I said "How is everything?"
You'll have to wait a few minutes.
The bank messenger is
coming from Tulsa.
You all set with your end of it?
He's scared still
I'll stand him up.
The messenger phoned
he'd be a little late.
Why don't you wait at the bar
and let you know when he comes.
Why wait at the bar?
Pull up a chair.
There's plenty of room.
I prefer Mr. Gagin at the bar.
Don't be silly, Frank.
I feel like dancing.
After all, it is a fiesta.
Your squab will get cold.
Keep it warm for me,
will you, Frank?
Dancing will be better
than sitting at the bar.
I've been furious
at you all day.
You've cost me $50,000
by your bullheadedness.
50,000 and freedom and fun.
I don't know why I feel
this way about you.
Oh, I'm not making a pass at you.
I'm just being stupid.
What's on your mind?
What are we waiting for?
He's watching us.
I'm afraid to talk.
Come with me.
He isn't going to
give you the money.
He's figured out one
of his typical tricks.
Is he watching us?
Have you got a cigarette?
I shouldn't be telling you this.
You certainly haven't
done anything
to deserve it.
But there isn't any bank
messenger coming.
There's someone else.
I don't know.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Don't I know you?
I don't know.
Do you?
Everyone knows everyone
on fiesta night.
Are you dancing?
Not so you'd notice.
Where's Gagin?
He stopped to talk to someone.
It's a good orchestra,
isn't it? Dance?
Some other time.
More wine?
No, thank you.
Double bourbon.
Yes, sir.
Squab-- you should've
had a steak.
There's a couple of
your friends outside.
You better go have a look.
What friends?
So they aren't
your friends
but you should look anyway.
You should've known better
than to send a couple of
knife fighters against Gagin.
I don't know anything about Gagin.
Maybe, but your friends
don't look so good out there.
Mr. Retz, I'm having my dinner.
You're giving me indigestion.
I don't care what kind
of a badge you're wearing.
Sore, ain't you?
Glad to see it.
You wouldn't be sore
if you'd got what
you wanted from Gagin.
I'm grateful to you,
Mr. Hugo--thanks.
Take Miss Santoya to
the fiesta, will you, Jim?
Come along, my dear.
I'll be at the hotel.
Call you there.
Beat it.
Yes, sir.
What happened?
They got him--I saw it.
But he got away.
Take her to the fiesta.
And keep your eyes open for him.
He's crawling around someplace.
Bring him back to the hotel.
What about the cops?
What about them?
I'm worried.
I'm not worried about a thing.
Who are you?
I phoned you.
I heard you were in town.
Where are they?
Right over here.
Broke this baby's arm.
This one looks
a little dead.
Couldn't be deader.
Here's a lot of blood.
This one's missing his knife.
Must have left it
in the other guy.
If he had a knife.
Winke? He always
carried a knife.
Pretty bad boy and
plenty tough, too.
That guy can't be far.
Maybe we can run
him down
with all that blood
out of him.
Let's look in the cars.
Get the knife out.
I will stop the bleeding.
Pull it tighter.
The police are there.
It is safe.
Has the bleeding stopped?
Help me get out of here.
What's that?
The fiesta.
Walk slow...
and keep in the dark.
Does it hurt?
Yeah, it hurts.
Mi amigo, how is it?
I need a little help.
Oh, I fix you.
What kind of hurt?
In the back.
Knife is good.
Is more easy to fix.
I got knife three times.
When you're young
everybody sticks knife in you.
Lie still, take big drink
and pretty soon you're
more better than before.
Sit down, nia.
Hold his head.
First you take big drink.
Drink long time.
Hey, you fix this, eh?
Eh, that's a good kid.
I leave it alone
but I make more tighter.
How you feel now, mi amigo?
Give me...
Give me a little more of that.
Sure, sure.
Somebody else was hurt?
One is dead.
Ay, good.
Your coat is pretty bad.
I don't think we can fix him.
Give me... give me
Inside pocket.
She's here, all right.
Get my gun.
No, no, she's gone, this gun.
Right hand pocket.
No gun, mi amigo.
You don't need gun.
You got Pancho now.
I'll be all right.
I'll be all right
in a few minutes.
Stick around.
Sure, sure.
I don't like them two guys.
They look bad.
What they come
to Pancho for?
They are after him.
We hide him.
Be careful.
In... easy.
No, no, no.
Nios, stay on.
Everybody, free ride.
Stay on, stay on.
Free ride, free ride.
You want to get on?
Ten cents.
Next ride right away.
Come over here.
What do you want?
I said, "come over here".
You looking for something?
We're looking for
a guy named Pancho.
You find him.
That's me.
Where's Gagin?
Who's he?
The fellow you met
in the saloon last night.
He's Gagin.
He don't told me his name.
Where is he?
How should I know?
Why you ask Pancho?
I don't know nothing.
Where'd you take
him last night?
Last night I am drunk.
All I know is I wake up,
I am still drunk.
What do you fellows want?
Where's Gagin?
I don't know nothing.
I don't know.
If I know, I tell you.
Now, cut the lying.
Where is he?
Oh, why...
You hurt Panchito?
You think he's holding out?
Not that fat slob.
He don't know from nothing.
It's all right.
It's all right now.
They gone.
A couple of fellows
just tell me your name.
Pleased to know you,
Mr. Gagin.
They want to know,
"Where is Gagin?"
I don't know.
Boom in the nose.
I don't know.
Boom in the mouth.
I don't know.
I fall down,
but I don't know.
I told you Pancho
very proud man.
I'm going to cut
you in, Pancho.
Cut me in?
On what, mi amigo?
Five grand.
5,000 bucks.
You got that much money?
I'm going to get it.
Lots of people going
to get lots of things
but they don't.
You ain't got it yet?
Not yet.
We're going to get it.
We got to get going.
No, no, not now--
You are sick.
I'm not going
to get any better
if those guys come back.
Right, he goes away.
Maybe they come back.
Fiesta come here,
dances here.
Somebody see him--
They find him.
They're not going
to stop looking.
I'll be all right as soon
as I get my punch back.
We will go to San Melo.
Where's that?
Two hours by bus.
Are you sure there's a bus?
Si, it leaves at 10:00.
We got an hour
and a half to wait.
We can't wait
in that bus station.
You go to the Three Violetas.
You Pancho's friend.
They remember.
Here, take him.
Hurry, quick.
Hey, listen.
They burn Zozobra,
the god of bad luck.
Too bad they don't
burn him hour ago.
You not feel good, seor?
Whose sombrero?
Is mine.
I want to borrow it--
how much?
You will bring it back sometime.
Take him back there.
Nobody see you.
Big fight?
Pancho help?
How is he?
He's all right.
We will stay here.
Then we will go to the bus.
How do you feel now?
Yeah, you ought to know
what's going on.
I know.
They tried to kill you.
And you want to know...why?
Because they are bad.
And I'm good, huh?
I will take care of you.
You're just...
you're just like Shorty.
No brains.
Don't talk.
Is the hurt better now?
It's hot in here.
Hot in...in the jungle, too.
The rains turns to steam.
Please don't go to sleep.
Okay, Shorty.
I got something for you.
Put that in your shirt.
Hang onto it.
Don't let nobody touch it.
That a boy, Shorty.
That a boy.
M. Gagin.
Mr. Gagin, quick,
they're coming.
Where is the ticket seller?
Next bus don't
leave till 10:00.
Where is the ticket seller?
Oh, he's gone down the street
to watch the fiesta.
San Pablo, San Pablo.
La... La Fonda hotel?
Over there, seor.
I didn't order a drink.
Leave it there.
Close those windows.
Yes, sir.
That's better.
I'll get it.
What's that?
I can't hear you.
They di...
What's the matter with you!
Don't call me unless
you've got something to tell me!
Mr. Gagin!
Mr. Gagin.
Mr. Gagin, please.
Which one of you...
is Frank Hugo?
I'm Hugo.
Put that thing away.
Don't you see he's
out on his feet?
See if anyone else
is with him.
Bring him in and
shut the door.
Sit him down.
Who's the girl?
What's the matter with him?
He cannot remember.
He's hurt.
Better see if he has a gun.
What did you want
to talk to me about?
Yeah, you're his pal.
You got Shorty.
But I was pretty dumb.
I didn't get what I was after.
What was I after?
You want to sell it to me.
How much do you want for it?
30 grand.
It's a deal.
I'll pay it in cash.
You got the check with you?
Right here in my hand.
Can't you find it?
There's no check in here.
What'd you do with it?
Come on, where is it?
What did you do with it?
I don't know.
What do you know about it?
I don't know nothing.
Where'd you pick him up?
At tio vivo.
He was hurt.
He came there.
Where'd he go then?
I don't know.
You don't know!
You were waiting!
What were you doing with him?
He's sick.
Please, he is sick.
Wake up, Gagin.
I got the money right here.
Now, where's the check?
Try and think...The
check, Shorty's check.
What did yo do with it?
I want to see...Frank Hugo.
Can I take him away now?
Get him a drink.
That's the stuff.
You feel better
now, don't you?
You remember where
the check is.
You were afraid you
wouldn't get the money
but here's the money.
Where's the check?
I don't know.
Sure you do.
You put it someplace.
Now, where did you put it?
I don't remember.
You're gonna remember.
It was in your wallet.
But you took it out.
I took it out.
Where did you put it?
I don't remember.
Maybe I can
help him remember.
Yeah, go ahead.
Where is it?
He don't know!
He lost it.
Where'd he lose it?
I don't know.
Then how do you
know he lost it?
Maybe she'll talk
for you, Tommy.
Where is it?
Come on, you know
where it is.
She don't know
where it is, boss.
She knows all right...
go on, keep it up.
Why don't you help
him, Mr. Hugo, sir?
You're the one knows
how to treat a lady.
Who let you in?
Maybe you don't like
knocking on doors.
Maybe you're like
this guy over here.
His line is blackmail.
One of these haywire veterans
trying to put the bite
on me for 30 grand.
What's your bite,
mister, is it...ow!
Gagin, get up, boy.
Get over there!
Wake up, son.
It's all right, miss.
You can come over here now.
It's all right.
I been following you, Gagin
ever since you left
the merry-go-round.
Sorry to use you as a bait,
but I wanted to be in on it
when he tried to wrangle
that check out of you.
Stay behind me, son.
Stay behind me.
Need it bad for evidence.
Could have got it, too
if I'd waited
but I guess I just
couldn't wait
ain't nice seeing folks
get pushed around.
We're in bad company here.
Come on.
Go ahead, Gagin,
be a sucker.
Come here to pick
up some easy money
just as it's in your
pocket, you walk out.
This guy makes me laugh--
His idea of big money.
He's got me
and all he asks
for is 30 grand.
Guys like you work
all their lives
trying to earn
meat and potatoes.
You end up borrowing
enough money
to pay for a hole in the
ground to get buried in.
Then when you get a chance
to make some real scratch
what do you do?
Mice like you and Shorty.
You ask for peanuts!
You know what's going to happen
when you get out of here?
He's going to give
you a lot of gas
about duty and honor.
Fill you with fancy words
like "responsability", "patriotism".
That's how he's going
to get that check.
And what're you gonna
have? Nothing!
Sure maybe I'll get sent
to the pen.
That won't put money
in your pocket.
I don't know why I talk
to a guy like you.
All your life you
waste time worrying
about small -fry things--
about a job, about
a two-buck raise
about getting a pension.
Why don't you ask
for 300 grand?
300,000 bucks, Gagin!
It'll set you up
for the rest of your life!
Give me...
Give me that check.
Here, Retz.
Now you're talking!
He can't hear you, Gagin.
His tin ear's busted.
Maybe he can hear this.
Like to eat with my hands.
It gets me closer
to the food.
What's the matter, eggs cold?
Coffee stale?
Toast burned?
I'm not hungry.
Huh! Funny thing.. Every
time I fret, I can't eat.
What makes you thing
I'm fretting?
Tow bucks worth of
breakfast gone to pot.
It ain't the five grand
you promised Pancho, is it?
No. He never expected
to get that anyway.
Couldn't be that 300,000
you turned down
the other night.
Fat chance I'd have
of collecting that
with you around.
Is it the kid?
What kid?
That little mouse
with the big eyes.
You wouldn't be
fretting about her.
Why should I
worry about her?
All I got to do is
just say good-bye
and that's the end of it.
It don't worry me none.
No, she don't worry you at all.
All you got to do is say
good-bye and that's it.
You certainly are
one hungry man.
Shucks, I got nobody
to say good-bye to.
Any particular way
you going to tell her?
I'll tell her.
Sure, but what'll you say?
That's my department.
I'll see you at the bus station.
I check your bags
on the bus, seor.
Hope you don't mind
if I kind of hang around
see how you handle
the situation.
Never been very smart
with the women myself.
Maybe you can learn me
a thing or two.
All you got to do
is say good-bye.
Yeah, just say,
"so long, kid"
and that's the end of it.
Maybe she won't even be here.
Then you won't have
to say nothing.
That'll make you happy.
You think maybe
whe won't, huh?
Nah, you don't know dames.
You don't know what
they like.
They like to get
their hooks in your.
You don't know what kind
of a fuss they make.
I'll fix it.
Well, looks like this
is your lucky day.
I don't see her around.
Mr. Gagin, my friend.
Glad to see you.
How are you, Pancho?
I just came over
to say so long.
So long? Oh, is sad word.
But you make me happy
if it's not too long.
Uh, about that money...
Oh, forget it.
My horses give me
all the bucks I want.
We all same kind of peoples.
We all born for be broke.
I don't let you
go home in the bus.
I take you Pony Express.
But you see how it is-
they all busy.
Do me a favor, will you?
Oh, sure, seor.
Anything, anything.
If Pila shows up
will you tell her that...
Pila, Pila.
You tell her yourself, seor.
You remember me?
Did you have a good time
at the fiesta?
I just stopped over
to thank... Pancho.
Yeah, swell fellow, Pancho.
Also, I wanted to thank...
Uh, what's-her-name.
Remember me to your grandmother.
She'll be glad to see you.
Lot of people will be
glad to see you.
What I...
What I'm trying to say...
What I... mean...
Good-bye, seor.
Well, say good-bye to the lady.
"Which way to
the La Fonda hotel?"
"I will show you the hotel."